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Intrusion Security Systems

PIR / Passive Infrared Motion Detectors

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
10248992GIG Technologies2GIGPIR12Gig Passive Infrared Motion Detec$62.55Details
116965Aleph AmericaQT40Quad Tech Detection 100 Lb Pet Immune Le$27.75Details
116966Aleph AmericaQT60Quad-Tech 100Lb Pet Immune 60X60$35.79Details
116490Aleph AmericaSP360DAleph 350 Degree Ceiling Mount$76.05Details
359937Aleph AmericaXP25T25X35Ft 60Lb Pet Immune Tamper$15.28Details
120440American Dynamics / RobotADCI400B021Illustra 400 Bullet 2/3Mp 3.3-12 Mm Tdn$655.21Details
721466Applied Wireless / AWIDLRTEK00Lr Technical Installation Kit, For Long Range Read$153.16Details
816239Axis CommunicationsF1004SENSORUNITAxis F1004 Sensor Unit$124.74Details
1048520BEA10FLYKIYBCompact Passive Infrared Request To Exit$69.06Details
135940Bosch SecurityDS9370Pir-Microwave, Tritech, 3 Pir Sections, Ceiling Mo$93.73Details
135350Bosch SecurityDS9371Motion Detector, Combination Pir, Microwave / Adva$93.73Details
136553Bosch SecurityZX776ZPir Motion Sensor W/ Supervision, 50 Foot, Zonex $69.22Details
136750Bosch SecurityZX794ZPir Motion Sensor, 80 Foot $109.59Details
136751Bosch SecurityZX935ZPir / Motion Sensor, 35', W/ Popit $44.05Details
136752Bosch SecurityZX938ZPir / Motion Detector, 60', W/ Popit $90.85Details
593966Bosch Security (CCTV)DS778200' Long Range Pir$103.53Details
978362Bosch Security (CCTV)ISCPDL1W18G60' Professional Series Pir$69.80Details
1028332Bosch Security (CCTV)RFDL11ARadion Pir/Microwave Tritech 35 Ft. By 3$108.50Details
142540CBC America / ComputarIRLM12POELed Ir Illuminator, 120-Degree, 66 Foot Range, Ip6$686.45Details
1005808Flair Electronics100077Taut Wire Fence Sensor-Cc, 1India X 12In$103.71Details
1036022Flair Electronics100077HSSensor, Tilt Switch, 1In X 12In Long$129.64Details
961380Flair Electronics100077WTaut Wire Fence Sensor Wireless$146.93Details
1000069Flair Electronics100077WHSSendor, Tilt Switch, 1In X 12In Long, Wl$171.12Details
188019GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6000*Eol* 6000 Pir Residential /$37.13Details
176005GE Security / UTC Fire & Security605110295Ds924I Pet Immune Crystal Pir Motion$121.28Details
176014GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6063995RIti Indoor Saw Pir Motion$103.08Details
176015GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6063995ROD*Eol* Saw Pir Motion Snsr 35X35$129.36Details
155849GE Security / UTC Fire & Security60812Caretaker Back-Up Battery 12V 1.9 Ah$58.42Details
155855GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6088095Ap750W Crystal Pir Motion Sensor$110.54Details
918576GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6155N**Eol**Sentrol 6155 Sharp-Sho$51.71Details
901906GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6155XTN**Eol** 6155Xt-N Quad Extended$67.93Details
164040GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6157N*Eol*Motion Sensor **Eol In Cdn**$56.14Details
813357GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6351W**Eol** Fresnel Pir (Eol In Cdn)$37.69Details
155896GE Security / UTC Fire & Security805623NSimon 3 Saw Package D5 W/O X10: Include$328.21Details
164153GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityAP669Mir Opti Pir Mt 2 1800 12/24V. Mirror Optic Pir Ceiling Mount. Two 1800 Mirror Segments. 12 Or 24 Volts. Form C With Tamper$114.21Details
