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Intrusion Security Systems

Photo Electric Beams

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
886283Ademco / Honeywell Security000013801100Ft Dual Photobeam$201.88Details
835251Ademco / Honeywell Security000013901200Ft Dual Photobeam$253.23Details
932661Ai NextABT3090' Dual Beam$97.99Details
936416Ai NextABT60Dual Beam 200'Outdoor 400'Indoor$125.99Details
1053655Ai NextHA200350CLens For Ha200D Lens Cover$27.75Details
1057167Ai NextOH102101A701Photo Sensor$11.53Details
1024529Ai NextPE60T200Ft Outdr 400Ft Indr Dual Bm$118.99Details
1061776Ai NextXA100D100 Meter Dual Otdr Photo Beam (330Ft)$117.59Details
113580Alarm ControlsAM3338Armature Plate, Sex Bolt Offset 1/2 Inch, For 600$29.22Details
116441Aleph AmericaABT3030 Meter Twin Beam$98.52Details
117244Aleph AmericaABT60200Ft. Outdoor/400 Ft. Indoor Dual Beam$127.92Details
852321Aleph AmericaHA350CCover For The Ha350D$27.77Details
116953Aleph AmericaMY60Aleph 200' Outdoor Dual Beam$84.70Details
387956Aleph AmericaXA100100M Dual Beam (330Ft$119.27Details
122471AmsecoEBP1500200' Ir/Photo Beam 12Vdc Spdt$57.28Details
592624Bogen Communications1092140Rigging Beam Kit, Adjustable, Zero Degree Tight Pa$187.71Details
808602Bosch SecurityBH12TAccessory, Heater, For Isc-Fpb1-Xxx Photo Beams $43.50Details
1039098Bosch SecurityISCFPB1W1202FPhoto Beam 120/240M Quad 4Ch$384.74Details
769517Bosch SecurityISCFPB1W120QFPhotoelectric Detector, Indoor/Outdoor, 4 Channel$351.00Details
846416Bosch SecurityISCFPB1W30DSPhotoelectric Detector, Indoor/Outdoor, Up To 30M$77.00Details
825672Bosch SecurityISCFPBIW200QSPhoto Beam 200/400M Quad 1Ch$318.59Details
749849Bosch SecurityISCFPBIW30DSPhoto Beam 30/60 M Dual 1 Channel$85.39Details
947463Bosch Security (CCTV)ISCFPB1W120QSPhoto Beam 120/240M Quad 1Ch$289.10Details
1008007Bosch Security (CCTV)ISCFPB1W200QFPhoto Beam 200/400M Quad 4Ch$419.20Details
896061Bosch Security (CCTV)ISCFPB1W60QSPhoto Beam 60/120M Quad 1Ch$281.88Details
596474Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM30OWLGreen Illum. "Occupied When Lit " 12/24$37.90Details
142542CBC America / ComputarIRLS3POELed Ir Illuminator, 30-Degree, 77 Foot Range, Ip67$441.42Details
609595Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics006097001Laser Aimer With Toggle Switch$989.29Details
1053223Dortronics8080050Photo-Cell Infrared Thru-Beam (Miller) 5$270.61Details
1073614Dortronics8080052Photo-Cell Thru Beam (Emx) 115-Ft 10K$270.61Details
1047102Dortronics8080053Photo Beam Reflective Emx 10K$258.19Details
914732Exacq950000992Uz Hinged Locking CoverCall for Price.Details
855535Exacq950001032Uz Hinged Locking Cover Handles (Set)Call for Price.Details
154370Fire-Lite / HoneywellBEAM355SAddressable Beam Detector$936.64Details
1073965Linear Corporation620101251Photo Eye Thru Beam Irb-Mon$165.19Details
767619Linear Corporation620101252Photo Eye Reflective Irb-Ret$302.39Details
922198Linear Corporation620101286Photo Eye Thru Beam Irb-Mon W/Hood Assy$205.79Details
724797Linear Corporation620101287Photo Eye Reflective Irb-Ret W/Hood Assy$340.19Details
