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Intrusion Security Systems

Power Supplies

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
10836322GIG Technologies2GIGAC3INTPLGPower Supply, Replacement, International Changeabl$20.12Details
10077902GIG Technologies2GIGVARAC5F/G, Power Supply, Usa, 2Gig Vario™$23.66Details
9665392GIG Technologies2GIGVARPS3AF/G, Power Supply, 3A Switching$124.11Details
9577602GIG Technologies2GIGVARPSUSAF/G, Power Supply, Usa, 2Gig Vario™$30.00Details
1008691Ademco / Honeywell SecurityTSSBU310031UTs Replacement Transformer$36.25Details
865411AiphoneSKK620A**Eol**6V Dc Power Supply,Call for Price.Details
582328Alarm ControlsAPS300FTAps-300 Pwr Sply In 14X9 Enclsre W/Eol F Fire Rely$216.50Details
322763Alarm Saf00001Snaptrack 2Tk2-48$59.51Details
582859Alarm SafBN4000ULBeacon Components, Power Supply Board, 12-24 Vdc,$270.00Details
117222Alarm SafPSSBFS24ULPw Spply Brd Only$317.26Details
934518Alpha CommunicationsBF640A6Foot Straight Cord--8 Pin--Black$20.46Details
118074Alpha CommunicationsBF641A20Foot Straight Cord-8 Pin--Black$29.62Details
1010856Alpha CommunicationsDS10016Ds100 Module With 16 Lamps+Tb$710.40Details
118998Altronix6062Multi-Function Timer, 12 Vdc Or 24 Vdc Operation,$20.36Details
118834Altronix606212Timer Mod,Programmable,12/24Dc$22.70Details
118844AltronixAL1024ACM22010A 8 Fuse Supply 220Vac$305.61Details
119011AltronixAL1024ULXPD16R8A 24Vdc 16 Fuse Out P/S Red$285.47Details
583248AltronixAL1024XR220Power Supply/Charger That Converts A Nom$260.26Details
118942AltronixAL300ULBPwr Suppl/ Chgr 12/24V 2.5 Amp. Power Supply / Charger. 12/24Vdc 2.5 Amp. Board Only. Ul Recognized Access Control$80.91Details
119018AltronixAL300ULMXUl Listed Power Sply 2.5Amps W/Mum$199.84Details
118945AltronixAL300ULPD8R12/24Vdx 2.5A W/Pd8 Red$220.09Details
836003AltronixAL800ULADAB**Eol** Sl800 Board Only$167.17Details
119495AltronixLPS3R12/24 2.5A W/Pwr Fail 18 Leads$56.23Details
118910AltronixOLS127Power Supply Board 12/24Vdc 4 Amp Ols Board$101.42Details
118394AltronixOLS300Off Line Switch P/S Charge 12Vdc @16A W/Int Transf$268.45Details
118914AltronixOLS350220Off-Line Switching Power Supply/Charger$309.29Details
1037445AltronixPD16RCB16 Output Pd Board Rack, Ptc$89.49Details
988838AltronixPDS88 Fused, 2 Input Pwr Dist Mod$33.97Details
118920AltronixPM224SMAltronix Pm224 24Vdc 1.0 Amp$29.90Details
119591AltronixR2416600ULRack Mount Power Supply 24Vac. Rack Mount Power Supply 24Vac. 16 Outputs 24 Or 28 Vac. 10 Amp$305.21Details
118711AltronixSMP10PMC12TXAltronix Smp-10Pmc12Tx Pwr Sup$263.24Details
119550AltronixSMP10PMC12XPD4Altronix Smp-10Pmc12Xpd4 10A$290.13Details
119315AltronixSMP10PMC12XPD82Altronix Power Supply 12 Volt$354.90Details
118712AltronixSMP10PMC12XXAltronix Sup. Power Supply /$258.75Details
119316AltronixSMP16C12XPD16Altronix 12 Volt Dc 16 Amp$421.81Details
119318AltronixSMP3ETKit Smp3 Bc100 Transformer. Kit Smp3 Bc100 Transformer$71.37Details
583387AltronixSMP3MOD1515Volt 2.5A Ps/Chgr$36.45Details
119554AltronixSMP3MOD18Modif Smp3 18Vlt @2.5Amp Pwr Suply Brd$38.00Details
119615AltronixSMP3MOD55Vdc 2.5Amp Power Supply$36.45Details
