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Intrusion Security Systems

Shock and Sound Accessories

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
579300Ademco / Honeywell SecurityDT6360SN$163.79Details
121866American Security ProductsHRPROGHandheld Programmer$170.79Details
121703AmsecoREF202Reflector F/Ewpt202$7.54Details
121997APC / American Power ConversionNBFD0100BFluid Detector$131.59Details
627192Great Lakes Case and CabinetSDSIInductive Sensor For Handle$58.10Details
347825GRI Telemark2902CAlarm Door Monitor With C Form Relay Surface Mount$99.39Details
347762H.A.I. Home Automation29A00224Vac 3-Relay Module$89.59Details
200969Litton / Terminus Products2JCLAMP018Clamp For Fence Kit Condulets$4.68Details
211413Litton / Terminus Products3237008W00Bracket Wall Mount White$6.57Details
305296Litton / Terminus Products3274002000Board Only For Sp3274/73$722.79Details
211414Litton / Terminus Products3274002001Sp3274 Board Only For Sp3273 And Sp3274$483.29Details
273306Litton / Terminus ProductsSP2549Fence Kit W/Sensor Damped 1/2"$59.50Details
341483Litton / Terminus ProductsSP32172Custom Radio Frequency Choke Kit$42.78Details
200973Litton / Terminus ProductsSP32231DPass Thru Fence Kt W Sensor, Damped 1/2"$66.50Details
232766Litton / Terminus ProductsSP32231UPass Thru Fence W/ Sensor 1/2"$62.99Details
341481Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3224DFence Kit W/Spcr(For Cncrt Walls)W/Dmpd Snsr$49.29Details
971666Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3224U1Fence Kit W/Spacer F Concrete$62.99Details
200974Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3228WMulti Position Mounting Bracket White$18.75Details
1005460Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3229CEmpty Junctn Box Brown$14.03Details
211417Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3237008W00Wall Brackets$4.86Details
232769Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3237DJTBJunction Box, Beige, Damped$65.10Details
211420Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3237JBTBJunction Box, Sensor Tampered$57.99Details
200978Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3237JBWJunction Box Sensor White Intrusion Overstock$47.84Details
211421Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3237WULDual Element Shock Sensor White 10" Lead$44.23Details
1010187MAGNASPHEREHSS1450L2S011Rollup Door Bracket Kit W/Hss-L2S-011 Premnt Right$530.54Details
997387MAGNASPHEREHSS1451L2S011Rollup Door Bracket Kit W/Hss-L2S-011 Premnt Left$530.54Details
235173Micro Wave SensorsTDMTime Delay Module$72.79Details
862561Micro Wave SensorsTDMHCTime Delay Module (Break/Make/Sequence)$145.59Details
1055602Mierproducts / BWDA051550550' Of Cable With Sensor$278.09Details
480331Mierproducts / BWDA500LKALight Kit Adapter For The Wireless Da-606Lk$66.50Details
277644OptexMKIIPLUSVRCover Only For 250,500 Plus$34.08Details
965729Potter Electric2000106APCPotter Accumulator F/Vsa$109.19Details
1024902Potter Electric2020128APCBPotter Accumulator F/Evd$165.19Details
934991Protection Tech80901113G-Fence 600 Repair Kit(3 Sensors+2 Junction Boxes)$323.99Details
677566Rab Electric ManufacturingLOS800W120Occ. Sensor 800W 120W Wall Wht$44.23Details
281815Rab Electric ManufacturingSTL110WStealth 110 Sensor 1000W 120 Volt White$71.39Details
215567Safety Technology Inc. / STI34201Mailbox Alert Sensor Trans Onl$47.84Details
513064Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34501Entry Alert Sensor$47.84Details
216434Salco IndustriesVT1$400.94Details
298378Seco-LarmSD9163KS2QOutdoor,No Touch Sensor,French,Relay Trigger$51.48Details
929416UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix5915Sntrl 5915 2Sd Adhs/5115 50Pak$16.15Details
872343UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6071625PKGSaw Sensor Magnet Spacer, White *Pack Of 25* $8.45Details
966853UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixDV1208ATst Systm W/Ind. Led Inctr 8Pt$249.19Details
969168UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX657Brown Glass Guard Sensor$69.30Details
785004UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX668Networx Accessory, Crystal Shock Sensor, Brown $78.34Details