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Intrusion Security Systems

Alarm Communication Equipment

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
106023Ademco / Honeywell Security4120TRTrigger Cable - 4120$7.74Details
106135Ademco / Honeywell Security4142BLKPackage - 3 Removable Block$19.13Details
105870Ademco / Honeywell Security4142TRTrigger Cable 4140Xmp$7.74Details
900446Ademco / Honeywell Security6127PLEA6127 Private Label$0.70Details
106263Ademco / Honeywell Security620$3.00Details
106527Ademco / Honeywell Security6201Cable,Flat,Telephone,8 Multi-Colored Conductors$7.45Details
106264Ademco / Honeywell Security621$3.00Details
918112Ademco / Honeywell Security6460PLEA6460 Private Label$1.80Details
106532Ademco / Honeywell Security659ENLine Fault Monitor$85.46Details
106539Ademco / Honeywell Security762625HCRf Extension Cable Hex Crimp$75.92Details
106678Ademco / Honeywell Security76265Subscriber Antenna Cable 5Ft$52.13Details
106278Ademco / Honeywell Security762650HCRf Extension Cable Hex Crimp$115.75Details
106445Ademco / Honeywell Security7720PProgrammer For 7845C/7845Cv2$176.39Details
106280Ademco / Honeywell Security7720V2TRPower Pack, Plug In, 12Vdc$14.42Details
106680Ademco / Honeywell Security7810IRENTReceiver,Lan,Enterprise$1,152.11Details
106901Ademco / Honeywell SecurityAVS2 Way Voice System,Ecp$199.36Details
106291Ademco / Honeywell SecurityAVST2 Way Voice Station$57.39Details
1023570Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELL3DB25KT1Cell-Ant3Db,25Hc,7626Ca,Extra$194.60Details
1052687Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELL3DB25KT2Wa7626,Ant3Db,25Hc,Extst$194.60Details
1037845Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELL3DB50KT1Cell-Ant3Db,Wa7626-Ca,7626-50Hc,Cell-Extra$231.00Details
1005182Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELL3DB50KT2Cell-Ant3Db,7626,50Hc,Extst$231.00Details
735904Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELLANTAntenna With Gsm Adapter Cable$31.89Details
881876Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELLANT3DBAntenna,Accessory,Kit$86.79Details
786467Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELLANTHBAntenna,Kit,Gsm/Cdma$20.52Details
863215Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELLANTRAAntenna With Cdma Adaptor$31.89Details
1004149Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELLANTSTAntenna Accessory,Ts-9 Plug To$31.89Details
853291Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELLEXTRACdma Adaptor Cable$22.50Details
1080785Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELLEXTSTAntenna Accessory,Calbe,Coax$22.50Details
106910Ademco / Honeywell SecurityDCIDEXTModule,External Dialer Capture$31.18Details
106832Ademco / Honeywell SecurityGSMANT1Db Gain Antenna Indoor$31.89Details
106890Ademco / Honeywell SecurityGSMANT3DB3Db Gain Antenna Waterproof$86.79Details
106988Ademco / Honeywell SecurityGSMVLPAUDIOCable,Audio For Gsmvlp$8.10Details
107390Ademco / Honeywell SecurityGSMXAUDIOTwo-Way Voice Audio Cable$10.71Details
107358Ademco / Honeywell SecurityK14207LFCable,Coax,Female,Male,Shld,5.$23.25Details
1038556Ademco / Honeywell SecurityK3209Antenna F/ Amps Radio$41.33Details
107504Ademco / Honeywell SecurityLYNXPL2Lynx Private Labels/1000$565.64Details
107054Ademco / Honeywell SecurityLYNXPLEALynx Private Labels Each$0.80Details
873926Ademco / Honeywell SecurityMX80003RRepair,Replacement,Mx8000-3$3,125.00Details
108148Ademco / Honeywell SecurityN18672Cord,Phone 8 Pos,2Ft(Mo-804R2)$11.04Details
812237Advanced Bridging TechnologiesABTUL40PIN240 Pin Programming Head$30.44Details
