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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
450519Ives01B3Countersunk Washer Us3$0.70Details
196011Ives0230006054 In Century House No 0 Us3. Number Zero (0). 4 Inch. House Number. Bright Brass$6.16Details
450520Ives0230026054 In Modern House No 0 Us3$6.84Details
450521Ives0230206094 In Century House Numbers Us5$5.85Details
450522Ives0230256195In Contemporary House No Us15$15.28Details
450523Ives0230256205In Contemporary Hous No Us15$15.28Details
214199Ives0230306054 In Century House Numbers Us3. Number Three (3). 4 Inch. House Number. Bright Brass$6.16Details
450524Ives0230326094 In Modern House Numbers Us5$7.16Details
269822Ives0230416056 In Century House Numbers Us3. Number Four (4). 6 Inch. House Number. Bright Brass$8.78Details
450525Ives0230426054 In Modern House Numbers Us3$6.84Details
450526Ives0230426094 In Modern House Numbers Us5$7.16Details
450527Ives0230456205In Contemporary Hous No Us15A$15.28Details
450528Ives0230526094 In Modern House Numbers Us5$7.16Details
450529Ives0230626054 In Modern House Numbers Us3$6.84Details
450530Ives0230626094 In Modern House Numbers Us5$7.16Details
450531Ives0230706094 In Century House Numbers Us5$6.14Details
450532Ives0230726054 In Modern House Numbers Us3$6.84Details
450533Ives0230726094 In Modern House Numbers Us5$7.16Details
450534Ives0230746094 In Traditional House No Us5$4.19Details
450535Ives0230826054 In Modern House Numbers Us3$6.84Details
450536Ives0230826094 In Modern House Numbers Us5$7.16Details
450537Ives0230926054 In Modern House Numbers Us3$6.84Details
450538Ives0230926094 In Modern House Numbers Us5$7.16Details
450539Ives0231001609Knocker With Viewer Us5$42.02Details
450540Ives023100605Knocker Forged Brass Us3$29.93Details
196022Ives023101605Knocker Forged Brass Us3. Door Knocker. Bright Brass$17.10Details
196024Ives0231022605Knocker With Viewer Us3. Door Knocker. Ul Listed. Bright Brass$32.38Details
450541Ives0231022609Knocker With Viewer Us5$37.19Details
197162Ives023102605Knocker Forged Brass Us3. Door Knocker. Bright Brass$25.65Details
450542Ives023102626Knocker Forged Brass Us26D$29.62Details
450543Ives0231042609Knocker With Viewer Us5$31.68Details
450544Ives023111609Knocker Forged Brass Us5$49.55Details
197164Ives0231222605Apt Door Knocker W/ Viewer Us3. Apartment Door Knocker. Ul Listed With Viewer. Bright Brass$16.40Details
450545Ives0231222U609Apt Door Knocker W/ Viewer Us5$21.38Details
214207Ives023122605Artst Knocker Forged Brass Us3. Artist Knocker. Bright Brass$9.01Details
450546Ives023122612Apt Knocker Wrought Brass Us10$8.10Details
450547Ives023122613Apt Kncker Wrought Brass Us10B$8.93Details
450548Ives023122625Apt Knocker Wrought Brass Us26$10.97Details
450550Ives023124609Apt Knocker Wrought Brass Us5$12.03Details
450553Ives0231251U605Apt Knocker Forged Brass Us3$26.15Details
450555Ives0231252620Apt Knocker With Viewer 620$57.23Details
450556Ives0231252625Apt Knocker With Viewer 625$57.23Details
345859Ives0231252U626Apt Knocker With Viewer 626. Apartment Knocker. Ul Listed With Viewer. Satin Chrome$30.03Details
214210Ives023125605Apt Knocker Wrought Brass Us3. Apartment Knocker. Bright Brass$17.96Details
214211Ives023125609Apt Knocker Wrought Brass Us5. Apartment Knocker. Antique Brass$21.17Details
450557Ives023125625Apt Knocker Wrought Brass Us26$21.17Details
450558Ives025901625Dbl Robe Hook Solid Brass Us26$18.39Details
450559Ives025903605Double Robe Hook Us3$15.33Details
450560Ives025903625Double Robe Hook Us26$18.39Details
450561Ives025911605Toothbrush/Tumbler Holder Us3$25.52Details
450562Ives025911625Toothbrush/Tumbler Holder Us26$29.22Details
450563Ives025913605Toothbrush/Tumbler Holder Us3$25.52Details
450564Ives025913625Toothbrush/Tumbler Holder Us26$29.22Details
450565Ives025921605Soap Dish Us3$25.52Details
450566Ives025921625Soap Dish Us26$29.22Details
450567Ives025923605Soap Dish Us3$25.52Details
450568Ives025923625Soap Dish Us26$29.22Details
450569Ives025931605Paper Holder Us3$28.37Details
450570Ives025933605Paper Holder Us3$28.37Details
450571Ives025933625Paper Holder Us26$31.68Details
450572Ives025941625Paper Holder Us26$34.51Details
450573Ives025951625Towel Ring Us26$31.96Details
450574Ives025953605Towel Ring Us3$26.19Details
450575Ives025953625Towel Ring Us26$29.17Details
450576Ives02596360518 Inch Towel Bar Us3$34.29Details
450577Ives02597360518 Inch Towel Bar Us3$37.60Details
450578Ives02597362518 Inch Towel Bar Us26$43.12Details
450579Ives026A10Bar Window Lift Us10$1.26Details
345858Ives026A14Bar Window Lift Us14. Bright Nickel$2.18Details
345857Ives026A3Bar Window Lift Us3. Bright Brass$1.72Details
450580Ives026A5Bar Window Lift 1 1/8X4In Us5$2.18Details
345856Ives026A92Bar Window Lift 1 1/8X4In Us92. Bar Window Lift. 1 1/8 X 4 Inch. Aluminum$1.72Details
309407Ives026ABLKBar Window Lift Spblk. Black Epoxy$2.56Details
345855Ives026AWBar Window Lift Us-W. White Epoxy$2.56Details
