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Intrusion Security Systems

Vibration Shock Sensors

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
323198Ademco / Honeywell SecuritySC100Seismic Vibration Sensor For VaultsCall for Price.Details
360432Ademco / Honeywell SecuritySC105Seismic Vibration Sensor For AtmsCall for Price.Details
323197Ademco / Honeywell SecuritySC110Mounting Plate For The Sc100Call for Price.Details
323196Ademco / Honeywell SecuritySC111Moveable Mounting Plate/Kit For The Sc100Call for Price.Details
360430Ademco / Honeywell SecuritySC113Internal Test Transmitter For The Sc100Call for Price.Details
323195Ademco / Honeywell SecuritySC114Armoured Cable For Sc100 SeriesCall for Price.Details
323193Ademco / Honeywell SecuritySC116Recess Wall Mounting Int For Sc100 SeriesCall for Price.Details
360429Ademco / Honeywell SecuritySC117Recess Floor Mounting Kit For Sc100Call for Price.Details
323192Ademco / Honeywell SecuritySC118Spacer For Keyhole Protection KitCall for Price.Details
110751Ademco Sensors11BRAdemco Vibration Cnt.,BrCall for Price.Details
110501Ademco Sensors11WHCall for Price.Details
111380Ademco SensorsASCSS1Call for Price.Details
949578AmsecoGSC20NGlass Shock SensorCall for Price.Details
134478Bosch Security606881195Micro Door/Window Sensor, Brown $59.12Details
765398Bosch SecurityISCSK10Shock Sensor$63.00Details
136363Bosch SecurityISNCMICROWUltra Mini Magnetic Contact, Door / Window, 3/4 In$22.79Details
136707Bosch SecurityISNCMINI10WRecessed Mini Magnetic Contact, 3/4 Inch Diameter,$21.24Details
136369Bosch SecurityISNCSM35WMagnetic Contact, Door / Window, Standard, 0.73 In$19.31Details
136711Bosch SecurityISNCSTBTCWRecessed Magnetic Contact W/ Terminal Connect, Com$17.76Details
136371Bosch SecurityISNGMXD7Anti-Drill Foil, Fits Into Cover For Additional Ta$89.40Details
136177Bosch SecurityISNGMXP0Mounting Plate, 9.5 Oz, Steel Or Concrete Surfaces$23.18Details
136713Bosch SecurityISNGMXP3S2Spacer, 2 Mm Thick , For Use W/ Swivel Plate, Isn-$10.20Details
137623Bosch SecurityISNSMSW7Pc Programming Software, Senstool, For Seismic Det$86.52Details
136372Bosch SecurityISP2RSurface Adapter, Red, For Use W/ Audible Strobes,$6.70Details
137624Bosch SecurityISP2WSurface Adapter, White, For Use W/ Audible Strobes$6.70Details
196547International Electronics / IEI834LWHITEVib./Glassbreak Detector WhCall for Price.Details
232768Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3227Recessed Shock SensorCall for Price.Details
273309Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3227CRecessed Shock Sensor ChocolateCall for Price.Details
467522Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3229WEmpty Junction Box WhiteCall for Price.Details
200975Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3237BULLitton 3237Bul Shk Snsr Be 10'Call for Price.Details
273312Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3237CURDual Element Shk Sensor Brown 10" LeadCall for Price.Details
211419Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3237JBCJunction Box Sensor, Brown, U Intrusion OverstockCall for Price.Details
200979Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3237WDRDual Element Shock Sensor White Damped 10" LeadCall for Price.Details
232771Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3237WURDual Element Shock Snsr 10" LdCall for Price.Details
273314Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3268Terminus Sngl Zone ProcessorCall for Price.Details
211422Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3273Terminus Four Zone ExpanderCall for Price.Details
211423Litton / Terminus ProductsSP3274Terminus Four Zone ProcessorCall for Price.Details
676742Potter ElectricEVD12020290Standalone Elctrnc VbrtndtctrCall for Price.Details
212114Potter ElectricHSC1Safe Contact For Evd1 SystemCall for Price.Details
951703Potter ElectricPSMFT2000035Potter Mic W/Test Bzr Flsh MntCall for Price.Details
727309UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix5150M19100PKGTwo-Wire,Shock Sensor/10'Range - Mahogany-100 PackCall for Price.Details
766780UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix5150W19100PKGTwo-Wire Shock Sensor/10'Range White,100PackCall for Price.Details
846464UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix5600WShatterpoint Residential 10 Ft. Range, Ul, WhiteCall for Price.Details
870167UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60362N113195Crystal Standard Door / Window Sensor, Brown $44.33Details
922799UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixDV1201AVibration Senor, Structural, For Vaults / Safes $209.80Details
895779UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixDV1212ADv Series Accessory, Tack Plate, For Weld Mounts W$26.42Details
746346UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixDV1221AStructural Vibration Sensor, For Atms & Night Depo$209.80Details
766564UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixGS610BInertia Shock Sensor BrownCall for Price.Details