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Intrusion Security Systems

Overhead Door Contacts

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
111353Ademco Sensors4959SNSerial # Mpx Ohd Contact$34.00Details
110774Ademco Sensors958$18.53Details
110748Ademco Sensors9582Ovhd Cnt Adj Mag Spdt 2"Gap Ul$27.63Details
902093Ademco Sensors958MMagnets For Ovrhd Dr Cnt 958$8.48Details
111038Ademco Sensors959$21.17Details
1046704Ai NextDC4811Overhead Track Mount Rail Contact$32.63Details
582996Aleph AmericaDC1651G2/8 Press Fit, ¾ Wide Gap Stub Set, Wire$2.42Details
116933Aleph AmericaDC1814¾ Steel Door Contact 5 Pak$11.20Details
117363Aleph AmericaDC1814BBrown Steel Door Contact 5 Pack$2.70Details
116940Aleph AmericaDC2712¾” Push Button Switch With Spacer$4.84Details
359943Aleph AmericaPF2GWireless Press Fit Contact For 2Gig Pane$41.18Details
322735Aleph AmericaPFHWireless Press Fit Contact For Hai Panel$41.18Details
359939Aleph AmericaRBGWireless Rollerball Contact For Ge Panel$41.18Details
322731Aleph AmericaRBHWireless Rollerball Contact For Hai Pane$41.18Details
122346AmsecoAMS37MG4" Indus Mag Gray$5.94Details
123502AmsecoODC56A2" Spst Fixed Overhead Contact$14.50Details
122754AmsecoODC56BOverhead Fr Contact, Spdt$15.75Details
122755AmsecoODC59AOh Door 2" Gap L-Bracket$14.34Details
122481AmsecoODC59A36Odc59A Special With 36" Lead$15.68Details
122482AmsecoODC59AHGSpst Horizontal Gap Overhead Door Contact$15.75Details
892923AmsecoODC59AMINIOverhead Mini Door Contact$14.03Details
121699AmsecoODC59BOverhead Door Cont Spdt$15.75Details
995672AmsecoODC59BHGOdc-59B-Hg Spdt Ohdc Horizontal Gap$18.75Details
136171Bosch SecurityISNCMET4418Magnetic Contact, Overhead Door, 2 Inch Width, Sur$16.14Details
1002887Dortronics2601400Magnetic Contact 3/8In Dia$8.98Details
185147Edwards / GS Building Systems1117Y12J111 Re 3Amp Magnet Y Cbl 18/2 Grey 1$76.15Details
1011525Flair Electronics100050SGGRYClamp On Overhead Door Contact - Cc, 3In$46.53Details
1063445Flair Electronics100063SGNo Ohd Contact$68.11Details
865894Flair Electronics100096LVBMSHigh Security Overhead Door Balanced Mag$144.91Details
870865Flair Electronics100096LYOverhead Door Contact - Dpdt, 3" Gap, 3$84.62Details
778654Flair Electronics100096LYBMSHeavy Duty High Security Overhead Door B$115.93Details
893775Flair Electronics100096ZOverhead Door Contact Spdt 3 In Gap 3 1/$43.24Details
1021665Flair Electronics180096Overhead Door Contact - Cc, 3" Gap, 3 1$54.04Details
349360Flair ElectronicsMN123787Rare Earth Magnet - 1/8In Thick 3/8In Wi$3.74Details
934843Flair ElectronicsMN161610Bare Rare Earth Magnet, White$1.84Details
984362Flair ElectronicsMN25050Rare Earth Magnet, 1/4" Diameter X 1/2"$2.08Details
1025712Flair ElectronicsMN25075Rare Earth Magnet, 1/4” Diameter X 3/4”$2.98Details
1045207Flair ElectronicsMN252510Rare Earth Magnet Only, 1/4" Square$1.80Details
939736Flair ElectronicsMN37050Rare Earth Magnet - 3/8In Diameter X 1/2$3.74Details
857421Flair ElectronicsMN37075Rare Earth Magnet - 3/8" Diameter X 3/4"$5.27Details
1013734Flair ElectronicsMN400Rare Earth Magnet - 3/8In Diameter X 1/2$2.48Details
