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Keyscan / Cardac

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
198112Keyscan / Cardac1002Lost/Stolen Or Misplaced System V Softwa$309.26Details
270805Keyscan / Cardac1006Lost/Stolen Or Misplaced System Vii Software$309.26Details
745169Keyscan / Cardac1011Software, Replacement, K-Web Series $781.94Details
198113Keyscan / Cardac1012Software Cd, Replacement, Utilities & Drivers $86.42Details
636408Keyscan / Cardac1015Repl "V-Web" Software Cd$181.48Details
636410Keyscan / Cardac1017Repl Vantage Sql Upgrade Software Cd$181.48Details
862554Keyscan / Cardac2KIT125*Eol*Kit W/Cs125-36 Cards And 2 Key Pro$1,722.34Details
222881Keyscan / Cardac2KITB125Ca250 Kit With 50 Cs125-36 Cards$1,722.44Details
222882Keyscan / Cardac2KITBCMAC125Ca250 Cmac Kit W/50Cards, 2 Readers, & 1$1,803.48Details
222884Keyscan / Cardac402322Data Cable, 9-Pin Connector, Interfaces Controller$26.82Details
198114Keyscan / Cardac4KIT125Ca4000 Kit With 50 Card &Amp; 4 Kprox 2 Rdr'$2,263.53Details
203367Keyscan / Cardac4KITB125Ca4500 Kit W/ 50 Cards And 4 K-Prox2 Rea$2,561.80Details
461441Keyscan / Cardac4KITBCMAC125Ca4500 Cmac Kit W/50 Cards, 4Readers, &$2,618.51Details
198115Keyscan / Cardac4KITBCMACSMCa4500 Cmac Kit With 50 Cards, 4 Smart R$2,750.30Details
636411Keyscan / Cardac4KITBSMCa4500 Kit With 50 Cards &Amp; 4 K-Smart Rea$2,413.84Details
203368Keyscan / Cardac4KITSM4 Door Kit, Ca4000, 4 K-Smart Readers, 1$2,413.84Details
1039962Keyscan / Cardac75419Eplex Wireless Outside Antenna$243.59Details
972301Keyscan / Cardac75424Eplex Wireless Inside Antenna$243.59Details
938946Keyscan / Cardac75425Eplex Wireless Desk Mt Router Kit$421.19Details
943244Keyscan / Cardac75427Eplex Wireless Site Survey Unit$421.19Details
931301Keyscan / Cardac75428Eplex Wireless Wall Mt Router Kit$421.19Details
270809Keyscan / Cardac8KIT1256 Rdr Access Antrl Kit$3,463.28Details
198118Keyscan / Cardac8KITB125Ca8500 Kit With 50 Cards &Amp; 6 K-Prox2$3,463.28Details
307275Keyscan / Cardac8KITBCMAC125Ca8500 Cmac Kit W/50 Cards, 6Readers, &$3,960.03Details
203369Keyscan / Cardac8KITBSMCa8500 Kit With 50 Cards &Amp; 6 K-Smart Rea$3,679.46Details
770429Keyscan / Cardac909S*Eol*Mount Rocker Switch$44.85Details
636412Keyscan / CardacAURAILicense, Active Directory Integration $1,071.94Details
920424Keyscan / CardacAURAVIGIntegration License For Avigilon Vms Sof$479.66Details
636413Keyscan / CardacAURCL1License, Client/Web, Additional, Single $258.09Details
636414Keyscan / CardacAURCL10License, Client/Web, Additional, 10-Pack $2,046.05Details
636415Keyscan / CardacAURCL5License, Client/Web, Additional, 5-Pack $1,154.73Details
927578Keyscan / CardacAURDMPLicense, Dmp Intrusion Panel Integration $234.64Details
636416Keyscan / CardacAURDSCMLicense, Dsc Maxsys Intrusion Panel Integration $234.64Details
636417Keyscan / CardacAURDSCPLicense, Dsc Power Series Intrusion Panel Integrat$234.64Details
636418Keyscan / CardacAUREXACLicense, Exacq Video Integration $479.66Details
850412Keyscan / CardacAURI3I3 International Video Integration License F/Auroa$479.66Details
767983Keyscan / CardacAURMILEIntegration License For Milestone Vms So$479.66Details
751397Keyscan / CardacAURONSSLicense, Onssi Video Integration $479.66Details
1030263Keyscan / CardacAUROPENLicense, Open Eye Video Integration To Aurora Soft$479.66Details
636419Keyscan / CardacAURORASoftware, Aurora Standard Series $595.80Details
636420Keyscan / CardacAURRN1License, Reverse Network, Single $114.18Details
918461Keyscan / CardacAURRN1010 Reverse Network License Connections T$668.15Details
636421Keyscan / CardacAURRN5License, Reverse Network, 5-Pack $362.00Details
757560Keyscan / CardacAURSALIAurora Salient Video Integration License$479.66Details
