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Intrusion Security Systems

Wireless Equipment

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1066089BEA10CYLINDERKAMortise Cylinder 1 1/8" Us26D Standard C$22.04Details
933681BEA10EMR475LPanther 4.75 In Round Slim Profile Pus$266.18Details
409328BEA10EMS4571Panther 4.75" Square Slim Profile Push$110.63Details
980022BEA10EMS475L4.75In. Square Panther Plate With Blue H$113.12Details
409352BEA10T300MINIPBMini 300Mhz Transmitter W/Flag$50.21Details
591900BEA10TD433PB3V433 Mhz Transmitter With 3V Battery$45.66Details
409356BEA10TD433PB9VDigital Transmitter 433 Mhz With Flag$44.75Details
135236Bosch Security60362113195Standard Door / Windowsensor, Brown $52.27Details
134474Bosch Security605110295Pir Motion Detector, Ds924Ipet $139.87Details
134901Bosch Security606600195RRf Receiver, 16-Points, Ge/Iti Quik Bridge $103.82Details
134480Bosch Security6074195Door / Window Transmitter, Recessed Mount, White <$56.75Details
134879Bosch SecurityAE100Enclosure Kit, Indoor, For Ea102A Security Escort$58.10Details
135028Bosch SecurityD203Housing, 3/5 Module $14.27Details
136874Bosch SecurityEA102A304Receiver, Escort, 304 Mhz Security Escort $168.28Details
136503Bosch SecuritySE88NECKBANDNeck Band, Se88, Breakaway, 10 Pk Security Escort$12.62Details
175826GE Security / UTC Fire & Security13461X10 Screw-In Lamp Module$36.09Details
960643GE Security / UTC Fire & Security13508XHardwire To Wireless Universal Translato$90.05Details
155659GE Security / UTC Fire & Security13552Honeywell 319.5 Wireless/Wireless$89.64Details
874980GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6065995RPK**Eol**4-Button Saw Keychain Touch$804.53Details
188054GE Security / UTC Fire & Security60745Iti 60-745 Micro Door$9.04Details
188059GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6076095RQuik Bridge Non-Supervised 2-Channel Rec$35.29Details
188074GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6083110Saw Magnets$23.85Details
747137GE Security / UTC Fire & Security80913*Eol* Ge Monitronice Simon 3$276.96Details
176145GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityACU5APWRPower Supply, 5 Amp 24Vdc, 110/220Vac, U$274.54Details
195904InovonicsACC623LAccessory, Wrist Strap (Large) $13.08Details
195917InovonicsEN1216Universal Transmitter, Echostream, Dual Input, 900$64.13Details
633626InovonicsEN1252Transmitter, Long Range, Dual Input $245.59Details
194752International Connector & Cable / ICCIC107C6RWHModule, Coupler, Rj-11, Pin 1-1, White$3.56Details
1080229International Electronics / IEIKT365SAwid Compatible, Proximity Key Tag, 36$4.90Details
737472KBC NetworksTHLKHCOOANRAThrulink 2 High Capacity (Up To 100Mbps)$2,963.14Details
272999Linear CorporationDR1 Chanel Receiver. Dnr00001 Delta-3 Receiver. 11-24Vdc/12-16Vac Power$25.56Details
210973Linear CorporationGRD2Linear 2 Channel Receiver$44.92Details
833534Linear CorporationSST00124BF/G Dxs-Lrc Linear Supervised Convertibl$42.14Details
232694Linear CorporationSXR64ALinear Sxr-64 Supervised W/L$174.51Details
225858NapcoGEMRECV96Wireless Receiver Module, 96 Points $177.39Details
236796NapcoGEMRECVXP8Wireless Receiver, 8 Points, For Gem-P800, Gem-P40$69.55Details
277615OptexAX7040Wireless Solarbeam Tower (7' 4")$3,039.78Details
206759OptexOS12CSensor, Safety Beam, Auto Setup *Control Only* $90.69Details
1039966OptexOS12CTAuto Set Up Safety Mini Air Beam-Controller Only$91.41Details
206772OptexSIP3020WFPir Detector, Redwall Superior Intelligent Series,$518.04Details
212113Potter ElectricHR300Hatch Alarm- Inclds 2 Wrlss Remte Cntrls$74.24Details
984115QolsysQS1135840Iq Mini Dw S-Line (White) - Encrypted.$29.63Details
1036373QolsysQS1136840Iq Mini Dw S-Line (Brown) - Encrypted.$29.63Details
978762QolsysQS8130P01Iq Wireless Translator Ht$76.05Details
1057943QolsysQS8140P01Iq Wireless Translator Ds$76.05Details
248462Seco-LarmSK919TDWSBU1-Ch Rf Trnsmtr Use W/ All Seco-Larm Receivers$17.19Details
683402Secure WirelessEVREC2S.Wrls 2 Keyfob Kit F/Caddax$62.45Details
332195Sperry WestSW1300DWWall Clock Cvr Cam W/High Pwr Dig Wireless$613.91Details
264592Steren203058Wireless Usb Lan$92.85Details
264667Steren5065204Port Usb Hub 2.0 Version$50.50Details
264695Street SmartCE2YPRIORSst Ce2Y For Priority One$65.41Details
264700Street SmartWA6RS.S.Security Wls Automator 6-$98.17Details
264702Street SmartZCE2YMONStreet Smart Ce2 + Cerem Monit$65.41Details
1038593Taiwan Panda InternationalMPT8PK(Package Of 8) Powerg 915Mhz Mini Wirele$19.29Details
1076361Taiwan Panda InternationalRF5108WKK14338Z Wireless Receiver W/ 4 Button Keyfob$76.29Details
988787Taiwan Panda InternationalRF513243332Z Wireless Receiver For Powerseries$62.64Details
228404United Security Products / USPWR90044 Zone 900Mhz Wireless Receiver$540.38Details
722336Uplink Security / Numerex0022596005*Eol*Remote Antenna$49.75Details
228457Uplink Security / Numerex2550ULModem Format 4/2 Format Now Ul (Under$222.91Details
906219UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix80116Wall Mount Bracket, For Water-Resistant Pendant Pa$11.10Details
292013VisonicMCR304Pcode 1Ch Supervised Receiver. Receiver. Powercode Single Channel. Superivsed$50.27Details
229787VisonicMCR3084 Channel Supervised Wrls Receiver$76.71Details
229815VisonicPOWERLINKKIT2Powerlink Web Interface For Promax Plus,$611.93Details
292068VisonicWR200*Eol* - 1 Channel Wireless Receiver$41.59Details
267839VisonicWRP600Repeater/Range Extender. Repeater/Range Extender. Microprocessor Controled$104.65Details