118715AltronixSMP3PMCTX220VAltronix Smp-3Pm With Cabinet,$165.61Details
119557AltronixSMP3PMP1612Vdc Or 24Vdc @2.5Amp 16Fused Otpts W/Grey Enclos$185.68Details
118716AltronixSMP3PMP16CB12Vdc Or 24Vdc@2.5Amp 16Ptc Outpts W/Grey Encl 13"$185.68Details
119558AltronixSMP3PMP412 Or 24 Vdc @ 2.5 Amp 4 Fused Outputs Gray Enclos$164.81Details
118718AltronixSMP3PMP8CB12 Or 24 Volt Dc @2.5 Amps 8 Ptc Outputs$167.79Details
119561AltronixSMP5BCRplcmnt Board F/Ax-Altv1224Dc$59.65Details
118720AltronixSMP5EAltronix Smp-5 W/Enclosure$73.75Details
119698AltronixSMP5MOD18Altronix Smp5Mod18$53.30Details
118722AltronixSMP5PMCTX220Altronix Power Supply / 220$184.03Details
119563AltronixSMP5PMCTXFIDAltronix Smp-5Pmctx Inc Smp5Pm$169.12Details
119327AltronixSMP5PMCTXPD4FIDAltronix Smp5Pmctxpd4Fid Spvsd$220.35Details
836968AltronixSMP5PMCTXPD8*Eol* 8 Output Power Supply$210.88Details
119564AltronixSMP5PMCTXXAltronix P.S. W/ Xl Cabinet$177.48Details
119699AltronixSMP5PMP1612Vdc Or 24Vdc @4Amp 16Fused Otpts W/Grey Enclosu$195.37Details
119565AltronixSMP5PMP4Pwr Supply/ Chrgr 12/24V 4 Amp. Power Supply / Charger. 12/24Vdc 4 Amp. 4 Fused Outputs, W/ Enclosure. Low Battery Supervision$174.50Details
119701AltronixSMP5WP*Eol*Single Output, 12 Or 24Vdc @ 4 Amp$216.26Details
119333AltronixSMP7PMP812 Or 24 Volt 6 Amp 8 Output$237.13Details
583392AltronixT110300WP220Altronix Power Supply 220Vac-110Vac$178.96Details
119580AltronixT2428100CP24/28 Vac 100Va Transformer In Cabinet$88.66Details
850625AltronixWAYPOINT10ADU24Vac @ 4A Or 28Vac @ 3A,4 Ptc Outputs.115/230Vac$164.81Details
742745AltronixWAYPOINT17A4DUPower Supply, Cctv, 24 Vac At 7.25 Amps Or 28 Vac$174.82Details
1044090AltronixWAYPOINT17ADUCctv Power Supply, 2 Output, Outdoor, 24Vac @ 7.25$171.93Details
953523American Dynamics / RobotSP5606005801Power Supply, Sw, Atx12V, 510W, 2U, Sng$395.48Details
789486American FibertekPS5V3APower Supply For Mtx-Usb 2.0$96.22Details
853435American FibertekPS5VCPower Supply For Mrx-Usb 2.0$64.15Details
945724Axis CommunicationsEXPOWERSUPPLYULThe Power Supply Is Ul Certified And Mad$7,904.39Details
1064952Axis CommunicationsT8005POWERSUPPLY5V5WUSBSwitching Power Supply, 5W With Microusb$50.90Details
1036182Belden Wire9BG1101001Power Strip Assembly, 10 Out, 20 Amp.$353.89Details
901409Bolide Technology GroupBP0004S1500*Eol*12Vdc 1500 Ma Power Supply$12.59Details
135926Bosch SecurityAPSPBC60Amc Power Supply Selectable 12Vdc @ 5 A Or 24Vdc @ 2.5 A, With Cables$304.59Details
135003Bosch SecurityD113Supervision Module, Battery Lead $63.87Details
135517Bosch SecurityD1218Battery, 12 V, 18 Ah Security Escort $64.25Details
136003Bosch SecurityD126Battery, 12 V, 7 Ah $24.33Details
135397Bosch SecurityD8004Transformer Kit, Ul $43.07Details
970010Bosch Security (CCTV)APD4PLUSEv Branded Antenna/Power Distribution Sy$493.87Details
993743Bosch Security (CCTV)PAM4Power Supervision Module 9-40Vdc$17.88Details
142276CBC America / ComputarC12DCR500Power Supply, 12 Vdc, 500Ma, Regulated $13.66Details
141429CBC America / ComputarC24ACPower Supply, 24 Vac, 400 Ma $10.44Details
144250CBC America / ComputarC24AC40Power Supply, 24 Vac, 40Va $13.66Details