880077Keyscan / CardacAURSIScanner (Bus Card & Driver License) Inte$274.08Details
847724Keyscan / CardacAURUPSoftware, Aurora Replacement/Upgrade $242.45Details
636422Keyscan / CardacAURWEBAurora Web Server License For Web Connec$550.54Details
461442Keyscan / CardacBIOUSBUsb Fingerprint Sensor For Enrollment$293.79Details
222894Keyscan / CardacBIZSCAN2Drvrs Lic Scanner F/Visitr Mgt$1,117.99Details
222895Keyscan / CardacCA150Access Control Unit, 1-Door, (2) Reader Input/Outp$641.05Details
270818Keyscan / CardacCA150KHSAccess Control Unit, W/ Keyscan Hosted Services (K$656.14Details
984919Keyscan / CardacCA150MController, Single Door, (90,000) Users, Poe Equip$769.82Details
879400Keyscan / CardacCA150WLKTLock Interface Kit, Wireless, Allegion Series $1,364.04Details
761279Keyscan / CardacCA200*Eol* Discontinued: Use Kes-Ca250$967.82Details
461443Keyscan / CardacCA230B2 Reader Board Only - C/W 1- Ocb8 Relay$707.27Details
222896Keyscan / CardacCA250Access Control Unit, 2-Door, (2) Reader Ports, (2)$944.13Details
203375Keyscan / CardacCA250BAccess Control Unit, Board Only, 2-Door, (2) Reade$689.94Details
941370Keyscan / CardacCA250BMBoard Only, 2-Reader, (90,000) Users $864.23Details
942169Keyscan / CardacCA250MController, 2-Reader/Door, (90,000) Users $1,118.42Details
636425Keyscan / CardacCA250NBAccess Control Unit, Board Only, 2-Door, (2) Reade$864.23Details
933959Keyscan / CardacCA250NBMController, 2-Reader/Door, (90,000) Users *No Encl$1,038.53Details
831046Keyscan / CardacCA4000*Eol* Discontinued: Use Kes-Ca4500$1,424.54Details
461444Keyscan / CardacCA4300B4 Reader Board Only$1,287.95Details
270821Keyscan / CardacCA4500Access Control Unit, 4-Door, (4) Reader Ports, (4)$1,389.64Details
270822Keyscan / CardacCA4500BAccess Control Unit, Board Only, 4-Door, (4) Reade$1,256.40Details
636426Keyscan / CardacCA4500BMBoard Only, 4-Reader, (90,000) Users $1,417.58Details
954249Keyscan / CardacCA4500MController, 4-Reader/Door, (90,000) Users $1,599.14Details
307274Keyscan / CardacCA4500NBAccess Control Unit, Board Only, 4-Door, (4) Reade$1,312.83Details
1058512Keyscan / CardacCA4500NBMController, 4-Reader/Door, (90,000) Users *No Encl$1,522.33Details
198126Keyscan / CardacCA501KPtz Keyboard Joystick Controller$841.26Details
801888Keyscan / CardacCA8000*Eol* Discontinued: Use Kes-Ca8500$2,469.69Details
270824Keyscan / CardacCA8400B8 Reader Board Only$2,197.68Details
203376Keyscan / CardacCA8500Access Control Unit, 8-Door, (8) Reader Ports, (8)$2,409.18Details
203377Keyscan / CardacCA8500BAccess Control Unit, Board Only, 8-Door, (8) Reade$1,990.19Details
984653Keyscan / CardacCA8500BMBoard Only, 8-Reader, (90,000) Users $2,220.64Details
956503Keyscan / CardacCA8500MController, 8-Reader/Door, (90,000) Users $2,639.63Details
307273Keyscan / CardacCA8500NBAccess Control Unit, Board Only, 8-Door, (8) Reade$2,325.38Details
954882Keyscan / CardacCA8500NBMController, 8-Reader/Door, (90,000) Users *No Encl$2,555.83Details
808310Keyscan / CardacCA8WLALReplacement Allegion Interface Control$2,526.95Details
222897Keyscan / CardacCB485Rs-485 Communication Board$324.70Details
198127Keyscan / CardacCB485MRs-485 Modem Communication Board$460.78Details
343525Keyscan / CardacCIMCommunication Interlink Module1 Per Cpu,$153.30Details
307272Keyscan / CardacCIMLINKCommunications Between Two Cim Communication Loops$807.59Details
819068Keyscan / CardacCIMLINKBCommunication Interlink Module, Replacement, Board$234.64Details
222898Keyscan / CardacCOMMEXConverts Rs232 To Rs-485$363.37Details
270825Keyscan / CardacCPB102Comm Board New & Old For Legacy Installs$368.54Details
203378Keyscan / CardacCS12526Card, Proximity, Clamshell, 26-Bit, For K-Prox2, K$187.71Details
203379Keyscan / CardacCS12536Card, Proximity, Clamshell, 36-Bit, For K-Prox2, K$164.25Details