1064706GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityAP950PISPSentrol Pet Immune Pir, 3-Pack$64.46Details
973664GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityDI601WTWalk Tester For Di601 And Ddi602 Series$110.03Details
443397GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityEV1012Pir, Dsp, 12M, 9C$29.71Details
443398GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityEV1012PIPir, Dsp, 12M, 9C Pi$29.71Details
625086GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityISZWWR1Wall Receptacle, Z-Wave - Interactive Se$57.39Details
818474GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityPI6000*Eol* Pir 40 X 40 Range$17.54Details
757384GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityPI6000SP**Eol** Pet Immune Pir, 6-Pack$96.50Details
188628GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityPR361Sen Pr361 Pir Ceiling Mount$99.60Details
311921GE Security / UTC Fire & SecuritySR6197Explosion Proof Pir$2,421.69Details
983512GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityWST802Hardware To Wireless 8 Zone Module, 345M$50.88Details
172473GRI Telemark2020TXWGBR2020Txwg Wide Gape Brown$6.75Details
192591Honeywell Power ProductsHPTV2404CBE24Vac@4A Econ Cctv 4Ptc Ps$57.30Details
193755IluminarIR919A1024Infrared Led Illuminator, 10 Degree Angl$1,083.41Details
180408IluminarWL1001524White Light Illuminator, Opto Range, 15 Degree Ang$233.35Details
193759IluminarWL1002524White Light Illuminator, Opto Range, 25 Degree AngCall for Price.Details
193760IluminarWL1003524White Light Illuminator, Opto Range, 35 Degree Ang$233.35Details
632678IluminarWL1004524Illuminator 45-30 Visable 24Vac 7 Watt$308.35Details
193332IluminarWL22012024White Light Led Illuminator, 120 Degree$550.04Details
346223InovonicsEE1260Europe Wall Mount Motion Detector$128.28Details
346222InovonicsEE1265360 Degree Ceiling Mt Motion Detector$137.91Details
194391InovonicsES1262Bosch Pir$123.96Details
782581InovonicsFA206B**Eol** Motion/Pet Detector$168.39Details
806181InovonicsFA206I***Eol**Inovonics Fa206I Xmtr, Pir$153.96Details
636129KBC NetworksWES2HTAACAEthernet System, Wesii Series, 5 Ghz, Single Point$933.73Details
788769Linear CorporationITIPIR01Motion Detector, W/ Pet Immunity, Supervised, Wire$51.84Details
840747Linear CorporationWAPIRZ1Motion Detector, Z-Wave Series, Wireless, Passive$45.28Details
876014Middle AtlanticC5MK271PDTFinishing Kit, Moderno Style, 1 Bay, 27 D, Plex Do$911.40Details
1080912NapcoGEMCOMODCo Module$22.71Details
204947NapcoGEMCWLDTMotion Detector, Pir & Microwave, 40 X 40 Foot Ran$140.25Details
204948NapcoGEMCWLGBAcoustic Glass Break Sensor, Maximum Range 25 Feet$121.94Details
225845NapcoGEMCWLPIRPir Motion Detector, 50 X 50 Foot Range, For Wirel$121.94Details
204968NapcoGEMPIRPir, Wireless, 50' X 50' Coverage $115.88Details
1046289NapcoGEMPIRCCWireless Motion Detector "Consolidated "$84.35Details
204969NapcoGEMPIRPETPir, Wireless, 50' X 50', Pet Immune, 40 Lbs Gemin$121.59Details
225875NapcoIQVISIONPir, 30 Lb Pet Immunity $22.88Details
276175NapcoPIR1680Pir, 50 X 50, Smart Microprocessor $30.48Details
225923NapcoPIR1680PTPir, 50 X 50, Micro, Pet Lens, Tamper $26.78Details
236858NapcoPIR1710Pir, 70 X 60, Lookdown $21.99Details
236859NapcoPIR17104Pir, 70 X 60, Lookdown, 4 Pack $72.73Details
236860NapcoPIR680EPir, 70 X 60, Classic $32.96Details
236878NapcoSHIPPIR1680PT(60) Pir1680Pt In Pop Display Stand$1,154.02Details