309406Ives026MB15Bar Win Lift 1 1/8 X 4In Us15. Bar Window Lift. 1 1/8 X 4 Inch. Satin Nickel$8.46Details
309405Ives026MB26Bar Win Lift 1 1/8 X 4In Us26. Bar Window Lift. 1 1/8 X 4 Inch. Bright Chrome$8.46Details
345854Ives026MB26DBar Win Lift 1 1/8 X 4In Us26D. Bar Window Lift. 1 1/8 X 4 Inch. Satin Chrome$8.30Details
309404Ives026MB3Bar Win Lift 1 1/8 X 4In Us3. Bar Window Lift. 1 1/8 X 4 Inch. Bright Brass$6.84Details
345853Ives026MB4Bar Win Lift 1 1/8 X 4In Us4. Bar Window Lift. 1 1/8 X 4 Inch. Satin Brass$6.01Details
345852Ives026MB5Bar Win Lift 1 1/8 X 4In Us5. Bar Window Lift. 1 1/8 X 4 Inch. Antique Brass$8.30Details
450581Ives0419316062 3/4Inch Bs Entry Latch Us4$29.34Details
450582Ives0419316092 3/4Inch Bs Entry Latch Us5$29.34Details
450583Ives0419316132 3/4Inch Bs Entry Latch Us10B$29.34Details
450584Ives0419316252 3/4Inch Bs Entry Latch Us26$29.34Details
450585Ives0419316262 3/4Inch Bs Entry Latch Us26D$29.34Details
450586Ives043F142INSurface Bolt 2 Inch Us14$4.00Details
196033Ives043F34INSurface Bolt 4 Inch Us3. Bright Brass$5.81Details
214220Ives043F36INSurface Bolt 6 Inch Us3. Bright Brass$5.81Details
196034Ives043F56INSurface Bolt 6 Inch Us5. Antique Brass$6.10Details
450587Ives046722605Centry Lvr Priv 2 3/8In Bs Us3$57.09Details
450588Ives047912605Passage 2In Bs Assembly Us3$21.26Details
309403Ives054B10Dutch Door Bolt. Satin Bronze$28.14Details
309402Ives054B26Dutch Door Bolt. Bright Chrome$32.71Details
345851Ives054B4Dutch Door Bolt. Satin Brass$29.90Details
345850Ives054MB10Dutch Door Bolt Us10. Satin Bronze$28.14Details
309401Ives054MB10BDutch Door Bolt Us10B. Dark Bronze$32.71Details
345849Ives054MB15Dutch Door Bolt Us15. Satin Nickel$33.89Details
309400Ives054MB26Dutch Door Bolt Us26. Bright Chrome$32.71Details
345848Ives054MB26DDutch Door Bolt Us26D. 2 1/4 X 1 3/8 Inch. Satin Chrome$29.90Details
309399Ives054MB3Dutch Door Bolt Us3. Bright Brass$29.90Details
309398Ives054MB4Dutch Door Bolt Us4. Satin Brass$29.90Details
345847Ives059A10Hndrl Brckt 2 1/4X1 3/8In Us10. Handrail Bracket. 2 1/4 X 1 3/8 Inch. Satin Bronze$3.04Details
450589Ives059A14Hndrl Brckt 2 1/4X1 3/8In Us14$3.04Details
450590Ives059A15Hndrl Brckt 2 1/4X1 3/8In Us15$3.04Details
309397Ives059A3Hndrl Brckt 2 1/4X1 3/8In Us3. Handrail Bracket. Bright Brass$3.04Details
309396Ives059A5Hndrl Brckt 2 1/4X1 3/8In Us5. Handrail Bracket. 2 1/4 X 1 3/8 Inch. Antique Brass$3.04Details
309395Ives059A92Hndrl Brckt 2 1/4X1 3/8In Us92. Handrail Bracket. Aluminum$3.04Details
345846Ives059ABLKHndrl Brck 2 1/4X1 3/8In Spblk. Handrail Bracket. 2 1/4 X 1 3/8 Inch. Black Epoxy$3.67Details
450591Ives059AWHndrl Brckt 2 1/4X1 3/8In Us-W$3.67Details
345845Ives059B15Handrail Bracket Us15. Satin Nickel$15.26Details
309394Ives059B15AHandrail Bracket Us15A. Antique Nickel$15.26Details
450592Ives059B3Handrail Bracket Us3$14.73Details
345844Ives059Z619EHandrail Bracket, Zinc. Satin Nickel$4.28Details
1083232Ives05JunPeg Board Curved Hook 1 1/4$0.10Details
309393Ives060F10Flexible Door Stoop Us10. Satin Bronze$0.96Details
345843Ives060F10BFlexible Door Stoop Us10B. Dark Bronze$0.96Details
345842Ives060F14Flexible Door Stop Us14. Bright Nickel$0.96Details
345841Ives060F15Flexible Door Stop Us15. Satin Nickel$0.96Details
309392Ives060F3Flexible Door Stoop Us3. Bright Brass$0.96Details
309391Ives060F5Flexible Door Stop Us5. Antique Brass$0.96Details
309390Ives061F10Flex Door Stop 4 Inch Us10. Flexible Door Stop. 4 Inch Projection. Satin Bronze$1.04Details
345840Ives061F14Door Stop 4 Inch Us14. Bright Nickel$1.04Details
345839Ives061F3Door Stop 4 Inch Us3. Bright Brass$1.04Details
345838Ives061F5Flex Door Stop 4 Inch Us5. Flexible Door Stop. 4 Inch Projection. Antique Brass$1.04Details
345837Ives061FWFlexible Door Stop 4 Inch. 4 Inch Projection. White$1.04Details
345836Ives063A92Door Stop Us92. Aluminum$1.72Details
450593Ives066A10BRSMSSSCasement Fastener Us10B$5.04Details
345835Ives066A10BSSCasement Fastener Ss Us10B. Casement Fastener. Surface Strike. Dark Bronze$4.36Details
309389Ives066A10RSMSCsemnt Fastener Rs And Ms Us10. Casement Fastener. Satin Bronze$4.36Details
450594Ives066A10SSCasement Fastener Ss Us10$4.36Details
450595Ives066A14RSMSCsemnt Fastener Rs And Ms Us14$4.70Details
450596Ives066A14RSMSSSCsemnt Fastener Rs Ms Ss Us14$5.04Details
450597Ives066A14SSCasement Fastener Ss Us14$4.70Details
450598Ives066A3RSMSSSCsemnt Fastener Rs Ms Ss Us3$5.04Details
345834Ives066A3SSCasement Fastener Ss Us3. Bright Brass$4.70Details
450599Ives066A92RSMSCsemnt Fastener Rs And Ms Us92$4.70Details
450600Ives066A92RSMSSSCsemnt Fastener Rs Ms Ss Us92$5.04Details
309387Ives066A92SSCasement Fastener Ss Us92. Casement Fastener. Surface Strike. Aluminum$4.70Details
450601Ives066B15MSCasement Fastener Ms Us15$21.38Details
450602Ives066B15RSCasement Fastener Rs Us15$21.87Details
345833Ives066B15RSMSSSCasement Fastener Ms Us15. Casement Fastener. Mortise Strike. Satin Nickel$23.30Details