1083019Mircom TechnologiesMRI2251BLow Profile Photo Sensor Head$59.72Details
237106New LineIRE35Newline Photo Beam Acc,Gates$85.39Details
206711OptexAX100PLUSPhotoelectric Detector, Dual Beam, Up To 100', Out$142.79Details
277609OptexAX100TFRPhotoelectric Detector, Wireless-Ready, 100 Foot R$508.94Details
231910OptexAX100TFRIPhotoelectric Detector, W/ Inovonics Transmitter,$654.74Details
277610OptexAX130TNPhotoelectric Detector, Outdoor, Dual Beam, Up To$99.39Details
238555OptexAX200TF200' Outdoor 4 Channel Select Dual Beam W/Form C R$250.17Details
238556OptexAX200TFRPhotoelectric Detector, Wireless-Ready, 200 Foot R$556.69Details
238557OptexAX200TFRBE200'Outdr/400' Indr Bm Ip55$554.84Details
231914OptexAX200TFRIPhotoelectric Detector, W/ Inovonics Transmitter,$666.89Details
238559OptexAX250PLUSRCVRReciever Only For The Ax-250Plus$219.56Details
231923OptexAX70TNPhotoelectric Detector, Outdoor, Dual Beam, Up To$88.19Details
238566OptexAXDHMK111CVRCover Only For The Ax-350/650Dhmkiii Pho$31.57Details
803244OptexAXFSCAPSFreestanding Tower Cap (Double Side) Cap$36.54Details
277621OptexAXTFRCOVERSCovers For The Ax-Tfr Wireless Beams$26.99Details
206724OptexAXTFRPAKAccessory Pack For The Tfr Photo Beams$15.49Details
238568OptexAXTW200Tower Housing, Double-Sided, Free Standing, Top Co$541.23Details
206727OptexAXTW200MTower Housing, Single-Sided, Wall Mount, Top Cover$389.68Details
1036091OptexAXTW300Photobeam Enc. Mnt, 9'9" Dbl Sided,Free Stding$764.39Details
1082289OptexAXTW300MPhotobeam Enclosure Mount, 9'9" Single Sided, Wall$556.19Details
982581OptexAXTW300SPhotobeam Enclosure Mount, 9'9" Single Sided, Free$679.89Details
231927OptexAXTW350SSingle Stacked Ax-350T$966.42Details
301923OptexAXTW50Accessory, Tower, Double-Sided, Free Standing, 20$247.79Details
975726OptexAXTW50MPhotobeam Enclosure 20" Single Sided Wall Mount$214.19Details
1042007OptexAXTW50SPhotobeam Enclosure 20" Single Sided Freestanding$230.99Details
238569OptexAXTWAAAccessory, Anti-Climb Top Tamper, For Ax-Tw200 Tow$76.97Details
1028621OptexAXTWCABGuy Wires For Photobeam Enc Extreme Weather$190.39Details
1053733OptexAXTWCAMCctv Extension Head For Beam Enclosures$156.79Details
238570OptexAXTWEBAccessory, Concrete Floor Bracket, For Uneven & Di$84.99Details
277623OptexAXTWH12 V Non Polarity Heater 250 Ma$41.51Details
976992OptexAXTWLUXELight Extension Head For Beam Enclosures$156.79Details
231928OptexAXTWSAXTower Adjustable Mounting Plate For Optex Beams$13.60Details
653853OptexAXTWSMAccessory, Wall Mount Bracket, For Ax-Tw200 Tower$49.84Details
653854OptexAXTWSSLTower Mounting Plate, Adjustable, For Sl Series Be$16.35Details
1039949OptexAXTWSTBLateral Supports For Photobeam Enclosure$74.19Details
781359OptexAXWMCAPSWall Mount Tower Cap Caps/Bottoms For Th$29.90Details
653856OptexBAU4Automatic Beam Alignment Tool *Only Compatible Wit$672.66Details
301922OptexBC4Accessory, Back Cover, For Sl Series Photoelectric$49.00Details
231952OptexMP4Brkts To Mount Tfr Beams To Towers$21.14Details
337959OptexPSC4Accessory, Pole Side Cover, For Sl Series Photoele$47.33Details
206770OptexRNT175Optex Rednet Series Rnt175$636.34Details