112224Advanced Bridging TechnologiesUL3PIN1Universal Hand Held Programm F/Ademco Repl Only$24.75Details
112278Advanced Bridging TechnologiesUL40PIN1Connector For Older Panels For Repl Purpose Only$27.75Details
112567Advanced Bridging TechnologiesUL40PIN2Connector For Caddx Nx4 Nx3 Nx8 Vista F/Repl Only$30.44Details
112279Advanced Bridging TechnologiesULFILL51 Charge Card With 5 Additional Unlock Charges$152.59Details
112568Advanced Bridging TechnologiesULPOD1Universal Hand Held Progrm$42.04Details
322746Alarm SafJCRIB1010X10X4 Card Rdr/Intrfc Box$303.74Details
322745Alarm SafJCRIB10BDCard Readr Interface Board$218.39Details
359968Alarm SafJCRMK1Reader Mounting Plate$214.19Details
359955Alarm SafRMK2MRmk-2M$160.99Details
1075176Alpha CommunicationsECBControl Unit For Com Module$195.99Details
131946Better Way ProductsBW1No Splice Line Seizure Connector Std Interface$6.66Details
131947Better Way ProductsBW2Bw2 Connector$6.48Details
129572Better Way ProductsBW3No Splice Line Seizure Connector Newer Interface$6.84Details
135260Bosch SecurityAL1002WALPower Extender, Nac $464.68Details
411691Bosch SecurityB10Accessory, Control Panel Enclosure, Medium, White$30.00Details
805767Bosch SecurityB10RAccessory, Control Panel, Medium, Red $34.80Details
411692Bosch SecurityB11Accessory, Control Panel Enclosure, Small, White $22.50Details
135376Bosch SecurityD6615Cpu Terminator Card $157.18Details
977864Bosch SecurityPH16Headset$365.84Details
412030Bosch SecurityRFPRC12APir Curtain Motion Detector, Pet Immune, Read Rang$73.50Details
141747CapricornT180White Transmitter$43.49Details
604541ClearRFCBLMMCXMmcx Type Connector Cable$8.98Details
866323CP TechnologiesWAN91805Ghz 18Dbi Directional Dual-Polarization Outdoor P$162.39Details
608592D & S TechnologiesTA05125 Zone + Common 12Vdc$83.99Details
760136D & S TechnologiesTA1012BTSSLA10 Zone With Buzzer For Lawp$368.54Details
182294D & S TechnologiesTA10210Zn Ann. For Ms5024Ud 2Vlt$120.39Details
904666D & S TechnologiesTA10AT2410Al+10Tr+ Common 24Vdc W/Rti$247.79Details
316064D & S TechnologiesTA151215 Zone - Common 12Vdc$173.59Details
316063D & S TechnologiesTA201220 Zone - Common 12Vdc$209.99Details
157217D & S TechnologiesTA202420 Zone - Common 24Vdc$209.99Details
608594D & S TechnologiesTA20T12Tabular Annunciator-20 Alrm & Trbl Zones 12Vdc$317.24Details
158721Dolphin ComponentsDC31202’ Line Cord / Spade Terminal Ends$1.82Details
150775Dolphin ComponentsDC31822Ft Line Cord/Plug To Plug Ends$2.40Details
169338Edwards / GS Building Systems270KIT270 Footing With Extension Gray$31.89Details
185315Edwards / GS Building Systems270KITB270 Footing W/Extension Black$31.89Details
185367Edwards / GS Building Systems555215WGSpeaker,15W,Gray,Edwards$216.99Details
865893Edwards / GS Building SystemsHPSA15G2570Div 2 Re-Entrant Speaker$177.79Details
185470EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE532EXPVoice Control Expander 32 Channel$76.99Details
314159EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE658DTEtimer Digital Annual Timer W/Dst Updated,L/M Rly$93.79Details
314158EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE658PGSEtimer Program Software$34.08Details
161092EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE678PGSE Timer Program Software$34.08Details
153733Excelsus / Pulse ElectronicsK222L01Rf Filter Kit Includes Rf Filter And Cable$20.25Details
162189Excelsus / Pulse ElectronicsZ230PJEconomy In Line Filter For Regular Telephones$15.75Details
153735Excelsus / Pulse ElectronicsZ330P2JInline Tri Jack Filter For Regular Phones$21.75Details
174783Functional DevicesRIB12CFARelay 12Ac/Dc Polarized 10A$14.34Details
155105Functional DevicesRIB24CFARelay 24Ac/Dc Polarized 10A$14.34Details