343524Keyscan / CardacCUSTMODAccessory, Custom Modification Of Hardware Or Soft$221.05Details
222899Keyscan / CardacCUSTOMMODSLABORCustom Modification Labor Unit$254.79Details
203380Keyscan / CardacDLKReplacement Part, Panel Lock W/ (2) Keys *Even If$35.64Details
203381Keyscan / CardacDPS15Power Supply Board, Dual, 12 Vdc $179.89Details
307271Keyscan / CardacDSCDsc Intrusion Panel Integration$240.53Details
307270Keyscan / CardacDSCCKITDsc-Ckit Additional Dsc Connector Kit$40.50Details
636429Keyscan / CardacDVR32RBDigital Video Recorder 16 Ch -2 Tb Drive$3,320.99Details
203382Keyscan / CardacDVR32TBKeyscan Digital Video Recorder2 Tb Drive$337.49Details
932116Keyscan / CardacE5631XSWLCylindrical Lock With Schlage C Key Override, Sat$1,003.59Details
222900Keyscan / CardacEC1400B1 Reader Elevator Board Only$2,011.54Details
270827Keyscan / CardacEC1500Elevator Access Control Unit, (1) Elevator Cab, (1$2,080.98Details
270828Keyscan / CardacEC1500BElevator Access Control Unit, Board Only, (1) Elev$1,808.63Details
1070753Keyscan / CardacEC1500BMElevator Board Only, 1-Reader, (90,000) Users $2,018.13Details
1012222Keyscan / CardacEC1500MElevator Control Unit, 1-Reader, (90,000) Users $2,290.46Details
198131Keyscan / CardacEC2500Elevator Access Control Unit, (2) Elevator Cabs, ($2,409.18Details
198132Keyscan / CardacEC2500BElevator Access Control Unit, Board Only, (2) Elev$1,990.19Details
949244Keyscan / CardacEC2500BMElevator Board Only, 2-Reader, (90,000) Users $2,220.64Details
858512Keyscan / CardacEC2500MElevator Control Unit, 2-Reader, (90,000) Users $2,639.63Details
798035Keyscan / CardacEPSTDSWEplex Standard Software Kit For Powerplex 2000 Loc$414.80Details
992998Keyscan / CardacEXPEDITEFEEExpediate Fee To Vendor$85.39Details
270829Keyscan / CardacEXT2TBExternal 2Tb Usb Video Hard Drive, 6'Usb$638.75Details
636430Keyscan / CardacF2K2PSR26Smart Fob, Hid Legacy Iclass Sr Public Key Series,$369.55Details
636431Keyscan / CardacF2K2PSR36Smart Fob, Hid Legacy Iclass Sr Public Key Series,$316.75Details
636432Keyscan / CardacFIRMA01Aurora Acu/Ecu Firmware Upgrade - Single$157.14Details
636433Keyscan / CardacFIRMA015Aurora Acu/Ecu Firmware Upgrade - 5 Chip$670.05Details
198137Keyscan / CardacFIRMVIIReplacement Firmware For System V/Vii So$120.26Details
270830Keyscan / CardacFIRMVIISET* Set Of Two (2) Current Production Read$136.30Details
270831Keyscan / CardacFTBFerrite Bead (3Pk)$11.78Details
1062575Keyscan / CardacFWI2595Firmware Upgrade, Input/Output, 1091-1095, For Ca2$210.73Details
1067400Keyscan / CardacFWI2597Firmware Upgrade, Input/Output, Pc1097 Up, For Ca2$210.73Details
1030874Keyscan / CardacFWI4595Firmware Upgrade, Input/Output, 1091-1095, For Ca4$210.73Details
935212Keyscan / CardacFWI4597Firmware Upgrade, Input/Output, Pc1097 Up, For Ca4$210.73Details
1034200Keyscan / CardacFWI8595Firmware Upgrade, Input/Output, 1091-1095, For Ca8$210.73Details
982095Keyscan / CardacFWI8597Firmware Upgrade, Input/Output, Pc1097 Up, For Ca8$210.73Details
998779Keyscan / CardacFWIE195Firmware Upgrade, Input/Output, 1091-1095, For Ec1$210.73Details
960068Keyscan / CardacFWIE197Firmware Upgrade, Input/Output, Pc1097 Up, For Ec1$210.73Details
941280Keyscan / CardacFWIE295Firmware Upgrade, Input/Output, 1091-1095, For Ec2$85.39Details
1072608Keyscan / CardacFWIE297Firmware Upgrade, Input/Output, Pc1097 Up, For Ec2$210.73Details
1077539Keyscan / CardacFWR2595Firmware Upgrade, Reader, 1091-1095, For Ca250 Con$304.10Details
1073253Keyscan / CardacFWR2597Firmware Upgrade, Reader, Pc1097 Up, For Ca250 Con$127.39Details
947869Keyscan / CardacFWR4595Firmware Upgrade, Reader, 1091-1095, For Ca4500 Co$304.10Details
971971Keyscan / CardacFWR4597Firmware Upgrade, Reader, 1097 Up, For Ca4500 Cont$127.39Details
