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Intrusion Security Systems

Speakers and Sirens

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1040214Bosch CommunicationsEVID32Two-Way Twin 3.5" Woofer And 7.5" Direct Radiator Dome (Sold 2 Per Box)$258.26Details
1070618Bosch CommunicationsLC4MFDFire Dome, Metal, For Lc4 Series Loudspeakers $30.71Details
992965Bosch CommunicationsSX300E300-Watt 12-Inch Two-Way, 65 X 65 Deg, Neutrik Speakon Black Polypropylene$742.25Details
968300Bosch CommunicationsZX590PI600-Watt, Weatherized Permanent Installation, 90 X 50 Horn, Black$1,333.23Details
135930Bosch SecurityASWP2475CFRAudible Strobe, 75 Candela, 24 Vdc, Outdoor, Wall$60.17Details
135506Bosch SecurityCH7024MCWHFRChime Strobe, 135-185 Candela, 24 Vdc, Square, Wal$138.60Details
135994Bosch SecurityD116Siren, 12V, 15 Watt $10.02Details
135515Bosch SecurityD117Siren, 12V, 30 Watt $14.44Details
135005Bosch SecurityD118Speaker, 12V, 15 Watt $10.02Details
135149Bosch SecurityD261WSmoke Detector Base, 12 / 24 V, 2 Wire, 6", White$10.64Details
135549Bosch SecurityD273THSmoke / Heat Detector, 4 Wire $38.82Details
135154Bosch SecurityD273THESmoke / Heat Detector, 4 Wire, Eol Relay $49.91Details
135567Bosch SecurityD340PDuct Smoke Detector Kit, Photoelectric $111.68Details
135172Bosch SecurityD342PSmoke Detector Housing, Air Duct, Photoelectric He$119.34Details
135364Bosch SecurityE5024MCWFWAudible Strobe, 15-110 Candela, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-2$68.84Details
135961Bosch SecurityE70241575WFNAudible Strobe, 15/75 Candela, 24 Vdc, 0.064 A, 25$103.26Details
135963Bosch SecurityE7024MCWFWAudible Strobe, 15-110 Candela, 24 Vdc, 25/70 Vrms$73.43Details
135964Bosch SecurityE7024MCWHFRAudible Strobe, 135/185 Candela, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-2$75.73Details
135615Bosch SecurityET70241575WFWAudible Strobe, 15/75 Candela, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-8 W$95.31Details
135979Bosch SecurityET7024MCWFNAudible Strobe, 15-110 Candela, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-8$110.14Details
135980Bosch SecurityET7024MCWHFNAudible Strobe, 135/185 Candela, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-2$94.86Details
135985Bosch SecurityET9024MCCHFNAudible Strobe, 115/177 Candela, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-2$119.34Details
135621Bosch SecurityET9024MCCNWAudible Strobe, 15-95 Candela, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-8 W$97.08Details
136329Bosch SecurityFRAY5000BRAccessory, Universal Bracket, For Fray5000 $184.23Details
136610Bosch SecurityGCC24CRAudible Strobe, 15-115 Candela, 24 V, Ceiling Moun$50.71Details
136334Bosch SecurityGCC24CWAudible Strobe, 15-115 Candela, 24 V, Ceiling Moun$50.71Details
136615Bosch SecurityGEC312WRAudible Strobe, 15-75 Candela, 12 Vdc, Wall Mount,$50.71Details
137588Bosch SecurityGES2415WRStrobe, General Evacuation, Red, 15 Candela, Wall$38.03Details
136142Bosch SecurityGES2415WWStrobe, General Evacuation, White, 15 Candela, Wal$38.03Details
136143Bosch SecurityGES2430WRStrobe, General Evacuation, Red, 30 Candela, Wall$38.03Details
136337Bosch SecurityGES2430WWStrobe, General Evacuation, White, 30 Candela, Wal$38.03Details