450603Ives066B26DRSCasement Fastener Rs Us26D$20.39Details
450604Ives066B26DRSMSSSCasement Fastener Ms Us26D$22.44Details
309386Ives066B26RSMSSSCasement Fastener Ms Us26. Residential Hinge. 3 Inch 5/8 Inch Radius. Bright Chrome$22.44Details
309385Ives066B3RSCasement Fastener Rs Us3. Casement Fastener. Rim Strike. Bright Brass$16.89Details
309384Ives066B3RSMSSSCasement Fastener Ms Us3. Casement Fastener. Mortise Strike. Bright Brass$18.68Details
309383Ives066B3SSCasement Fastener Ss Us3. Casement Fastener. Surface Strike. Bright Brass$16.89Details
197173Ives07A10BWindow Sash Lock Us10B. Oil Rubbed Bronze$2.66Details
197174Ives07A14Window Sash Lock Us14. Bright Nickel$2.66Details
196036Ives07A3Window Sash Lock Us3. Bright Brass$2.38Details
450605Ives07AAWindow Sash Lock Us-A$6.03Details
196037Ives07ABLKWindow Sash Lock Spblk. Black Epoxy$3.62Details
197176Ives07AWWindow Sash Lock Us-W. White Epoxy$3.62Details
450606Ives07MB10Window Sash Lock Us10$13.71Details
214221Ives07MB15Window Sash Lock Us15. Satin Nickel$15.28Details
269834Ives07MB26Window Sash Lock Us26. Bright Chrome$14.82Details
269835Ives07MB26DWindow Sash Lock Us26D. Satin Chrome$14.82Details
214222Ives07MB3Window Sash Lock Us3. Bright Brass$12.14Details
450607Ives07MB4Window Sash Lock Us4$10.71Details
450608Ives0911605Mortise & Universal Strike Us3$5.04Details
450609Ives0911626Mortise & Universal Strike 26D$5.04Details
450610Ives09135626Fb457 Guide Pkg$1.90Details
309382Ives09137626Rb470 Ser Rllr,Bsh&Riv Pg 26D. Rb470/71/72 Series Roller. Busing & Rivet Package. Satin Chrome$4.45Details
450611Ives09140605Face Plate For 556 Us3$5.22Details
450612Ives09140613Face Plate For 556 Us10B$5.22Details
450613Ives09140625Face Plate For 556 Us26$5.22Details
450614Ives09140626Face Plate For 556 Us26D$5.22Details
450615Ives09144605Face Plate For 556 Us3$4.63Details
345832Ives09144613Face Plate For 556 Us10B. Dark Bronze$4.63Details
450616Ives09144625Face Plate For 556 Us26$4.63Details
450617Ives09144626Face Plate For 556 Us26D$4.63Details
309381Ives0916012 Inch Rod Only For 457 161. For Extension Flush Bolts$3.04Details
345831Ives0916118 Inch Rod Only For 457 161. For Extension Flush Bolts$4.70Details
309380Ives0916224 Inch Rod Only For 457 162. For Extension Flush Bolts$4.70Details
450618Ives09170613Edge Guard W/Screw 482 Us10B$5.38Details
345830Ives09170626Edge Guard W/Screw 482 Us26D. 482 Series. Satin Chrome$5.38Details
345829Ives0917236 Inch Rod Only 172. For Extension Flush Bolts$4.70Details
345828Ives0917348 Inch Rod Only 173. For Extension Flush Bolts$4.70Details
450619Ives09176604Fb250/Fb450 Bolt Tip Only$3.67Details
450620Ives09202605Plain Rose Us3$3.85Details
450621Ives09203605Plain Rose Us3$3.85Details
450622Ives09215625Traditional Lever Rh Us26$32.31Details
345827Ives0922605Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg Us3. Mortise Strike And Screw. Package. Bright Brass$6.59Details
345826Ives0922613Mort Strk And Screw Pkg Us10B. Mortise Strike And Screw. Dark Bronze$6.59Details
309378Ives0922626Mort Strk And Screw Pkg Us26D. 054/55/144/253/353/354. Mortise Strike And Screws. Satin Chrome$6.59Details
450623Ives09238Passage Spindle 238$4.19Details
450624Ives0926605Angle Strike And Screw Pkg Us3$9.36Details
450625Ives0926612Angle Strk And Screw Pkg Us10$9.36Details
450626Ives0926613Angle Strk And Screw Pkg Us10B$9.36Details
450627Ives0926626Angle Strk And Screw Pkg Us26D$9.36Details
450628Ives0927605Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us3$15.05Details
450629Ives0927612Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10$11.91Details
450630Ives0927613Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10B$15.05Details
450631Ives0927626Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us26D$15.05Details
309377Ives09294603J Mount Screw Pk 1 Pk Each 603. Zinc$0.48Details
345825Ives0931069 Series Rubber Tip. Order In Quantities Of 100. Sold As Each$0.66Details
345824Ives09315Fs441/442/451 Rubber. Rubber Tip For Floor Door Stop$1.90Details
309376Ives09316Rubber Tip. For Fs/Ws Door/Wall Stops$1.90Details
450632Ives0932605Angle Unvrsl Strk/Mtng Pkg Us3$8.73Details
450633Ives0932609Angle Unvrsl Strk/Mtng Pkg Us5$8.73Details
450634Ives0932625Angle Unvrsl Strk/Mtg Pkg Us26$8.73Details
450635Ives0932626Angle Unvrsl Strk/Mtg Pkg Us26$8.73Details
309375Ives0933605Angle Strike For 253 353 Us3. Bright Brass$13.48Details
309374Ives0933613Angle Strike For 253 353 Us10B. Dark Bronze$13.48Details
309373Ives0933626Angle Strike For 253 353 Us26D. Duplicate Part Number. Ob-Stock. Satin Chrome$13.48Details
345823Ives09340626115/453/454 Blt Pack 4Pc Us26D. Thrubolt Pack. For Cs115/Sb453/Sb454. Satin Chrome$6.50Details
309372Ives0934613Universal Strike Us10B. Dark Bronze$6.34Details
345822Ives0934626Universal Strike Us26D. Satin Chrome$6.34Details
309371Ives09350603Ives Sex Bolts. Zinc$14.11Details