205037NapcoSHIPPIR1710(60) Pir1710 In Pop Display Stand$985.62Details
205038NapcoSHIPPIR60(30) Pir1680Pt &Amp; (30) Pir1710 In Po$1,069.82Details
277607OptexAP220N20’ X 3.3’ Narrow Curtain Pir$20.04Details
238573OptexBX100PLUSPhotoelectric Detector, Dual Beam, Outdoor, Piezo$142.65Details
238574OptexBX80NPir, 80' X 40' 4 Zone, Outdoor $147.29Details
206728OptexBX80NRPir Detector, Wireless Version Of Bx-80Nr, W/ Sp-2$184.35Details
231932OptexBX80NRIPir Detector, W/ Inovonics Transmitter, Wireless,$248.56Details
206731OptexCX502Pir, 50' X 50' Wide, Commercial $57.28Details
277627OptexCX702RSPir, Wireless, 70 X 70, 150 X 8, Dual Lens $133.42Details
238576OptexDCL450CPWAll In 1 Clr Video Cam, Spot Light &Amp; Pir$347.94Details
238577OptexDX40PLUSPir Microwave With Alarm Memory And Trouble Output$69.52Details
206737OptexFTNAMDual Pir Detector, W/ Anti-Masking, Selectable 16.$115.47Details
238584OptexFTNRDual Pir Detector, Wireless Ready, Selectable 16.4$115.47Details
206738OptexFTNRAMDual Pir Detector, W/ Anti-Masking, Wireless Ready$136.32Details
231942OptexFTNRAMICpt Wrlss Barrier Pir Ant Mask W/Inovon Trnsm&Batt$216.50Details
206739OptexFTNRIDual Pir Detector, W/ Inovonics Transmitter, Wirel$192.43Details
231943OptexFTNSTDual Pir Detector, Selectable 16.4 & 6.6 Foot Narr$94.61Details
238585OptexFX360Pir, 25' Dia, Ceiling Mount $56.46Details
206740OptexFX40Pir, 40' X 40', Multi Focus Lens $29.22Details
231944OptexFX40DPir, 40' X 40', Dbl Conductive Shielding $39.28Details
238586OptexFX40SKOptex Fx-40 35X35 Ir Detector$48.17Details
277636OptexHX40High Mount, 40 Foot To 50 Foot Detection Range, Fo$168.39Details
238590OptexHX40RAMIPir Detector, Hx-80 Series, W/ Anti-Masking & Inov$293.81Details
277639OptexHX80NRAMPir Detector, Hx-80 Series, Wireless, W/ Anti-Mask$246.32Details
238591OptexHX80NRAMIPir Detector, Hx-80 Series, W/ Anti-Masking & Ino$332.48Details
231947OptexKX08Pir, 40' X 40', Pet Immunity $37.79Details
238594OptexLRP3020S24HRedwall 100 X 65 Med Pir$363.41Details
883277OptexLRP5030S**Eol** Redwall 165' X 100' Wide Angle$810.81Details
231949OptexLX402Pir, 40' X 50', Outdoor, Double Conductive Shieldi$87.40Details
206750OptexLX802NPir, 80' Narrow Long Range, Outdoor, $98.31Details
206753OptexMX40PIPir-Microwave, 40' X 40", Pet Immunity $38.86Details
231958OptexOA203CWOptex Oa-203Cw Motion Pre- White$218.01Details
206755OptexOA601CBOptex Oa601Cb 18 Zone Infrared$252.90Details
206758OptexOP08CBMotion Presence Detector$75.61Details
231961OptexOP08CWPir, For Automatic Door Applications, Ceiling Moun$77.78Details
505432OptexRBM100QNIPNetwork Photoelectric Detector, Category 3 Redwall$618.54Details
836529OptexRLS2020IIndoor 65' X 65' Laser Scan Detector$1,307.26Details
277652OptexRN41025CHAActive Ir System, High Security, 30-80 Foot Covera$1,051.61Details
238602OptexRN4257580-245' Hisec Active Infrard Sys Chnl A$1,008.87Details
206768OptexRN42575CHAPhotoelectric Detector, Rednet, Active Infrared Sy$1,067.60Details
337956OptexRN475150Optex Rednet Series 245Ft-495Ft$1,107.39Details
238603OptexRN475150CHAPhotoelectric Detector, Rednet, Active Infrared Sy$1,107.39Details
238604OptexRN475150CHBPhotoelectric Detector, Rednet, Active Infrared Sy$1,107.39Details
231966OptexRNTTAnti-Climb Tamper Top F/Rnt175$111.86Details
238607OptexRX4010PKPir, 40' X 40', Pet Immunity, Carton Of 10 Unboxed$162.85Details
206771OptexRX40PIPir, 40' X 40', Pet Immunity $17.61Details
