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Intrusion Security Systems

Security Power Supplies

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
106348Adams RitePSLRLr Power Supply (Inc 29-0624 & 29-0623)$448.19Details
787780Ademco / Honeywell Security30004063V1Power Supply,9Vdc,2.5A$17.99Details
1026055Ademco / Honeywell Security30004705Power Supply For L5000$14.77Details
323205Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIPCAMWOPSIpcam-Wo Power Supply$11.29Details
111379Ademco SensorsAD12612Power Supply, 1.2 Amp 6-12Vdc$22.76Details
111041Ademco SensorsAD25624Power Supply, 2.5 Amp 12-24Vdc$59.02Details
1054387Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH19200101Xp Pro-Ps2 Is, Quad Channel 15V-20Ma Intrinsically$407.69Details
782122Alarm Saf03207Fire Alarm Input Module$100.79Details
975961Alarm Saf10021Bn6S4-004-Cmb16-Ul$986.69Details
907713Alarm Saf10054BN10002PD8UL$512.99Details
582847Alarm SafBN10002PD8FULPower Mgmt, Beacon, 12-24 Vdc, 10 Amps, 8 Fuse Pro$472.53Details
117181Alarm SafBN10003PD8FULPower Mgmt, Beacon, 12-24 Vdc, 10 Amps, 8 Fuse Pro$511.66Details
117052Alarm SafBN10003PD8ULPower Mgmt, Beacon, 12-24 Vdc, 10 Amps, 8 Ptc Powe$511.66Details
116178Alarm SafPS2402UL4Power Supply System, 24 Vdc, 2 Amps, (4) Fuse Prot$354.44Details
117423Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP1212412Amp Power Supply$445.49Details
117684Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP2124D24V 2 Amp Wall Mt Pwr Supply$118.99Details
118000Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP324DPwr Sup 250 Ma 24V$29.73Details
117887Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP61246Amp Power Supply Wall Mnt$275.39Details
118841AltronixAL100ULBReplacement Board For Al100Ul$40.59Details
118937AltronixAL1612C16Vac@1A 12Vdc@2.5A 12 Out$254.79Details
118938AltronixAL168175CBControl Panel Power Supply, 8-Output, 16 Vac At 10$140.99Details
117557AltronixAL168216Vac 12.5A 8 Fuse Out P/S$151.19Details
118634AltronixAL201ULT12Vdc Spvd Pwr Spl Chrg W/Xfmr$156.79Details
118941AltronixAL201ULXAl201Ul W/1656 115Vac,X$156.79Details
730112AltronixAL600PD422012/24Vdc 6A P/S W/Pd4 220V$254.79Details
118658AltronixAL62412CPower Supply-Charger, Linear Kit Includes: Al624,$50.21Details
118974AltronixAL62424CPower Supply-Charger, Linear Kit Includes: Al624,$75.96Details
117923AltronixAL624EPower Supply-Charger, Linear Kit Includes: Al624,$54.61Details
117924AltronixAL624ETPower Supply / Charger, Linear Kit Includes: 6 Vdc$59.35Details
117925AltronixAL624KAl624 Plus T1656 Transf Bc100 Enclos Bt124 Battery$78.39Details
119050AltronixAL624MOD18Al624 Modified For 18Vdc$16.48Details
583255AltronixAL624MOD3Power Supply 1 Amp 3 Volt 1 Output$16.48Details
117928AltronixAL624MOD5Sl624 Modified For 5 Volts$16.48Details
118985AltronixALTV161635016 Vac 22 Amp 16 Out Put Power Supply$207.19Details
119104AltronixALTV164175Power Supply 16Vac 4 Fused Outputs 11 Amp$116.19Details
119494AltronixLPS3C24XA24V Linear P/S W/Ac Supervison$169.39Details
118355AltronixLPS512Replacement Board For 5C12X$62.30Details
