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Intrusion Security Systems

Holdup Button

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
10543702GIG Technologies2GIGPANIC12Gig Panic Button Remote$31.58Details
10600332N Telekomunikace9155051Helios Ip Verso - Blind Button$29.88Details
106356Ademco / Honeywell Security269SNSwitch,Holdup With Multiplex$39.19Details
912335Ademco / Honeywell SecurityK4563V1Key,Reset,5869, 269R, 270R White/Ash$1.50Details
110752Ademco Sensors264Money Clip Hold-Up Switch$25.20Details
110503Ademco Sensors266Hold-Up Foot Rail, 18"$132.22Details
110504Ademco Sensors268Hold-Up Switch W/Lock-In-Flg$30.42Details
110505Ademco Sensors269R$22.29Details
111350Ademco Sensors270RSwitch,Holdup$16.82Details
114344Alarm ControlsFT1Foot Switch Spdt$70.15Details
114017Alarm ControlsJP31Push Plate, 5.5" Square, "Press To Operate Door",$84.18Details
322989Alarm ControlsKA111Keylock Flat Key Single Pull Double Throw C3535Bdc$56.46Details
113668Alarm ControlsKA111AFlat Keyswitch, Spdt, 8 Inch Colored Leads, Keyed$56.88Details
114686Alarm ControlsPBL11Latching Panic Butt W/ 1 N/O 302S.S$129.50Details
114167Alarm ControlsPBL11GRSs Sg Latching Panic Sw.Waterproof Guard$164.37Details
113692Alarm ControlsPBL1NOSCREENLatching Panic Button W/1 N/O 1 N/C Sg Ss No Scrn$124.67Details
114688Alarm ControlsPBL21L2Latching Panic Button W2 N/O Contacts 302 S.S.12V$176.40Details
582392Alarm ControlsPBL22Latching Panic Button W/ 2 N/O Contacts$129.50Details
387580Alarm ControlsPBL24L2Latch Panic But W/ 2 N/O Con. Red Pl W/I$176.40Details
387581Alarm ControlsPBM11L2Mom. P.B. W 1 N/O &Amp; 1 N/C Con. 302 Ss 12$113.05Details
582395Alarm ControlsPBM11L2NSMom. P.B. W 1 N/O &Amp; 1 N/C Con. 302 Ss 12$115.47Details
360190Alarm ControlsPBM14L2GRPanic Button Momentary Panic, (1) Normal$154.74Details
113699Alarm ControlsPBM5Momentary Panic Station, 1 1/2" Red Mushroom Butto$63.35Details
114564Alarm ControlsRP26ASLPanic Button$16.05Details
114738Alarm ControlsSPN37802Gang Ts-2-2T One Button Screened Mens R$224.52Details
114809Alarm ControlsSPN4313Panic Button$64.15Details
1024801Alarm ControlsSPN6378Sg Ss 1Ea Fa200 1Red 1Green Led Wired Gn$80.19Details
114528Alarm ControlsTS302Ts30 Double Pull Double Throw Stainless Steel Btn$54.39Details
824582AltronixSTRIKEIT2BReplacement Board Only Strikeit2$171.51Details
584764Amseco4370040HUSD15Key For Hold Up Switch Husd15Bl$2.50Details
886981AmsecoAES1Emer Panic Sw Mom N/O Iv$1.88Details
123497AmsecoHUSD15BLLatching Type Double Hold Up Switch Spdt$11.86Details
122477AmsecoHUSD15BMMomentary Type Double Hold Up Switch Spdt$11.20Details
122750AmsecoHUSK20Hold Up Ltch W/Key Reset Frm C$17.13Details
123498AmsecoHUSK20RESETKEYReset Key For The Husk20$3.78Details
134897Bosch Security60452103195Pendant Panic Sensor $53.77Details
136500Bosch SecuritySE2SSN304Transmitter, Security, Mandown, With Lanyard Pull,$91.78Details
136652Bosch SecuritySE8830S304EATransmitter, Single Button, 30 Seconds Security Es$57.04Details
136502Bosch SecuritySE8860M304EATransmitter, Single Button, 60 Minute, Supervision$57.04Details
862818Detex Corporation10EUXEEX1SAPanic Bar 10Euxeex1Sa$5,415.03Details
351356Dortronics5211MP23KRXE2D/T Red Panic Mushroom Button W/Keyed Re$171.92Details
613220Dortronics5211MP23PPRXE21-9/16"Dia Dpst Maintained/Red/”Panic$105.20Details
897686Dortronics5211MP23PPRXE3A 1-9/16" Diameter Red Push-Pull Mushroo$102.63Details