136338Bosch SecurityGES2460WRStrobe, General Evacuation, Red, 60 Candela, Wall$38.03Details
136155Bosch SecurityHS424MCWHFRAudible Strobe, 135/185 Candela, 24 Vdc, 90-99 Dba$84.45Details
136159Bosch SecurityIOBRBackbox, Red, For Outdoor Audible Strobe $13.73Details
136984Bosch SecurityMT241575WFRAudible Strobe, 15/75 Candela, 24 Vdc, 8-Selectabl$62.73Details
136463Bosch SecurityMT24MCWFRAudible Strobe, 15-110 Candela, 24 Vdc, 8-Selectab$62.72Details
136404Bosch SecurityMT24MCWFWAudible Strobe, 15-110 Candela, 24 Vdc, 8-Selectab$62.72Details
137894Bosch SecurityRSS24MCCFWStrobe, 15-90 Candela, 24 Vdc, Ceiling Mount, Whit$43.59Details
136488Bosch SecurityRSS24MCWHFRStrobe, 135/185 Candela, 24 Vdc, Wall Mount, Red <$61.26Details
137010Bosch SecurityRSS24MCWHFWStrobe, 135/185 Candela, 24 Vdc, Wall Mount, White$61.26Details
136490Bosch SecurityRSSA24MCCHNWStrobe, 115/117 Candela, 24 Vdc, Wall Or Ceiling M$61.19Details
136491Bosch SecurityRSSA24MCCNWStrobe, 15-95 Candela, 24 Vdc, Wall Or Ceiling Mou$61.19Details
136495Bosch SecurityRSSWPA2475WNWStrobe, 75 Candela, 24 Vdc, Outdoor, Wall Or Ceili$61.96Details
137905Bosch SecuritySBBWSurface Backbox, White $15.87Details
136654Bosch SecuritySF1172BEmergency Pull Cord Security Escort $19.67Details
136505Bosch SecuritySFPRPlate Mount, Semi-Flush, Red $5.89Details
136669Bosch SecuritySSP2WAudible Strobe, Standard Candela, 2-Wire, Wall Mou$57.37Details
136670Bosch SecuritySSPC2RHAudible Strobe, High Candela, 2-Wire, Ceiling Moun$63.49Details
136523Bosch SecuritySSSCWStrobe, Standard Candela, Ceiling Mount, White $43.57Details
137093Bosch SecuritySSSWStrobe, Standard Candela, White $43.57Details
138046Bosch SecurityWBBRBackbox, Outdoor, Red $12.18Details
137111Bosch SecurityWGES2475WRLPStrobe, 75 Candela, 24 Vdc, Outdoor, Red $59.67Details
136749Bosch SecurityWPSBBRBackbox, Red, For Rsswp Strobe $13.07Details
850337Bosch Security (CCTV)ET70RSpeaker Square Red$42.76Details
732414Bosch Security (CCTV)ET70WSpkr 8W Sq White$47.94Details
896007Bosch Security (CCTV)ET70WP2475WFRSpkr/Str 75C Wp 1/8-8W-Rd$120.43Details
892106Bosch Security (CCTV)ET80241575WFRSpkr/Strb Flsh 1575C Red$96.45Details
773482Bosch Security (CCTV)ET80241575WFWSpkr/Str Flsh 15/75C Wht$96.45Details
711870Bosch Security (CCTV)ET8024MCWFRSpkr/Strb Flsh Varc Red$96.45Details
783238Bosch Security (CCTV)LBC380010Cabinet Loudspeaker, 100 WCall for Price.Details
156075Cooper / WheelockACMAXCStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Clear Lens, 120$211.18Details
156078Cooper / WheelockAMSP40SNBTAfter Market Safepath Communication Systems Narrow$162.97Details
148929Cooper / WheelockAMSP40SPMKWrong Part Number, After Marketcommunication Syste$162.97Details
181127Cooper / WheelockAMSP40SSMKAfter Market Safepath Communication Systems Standa$162.97Details
156080Cooper / WheelockAMT1224RNYCHorn, 3 Preset Tones, 12-24 Vdc, Indoor, Flush Mou$53.39Details
181129Cooper / WheelockAMT1224WStrobe, White, 12-24 Vdc, Addressable Input Applia$53.39Details
181132Cooper / WheelockAPRAccessory, Adapter Plate, Red Series Mb, Series 43$9.62Details
181138Cooper / WheelockASB24MCCNWStrobe, Audible, As Series, 24 Vdc, Selectable 15/$75.31Details
