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Intrusion Security Systems

Motion Detector Accessories

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
8933102GIG Technologies2GIGDW40345Contact, Door/Window, Micro, Bypassable $30.78Details
9442802GIG Technologies2GIIMAGE22Gig Image Sensor For Gc3$120.29Details
9600352GIG Technologies2GIXCVR3GC32Gig Image Sensor Adapter$25.86Details
10103142GIG TechnologiesECFF345345 Mhz Firefighter Smoke Detector Senso$48.58Details
10077623M Electrical Products Division70071486073740 Calibration Hood$9.42Details
10219843M Electrical Products DivisionCM6CHCalibration Hood Used To Test Or Calibra$23.82Details
9990423M Electrical Products DivisionCME1IAK10Installation Adaptor Kit 10/Case$111.17Details
104456Act MetersACT1376Pir Stabilizer$20.25Details
742117Ademco / Honeywell Security000011001Mounting Bracket 5 Piece Pkg$28.16Details
896536Ademco / Honeywell Security000011101Ceiling Mnt Brkt Swivel 5 5Pcs$33.09Details
851843Ademco / Honeywell Security553139502Adapter,Gang Bx,Is-310/320,Blk$3.52Details
106900Ademco / Honeywell SecurityAURORACASECase, Only Aurora,Pir$9.39Details
1025849Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoH49841030Rs485 8 Ch. Distribution Unitrs485 Star Interf. Fo$336.14Details
944389Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10023001Xtralis Pro E-45, Pir-Pid, Cur,$458.99Details
1083850Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10023201Xtralis Pro E-45D, Dir-Pir-Pid, Cur,$744.89Details
994222Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10023301Xtralis Pro E-45Dh, Dir-Pir-Pid, Cur,$972.39Details
1063388Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10024401Xtralis Pro E-45Rfn, Pir-Pid, Cur,$747.49Details
1059263Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10043001Xtralis Pro E-85, Pir-Pid, Vol,$800.79Details
1034802Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10043101Xtralis Pro E-85H, Pir-Pid,Vol,$1,024.39Details
1049806Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10053001Xtralis Pro E-18W, Pir-Pid, Vol,$458.99Details
975831Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10053101Xtralis Pro E-18Wh, Pir-Pid, Vol,$744.89Details
1079769Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10055001Xtralis Pro E-18, Pir-Pid, Vol,$485.99Details
928126Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10055101Xtralis Pro E-18H, Pir-Pid, Vol,$783.89Details
989115Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10063001Xtralis Pro E-30, Pir-Pid, Vol,$545.39Details
1033370Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10073001Xtralis Pro E-40, Pir-Pid, Vol,$545.39Details
1007027Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10083001Xtralis Pro E-51, Pir-Pid, Vol$926.89Details
954746Ai NextHA12570CFront Cover Only F/Ha125 Ha70$27.75Details
1049201Ai NextHA125D70CFront Cover For Photo Electric Beam$27.75Details
387500Aiphone245332Accessory Flush Mount Back BoxCall for Price.Details
113198Alarm ControlsAM6331DUROMounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Locks By 1/4 Inc$58.94Details
117588Aleph AmericaHA70125CReplacement Beam Covers$27.77Details
116957Aleph AmericaPS1533GIndustrial Surface Mount Form C Spdt 5/8$3.50Details
117686Aleph AmericaPS1533WIndustrial Surface Mount Form C Spdt 5/8$3.50Details
122172American Dynamics / RobotRVEIMKITAdtt16E Accessory, Additional Ext. Interconnect Mo$109.54Details
322178AmsecoPIR305Conduit Adptr Ring Pirtect 1&2$97.99Details
592534Black Box USARMT048Flush Mount Wall Bracket$103.87Details
593431Bosch SecurityB56Accessory, B Series, Keypad Surface Mount Back Box$14.85Details
978007Chamberlain Professional / SentexLMRRULm Retro Reflective Photo Eye Monitored$151.72Details