927736Flair ElectronicsMSS1008TWRecessed Contact - Cc With Tamper Loop,$27.80Details
1033512Flair ElectronicsPFC48GRYRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2" Gap In Steel$6.71Details
622997Flair ElectronicsPW48WHRecessed Pre-Wire Plug - 3/4" Dia. X .90$0.56Details
1017429Flair ElectronicsRMS56TWRecessed Contact - Cc With Tamper Loop,$10.77Details
1013897Flair ElectronicsVIP100098LContact Overhead Door$21.12Details
623000Flair ElectronicsVIP100098L24Overhead Door Contact - Cc, 3" Gap, 3$22.50Details
1045249Flair ElectronicsVIP100098ZOverhead Door Contact-Cc 3In Gap, Armore$19.10Details
155599GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1075WN10PKGRecessed Mount Press Fit Wide Gap, 3/8"$29.55Details
348795GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1078C1M10Recessed Steel Door Mnt W/ 1929 Magnet B$46.20Details
163766GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1078CG10PKGRecessed Steel Door Mount, 3/4" Diameter$72.10Details
163774GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1080TNMagnet For 1082 Series-Wh$5.35Details
155644GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1130N10PKGRecessed Mount, Stubby, 3/8" Dia., White$66.30Details
163800GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1156Y06K115 Re 1Amp Magnet Y Cbl 18/2 Sjto-W$24.81Details
733330GE Security / UTC Fire & Security126EY01AX*Eol*Triac Nc Magnet Y Wr 12/2 1Ft$61.19Details
187927GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1979N10PKGMagnet For 1285T, White, Order 1 To Get$23.72Details
856754GE Security / UTC Fire & Security2205ASLOverhead Door Contactoverhead Door Conta$44.98Details
163972GE Security / UTC Fire & Security600106360362N10D/W Sensor 60-362N-10-319.5 Replacement$10.74Details
155802GE Security / UTC Fire & Security600106360362N11D/W Sensor 60-362N-11-319.5 Replacement$10.74Details
1004978GE Security / UTC Fire & Security60018825PKG(25 Pack) Sx-V Dws Magnet Spacer, Ivory$8.46Details
175997GE Security / UTC Fire & Security60362N113195Crystal Standard Door/Window Sensor Br$25.44Details
188051GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6071625PKGSaw Sensor Magnet Spacer White 25Pk$8.91Details
1064227GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTXE231Door/Window Sensor With External Contact$25.44Details
1047245GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityWST222Recessed Door/Window Sensor, 345Mhz$29.82Details
966011GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityWST302Shock Sensor, 345Mhz$29.82Details
311377GRI Telemark100180BR100 Series Contact W/15~ Lead Brown$9.70Details
166606GRI Telemark10036WMini Surf. Mt. Tab Sw. Set W/ 36" Lead,$5.38Details
627325GRI Telemark10036WGWSw Set, Miniature Surface Tab Spst$6.34Details
172304GRI Telemark100TBRW56KMini Surf. Mt. Sw. Set W/ Terms., Spst,$7.42Details
627334GRI Telemark10112WHOpen Loop Typeb-Reed Form Mini$8.23Details
172321GRI Telemark101TCWContact Switch 101T Open Loop N/C W/Cvr Bg 10 Wh$8.53Details
172327GRI Telemark10217W2020-12-W Sw. Set W/ 4.7K Resistor Built$6.17Details
166627GRI Telemark10563W8080Rs-T-W W/1 K Resistor Built In. They$8.95Details
177596GRI Telemark10592Sw St 4400-A W/2.2K Resistor 36" Lead Arm Cable$30.44Details