238606OptexRSL3060Laser Scan Detector$5,715.63Details
802834OptexSL200QDMQuad Beam, Outdoor, 200 Feet, W/ Double-Modulation$409.79Details
747457OptexSL200QDPQuad Beam, Outdoor, 200 Feet, W/ Double-Modulation$348.29Details
920579OptexSL200QNQuad Beam, Outdoor, 200 Feet, W/ Form C Relay Outp$276.74Details
653870OptexSL350QDMQuad Beam, Outdoor, 350 Feet, W/ Double-Modulation$471.64Details
906555OptexSL350QDPQuad Beam, Outdoor, 350 Feet, W/ Double-Modulation$422.54Details
337955OptexSL350QFRPhotoelectric Detector, Quad Beam, 350 Feet, Wirel$900.90Details
337954OptexSL350QFRIPhotoelectric Detector, Wireless, 350 Feet, Quad B$1,059.49Details
849233OptexSL350QNQuad Beam, Outdoor, 350 Feet, W/ Form C Relay Outp$382.04Details
653871OptexSL650QDMQuad Beam, Outdoor, 650 Feet, W/ Double-Modulation$533.49Details
755044OptexSL650QDPQuad Beam, Outdoor, 650 Feet, W/ Double-Modulation$485.99Details
805693OptexSL650QNQuad Beam, Outdoor, 650 Feet, W/ Form C Relay Outp$427.94Details
716569Potter ElectricF2000F2000 Eexd Exp Proof Beam Detector$3,051.94Details
757181Protection Tech30440002Infrared Barrier, Miniris Ii, (4) Beams, (1) Trans$750.52Details
858926Protection Tech30440202Infrared Barrier, Miniris Ii, (8) Beams, 3 Foot Ra$906.65Details
739430Protection Tech30440402Infrared Barrier, Miniris Ii, (12) Beams, 3 Foot R$1,073.38Details
793957Protection Tech30440502Infrared Barrier, Miniris Ii, (4) Beams, (1) Trans$968.96Details
822339Protection Tech30440702Infrared Barrier, Miniris Ii, (8) Beams, (1) Trans$1,123.75Details
735074Protection Tech30440902Infrared Barrier, Miniris Ii, (12) Beams, (1) Tran$1,292.72Details
913329Protection Tech30441002Barrier W/4 Beams 2M Composed Of 1 Trans&1 Rec Col$1,037.99Details
722685Protection Tech30540102Coliris 50 3.3 Feet High, 3E Transmitter$706.28Details
808415Protection Tech30540105Coliris 50 3.3 Feet High 6E Transmitter$1,090.92Details
898167Protection Tech30540202Coliris 50,5 Feet High, 3E Transmitter$796.07Details
759428Protection Tech30540203Coliris 50 5 Feet High 4E Transmitter$857.71Details
765027Protection Tech30540205Coliris 50 5 Feet High, 6E Transmitter$1,202.83Details
729681Protection Tech30540206Coliris 50 5 Feet High 8E Transmitter$1,277.70Details
753981Protection Tech30540303Coliris 50 6.56 Feet High 4E Transmitter$928.10Details
837130Protection Tech30540402Coliris 100 3.3 Feet 3E Transmitter$817.52Details
823455Protection Tech30540405Coliris 100 3.3 Feet 6E Transmitter$1,262.46Details
766046Protection Tech30540502Coliris 100 5 Feet 3E Transmitter$945.50Details
772805Protection Tech30540503Coliris 100 5 Feet 4E Transmitter$1,086.89Details
900740Protection Tech30540505Coliris 100 5 Feet 6E Transmitter$1,331.16Details
865310Protection Tech30540506Coliris 100 5 Feet 8E Transmitter$1,470.35Details
771805Protection Tech30540603Coliris 100 6.56 Feet 4E Transmitter$1,108.34Details
799786Protection Tech30540606Coliris 100 6.56 Feet 8E Transmitter$1,555.40Details
835567Protection Tech30540702Coliris 200 3.3 Feet 3E Transmitter$854.36Details
830334Protection Tech30540705Coliris 200 3.3 Feet 6E Transmitter$1,268.66Details
864027Protection Tech30540802Coliris 200 5 Feet 3E Transmitter$997.10Details
