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Intrusion Security Systems

Wireless Transmitters

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
8225752GIG Technologies2GIGDW102Gig Thin Door/Window Contact$29.82Details
10373372GIG Technologies2GIGDW10120PKContact, Thin Door/Window, Bulk Pack (120 Pieces)$2,723.43Details
900596Azco TechnologiesGWTR2415Grid Wireless 2.4Ghz Outdoor Wireless$425.47Details
733298Azco TechnologiesGWTR2419Grid Wireless Omni-Directional 7.25Dbi$485.03Details
176026GE Security / UTC Fire & Security60719Toolbox Modem Kit: Recommended Modem$350.68Details
188055GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6074511Iti Micro Case 5/Pack Brown$9.04Details
164075GE Security / UTC Fire & Security803053XIti Simon 3 Saw Package A3$275.97Details
164106GE Security / UTC Fire & Security80800Ge Allegro Recessed Micro$250.31Details
163553GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX451Door/Window,Sensor,3, 60-670-11-95R$41.33Details
164678GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX656Ge Glass Guard Crystal Sensor$68.99Details
172838GRI TelemarkA10WHRec Adap,1 W/3/8 Hole-White$0.36Details
754048InovonicsFA210W**Eol** Fa210W Xmtr, 5/8 Gap$68.96Details
201896International Connector & Cable / ICCICRW13ROWHReducer, 1 3/4" To 1 1/4", White$3.00Details
235935Mierproducts / BWDA052Remote Wisle$39.21Details
932233NapcoGEMTRANS2CCWireless Transmitter "Consolidated Only"$36.19Details
206773OptexSIP4010WFWireless Ready 130' X 33' Superior Intelligent Pir$518.04Details
1010104QolsysQS1117840Iq Mini Dw Extended - Small, Low Profile$29.64Details
1020153Resolution ProductsRE601Cryptix Compatible Standard Door/Window$29.22Details
992737Resolution ProductsRE622Cryptix Compatible Nanomax (Individually$29.22Details
299110Rutherford Controls / RCI913BTouchless Push Plate Includes Single And Double Ga$158.48Details
334820Rutherford Controls / RCI913WTouchless Push Plate Includes Single And Double Ga$158.48Details
683409Secure WirelessSWAA4KITS.Wireless 4 Transmitter Pack$227.71Details
1047897Taiwan Panda InternationalEVDW4917Wireless Recessed Door Transmitter$43.22Details
1006713Taiwan Panda InternationalEVDW4975Wireless Window/Door Contact Slimline$34.92Details
1080291Taiwan Panda InternationalPG9975BRWls Pwrg D/W Cont 915 Brown$33.73Details
950638Taiwan Panda InternationalWS4945Wireless Door/Window Contact$29.93Details
929668Taiwan Panda InternationalWS4955Use Dsc-Evdw4955$36.24Details
698014UTC / GE Security / Fiber Options / IFSD1315R3Rs-485(4Wire)Compatible Data T$455.30Details
256604VisonicMCT302Powcode Wrels Mag Ct Bat. Powercode Wireless. Magnetic Contact. Low Battery Signaling. Long Life Battery$42.25Details