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Intrusion Security Systems

Vibration Contacts

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
9836573M Electrical Products Division70290000075Tx-6 -Am Amonia, Am Fixed Gas$582.50Details
9920563M Electrical Products DivisionTX6NDLow Voltage, Dual Relay Nitrogen Dioxide$549.52Details
136716Bosch SecurityISNSM50Seismic Detector, 50M, Sq * Replaces Ds1535* $122.57Details
136181Bosch SecurityISNSM80Seismic Detector, 13 Foot Operating Radius On Conc$230.72Details
622998Flair ElectronicsVG1224CCVehicleguard Wireless Pressure Mat For$343.36Details
760033Flair ElectronicsVIB100WWireless Vibration Sensor Detects Climb$341.69Details
622999Flair ElectronicsVIB300Vibration Metal Sensor, Off-White Nema 4$216.08Details
187996GE Security / UTC Fire & Security5150MSentrol 5150M Brn 2-Wire Shock$13.66Details
312253GE Security / UTC Fire & Security5150M19100PKGShock Sensor, 2-Wire, Brown, 100-Pack$787.77Details
163940GE Security / UTC Fire & Security5402WMetal Enclosure Assault Sensor. Metal Enclosure Assault Sensor. 2-Wire. Includes Lithium Battery. Grey$39.77Details
164248GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityDV1204AVaul Sensor Accessory$156.83Details
164397GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityGS600WMini Inertia Shock Sensor W/6' Cable$17.36Details
164399GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityGS610WSentrol Gs610-W Inertia Shock$20.57Details
176398GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityGS614WSingle Zone Shock Analyzer$43.05Details
176710GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityUK15004Smk Detector Upgrd Kit$345.79Details
654344Panasonic SecurityMRMRAANTIVIBAccessory, 3-Axis Anti Vibration Shock Kit $213.28Details
505293Panasonic SecurityMRMRAANTIVIBWMPAccessory, 3-Axis Anti Vibration Shock Kit W/ Mou$351.03Details
242365Potter ElectricEVD1Electronic Vibration Detector$190.02Details
247755Potter ElectricEVD2Electronic Vbrtn Dtctn Systm$318.55Details
679418Resolution ProductsRE304Driveway Sensor, Dsc Compatible$121.87Details
864260Resolution ProductsRE306Dsc Comp Tilt Sensor$33.22Details
252704Rokonet / RiscoRK600S00000BShock Tec Digital Shock Detector$23.25Details
252705Rokonet / RiscoRK600S0BR00ADigital Shock Detector,Brown$21.14Details
283911Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34150Wireless Driveway Monitor - Battery W/4-$104.16Details
334539Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI341888-Zone Relay Board (Exclusively For The$46.52Details
246290Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34400Wireless Universal Alert W/4-Channel Rec$80.19Details
513063Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34500Wireless Pool Entrance Alert With 4 Chn Receiver$80.19Details
513065Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34600Wireless Doorbell Button Alert /4 Chn Receiver$72.16Details
513067Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34700Wireless Indoor Motion Detector W/4 Chan Receiver$88.20Details
513059Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34701Indoor Motion Detector$44.85Details
737863Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34709Wireless Indoor Motion Detector W/Single$86.59Details
513070Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34751Outdoor Motion Detector$56.46Details
840856Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34752Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector,Works W$86.59Details
513057Safety Technology Inc. / STISTIV34100Wireless Driveway Monitor W/Solar 4 Ch Voice Rcvr$150.67Details
298850Safety Technology Inc. / STISTIV341044-Channel Voice Receiver$80.19Details
513084Safety Technology Inc. / STISTIV34150Wireless Driveway Monitr Bat Pwred W/4Ch Voice Rcv$134.64Details
513068Safety Technology Inc. / STISTIV34300Wireless Garage Sentry Alert W/4Chan Voice Recr$110.64Details
513097Safety Technology Inc. / STISTIV34400Wireless Universal Alert With 4 Chan Voice Recvr$110.64Details
513098Safety Technology Inc. / STISTIV34500Wireless Pool Entrance Alert W/4Chan Voice Recvr$110.64Details
513100Safety Technology Inc. / STISTIV34700Wireless Indoor Motion Dect W/4Chan Voice Recvr$110.64Details
513101Safety Technology Inc. / STISTIV34750Wrls Outdr Motion Det W/4-Ch Voice Rcvr$126.69Details
298362Seco-LarmSS040QBRVibration Det, 1.0A@50Vdc,Brwn,Tamper Proof$4.32Details
218194Seco-LarmSS040QWVibration Detector For Closed Circuits$4.32Details
285772Seco-LarmSS052BSeco-Larm Electro Mag Shk Det$15.99Details
686967SpaceageHS100NIonization Duct Detector, 4 Wire, Univer$99.79Details
224601SureactionHPP6PLUSPkg 6 High Performance Pulsors White Wir$300.00Details
942284Taiwan Panda InternationalAC102Digital Acuity Glassbreak Det. W/Tamper$39.83Details
226435Tane Alarm ProductsSD2BR2 Terminal Surface Shock Sensor$25.28Details
265351Tane Alarm ProductsWS1Tane Water Sensor$5.74Details
266813United Security Products / USP330W330 Vibrtn Detector White Sold In Packs Of 10$7.00Details
895302United Security Products / USPP1322Incontinence Sensor Pad (4Inch X 6Inch )$21.20Details
722284VisonicMCT241P*Eol*Fall Detector Emergency Transmitter$80.19Details
229797VisonicMCT241PERSFall Detector For Amberx Only$80.19Details
267790VisonicMCT560Wireless Temp Detector For Powermax Pro V5 Only$59.33Details
292038VisonicPLINKPROPower Link Internet Connect$213.28Details