277655OptexSIP100Pir Detector, Redwall Superior Intelligent Series,$814.54Details
277657OptexSIP30205Pir Detector, Redwall Superior Intelligent Series,$579.89Details
301916OptexSIP3020WFIWss 100'X 65'Superior Pir Detectr W/ Built In Xmtr$634.01Details
231971OptexSIP4010Pir Detector, Super Intelligent, 130 Foot X 33 Foo$462.38Details
238611OptexSIP40105Pir Detector, Redwall Superior Intelligent Series,$579.89Details
277658OptexSIP4010I130 X 33’ Superior Intelligent Pir$586.08Details
301915OptexSIP4010WFIPir Detector, Wireless, 130 Feet X 33 Feet, Superi$634.01Details
277659OptexSIP4045Pir Detector, Redwall Superior Intelligent Series,$579.89Details
277660OptexSIP404I130 X 13’ Superior Intelligent Pir$586.08Details
301914OptexSIP404WFWireless Ready 130' X 13' Superior Intelligent Pir$518.04Details
238612OptexSIP404WIWireless 130' X 13' Superior Intelligent$634.01Details
231973OptexSIPMIDIHOODAccessory, Sun & Snow Shield, For Sip100/5030 Dete$73.77Details
206776OptexSIPMINIHOODAccessory, Sun & Snow Shield, For Sip3020/4010/404$64.15Details
206779OptexSX75COptex Sx-75C 75X20 Long Rng$89.19Details
231978OptexVX402Pir Detector, Outdoor, 40' X 40', Pet Immunity $148.33Details
277666OptexVX402RIPir Detector, W/ Inovonics Transmitter, Wireless,$248.56Details
277667OptexVX40AUse P/N Vx402Rec$166.61Details
212715Protection TechSDI76MHSPiramid Ultra High Security “And Gate/Or$1,423.45Details
677327Protection TechSDI76XL2APWide Angle 50 Ft. X 50 Ft., Pet Lens -$625.97Details
677330Protection TechSDI76XLDIRMotion Sensor, Piramid, Outdoor, Ir, Microwave Det$760.03Details
249629Protection TechSDI76XLHSJBMotion Sensor, Piramid, Outdoor, Ir, Microwave Det$1,170.25Details
887357Protection TechSDI77XL2ABPETNVE24Sdi-77Xl2-Abpet-Nve24 Lens A-Pet, B-Pet, Ref-1 Rfi$879.70Details
811224Protection TechSDI77XL2ABPETNVE24VDCDUALDual Technology Sensor$837.89Details
242923Protection TechSDI77XL2APWide Angle 90'X50',Pet Lens-12Vdc Pwr Lens A-Pet$660.11Details
677337Protection TechSDI77XL2BMedium Angle 100 Ft. X 35 Ft. - 12Vdc Po$660.11Details
677338Protection TechSDI77XL2BP100Ftx35Ft,Pet Lens-12Vdc Power, Lens B-Pet$660.11Details
249636Protection TechSDI77XL2CNarrow Angle 125 Ft. X 20 Ft. - 12Vdc Po$660.11Details
242924Protection TechSDI77XL2CPNarrow Angle 125 Ft. X 20 Ft., Pet Lens$660.11Details
212725Protection TechSDI77XL2CPETNarrow Angle 125’Ft. X 20’Ft., C-Pet Len$646.56Details
212726Protection TechSDI77XL2DVertical Barrier 100 Ft. X 10 Ft. - 12Vd$660.11Details
242926Protection TechSDI77XL2GOutdoor Dual Detector 80 Feet By 40 Feet$660.11Details
281461Protection TechSDI77XLDHSJB100Ft. X 10 Ft. Outdoor Dual – Hs &Amp; Junc$1,199.74Details
677344Protection TechSDI77XLHHSJBMotion Sensor, Piramid, Outdoor, Ir, Microwave Det$1,170.25Details
281465Protection TechSDI77XLHSH90 Ft. X 50 Ft. Outdoor Dual - High Secu$977.00Details
212731Protection TechSDI77XLMILB100 Ft. X 50 Ft. Outdoor Dual Technolog$797.41Details
242934Protection TechSDI77XLMILH90 X 50 Outdoor Mil Spec Sensor With H Lens$858.81Details
281466Protection TechSDI77XLMILH40Sdi-77Xl-Mil-H40 Mil Spec H40 Lens$858.81Details
242936Pulnix / Takex6810Ceiling Mount 360' Twin Element Pir$68.96Details
212735Pulnix / TakexBCW401Wall Or Ceiling Mnt Brktsuits All Takex$9.44Details
242953Pulnix / TakexBTPSWMAnti-Climb Tamper Top, It Is For Wall Mo$113.86Details
212767Pulnix / TakexMS100Otdr Motion 33X64 Celng Mnt Capble$125.08Details
780244Pulnix / TakexMS100COVERReplacement Cover For Ms-100 &Amp; Ms-60$15.47Details