627343GRI Telemark10596WSwitch Set, 100-T-White With A 1/K Resis$7.42Details
347845GRI Telemark10698WContains A Switch Only S50F-12-W Paired$4.30Details
189739GRI Telemark1100A72JLGSurf. Mt. Sw. Set W/ 72" 2C Jacketed Lea$8.33Details
177604GRI Telemark1100A72JLWSurf. Mt. Sw. Set W/ 72" 2C Jacketed Lea$8.33Details
189742GRI Telemark1100B12BRNorm Open Brown Srfc Mount Contact$8.48Details
444796GRI Telemark120T12BLGri 120T-12B 3/8 Black Recess$4.23Details
166654GRI Telemark120T12WGBRGri 120T12Wg/Br$4.97Details
172369GRI Telemark15012WGBRGri 15012Wgw Contact Brown, Wide$6.14Details
843664GRI Telemark15012WW21KSwitch Set 150-12-White With 2-1K Resist$9.00Details
172373GRI Telemark150RSMFTW1/2" Recessed Stubby W/Terminals & Mf875 Wht Bag10$7.11Details
177647GRI Telemark17512W1/2" Rec. Dia. Sw. Set, Dpdt, W/ (2) C F$12.52Details
723499GRI Telemark18012BW33K3/4 Inch Switch Set With A 3.3K Resistor$8.37Details
177650GRI Telemark18012WGBL3/4" Dia. Rec. Steel Door Sw. Set. Spst-$8.32Details
172386GRI Telemark18036W3/4" Dia. Rec. Steel Door Sw. Set, Spst,$6.82Details
166790GRI Telemark1841256K1" Dia. Recessed Sw. Set W/ 12" Lead, Sp$8.84Details
167149GRI Telemark184MC12B1" Rec. Steel Door Sw. Paired W/A Mc-180$8.77Details
172457GRI Telemark20036HD1KAluminum Switch Industrial For Overhead Door$32.63Details
172458GRI Telemark20048HDDoor Contact Overhead 4'Lead Hvy Duty Closed Loop$44.94Details
167197GRI Telemark2103656KIndustrial Floor Mount Aluminum Switch S$36.19Details
347821GRI Telemark30F12WGWH/8" Rec. Flanged Sw. Set, Spst-Open Loop$7.94Details
177788GRI Telemark30RS12XWGB3/8" Dia. Rec. Short Sw. Set, Spst, W/1"$8.33Details
776044GRI Telemark3829253.3K Resistor 1/8Watt Bags Of 25$56.01Details
167337GRI Telemark40RS12BRGri Form C,Spdt Brown$8.75Details
167344GRI Telemark410WGBRCommercial Surface Mount 3$10.03Details
311326GRI Telemark4400A3004400-A With A 25' Armored Lead$124.29Details
1033587GRI Telemark4400A72Switch Set 4400 Closed Loop With A 6F Ar$57.11Details
189930GRI Telemark4400AB48High Sec. Biased Contact W/48" Armored Lead$50.74Details
189931GRI Telemark4400AB56K4400A That Is Biased With A 5.6K Resisto$38.15Details
311325GRI Telemark4400ABW2K400Ab Biased W/2K Resistor$39.14Details
167356GRI Telemark4400AW56K4400A That Is Biased With A 5.6K Resisto$38.15Details
177828GRI Telemark4405A1204405A Contact W/ 10’ Armored Cable$89.82Details
177829GRI Telemark4405A2164405A Contact W/ 18’ Armored Cable$111.22Details
627447GRI Telemark4405A60Overhead Door Switch With 5' Armored Cable$67.90Details
759382GRI Telemark4405A72Industrial Sw Set Wide Gap Dbl Pole Dbl Throw 6"$79.79Details
189936GRI Telemark4460AW21KSf Mt Mini Alu Ind W/2 1K Res Armored Cable$16.52Details
177835GRI Telemark4462A36Gri Industrial Switch W/ 36$29.30Details
831420GRI Telemark4473BLSwitch Set 3/4" With A 3/8" Recessed Mm-$4.68Details
627451GRI Telemark4473WHWhite 3/4 Swith W/ Terminals$4.68Details
311322GRI Telemark4473WHW33K4473 Contact W/ 3.3K Resistor And Mag$7.13Details
167365GRI Telemark4531W1KOverhead Door Sw. Set, W/ 2 Ft. Armor Ca$17.40Details
742655GRI Telemark4532120Miniature Overhead Door Switch W/10' Armored Lead$48.58Details