857882Protection Tech30540803Coliris 200 5 Feet 4E Transmitter$1,074.16Details
907415Protection Tech30540805Coliris 200 5 Feet 6E Transmitter$1,423.96Details
909034Protection Tech30540806Coliris 200 5 Feet 8E Transmitter$1,572.15Details
878552Protection Tech30540903Coliris 200 6.56 Feet 4E Transmitter$1,160.61Details
876253Protection Tech30540906Coliris 200 6.56 Feet 8E Transmitter$1,655.26Details
784979Protection Tech30541000Floor Socket For Coliris Ii 50/100/200M$184.73Details
901285Protection Tech30541100Accessory, Power Supply, 110/230 Vac, 12 Vdc Saved$270.61Details
753625Protection Tech30541101Power Supply Kit 230Vac/12V With Battery$272.78Details
815538Protection Tech30580002Accessory, Wall Fixing Option, (2) Brackets, (1) P$51.84Details
888772Protection Tech30580011Empty Column 1M Sf (For A Single Directi$238.14Details
918244Protection Tech30580012Empty Column 2M Sf (For A Single Directi$326.36Details
777858Protection Tech30580013Colonne Vide 2M50 Sf$388.30Details
858061Protection Tech30580014Colonne Vide 3M Sf$454.41Details
756109Protection Tech30580015Empty Column 1M Df (For A Double Directi$413.36Details
872581Protection Tech30580016Empty Column 2M Df (For A Double Directi$588.01Details
916765Protection Tech30580017Colonne Vide 2M50 Df$673.45Details
834777Protection Tech30580018Colonne Vide 3M Df$788.03Details
741686Protection Tech30580019Empty Column 1M50 Sf (For A Single Direc$278.36Details
894647Protection Tech30580020Empty Column 1M50 Df (For A Double Direc$500.34Details
838919Protection Tech30580021Wall Fixing Option 2 Brackets For Double Face Colu$53.46Details
794342Protection Tech30600100Infrared Barrier, Biris Ii 50, (4) Beams, (2) Tran$300.16Details
849589Protection Tech30600101Infrared Barrier, Biris Ii 50, (4) Beams, (2) Tran$371.06Details
890143Protection Tech30600200Infrared Barrier, Biris Ii 100, (4) Beams, (2) Tra$354.47Details
768844Protection Tech30600201Infrared Barrier, Biris Ii 100, (4) Beams, (2) Tra$425.36Details
901701Protection Tech30600300Infrared Barrier, Biris Ii 200, (4) Beams, (2) Tra$413.29Details
716043Protection Tech30600301Infrared Barrier, Biris Ii 200, (4) Beams, (2) Tra$484.18Details
878057Protection Tech30600400Uniris Ii 50 Nh Dual-Beam Infrared Barri$181.13Details
912683Protection Tech30600401Uniris Ii 50 Dual-Beam Infrared Barrier$254.73Details
743398Protection Tech30600819Kit Biris Ii 50 (Tx+Rx) With Heater$183.30Details
914815Protection Tech30600820Kit Biris Ii 100 (Tx+Rx) With Heater$331.22Details
714340Protection Tech30600821Kit Biris Ii 200 (Tx+Rx) With Heater$348.73Details
895203Protection Tech30600822Kit Biris Ii 50 Nh (Tx+Rx)$164.53Details
829618Protection Tech30600823Kit Biris Ii 100 Nh (Tx+Rx)$273.69Details
716570Protection Tech30600824Kit Biris Ii 200 Nh (Tx+Rx)$300.17Details
877692Protection Tech30600900Accessory, Floor Socket, Plus Anchor Stalks, (1) P$146.50Details
909168Protection Tech30742101Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (2) Cells (Qu$664.19Details
866534Protection Tech30742102Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (2) Cells (Qu$868.39Details