182660Detex CorporationEAX300MC65Door Prop Alrm W/9V Batt 15Sec$276.68Details
1032382Dynalock4951US28Concrete/ Wood Brack$55.16Details
419123Edwards / GS Building SystemsWG4GSKTReplacement Mounting Gasket For Use With$7.40Details
1006631EyezOnPCLINK5Dls Cables Allowing Remote Programming For Compati$4.77Details
1062471Fire Fighting Enterprises16581Talentum Flame Detectors$1,449.01Details
312886Flair Electronics101064XSurface Mount Aluminum High Security$50.13Details
622982Flair Electronics101064XCMagnet Only, High Security Surface Mount$22.22Details
312885Flair Electronics190096Latchguard, Spdt, 3In X 1 1/4In Bracket$16.67Details
162922Flair Electronics190098Latchguard, Cc, 3In Bracket With 10Ft Le$15.74Details
312883Flair ElectronicsBR77Taut Wire Brackets$50.13Details
163799GE Security / UTC Fire & Security114Y114 Magnet Y Filled Flushwith Poly Ref:0$7.61Details
163821GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1909GCover, 1085T Series, Grey$0.48Details
175888GE Security / UTC Fire & Security250COPLT5PKGCo Detector 4W W/Rs 12/24Vdc. Co Detector Mounting Plate. For 250-Co Or 240-Coe. 5 Pack. White$14.73Details
1008736GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6070N5PKG**Eol**Sharpshooter Standard Lens$13.33Details
176027GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6071N5PKGLong Range Lens, 90’ X 6°$13.33Details
164001GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6072N5PKGSharpshooter Extra Wide Lens 5Pk$13.33Details
164002GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6073N5PKGSharpshooter Curtain Lens, 40’ X 6° Rang$13.33Details
838526GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6083*Eol* 6083 Swivel Bracket$28.02Details
312238GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6545ULRLong-Range Lens, 25M, 10-Pack$18.44Details
176272GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityDV1208AAdvisor X Summed Test Panel, 8 Led$248.51Details
176510GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX460Ge Saw Sensor Magnet Spacer$8.91Details
163559GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX485Ge Pir Pet Alley Lens$13.40Details
188618GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX8FP4Nx-8 Fastpack W/Nx-1308E Keypad. Include$184.11Details
626082GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityVE710Ve710 Laser Alignment Tool$57.37Details
172911GRI TelemarkEZSBSmoke Box $8.51Details
167725GRI TelemarkHVAC33KHvac Kit Protective Cover W/33K Resistor$29.67Details
173156GRI TelemarkPP17WPlastic Plate W/Button And Guard Ring N/O White$17.99Details
190333GRI TelemarkS129WSpacer F/129 Series White$0.10Details
167978GRI TelemarkTS2036JKTTam Stch W/36" Jack Lead 10 Pk$8.82Details
627822Hanchett Entry Systems / HES2006MPLUGINBUZZERPlug-In Buzzer Accessory$29.67Details
191146Hayden / Canplas801458BG3030’ Hose Jacket - Burgundy$15.99Details
631425Honeywell AnalyticsIAQWNCRDIaqpoint Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Monitor$400.94Details
632494Ideal Industries46204Heat Elite Plus Lcd Ht Gun$314.56Details
632508Ideal Industries61846DTDesktop Charger For 61-846/848$503.75Details
632510Ideal Industries61848CARCar Chrgr To Micro Usb For Model 61-848$90.73Details
196163InovonicsACC121010Accessory, Universal Transmitter Housing, Ivory, 1$29.97Details
876679InovonicsACC1223S25Accessory, Housing, White, E*1223S *25 Per Pack* $259.66Details
758644InovonicsACC664Accessory, Cable, For Security Interface, En7280 $19.44Details
194302InovonicsACC665Accessory, Bracket, Wall / Ceiling, For Echostream$7.65Details
193636InovonicsACC667Accessory, White Light Filter, For Echostream En12$19.77Details
193637InovonicsACC668Accessory, Lens, Long Range, For Echostream En1261$5.83Details
1047447Keri SystemsDNETWEBKeri Systems Web Client$323.19Details