142696CBC America / ComputarPS1621APower Supply, 16 Output, 200 Va $158.10Details
143277CBC America / ComputarPS411APower Supply, 4 Output, 100 Va $70.87Details
142697CBC America / ComputarPS811APower Supply, 8 Output, 100 Va $89.95Details
141849CBC America / ComputarPS821APower Supply, 8 Output, 175 Va $123.35Details
597896Chamberlain Professional / Sentex3200001Power Cord 6Ft 18Ga.3Cond$16.02Details
597907Chamberlain Professional / Sentex4050120Power Supply System$93.14Details
598101Chamberlain Professional / SentexPPWRUPSAPCBP350Backup Power Supply 110V Ac$213.23Details
147097Channel VisionCVT40BIDRf Amplifier-40Db-Gain$251.50Details
148729Compulan / Digital ID ViewDSP912V9 Output 12V Dc Power Unit$157.29Details
156453Cooper / WheelockPS6EXPPower Supply With Expansion$587.34Details
753129Cooper / WheelockPSEOLPower Supply End Of Line Resistor Kit$58.10Details
414268Costar Video SystemsCMC19PSPower Supply 12V Dc 3.33AmpCall for Price.Details
182183Cyrex Networks / Comelit1451Vip Series Poe Power Supply Unit For Mon$216.50Details
872027Cyrex Networks / Comelit2602Style 5 Kit Expansion Headset-Basic Versn(5 Wires)$31.57Details
608523Cyrex Networks / Comelit395ULPower Supply 0-110/0-12 (4 Din Modules)$41.51Details
414580Dedicated MicrosVC11009VDCUS9 Volt Power Supply$25.77Details
158501Direct UPSSP6SSurge Protector 6 Outlet W/1Mov$14.27Details
611280D-Link SystemsDPS600Redundant Power Supply Unit, 500 Watt Rp$612.05Details
979665Dortronics1215130Power Supply$148.18Details
184134DotworkzKTCDRSPower Supply$371.40Details
160027DSI / Designed SecurityPSAC16Transformer, Plug-In, Led, W/ Basic Surge Protecti$15.74Details
979425Everfocus4K01XX64104001GEhd730 4Pin 640Mm Bnc+Dc$5.17Details
774868EverfocusPBOXA30Power Junction Box For Ehd700, Ehd730, A$33.22Details
767977EverfocusPBOXA30WPbox-A30 White Junction Box For Ehd930$33.22Details
312872Flair ElectronicsPS2003 Amp Power Supply For Fence Vibration$333.36Details
164142GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityAL1688Battery Backup And Power Supply 24V 2.5A$327.35Details
758516GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityAVPS12VAdvisor 12Vdc 2A Power Supply$30.31Details
176228GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityCCPS206012 Volt 60 Watt Power Supply$72.49Details
188478GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityHCP12SULCMoose Hcp12Sulc Power Supply$129.95Details
188479GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityHDCLK01CMiniature Cam Lock, Key # 105$15.15Details
188626GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityPD12VDC15UPower Supply For Switches$26.13Details
875080GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityPS56VDC65WUS56Vdc 65Watt Power Supply$34.67Details
165157GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTPZMOD3Host Pc Modem External 33.6K$286.83Details
907613GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityZWPS9VPower Supply, 9 Vdc, 2A, Zerowire$15.78Details
988761GFX PowerPC4204Incl/Pc4204,Pc5003C,Bd712,$100.41Details
957380GFX PowerPC5204Incl/Pc5204,Pc5003C,Bd712,$94.92Details