1007602Keyscan / CardacFWR8595Firmware Upgrade, Reader, 1091-1095, For Ca8500 Co$304.10Details
1008104Keyscan / CardacFWR8597Firmware Upgrade, Reader, 1097 Up, For Ca8500 Cont$127.39Details
969648Keyscan / CardacFWRE195Firmware Upgrade, Reader, 1091-1095, For Ec1500 El$304.10Details
951983Keyscan / CardacFWRE197Firmware Upgrade, Reader, Pc1097 Up, For Ec1500 El$304.10Details
1082848Keyscan / CardacFWRE295Firmware Upgrade, Reader, 1091-1095, For Ec2500 El$304.10Details
955750Keyscan / CardacFWRE297Firmware Upgrade, Reader, Pc1097 Up, For Ec2500 El$304.10Details
767838Keyscan / CardacFWS2595Firmware Upgrade, 1091-1095, For Ca250 Access Cont$166.59Details
1072021Keyscan / CardacFWS2597Firmware Upgrade, Pc1097 Up, For Ca250 Access Cont$397.89Details
722615Keyscan / CardacFWS4595Firmware Upgrade, 1091-1095, For Ca4500 Access Con$179.06Details
819493Keyscan / CardacFWS4597Firmware Upgrade, Pc1097 Up, For Ca4500 Access Con$166.59Details
746581Keyscan / CardacFWS8595Firmware Upgrade, 1091-1095, For Ca8500 Access Con$157.14Details
842850Keyscan / CardacFWS8597Firmware Upgrade, Pc1097 Up, For Ca8500 Access Con$166.59Details
798857Keyscan / CardacFWSC156Firmware Upgrade, 1152 Or Up, For Ca150 System $157.14Details
970762Keyscan / CardacFWSE195Firmware Upgrade, 1091-1095, For Ec1500 Elevator C$166.59Details
948170Keyscan / CardacFWSE197Firmware Upgrade, Pc1097 Up, For Ec1500 Elevator C$166.59Details
752743Keyscan / CardacFWSE295Firmware Upgrade, 1091-1095, For Ec2500 Elevator C$166.59Details
987298Keyscan / CardacFWSE297Firmware Upgrade, Pc1097 Up, For Ec2500 Elevator C$166.59Details
198138Keyscan / CardacHID1351Accessory, Vehicle Tag, Proximity, Keyscan 36-Bit$56.71Details
203383Keyscan / CardacHID1391Accessory, Adhesive Tag, Micro Proximity, Keyscan$250.28Details
203384Keyscan / CardacHID5355KPReader, W/ Keypad, Hid, Proximity Pro, 5 Inch To 8$404.24Details
222903Keyscan / CardacHID5365Reader, Hid, Slim Line, Mini Proximity, Mullion Mo$208.04Details
203385Keyscan / CardacHID5375Reader, Hid, Nt Maxipro, 16 Inch To 24 Inch Read R$648.59Details
198139Keyscan / CardacHID5395Reader, Hid, Slim Line Ii, Proximity, Wall Switch$212.73Details
222905Keyscan / CardacHID5455Reader, Hid, Proximity Pro, 8 Inch To 9 Inch Read$234.64Details
203386Keyscan / CardacHID6005BReader, Hid, Proximity Point, 1 Inch To 2 Inch Rea$139.22Details
203387Keyscan / CardacHIDC1325Accessory, Cards, Hid, Proximity, Keyscan 36-Bit F$179.89Details
270832Keyscan / CardacHIDC132550Hid Standard Prox Card (50) 36 Bit$190.39Details
222907Keyscan / CardacHIDC1326Accessory, Cards, Hid, Proximity, 26-Bit *Pack Of$203.35Details
222908Keyscan / CardacHIDC1386Accessory, Cards Hid, Iso Proximity Ii, 36-Bit, Gl$316.75Details
203388Keyscan / CardacHIDC138626Accessory, Cards, Hid, Iso Proximity Ii, 26-Bit, W$354.47Details
270833Keyscan / CardacHIDC1386MGAccessory, Cards W/ Magnetic Stripe, Hid, Iso Prox$429.88Details
877393Keyscan / CardacHIDT1345Eol* Use Kes-Proxkeyiii When No More Stk$340.16Details
855391Keyscan / CardacHIDT1346*Eol* Key Tag 26 Bit Format$371.09Details
808455Keyscan / CardacI2K2PSR26Legacy Iclass Sr 2K2 Public Key 26 Bit$277.19Details
636435Keyscan / CardacI2K2PSR36Hid Legacy Iclass Sr Public Key 2K/2 Iso Smart Car$264.35Details
270835Keyscan / CardacICLASSKEYII*Eol*Application Smart Fob$340.16Details
789516Keyscan / CardacINTX4PRX104 Button Mini Transmitter C/W Indala Chip - 10Pack$331.84Details
222909Keyscan / CardacIOCB1616Control Input/Output Board W/ Key Lock Enclosure,$449.50Details
270837Keyscan / CardacIOCB1616BControl Input / Output Board, Keyscan, (16) Superv$242.45Details
198140Keyscan / CardacKBADGELicense, System Vii Photo Badging / Verification,$633.51Details
636438Keyscan / CardacKC2K2SESmart Card, Hid Legacy Iclass Se Series, Clamshell$250.28Details