763310Labor Saving Devices57316Identifier Kit For Cat5 16Cats$299.69Details
853653Labor Saving DevicesGJ30*Eol* 30Ft. Fish Tape (.120" Diamete$87.98Details
1061426Linear Corporation206292Chain Only For The Et2$2.28Details
1042711Linear Corporation620101284Photo Eye Hood Set For 620-101251$28.49Details
749352Linear CorporationBGUS16211YSBarrier Gate, 1/2 Horsepower, W/ Counter Balanced$2,346.16Details
639546Linear CorporationVSGSLG743Slide Gate Operator, Industrial, Variable Speed, 2$3,973.50Details
639547Linear CorporationVSGSLG783Slide Gate Operator, Industrial, Variable Speed, 2$3,973.50Details
808650MAGNASPHEREHS1452Door Bracket, Right Side, Without Hsl-1.$245.21Details
871412MAGNASPHEREHS1453Bracket, Left Side, Without Hsl-1.5 Door$245.21Details
731570MAGNASPHEREHSS1620Z Bracket F/Hss L2S&L2D Series$17.25Details
812448MAGNASPHEREHSS1625L Bracket For Use With Hss L2S &Amp; L2D Ser$20.25Details
644075Micro Wave Sensors514BRSE2" X 2" X 42" Switch Post$187.59Details
644076Micro Wave Sensors514GRSE2" X 2" X 42" Switch Post Grey Powder Coat Finish$187.59Details
202827Micro Wave SensorsDH100Infrared Sensor For Sliding Doors$236.59Details
221523Mierproducts / BWBOECAGEBrd Of Edcatn 4-1/2 X 6X 8-1/2$68.59Details
275267Mierproducts / BWDA067Tranmitter Antenna Stabilizer For The Da-610$19.16Details
236736NapcoD100KITD100 Vhousing Parts No Pc$15.15Details
204910NapcoD105Flush Mtg Kit, D-100$22.25Details
236757NapcoFMK105Flush Mount Kit, Slimline$15.36Details
225887NapcoLN100Lens, 40 Beam Standard$4.54Details
205048NapcoSVL2Sensor Bracket, Swivel Mount $9.75Details
225950NapcoSVLBKTBracket, Swivel Mount, With Plate $16.35Details
226177New LineIRE200FMFlush Mount Kit For Ire200$27.75Details
226745NitekUTPPTR24Bet Srg Protctor 4 Prt$150.75Details
1010954On-Q / LegrandCI205Pir Ceiling Sensor 1200Sf$120.39Details
238551OptexAVF1Accessory, View Finder, Installation Tool, For Sup$46.52Details
277611OptexAX200PLUSPhotoelectric Detector, Dual Beam, Up To 200', Out$178.81Details
206720OptexAXALPHAPLUSCVRAlpha Plus Cover Only For 100 200 Alpha 100 200 Pl$25.77Details
206725OptexAXTNTFCOVERCover For The Ax-100/200Tf Series$25.77Details
206726OptexAXTW100Photoelectric Detector Accessory, Tower, 3 Feet 3$278.09Details
653852OptexAXTW100MAccessory, Tower, Single-Sided, Wall Mount, 39 Inc$256.19Details
1003530OptexAXTW200S6'6" Photobeam Enc Mnt/Pole 6'6" Single Sided$476.54Details
856085OptexAXTWBASEMetal Base For Ax-Tw100/200 Tower$75.59Details
814944OptexAXTWH24V12/24 V Heater For Towers$42.78Details
231929OptexBA1WPir Detector Accessory, Wall Mount Bracket, Multi-$11.86Details
277625OptexBX100PLUSCVRAccessory, Cover, For Bx-100Plus Outdoor Photo Bea$26.82Details
653858OptexCBR4Accessory, Conduit Bracket, For Sl Series Photoele$40.59Details
231933OptexCL80NLens, Long Range, For Cx-502 $6.03Details
337961OptexCX702RIWireless Detector, 70X70/150X8, Dual Lens, IncludeCall for Price.Details
277630OptexDX60PLUSPir-Microwave, 60' X 60', Trouble Relay Output And$93.79Details
653861OptexEX35TCLAccessory, Cover & Lens, For Ex-35T Residential Pi$14.17Details
206734OptexFA2CMount, Ceiling Bracket, For - Fx 35, Fx35X, Fx55N,$8.96Details
206736OptexFL60NPir Option, Long Range Lens For The Fx-40 $6.03Details
843856OptexHCOP08CBCover Only For Op08 Black$15.49Details
757706OptexHCOP08CWCover Only For Op08 White$15.49Details
277648OptexOSBHSensor Lead Holder$34.08Details
505431OptexPIE1Network Encoder, For Sip, Rls & Rbm Series Detecto$137.19Details
505407OptexRBM60QNIPNetwork Photoelectric Detector, Category 3 Redwall$579.89Details
1019736OptexRLS2020SOutdoor 65' X 65' Laser Scan Detector$1,787.49Details
941038OptexRLS3060LRedscan,Laser Scan Detector 30 Meter Radius@180Dg$3,148.74Details