1058941GFX PowerPS121AGUARDKit Mipbw98,Altal624,Bd712,$48.29Details
1022871GFX PowerPS123AGUARDKit Mipbw99,Altsmp3,Ptd1640U,$69.01Details
953247GFX PowerPS243AGUARDKit Mipbw99, Altsmp3, Altt2885$109.12Details
1032200GFX PowerPS245AGUARDKit Mipbw99,Altsmp5,Altt28140$137.77Details
1022386GFX PowerPSCCTV4Incl/Dscptd1640U,Dscbd712,$85.65Details
1016984GFX PowerPSCR123GUARDKit Mipbw99,Altlps3,Bd712,Ptd$77.84Details
189495Golden State InstrumentGS12VDC3A412 Volt Dc Power Supply 4 Outputs$30.00Details
722102GRI Telemark8065R12Volt/500Ma Regulated Power Supply$23.99Details
940767GRI TelemarkEDBP240CHARGERBattery Pack Charger For Bp240Rtxl$770.89Details
1079406Hikvision USA101700200Atx Power, Dps-200Pb-176 C, 200W, 8Sata$104.23Details
346874Hochiki America010009760120Vac Firenet Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
346871Hochiki America050002310FN1024ULXR10Amp Auxiliary Power Supply, RedCall for Price.Details
310404Hochiki America050002314FN1024ULXC10Amp Auxiliary Power Supply,CharcoalCall for Price.Details
834876Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTPSUDIN2AProtege Din Rail 12Vdc 2A Intelligent Po$243.75Details
833038Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTPSUDIN4AProtege Din Rail 12Vdc 4A Intelligent Po$429.89Details
747025International Electronics / IEI0299117RUPower In Power Supply$67.19Details
817668IQInvisionFMCTRMB2-Port Mini Media Converter; 10/100 Mbps$500.09Details
461110KantechINTEVOADVPSIntevo Adv &Amp; Cmp External Power Supply$108.25Details
270614KBC NetworksFR3ABRPAccessory, 3Ru 19 Inch Chassis Card Cage For Up To$1,005.55Details
636116KBC NetworksPS2000FWAAccessory, Power Supply, 2A, 12 Vdc, Standard Us P$20.72Details
718441LifeSafety PowerFP075D8E4M1Power Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$466.70Details
899211LifeSafety PowerFP075D8PE2MPower Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$321.69Details
917378LifeSafety PowerFP075E1Power Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$210.87Details
1039488LifeSafety PowerFPO1502502B1002C82D8E8APower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$1,328.79Details
736885LifeSafety PowerFPO1502502C8E8SPower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$1,245.50Details
1042929LifeSafety PowerFPO1502502D8P2M8PNL4E4MPower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$1,173.29Details
933359LifeSafety PowerFPO1502502D8P2M8PNL4E8SPower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$1,617.38Details
1081356LifeSafety PowerFPO1502502M8PNL4E8MPower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$1,507.81Details
1021183LifeSafety PowerFPO1502506M8P2NL4E8LPower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$2,398.29Details
936424LifeSafety PowerFPO150250B1002M8NL4E8VPower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$1,603.49Details
974755LifeSafety PowerFPO150250B1002M8PNL4E8MPower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$1,551.01Details
853717LifeSafety PowerFPO150250C82D8E4M1Power Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$804.12Details