450636Ives09351639454F10 Sex Bolt Package Us10$10.26Details
450637Ives09352605469B3 Sex Bolt Package Us3$8.06Details
450638Ives09352609Sex Bolt Package Us5$8.06Details
450639Ives09352612469B10 Sex Bolt Package Us10$8.06Details
450640Ives09352613469B10B Sex Bolt Package Us10B$8.06Details
450641Ives09352626469B26D Sex Bolt Package Us26D$8.06Details
345820Ives09355605Us19B Us3 Sex Bolt Package Us3. Bright Brass$8.39Details
309369Ives09355626Us19B 26D Sex Bolt Package 26D. Satin Chrome$9.41Details
450642Ives0940605Bright Brass Strike For 262$4.01Details
450643Ives09450Privacy Spindle 450$3.87Details
450644Ives09451Passage Spindle 451$3.87Details
450645Ives09456673Rim Strike And Screws 673$2.38Details
345819Ives094646038100/8300 Series Screw Pk S32D. F Mount Screw Pack. Phillips Head Machine Screw. Satin Stainless Steel$2.66Details
345818Ives094696138100/8300 Series Screw Pk 613. Standard Mount Screw Pack. 2 Thru-Bolts W/ Grommets. 6 Sm Screws 1/2 X 8. Dark Bronze$4.36Details
309366Ives09485626Strike Guide & Mount Pkg Us26D. Fb257N/258N/457/458/0458. Strike Guide & Mouting Package. Satin Chrome$4.00Details
450646Ives0948605Fs446/450 Ws445/449 Hook Us3$7.52Details
309365Ives09508603Screw Pack J Opt Mount$8.46Details
309364Ives095106038103/8303 Handle Screw Pack. H Mounting Style$21.95Details
345816Ives095236308190 Series Type O Mount Pack. Type O Mounting Pack. Satin Stainless Steel$13.40Details
309363Ives0953613347 Stk & Mounting Pkg Us10B. Strike & Mounting Package. For 347 Ball Catch. Oil Rubbed Bronze$4.97Details
345815Ives0953619347 Stk & Mounting Pkg. Strike & Mounting Package. For 347 Ball Catch. Satin Nickel$4.97Details
450647Ives0953626347 Stk & Mounting Pkg Us26D$4.97Details
450648Ives0955606Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg Us4$3.74Details
450649Ives0955612Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg 10$3.74Details
345814Ives0955613Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg 10B. Mortise Strike And Screw. Package. Dark Bronze$4.70Details
450650Ives0955619Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg 619$4.70Details
450651Ives0955625Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg 26$4.70Details
450652Ives0955626Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg 26D$4.70Details
450653Ives0956605Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us3$4.70Details
450654Ives0956606Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us4$3.74Details
450655Ives0956609Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us5$4.70Details
450656Ives0956612Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10$3.74Details
450657Ives0956613Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10B$4.70Details
450658Ives0956625Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us26$4.70Details
450659Ives0958509Mortise Strike / Screw Pkg 509$2.40Details
450660Ives0958666Mortise Strike / Screw Pkg Us3$3.04Details
450661Ives0958668Mort Strike / Screw Pkg Us10$2.40Details
450662Ives0958669Mort Strike / Screw Pkg Us14$3.04Details
450663Ives0958673Mort Strike / Screw Pkg 673$3.04Details
450664Ives0959509Rim Strike And Screw Pkg 509$2.40Details
450665Ives0959666Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us3$3.04Details
450666Ives0959668Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10$2.40Details
450667Ives0959669Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us14$3.04Details
450668Ives0959673Rim Strike And Screw Pkg 673$3.04Details
450669Ives0959703Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10B$2.40Details
450670Ives096626052 Inch Latch Only Entry Us3$17.54Details
450671Ives096626262 Inch Latch Only Entry Us26D$16.71Details
450672Ives096636052 3/8 In Latch Only Entry Us3$17.54Details
450673Ives096646052 3/8 In Latch Only Entry Us3$17.54Details
450674Ives096646262 3/8In Latch Only Entry Us26D$17.54Details
450675Ives09667605Pass Latch Only-Lever 2 In Us3$15.33Details
450676Ives096686052 3/8 In Passg Latch Only Us3$15.33Details
450677Ives09672605Privy Latch Only 2 3/8 In Us3$17.54Details
450678Ives09676605Pass Latch-Knobs 2 Inch Us3$15.33Details
450679Ives09677605Pass Latch-Knobs 2 3/8 In Us3$15.33Details
450680Ives09681605Privt Latch-Knobs 2 3/8 In Us3$17.54Details
450681Ives0971605Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg Us3$8.39Details
450682Ives0971606Mortise Stk And Screw Pkg Us4$7.70Details
450683Ives0971609Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg Us5$8.39Details
450684Ives0971612Mort Strk And Screw Pkg Us10$6.62Details
450685Ives0971613Mort Strk And Screw Pkg Us10B$8.39Details
450686Ives0971626Mort Strk And Screw Pkg Us26D$8.39Details
450687Ives09720625Trad Pass In Cncl Mt Rose Us26$8.55Details
345811Ives0972605Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us3. Bright Brass$8.39Details
450688Ives0972606Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us4$6.62Details
450689Ives0972609Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us5$8.39Details