924196Protection Tech30742103Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (4) Cells (Qu$775.63Details
729625Protection Tech30742104Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (4) Cells (Qu$1,297.08Details
841473Protection Tech30742201Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (2) Cells (Qu$678.31Details
783249Protection Tech30742202Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, 2 Meter Heigh$964.46Details
807482Protection Tech30742203Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, 2 Meter Heigh$868.60Details
725438Protection Tech30742204Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, 2 Meter Heigh$1,330.99Details
842175Protection Tech30742205Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (6) Cells (Qu$800.32Details
758118Protection Tech30742206Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (6) Cells (Qu$1,699.69Details
894562Protection Tech30742301Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (4) Cells (Qu$999.31Details
885261Protection Tech30742302Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (4) Cells (Qu$1,472.04Details
882565Protection Tech30742303Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (6) Cells (Qu$1,189.59Details
811612Protection Tech30742304Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (6) Cells (Qu$2,034.99Details
784289Protection Tech30742305Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (8) Cells (Qu$1,325.40Details
800268Protection Tech30742306Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (8) Cells (Qu$2,265.33Details
729993Protection Tech30742401Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (6) Cells (Qu$1,256.96Details
896695Protection Tech30742402Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (6) Cells (Qu$2,004.16Details
849003Protection Tech30742403Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (8) Cells (Qu$1,439.93Details
723239Protection Tech30742404Infrared Barrier, Miris 3100 Series, (8) Cells (Qu$2,409.18Details
875838Protection Tech35145000Accessory, Battery, 12 Volt, 1.2 Ah, For 81100081$39.86Details
868212Protection Tech35164183Accessory, Pole, Type-D, L-Shaped, Wall Mounted, 2$142.34Details
886742Protection Tech35172500Accessory, Pole, Type-A, 3.30 Foot Height, 2 Inch$122.01Details
877108Protection Tech35172600Accessory, Pole, Type-B, Wall Mounted, 35 Inch Hei$122.01Details
756855Protection Tech35172700Accessory, Pole, Type-C, Outrigger, 45-Degree Angl$122.01Details
763928Protection Tech35172805Sliding Cable Protection (Conduit) For C$41.12Details
799554Protection Tech35172809Accessory, Brackets, Set Of (4) For Complete Barri$53.46Details
750080Protection Tech35174800Accessory, Brackets, Set Of (4) For Complete Barri$51.84Details
801278Protection Tech351768006.56 Feet Pole$235.26Details
891543Protection Tech35179100Wall-Mounted Anti-Climbing Cap For Colir$384.82Details
874800Protection Tech35180300Anti-Climbing Cap For Coliris Ii, 8 Stal$421.00Details
849116Protection Tech35198200Metal Cover For Coliris Ii Height 6.56 F$302.70Details
895353Protection Tech35315551Fixing Model And Set Of 4 Anchor Stalks$35.87Details