189940GRI Telemark45321200Overhead Door Sw. Set, 2 1/2" Gap, 150 F$344.49Details
167368GRI Telemark453248Over Head Door Cntct 2 1/2" Gap$29.25Details
815126GRI Telemark453260Industrial Overhead Door Switch Set With 60" Armor$31.89Details
189942GRI Telemark453272Overhead Door Sw. Set W/ 72" Armor Cable$35.53Details
782775GRI Telemark4532C48Ovrhd Garage Dr Form C 48" Arm$39.88Details
869513GRI Telemark4532D48Sw St Overhead Dr Dpdt W/ A 48" Armor Cable Lead$39.88Details
177843GRI Telemark4532DL36Overhead Contact W/L Bracket And 36" Armored Lead$37.69Details
167373GRI Telemark4532W1KOverhead Door Sw. Set, W/ 2 Ft. Armor Ca$18.68Details
189948GRI Telemark4700ACommercial Overheat Door Set$48.58Details
172700GRI Telemark500BRSwitch Set Micro Srfc Mnt Closd Loop Whi$4.99Details
190004GRI Telemark55F36BBAMini Surf. Mt. Sw. Set W/ Break Away Fla$4.97Details
172731GRI Telemark55F36WBAMini Surf. Mt. Sw. Set W/ Break Away Fla$4.97Details
167547GRI Telemark6357Bare Reed, Ri-01B-08/15$3.20Details
177912GRI Telemark6479Overhead Door 4532C With 1K Resistor$29.25Details
172754GRI Telemark6761Overhead Door 4532C With 33K Resistor$29.25Details
177924GRI Telemark700CL72WMicro Surf Mt.Sw Set W/72 Center Leads W$9.00Details
167552GRI Telemark700EL12BR3/4Ingap Clsd Lp 12Inlead Mini Surf Swit$7.56Details
167555GRI Telemark700TWHMicro Surf. Mt. Sw. Set W/ Terminals, 3/$7.74Details
172764GRI Telemark70RF12WGWH1/4" Dia. Rec. W/Flange Sw.Set, Spdt Wht$12.89Details
172769GRI Telemark71923/8" Pf Bare Mag (7192) White$4.39Details
190045GRI Telemark7192BROWN3/8" Pf Wg Bare Mag (7192) Br$4.39Details
167572GRI Telemark7519Gri 7519 4400A W/2 Ft Armoured$30.29Details
190054GRI Telemark7623W3/4" Dia. Sw Set., Recessed, W/Terminals$8.79Details
177950GRI Telemark762920036 With 2 1K Resistor Overhead Door Switch$29.73Details
172806GRI Telemark8245W400P-B W/No Cover On Sw., No Logo On Sw.$9.92Details
177977GRI Telemark8261W20Rst-W W/3.3 K Resistor Built In$7.96Details
627497GRI Telemark8297KITTrack Mount Kit W/ S12 And S203 Brckt & Screws$20.25Details
172813GRI Telemark8299GTrk Mntg Kit For Ovrhd Dr Inc. Brkt,Swch$21.75Details
167621GRI Telemark8366GResistor Pack W/2 10K Resistors 2 Blu 2 Yell Bg10$4.39Details
172819GRI Telemark8484RST1" Dia. Round Short Sw. Set W/ Terminals$7.33Details
177993GRI Telemark8484TBRGri 1" Recessed Terminal Cntct$6.55Details
821606GRI Telemark8549251K Resistor 1/4Watt Metal Film In Bags O$56.41Details
172828GRI Telemark8657724532C Sw. W/Hsr Reed &Amp; 8540 (.500" X 3.0$83.82Details
190095GRI Telemark8678WGeneric S20Rst Switch W/ Mm9 Magnet$3.85Details
167652GRI TelemarkAA180WSw W/2 A Form Reeds 36In 4 Conductor Cab$8.24Details
167654GRI TelemarkAA200Gri Overhead Door Contacts$31.20Details
167660GRI TelemarkAC18012B3/4" Recessed Steel Door Switch Set With$12.46Details
172851GRI TelemarkAC18412WH1” Recessed Closed Loop Recess Commercia$11.78Details
311300GRI TelemarkB4460ADoor Contact/ Biased$19.56Details
178082GRI TelemarkEZ7550BBrown 5/8" X 1 1/4Ez Duct Raceway Box$684.26Details
190186GRI TelemarkM100WGWMini Tab Surf. Mt. Magnet W/ 1/4" X 1"$1.62Details