206765OptexRLS3060SHLaser Scan Detector, 100 Feet X 180 Degree, Advanc$3,841.77Details
238600OptexRLSATAccessory, Walktester And Redscan Manager, For Rls$223.99Details
653866OptexRLSENCLVAccessory, Enclosure, Powder Coated, For Rls-3060/$275.39Details
978164OptexSLBEAMCOVERSl-Beamcover Front Cover For Sl Series Beams$32.63Details
277662OptexSP2Accessory, Backbox Spacer, For Bx-80N $21.05Details
238621OptexVX402CLAccessory, Replacement Cover & Lens, For Vx-402 Se$15.47Details
980851Potter Electric4130035VDPR100Counter For The Vdp100$64.39Details
753750Potter ElectricCMXCRSBCeiling Mount Bracket Fsex$364.16Details
242420Potter ElectricPIR305Conduit Adaptor Ring For Pir-Tect$95.41Details
212160Potter ElectricPIR306Pole Mount Clamp F/ Pir-Tect$83.40Details
247790Potter ElectricPIR307Walk Tester For Pir-Tect$146.17Details
676910Preferred Power ProductsP3MPOE130P3 Single Port Poe Injector 30W$31.57Details
242610Preferred Technology Group / CartellCT62500Vehicle Probe W/2500'Cable$1,332.49Details
1022225Primex Manufacturing1250770Universal Mounting Platform$17.12Details
677318Protection Tech24VACOption, Sensor Input Voltage, From 20 Vac To 28 Va$56.84Details
677319Protection Tech24VDCOption, Sensor Input Voltage, From 20 Vdc To 28 Vd$44.72Details
743156Protection Tech30441402Infrared Barrier, Miniris Ii, (12) Beams, (1) Tran$1,312.83Details
821331Protection Tech305800078Relay Ext Card Kit F/Existing Site$330.74Details
893317Protection Tech40670006Maxibus Iii Hub For 1 To 8 Extension Cards Relay O$1,626.24Details
752827Protection Tech40670007Accessory, Hub, Maximus Iii, Includes (3) MaxibusCall for Price.Details
856704Protection Tech40670009Maxibus Iii G-Fence - 8 Alarm Outputs - From 8 To$4,244.37Details
242912Protection TechFF3Accessory, Flourescent Light Filter Module, For Pr$269.82Details
281443Protection TechLENSAMotion Sensor Lens, Type-A, Wide Angle, 50 X 50 &$15.26Details
677320Protection TechLENSAPETMotion Sensor Lens, Type-A, Wide Angle, W/ Pet Fil$15.26Details
212705Protection TechLENSBMotion Sensor Lens, Type-B, Medium Angle, 100 X 35$15.26Details
242913Protection TechLENSBPETMotion Sensor Lens, Type-B, Medium Angle, W/ Pet F$15.26Details
242914Protection TechLENSCMotion Sensor Lens, Type-C, Narrow Angle, 125 X 20$15.26Details
212706Protection TechLENSCPETMotion Sensor Lens, Type-C, Narrow Angle, W/ Pet F$15.26Details
212707Protection TechLENSDMotion Sensor Lens, Type-D, Vertical Barrier, 100$15.26Details
677321Protection TechLENSGMotion Sensor Lens, Type-G, High Security, Wide An$15.26Details
212708Protection TechLENSHMotion Sensor Lens, Type-H, High Security, Wide An$15.26Details
677322Protection TechLFMOption, Ultra High Security Modifications, For Pro$184.93Details
242915Protection TechPH4Option, Universal Pole Mount, 1 1/2 - 4 1/2 Inch D$61.88Details
249623Protection TechPH4AUniversal Pole Mount, For Use W/ Protech Ex Sensor$80.58Details
677323Protection TechPH4EXPole Mount, 1 1/2 Inch To 4 1/2 Inch Diameter, For$125.92Details
212710Protection TechPH4EXWLMTWall Mount, For Protech Ex Series Sensor $304.60Details
242916Protection TechPH4EXWLMTCWall Mount, Specially Painted For Corrosive Elemen$487.08Details
766230Protection TechPH5LTLookdown Housing$292.28Details
677324Protection TechSDI76AIndoor Piramid 50Ft X 50Ft - 12Vdc Power$633.23Details
212714Protection TechSDI76GIndoor Dual Pyramid 75X75 Wide Angle Hi Sec Lens$658.57Details
281444Protection TechSDI76HIndoor Piramid 50 Ft. X 50 Ft. – 12Vdc$658.57Details
677334Protection TechSDI77BIndoor Piramid 100 Ft. X 35 Ft. - 12Vdc$658.57Details
249632Protection TechSDI77CIndoor Piramid 125 Ft. X 35 Ft. - 12Vdc$658.57Details
242921Protection TechSDI77DIndoor Piramid 100 Ft. X 10 Ft. - 12Vdc$658.57Details
677335Protection TechSDI77HIndoor Piramid 90 Ft. X 50 Ft. – 12Vdc$658.57Details