181141Cooper / WheelockASRSRDCAudible Beacon, Industrial Signal, 44 Tones, 24 Vd$278.90Details
149039Cooper / WheelockBBSAccessory, Industrial, 4" Backbox, Silver $7.00Details
149045Cooper / WheelockCH7024MCWHFWStrobe, Fire, White, 24 Vdc, Selectable 135/185 Ca$109.84Details
156101Cooper / WheelockCSX10115SBell, Explosion Proof, Industrial, Single Stroke,$799.03Details
181156Cooper / WheelockCVX10115SBell, Explosion Proof, Industrial, Vibrating, 10"$799.03Details
149059Cooper / WheelockDCMAXSRStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Red Lens, 10.5-3$245.49Details
156124Cooper / WheelockE50A24MCCNWSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, 24 Vdc, Selectable 15/3$68.53Details
154479Cooper / WheelockE6024MCCHFRSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8 - 8 Wat$71.72Details
181182Cooper / WheelockE60RSpeaker, Et Series, Round, Flush, Red $25.16Details
156308Cooper / WheelockE90WSpeaker, Fire, Round, White, Wall/Ceiling Mount E$25.16Details
149086Cooper / WheelockECHG60WGrill, For Speaker Strobe, E60 Series, White $7.56Details
149087Cooper / WheelockECHG70WAccessory, Series Ch70, E70, & Et70, White Square$6.41Details
181201Cooper / WheelockECHG90RAccessory, Plate, Red, Round, For Series: Ch90, E9$7.31Details
181203Cooper / WheelockECHSG60FRGrill, For Speaker Strobe, E60 Series, Red, W/ Fir$7.56Details
156312Cooper / WheelockECHSG70WFRAccessory, Plate, Red, Square-Strobe, Fire Printed$6.66Details
181204Cooper / WheelockECHSG90RAccessory, Plate, Red, Round, For Series: Ch90, E9$6.41Details
149102Cooper / WheelockEWPStrobe Accessory, Enclosure, Weather Proof, Drain$148.53Details
181241Cooper / WheelockHS24RHorn, Fire, Red, 24 Vdc $29.81Details
156402Cooper / WheelockHS424MCWFWHorn / Strobe, Fire, White, 4-Wire, Selectable 15$62.47Details
149113Cooper / WheelockHS424MCWHFRHorn / Strobe, Fire, Red, 4-Wire, Selectable 135 /$69.66Details
154530Cooper / WheelockHS424MCWHFWHorn / Strobe, Fire, White, 4-Wire, Selectable 135$69.66Details
149119Cooper / WheelockISP2RAccessory, Surface Extender, Indoor, Red $6.19Details
156420Cooper / WheelockMT121575WNWMultitone Strobe, Mt Series, 24 Vdc, 1575 Candela,$80.05Details
181261Cooper / WheelockMT24MCWNWHorn / Strobe, Multi-Tone, Mult I-Candela, Fire, R$60.37Details
154555Cooper / WheelockMT4115WHVFRStrobe, 15 Candela, 8 Tones, 115 Vac, Indoor, Surf$58.86Details
156427Cooper / WheelockMT4115WHVNSStrobe, Silver, 15 Candela, 115 Vac, Flush Mount,$58.86Details
154556Cooper / WheelockMT41224RHorn, Electronic, Red, 8 Tones, 12/24 Vdc, Indoor,$30.31Details
156429Cooper / WheelockMTB24MCCHNWMultitone Strobe, High Intensity, Mt Series, 24 Vd$70.22Details
154558Cooper / WheelockMTG24MCCHNWMultitone Strobe, High Intensity, Mt Series, 24 Vd$70.22Details
181263Cooper / WheelockMTR24MCCHNWMultitone Strobe, High Intensity, Mt Series, 24 Vd$70.22Details
156432Cooper / WheelockMTWP2475WFRStrobe, Multitone, 75 Candela, Outdoor $69.71Details
156433Cooper / WheelockMTWP2475WFWStrobe, Mt Series, Outdoor, Weatherproof, 75 Cande$69.71Details
149144Cooper / WheelockMTWP24MCCHFWStrobe, Mt Series, Outdoor, Multitone, 24 Vdc Sele$77.13Details
154719Cooper / WheelockMTWPA2475WNWMultitone Strobe, Outdoor, Mt Series, 24 Vdc, 75 C$72.63Details