172932GRI TelemarkM150B1/4" X 1" Magnet In A 1/2" X 1" Brown$1.84Details
172940GRI TelemarkM20BRMagnet, Surface Mount, M-16 In 410 Case$5.62Details
167746GRI TelemarkM20GRMagnet, Surface Mount, M-16 In 410 Case$5.62Details
178116GRI TelemarkM402GMagnet For The 402 Switch Series (Spdt).$6.97Details
173061GRI TelemarkM5RSWHGri M5Rs Wht 3/8 Stubby$1.34Details
347790GRI TelemarkM6RFBRGri M-6Rf/W Magnet$1.88Details
627537GRI TelemarkM81WGWH7/8” Mag Only Wide Gap White$4.97Details
627538GRI TelemarkM81WH7/8” Mag Only White$2.42Details
167777GRI TelemarkMM180RSBMagnet In Brown Case For The 180Rs Serie$3.71Details
1051221GRI TelemarkMM184RSG1" Dia Magnet For The 184Rs Series Switc$3.85Details
879641GRI TelemarkMM93RSW**Eol**A Rare Earth Mag 3/8$1.02Details
627547GRI TelemarkN20RSTBL3/8Inch Recessed Stubby/Closed Loop/With$6.30Details
896628GRI TelemarkN20RSTWGBL3/8Inch Recessed Stubby/Closed Loop/Wit$7.43Details
627549GRI TelemarkN3030TBSw Set, 3030-T-B W/Mm-400$8.77Details
178171GRI TelemarkN30RS12WGBNorm Open Wide Gap 3/8"$9.36Details
190280GRI TelemarkN8080TBRSwitch Only 8080-T- W/Mm-400 Rare Eart$5.89Details
899742GRI TelemarkRB01TW56*Eol* Switch With Terminal And 5.6$64.22Details
173184GRI TelemarkS100TWHSwitch Only For 100Seriesterm$3.98Details
167870GRI TelemarkS111BRGri S111 Brown Cover$0.24Details
190367GRI TelemarkS3030TB3/8" Dia. Rec. Open Looped Sw. W/ 1/2" G$6.73Details
347772GRI TelemarkS60F12GSurface Mount Switch With Break Away Fla$6.12Details
173308GRI TelemarkTS2072JKTTamper Swtch W/72"Jack Ld 10 Pk$10.15Details
173311GRI TelemarkTSC2036JKTTamp Swtch W/Cllr W/36"10Pk$9.34Details
190406GRI TelemarkTSC2072JKTTmp Swtch W/Collar W/72" 10 Pk$10.40Details
444842GRI TelemarkZ20RS120WHSwitch Set 3/8" Press Fit With 120 Inch$8.69Details
178376H.A.I. Home Automation46A001Hai Door/Window 3 Zone Transmt$48.84Details
1047509HoffmanPDS166Solid Door 1600X600Mm$486.42Details
175677Ideal Industries895049Rg59 Bnc Plenum Compression Connector$277.87Details
860976Linear CorporationITIMDW01Transmitter, 2-Door/Window, Supervised, Wireless,$25.14Details
727328Linear CorporationITIRDW01Transmitter, Recessed Door/Window, Supervised, Wir$23.46Details
890326Linear CorporationWADWAZ1Sensor, Z-Wave Series, Door-Window, Wireless $34.13Details
641799MAGNASPHEREMSS105SGOverhead Door Contact-Open Loop - Gray$48.82Details
1076253NascomN200AUMMSTMighty Mite Mini Overhead/Man Door Switc$20.94Details
651647NascomN200AUSTOverhead Door Mini Switch/Magnet Set, W/ Universal$17.72Details
905150NascomN200AUST036Overhead Door Mini Switch With Universal$25.02Details
1065423NascomN200AUST072Overhead Door Mini Switch With Universal$42.82Details
953000NascomN505AUTMST1KSPOver Head Door Contact With Armor Cable$49.02Details
280453Peterson Products25065BBlue Wire Connector, 22-16Awg, Max 3 #1$7.16Details
211868Potter ElectricADC412GAmseco Adc412G 12" Door Cord Pvc$8.24Details
280807Potter ElectricADC418GR18" Door Cord/4 Conductor$8.14Details
212140Potter ElectricODC56AAmseco Odc-56A Overhead Door$14.07Details
242399Potter ElectricODC56BAmseco Overhead Door Contact$16.15Details
280917Potter ElectricODC59A36Amseco Odc59A W/36" Amor Leads$15.21Details