871963Protection TechSDI77XL2EXIND24VDCFF3Sdi-77Xl2-Ex-Ind Indoor – 100 Ft. X 40 F$3,107.88Details
281460Protection TechSDI77XLCHSJB125 Ft. X 20 Ft. Outdoor Dual - Hs &Amp; Jun$1,199.74Details
497663Protection TechXLMINISOUNDERAccessory, Tester, Mini, Audible Walk $12.90Details
249644Protection TechXLSOUNDEROption, Audible Walk Tester, For Protech Piramid S$35.64Details
281468Pulnix / TakexBL10Plnx "L"Mt Brkt F/Pr10B$30.44Details
212736Pulnix / TakexBL11L Bracket For Pr11Be Stainless$34.08Details
242939Pulnix / TakexBP03Pole Mount Bracket Pir Accessory$106.39Details
281470Pulnix / TakexBP11Pole Cover F/Ms-60, 100,Tx-103$35.53Details
242940Pulnix / TakexBP12Pole Mount Attachment For Ms-60 And Ms-100$44.23Details
212737Pulnix / TakexBP200FBack Cover F/Quad Srs Pole Cvr$35.53Details
249649Pulnix / TakexBP50COMPole Mount Cover For The Com-In50Hf$74.19Details
281472Pulnix / TakexBP5CFlsh Mnt Kit F/Pr5B Reflector$18.75Details
212738Pulnix / TakexBP5DFlush Mount Kit For Pr5B Sensor$85.39Details
249650Pulnix / TakexBR5$29.25Details
281475Pulnix / TakexBS50XBeam Pole Side Cover F/Pxb 1Pc$79.79Details
497673Pulnix / TakexBT150SHIELD$163.79Details
242947Pulnix / TakexBT2FBFloor Bracket For Bt Standard Beam Towers Pair$135.79Details
249652Pulnix / TakexBT300SS9'-8"-Beam Tower-Enclosure-Double-Sided-Allows$766.99Details
281482Pulnix / TakexBTFOOTINGTakex Pulnix Sensor Bt-Footing Tower Foo$29.25Details
281484Pulnix / TakexBTSHIELD6BUReplacement Cover For The Beam Tower 78" Sold Indv$174.99Details
249656Pulnix / TakexBTSSTOPCAPTop Cap For Bt-Ss Towers$35.53Details
249657Pulnix / TakexBTTOPCAPBeam Tower Top Cap$27.75Details
249658Pulnix / TakexBTWBBeam Tower Wall Bracket$82.59Details
249662Pulnix / TakexBU8400Flush Mount Kit F/Pa8420E$375.29Details
212749Pulnix / TakexBW24Wall Mount Plate For Ms12Fe And Ms12Te$22.49Details
281487Pulnix / TakexCRFBFloor Bracket For Tad/Tas$56.54Details
242956Pulnix / TakexDA6500RRemote Control For Da-6500$235.19Details
242957Pulnix / TakexDABKTBracket For Da301Ew$23.99Details
300392Pulnix / TakexFBC4R2SCord 2M W/M8 Conn For Snsr W/J$33.34Details
497671Pulnix / TakexFOM2$66.50Details
249666Pulnix / TakexFS300033' Ultraviolet Sensor, Ceiling Mount, "$307.72Details
905312Pulnix / TakexFS350033' Ultraviolet Sensor Ceiling Mount Sna$304.63Details
281492Pulnix / TakexGR2MSPNRetro Reflective 0.1-2M Side On 12-24Vdc Pnp$149.79Details
497647Pulnix / TakexGSM2RSNRetro Reflct 0.1-2M Sensor$134.39Details
300391Pulnix / TakexK2Reflector For Gr2Mspn$10.54Details
212764Pulnix / TakexKP80LLBLACKWall Attchmnt Pbx-Hf Beam Series Black$200.19Details
281493Pulnix / TakexKP80LLSILVERWall Attchmnt Pbx-Hf Beam Series Silver$194.59Details
1070307Pulnix / TakexKP80LSWall Mounted Pole Kit S=Silver$156.79Details
249672Pulnix / TakexKP80LSBWall Attachmnt Pbx-Hf 80X15Cm$195.99Details
212765Pulnix / TakexLDT20RLaser Type Amplified Photo Sensor$550.79Details
242964Pulnix / TakexLT12Pair Lamp Towers For Twin Photo Beams$909.99Details
212766Pulnix / TakexMB4800HCeiling Mount For Da-4800H$74.19Details
249674Pulnix / TakexMB4800LL Bracket For The Da4800H$59.50Details
300389Pulnix / TakexMS100FILTERMs100-Filter$10.21Details
677353Pulnix / TakexMS12CVRLens Cover That Fits Ms-12Fe & Ms-12Te$35.53Details
242968Pulnix / TakexMW100APoint To Point Microwave Sensor 330'$720.19Details
242977Pulnix / TakexPB200XPole Mount Back Cover F/Pxb Beam 1Pair$49.29Details
497649Pulnix / TakexPIR3050FILTERFilter For Pir30We/Pir50Ne$27.75Details
212797Pulnix / TakexPR11BECOVERCover The The Pr11Be Photo Beam$22.49Details
250079Pulnix / TakexPR11BEREFReflector Side Of Pr-11Be$101.04Details
212798Pulnix / TakexPRS3Shutter Door Sensor$93.79Details
281511Pulnix / TakexPTKHSlide Mount Bracket For The Kh Beam$18.75Details