929622LifeSafety PowerFPO1502B100C8D8E4APower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$638.37Details
877035LifeSafety PowerFPO1502B100D8E2Power Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$428.37Details
876367LifeSafety PowerFPO1502D8PE8M1Power Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$1,060.93Details
919734LifeSafety PowerFPO1502D8PNL2E8M1Power Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$1,219.84Details
638124LifeSafety PowerFPO150B100C4E2Fpo150 B100 | With C4 | E2 Encl$403.35Details
764461LifeSafety PowerFPO150B100C8E2Power Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$418.35Details
738763LifeSafety PowerFPO150B100D8PM8PNL4E2MPower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$773.63Details
783336LifeSafety PowerFPO150B100M8NL4E4M1Power Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$884.38Details
925073LifeSafety PowerFPO150B100M8PNL4E4M1Power Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$884.38Details
867828LifeSafety PowerFPO150C8E2MPower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$426.69Details
886135LifeSafety PowerFPO150D8PE8MPower Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$890.80Details
758152LifeSafety PowerFPO200C8D8E2Power Supply Board 200W, 16A/12V Or 8A/2$426.69Details
845024LifeSafety PowerFPO2502502503D8PE4Power Supply Board 250W, 20A/12V Or 10A/$863.51Details
764882LifeSafety PowerFPO2502502C8P2D8PNL2E8MPower Supply Board 250W, 20A/12V Or 10A/$1,425.58Details
902285LifeSafety PowerFPO2502502C8P2D8PNL4E8MPower Supply Board 250W, 20A/12V Or 10A/$1,415.21Details
854462LifeSafety PowerFPO2502502D8PE2Power Supply Board 250W, 20A/12V Or 10A/$611.70Details
638229LifeSafety PowerFPO2502D82F8E2Power Supply Board 250W, 20A/12V Or 10A/$480.03Details
638232LifeSafety PowerFPO2502D8E4MIs Power Supply Board 250W, 20A/12V Or 1$526.69Details
741659LifeSafety PowerFPO2502D8PE2Power Supply Board 250W, 20A/12V Or 10A/$408.36Details
748988LifeSafety PowerFPO2503C4D8E4M1Power Supply Board 250W, 20A/12V Or 10A/$699.79Details
744051LifeSafety PowerFPO250C82D8E2Power Supply Board 250W, 20A/12V Or 10A/$473.35Details
638320LifeSafety PowerFPO25D8E5Fpo25 Ps | With D8 | E2M Encl$198.79Details
779760LifeSafety PowerFPO751504M82NL4E4M1Power Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$1,535.59Details
638329LifeSafety PowerFPO75150C4D8E1Four Door Access Control 12&24Volt 75W/1$443.37Details
881730LifeSafety PowerFPO75150C8E4SPower Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$608.38Details
865218LifeSafety PowerFPO75250E8SPower Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$1,044.88Details
959793LifeSafety PowerFPO752E2MPower Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$455.02Details
713369LifeSafety PowerFPO75752D8E4MPower Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$503.36Details
925167LifeSafety PowerFPO75752D8NL2E2Power Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$551.70Details
938044LifeSafety PowerFPO75B1002D8E1Power Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$306.68Details
824029LifeSafety PowerFPO75B100D8E1Power Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$278.36Details