119389AltronixLPS524Board Only For Lps5C24X$62.30Details
388138AltronixPD8ICBIsolated 8 Ptc Dist$26.99Details
119305AltronixRBSNTTL66V Ultra Sens Rly 1 Ma Trgr$17.25Details
119310AltronixSM1BOECustom Power And Sound Module$604.79Details
322530AltronixSMP10C5XPower Supply 5Vdc 10 Amp In Cabinet$244.99Details
119547AltronixSMP10C6XPD86Vdc @ 10A 8Fuse Out Encl Ps$278.09Details
118423AltronixSMP10PM12P16Power Supply / Charger, Supervised, 12 Vdc, 10 Amp$243.87Details
118424AltronixSMP10PM12P4Power Supply / Charger, Supervised, 12 Vdc, 10 Amp$223.73Details
119548AltronixSMP10PM12P4CBPower Supply / Charger, Supervised, 12 Vdc, 10 Amp$223.73Details
118425AltronixSMP10PM12P8Power Supply / Charger, Supervised, 12 Vdc, 10 Amp$226.60Details
768864AltronixSMP10PM12P8CB2212Vdc,10A 8 Ptc Cab Ps 220V$243.59Details
118427AltronixSMP10PM24P16Power Supply / Charger, Supervised, 24 Vdc, 10 Amp$272.65Details
119611AltronixSMP10PM24P4CBPower Supply / Charger, Supervised, 24 Vdc, 10 Amp$252.50Details
119549AltronixSMP10PM24P8Power Supply / Charger, Supervised, 24 Vdc, 10 Amp$255.37Details
359447AltronixSMP10PMC12X22012Vdc,10A Spvisd Cab Ps 220V I$233.79Details
119613AltronixSMP3CTXPower Supply W/ Charger, 12 / 24 Vdc At 2.5 Amps,$124.74Details
119317AltronixSMP3EPower Supply-Charger, High Current, Kit Includes:$59.35Details
712998AltronixSMP3EK1Oem Ps Kit For Diebold$83.99Details
736466AltronixSMP3EK2Ps Kit For Diebold W/ Relay$97.99Details
119319AltronixSMP3MOD16Power Supply 2.5 Amp Modified For 16Vdc$39.88Details
583388AltronixSMP3MOD9Smp3 Modified For 9Vdc$54.38Details
119556AltronixSMP3PMCTXFAlt Ver Smp3Pmctx W/Xfrmr$152.59Details
119559AltronixSMP3PMP812Vdc Or 24Vdc @ 2.5Amp 8Fused Outpts W/Grey Encl$173.59Details
119323AltronixSMP512D1 Amp At 12 Volt Dc 1.5 Amp At 5 Volt Dc$56.54Details
119324AltronixSMP5CTXPower Supply W/ Charger, 12 / 24 Vdc At 4 Amps, 11$145.88Details
119562AltronixSMP5MOD5Smp 5 Modified For 5 Vdc$55.83Details
583391AltronixSMP7MOD18Smp7 Modified For 18 Volts$102.19Details
119704AltronixSMP7PMCTXFPower Supply 7 Amp In Cabinet With Transformer$223.99Details
119568AltronixSMP7PMCTXXPower Supply 7 Amp Extra Large Cabinet W/Transform$223.99Details
119569AltronixSMP7PMP16CB12Vdc Or 24Vdc @6Amp 16Ptc Outputs W/Grey Enclosur$264.59Details
119332AltronixSMP7PMP4CB12Vdc Or 24Vdc @6Amp 4Ptc Outputs W/Grey Enclosure$242.19Details
119570AltronixSMP7PMP822012 Or 24 Volt 6 Amp 8 Output 220 Volt Input$246.39Details
119707AltronixSMP7WP220Power Supply 12 Or 24V 6A Weaterprf Cab @220 Volts$275.39Details
119849AltronixTV1216150Altv1216150 12Vac 12Amp 16Out$270.19Details
119368AltronixVR3TM524Vdc 5Vdc@2A Terminal$41.33Details
742285APC / American Power Conversion0M7773BHardware Bag Ns 13U Rohs$74.19Details
1001188APC / American Power Conversion0N0923Fans, For Px1 Power Module$282.14Details
584838APC / American Power ConversionAP5823Integrated Rack Lcd/Kvm Usb Cable (17 Ft.)$123.19Details
950685APC / American Power ConversionAP8461Rack Pdu 2G, Metered-By-Outlet, Zerou, 5.7Kw, 208V$1,438.74Details
