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Intrusion Security Systems

Multiplex Devices

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
105868Ademco / Honeywell Security4101SN$63.55Details
106483Ademco / Honeywell Security4190SN$29.57Details
105871Ademco / Honeywell Security4193SN$16.82Details
106025Ademco / Honeywell Security4204$88.52Details
105873Ademco / Honeywell Security4208SN8 Zone Expander$103.31Details
105874Ademco / Honeywell Security4208SNF8Zone S/N Rpm/Class A Intrfce$100.79Details
105875Ademco / Honeywell Security4208U$105.25Details
106138Ademco / Honeywell Security42198Zn Expander Do Not Use W/Carbon Detector$98.52Details
106030Ademco / Honeywell Security42298 Zone Expander W/2 Relays Donot Use W/Carbon Det$109.94Details
106032Ademco / Honeywell Security4297Mplx Booster & Isolator$75.67Details
111334Ademco / Honeywell SecurityVA8200Panel,Lnkng Vista Affinity8200$167.99Details
110493Ademco / Honeywell SecurityVPLEXVSIVplex,Short Isolator$50.03Details
135400Bosch SecurityD8128DOctopopit Expander, 8-Point $83.64Details
135300Bosch SecurityD9127TPopit Module, Low Current, W/ Tamper $28.20Details
135301Bosch SecurityD9127UPopit Module, Low Current, Without Tamper $24.72Details
135635Bosch SecurityDS7457IFSingle Point Multiplex Module With Flying Leads For Fire$16.14Details
135636Bosch SecurityDS7461IMultiplex Module, Single Point, Enclosure $24.33Details
135905Bosch SecurityDS7465IMultiplex Module, Input/Output, Enclosure $38.83Details
136409Bosch SecurityMX794IPir, 200', Multiplex, Long Range $145.64Details
136411Bosch SecurityMX938IPir, Multiplex, Commercial, Ceiling Mount $106.71Details
143919Channel VisionC0525Wireless 4 Port Router, 802.11 B,G,N 150$109.05Details
1061082Cooper / WheelockCN123302AMT24MCWFWMultitone Horn Strobe Combo$93.79Details
149789Cyrex Networks / Comelit3326Powercom Module Illuminated From The Rear$56.46Details
152601Edwards / GS Building Systems102SIGSTN5Base Mnted Multi Tnd Sgnl Mdule 120Vlt$81.91Details
161488EnerSysNP712FRYuasa Np712Fr Battery Replacement$24.00Details
898944Fluidmesh NetworksFM320060Option, Enable 60 Mbit/S Ethernet Throughput In Fm$420.03Details
923027Fluidmesh NetworksFM320090Option, Enable 90 Mbit/S Ethernet Throughput In Fm$808.94Details
175823GE Security / UTC Fire & Security13067Glass Guard Adhesive Pads$1.02Details
796580GE Security / UTC Fire & Security137191Lock, Software Sentinel, Super Pro, Usb$1,503.43Details
165130GE Security / UTC Fire & SecuritySIIDSingle Input Device, Addressable$28.82Details
1003911Middle AtlanticSPNH4242USne1/2 Pr Sp, 42 Ux 42Inch D, Bk$197.61Details
225748Muxlab500142Active Vga Balun Ii Rx ,No Power$220.50Details
276434New LineNL3000SMSub Monitor F/Nl3000$311.84Details
277651OptexRLSBRACKETAccessory, Mounting Bracket, For Outdoor Double Ga$412.88Details
242988Pulnix / TakexPXB50HFLow Current Consumption 165Ft Outdoor /$683.50Details
1003213Taiwan Panda InternationalAMP700Addressable Door/Window Contact$19.29Details
1076855Taiwan Panda InternationalAMP702Fire Point Module No$17.97Details
1044455Taiwan Panda InternationalAMP7044 Zn Dr/Window Contact N/C Contact$44.92Details
974336Taiwan Panda InternationalAMX400Loop Repeater / Isolator Module$29.67Details
1044852Taiwan Panda InternationalPC5100Addressable Zone Expander$40.54Details
265279Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10WH3/8 X 5/8 Recessed Contct With Magnet Wh$2.94Details
781734UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60757Input Snapcard, 8-Zone, 6 Hardwire Inputs, 2 Two-W$38.43Details
807467UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60774Input Module, Superbus 2000, 8-Zone, Adds 8 Additi$57.39Details
1057206UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixAL12068 Zone Expander Module$66.50Details
727675UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX216Nx Series Option, Expander Module, 16-Zone $42.04Details
906002UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX216ENx-8E Option, Expander Module, 16-Zone, Mountable$72.79Details