784628Protection Tech35407903Accessory, Brackets, Set Of (4) For Complete Barri$40.50Details
710597Protection Tech35439808Accessory, Pole, 4 Foot Height, 2.34 X 1.17 Inch D$122.01Details
711134Protection Tech35439812Accessory, Brackets, Set Of (4) For Complete Barri$40.50Details
902231Protection Tech35439813Accessory, Brackets, Set Of (8) For Complete Barri$50.23Details
790139Protection Tech40670008Maxibus Iii G-Fence 8Alarm Outputs - From 1 To$3,947.91Details
863291Protection Tech40670202100M Roll Of Detector Cable Including 40 Sensors -$807.47Details
759641Protection Tech40670204Termination/Link Unit, Ur/Ut, For G-Fence 600 Seri$300.16Details
793271Protection Tech40670206Detector Cable, Green (Ral 6500), Includes (40) Se$817.75Details
845561Protection Tech81100081Outdoor Power Supply/Charger 110/230Vac 50/60Hz 13$269.42Details
859170Protection Tech82200148Tie Wraps, Metallic, (1) Bag Of (100), For G-Fence$54.81Details
726536Protection Tech93375007Tie Wraps - 26A1010 (Bag Of 1000) - 1 Bag For 1000$42.35Details
833885Protection TechPROJ39819BBExclusive To Customer 74359-000$43,496.65Details
805805Protection TechPROJ39819BCExclusive To Customer 74359-000$43,496.65Details
799492Protection TechPROJ39820AExclusive To Customer 74359-000$36,691.49Details
242942Pulnix / TakexBP5BSquare Flush Mnt F/ Pr5B$62.99Details
212739Pulnix / TakexBT100Beam Tower Enclosure 3'3" Double Sided$406.34Details
281476Pulnix / TakexBT100SS3 Meter Beam Tower Single Sided$390.14Details
212740Pulnix / TakexBT100WMBeam Tower Wall Mount 33" 1 Meter Tall$390.14Details
242946Pulnix / TakexBT200SS6'' 6" Single Sided Beam Tower Enclosure$496.40Details
281480Pulnix / TakexBT3003 Meter Beam Tower$1,142.69Details
249653Pulnix / TakexBT300WMBeam Tower Wall Mount 99" 3 Meters Tall$750.09Details
242948Pulnix / TakexBT3SBSide Brackets For Bt Series Beam Towers$152.35Details
336190Pulnix / TakexBT3SBUSASide Brackets For Bt Series Beam Towers$168.39Details
242949Pulnix / TakexBTBASEReplacement Aluminum Base For Bt Tower$117.59Details
242950Pulnix / TakexBTCONDUITBUSurface Mounted Conduit Entry F/Bt Series Beam Twr$67.35Details
281481Pulnix / TakexBTFBFloor Bracket For Standard Beam Tower$111.99Details
242951Pulnix / TakexBTHK12$97.99Details
242952Pulnix / TakexBTPSPressure Sensor For Bt Series Beam Towers$113.86Details
281483Pulnix / TakexBTPSSSPressure Sensor For Bt Series Beam Towers$113.86Details
300394Pulnix / TakexBTTAMAnti Climb Tamper Top For 2 Sided Beam Tower$6.57Details
212751Pulnix / TakexCOMIN50HF155' Outdoor 330' Indoor Dbl Quad Beam Micro Combo$1,080.29Details
212752Pulnix / TakexDA101ESPhoto Beam Request To Exit Sensor Silver$179.19Details
242954Pulnix / TakexDA101SPir Rex, Near Infrared Beam Direct Refle$161.97Details
281488Pulnix / TakexDA101WPir Rex, Near Infrared Beam Direct Refle$161.97Details
281489Pulnix / TakexDA301ESPhoto Beam Silver 12-24Vdc Or 100Vac Normally Open$223.99Details
242959Pulnix / TakexER02Bi-Directional Wireless Alignment Meter$1,430.40Details
212757Pulnix / TakexESNT20Set Thru Bm 12Axisx220Mm 12/24 In 100Ma/30 Out$527.84Details
212758Pulnix / TakexESNT8Set Thru Beam 8Axisx140Mm 12/24Vdc Inpt/Npn 100Ma/$445.49Details