250084Pulnix / TakexSC3Quad Beam Cover For 100St Quads$16.49Details
281514Pulnix / TakexTA04021M Policarbonate Shield$127.39Details
250086Pulnix / TakexTA04031.5M Policarbonate Shield$127.39Details
212807Pulnix / TakexTA04042M Policarbonate Shield$127.39Details
250931Pulnix / TakexTA04063M Policarbonate Shield$184.79Details
242990Pulnix / TakexTA0500$45.68Details
677356Pulnix / TakexTA2SBOriginal Side Bracket For Ta Towers$67.90Details
281515Pulnix / TakexTA3SB0.70M Side Brackets For The Tad/Tas Tower$146.99Details
802406Pulnix / TakexTAFBFloor Bracket For Tad/Tas$102.19Details
212814Pulnix / TakexTECOVERCover Only For Pb60Te$16.49Details
497662Pulnix / TakexUXT100DSensor Thru Beam 1000Mm Straight Npn$128.79Details
1077293QolsysQS1121840Garage Door Tilt S$36.55Details
281807Rab Electric ManufacturingCU4AUniversal Cover$8.98Details
243777Rab Electric ManufacturingR3TBRectangular Cover & Plastic$6.57Details
281810Rab Electric ManufacturingR9A1/2" Plug Ark In Bronze$0.88Details
281811Rab Electric ManufacturingR9B1/2" Plug Ark In Black$0.88Details
213186Rab Electric ManufacturingSTL110Mtion Sensr F/Floodlights Brnz$71.39Details
281814Rab Electric ManufacturingSTL110H110 Degree Snsr Head W/Lghtng$127.39Details
251850Rab Electric ManufacturingSTL15LRStl1010 Long Range Versn,75X12$127.39Details
677567Rab Electric ManufacturingSTL200200 Dgree Snsr Head Only$78.39Details
336144Rab Electric ManufacturingSTL200H200 Dgree Snsr W/ Lights$131.59Details
213211RacoEAT11/2" T Conduit Body Threaded$16.49Details
251878RacoEAT23/4" Conduit Body Threaded$20.25Details
281838RacoEAT31" Conduit Body Threaded$27.75Details
251879RacoEAT41-1/4" T Body Threaded$42.78Details
251976RaytecRL150AI10PRRaylux 150 10-30 Degree Adaptive Illumin$1,598.86Details
281941RaytecRL150AI30PRRaylux 150 30-90 Degree Adaptive Illumin$1,598.86Details
243886RaytecRL150AI50PRRaylux 150 50-180 Degree Adaptive Illumi$1,598.86Details
251994RaytecRM150AI10PRRaymax 150 10-30 Degree Adaptive Illumin$1,629.73Details
243904RaytecRM150AI50PRRaymax 150 50-180 Degree Adaptive Illumi$1,472.33Details
883288RaytecRM300AI50PR*Eol* 300, 50-180 Degree Adaptive Illum$2,307.25Details
1054936Resolution ProductsRE03316Metalmax Nano Mounts$27.48Details
852167Resolution ProductsRE301Dsc Compatible Standard Door/Window Sens$29.22Details
214593Rokonet / RiscoRK150DTG3USCLunar Dtam Grade 3$93.41Details
214594Rokonet / RiscoRK150DTGLUSA360 Deg Ceiling Mount Dual Tech$93.41Details
679735Rokonet / RiscoRK66S000000ASeismic With Mp &Amp; Tester$104.23Details
851470RSI Video Technologies / videofiedMB110Mounting Arm Kit, For Outdoor Motionviewer (Omv601Call for Price.Details
283303Rutherford Controls / RCIL6504X10L6504 Fld Sel Strk Light Bronzed$131.39Details
1040065Safety Technology Inc. / STIKITSA505Keyswitch Mounting Bracket 4 Select Alert$16.48Details
216209Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6702Accessory, Tamperproof Screw Kit, For Break Glass$7.81Details
246393Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9621Pir Guard For Motion Detect. Motion Detector. Damage Stopper. 7.00 X 5.75 X 4.50 Inches$26.99Details
958273Schlage / AllegionCS336794Door Closer Tri-Pk,Adj 1-6,Hd,Bk-Chk,Cov$77.83Details
285615SDICELL01CSCarrying Case For Cell03$25.77Details
682935SDICELL01RRL48” Lead With Clamps ( Clip-Type$98.14Details
285616SDICELLPACAccessory Pack For Cell03 Case, Hanging Strap,$46.52Details
298405SDITF8001Tf Kit (Solo 100,101,200,610, Tf 1001$2,892.99Details
248350Seco-LarmE300LFeatures Built-In Dual-Stage Glass Break$72.16Details
218076Seco-LarmE931ACCBLR1Mounting Bracket For E931 Series Reflector$8.98Details
728637Seco-LarmE931ACCBLS6QSnglgng Flshmnt Brckt E-931-S35R$11.53Details