212770Pulnix / TakexMS60EDirectional Detection, 20 Feet Max. Indo$173.19Details
300387Pulnix / TakexOMS12FE40' Detection 90/180 Select 9V/280Vdc$182.83Details
212772Pulnix / TakexPA45035' Wide Angle, Dual Element, Pir Sensor$24.92Details
281494Pulnix / TakexPA450PIPet Immune To 40 Lbs. 35' Wide Angle, Du$24.92Details
250050Pulnix / TakexPA470LQuad Element Wall Mount Pir Sensor$118.68Details
250051Pulnix / TakexPA480S25 By 50 Feet Twin Pir Sensor$94.61Details
250052Pulnix / TakexPA4810High Quality Quad Element Pir Sensor$147.55Details
250053Pulnix / TakexPA4820High Quality Wall Mount Pir Sensor$147.55Details
281495Pulnix / TakexPA531240Ft Wide Angl Pir$158.76Details
281498Pulnix / TakexPA6810Pul (Sen) Pir 50' 360 Deg$68.96Details
212779Pulnix / TakexPA682066' Vertical Curtain, Dual Element, Up T$70.56Details
212780Pulnix / TakexPA7030100' X 6' Long Range, Digital Quad$155.55Details
212781Pulnix / TakexPA7100Pulnix Pa7100 Pir-360 Degree R$192.43Details
250058Pulnix / TakexPA7100E360 Degree Passive Infrared: Indoor Ceil$186.03Details
250073Pulnix / TakexPBIN50HF165' Outdr/330' Indr Quad Ip55$462.38Details
1004314Pulnix / TakexPBIN50HFTRX150 Feet Quad Beam, Transmitter Only$238.95Details
212794Pulnix / TakexPIR30WEPir Passive Infrared Sensor Wide Angle$584.52Details
212795Pulnix / TakexPIR50NEPir 165"Long Range Mirror Optic Indoor Outdoor 12V$603.09Details
250081Pulnix / TakexPS520WDr Snsr Pir 2Otpts Wh Rqst Ext$73.77Details
281513Pulnix / TakexPV1240' X 40' Wide Angle, Pir Indoor/Outdoor$300.00Details
941361QolsysQS1200P01Iq Motion - Standard Motion Sensor$62.22Details
679413Resolution ProductsRE210Honeywell And 2Gig Compatible Pet Immune$64.15Details
679414Resolution ProductsRE210PHoneywell And 2Gig Compatible Pir Motion$64.15Details
769742Resolution ProductsRE210T2Gig Only Compatible Pir$53.16Details
1041224Resolution ProductsRE606Cryptix Compatible Tilt (Individually Bo$33.22Details
1023301Resolution ProductsRE610PCryptix Compatible Pirs - 2-60Lbs Pets$60.94Details
244537Rokonet / RiscoRK2000DPCRokonet Rk-2000-Dpc 360 Pir$57.70Details
282608Rokonet / RiscoRK200DTG3USBIndustrial Lunar Pir Ceiling, Ul Listed$133.49Details
299270Rokonet / RiscoRK312PR00000BWatchout Pir (No Swivel)$105.84Details
900565Rokonet / RiscoRK325DT00USCWatchin Dt+ Swivel,Usa$233.73Details
244543Rokonet / RiscoRK74KR25000ABarrier Beam Rails,2.5M$27.41Details
214601Rokonet / RiscoRK800Q00000AIwise Quad Pir 45'$34.79Details
947806Rokonet / RiscoRK800Q0B000AIwise Bus Quad Anti-Mask 50'&Nbsp;$59.05Details
282614Rokonet / RiscoRK811DTPTUSCIwise Dtpt 8/11M, Us$54.78Details
985875Rokonet / RiscoRK815DT00ULAIwise Dual Tech 50 Ft With Act$51.00Details
833056Rokonet / RiscoRK815DTB000AIwise Bus Dt Am 15M G3$69.47Details
933240Rokonet / RiscoRK815DTB0USAIwise Bus Dt Am 15M G3, Us$72.93Details
282615Rokonet / RiscoRK815DTG3USCIwise Dtam Grade 3, 15M, Us$67.14Details
785969Rokonet / RiscoRK900PT**Eol** Rk-900Pt Pet Cosmos$25.44Details
808523Rokonet / RiscoRL312LRALong Range Lens, Watchout Wl&Amp;Pir$5.17Details
253218Rokonet / RiscoRWT92043300CWireless I Wise Pir$98.42Details
1024549Rokonet / RiscoRWT92P43300CWl Iwise Pet,433Mhz$102.65Details
869470Rokonet / RiscoRWT95043300AWl Iwave Pir, 433Mhz$65.27Details
1039906Rokonet / RiscoRWX10640000A1 &Amp; 2-Way Wl Curtain Pir, 433Mhz$57.72Details
334984Rosslare Security Products / RSPPYR3021Ceiling Mount Pir Motion Detector$21.90Details