963399APC / American Power ConversionAP8481Rack Pdu 2G, Metered-By-Outlet, Zerou, 11.0Kw, 230$1,778.74Details
791614APC / American Power ConversionAP8962Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zerou, 20A, 208V 3Ph, (24)$1,141.39Details
936479APC / American Power ConversionAR3150WNetshelter Sx 42U 750Mm Wide X 1070Mm Deep Enclosu$1,906.24Details
123562APC / American Power ConversionAR7305ANetshelt Sx 42U 1070 Split Feedthru Sidepnl Blk 2$477.89Details
322154APC / American Power ConversionAR7588Vert Cbl Mngr Netshlt Sx 48 2$394.19Details
584985APC / American Power ConversionAR8356Netshelter 13U Glass Door$159.59Details
322150APC / American Power ConversionAR8579Grommet/Edge Prot Netshltr/4M$35.53Details
585025APC / American Power ConversionBN4001Back-Ups Es 450Va/257Wa Input 120V/Output 120V 5' Cord Usb Int Prt (4/4)$0.02Details
585027APC / American Power ConversionBN700MCApc Pwr-Sav Bck-Ups Ns,8-Otlt$124.59Details
806847APC / American Power ConversionC20BApc Av C Type 8 Outlet Power Filter, 120V$85.39Details
758286APC / American Power ConversionG35T10KF1B2SGe Galaxy 3500 10Kva 208V With 1 Battery Module Ex$9,913.71Details
857108APC / American Power ConversionG35T15KF2B2SMge Galaxy 3500 15Kva 208V With 2 Battery Modules,$11,475.31Details
722378APC / American Power ConversionG35T30KF3B4SMge Galaxy 3500 30Kva 208V With 3 Battery Modules$15,985.65Details
123854APC / American Power ConversionISX888174002Isx88174-003 Kit$38,303.11Details
123008APC / American Power ConversionP1TEssential Surgearrest 1 Outlet W/Tel 120V Rohs$16.49Details
751411APC / American Power ConversionSBPSU10K20HC1M1WPApc Smart-Ups Vt Maintenance Bypass Panel 10-20Kva 400V$437.39Details
1045103APC / American Power ConversionSRT5KXLTIECApc Smart-Ups Srt 5000Va 208V Iec$4,577.43Details
870432APC / American Power ConversionSURTD3000RMXLIApc Smart-Ups Rt 3000Va Rm 230V$2,764.99Details
585262APC / American Power ConversionSURTD3000XLIApc Smart Ups Rack Mount 3000Va Ups On-Line$0.02Details
388644APC / American Power ConversionSY100K250DSymmetra Px 100Kw Scalable To 250Kw W/O Maint Byps$79,563.51Details
122163APC / American Power ConversionSY80K100FSymmetra Px 80Kw To 100Kw Scalable N+1,208V,Xr Battery Enclosure$68,119.91Details
585315APC / American Power ConversionSYPD12Symmetra Lx/Rm 208/240V Backplate Kit$280.79Details
122374APC / American Power ConversionUTS10BIApc Universal Transfer Switch 10 Circuit 120/240V$649.34Details
123278APC / American Power ConversionUTSHW$39.14Details
126123Atlas SoundECM20MPower Conditioner, (2) Outlets, 20 Amps, Active Le$131.57Details
408977Atlas SoundTSDDCPDDc Power Distribution, Tsd, 1 In 6 Out Configurati$39.14Details
136993Bosch SecurityP6602Accessory, Input / Output Cable, For D6600 $15.63Details
597053Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXPS10ULPower Supply 1 Amp Output 12 Or 24Vdc Ulc Listed$170.79Details
145164Channel VisionA0301CAT5Audio System Univ.Input$78.39Details
147056Channel VisionA0910Crescendo Kit$223.99Details
316619Comnet Data CablingCCHCP12A76 Port Panel Lc Duplex$144.19Details