1019827Dortronics5211MP23PPRXE69/16” Dia Dpst/Main/Red/Custom Text (Mus$109.05Details
184943Dynalock6202Palm Switch$225.19Details
418711Dynalock7002ATSCYLKEYUS32DMomentary Keyswitch Spdt W/ Anti-Tamper$142.10Details
169395Edwards / GS Building Systems64Magnetic Switch$22.94Details
1018731Flair ElectronicsEN1233SInovonics Single Button Pendant Wireless$82.96Details
859591GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTX4200011Wirls 319.5 Mhz White Personal$51.45Details
177638GRI Telemark150RSTWGWHRecessed 1/2In Terminal Wide Gap Switch$6.89Details
189774GRI Telemark150RSTWHRecessed 1/2In Terminal Switch White$6.48Details
347835GRI Telemark19412BLBULKSwitch Set 1" Rec Spdt Black 100Pk$958.20Details
172449GRI Telemark19512WGGContact Steel Door 3/4" Recessed Bag 10 Gray$15.44Details
172464GRI Telemark202012WW56K2020 Switch 12 Lead White 5.6 Resistor$6.16Details
347831GRI Telemark20RS48BRRecessed 48 Lead Brown$5.63Details
311271GRI TelemarkTSW0124ASwitch, Tamper Box With 24" 2 Conductor$15.44Details
178290GRI TelemarkTSW01SContact Box Tampers W/Shunt And 1'Lead Bag 10$8.59Details
629846Hikvision USADS3D2208PSwitch, Ethernet, 8-Port 10/100M, 2-Port 10/100/10$491.85Details
629848Hikvision USADS3D2228PSwitch, Ethernet, 24-Port 10/100M, 4-Port 10/100/1$837.64Details
194301InovonicsACC631Accessory, Continuous Alarm Trigger Module $43.91Details
193641InovonicsEE1223DDouble-Button Water-Resistant Pendant Tr$84.99Details
346226InovonicsEE1233DDouble Button Pendant Transmitter$72.16Details
194308InovonicsEN1223SBUPendant Transmitter, Echostream, Single Button, 90$70.39Details
193651InovonicsEN1235DFPendant Transmitter, Echostream, Fixed, Double But$79.77Details
1000215Kramer Electronics6241HDXI4X1 3G Hd-Sdi Switcher$773.97Details
200625Linear CorporationD22ATransmitter, Hand-Held, 1 Channel, Td256 Codes, 30$31.39Details
210872Linear CorporationD22BTransmitter, Handheld, 2 Channel, 128 Codes, 303.8$38.57Details
232426Linear CorporationD22CTs, Handheld, 2-Channels, Two 8-Position Dip Switc$43.07Details
200626Linear CorporationD23RTransmitter, Cash Drawer Money Trap, Td256 Codes,$54.72Details
210881Linear CorporationD4BTransmitter, Handheld, 4-Channels, 64 Codes, 303.8$64.05Details
200677Linear CorporationDXS21Transmitter, Hand-Held, Two Button, One-Channel, S$41.28Details
273018Linear CorporationDXS32Transmitter, Door/Window, Mini, Magnet, Supervised$37.69Details
210946Linear CorporationDXS64Emergency Reporting Transmitter, Pendant,One Butto$33.80Details
1059934Linear CorporationDXSF1F/G Dxs-F1 Fg-Finished Good Pers Fall$56.20Details
210951Linear CorporationDXT21Transmitter, Handheld, Wireless, 2-Button, 1 Chann$35.76Details
232489Linear CorporationDXT23Transmitter, Hand Held, Wireless, 3 Button, 4-Chan$40.99Details
200686Linear CorporationDXT601Key Ring Transmitter, One Button, One Channel, Gra$42.72Details
273041Linear CorporationET1BTransmitter, Pendant, 1-Channel, Chain, 2-Button O$51.10Details
232509Linear CorporationET212Transmitter, Pendant, 1-Channel, Wireless, Beige C$50.24Details
232660Linear CorporationPWB1Linear Pwb-1 Petite Wristband: Replaceme$29.26Details
639525Linear CorporationRSMBASEBase Module, Remote Speaker/Microphone, Plug-In, W$114.28Details
639526Linear CorporationRSMWALLWall Station Module, Remote Speaker/Microphone, Wi$57.11Details
200885Linear CorporationRWB1Wristband, Replacement, 20-Pack, For Dxs-62A $29.26Details