636439Keyscan / CardacKC2K2SRSmart Card, Hid Legacy Iclass Sr Series, Clamshell$226.81Details
270838Keyscan / CardacKCLLicense, System Vii Client, (1) Additional Concurr$242.45Details
198141Keyscan / CardacKCMSystem Vii Security Command Module$699.35Details
198142Keyscan / CardacKDSCIntegration License, Keyscan System Vii, Used To I$331.84Details
222911Keyscan / CardacKEY16K16Hid Iclass 2002 16K/16 Smart Card, Pkg I$559.99Details
636440Keyscan / CardacKEY2K2200Hid Iclass 2,000 2K2 Application$856.15Details
203391Keyscan / CardacKEYR40Hid Iclass R40 Sc Reader Keyscan 36 Bit$288.75Details
203392Keyscan / CardacKEYR90R90 L/R 36Bit 12Vdc 1300Ma, Cannot Cancel Or Retrn$707.27Details
203393Keyscan / CardacKEYRK40Keyscan Hid R40 C/W Keypad Smart Card Re$542.50Details
343513Keyscan / CardacKEYRP15Dual 13.56 Mhz Contactless &Amp; 125 Khz Pro$306.15Details
198145Keyscan / CardacKEYRW400Hid Iclass Rw400 Reader&Writersmart Card$393.75Details
894794Keyscan / CardacKEYTX4PRX1026Package Of 10$404.24Details
636441Keyscan / CardacKF2K2SESmart Fob, Hid Legacy Iclass Se Series, 13.56 Mhz,$352.96Details
636442Keyscan / CardacKF2K2SRSmart Fob, Hid Legacy Iclass Sr Series, 13.56 Mhz,$331.84Details
636443Keyscan / CardacKF2K2SSEHid Leg Iclass Se2K/2 Smrt Fob$383.39Details
890587Keyscan / CardacKFOB1K*Eol* Smart Proximity Fob 1K$355.63Details
636444Keyscan / CardacKI16K16SESmart Card, Hid Legacy Iclass Se Series, Iso, 13.5$500.77Details
636445Keyscan / CardacKI16K16SRSmart Card, Hid Legacy Iclass Sr Series, Iso, 13.5$482.68Details
636446Keyscan / CardacKI2K2MSESmart Card, Hid Legacy Iclass Se Series, W/ Magstr$340.89Details
636447Keyscan / CardacKI2K2MSRSmart Card, Hid Legacy Iclass Sr Series, W/ Magstr$330.33Details
636448Keyscan / CardacKI2K2SESmart Card, Hid Legacy Iclass Se Series, Iso, 13.5$278.43Details
636449Keyscan / CardacKI2K2SRSmart Card, Hid Legacy Iclass Sr Series, Iso, 13.5$264.35Details
198152Keyscan / CardacKICTX4 Butt Trnsmtr W/Iclass Chip$386.56Details
270843Keyscan / CardacKINTX2Rf Transmitter, Wireless, 4-Button, W/ Indala Prox$339.38Details
636450Keyscan / CardacKINTX226Rf Transmitter, Wireless, 4-Button, W/ Indala Prox$339.38Details
203395Keyscan / CardacKKI5355Interface F/Non Keyscran Puchased 5355 Keypad Rdr$203.35Details
270845Keyscan / CardacKKIK501Accessory, Wiegand Keypad Interface, Indala, Use W$226.81Details
203396Keyscan / CardacKKIKPRKeypad Interface For Rev 10 And Previous$203.35Details
636451Keyscan / CardacKKIMR20Interface, For Magstripe Keypad Readers $203.35Details
198153Keyscan / CardacKKIRK40Accessory, Wiegand Keypad Interface, Hid, Rk40, Fo$203.35Details
198155Keyscan / CardacKKPRReader, W/ Keypad, Indoor / Outdoor, Proximity, Hi$399.71Details
636452Keyscan / CardacKKPRGOVProximity Keypad Reader$516.25Details
636453Keyscan / CardacKKPRSMContactless Smart Card Keypadreader$490.00Details
636454Keyscan / CardacKKPRSM125Contactless Smart Card Prox Keypad Reade$516.25Details
222915Keyscan / CardacKKRMKwik Key Reader$425.22Details
198156Keyscan / CardacKKRSKwik Key Reader$425.22Details
198157Keyscan / CardacKOMSystem Vii Output Module$572.39Details
932806Keyscan / CardacKPC1K-Prox3 Readr Prgramming Card (5Pk)$20.99Details
222917Keyscan / CardacKPLATEAccessory, Replacement Back Plate, Black, For Keys$11.06Details
222918Keyscan / CardacKPLUGKeyscan Accessory, Replacement Screw Hole Plugs, F$148.60Details
203397Keyscan / CardacKPROX2Keyscan Reader, Indoor / Outdoor, Proximity Reader$123.58Details
987853Keyscan / CardacKPROX3125Khz Proximity Reader$130.19Details
636455Keyscan / CardacKR10LReader, Hid Legacy Iclass Se R10 Series, Keyscan F$153.30Details
636456Keyscan / CardacKR10SE13.56 Mhz Mullion Mount Read Only Contactless Smar$153.30Details