253372Rosslare Security Products / RSPPYR4122Advanced Hardwire 40Lb. Pet Immune 29.6F$12.72Details
214675Rosslare Security Products / RSPSA01PWireless Digital Pet Immune Passive Infr$64.08Details
244626Rosslare Security Products / RSPSH6130M Active Ir Beam Sensor$90.78Details
214676Rosslare Security Products / RSPSH62150M Active Ir Beam Sensor$137.54Details
741336RSI Video Technologies / videofiedOMV601MBMotionviewer, Outdoor, Commercial, Includes MountiCall for Price.Details
216157Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI46010Extra Transmitter For Sti 46100$22.01Details
259387Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9618Pir Motion Detector Cage Stopper, Damage Stopper,$18.03Details
216374Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9619Pir Motion Detector Cage Stopper, Damage Stopper,$26.99Details
261073SDC / Security Door ControlsTS1202N1AProx Sensor Assembly$64.15Details
288227SpaceageSSUSTN2Samp Tube 2.5Ft For Sl-2000 Duct$8.14Details
264860SureactionHPPPLUSS.Action High Security Pulsor$58.94Details
1011313Taiwan Panda InternationalAMB300Addressable Passive Infrared Detector$37.29Details
989012Taiwan Panda InternationalAMB500Dsc-Amb500$47.88Details
1028609Taiwan Panda InternationalAMB600Addressable Passive Infrared Det/ W/Pi$48.73Details
947175Taiwan Panda InternationalBV201**Eol** Bv-201 Pir/ 12Vdc/ Cc/$27.45Details
965136Taiwan Panda InternationalBV300Hardwired Pir 50 X 60 W/Out Pet Immunity$26.30Details
1068769Taiwan Panda InternationalBV300DPDigital Pir 50 X 60 W/Pi$28.50Details
994679Taiwan Panda InternationalBV300PStandard Pir 50 X 60 W/Pi$26.30Details
993279Taiwan Panda InternationalBV302ULCStandard Pir 50 X 60 W/Tamper (Bv302)$31.03Details
1043865Taiwan Panda InternationalBV500360' Ceiling Mount Pir 30 X 30$36.70Details
1065369Taiwan Panda InternationalBV500GB360' Pir 30 X 30 W/ Glassbreak$56.46Details
1031712Taiwan Panda InternationalBV501Dsc Bv-501$39.83Details
1031489Taiwan Panda InternationalBV501GB360' Pir W/Glass Break 'Form A'$58.58Details
961681Taiwan Panda InternationalBV502360' Ceiling Mount Pir 30 X 30 W/Tamper$45.78Details
1035521Taiwan Panda InternationalBV600Dual Element Pir 40 X 50 W/Pi$34.08Details
928704Taiwan Panda InternationalBV602Dual Element Pet Immunity Passive Infrar$45.99Details
1021234Taiwan Panda InternationalDUMMYBV200300Empty Plastics For Bv-200$21.60Details
1005592Taiwan Panda InternationalEC300DPDigital Pir 50X60' W/Pi And Bracket$29.37Details
1028270Taiwan Panda InternationalEC301DDsc Encore 301 D$32.20Details
1021566Taiwan Panda InternationalIS220Wireless Pir W/ Integrated Still Camera$153.93Details
989103Taiwan Panda InternationalLC100PIDigital Pir Detector With Pet Immunity$15.99Details
1001456Taiwan Panda InternationalLC100PI6PKDigital Pir Detector W/Pi - 6Pk$67.02Details
954594Taiwan Panda InternationalLC101PI6PKPir With Pet Immunity (6 Pk)$66.35Details
939706Taiwan Panda InternationalLC171Outdoor Detector Dual Tech.Pir$127.65Details
1020970Taiwan Panda InternationalLCB115XMnt Bracket Lc-151 Outdoor Det$16.05Details
992328Taiwan Panda InternationalLCL115X6Pk Of Corridor Lens For The Lc-151$32.20Details
940794Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9904PPowerg 915Mhz Wireless Pir Motion Detect$69.83Details
982240Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9924Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Curtain Motion De$55.94Details