211337Linear CorporationT1224DCTx Accessory, Power Supply, Recommended For Extend$33.81Details
211340Linear CorporationT90D21St Sentry Accessory, Door/Window Transmitter, Ma$57.92Details
232703Linear CorporationTX91Transmitter, Wireless, Handheld, 1-Button, Sx Form$45.20Details
826247Linear CorporationUMTS3GVCellular Module, Plug-In, For Pers Systems $147.98Details
232761Linear CorporationXT1HTransmitter, Hand-Held, Wireless, Single Channel X$232.15Details
200965Linear CorporationXT4Transmitter, Wireless, Extended Range, 4-Channel X$213.60Details
273705Logicmark35915Pendant For Freed Alert$79.94Details
275425Mircom TechnologiesAS084ASingle Gang Station With Silence Button/$29.03Details
225850NapcoGEMKEYFKeyfob, Wireless, 4 Button, Std Gemini $52.90Details
204976NapcoGEMWPPANICPanic Button, Waterproof, Personal Gemini $52.91Details
489518NascomN132FSTHSBLKBlack Hornet With Disc$29.52Details
771467NascomN205WGSTWide Gap Contact And Switch Set Designed$79.94Details
236961NascomN505AUSTSwitch, 2 1/2 Inches, Recessed, Wide Gap, Low Prof$23.54Details
210833Pelco / Schneider ElectricSW0712245001G-Switch,Snap,Spdt,5A,Solder Term$11.19Details
280762Potter Electric2020130Hold Up Button, Potter, Momentary *Model Number: H$13.27Details
242276Potter Electric4370038Hold-Up Switch, Key Resettable Spdt, N/O Loop, N/C$16.85Details
212115Potter ElectricHUBMUniversal Hold Up Button ( Dpdt )$13.60Details
242379Potter ElectricHUSD15BLAmseco Latching Panic Button$11.72Details
247777Potter ElectricOFL331CBOver-Flow Switch W/ Bracket$14.73Details
212169Potter ElectricPS401Pressure Supervisory Switch Ps10-175 1 Contact$83.79Details
280950Potter ElectricPSW2GRPlunter Switch$3.84Details
212242Potter ElectricVSR35Water Flow Switch Vane Type 3 1/2" With Retard$135.11Details
1065429Resolution ProductsRE251Honeywell &Amp; 2Gig Compatible Hidden Panic$33.22Details
953406Resolution ProductsRE403LLinear Compatible Panic$25.77Details
1030202Resolution ProductsRE403VRed Button, White Plastic$25.77Details
335006Rokonet / RiscoRP128B50000AProsys Accessory, Plastic Accessory Box W/ Tamper$33.86Details
765664Rosslare Security Products / RSPEXH04Sensitive Electric Button Switch$29.73Details
853185Schlage / AllegionCS380442'Gen Lck Sp Ed2300R-P 689 4 'Ed2300R-P 6$137.19Details
334212SDC / Security Door ControlsN6101PU36RN6101 Rim Panic 630 36" Rex$473.19Details
682795SDC / Security Door ControlsN6201FU36EN6201 Surf Fire 630 36" Elr$1,145.87Details
261036SDC / Security Door ControlsS6103PH36REElectrified Panic Exit Device$997.70Details
1002516Seco-LarmDH171SQMagnetic Door Holder, Flush Mount, Ul$52.93Details
261282Seco-LarmSS072QN/O Plunger Type Spst Tamper Swch W/Screw Term-Wht$2.28Details
334013Seco-LarmSS073QNormally Closed Plunger Type Spst Tamper Switch$2.28Details
986862Seco-LarmSS074Q2-Bttn Hold Up Mom N/O$9.55Details
261286Seco-LarmSS077QLatching N.C. (Push-To-Open) Panic Butto$9.92Details
261287Seco-LarmSS078QLatching N.O. Panic Button. Push-To-Clos$9.92Details
737784Telular / TelguardASMMYAAFall Detection Button – Accessory (Sold$86.63Details
255250Tripp LiteB02001617IPNetdirector 17" Console Kvm Switch W/Ip$3,727.76Details
266816United Security Products / USP654Emergency Switch Combo No/Nc$3.96Details
291154United Security Products / USPCOR2Usp Cor2 Foot Rail, Latching,$284.84Details