783949Keyscan / CardacKR15LReader, Hid Legacy Iclass Se, Mullion Mount $279.05Details
636457Keyscan / CardacKR15SEReader, Hid Iclass Se, Mullion Mount $279.05Details
636458Keyscan / CardacKR40LReader, Hid Legacy Iclass Se R40 Series, Keyscan F$258.09Details
636459Keyscan / CardacKR40SEReader, Hid Iclass Se R40 Series, Keyscan Format,$258.09Details
920413Keyscan / CardacKR90LReader, Hid Iclass, Long Range, Keyscan Format $689.94Details
636460Keyscan / CardacKRK40LReader, Hid Legacy Iclass Se R40 Series, Keyscan F$475.13Details
636461Keyscan / CardacKRK40SEReader, Hid Iclass Se R40 Series, Keyscan Format,$429.88Details
270847Keyscan / CardacKRNSoftware License, System Vii Series, Reverse Netwo$980.43Details
307268Keyscan / CardacKRN5Software License, System Vii Series, Reverse Netwo$580.72Details
636462Keyscan / CardacKRP10LReader, Proximity, Hid Legacy Multiclass Rp10 Seri$203.35Details
636463Keyscan / CardacKRP10SEReader, Proximity, Hid Multiclass Rp10 Series, Key$203.35Details
636464Keyscan / CardacKRP15LReader, Proximity, Hid Legacy Multiclass Rp15 Seri$298.66Details
636465Keyscan / CardacKRP15SEReader, Proximity, Hid Multiclass Rp15 Series, Key$298.66Details
636466Keyscan / CardacKRP40LReader, Proximity, Hid Legacy Multiclass Rp40 Seri$298.66Details
636467Keyscan / CardacKRP40SEReader, Proximity, Hid Multiclass Rp40 Series, Key$298.66Details
636468Keyscan / CardacKRPK40LReader, Proximity, Hid Legacy Multiclass Rp40 Seri$512.84Details
636469Keyscan / CardacKRPK40SEReader, Proximity, Hid Multiclass Rp40 Series, Key$512.84Details
270848Keyscan / CardacKRXKeyscan Rf Receiver, Wireless, Plastic Ip66 / Nema$324.30Details
203398Keyscan / CardacKRXSAMRelay Output Module For K-Rx$59.50Details
222919Keyscan / CardacKSECURE1KSmart Card, Mifare 1K, 36-Bit Format, 2 Inch Read$184.58Details
203399Keyscan / CardacKSECURE4KSmart Card, Mifare 4K, 36-Bit Format, 2 Inch Read$236.19Details
461446Keyscan / CardacKSECUREM1KFor Use W/K-Smart & Smart-Gate Rdr Only Box Of 50$212.79Details
790862Keyscan / CardacKSF1KMifare Key Tag Keyscan Format Box Of 50$339.38Details
1082749Keyscan / CardacKSKPRKeyscan Smart Card Reader W/Keypad$433.34Details
270849Keyscan / CardacKSMARTKeyscan Reader, Indoor / Outdoor, Mifare, Proximit$195.52Details
636470Keyscan / CardacKT2K2SESmart Tag, Hid Legacy Iclass Se Series, Contactles$250.28Details
636471Keyscan / CardacKT2K2SRSmart Tag, Hid Legacy Iclass Sr Series, Contactles$250.28Details
203401Keyscan / CardacKTVSystem Vii Cctv Module - Cctv License T$440.67Details
866962Keyscan / CardacKTX1K4 Button Mim Trsmtr W/Minfare 1= 10 Pcs$433.34Details
222922Keyscan / CardacKTX2Rf Transmitter, Wireless, 4-Button, W/ Hid Proximi$301.67Details
966162Keyscan / CardacKTX21KRf Transmitter, W/ K-Secure, 4-Button, 1K Chip, 36$399.71Details
270850Keyscan / CardacKTX226Rf Transmitter, Wireless, 4-Button, W/ Hid Proximi$309.22Details
222923Keyscan / CardacKTX2IC4 Button Rf Transmitter W/ Hidiclass Chi$393.75Details
270851Keyscan / CardacKVANReader, Indoor / Outdoor, Vandal Resistant, Proxim$675.40Details
203402Keyscan / CardacKVISKeyscan System Vii Visitor Management Kit, Print V$362.00Details
222924Keyscan / CardacKWC36 Bit Wiegand Cards Pk Of 50$749.91Details
270852Keyscan / CardacKWEBKeyscan Software, K-Web Creates Secure Web Applica$871.49Details
270853Keyscan / CardacKWEBCKeyscan Software, Additional (1) Web Users For (1)$242.45Details
198160Keyscan / CardacKWEBC10Keyscan Software, Additional (10) Web Users For (1$1,675.95Details
203403Keyscan / CardacMAGMR10Magnetic Stripe Reader, Slimline, Surface Mount, B$429.88Details
270856Keyscan / CardacMAGMR20Magnetic Stripe Reader, W/ Keypad, Slimline, Surfa$740.77Details
636474Keyscan / CardacMINIMUMFee For Order Below Minimum$41.51Details
203404Keyscan / CardacMISC23226Accessory, 26-Bit Reader Interface *Required If Us$234.64Details