1057314Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9926Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Smoke Detector.$82.61Details
1004627Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9929Powerg 915Mhz Slimline 4-Button Wireless$42.35Details
966894Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9935Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Shock Detector.$52.77Details
947358Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9938Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Panic Key.$42.64Details
957896Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9945Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Door/Window Conta$32.22Details
1021881Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9949Powerg 915Mhz Wireless 2-Button Key.$29.67Details
1037286Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9974PPowerg 915Mhz Wireless Mirror Motion Det$63.83Details
1060886Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9984PPowerg 915Mhz Wireless Dual Tech Motion$81.82Details
1038011Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9994Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Outdoor Motion De$196.39Details
1000415Taiwan Panda InternationalST301DDsc St-301D Strata Mirror Opti$34.13Details
930560Taiwan Panda InternationalWLS904LNA433W*Eol*-433W Pir W/Lithi$84.27Details
1064172Taiwan Panda InternationalWLS914433Wireless Passive Infrared Detector W/Pi$115.71Details
1034882Taiwan Panda InternationalWS4904PWireless Motion Detector, W/Pet Immunity$77.70Details
1016575Taiwan Panda InternationalZPBV600Dsc Partner Pet Immunity Gener$33.02Details
955038Taiwan Panda InternationalZPBV600GENESISDsc P-Bv600 Twin Dual Element$33.02Details
1046037Taiwan Panda InternationalZPEC300DPDEPENDDsc Partner Ec300Dp For Depen$24.95Details
931473Texecom3DPET80Lb Heavy Duty Pet Immune$15.71Details
254507TexecomABC0008Compact Pw (Pet Immune 80 Lb)$16.20Details
934820TexecomAFM001Prestige Compact Ir Ul Pir$9.75Details
227006TexecomAFM0015Prestige Comp Ir 40X40 Fresnel$9.75Details
265740TexecomAFN0006** Eol ** Prestige Compact Xt Pir$9.75Details
949168TexecomGEA0002Premier 48-W Complete Kit 868Mhz$558.24Details
1047417TexecomIMPAQPLUSShock Sensor Led Set-Up$21.62Details
1072429TexecomJAC0001Premier Elite Usb Com$29.46Details
1073944TexecomMIRAGEDTPETWISEDual Tech 100Lb. Pet Immune$39.31Details
958927TexecomPRESTIGECOMPACTPW80Lb Heavy Duty Pet Immune, Ul$16.20Details
983690TexecomPRESTIGEIRPrestige Ir$17.66Details
1044720TexecomPRESTIGEPWPrestige Pw$27.05Details
959379TexecomREFLEX40 X 40 Pir With Tamper Bracket$15.61Details
950374TexecomRF360Ceiling Mount 360 Pir$21.48Details
904518UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6063995RPir Motion Sensor, Saw, Indoor, Two Sensitivity Se$102.62Details
925746UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6080795RPir Pet Immune Motion Sensor, Saw, Indoor, Two Sen$94.71Details
789209UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6083NPir Accessory, Swivel Bracket, For Industrial / Ou$28.19Details
792146UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixAS395Atm Siren, Outdoor, Corrosion-Resistant, 10-14.5 V$153.82Details
330091Visonic0101803Power G 2-Way 85 Lb. Pet Immune Pir For$91.41Details
291982VisonicCH1000Multi Curtain Pir 9-16Vdc Wl/C$62.76Details
256579VisonicCLIP1Micro Pir Wide Angle 30Ft$40.72Details
267752VisonicCLIP4Micro Pir : Solid Curtain$40.72Details
702768VisonicCLIP4NSelectable Pulse Count.