156437Cooper / WheelockMTWPR24MCCHNWMultitone Strobe, Outdoor, High Intensity, Mt Seri$80.05Details
156440Cooper / WheelockNPSRSafepath Sys Accessory, Pull Station, Red $78.04Details
149198Cooper / WheelockRSS24MCCHFRStrobe, Fire, Red, 24 Vdc, Selectable 115/177 Cand$52.91Details
149200Cooper / WheelockRSS24MCWHFWStrobe, Fire, White, 12 Vdc, 135/185 Multi-Candela$52.91Details
156491Cooper / WheelockRSSCPWAccessory, Plate, White, For Rss Series $6.23Details
156492Cooper / WheelockRSSCPWFRAccessory, Plate, Red, Fire Printed, For Rss Serie$7.00Details
156493Cooper / WheelockRSSCPWFWAccessory, Plate, White, Fire Printed, For Rss Ser$7.00Details
156494Cooper / WheelockRSSG24MCCHNWStrobe, High Intensity, Rss Series, 24 Vdc, Select$52.43Details
156496Cooper / WheelockRSSP24MCWFWStrobe W/ Trim Plate, Rssp Series, Indoor, 15 / 30$53.36Details
181334Cooper / WheelockRSSR24MCCHNWStrobe, High Intensity, Rss Series, 24 Vdc, Select$52.43Details
181335Cooper / WheelockRSSRPFWPlate, Rss Series, Round, W/ Fire, White $7.06Details
156503Cooper / WheelockRSSWP2475CFRStrobe, Rss Series, Outdoor, 24 Vdc, 75 Candela, C$49.11Details
156505Cooper / WheelockRSSWP24MCCHFRStrobe, Rss Series, Outdoor, 24 Vdc, Selectable 11$55.88Details
149225Cooper / WheelockRSSWP24MCCHFWStrobe, Rss Series, Outdoor, 24 Vdc, Selectable 11$55.88Details
181341Cooper / WheelockRSSWPA24MCCHNWStrb,Amber,Ceil,Hint,Wprf,24V,115/177Cd,No Ltr,Wht$56.76Details
156508Cooper / WheelockRSSWPR24MCCHNWStrobe, High Intensity, Outdoor, Rss Series, 24 Vd$56.76Details
154832Cooper / WheelockSERWAccessory, Surface Extension Ring, White $10.89Details
154833Cooper / WheelockSHMPRAccessory, Adapter Plate, Red, For Sth-15Sr Horn S$10.25Details
149251Cooper / WheelockSPB160BAudio Power Booster, For Safepath Communications S$1,595.35Details
156538Cooper / WheelockSPRMSafepath Sys Accessory, Remote Microphone $282.88Details
181380Cooper / WheelockSSB8Speaker Mount Accessory, 8" Support Tile Bridge $10.46Details
154865Cooper / WheelockTZCUSBSafepath, Accessory, Programming Cable, Sp4-Tzc $29.80Details
181404Cooper / WheelockWFPAWOutdoor Mounting Plate, Mounting Accessory, Flush,$16.34Details
181408Cooper / WheelockWPSBBWMounting Accessory, Backbox, Weatherproof, White,$14.77Details
1046606EVI Audio / University Sound2058ASpeaker, 10W 4 In. Utility Ceiling, 8 Ohms; (Sold In Multiples Of 12)$25.34Details
941330EVI Audio / University SoundELX115P120VPowered 15" Two-Way Speaker System 120V$0.02Details
963968EVI Audio / University SoundEVF1152D66FGWLoudspeaker, 60 X 60 Fiberglass Weatherized$2,839.39Details
962818EVI Audio / University SoundEVF1152D96FGBLoudspeaker, 90 X 60 Fiberglass Weatherized$2,839.39Details
937258Kramer ElectronicsDOLEV88-Inch, Powered Studio Grade Speaker$271.12Details
931714Kramer ElectronicsYARDEN5OW5.25" On-Wall 2-Way Speakers With Kevlar Woofers - White Yarden 5-O (W)$220.77Details
676252Potter Electric1000253Accessory, Remote Alarm, Pilot, Test / Rest *Model$42.53Details
211801Potter Electric1119097Residential Riser, 2 Inch, W/ Check Value, 3.5 Inc$332.59Details
497776Potter Electric1430013Base/Relay, 43Ma *Model Number: Hsc-4R* $20.96Details
676343Potter Electric1430015Smoke Base / Relay, 81Ma Draw, 6" Base, 24V *Model$27.66Details