222927Keyscan / CardacMISC23236Accessory, 36-Bit Reader Interface *Required If Us$234.64Details
203405Keyscan / CardacMISC3626Accessory, 36-Bit Reader To 26-Bit Reader Interfac$234.64Details
636475Keyscan / CardacMISC8026Wiegand Converter, 80 To 26-Bit $234.64Details
203406Keyscan / CardacMISCBRCAccessory, Barcode Reader Interface *Required If B$195.52Details
944612Keyscan / CardacMOB0415Hid Mob Credent-Keys 36Bit-Setec Pk Of 100 Crdntls$811.19Details
203407Keyscan / CardacMSCAccessory, Cards W / Magnetic Stripe, Programmed W$195.52Details
636476Keyscan / CardacMSSCOMMFor System Iii Systems Only - Replaced B$670.05Details
222928Keyscan / CardacNET6PKHSConverter, W/ Encryption, Rs232 To Tcp/Ip, Keyscan$369.55Details
198163Keyscan / CardacNETCOM2Accessory, Converter, Rs232 To Tcp / Ip, Connect C$377.10Details
222930Keyscan / CardacNETCOM2PAccessory, Converter, Rs232 To Tcp / Ip, Programmi$298.66Details
203408Keyscan / CardacNETCOM2WHWireless Communication Device$533.45Details
203409Keyscan / CardacNETCOM6PAccessory, Converter, Rs232 To Tcp / Ip, Encryptio$346.92Details
222932Keyscan / CardacOCB8Control Board, Plug-In W/ Independent Reverse Pole$218.99Details
857202Keyscan / CardacP2031KBLock, Electronic, Push Button, Self-Powered *No Be$377.10Details
926009Keyscan / CardacP2031KKLock, Electronic, Push Button, Self-Powered, (100)$377.10Details
719001Keyscan / CardacPIM400485Allegion Wireless Lock Panel Interface M$1,109.28Details
636477Keyscan / CardacPLNBOX3Empty Keyscan Control Box$148.82Details
307267Keyscan / CardacPNLB2Ca4000 Enclosure With Hardware$131.49Details
203410Keyscan / CardacPNLBOX3Control Panel Box, Metal Assembly, Black Finish, I$203.35Details
270859Keyscan / CardacPROXKEYIIIProx Fob, Hid Proxkeyiii Series, Keyscan Format, W$331.84Details
270860Keyscan / CardacPROXKEYIII26Prox Fob, Hid Proxkeyiii Series, Keyscan Format, W$362.00Details
203411Keyscan / CardacPX603Reader, Indala Fp3511A, Indoor / Outdoor, Proximit$234.64Details
222933Keyscan / CardacPX60326Reader, Indala Fp3511A, Indoor / Outdoor, Proximit$258.09Details
1021077Keyscan / CardacPX60327Indala Prox Reader - 27 Bit$279.99Details
270861Keyscan / CardacPX605Reader, Indala Fp3521A, Indoor / Outdoor, Proximit$250.28Details
270862Keyscan / CardacPX60526Reader, Indala Fp3521A, Indoor / Outdoor, Proximit$273.74Details
222934Keyscan / CardacPX610Reader, Indala Fp3231A, Indoor / Outdoor, Master P$346.92Details
222935Keyscan / CardacPX61026Reader, Indala Fp3231A, Indoor / Outdoor, Master P$369.55Details
203412Keyscan / CardacPX61027Indala Prox Reader - 27 Bit$388.79Details
203413Keyscan / CardacPX620Reader, Indala Asr-620+, Indoor / Outdoor, Proximi$900.55Details
270863Keyscan / CardacPX62026Reader, Indala Asr-620+, Indoor / Outdoor, Proximi$900.55Details
270864Keyscan / CardacPXC1Accessory, Cards, Indala Fpcrd, Proximity, Credit$172.06Details
270865Keyscan / CardacPXC126Accessory, Cards, Indala, Proximity, Credit Card S$195.52Details
307266Keyscan / CardacPXC127Custom Numbered 26 Bit Cards & Tags 500 Min$247.79Details
270866Keyscan / CardacPXISO30Accessory, Cards, Indala Fpiso, Proximity, Keyscan$294.12Details
270867Keyscan / CardacPXISO3026Indla Fdiso Prx Crd 26Bt(50Pack)$340.19Details
198165Keyscan / CardacPXISO3027Photo Imag Prox Card Pk/50$313.19Details
222936Keyscan / CardacPXISO30MGAccessory, Card W/ Magnetic Stripe, Indala Fpiso,$369.55Details
222937Keyscan / CardacPXK501Reader, W/ Keypad, Indoor / Outdoor, Indala Fp506,$580.72Details
222938Keyscan / CardacPXK50126Reader, W/ Keypad, Indoor / Outdoor, Indala Fp506,$603.34Details
203414Keyscan / CardacPXKEYKey Tag, Indala, Fpkey, Proximity, Blue In Color,$273.74Details
270868Keyscan / CardacPXKEY26Key Tag, Indala, Fpkey, Proximity, Blue In Color,$294.12Details