450690Ives0972612Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10$6.62Details
450691Ives0972625Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us26$8.39Details
450692Ives0972626Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us26D$8.39Details
450693Ives09730505Traditional Knob Only Us3$46.17Details
450694Ives09731505Oval Knob Only Us3$46.17Details
450695Ives09732Lever Cassette Only 732$16.10Details
450696Ives09733Knob Cassette Only 733$16.67Details
450699Ives09735625Double Cylinder Kit Us26$60.65Details
450700Ives0973605Surf Strike For 66B Series Us3$14.27Details
450701Ives0974666Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg Us3$3.42Details
450702Ives0974668Mort Strk And Screw Pkg Us10$2.64Details
450703Ives0974669Mort Strk And Screw Pkg Us14$2.64Details
450704Ives0974673Mort Strk And Screw Pkg 673$3.42Details
450705Ives0975666Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us3$3.42Details
450706Ives0975668Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10$2.78Details
450707Ives0975669Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us14$2.78Details
450708Ives0975673Rim Strike And Screw Pkg 673$3.42Details
450709Ives0977605Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg Us3$7.07Details
450710Ives0977609Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg Us5$7.07Details
450711Ives0977612Mort Strk And Screw Pkg Us10$7.07Details
450712Ives0977613Mort Strk And Screw Pkg Us10B$7.07Details
450713Ives0977625Mort Strk And Screw Pkg Us26$7.07Details
450714Ives0977626Mortise Strk And Screw Pkg 26D$7.07Details
450715Ives0978605Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us3$7.07Details
450716Ives0978609Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us5$7.07Details
450717Ives0978612Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10$7.07Details
450718Ives0978613Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10B$7.07Details
450719Ives0978625Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us26$7.07Details
450720Ives0978626Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us26D$7.07Details
345810Ives0983603360 Ser Unvrsl Strk & Mtn Us2G. Universal Strike And Mounting. Zinc$16.22Details
450721Ives0984652361 Ser Mortise Strike Us26D$5.54Details
309362Ives0986603453/454 Ser Mort Strike Us2G. 435/454 Series. Zinc$6.25Details
450722Ives0988603Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us2G$8.08Details
450723Ives0988639Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10$8.08Details
450724Ives0988640Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10B$8.08Details
450725Ives0988652Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us26D$8.08Details
450726Ives0991603Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us2G$8.53Details
450727Ives0991639Rim Strike And Screw Pkg Us10$8.53Details
345808Ives1000B6193In Residential Hinge 620. 3 X 3 Inch Square Corner. 3 Inch. Satin Nickel Plated$8.55Details
450728Ives1000B6203In Residential Hinge 620$8.91Details
450729Ives1000B6253In Residential Hinge 625$8.55Details
450730Ives1001B5053 In Res Hinge 5/8 In Rad Us3$8.55Details
345807Ives1001B6133" Resident Hinge 5/8" Rad 10B. Dark Bronze$8.91Details
450731Ives1001B6203 In Res Hinge 5/8 In Rad 620$8.55Details
450732Ives1001B6253 In Res Hinge 5/8 In Rad Us26$8.91Details
309361Ives1010B5053.5 Residential Sq Hinge 505. 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 Inch. Residential Hinge. Square Corner. Lifetime Ultima Bright Brass$13.45Details
345806Ives1010B6193.5 Residential Sq Hinge 619. 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 Inch. Residential Hinge. Square Corner. Satin Nickel Plated$15.39Details
450733Ives1010F620E3.5 Residential Sq Hinge$15.39Details
450734Ives1011B6133.5 Residential Rad Hinge 613$9.95Details
345805Ives1011B6253.5 Residential Rad Hinge 625. 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 Inch. Residential Hinge. 5/8 In Radius Corner. Bright Chrome$9.59Details
450735Ives1011F605EResidential Hinge 3.5"X3.5"$5.44Details
450736Ives1012F716E3.5 Residential Rd Hinge$5.44Details
450737Ives1020B505Hinge 4X4 Inch 505$56.25Details
450738Ives1020B613Hinge 4X4 Inch 613$11.14Details
345804Ives1020B619Hinge 4X4 Sq Sat Nickel. 4 X 4 Inches. Square Corner. Satin Nickel$16.55Details
450739Ives1020B620Hinge 4X4 Sq Ant Pewter$11.14Details
450740Ives1020B625Hinge 4X4 Inch 625$9.98Details
450741Ives1021B6134In Residential Rad Hinge 613$11.14Details
345803Ives1021B6204In Res. Rad Hinge 620 Pk3. 4 Inch X 4 Inch. Residential Hinge. 5/8 In Radius Corner. Satin Nickel Plated$16.55Details
450742Ives108A3Sash Fastener Us3$3.14Details
309360Ives108MB10Sash Fastener/Window Lock Us10. Satin Bronze$12.09Details
309359Ives108MB10BWindow Lock/Sash Lock Us10B. Dark Bronze$14.52Details
214224Ives108MB26Window Lock/Sash Lock Us26. Bright Chrome$17.10Details
197178Ives108MB5Window Lock/Sash Lock Us5. Antique Brass$14.52Details