242961Pulnix / TakexFS1000EFlame Sensor Open Clctr Output$239.39Details
212762Pulnix / TakexGMR2RSPNNDc Power Supply Photo Sensor$139.99Details
242963Pulnix / TakexLT13' 3" Lamp Tower Stealth Beam Enclosure,$456.18Details
242965Pulnix / TakexLT1WMLamp Tower Beam Enclosure Wall Mount$292.94Details
250048Pulnix / TakexNE2M10R2Photo Sensor With Builtin Amp Npn Outpt 10-24Vdc$113.39Details
250060Pulnix / TakexPB100ATKHKh Dual Beam/Twr Mount Only, And/Or Gated 360/660$593.99Details
281502Pulnix / TakexPB100EX330' Double Modulated Single Beam, N/C$5,429.15Details
212782Pulnix / TakexPB100ST330Ft Dbl Plse Mod Twin Beam$325.34Details
242974Pulnix / TakexPB100TK330/660 Double Modulated Dual Beam 10-30Vdc$203.67Details
281503Pulnix / TakexPB10LENSLens Only For Pb10$27.75Details
242975Pulnix / TakexPB10NSEMini Elec Beam Form A Or B Contact Select$118.68Details
281504Pulnix / TakexPB10TNS33' Miniature Flush Mount Twin Beam$167.99Details
242976Pulnix / TakexPB200EX660' Dbl Modulated Single Beam$6,126.83Details
281505Pulnix / TakexPB200F200 Meter Dbl Modulated Quad Beam$415.98Details
281506Pulnix / TakexPB200HFKH660' /1320' Intelligent Double Modulated$460.82Details
677355Pulnix / TakexPB30SU100Ft.Indr Flsh Mnt Phto Bm,N/O N/C Relay 10-30Vdc$123.19Details
212783Pulnix / TakexPB400EX1320' Dbl Modulated Sngl Beam$6,684.37Details
212784Pulnix / TakexPB4RNS13' Indoor/Outdoor Single Miniature Refl$120.27Details
212785Pulnix / TakexPB4RTNSPhoto Beam 13' Indoor Outdoor Mini Selective$158.76Details
212790Pulnix / TakexPBIN100ATQuad Beam 330'T/R W/Form C$657.44Details
250070Pulnix / TakexPBIN200HF660' Outdr/1320'Indr Quad Ip55$508.76Details
497648Pulnix / TakexPBIN200HFTRPbin200Hf/Tr Transmitter Only$251.99Details
281510Pulnix / TakexPBIN75SW250' / 500' Low Current Draw Intelligent$541.23Details
250075Pulnix / TakexPR10BPlnx Trans Recvr 32'Slim Line$180.59Details
212796Pulnix / TakexPR10BUPlnx Trans Recvr 32Ft Flsh Mnt$246.39Details
250076Pulnix / TakexPR11BE36' Outdoor/Indoor Reflective Beam$211.68Details
242984Pulnix / TakexPR1B3' Indoor Single Beam, N/C Relay, No Ref$73.77Details
281512Pulnix / TakexPUPR11BE36' Outdr/50' Indr Reflect Bm$211.39Details
497651Pulnix / TakexPXB100ATCDbl Dual Beam 330'660 4 Selctbl Xmission Freq$856.23Details
250083Pulnix / TakexPXB100HFOutdoor 330’ Photoelectric Beam Sensor$710.29Details
212801Pulnix / TakexPXB200HFIntelligent Double Modulated Quad Beam,$731.16Details
212803Pulnix / TakexSPK25061Solar Power Beam Kit For Pbin75Sw$1,185.59Details
212809Pulnix / TakexTAD1504' 6" Beam Tower Enclosure,Double Sided$460.82Details
212810Pulnix / TakexTAD2006' 6" Beam Tower Enclosure,Double Sided$576.80Details
300386Pulnix / TakexTAD300CTSCustom/Cutdown Version Of Tad-300$1,101.09Details
250933Pulnix / TakexTAPSAnti Climb Top Tamper For Tad/Tas/Taw.$104.23Details
242991Pulnix / TakexTAS1001M.180 Beam Tower Single Sided$348.29Details
250934Pulnix / TakexTAW150Wall Mount Beam Tower Enclosure Single Sided$395.87Details
281517Pulnix / TakexTAW200Photoelectric Beam Towers 6'6" Wall Moun$480.92Details
212813Pulnix / TakexTAW3009 8 Wall Mount Beam Tower Enclosure ,$672.66Details