1012833LifeSafety PowerFPO75B100M8PNL4E2MPower Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$677.33Details
638405LifeSafety PowerFPO75D8E575W 6A/12, 3A/24 8 Aux Out E5$207.42Details
870270LifeSafety PowerFPO75D8PE1MPower Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$296.69Details
818113LifeSafety PowerFPO75D8PE4MPower Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$383.35Details
951306LifeSafety PowerFPX200A1502A8P2D82C8E2200Va Toroid Transformer 16-18V Output |$591.71Details
952874LifeSafety PowerFPX200A250A82C8NL2E2200Va Toroid Transformer 16-18V Output |$688.56Details
729306LifeSafety PowerISCAN1508Power Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$677.33Details
713343LifeSafety PowerRGM75D8PRack Mountable Power Supply$598.36Details
812951LifeSafety PowerRGM75D8PZGemini™ Rgm Series Is A Ul/Cul Listed Me$667.71Details
200897Linear CorporationSNR000321-Ch Rec W/Relay Output$58.62Details
639744Louroe ElectronicsAD6PSPower Supply, 15V, 12A, For Dg25 Duress Guard Base$828.92Details
947479Meridian TechnologiesWP24110 V / 220 V Ac Power Supply$35.80Details
303883MG ElectronicsMGT9500SPS9V/Dc 500Ma Switching Power Supply$11.04Details
840720Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP192CHARGERExternal Battery Pack Charger, Ed5-20Kva Series, F$730.60Details
730974Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP240CHARGERExternal Battery Pack Charger, Ed5-20Kva Series, F$746.58Details
275389Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD1020HVLPdu With (10) 20 Amp Receptacles, 1U Horizontal/0U$69.99Details
236837NapcoNPAMOD8Access Power Controller$91.69Details
921427NapcoNPDMOD8OUT**Eol** 8 Out Power Distribution$29.06Details
205009NapcoNPK3AS24V8O3A, 24V Sup Ps In Lg Enclosure$189.90Details
276154NapcoNPK5AS24V8O5A, 24V Sup Ps In Lg Enclosure$198.09Details
276155NapcoNPK7AS24V8O7A, 24V Sup Ps In Lg Enclosur$306.15Details
942878NapcoNPLPS624VDC*Eol* Discontinued: No Replacement$12.51Details
276156NapcoNPP10A10 Amp Power Supply$136.74Details
236841NapcoNPP10ASUP10 Amp Supervised Power Supply$125.41Details
205022NapcoPS3000Power Supply, Auxiliary, 4 Amp $296.82Details
205023NapcoPS3002Power Supply, Ul <$131.74Details
237105NetMediaXFR48100WPower Supply 48Vdc 2.5A 100Watt$82.19Details
205503NitekPS115Power Supply- 28Vac, 10 Amp, 1 Ru High$420.84Details
902644NVT / Network Video TechnologiesNVEC48PWRCleer Accessory, Power Supply, Ec-Link, 48V Dc, 48$72.16Details
787139NVT / Network Video TechnologiesNVPL1000PWRCleer Accessory, Extra Power Supply, 1000 Watt $451.53Details
885680NVT / Network Video TechnologiesNVPLDCCBLCleer Accessory, Dc Cable, For Power Wise Power Sh$48.17Details
1028356On-Q / LegrandDA1104NP802.11Ac Wap - No Pwr Kit$238.95Details
1011406On-Q / LegrandHA7058TMIntuity Kit$541.92Details
883187On-Q / LegrandHA7424Intuity Kit With Z-Wave &Amp; Rflc Bridge (I$518.04Details
765970On-Q / LegrandHA7440Intuity Kit With Z-Wave Bridge (Includes$425.26Details
653493On-Q / LegrandVM11001 Output Two Way Amp W/Pwr Supply$46.52Details
238614OptexSMP3TPhotoelectric Detector Accessory, Tower Power Supp$104.23Details