1037159Comnet Data CablingCCHCP12E4Corning Multimode 50/125 Sc Duplex 12 Fiber Adapte$134.39Details
147716Comnet Data CablingCCHCP12E7Corning Multimode 50/125 Sc Duplex 12 Fiber Adapte$141.39Details
607416Cooper / Wheelock100737Board Only For The Sp40S-D Cn109781$911.29Details
316301Cooper / WheelockSP40SDSafepath Communication System, Multi-Function Faci$1,642.28Details
617076Eveready Industrial / EnergizerCHFCEnergizer Universal Charger$35.53Details
174775Functional DevicesPSB100AB10Pwr Supply,100Va,120 -24Vac,Class 2 W/10A Breaker$72.79Details
892635Functional DevicesPSH2C2RB10Enclosed Ups Interface Board W/Status$194.59Details
623244Functional DevicesPSH300AEnclosed 3-100Va 120/240/277/480-24Vac Ul Class$261.79Details
771065Functional DevicesPSH40ANWB10Enc 40Va 120 To 24Vac Ul Class 2 Pwr Supp Sec Wire$63.70Details
312665Functional DevicesPSMN500APwr Supply,120/240/277/480 To 24Vac,Modular 5-100V$275.79Details
795745GRI Telemark10972W102B-12 Biased Switch White W/2 470K Resistors$19.49Details
448305Hochiki America010003330FNPS48Th Edition Firenet Pwr SupplyCall for Price.Details
180993Honeywell Power ProductsHPL624Sel Ps 6-12Vdc@1.2A/24Vdc@.75A$15.99Details
792867International Electronics / IEI0291324RUPIP24VDC24Vdc 1Amp Plug In Power Spply$29.99Details
195714International Electronics / IEIPIP12VDCRUPower Supply, Plug-In, 12 Vdc $22.10Details
214055International Electronics / IEIPIP24VDCRUPip: Switch Mode Plug-In-Power Supply 24$27.33Details
840650Kwikset99090003909 11P Smt Cp$4.32Details
766027LifeSafety PowerA05202ATM5FUSESQty 25 Atm-5 Fuses$26.25Details
908409LifeSafety PowerA05203ATM75FUSESQty 25 Atm-7.5 Fuses$26.25Details
753885LifeSafety PowerA05204ATM10FUSESQty 25 Atm-10 Fuses$26.25Details
743882LifeSafety PowerA05205ATM15FUSESQty 25 Atm-15 Fuses$26.25Details
913138LifeSafety PowerA05206ATM30FUSESQty 25 Atm-30 Fuses$26.25Details
789237LifeSafety PowerA05302CAMLOCKSETSQty 2 Camlock Sets With Keys$16.15Details
637977LifeSafety PowerF8PFlexpower Building Blocks, 8 Fai Controlled Output$33.80Details
638095LifeSafety PowerFPO1502C8E4150W, 16 Lock Outputs, E4 Enc$498.14Details
638099LifeSafety PowerFPO1502D8E1General Purpose Systems, 16 Auxiliary Outputs Fuse$298.20Details
638102LifeSafety PowerFPO1502D8PE1Access Control Power System, Flexpower, 16 Auxilia$298.20Details
638119LifeSafety PowerFPO150B1004C8E4150W 12&24Vdc 32Lck E4____________________________$656.09Details
638152LifeSafety PowerFPO150D8E1M150W 12A/12, 6A/24 8 Aux E1M$373.94Details
783889LifeSafety PowerFPO150D8E2Power Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$345.59Details
858747LifeSafety PowerFPO2502502N24NL4E2RNac Extndr 500W 4In 8Out Nl4$834.59Details
638223LifeSafety PowerFPO2502C8E4250W/20A/12/10A/24/16Lck E4$637.19Details
638234LifeSafety PowerFPO2502D8NL1E2250W 12V/24V 16Aux Nl1 E2$585.89Details
1017072LifeSafety PowerFPO2502D8PE8M1250W 12/24V 16Auxptc E8M1$1,124.49Details
931341LifeSafety PowerFPO2503C82D8E4250W 12/24V 24Lk 16Aux E4$666.89Details
638260LifeSafety PowerFPO250B1002D82C8E2250W 12&24V 16Lck 16Aux Out E2$595.34Details