242242Potter Electric1810120Bell, 10", 12 Vac, For Fire & Burglary *Model Numb$38.48Details
211810Potter Electric2000041Microphone, Test Buzzer, Surface Mount *Model Numb$76.17Details
676452Potter Electric3006013Initiating Device, Class A *Model Number: Ca2Z* $34.83Details
280771Potter Electric4010002Bell Box, Simline, Biege *Model Number: Abb-1012*$96.19Details
211824Potter Electric4030002Bell, Burglar, Motor Driven, Gray *Model Number: M$29.16Details
211829Potter Electric4130007Reflector, For Ewp-202C *Model Number: Ref-202* $7.04Details
247383Potter Electric4130030Door Announcer Kit *Model Number: Ebp-401* $111.13Details
211831Potter Electric4190016Strobe, Amber Lens, 12 Vdc *Model Number: Sl-401*$16.01Details
211832Potter Electric4190017Strobe, Blue Lens, 12 Vdc *Model Number: Sl-401-B*$16.01Details
211833Potter Electric4190018Strobe, Clear Lens, 12 Vdc *Model Number: Sl-401-C$16.01Details
211834Potter Electric4190019Strobe, Red Lens, 12 Vdc *Model Number: Sl-401-R*$16.01Details
211836Potter Electric4300002Door Cord, 24 Inch, Retractable, Brown *Model Numb$5.83Details
280777Potter Electric4300021Door Cord, 24 Inch, Retractable, Gray *Model Numbe$5.83Details
242267Potter Electric4300030Door Cord, 48 Inch, Retractable, Gray *Model Numbe$6.73Details
211838Potter Electric4300031Door Cord, 48 Inch, Retractable, Ivory *Model Numb$6.73Details
247389Potter Electric4300032Door Cord, 48 Inch, Retractable, W/ Switch, Brown$8.30Details
242268Potter Electric4300035Door Cord, 18 Inch, 4-Conductor, Gray *Model Numbe$8.15Details
211846Potter Electric4370036Hold-Up Switch, Double Spdt, Latching Type, N/O Lo$11.43Details
242281Potter Electric4410015Door Contact, Overhead, Spdt, Form C *Model Number$15.76Details
938956Quam Nichols Company4C3Z8OT4" O.D. Speaker, 5 Ounce Magnet, Moisture Resistant, 8?$14.70Details
677509Quam Nichols CompanySYSTEM7DTDrive-Thru Menu Board Speaker 8" Loudspeaker, 8 Ohm, Vert. Surface Mount$46.20Details
221020Silent KnightHASBC412Smoke Detector, Conventional Sounder Base, 12 VoltCall for Price.Details
914913Sony SecuritySCAS30Active Loud Speaker Outdoor Ip66 Waterproof 24Vac Ps Needed$517.62Details
905016UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix10415Heat Detector, 135 Deg Fixed Temperature, Single C$12.95Details
744740UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix13477Horn / Strobe, Amseco, 75 Or 110 Cd, Ada Compliant$59.07Details
732041UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix13481Strobe, Red, Square, 15 / 75 Or 30 / 120 Candela R$41.21Details
753223UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixJDS102Siren Driver, Yelp / Bell, 6-15 Vdc, Two-Channel S$47.86Details
800185UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixMPI39Speaker, 8 Ohm, Rectangular Horn, 30 W, Tamper, Un$18.41Details
923526UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixSMEXT1Extension Tube, Smoke-In-A-Can Accessory *Use W/ S$8.32Details
765048ValcomV10408"Clean Room Ceiling Speaker$211.51Details
903419ValcomV1060ATalkback 8-Inch Ceiling Speaker$33.48Details
826369ValcomV1440BRSpeaker Monitor Brown$140.11Details
774537ValcomVIP412DFIp Flush Mount Wall Speaker One Way, W/ Digital Clock$646.97Details