234875Pegasus ProductsPPS241810Power Supply, Regulated, 18-Output, 5 Amp, 24 Vac$90.92Details
280539Pico MacomMPCPSF1216Mini Power Supply$165.94Details
728413Potter ElectricXF1220**Eol** 20Va Transformer$7.02Details
242539Power-SonicPS640F1Powersonic Ps64F 6V 4.5A.H.$11.15Details
248206Power-SonicPSC12800A12V 0.08 Amp Battery$60.21Details
281081Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2444WWeatherproof 4Output 24Vac 4Amp Ps Enclsd In Nema4$136.32Details
336345Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1543L6-15Vdc,4 Output,2.5Amps,Small Encl(Req.Trnfmr)Ul$74.19Details
281091Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAC83Combo 24Vac/12Vdc Power Supply$158.76Details
242576Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS3OLDB88 Output Access Control Power Supply 3Amp Ac Fail$157.15Details
300548Preferred Power ProductsP3PS10SU12 Or 24Vdc, 10 Amps, Ac Fail, Low Batte$133.74Details
281105Preferred Power ProductsP3PS56, 12 Or 24 Vdc, 5 Amp Power Supply Boar$48.17Details
300544Preferred Power ProductsV13A18V-Series - 12 Vdc, 18 Out, 13 Amp, Ul Li$100.79Details
336335Preferred Power ProductsV5A4BV-Series - 12 Vdc, 4 Out, 5 Amp, Ul List$52.93Details
336334Preferred Power ProductsV5A9V-Series - 12 Vdc, 9 Out, 5 Amp, Ul List$56.54Details
242979Pulnix / TakexPB30TK100' / 200' Double Modulated Dual Beam$125.08Details
1012081QolsysQS8510P01Iq Translator Power Supply$16.30Details
498107RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBPS15110-230 Vac/15Vdc Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
1081439Resolution ProductsRE012STranformer, 9Vac, 300Ma, With Securing S$8.51Details
752680Rosslare Security Products / RSPPSDC151215Vdc / 800Ma - Wall Adaptor - Switch Mo$8.42Details
679844RSI Video Technologies / videofiedPP4Power Adapter, 12V Dc, W/ 4 E95 Vp Call for Price.Details
905861RSI Video Technologies / videofiedPP5Power Adapter, 12V Dc Call for Price.Details
997315Saf-ComAPS10AAuxillar Power Supply, 10 Amps$661.30Details
818329Schlage / Allegion7705PTDO6892Yalenorton 7705 Ptdo 689 2 120V Pwrtrck,$1,177.51Details
776473Schlage / AllegionCS466493Von Duprin Ps914-4Rl Ps914-4Rl Pwr Sup W$708.15Details
248345Seco-LarmCA161TPwr Connector.Male Dc Plug With Terminal Block$1.48Details
218215Seco-LarmST24063AQPwr Supply Charger Provides 6, 12 Or 24 Vdc Output$34.89Details
261309Seco-LarmST24067AQPower Supply Charger. Provides 6, 12 Or 24 Vdc Reg$78.58Details
285799Seco-LarmSTHB105TTQ500Ma Voltage Booster 7-24 Vdc To 12/24$27.41Details
218310Seco-LarmSTUV28T350QOutput Voltage: 24Vac/350Va. Input Volta$110.64Details
285911SecuritronAQM208FAccupower 20/10A 12/24 And/Or Supervised Pwr Supply Charger 8 Fused Out$389.54Details
248683SecuritronAQU1268C1RPower Supply, 6 Amps, 12 Vdc, (8) Ptc Outputs, 1 F$289.35Details
218418SecuritronAQU1288C1RPower Supply, 8 Amps, 12 Vdc, (8) Ptc Outputs, 1 F$298.11Details
218586SecuritronPS2410Power Suply Mdl 24/10$522.95Details
1053649SennetechSCTCTZPELCOPANASONIC24VOPTIONOptional 24V Regulator For Sct-Ctx Pelco$27.77Details
929059SignamaxFODC1848120WIndust 48V Dc Din-Mt Pwr Suply$225.05Details