871375Seco-LarmE931ACCBLS7QWall Bracket For Extended-Side Mounting Of E-931-S$8.10Details
261161Seco-LarmE931ACCCQCounter(Tracks How Often Triggered)F/E-931Cs22Rrcq$30.45Details
285656Seco-LarmE931ACCHR1QHood/Cover For E931S35Rr Reflector$8.56Details
285657Seco-LarmE931ACCSQAdditional Siren/Chime For E-931Cs22Rrc.$20.61Details
747908SenstarA3DA0102Perimitrax Site Planning Guide, English$72.16Details
776668SenstarA3DA0202Perimitrax Installation Guide, English$72.16Details
819021SenstarA3DA0302Perimitrax System Setup Guide, English$72.16Details
288191SpaceageSSU03508Vandal Proof Smoke Detector Guard Measures 6X6X3"$40.64Details
251548SpaceageYD3030Blue Ace Cabinet$579.89Details
288233SpaceageYD9048Black Dbx Aa Cabinet Wing Handl Intrusio$463.91Details
853988Sperry WestSW2600AB*Eol*Pir Detector B/N$110.64Details
224252Starlite Security Devices / The WhipTWODKTOutdoor Wireless Kit$57.30Details
224589Supreme Alarm ScreenA$106.39Details
289180Supreme Alarm ScreenAHSLSentry Sec Sys Amp House Side Lead With$7.11Details
264845Supreme Alarm ScreenASD$142.79Details
253647Supreme Alarm ScreenASSLAmp Screen Side Lead$7.11Details
264846Supreme Alarm ScreenB$111.99Details
264847Supreme Alarm ScreenBMAG1/4" Barrel Magnet$3.60Details
224590Supreme Alarm ScreenC$118.99Details
224591Supreme Alarm ScreenD$114.79Details
289181Supreme Alarm ScreenE$120.39Details
289182Supreme Alarm ScreenF$135.79Details
264848Supreme Alarm ScreenHSMLHouse Side Mini Lead$7.11Details
224592Supreme Alarm ScreenJUMPERAlarm Screen Plug Jumper$4.23Details
264849Supreme Alarm ScreenLSCAmp Lead Set Complete Both Sides$13.18Details
331848Supreme Alarm ScreenLSCAMPSTAINEDLead Set Complete Amp$15.16Details
264850Supreme Alarm ScreenNFA$142.79Details
224593Supreme Alarm ScreenNFB$149.79Details
264851Supreme Alarm ScreenNFC$156.79Details
224594Supreme Alarm ScreenNFD$163.79Details
224595Supreme Alarm ScreenNFE$170.79Details
253648Supreme Alarm ScreenNFF$188.99Details
253649Supreme Alarm ScreenR1Level 1 Repair$6.57Details
264852Supreme Alarm ScreenR2Level 2 Repair$12.03Details
224596Supreme Alarm ScreenR3Level 3 Repair$16.49Details
289183Supreme Alarm ScreenR4Level 4 Repair$22.49Details
264853Supreme Alarm ScreenR5Level 5 Repair$27.75Details
264854Supreme Alarm ScreenSF$6.57Details
253662SureactionSU111Use: Sua-U111$73.77Details
264870SureactionSUP500500Basic Prb W/500'Of 22/2 Shd Cb$294.29Details
939792Taiwan Panda InternationalBV200DUMMYDsc Bravo 2 Bv-200 Dummy$8.95Details
1008029Taiwan Panda InternationalBVL1UVDsc Lens$5.40Details
935915Taiwan Panda InternationalBVL2Pir Lens - Corridor$5.18Details
987131Taiwan Panda InternationalBVL3Pir Lens - Curtain$5.18Details
1017886Taiwan Panda InternationalBVL4Pir Lens - Pet Alley$5.18Details
991919Taiwan Panda InternationalECBRKTBracket Kit For Encore Series Motion Det$2.34Details
934709Taiwan Panda InternationalFSA410BS4-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector$37.21Details
1035019Taiwan Panda InternationalLCL1STOptional Mounting Bracket For Use With T$2.34Details
1080207Taiwan Panda InternationalWLS904PLKDsc Wls-904Plk Plastic Only$8.42Details
1024323Telular / TelguardVMA1200B10000SArlo Wire-Free Camera Skin 3 Pack Black$34.08Details
227002TexecomACC0008Prestige 360 Ceiling Dig Quad$35.53Details
254508TexecomAEB0014Impaq Plus Shock Sensor$38.43Details
265738TexecomAFA0021Prestige Amqd Plus$50.74Details
290115TexecomAFB0023Prestige Amdt Plus$58.10Details
254509TexecomAFC0004Prestige Am360Qd Ceiling$65.10Details
290116TexecomAFD0020Prestige Ir 50X50 Fresnel$18.75Details
265739TexecomAFK0014Prestige Mr 50X50 Mirrored$42.04Details
254511TexecomAFK0015Prestige Mr Long Range 115 8Dg$42.04Details
265741TexecomAFQ0005Prestige External Td Black$167.99Details
265742TexecomAFQ0006Prestige External Td White$167.99Details
