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Intrusion Security Systems


ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
10788973M Electrical Products DivisionHD21RB120 Vac Alarm Relay 4X4Mnt$275.83Details
9428383M Electrical Products DivisionNDSENSORTx-6-Nd / Tx-12-Nd Nitrogen Dioxide Repl$190.16Details
9274833M Electrical Products DivisionRD65A Control Relay$582.50Details
113561Alarm Controls3024Relay, High Current, 30 Amp, Spdt Contacts, 24 Vac$28.79Details
113182Alarm Controls8006Alarm Cnt 8006 Plug-In Relay$38.19Details
113183Alarm Controls8007Acc 8007 Relay Base$14.65Details
113571Alarm Controls8024Alarm Controls 8024$15.03Details
113232Alarm ControlsJP25Push Plate, 5.5" Square, "Press To Exit" Ada Symbo$230.92Details
113709Alarm ControlsPS5144Pneumatic Time Delay Ada Symbol Blue Fill$270.62Details
804321Alarm ControlsPS5443Pneumatic Single Gang Push Plate Blue An$279.85Details
114058Alarm ControlsPT5111Push Plate, T Style, Pneumatic Time Delay, 1 N/O &$248.56Details
115236Alarm ControlsSPN42872Gss Holding Area 30Min Timer With Buzze$541.23Details
114499Alarm ControlsT7PTimer, Programmable, Six "On" & Six "Off" Times /$125.08Details
114500Alarm ControlsTALENTO800A.Controls Electronic Timer$294.73Details
114507Alarm ControlsTS13TAlc Ts13 Heavy Duty Vandal W/Timer$105.04Details
387722Alarm ControlsTS9TDUROTs-9 With 30 Sec Timer Duro$141.53Details
115514Alarm ControlsUT1Timer, Digital, Programmable, 6 To 18 Vdc $36.96Details
115083Alarm ControlsUT124Acc Ut124 Programmable Timer$40.19Details
115084Alarm ControlsUT1H1 - 8 Ut1 Timer Add Cap$56.46Details
359985Alarm Saf0020312/24 Vac/Dc$62.92Details
116137Alarm Saf0020784 Event Clock Timer Battery$106.92Details
117032Alarm Saf002086/12/24 Vdc/Dc 84 Event, Clock Timer,$137.77Details
117205Alarm SafFT247Clock Timer, 7-Day, Programmable, (42) Event, 6 /$81.69Details
117239Alarm SafTMRFT100Alarm Saf Tmrft100 Timer, 7$104.71Details
1079828Alpha Communications5000ECExpander Cabinet) - Ih996 - Cabinet For$610.04Details
1072907Alpha Communications5000RBRelay Board) - Ry912 - 12 Line Relay Boa$550.04Details
117538Altronix6030Timer, Programmable, Bell Cut-Off, 6 Or 12 Vdc, 5$15.10Details
118835Altronix606224Timer Mod,Programmable. Time Setting-40 Sec To 24 Hrs$22.68Details
118999Altronix6062MOD24Altronix Timer$24.41Details
117539Altronix6062MOD6Altronix Relay Module 6-Volt$21.11Details
118260Altronix6062NCTimer Mod,Timing Cycle 1/2Sec$23.19Details
118837Altronix6062SPTimer Multi-Purp 12/24Vdc-4Hr$22.70Details
117977AltronixB610Altronix Rb-610 Cluster Relay$30.13Details
118923AltronixPT2724ETimer 365 Day 24 Hour 2 Channel In Enclosure$147.66Details
119601AltronixRBSNP12 Or 24 Dpdt Polarized Relay$12.05Details
136007Bosch SecurityD130Relay Module, 5 Amp $23.18Details
596989Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX29Switching Network (For Use With Mag Lock$92.23Details
844812Chamberlain Professional / Sentex401SAT3RLYRBRelay Board For The Sat3$250.17Details
149477Corby86Digital Timer Contr Module. Programmable Relay 5Amp. Panic Latching Regular 24Vdc. 6-18Vdc 1.5Inch W X 2Inch L X. Use With 7000 Series$65.10Details
316012DamacRRA190963MU2 Post 8’ Relay Rack, Black$274.83Details
613233Dortronics52800FT06Fixed 30 Sec. Timer Board 12/24 Vdc$46.52Details
614675Dynalock226810ATSDSMDYNLEDRCTDUS28Classic Low Profile With Anti Tamper,Doo$473.23Details
160604Dynalock6800US28Narrow Style Push Plate With Pneumatic T$254.03Details
185293Edwards / GS Building Systems2000DCTRELDigital Clock Timer Relay$92.39Details
615692Edwards / GS Building Systems24A715Master Time &Amp; Program Clock$1,966.30Details
615694Edwards / GS Building Systems24ZB202" Digital Clock, Wireless Option$211.88Details
616768ESD / Electronic Security DevicesT619Timer, Universal, 12-28 Vdc, 0-60 Sec / 0-60 Min $26.03Details
176071GE Security / UTC Fire & Security702RU6" Mnt Base For 731U 6" Base$13.51Details
178051GRI TelemarkCC013030TWCurrent Controller, Ac Voltage, Uses 303$51.11Details
998302Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTPX16PCBProtege 16 Relay Output Expander$518.04Details