721698LifeSafety PowerFPO250C8D8E8MAccess Control Power Supply, Flexpower, Mclass, 25$893.22Details
638295LifeSafety PowerFPO250D8E1General Purpose Systems, 8 Auxiliary Outputs Fused$310.19Details
830041LifeSafety PowerFPO250D8E2250W 20A/12, 10A/24 8Auxout E2$376.64Details
720715LifeSafety PowerFPO250D8E4250W 20A/12, 10A/24 8Auxout E4$426.59Details
638301LifeSafety PowerFPO250D8PE2Fpo250 Ps | With D8P | E2 Encl$387.44Details
738349LifeSafety PowerFPO250D8PE4250W 20A/12, 10A/24 8Aux Pl E4$440.09Details
638302LifeSafety PowerFPO250E1Single Voltage System, Flexpower, 250W Power Suppl$283.22Details
638317LifeSafety PowerFPO253D8E225W 12 Or 24Vdc 24 Lck Outs E2$322.64Details
827389LifeSafety PowerFPO751509D8PE4225W Dv 72 Aux Outs Class 2 E4$682.49Details
638347LifeSafety PowerFPO752D8E1General Purpose Systems, 16 Auxiliary Outputs Fuse$243.98Details
638349LifeSafety PowerFPO753D8E275W 12A/12, 6A/24 24Aux E2 Enc$333.44Details
638408LifeSafety PowerFPO75D8PE1Access Control Power System, Flexpower, 8 Auxiliar$216.01Details
638410LifeSafety PowerFPO75D8PE275W 6A/12, 3A/24 8 Aux Ptc E2$272.69Details
638415LifeSafety PowerFPO75E1RFire Protection Power System, 75W Power Supply, 6A$189.59Details
638419LifeSafety PowerFPO75E5Power Supply Board 75W, 6A/12V Or 3A/24V$181.99Details
813406LifeSafety PowerFPO75E8L75W 6A/12V Or 3A/24V E8L Encl$880.09Details
1022685LifeSafety PowerFPO75NL2E175W 6A/12 3A/24 Network Mon E1$375.29Details
638480LifeSafety PowerISCAN16SAccess Control Power System, Flexpower Iscan, 150W$750.36Details
638527LifeSafety PowerNPE130DRPoe Power Product, Netpower, Extractor, 48V Poe To$76.15Details
638530LifeSafety PowerNPM130Poe Power Product, Netpower, Poe Midspan Injector,$69.93Details
638531LifeSafety PowerNPM130DRPoe Power Product, Netpower, Poe Midspan Injector,$76.15Details
638560LifeSafety PowerRD150Rackmount Dc System, Flexpower, Dc 12V@12A Or 24V@$334.17Details
638567LifeSafety PowerRD15016NRackmount Dc System, Flexpower, Dc 12V@12A Or 24V@$629.37Details
638568LifeSafety PowerRD1508Rck Mnt Dc 12V@12A/24V@6A With 8 Egress Lock Outpt$389.61Details
638570LifeSafety PowerRD250Rackmount Dc System, Flexpower, Dc 12V@20A Or 24V@$362.64Details
638571LifeSafety PowerRD25016Rackmount Dc System, Flexpower, Dc 12V@20A Or 24V@$428.57Details
638575LifeSafety PowerRD25025016NRackmount Dc System, Flexpower, Dc Dual Voltage, 1$894.66Details
638578LifeSafety PowerRD2508Rackmount Dc System, Flexpower, Dc 12V@20A Or 24V@$404.60Details
638580LifeSafety PowerRD75Rackmount Dc System, Flexpower, Dc 12V@6A Or 24V@3$278.17Details
638581LifeSafety PowerRD751508Rackmount Dc System, Flexpower, Dual Voltage: 12V@$537.96Details
638582LifeSafety PowerRD7516Rackmount Dc System, Flexpower, Dc 12V@6A Or 24V@3$335.66Details
639223Linear Corporation25002307Mtr-L Psc 1/2H 1P Odp R/Cf 115$372.59Details
272836Linear Corporation25002309Mtr-L Psc 3/4H 1P Odp R/Cf 115$392.84Details
210545Linear Corporation2520300Safety Edge, 3 Foot, For Gates $172.77Details
274449MG ElectronicsMG12303APower Supply 12Vdc 3 Amp Table Top$34.08Details