242401Potter ElectricODC59AHGSpst Horizontal Gap Overhead$15.30Details
247776Potter ElectricODC59AMINIOdc-59A Spst Mini Contact$13.70Details
212141Potter ElectricODC59BOverhead Door Contact - Spdt$16.45Details
280918Potter ElectricODC59BHGSpst Horizontal Gap Overhead$17.61Details
280920Potter ElectricP2D000Double Contact Switch For Applications W$304.26Details
280921Potter ElectricP2S000High Securityh Contact$255.22Details
1005329QolsysQS1100P01Iq Door/Window - Standard Door/Window Se$16.30Details
973393QolsysQS1115840Iq Mini Door Window Sensor$25.92Details
962057QolsysQS1116840Iq Mini Door Window Sensor-Brown$25.92Details
253378Rosslare Security Products / RSPSH02Surface Mount, Magnetic Hard-Wired Door/$2.76Details
244625Rosslare Security Products / RSPSH12Recessed, Cylindrical Magnetic Door/Wind$2.52Details
218183Seco-LarmSM206QBR1/4" Recessed N.C. Contact With Bare Mag$2.76Details
261271Seco-LarmSM206W1/4" Recessed N.C. Contact With Bare Mag$2.76Details
920331Seco-LarmSM2075LQBRN.C. Mini 3/8” Press-Fit Mount With Lead$2.98Details
507455Seco-LarmSM2075LQW3/8"Dia Press-Fit-Mount Nc Cnt,Wht,Mag Cnt,$2.98Details
334020Seco-LarmSM207QBRDiameter Press-Fit Mount N.C. Magnetic C$2.98Details
683332Seco-LarmSM207QW?" Diameter Press-Fit Mount N.C. Magneti$2.98Details
334019Seco-LarmSM226L3QOvrhd Dr-Mt Mag Contact 3 Wire N.O./N.C.$21.75Details
218188Seco-LarmSM226LQOverhead Door-Mount N.C. Magnetic Contac$13.13Details
218189Seco-LarmSM226RQOverhead Door-Mount Nc Contact/Magnet. M$13.23Details
810442Seco-LarmSM4105LQW¾ Steel Door Recessed N.C Magnetic Conta$3.44Details
895997SpaceageSAENCCBNormally Closed Contact$15.56Details
226382Tane Alarm Products34BTCBR¾” Terminal Connect Open Loop$7.04Details
254042Tane Alarm Products54MAGNETMagnet 1/4" X .54" Bare Magne$1.32Details
254046Tane Alarm Products61BQCBRSurface Mount Contact, Form B, Open Loop$5.56Details
226390Tane Alarm Products79MAGNETMagnet 1/4" X .79" Bare Magne$1.82Details
226398Tane Alarm ProductsBT1414181/4 X 1/4 X 3/32 Bare Magnet$1.30Details
765537Tane Alarm ProductsBT14X14B T ¼ X ¼ Magnet$1.20Details
226399Tane Alarm ProductsBT18X14Tane 1/8X1/4 Magnet$1.36Details
265273Tane Alarm ProductsMET200Tane Alum 2" Surface Mnt$11.19Details
694280Tane Alarm ProductsMET44MAGBRACKETMagnet Door Contact/Bracket$14.59Details
265275Tane Alarm ProductsMET44WG18Over-Head Door Contact$15.21Details
516835Tane Alarm ProductsMET45WG18Open Loop Mtl Overhead W/18"$18.89Details
265276Tane Alarm ProductsMET4618Open Loop Over Head Door Contact$19.79Details
694281Tane Alarm ProductsMETCDSCurtain Door Contact$27.99Details
226429Tane Alarm ProductsPILLMGTNTane Pill Mag Tan$2.06Details
226431Tane Alarm ProductsPILLTNS/M "Pill Shape" Contact W/ 18" C- Lead$3.54Details
289632Tane Alarm ProductsRB33WHRoller Ball 3/4" Diameter, Open Loop, W$6.77Details
289637Tane Alarm ProductsSD3WH4 Terminal Surface Shock Sensor, White$29.76Details
289640Tane Alarm ProductsSD74CWH1 Inch Dpdt Recessed Contact$11.83Details
694284Tane Alarm ProductsSD80MAGWH1'' Steel Door Resist.Mag.White Color.$2.82Details
265297Tane Alarm ProductsSD84CWHWg 3/8" X 3/4" Magnet$14.67Details