291163United Security Products / USPHUB2Hold-Up Btn, Dpdt, Latchin ( 6Sldr )$17.99Details
228377United Security Products / USPHUB2AHold-Up Btn, Dpdt, Latchn (3Sldr:3Scrw)$17.99Details
228378United Security Products / USPHUB2AESHold-Up Btn, Dpdt, Latchn (3Sldr:3Scrw)$19.49Details
255668United Security Products / USPHUB2BHold-Up Btn, Dpdt Latchin ( 6Scrw)$19.49Details
291164United Security Products / USPHUB2BESHold-Up Btn, Dpdt Latchin ( 6Scrw)$21.75Details
255669United Security Products / USPHUB2ESDpdt Relay Switch W/Enhanced Button$19.49Details
255670United Security Products / USPHUB2SHold-Up Btn, Spdt, Momntry (3Sldr)$18.75Details
291165United Security Products / USPHUB2SAHold-Up Btn, Spdt, Momntry ( 3Scrw)$17.99Details
255671United Security Products / USPHUB2SAESHold-Up Btn, Spdt, Momntry ( 3Scrw)$19.49Details
266851United Security Products / USPHUB2SESMomentary Switch Spdt$19.49Details
266852United Security Products / USPHUB3Dpdt Momentary 6 Solder Termin$24.75Details
266853United Security Products / USPHUB3ADpdt Mntry 3Sldr Trm 3Scrwtrm$26.99Details
291166United Security Products / USPHUB3BHold-Up Btn, Dpdt, Momntry (6Scrw)$29.25Details
266854United Security Products / USPHUB3BESMomentary Hold Up Button Dpdt W/Emergency Activate$32.63Details
266855United Security Products / USPHUBDLLLatching Spdt Hold Up Button W/Flashing Led$31.18Details
266856United Security Products / USPHUBDLMMomentary Spdt Hold Up Button W/Flashing Led$44.23Details
266857United Security Products / USPHUBRTUsp Reset Tool-Each$3.40Details
697524United Security Products / USPHUBTRU4R900 Mhz4 Channel Reciever$287.54Details
560947United Security Products / USPHUBTRULLatching Wireless Hold Up Button$190.39Details
266858United Security Products / USPHUBW1R300Mhz-Wireless-Receiver-Used With Hub-W1Call for Price.Details
266859United Security Products / USPHUBW2M900Mhz Momentary Wireless Hold Up Button$225.58Details
266860United Security Products / USPHUW2ML900Mhz Long Range Wireless Hub Hold Up B$190.69Details
770689UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix13438Garage Door Switch, Overhead $16.61Details
1051994UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix3025TMPlngr Slf Adjstng Cls Lp Mhgny$7.54Details
754489UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix3040CTWPanic Switch, Cold Temperature, Surface Mount, Spd$33.34Details
913847UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix3040WPanic Switch, W/ Terminals, Surface Mount, Spdt, R$27.75Details
742663UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix3045CTWPanic Switch, Cold Temperature, Spst, Surface Moun$23.25Details
917790UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix3045WPanic Switch, W/ Terminals, Spst, Surface Mount, S$14.83Details
758488UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60458103195Sensor, Crystal Single-Button Panic Sensor, Person$44.91Details
734618UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix605781095Pendant Panic Sensor, Crystal, Water-Resistant, Ca$49.74Details
729431UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix606063195Keychain Touchpad, Simon 3, Wireless, Wireless, 4-$47.04Details
852311UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix606073195Keychain Touchpad, Simon 3, Wireless, 2-Button, In$40.31Details
229634Viking ElectronicsPB1Emergency Phone Panic Button Kit$27.48Details
267842VisonicZ33001Panic Pack$80.64Details