228352United Security Products / USP909PRSld Pressre Mat 24"X35" Petres$121.79Details
1052948UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix360FM360 Detector Flsh Mnt Kit F/ Ev600 & Dd600 Series$6.12Details
726170UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60763Accessory, Lock / Key Set To Enclosures, For Expre$5.36Details
750016UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix809221Repeater Kit 319.5 Wireless W/Crystal Transmitter$78.39Details
715296UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixAP669BPAp669 Accessory, Base Plate $10.54Details
983859UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixC600CLCamlock W/Keys For Ranger Enclosure$7.02Details
876612UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixDDI602UF1Dual Pir Detector, W/ Microwave Sensor Module, 10-$232.05Details
755776UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX6FPLMNx-6 Fastpack, Includes Nx-6 Panel, Nx-1308E Keypa$124.91Details
769208UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX707Repeater Kit 319.5, W/ Crystal Transmitter, Networ$78.39Details
808834UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixRCRWPBSingle Gang Wall Plate 2 1/4" X 8 3/4" Black$5.04Details
788241UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixRCRWPWWall Plate, Single Gang, 2 1/4 Inch X 8 3/4 Inch,$4.99Details
825611UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixSB01Option, Swivel Mount Bracket $9.98Details
824332Vicon IndustriesS660HAHAccessory, Heater $50.46Details
267731Visonic17DVisonic 17D Pet Alley Lens$7.04Details
256566Visonic37Visonic 37 Lens 100' X 100'$4.43Details
229743Visonic41LENSVisonic 41 Lens$4.43Details
256567Visonic5100625Axsalert 32 Door Usb Plug$409.04Details
739340Visonic5100626Axsalert 32 Door Usb Plug$1,212.89Details
291971Visonic5100627256 Doors Usb Plug$1,589.99Details
229746Visonic76DVisonic 76D Ultra Wide Lens$6.88Details
256573VisonicBR1Visonic Br-1 Universal Bracket$8.53Details
256574VisonicBR2Visonic Corner Mt Brkt F/Pirs$10.61Details
267746VisonicBR3Visonic Ceil Mount Brkt F/Pirs$12.28Details
256576VisonicCH1000LENSLens For Ch1000$4.43Details
229762VisonicD10Visonic D-10 Lenses For Duet$6.88Details
267765VisonicIPI4ADAPTEREthernet Adaptpr. Eithernet Adaptor. For Axs Series. Ip Addressable$237.99Details
267768VisonicK985MCWPERSInactivity Motion Detector For Amber Per$90.01Details
229780VisonicL34Visonic L34 Long Range Lens$4.43Details
229781VisonicL41Visonic L-41 Lens For Srn2000$4.43Details
267772VisonicL45Visonic L-45 Lens$4.43Details
267775VisonicLENS43Visonic Lens 43 Coverage Lens$4.43Details
229784VisonicLENS47Visonic Lens47 Coverage Lens$4.43Details
903533VisonicLM1Visonic Lm1 90D Wide Angl Lens$2.50Details
292009VisonicLM3Lens3 Motion Det Lens F/Mr4000$2.52Details
256597VisonicLM4Visonic Lm4$2.52Details
229828VisonicSMD426PG2Power G Smoke Detector$99.02Details
258165Xtralis220103Motion Detector Accessory, Ad653, Bracket, For Pro$143.14Details
758782XtralisCH10023101Pro E 45 H, Passive Infrared Perimeter I$745.07Details
954441XtralisVEA040A00Addressable Aspirating Smoke Detector$5,923.01Details
797615XtralisVLF500Aspirating Smoke Detector$3,883.15Details
982461XtralisVLI885Vesda Vli With Vesdanet$5,021.14Details
704986XtralisVLP002Vlp” With Display – Detector With Two Bl$4,207.00Details
748508XtralisVLS700Smoke Detector Model Vesda$12,047.11Details
517393XtralisVSP005Filter Cartridge$91.66Details
517403XtralisVSP015Aspirator For Vlp &Amp; Vls$937.34Details
704991XtralisVSP025Filter Pack 20$2,210.01Details
805097XtralisVSP890Surface Mount Kit$100.24Details
728189XtralisVSP891Flush Mount Kit$100.24Details
750544XtralisVSP892Replacement Filter$134.82Details
737821XtralisVSP962Liner Filter$198.79Details