857033Pulnix / TakexTXF125E330' Battery Operated Beam, Form C Relay Output$936.64Details
942886QolsysQS1230840Iq Motion S-Line - Encrypted Wireless Mo$65.69Details
1082043RaytecSPXFL12I3030C1D2Spartan Flood 12 Led, Ir 850Nm 30°X30° B$1,266.37Details
986340RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBTIES610Stainless Steel Cable Ties For AttachingCall for Price.Details
681416Saf-Com40989601Photo Electric Smoke Simplix$245.99Details
246405Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9707Beam Smoke Detector Cage Stopper, Damage Stopper,$41.51Details
818363Seco-LarmE931S33PRGQUl Rated Polarized Retro-Reflective Se$81.79Details
218080Seco-LarmE931S35RRQReflective Beam Sensor.$62.55Details
745558Seco-LarmE931S45RRGQNir Pb,3 Reflector,Hood,45 Etl$79.79Details
840099Seco-LarmE931S50RRGQ12-30Vac/Vdc Rspns Time 10Ms Etl Listed Ul325-2016$90.99Details
786730Seco-LarmE931S50RRLQ50Ft Lg Reflective Sensor 12-250 Vac/Vdc W/Hood$158.76Details
218081Seco-LarmE932D33TBQPhotoelect Through-Beam 33 Ft Rang$66.50Details
248356Seco-LarmE932S16RRQFlush-Mount Reflective Photo Beam Sensor$62.55Details
1014275Seco-LarmE936S45RRGQ45' Reflective Photoelectric Beam Sensor Ul325$76.97Details
248374Seco-LarmE960D190Q190' Outdr/390' Indr Twn Bm$104.23Details
218090Seco-LarmE960D290QPhoto Beam Twin Detector 290'W/Laser Beam Alignmnt$136.32Details
855826Seco-LarmE960D90GQSimilar To E-960-D90Q But Etl Listed (Ul325-2016)$102.19Details
261177Seco-LarmE960D90QTwin Photobeam Detector For Interior Or$88.20Details
285676Seco-LarmE96224B25Curtain Snsr,4 Bm,22",25' Otdr Rng,50'Indr 12~2Vdc$88.20Details
261179Seco-LarmE96446B25Crtn Snsr,6 Bm,44",25'Otdr Rng,50'Indr Rng 12~2Vdc$110.64Details
285677Seco-LarmE964D390QTwin Photobeam Detector F/Interipor/Exte$184.42Details
248376Seco-LarmE964Q165QQuad Photo Beam Detector 4 Frequency Selectable$292.28Details
248377Seco-LarmE964Q330QQuad Photo Beam Detector 4 Frequency Selectable$323.19Details
218093Seco-LarmE964Q495QQuad Photo Beam Detector-4 Frequency Selectable$347.94Details
218094Seco-LarmE964Q660QQuad Photo Beam Detector 4 Frequency Selectable$369.58Details
1019235Seco-LarmE964S50TBMulti-Frequency Single Photo Beam$22.25Details
285678Seco-LarmE96608B25Curtain Sensor 8 Beam 60"Long Outdoor$152.35Details
298398Seco-LarmE96616B190QLong Range Barrier Sensor 6 Pairs Of Beams$691.59Details
334052Seco-LarmE96798B190QLong Range Barrier Sensor 8 Pairs Of Beams$848.89Details
251393SpaceageFE0209Obscuration Test Filter- For Beam Detect$8.42Details
288084SpaceageFEF2000EEXDExplosion Proof Projected Beam Detecor$3,079.06Details
1067109Taiwan Panda InternationalRF4164433Maxsys Wls Rx - 433Mhz$185.46Details
971401Taiwan Panda InternationalWS4936Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector$69.93Details
1002579TexecomAAA0001Veritas Reflex$10.38Details
265736TexecomAAA0013Reflex 40X40 Pir Non Pet$15.99Details
227003TexecomADA0003Mirage Dt Dual Tech$39.88Details
265737TexecomADB0002Mirage Dt Petwise Dual Tech$42.04Details
331492TexecomAFW0001Prestige 360 Dt Pir$52.19Details
290845Tripp LiteINTERNET750U750Va Standby 120V Ups W/ Usb Port$121.72Details