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Intrusion Security Systems

PIR / Passive Infrared Motion Detectors, Wall Mount

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
945662Ademco / Honeywell Security000015501Mb-10T/Tamper Swivel Pk(5)$36.00Details
724244Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCKIS2500LTPir,Wide Area,Low Temp$53.43Details
713869Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS215T10$179.55Details
802771Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS215T5$94.77Details
579438Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS216Pir,40X40,Uv$21.75Details
579440Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS216TCURPir,Is216T-Cur,10M Curtain$28.88Details
579443Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS2500SNPir, Vplex$61.39Details
579445Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS25100TCPir,100',Tamper&Formc Relay$43.86Details
876778Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS253510$233.10Details
728953Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS256010$277.20Details
766145Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS25606$167.99Details
579457Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS2560TPir,60',Wide Area,W/Tamper$33.35Details
579458Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS2560TCPir,60',Widearea,Tamper&Form C$38.28Details
107355Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS280CMSN$100.79Details
883520Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS335Fresnel Pir, 80Lbs Pet Immunity 40'X 56'$16.48Details
986256Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIS335KT8P(8) Is335 Promo$83.99Details
110799Ademco Sensors995$58.79Details
111381Ademco SensorsAURORA35 X45 Pir W/40Lb Pi$27.00Details
1057703Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10033001Xtralis Pro E-100, Pir-Pid, Cur,$744.89Details
1073305Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10033101Xtralis Pro E-100H, Pir-Pid, Cur,$972.39Details
932929Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10034401Xtralis Pro E-100Rfn, Pir-Pid, Cur,$912.59Details
1019992Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10051601Xp Pro-18Wis,Volumetric Pir-Pid,Vol, Ex, 27X30M,$1,143.99Details
1057141Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH10054401Xtralis Pro E-18Wrfn, Pir-Pid, Vol,$576.44Details
932054Ai NextAL40S40X40 Detection 100Lb Pet Immune$17.25Details
967329Ai NextAL4440X56 Our W/100Lb Pet Detectn$12.03Details
1043403Ai NextQT40Quad Micro Pir Pet Immune$27.75Details
1023391Ai NextQT60Quad Micro Pir Pet Immune$35.53Details
1061623Ai NextSP360D360 Degree Ceiling Mount Pir$75.59Details
1073830Ai NextXC1XTOutdoor Dual Technology Detecter$75.59Details
1024740Ai NextXC1XTWLXc-1Xt Standard Lens$2.40Details
122483AmsecoPIRTECT1External Dual Pir W/Tamp$261.79Details
355377Bosch SecurityDS936BLow Profile Ceiling Mount Detector In Black Enclosure$58.80Details
136162Bosch SecurityISCBPQ2W12Quad Pir Motion Detector, Blue Line Gen2 Series, ($26.27Details
136694Bosch SecurityISCBPR2W12Pir Motion Detector, Blue Line Gen2 Series, 40 X 4$16.22Details
137607Bosch SecurityISCBPR2WP12Blue Line Gen 2 Pir 40 Ft. By 40 Ft. - Pet Friendly Selectable$17.00Details
136701Bosch SecurityISNAP125' Pir W/Temp Comp$13.18Details
975910Bosch SecurityISNAP1T$13.18Details
922067EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE818WDCWWWhite Finish W/Warm White Led Light Color$117.59Details
170180EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE836DESSolar 36 Led -Matrx Pir Control Light W/Emg$82.59Details
152872EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE905D360Degree Ceiling Mount Epir 8-10 Foot M$20.99Details
152873EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE913CEdt-Pir Dual Tech Ceiling Mount Pir 360Degrees$44.23Details
161098EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE934ICEdt-Pir Outdoor Pir/Microwave Detection Device$93.79Details
185472EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE966DNest Generation Digital Pirdetector$7.18Details
161099EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE966LRCLPir Long Range Curtain Lens 80'X8'$9.08Details
161100EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE977DMCCEpir Next Gen Dig Micro Pir Dectr 15'X3'Curtain$20.99Details
170181EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE977DMCC10PKEpir 10Pk Next Gen Dig Detector 15'X3'$187.59Details
170182EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE977DMCWPir Detector 15Ft X 2 Ft - Wide Angle$20.99Details
185473EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE977DMCW10PKEpir Next Gen Dig Detector 15 X 15 10Pk$187.59Details
152875EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE988DPG60'X60' Pir W/Pi 105Db Sounder$23.25Details
850167EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEEEE814WDC180-Degree Outdoor Solar Powered 53 Led Compact Se$66.50Details
791859EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEEEE818WDCBPBlack Finish W/Daylight White Led Light Color$117.59Details
644083Micro Wave SensorsDH94D4 Row Detection Active Infared Presence Detector$191.79Details
956452Optex2020ANGXAdj Angle Mount W/ Extended Pole Added Plate$292.94Details
976788Optex2020PDMAPendent Mount Kit-Threaded Ceiling Flange,Top Plte$60.90Details