203415Keyscan / CardacPXSTKTAGAccessory, Adhesive Tags, Indala Micro Proximity,$273.74Details
968373Keyscan / CardacR10GOVHid Iclass Mullion Mount Reader - Gov Fo$141.11Details
343511Keyscan / CardacRESETAccessory, Password Reset, For Keyscan Database *P$609.00Details
343510Keyscan / CardacRP40GOVIclass Proximity Keyscan Reader For Gov’$303.06Details
198166Keyscan / CardacRXPROXWireless Receiver, Keyscan, Mounted In Pvc Enclosu$187.71Details
722282Keyscan / CardacSMARTGATE***Eol***2Fact Verification$900.82Details
963640Keyscan / CardacSOKeyscanAccessControlSystemsSpecial Order Item Not In Catalog - Keyscan AccessCall for Price.Details
198170Keyscan / CardacSP16K16CO16K16 Custom Multi Iclass$679.89Details
198171Keyscan / CardacSP2K2CO2K2 Custom Multi-Tech Iclass$600.74Details
343509Keyscan / CardacSPPX60327Indala Proximity Reader - 27 Bit Format # 10014$278.09Details
270870Keyscan / CardacSPPX603CBKIndala Replacement Part, Wall Switch Cover, Arch,$40.50Details
270871Keyscan / CardacSPPX603CWHIndala Replacement Part, Wall Switch Cover, Arch,$40.50Details
203417Keyscan / CardacSPPX60527Indala Prox Reader 27Bit$278.09Details
198172Keyscan / CardacSPPX605CBGIndala Replacement Part, Wall Switch Cover, Arch,$40.50Details
198173Keyscan / CardacSPPX605CBKIndala Replacement Part, Wall Switch Cover, Arch,$40.50Details
270872Keyscan / CardacSPPX605CWHIndala Replacement Part, Wall Switch Cover, Arch,$40.50Details
636479Keyscan / CardacSPX603CWHIndala Arch Slim Reader Coverwhite - Rep$46.99Details
636480Keyscan / CardacSYSTEMVCLSystem V Additional Client Module *See N$216.05Details
222942Keyscan / CardacSYSTEMVIISystem Vii Standard Software ***See Note$525.00Details
203418Keyscan / CardacSYSTEMVIISUITESystem Vii Software Suite$1,206.06Details
198174Keyscan / CardacSYSTEMWPHPhoto Badging Mdle$463.87Details
636481Keyscan / CardacT2K2PSR36Tag, Hid Legacy Iclass Sr Public Key Series, Adhes$250.28Details
198175Keyscan / CardacTAG2K2Adhesive Back Tag 2K Mem 2Application Areas$256.56Details
270873Keyscan / CardacTELSUPPORTTelephone Support, Extended, Price Per Hour *Payab$609.00Details
712914Keyscan / CardacTX2ICLASS2 Button Mini Transmitter C/W Iclass*Eol$44.01Details
839928Keyscan / CardacTX4PRX10Rf Transmitter, Mini, 4-Button, W/ Hid Coil, 10-Pa$316.75Details
859284Keyscan / CardacTX4PRX10264 Button Mini Transmitter C/W Hid Chip.$349.45Details
461449Keyscan / CardacTX4PRX26Rx4Prx26 4 Button Long Range Keyfob W/ 2$43.41Details
222947Keyscan / CardacUSBSERAccessory, Adapter, Usb To Rs-232 Or Rs-485 Conver$101.67Details
913927Keyscan / CardacVB420*Eol*Pvc Blank Id Cards$59.32Details
270876Keyscan / CardacVB424Heavy Duty Use Table Top Card Punch$386.56Details
270878Keyscan / CardacVBIUSB2External Usb 2.0 Video Digitizer Interfa$264.57Details
636484Keyscan / CardacVBP408DBLEvolis Dualys3 Double Sided Card Printer$4,348.53Details
636485Keyscan / CardacVBP408MAGEvolis Pebble4 Card Printer With Mag Enc$3,912.55Details
203426Keyscan / CardacVBRB409Black Printer Ribbon. Good For 500 1 Sid$109.03Details
731113Keyscan / CardacVBRC408*Eol* Ribbon For Pebble*Eol In Cdn*$93.00Details
870304Keyscan / CardacVBRCDBL*Eol*Ribbon For Dualys Printer$161.95Details
198180Keyscan / CardacVIS100ENTTelephone Entry Interface System, Keyscan, Interfa$250.28Details
198181Keyscan / CardacVIS100SESTelephone Entry Interface System, Keyscan, Interfa$250.28Details
203427Keyscan / CardacVIS100STXTelephone Entry Interface System, Keyscan, Interfa$250.28Details
270881Keyscan / CardacWIEEX2Communications Line Extender, Wiegand $360.49Details
822153Keyscan / CardacWLALKITSchlage (Allegion) Wireless Lock Integration Kit$3,446.24Details
222951Keyscan / CardacWSSKP1Keypad Unit, Standalone, Wiegand Output Or Digital$339.38Details