345802Ives112HD103INUS28112Hd Cont Hinge 103" Us28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. 103 Inch Special Size Cut. Clear Finish Us28 Aluminum$195.43Details
345801Ives112HD107INUS28112Hd Cont Hinge 107" Us28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. 107 Inch Special Size Cut. Clear Finish Us28 Aluminum$195.43Details
309358Ives112HD120INUS28112Hd Cont Hinge 120In Us28. 120 Inch, Heavy Duty. Continuous Hinge. Clear Finish Us28 Aluminum$195.43Details
450743Ives112HD120INUS28EPTLHHd Cont Hinge Left Hand,120"$258.43Details
450744Ives112HD120INUS28EPTRHHd Cont Hinge Right Hand,120"$258.30Details
450745Ives112HD120INUS28TW8112Hd Cont Hinge 120In Us28$387.71Details
804192Ives112HD313AN83IN112Hd Cont Hinge 83In 313An$126.63Details
309357Ives112HD83CLTW4Cn Leaf El Tw4 Hd 1/34Dr 83 Cl. Electric Concealed Leaf. 1 3/4Inchdr 83Inch. Clear Anodized Aluminum$284.13Details
450746Ives112HD83EPT313ANLHRCont Hinge 83" For Von Duprin$189.63Details
450747Ives112HD83EPT313ANRHRCont Hinge 83" For Von Duprin$189.63Details
309356Ives112HD83EPTUS28LHRCont Hinge 83" For Von Duprin. Electric Power Transfer Option. Heavy Duty Full Mortise. 83". Aluminum$161.10Details
309355Ives112HD83EPTUS28RHRCont Hinge 83" For Von Duprin. Electric Power Transfer Option. Heavy Duty Full Mortise. 83". Aluminum$161.10Details
345799Ives112HD83INUS28112Hd Cont Hinge 83In Sp28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. Continuous Hinge. 83 Inch. Aluminum Painted$98.10Details
450748Ives112HD85IN313AN112Hd Cont Hinge 85In 313An$133.00Details
345798Ives112HD85INUS28112Hd Cont Hinge 85In Sp28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. Continuous Hinge. 85 Inch. Aluminum Painted$98.10Details
309354Ives112HD89INUS28112Hd Cont Hinge 89" Sp28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. Continuous Hinge. 89 Inch. Aluminum Painted$122.29Details
309353Ives112HD93INUS28TW8112Hd Cont Hinge 93In Us28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. Continuous Hinge. 93 Inch, 8 Wire. Clear Finish Us28 Aluminum$317.18Details
345797Ives112HD95IN313AN112Hd Cont Hinge 95In 313An. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. Continuous Hinge. 95 Inch. Duranodic$158.13Details
309352Ives112HD95INUS28112Hd Cont Hinge 95In Us28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. Continuous Hinge. 95 Inch. Clear Finish Us28 Aluminum$122.29Details
345796Ives112HD95INUS28TW8112Hd Cont Hinge 95In Us28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. Continuous Hinge. 95 Inch, 8 Wire. Clear Finish Us28 Aluminum$317.18Details
450749Ives112HDEPT103IN313ANLHR112Hd Cont Hinge 103In 313An$268.25Details
450750Ives112HDEPT103IN313ANRHR112Hd Cont Hinge 103In 313An$268.25Details
450751Ives112HDEPT103INUS28LHR112Hd Cont Hinge 103In Us28$195.43Details
450752Ives112HDEPT103INUS28RHR112Hd Cont Hinge 103In Us28$195.43Details
309351Ives112HDEPT83INUS28LHR112Hd Cont Hinge 83In Us28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. Electric Power Transfer Option. 83 Inch Special Size Cut. Clear Finish Us28 Aluminum$161.10Details
309350Ives112HDEPT83INUS28RHR112Hd Cont Hinge 83In Us28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. Electric Power Transfer Option. 83 Inch Special Size Cut. Clear Finish Us28 Aluminum$161.10Details
450753Ives112HDEPT95IN313ANLHR112Hd Cont Hinge 95In 313An$221.13Details
450754Ives112HDEPT95IN313ANRHR112Hd Cont Hinge 95In 313An$221.13Details
345795Ives112HDEPT95INUS28LHR112Hd Cont Hinge 95In Us28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. Electric Power Transfer Option. 95 Inch Size Left Hand Reverse. Clear Finish Us28 Aluminum$185.29Details
345794Ives112HDEPT95INUS28RHR112Hd Cont Hinge 95In Us28. 112 Heavy Duty Full Mortise. Electric Power Transfer Option. 95 Inch Size Right Hand Revers. Clear Finish Us28 Aluminum$185.29Details
450755Ives117A92Pull Down Hook Us92$8.65Details
450756Ives130B2635INModern Pull 3-1/2 Inch Us26$8.08Details
450757Ives130B263INModern Pull 3 Inch Us26$7.02Details
450758Ives130B264INModern Pull 4 Inch Us26$8.41Details
450759Ives130B26D35INModern Pull 3 1/2 Inch Us26D$8.08Details
450760Ives130B335INModern Pull 3 1/2 Inch Us3$8.08Details
450761Ives130B33INModern Pull 3 Inch Us3$7.02Details
450762Ives130B535INModern Pull 3 1/2 Inch Us5$8.64Details
450763Ives130B53INModern Pull 3 Inch Us5$7.02Details
450764Ives130B54INModern Pull 4 Inch Us5$8.41Details
450765Ives133B263INBeaded Pull 3 Inch Us26$10.59Details
450766Ives133B264INBeaded Pull 4 Inch Us26$13.20Details
450767Ives133B335INBeaded Pull 3 1/2 Inch Us3$16.47Details
450768Ives133B33INBeaded Pull 3 Inch Us3$13.33Details
450769Ives133B34INBeaded Pull 4 Inch Us3$16.47Details
450770Ives133B535INBeaded Pull 3 1/2 Inch Us5$16.40Details
450771Ives133B53INBeaded Pull 3 Inch Us5$14.90Details
450772Ives133B54INBeaded Pull 4 Inch Us5$17.10Details
309349Ives137B26DDrawer Pull Us26D. Satin Chrome$8.55Details