1016179Optex2020WMAWall Mount Arm For Rls-2020$82.59Details
337962OptexABC4Accessory, Cap, Anti-Bird, For Sl Series Photoelec$23.99Details
206723OptexAXMKIIPLUSCVRAccessory, Cover, For Ax-250/500Plus & Ax-350/650T$34.02Details
231925OptexAXPT3104Accessory, Replacement Lens, For Ax-Tw200 & Ax-Tw2$142.79Details
231934OptexCX502AMPir, 50' X 50', 80' X 6', Anti Mask $90.99Details
231935OptexCX702Pir, 70 X 70, 150 X 8, Dual Lens $83.99Details
231939OptexEX35TPir, 35 X 35, 55 X 5.5, Tamper $22.49Details
206751OptexLX802NCLAccessory, Replacement Cover & Lens, For Lx-802N S$11.86Details
231957OptexOA203CBLPresence Sensor, Active Infrared, Black, For Slidi$194.59Details
990732OptexOAFLEXTBLActive Infrared Presence Sensor (Blk)$223.99Details
238610OptexSIP3020WISuperior Intelligent Pir Detector$650.69Details
653867OptexSIP404WFIPir Detector, Wireless, 130 Feet X 13 Feet, Superi$650.69Details
725999OptexURXP01BL33' X 33' Ultra-Wide Band Radar Indoor Sensor Blk$74.19Details
855089OptexURXP01WH33'X33' Ultra-Wide Band Radar Indoor Sensor White$74.19Details
906419Protection Tech40670201Control Unit, For G-Fence 600 Series Fence Detecti$732.06Details
924697Protection Tech40670205Control Unit, W/ Zoning Function, Allows Up To (10$1,448.30Details
242918Protection TechSDI76MWMotion Sensor, Piramid, Indoor, Microwave Detector$667.09Details
242920Protection TechSDI76XLMWMotion Sensor, Piramid, Outdoor, Microwave Detecto$610.58Details
677332Protection TechSDI76XLMWDIRDirectional Control Wide Angle 50 Ft. X 50 Ft. -$701.99Details
212719Protection TechSDI76XLMWVDMotion Sensor, Piramid, Vehicular Detector, Microw$672.34Details
249633Protection TechSDI77MWMotion Sensor, Piramid, Indoor, Microwave Detector$667.09Details
677345Protection TechSDI77XLHSD100 Ft. X 10 Ft. Outdoor Dual - High Security - Le$952.98Details
242935Protection TechSDI77XLMWMotion Sensor, Piramid, Outdoor, Microwave Detecto$660.13Details
677346Protection TechSDI77XLMWDIRDirectional Control Medium Angle 100 Ft. X 60 Ft.$737.09Details
212733Protection TechSDI77XLMWVDMotion Sensor, Piramid, Vehicular Detector, Microw$679.51Details
242966Pulnix / TakexMS100E40' X 40' Wide Angle, 67' Long Range$128.79Details
212769Pulnix / TakexMS60Directional Sensative Pir$200.19Details
677354Pulnix / TakexMS60EENGLISHDirectional Sensative Pir$200.19Details
212773Pulnix / TakexPA450EPir 35"Wide Angle Dual Pir Sensor English Label$26.99Details
250049Pulnix / TakexPA46055'Vertical Curtain Dual Pir$27.75Details
212775Pulnix / TakexPA6612ECeiling Mnt Pir/Pet Immune$110.59Details
281500Pulnix / TakexPA6820EPir 66' Vertical Curtain 12Vdc Dual Elem.N/C N/O$75.59Details
250056Pulnix / TakexPA7012EPir 50' X 50' Ceiling Wall Mount$159.59Details
242972Pulnix / TakexPA8410EHigh Ceiling Mount 33"Wide Angle Pir Sensor$423.89Details
845025Pulnix / TakexPIRT15AMAnti-Masking High Mount Outdoor Pir$522.44Details
791261Pulnix / TakexPIRT15WEWHigh Performance Triple Mirror Intruder Pir$488.69Details
242987Pulnix / TakexPVW12TEPir With Recordable Messages$292.94Details
242993Pulnix / TakexTX103RPir Indoor Outdoor Wireless 40' X 40'Long Range$141.39Details
281519Pulnix / TakexTX124RBattery Operated Outdoor Flame Sensor$488.69Details
332422Southwest Microwave385400Ft Mult Rng O/D Microwave XcvrCall for Price.Details
804379Southwest Microwave38533301Microwave High Rel TransceiverCall for Price.Details
920391United Security Products / USPTR300300Mhz Universal Wireless Transmitter For Usew/Usp$53.64Details
1029984UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix4I40IDSentrl Pinpnt 4Inpt/4Sprvsd Otpt Intrfc Dvcpnt Id$71.39Details
801041UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6540UPir, 12M, 40 Feet $15.30Details
888851UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6540UPIPir, Pi, 12M, 40 Feet $15.30Details
850881UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6545UBPBracket *Pack Of 10* $11.37Details
840231UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6550UPir, 15M, 50 Feet $15.95Details
875747UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixAP750IDPir Motion Sensor, Addressable, Ap750W, 50' Range,$59.02Details
739489UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixDI601Pir Detector, 10-70-Degree Detection Angle, 180-De$142.80Details
853590UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixDI601WTWalk Tester, For Di601 & Di602 Detectors $111.85Details
1012607UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixEV1012Pir Dsp 12M 9C$30.44Details
1066646UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixEV1012PIPir Dsp 12M 9C Pi$30.44Details
997993UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixEV1116Pir Dsp 16M 11C$37.69Details
983577UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixVE1120Pir V2E 20M 11C$52.19Details
1058140UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixVE710Ve710 Laser Allignment Tool$58.10Details
1011526UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixVE73560M 11 Curtain Nc Relay Pir W/Mem - V2E Tech$128.79Details
992576UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixVE73660M Pir, 11 Curt , No+Nc$155.39Details
229785VisonicLENSBLong-Range Lens For Jet Pir$4.05Details
229841VisonicTOWER40MCWPowercode Wireless Tower Pir 40'Coverage 90"$67.90Details