331714Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38BTCWH3/8 X ¾ Recessed Contact , With/ Mini-1$5.56Details
265316Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWHSW3/8" Terminal Connect Press Fit Contact,$2.64Details
226463Tane Alarm ProductsTANE86MINIMAGMagnet Only For Tane-86 Mini Metal Surfa$10.38Details
265329Tane Alarm ProductsTANE96BILG18Metal Bi-Directional Track Mt W/18" Arme$32.10Details
289685Tane Alarm ProductsTANE96BIMAGMagnet Only For Switch$16.22Details
331710Tane Alarm ProductsTAP10RE79WH3/8" X 1 1/4" Recessed With Bare 1/4" X$3.82Details
289698Tane Alarm ProductsTN5071Bnc Female To Rca Male$1.30Details
697516United Security Products / USP110SPWH1/4" X 3/5" Drill Ultra Miniature Closed$6.23Details
697517United Security Products / USP30DUsp-30D-Ohd-Cont-Spdt-2"-Gp-Std$39.88Details
255636United Security Products / USP33SDAUsp 33Sda Overhead Door Contac$13.91Details
330604United Security Products / USP501SPWide Gap - Industrial Contact - Oc Metal$37.60Details
266842United Security Products / USPBP33AUsp Best Price Ohd W/Adj Magnt$17.99Details
228399United Security Products / USPSP3000Mini Ovr Head Door Contact$17.25Details
255684United Security Products / USPSP3000AMini Ohd Contct W/Adjstbl Mgnt$18.75Details
822791UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2202ALMagnetic Contact, Overhead Door, Floor Mount, W/ A$17.99Details
795234UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2202AULMagnetic Contact, Overhead Door, Floor Mount, W/ U$17.99Details
936946UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2202AULCXB2202Au W/3 Ft. Armrd Cable$29.25Details
1062554UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2204ADLContact, Overhead Door, Floor Mount, W/Aluminum Ho$45.68Details
861101UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2205ALMagnetic Contact, Overhead Door, Extra Heavy Duty,$34.08Details
949598UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2205ASLMagnetic Contact,Overhead Door,Mounting Extra Heav$46.39Details
860334UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2205AULMagnetic Contact, Overhead Door, Extra Heavy Duty,$29.73Details
773341UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2207AHLMagnetic Contact, Overhead Door, Higher Security,$51.48Details
744615UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2207ALMagnetic Contact, Overhead Door, Extra Heavy Duty,$36.98Details
884983UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2302ALCurtain Door Track Mount Contact W/Armored Cable,$41.33Details
861099UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2315ALMagnetic Contact, Overhead / Panel Door, Track Mou$34.08Details
771909UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2317ALMagnetic Contact, Overhead / Panel Door, Track Mou$32.63Details
920194UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2325ALMagnetic Contact, Overhead / Door Panel, Track Mou$42.78Details
933034UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix2505ALBBS2505A-W/Stnlstl Tmpr Prfscrw$31.18Details
292011VisonicMC302PG2Power G 2-Way Door/Window Contact$51.07Details
292021VisonicMCT320Miniture Door/ Window Contact, Supervise$31.35Details