450773Ives137B3Drawer Pull Us3$7.52Details
450774Ives137B5Drawer Pull Us5$5.90Details
309348Ives137PA28Drawer Pull Pa28. Satin Aluminum$3.32Details
196038Ives1401A3Window Lock Us3. Bright Brass$8.55Details
345793Ives143B10B12INSurface Bolt 12 Inch Us10B. Ob-Stock. Dark Bronze$20.75Details
450776Ives143B512INSurface Bolt 12 Inch Us5$20.75Details
450777Ives144B15A9INSurface Bolt 9 Inch Us15A$18.24Details
345792Ives144B312INSurface Bolt 12 Inch Us3. Bright Brass$21.38Details
345791Ives144B36INSurface Bolt 6 Inch Us3. Bright Brass$17.82Details
214225Ives144B39INSurface Bolt 9 Inch Us3. Bright Brass$16.61Details
345790Ives146B26DEsc For 150 Ipart 228 Us26D. Escutcheon. Ob-Stock. Satin Chrome$6.14Details
309347Ives157HD83INCL28SFIves Full Surface Hing 83" Cl. Heavy Duty,Torx Security Screw. 83" Clear Anodized$151.90Details
345789Ives157HD83INUS28Ives Full Surface Hing 83" Cl. Heavy Duty Full Surface Hinge. 83 Inch Clear Finish. Aluminum$151.90Details
450778Ives157HD85IN313ANFull Surface Hinge 85" 313An$239.22Details
450779Ives157HD85INUS28Full Surface Hinge 85" Us28$199.33Details
345788Ives157HD95INUS28Ives Full Surface Hing 95". Heavy Duty Full Surface Hinge. 95 Inch Clear Finish. Aluminum$199.33Details
450780Ives158A26Handrail Bracket Us26$8.48Details
345787Ives158A3Handrail Bracket Us3. Bright Brass$8.48Details
450781Ives159MB10Hrail Brkt/Discontinued$29.12Details
450782Ives1651US2GSurface Blt 8 In Us2G$50.29Details
450783Ives1708TBUS2GSurface Blt 8 In Us2G$50.29Details
450784Ives2101606SCRound Sngl Cyl Deadlock Us4$54.98Details
450785Ives218B10Finger Pull Us10$13.71Details
345786Ives218B15Finger Pull Us15. Satin Nickel$7.87Details
309346Ives218B26Finger Pull Us26 Pk4. Pack Of 4 Each. Bright Chrome$9.72Details
345785Ives218B26DFour Finger Pulls Us26D Pk4. Set Of Four. Satin Chrome$9.72Details
309345Ives218B3Finger Pull Us3. Bright Brass$7.87Details
450786Ives218BB14Finger Pull Us14$1.96Details
1056577Ives21JunPeg Board Straight Hook 2 1/2$0.20Details
450788Ives220B26Flush Pull 2 Inch Bore Us26$3.52Details
309343Ives220B3Flush Pull 2 Inch Bore Us3. Bright Brass$3.04Details
309342Ives221B10Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us10. 2 1/8 Inch. Satin Bronze$3.85Details
309341Ives221B10BFlush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us10B. 2 1/8 Inch. Dark Bronze$3.80Details
345784Ives221B15Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us15. 2 1/8 Inch. Satin Nickel$3.62Details
345783Ives221B26Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us26. 2 1/8 Inch. Bright Chrome$3.80Details
345782Ives221B26DFlush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us26D. 2 1/8 Inch. Satin Chrome$3.80Details
309340Ives221B3Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us3. 2 1/8 Inch. Bright Brass$3.14Details
345781Ives221B4Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us4. Satin Brass$3.14Details
309339Ives221B5Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us5. Antique Brass$3.14Details
450789Ives221B716Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore$3.76Details
309338Ives222B10Flush Pull Us10. Satin Bronze$15.83Details
345780Ives222B10BFlush Pull 3-1/8X1-5/8 Us10B. 3-1/8 Inches X 1-5/8 Inches. 7/16 Inch Deep. Dark Bronze$15.83Details
345779Ives222B15Flush Pull 3-1/8X1-5/8 Us15. 3-1/8 Inches X 1-5/8 Inches. 7/16 Inch Deep. Satin Nickel$15.26Details
450790Ives222B15AFlush Pull Us15A$15.28Details
345778Ives222B19Flush Pull 3-1/8X1-5/8 Us19. 3-1/8 Inches X 1-5/8 Inches. 7/16 Inch Deep. Black$15.21Details
345777Ives222B26Flush Pull Us26. Bright Chrome$15.83Details
345776Ives222B26DFlush Pull 3-1/8X1-5/8 Us26D. 3-1/8 Inches X 1-5/8 Inches. 7/16 Inch Deep. Satin Chrome$15.83Details
345775Ives222B3Flush Pull 3-1/8X1-5/8 Us3. 3-1/8 Inches X 1-5/8 Inches. 7/16 Inch Deep. Bright Brass$15.21Details
450791Ives222B4Flush Pull 3-1/8X1-5/8 Us4$15.21Details
309337Ives222B5Flush Pull Us5. Antique Brass$15.83Details
345774Ives223B10Flush Pull Us10. Satin Bronze$5.72Details
309336Ives223B10BFlush Pull 3-9/16X1-5/16 Us10B. 3-9/16 Inches X 1-5/16 Inches. 1/2 Inch Deep. Dark Bronze$5.72Details
309335Ives223B15Flush Pull 3-9/16X1-5/16 Us15. 3-9/16 Inches X 1-5/16 Inches. 1/2 Inch Deep. Satin Nickel$5.47Details
309334Ives223B26Flush Pull 3-9/16X1-5/16 Us26. 3-9/16 Inches X 1-5/16 Inches. 1/2 Inch Deep. Bright Chrome$5.72Details
345773Ives223B26DFlush Pull 3-9/16X1-5/16 26D. 3-9/16 Inches X 1-5/16 Inches. 1/2 Inch Deep. Satin Chrome$5.72Details
309333Ives223B3Flush Pull 3-9/16X1-5/16 Us3. 3-9/16 Inches X 1-5/16 Inches. 1/2 Inch Deep. Bright Brass$5.04Details
345772Ives224HD83313ANContinuous Hinge 83In Du. Custom Length Full Mortise. Heavy Duty 1/16In Inset. 83". Duranodic$130.35Details
789441Ives224HD83CLETW8LHCn Leaf El Tw8 Hd 1 3/4D83Cllh$360.98Details
807507Ives224HD83CLETW8RHCn Leaf El Tw8 Hd 1 3/4D83Clrh. Electric Cn Leaf Right Handed. 1 3/4Inch Dr 83Inch. Clear Anodized Aluminum$360.98Details