985702S-O-S ElectronicsAAP1281Power Supply W 1.3 Ah Battery$69.50Details
930934Taiwan Panda InternationalPC42044 Output P/S For Pc4020 ( Non Ulc )$83.30Details
956980Taiwan Panda InternationalPC52001A @ 12Vdc Power Supply$61.70Details
1034796Taiwan Panda InternationalPS15201.5Amp 6-12Vdc Power Supply$19.04Details
1073673Taiwan Panda InternationalPS30203Amp 6-12Vdc Power Supply$27.84Details
929933Taiwan Panda InternationalPS3085Dsc Ps3085 3A Power Supply For$45.30Details
1070051Taiwan Panda InternationalSGPSC3Pwr Supply Controller (Syst3)$365.23Details
1034230Taiwan Panda InternationalSGPSU3Pwr Supply Unit (Syst3)$1,195.79Details
254840Trango SystemsJBOX2Spare Power Over Ethernet Injector$112.35Details
290424Trango SystemsPSUPPLY8Power Supply$112.35Details
950634TRENDnetTIS12048Din Rail 48V 120W Power Supply For Ti-Pg541$104.24Details
886737TRENDnetTIS24048240 W Single Output Industrial Din-Rail Power Supp$169.36Details
835082Tripp LiteAVR650UM650Va 325W Ups Desktop Battery Back Up Avr 120V Us$103.28Details
560332Tripp LiteP023001Ac Power Cord,5-15P/L5-15R,120V,Sjtw,14Awg,15A-1'$13.18Details
882424Tripp LiteSM3000RM2UTAA3000Va 2250W Ups Smart Rackmount Lcd Avr 120V Usb$1,553.74Details
228154Tripp LiteSMART1500RMXL2UASmart Pro Rack Tower Ups System$789.11Details
834518Tripp LiteSMART1500RMXLN1500Va 1350W Ups Smart Lcd Rackmount Avr 120V Usb$1,094.60Details
1005930USA Vision Systems47B2123AF90U2Optional Power Adapte$25.77Details
833386Veracity USARMPSU8WPower Harness, Modular, 8-Way, For Use With Psus $25.13Details
700139Veracity USAVHWDMBHighwire Accessory, Din Rail Mounting Bracket $23.46Details
700305Vicon Industries1215510001Vicon Industries 1215-5100-01 Ac Power A$77.56Details
847985Vicon IndustriesFMCTRMAMedia Converter Set, Mini, 2-Port, Multimode, 10/1$500.09Details
229642Viking ElectronicsPS1Power Supply 110V Ac – 13.8V Ac$17.19Details
998834Viking ElectronicsPS4Switching Power Supply$88.20Details
256468Viking ElectronicsPS48RGAPower Supply, 48V Talk Battery, 90Vac Ri$137.91Details
933230Visonic9103235Power G Powermaster Ip/Broadband Module,App Contrl$179.19Details
256618VisonicPMPSVisonic 9V 20Va Transformer/$8.76Details
826777VitekVT1205AD4BPower Supply, W/ Optional Backup Battery, 12 Vdc,Call for Price.Details
718658VitekVT1205AD4KPower Supply, 12 Vdc, 5 Amps, 4-Output, Ul-ListedCall for Price.Details
888495VitekVT1210AD9BPower Supply, W/ Optional Backup Battery, 12 Vdc,Call for Price.Details
926120VitekVT1230AD18Power Supply, 12 Vdc, 30 Amps, 18-Output, Ul-ListeCall for Price.Details
864673VitekVT2410AA9Power Supply, 24 Vac, 10 Amps, 9-Output, Ul-ListedCall for Price.Details
870634VitekVT2415AA18Power Supply, 24 Vac, 15 Amps, 18-Output, Ul-ListeCall for Price.Details
1052038Vivotek USA410016900GPower Source Adp$53.71Details
1059838Vivotek USA651001000GPower Cord$10.18Details
230872Winland Electronics12VDCTAccessory, Transformer, 12 Vdc $29.94Details
850399Winsted Manufacturing57708Control Box, For (4) Actuators $482.25Details
896673XtralisVPS100US220Vlp Power Supply 220V$473.35Details
903428ZKAccess / ZKTechnologyUSINBIO260BUNBundie, Inbio-260 In Metal Cabinet With Power Supp$746.43Details