189841GRI Telemark2605Water Sensor, Automatic Reset, 6' Jacketed Lead, N$20.67Details
715044GRI Telemark26053002605 With 25' Lead$32.63Details
791040H.A.I. Home Automation001OA202Omnipro 11 Chip Upgrade$72.79Details
190437H.A.I. Home Automation10A111Hai 2 Way Voice Module$126.69Details
190457H.A.I. Home Automation20A0421UPGLumina Chip Upgrade$72.79Details
173347H.A.I. Home Automation20A0422UPGLumina Pro Chip-Upgrade-W/Installation Instrctions$68.42Details
168016H.A.I. Home Automation20A042UPGOmniproii Chip Upgrade Version Xx W/Install.Instru$72.79Details
631293Honeywell Analytics301CDLC301C Controller With Datalogger, Abs Polycarbonate Enclosure$1,474.40Details
639388Linear CorporationDNP00011Delta Sing St 1 Dr & 1 Dt$40.59Details
639532Linear CorporationSNR00160Al-1 Alert Link Recvr$55.83Details
235153MG ElectronicsPGM25MIC25W Megaphone W/Built In Siren & Handheld Microphn$113.39Details
219625MG ElectronicsTGM45MIC45 Watt Megaphone$254.79Details
235947Mierproducts / BWDA660660 Long Range Attennae$117.59Details
211821Potter Electric3992505Programming Tool, For Udact Telephone Dialer *Mode$182.24Details
965596RSGPSORIG075O-Ring For Explosion Proof Cover$3.60Details
1076159RSI Video Technologies / videofiedCA3N01010' Coax Cable (N-Conn)Call for Price.Details
1050817RSI Video Technologies / videofiedCA3N02020' Coax Cable (N-Conn)Call for Price.Details
942411RSI Video Technologies / videofiedCAMMNFBCN19Mmcx To N Connector Pigtail AdapterCall for Price.Details
1044102RSI Video Technologies / videofiedHG72710LPNFCellular AntennaCall for Price.Details
1016057RSI Video Technologies / videofiedHG82411LPCell AntennaCall for Price.Details
1009494RSI Video Technologies / videofiedHGV906UX-Series 915Mhz Add-On AntennaCall for Price.Details
725395Seco-LarmE921APQBasic Voice Dialer, Listen-In With Built-In Siren,$66.50Details
767611Seco-LarmE921CPQVoice Dialer, 3 Channels, Listen-In And Broadcast$114.79Details
218131Seco-LarmMAEP33701Q3.5M Stereo Balun$34.08Details
687611SR Components362Silver Satin 2' Plug-Spade$1.26Details
687613SR Components804R2Silver Satin 2' Plug - Plug$1.50Details
687614SR Components804R8Silver Satin 8' Plug - Plug$2.60Details
963950SR ComponentsGRORJ31XR5-Rj31X + R5-362 In One Bag Packed Together$2.50Details
687663SR ComponentsRJ31XUl 8P8C Rj31X Jack$2.10Details
687664SR ComponentsSETULR2Ulrj31X Jack + 2' P-P Cord$3.20Details
289194SureactionMG54CComplete Boat Alarm With Siren And 2 Deck Sensors$654.74Details
289205SureactionWP5C125Wp5C W/125Ft Wire$701.99Details
693809Suttle Apparatus900LCC2F502 Line Dsl Filter - In Line$4.95Details
264927Suttle Apparatus900LCCS2F50Dsl In Line Adapter$6.84Details
695052Telular / Telguard07200015Antenna, For Mxd3G $13.68Details
331499Telular / Telguard720105201Tg-1 Express Antenna$14.03Details
995225Telular / Telguard72012101Antenna For Lte Tg-1B, Tg-4, & Tg-7 Series$15.99Details
226946Telular / TelguardACD12Antenna Cable, Standard, 12 Feet, With Mounting Br$32.05Details
290037Telular / TelguardACD35Cable, 35 Feet, Low Loss, High Performance $139.23Details
254445Telular / TelguardACD50Cable, 50 Feet, Low Loss, High Performance $170.17Details
290038Telular / TelguardCTX12Cable, 12 Feet, With Antenna, For Sma To Tnc Conne$32.05Details
1071054Telular / TelguardCTXL1212' Low Loss Cable For Lte Tg-1 Express$34.08Details
290039Telular / TelguardEXD0Antenna, Exterior, Omni-Directional $170.17Details
265675Telular / TelguardHGD0Antenna, High Gain, Directional, With 1 Foot Of Ca$153.16Details
1082526Telular / TelguardHGDL0High Gain Directional Antenna For Lte.$170.79Details
998495UltraTech Power ProductsRJ31XSETRj31X 2 Ft Cord And Jack$3.18Details