202806MG ElectronicsMGT121AR12Volt Dc 1Amp Regulated Power Supply Ul Listed$11.53Details
202810MG ElectronicsMGT12500SPS12Vdc 500Ma Regulated Plug In Power Supply$9.88Details
340042MG ElectronicsOPS7Ul2044 Listed Otdr Pwr Supply 7 Amp$200.19Details
866970MG ElectronicsPS8C6Amp @13Vdc Constant/8Amp Surge Power Supply$60.90Details
219623MG ElectronicsSPS12DC15A12Vdc 1.5A Regulated Power Supply. 2.1 Mm Plug.$15.49Details
235160MG ElectronicsSPS12DC2A12V Dc 2Amp Switching Power Supply$17.25Details
219624MG ElectronicsST121APower Supply 12Volt Dc 1 Amp Plug In 100$14.01Details
870704Minuteman UPS / Para Systems3600190Software & Cable Accessory Pck$6.57Details
1015949Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCBL10FTEDBP48XL10 Ft. Cable For Battery Pack Edbp48Xl$181.99Details
711770Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM30242EV6Remote Power Manager (Rpm), 30-Amp Capacity, 24 Ou$2,178.74Details
1065209Paso Sound Products6568C17Ul Power Supply No Co-Axial$507.59Details
975991Paso Sound Products6582C17Ul Auxillary Power Supply$103.59Details
243358Pelco / Schneider ElectricPS0160029005Rp-Pwr Supply,Ac/Dc,Ecm60,+5C,60W,Coo-China$158.19Details
300550Preferred Power ProductsP3DCSEL16512/24Vdc, 16 Output, 5 Amp Power Supply$179.19Details
212349Preferred Power ProductsP3PS10SUDB812/24Vdc 10Amp Sprvsd 8Out P/S$323.99Details
285841Secura KeySK24VDCPower Supply$26.99Details
836282SR ComponentsDC24122124 Volt Dc 1.0 Amp 2.1 X 5.5 Female Center Positi$17.25Details
509154SR ComponentsDC241235Ac-Dc 24V 1.0A 3.5Mm Male Ctr.Pos.Plug$17.25Details
264394SR ComponentsDC526215V 2.6 Amp Ac/Dc Ppwr Supply$21.75Details
253653SureactionHPPHigh Performance Pulsar Plus$59.50Details
289192SureactionHPP6Pkg (6) High Performance Pulsors (White Wire X2)$315.89Details
1020234TexecomHAA0001Premier Elite Psu200$135.79Details
785117Transition Networks25130Ps, 48Vdc 40Watt Din Rail, Si-Ies-111D-Lrt$96.59Details
780818Transition NetworksSPSUA12DHTNAPower Supply Kit 12Vdc Universal Ac Input$44.23Details
696593Tripp LiteP04901010Ft Heavy Duty Power Cord 12Awg 20A 125V C19-5/20$37.69Details
696644Tripp LiteSMX3000XLRT2UA3000Va 2700W Line Interactive Sine Wave Ups 2U Rck$1,498.74Details
291168United Security Products / USPLR900Repeater Extends-Range Of Usp 900 Mhz-Wirelessprod$779.99Details
291174United Security Products / USPPB12PUsp Pb12P Power Supply W/Tran-$96.59Details
228395United Security Products / USPRTX900Repeater Extends Range Of All Usp 900Mhz-Wirels-Pr$731.89Details
772356UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6001019Power Supply, 2 Amp, For Superbus 2000 $104.99Details
1043014UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixAVPS12VAdvisor 12V Dc, 2Amp Power Supply$30.44Details
791359UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX320ESmart Power Supply & Bus Extender, 3 Programmable$66.50Details
1037093UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixZWPS9VZerowire 9V Power Supply$16.49Details
257876Wiremold / LegrandP6156 Out Swt 15Ft Cord Ivory Plastic$25.49Details
712119Wiremold / LegrandPM36CPlugmold Strip 6 Outlet$56.70Details