798318Ives224HD95CLETW8LHCn Leaf El Tw8 Hd 1 3/4D95Cllh$384.30Details
826015Ives224HD95CLETW8RHCn Leaf El Tw8 Hd 1 3/4D95Clrh$384.30Details
450792Ives224HDDU96INContinuous Hinge 96In Dk Brz$272.92Details
450793Ives224HDEPTLH83IN313ANCont Hinge Ept For Von Lh 83"$193.35Details
309331Ives224HDEPTLHUS2883INCont Hinge Ept Lh 83In Clr Al. Electric Power Transfer Pret. Heavy Duty 1/16In Inset. 83 Inches Prep Left Hand. Clear Aluminum$167.71Details
450794Ives224HDEPTLHUS2885INCont Hinge Ept Lh 85In Clr Al$167.71Details
345771Ives224HDEPTRH83IN313ANCont Hinge Ept For Von Rh 83". 72"Centerline From Top Of Door. Heavy Duty 1/16In Inset. 83" Prep Right Hand. Duranodic$193.35Details
309330Ives224HDEPTRHUS2883INCont Hinge Ept Rh 83In Clr Al. Electric Power Transfer Pret. Heavy Duty 1/16In Inset. 83 Inches Prep Right Hand. Clear Aluminum$167.71Details
345770Ives224HDUS2883INContinuous Hinge 83In Clr Al. Custom Length Full Mortise. Heavy Duty 1/16In Inset. 83 Inches. Clear Aluminum$104.71Details
450795Ives224HDUS2884INContinuous Hinge 84In Clr Al$104.71Details
450796Ives224HDUS2885INContinuous Hinge 85In Clr Al$104.71Details
309329Ives224HDUS2895INContinuous Hinge 95In Clr Al. Custom Length Full Mortise. Heavy Duty 1/16In Inset. 95 Inches. Clear Aluminum$128.90Details
450797Ives224HDUS2896INContinuous Hinge 96In Clr Al$202.80Details
309328Ives224HDUS2898INContinuous Hinge 98In Clr Al. Custom Length Full Mortise. Heavy Duty 1/16In Inset. 98 Inches. Clear Aluminum$202.80Details
450798Ives225B10Flush Pull 1 1/2 In Bore Us10$2.64Details
345769Ives225B15AFlush Pull 1 1/2 In Bore Us15A. With Brads. 1 1/2 Inch. Antique Nickel$3.80Details
345768Ives225B3Flush Pull 1 1/2 In Bore Us3. With Brads. 1 1/2 Inch. Bright Brass$3.32Details
309327Ives225B4Flush Pull 1 1/2 In Bore Us4. With Brads. 1 1/2 Inch. Satin Brass$2.98Details
309326Ives226B10Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us10. With Screws. 2 1/8 Inch. Satin Bronze$5.56Details
309325Ives226B10BFlush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us10B. With Screws. 2 1/8 Inch. Dark Bronze$5.56Details
450799Ives226B15Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us15$5.56Details
309324Ives226B26Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us26. With Screws. 2 1/8 Inch. Bright Chrome$5.56Details
309323Ives226B3Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us3. With Screws. 2 1/8 Inch. Bright Brass$4.79Details
450800Ives226B5Flush Pull 2 1/8 In Bore Us5$5.22Details
309322Ives227B10Flush Pull 3-5/8X1-1/4 Us10. 3-5/8 Inches X 1-1/4 Inches. 9/16 Inches Deep. Satin Bronze$8.80Details
309321Ives227B10BFlush Pull 3-5/8X1-1/4 Us10B. 3-5/8 Inches X 1-1/4 Inches. 9/16 Inches Deep. Dark Bronze$8.80Details
309320Ives227B15Flush Pull 3-5/8X1-1/4 Us15. 3-5/8 Inches X 1-1/4 Inches. 9/16 Inches Deep. Satin Nickel$8.39Details
345767Ives227B26Flush Pull 3-5/8X1-1/4 Us26. 3-5/8 Inches X 1-1/4 Inches. 9/16 Inches Deep. Satin Chrome$8.80Details
309319Ives227B26DFlush Pull 3-5/8X1-1/4 Us26D. 3-5/8 Inches X 1-1/4 Inches. 9/16 Inches Deep. Satin Chrome$8.80Details
345766Ives227B3Flush Pull 3-5/8X1-1/4 Us3. 3-5/8 Inches X 1-1/4 Inches. 9/16 Inches Deep. Bright Brass$7.61Details
450801Ives227B4Flush Pull 3-5/8X1-1/4 Us4$7.61Details
309318Ives227B5Flush Pull 3-5/8X1-1/4 Us5. 3-5/8 Inches X 1-1/4 Inches. 9/16 Inches Deep. Antique Brass$8.39Details
309317Ives22B10BFlush Pull Us10B. Dark Bronze$3.14Details
309316Ives22B15Flush Pull 3-1/8X1-5/16 Us15. 3-1/8 Inches X 1-5/16 Inches. 7/16 Inch Deep. Satin Nickel$3.04Details
309315Ives22B26Flush Pull 3-1/8X1-5/16 Us26. 3-1/8 Inches X 1-5/16 Inches. 7/16 Inch Deep. Bright Chrome$3.14Details
309314Ives22B26DIves Flush Pull. Satin Chrome$3.14Details
309313Ives22B3Ives Flush Pull. Bright Brass$2.76Details
450802Ives22B5Ives Flush Pull$3.14Details
309312Ives230B10Door Edge Pull Us10. Satin Bronze$9.80Details
345765Ives230B10BDoor Edge Pull Us10B. Dark Bronze$11.29Details
309311Ives230B15Door Edge Pull Us15. Satin Nickel$10.82Details
345764Ives230B15ADoor Edge Pull Us15A. Antique Nickel$9.80Details
309310Ives230B26Door Edge Pull Us26. Bright Chrome$11.29Details
345763Ives230B26DDoor Edge Pull Us26D. Satin Chrome$11.29Details
345762Ives230B3Door Edge Pull Us3. Bright Brass$9.80Details
309309Ives230B4Door Edge Pull Us4. Satin Brass$8.55Details
309308Ives230B5Door Edge Pull Us5. Antique Brass$10.82Details
450803Ives247B26DRabbet Piece Us26D$20.49Details
309307Ives253B10B12INUSMSSurface Bolt - Strike Us. Universal Strike. Oil Rubbed Bronze$57.86Details
345761Ives253B10B8INUSMSSurface Bolt 8 Inch Us10B. Universal Strike. Dark Bronze$49.04Details
309306Ives253B26D12INUSMSSurface Bolt - Strike Ms. Mortise Strike. Satin Chrome$57.86Details
345760Ives253B26D8INUSMSSurface Bolt 8 Inch Us26D. Mortise Strike. Satin Chrome$49.04Details
309305Ives253B312INUSMSSurface Bolt 12 Inch Us3. Universal Strike. Bright Brass$56.07Details