255648United Security Products / USPAD20004-Ch Voice Dialer W/Verif$236.59Details
266829United Security Products / USPAD2000FUsp Ad2000-F Auto Voice Dialer$278.59Details
291141United Security Products / USPAD2000SAuto Voice Dialer With 4 Vmz'S - Calls 8$507.59Details
266830United Security Products / USPAD2001Usp Ad-2001 Automatic Voice/$195.99Details
266831United Security Products / USPAD2001FUsp Ad2001-F Auto Voice Dialer$242.19Details
291143United Security Products / USPAD2001SAd2001 In Can W/Terminal Strip$467.09Details
255649United Security Products / USPAD2001WUsp Ad2001-W Auto Voice Dialer$287.54Details
966109United Security Products / USPAVD2010PKG4 Ch Auto Voice Dialer$359.09Details
266834United Security Products / USPAVD45Voice/Pager Dialer$146.99Details
266835United Security Products / USPAVD452424Vdc Single Channel Auto Dialer$207.19Details
266836United Security Products / USPAVD45BEVoice-Dialer W/1 Input Dials 4 Numbers W/Cable$167.99Details
291146United Security Products / USPAVD50004 Zone Auto Dialer W/50' Corded Spkr Box/Microphn$265.99Details
295069United Security Products / USPAVD6000Auto Dialer W/Verifcation Spkr & 50' Cable$406.34Details
295067United Security Products / USPCVD5050PCellular Unit W/ Avd-5000 Dialer/Cell,No Service$1,072.49Details
960418United Security Products / USPCVD6050PKGCellular Dialer W/Remote Audio Spkr And Pwr Fail$955.49Details
266874United Security Products / USPTLMRTelepne Ln Mntor W/Trgr No Dly$36.24Details
266937Uplink Security / Numerex0025596006Antenna For Anynet Stub$22.49Details
228459Uplink Security / Numerex309139XIRCBL01Harness Wiring For U-Traq Autopro$27.75Details
895236UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60761Transformer, 30 Va Class 2, For Concord Control Pa$14.40Details
1075279UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6078303ISSb2000 Automation Module Rs232 Is$67.90Details
794806UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60978Linegrabber Line Seizure Module $19.13Details
949076UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixAL1231Wireless Dgp$146.99Details
935153UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixAL1291Point Id W/Plastic Enclosure$120.39Details
1083753UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixAL1741Isolated Rs232 To Lan Interface$109.19Details
1039480UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixAVSD4Advisor Sd Card 4Gb$17.99Details
927705UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX580E8 Output Expander Module$69.99Details
785703UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX584ENetworx Accessory, Home Automation Interface Modul$64.39Details
936317UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX591EGSMRPReplacement Network Cellemetry Module -Gsm$153.99Details
1030220UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixZWANT3MZerowire Hspa Antenna$11.04Details
267540Viking Electronics259324Flushmount Ring For Aes2000$256.19Details
229747Visonic900697Pro&Express Programming Kit$58.79Details
267738Visonic9930259120Ft Gsm Antenna$27.75Details
256628VisonicREPEATERPACKRepeater Pack Contains:Mcx600-Powercode Repeater$144.19Details
1080045zBoost311124Yagi Antenna 1900 Mhz Dual Polarity W/$47.13Details
756685zBoost311203Omni Building Mount Antenna$67.90Details
1028846zBoost472105Weboost Connect 3G - Omni Kit$467.09Details
718648zBoost901130Cup Holder Cradle Mount$26.99Details
870191zBoost971104Fme Female - Tnc Female Connector$8.44Details
705258zBoostYXC20KPANELVoice And Data Signal Kit Wall Mounted$2,913.74Details
793950zBoostZB246Home Accessory Kit For The Zb245 Mobile1$32.63Details