740389ISONAS Security SystemsACCSRM40SWSecondary Relay Module (4 Access Points)$40.72Details
307298Keri SystemsUL294Tamper Relay Board.$62.55Details
638556LifeSafety PowerRB2Auxiliary Relay Dpdt 2Aauto Voltag$14.27Details
954108Mircom TechnologiesMRIM500RDouble Form C Relay Control Module W/ Le$65.21Details
276077NapcoFWRM1Reversing Relay Module, Activates All Sounders In$27.39Details
302768NapcoGEMRM3008Remote Relay Module$157.35Details
276153NapcoNPDTM7D24HSingle Channel Annual Timer$64.68Details
225906NapcoNPDTM7D24HDDual Channel Annual Timer$120.05Details
236844NapcoNPRB1224VDC6Break-A-Way Relay 6 Pack$25.67Details
276161NapcoNPRB624VDCRelay Module$12.09Details
277632OptexEN4216MR16 Zone Inovonics Multi-Condition Receiver W/Relay$417.51Details
212075Potter ElectricARM90088 Auxiliary Relay Module$131.50Details
242967Pulnix / TakexMS12TEPir Dual Zone Veriable Angle To 90 Degrees$174.79Details
212771Pulnix / TakexPA15WE49.2' X 49.2' Wide Angle, N/C-N/O Form 1$190.83Details
242971Pulnix / TakexPA30NE98.5' Long Range N/C-N/O Form 1C Relay,$190.83Details
215264Rutherford Controls / RCI972LEFTD30AMO972-Led Eng/Frh 30 Sec Adjustable Timer$107.16Details
215265Rutherford Controls / RCI972LEFTD30MO972-Led Eng/Frh 30 Sec Fixed Timer$125.36Details
681411Rutherford Controls / RCITM3XTimer Board$64.16Details
258845Saf-ComSIGACRControl Relay Module$97.47Details
245812Safety Technology Inc. / STILT1ULLatching/Timer Module W/Ul$44.43Details
857152Schlage / AllegionCS485503Schl/Elect Eck400 Eck400 Ad Elevator Con$1,551.79Details
925113Schlage / AllegionPS9044RFAPs9044Rfa 4 Independent Ctrl Relays W/Fa$646.38Details
334018Seco-LarmSR1212C2ALQHigh-Sensitivity,Low Current Draw(15Ma)Relay Board$12.01Details
298365Seco-LarmSR1212C7ALQHigh-Sensitivity,Current Draw (60Ma)Relay Board$12.01Details
685485Senstar00BA0400Relay Output Card, Connects On Processor$658.76Details
883216Signamax06580SR10G300M10Gbasesr Sfp+ Module 850 Nm - Lc/Mm, 30$426.28Details
287645Silent KnightPAM27Amp Relay 12-24$14.17Details
221159SimonsVoss TechnologiesSRELADVSmart Rely 3063 Advanc$394.74Details
251446SpaceageMR199X13Dpdt 30A Heavy Duty Relay$29.93Details
221688SpaceageMR199X13CRelay Grey Cab-30Amp 24Dc$63.17Details
288127SpaceageMR199X14CRelay In Grey Cab--- 30 Amp, 120V, Dpdt$57.81Details
221694SpaceageMR708TRelay Q8 Trk 12-24V Polarised$64.82Details
296872SpaceageSSU701T12 – 24 Vdc 10Amp 1 Module Relay-Track M$9.74Details
221900SpaceageSSUMR111CRelay Cab Gry 24Vdc 20A Spdt$63.13Details
288203SpaceageSSUMR111TTrack Mounted 24Vdc Relay Spdt Polarized$54.43Details
251520SpaceageSSUMR701S10Amp Spdt 12/24Vdc Relay$11.68Details
263804SpaceageSSUMR704TSsumr704T Relay Trck Mnt 10Amp$41.93Details
687011SpaceageSSUMRITMTRelay For Inspect Test Maintenance- Sp$58.95Details
221916SpaceageSSUPAM4Rly Enc 9-40Vdc 10 Spdt Plrzd Red Led Ul$12.75Details
755917SpaceageSSUPAMEOLRRelay 12/24 Vdc End Of Line Relay 3Amp S$12.75Details
221917SpaceageSSUPAMSDRelay Enc 12Vdc 24Vdc 7A Spdt Polarized$12.75Details
994867Sperry WestSW1300IPIndustrial Wall Clock Ip,Onvif Compatible$722.22Details
1068037Sperry WestSW1300TVIIndustrial Wall Clock With High Definiti$264.60Details
1003089Taiwan Panda InternationalRL4LCQuad Relay Module - Low Current$25.29Details
1031529Taiwan Panda InternationalRM1CSingle Relay Module With Terminals.$8.40Details
956353Taiwan Panda InternationalRM1CULC12V Relay Module W/Terminals * Ulc *$8.79Details
1014597Taiwan Panda InternationalRM1ULSingle Relay Module With Wire Leads, Ul$11.43Details
1036215Taiwan Panda InternationalRM2End-Of-Line Power Supervision Relay (For$21.26Details
731989TOA ElectronicsTT104B304LTimer, Programmable, (4) Control Outputs, 1U, Blac$652.02Details
255359Tripp LiteRELAYIOCARDTripp Lite Programmable Relay I/O Card O$240.55Details
229583Viking ElectronicsCLDMA1212" Analog Clock Double Mount$113.86Details
291806Viking ElectronicsCLDMA1616In Analog Clock Double Mount$134.71Details
702715Viscount Communications2206340712 Position Relay Board$655.21Details
256629VisonicRL8Visonic Rl8 8 Relay Open Coll-$22.32Details
998048XtralisCH19210101Pro-Sbc Is 4 Ch, Switch/Prox. Detector R$363.03Details