Clip 1 30' X
267753VisonicCLIPMCWUltra-Small-Power-Code-Wireless Curtain Pir$84.42Details
229759VisonicCLIPPG2Powerg Wireless Curtain Motion Detector,$88.20Details
256581VisonicD37Visonic D37 Lenses For Duet$6.88Details
267756VisonicDA5Pir Det At Ctrl Infr 1C 12/24$54.14Details
291989VisonicDISCMini 360 Cl Mount Pir Det 36Ft. Miniature 360 Degree. Ceiling Mount Pir Detector. Floor Coverage Up To 36 Feet. 3/4 Inch Diameter 1 Inch$39.59Details
229763VisonicDISCETEnergy Ul Ceiling Pir -Long Range-Min Qty Of 25$74.62Details
291991VisonicDUETAMCODual Technology Detector W/Form C$64.26Details
291992VisonicDUO200EVisonic Duo 200 40 X 40 Dual$46.84Details
229764VisonicDUOK985Digital Dual Tech. Pet Immune Detector$47.44Details
267767VisonicK940ULPet Tol Pir 40Lb 30X30$16.37Details
292000VisonicK98512PKVisonic 12 Pack Next K985,85Lb$272.36Details
256593VisonicLCDLens For Coral Jet$4.10Details
229802VisonicMR4000Visonic Mr-4000 Flush Mnt Pir$56.87Details
229806VisonicNEXTK985MCWPERSPet Immun Motion/Inactivity Detector$90.01Details
229807VisonicNEXTK9CAMPG2Pet Immune Pir Canera For Realalarm Vide$179.61Details
256614VisonicNEXTPLUSK98585Lb Pet Immune Digital Pir 50 X 50 Cove$25.74Details
292032VisonicNEXTPLUSK9PG2Powerg Pet Immune Pir For Realalerm And$91.41Details
292056VisonicSPY1Micro Pir - Long Range To 35'$57.71Details
292057VisonicSPY2Incon Md Rng Min Pir 50 10-14V. Inconspicuous Medium Range. Miniature Pir. 50 Degree Coverage. 10-14 Vdc Power Supply$57.71Details
256634VisonicSPY3Con Wd Ang Min Pir 100 10-14V. Concealed Wide Angle. Miniature Pir. 100 Degree Coverage. 10-14 Vdc Power Supply$57.71Details
292058VisonicSPY4Incon Mini Curt Pir 2X4 10-14V. Inconspicuous Miniature. Curtain Pir. 2M Width X 4M Height - 6X12 Ft. 10-14 Vdc Power Supply$57.71Details
229832VisonicSPYRTEARext Det Dry Contact. Request To Exit Detector. Dry Contact$56.50Details
292059VisonicSPYRTEBRqst To Exit Vltgeoutput$56.50Details
756077VisonicSRN2000Pulse Count Pir - Ul$49.72Details
229835VisonicSRN2000CPCNWhite Low Current$70.14Details
292060VisonicSRN2000NWhite Pulse Count Pir 60 X 60. White Pulse Count Pir. Ul Listed. 60 X 60 Feet$49.72Details
229839VisonicTOWER10AMCommercial Anti-Masking, Anti-Vandal$70.56Details
560744VisonicTOWER20AMPG2Power G Outdoor Octa-Quad Anti-Mask 40X40 Pir$259.78Details
330075VisonicTOWERMIRKIT3 Pack Of Interchangeable Long Range Nar$38.19Details
256637VisonicVIPET40' 90-Deg Curt Pir W/60Lb Pi$14.92Details
801085WatchnetWACHITWT2433 Mhz Long Range Identification Transm$45.18Details
268552Winsted Manufacturing10716Twin Fan Blower, 300 Cfm $671.67Details
269127Xtralis201735Pir Motion Detector, Pro45D, Outdoor, Anti-Tamper,$696.72Details
269129Xtralis201779Pir Motion Detector, Pro85, Outdoor, Anti-Tamper,$748.74Details
231453Xtralis201885Pir Motion Detector, Pro18, Outdoor, Anti-Tamper,$454.34Details
231459Xtralis202405Pir Motion Detector, Pro250H, Outdoor, Anti-Tamper$1,220.92Details
517480Xtralis202483Ct Pro 2, Walk Tester, 150M, 2.4Ghz$504.21Details
704926Xtralis202489Pro-18Wh/Ip65, Pir-Pid, Vol, 27X30M, Aa9$694.60Details
269141Xtralis225100Pir Motion Detector, Pro100, Outdoor, Anti-Tamper,$696.72Details
915301XtralisIR308919Infrared Pedestrian Detector$651.70Details