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LAN Power Systems

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
462727LAN Power Systems2108RMKRack Mount Kit For Lp2108$46.39Details
342961LAN Power Systems2334ACKITKit Const Of Lp-2334 - Poe Eth Swch Unmngd 5 Prt$322.64Details
754589LAN Power Systems2401Chassis-1 Slot Holds Single Poe Module Card$330.74Details
199126LAN Power Systems240108Kit-1Slt Chssis W/8Port Poe Mod$469.79Details
208446LAN Power Systems2403Chassis 3Slot 19"Rack Mount Comes W/Power Cord$620.99Details
1024505LAN Power Systems240308BLKKit- 3Slot Chassis W/ 1 8Port Poe Module- Blk$717.59Details
271800LAN Power Systems240316Kit-3Slt Chssis W/2 8Prt Poe Mod$916.49Details
199127LAN Power Systems240324Kit-3Slot Chassis 3 8Port Poe Modules$1,075.09Details
271801LAN Power Systems24044Port Poe Module 1 Slot High Power Card$268.35Details
271802LAN Power Systems24088Port Poe Modular Card$181.99Details
199128LAN Power Systems2411Cover Plate 1 Slot For 2403 Or 2401 Chassis$13.51Details
637399LAN Power Systems2521Single Port Poe Midspan$61.59Details
1060312LAN Power Systems4812Poe Voltage Adapter/Splitter 12Vdc Output$50.03Details
271804LAN Power Systems4824Poe Voltage Adapter/Splitter 24Vdc Output$50.03Details
342960LAN Power SystemsIPEYEIIPSUMains Plug Ps F/Lp-IpeyeiiCall for Price.Details
225054LAN Power SystemsLP21088 Port Midspan Injector - Desk Up To 15.4 Watts Poe Output Pe Ieee 802.3Af Complia$309.60Details
306756LAN Power SystemsLP2108RMKRack Mount Kit For Desk Top 8 Port Fixed Chassis$49.29Details
208449LAN Power SystemsLP2115Single Port Poe Midspan - Wallwart Mains$29.99Details
769977LAN Power SystemsLP2115INTSingle Port Wall Plug Midspan Up To 15.4 Watts Poe Output Requires Mains ClipCall for Price.Details
225055LAN Power SystemsLP211616 Port Midspan Injector - Des Up To 15.4 Watts Poe Output Pe Ieee 802.3Af Complia$641.24Details
199130LAN Power SystemsLP212424 Port Midspan Injector - Des Up To 15.4 Watts Poe Output Pe Ieee 802.3Af CompliaCall for Price.Details
199131LAN Power SystemsLP2300PSUOptional Mains Power Supply For Lp2330 A$34.71Details
342959LAN Power SystemsLP2304PSUOptional Mains Power Supply For Lp2334 A$141.09Details
637400LAN Power SystemsLP2330Poe And Ethernet Extender Single Channel Internal$205.55Details
208450LAN Power SystemsLP23344 Port Poe Unmanaged 10/100 Sw Up To 15.4 Watt Output Per Por Poe Switch Powered B$302.33Details
843758LAN Power SystemsLP2340Poe&Ethernet Extender Single Port Internal Ext$137.51Details
861888LAN Power SystemsLP2340PSUOptional Mains Power Supply F/Lp2340/Lp2360Poe$57.28Details
462728LAN Power SystemsLP2350External Poe And Ethernet Exte Single Channel External Enclosure I$375.19Details
208451LAN Power SystemsLP2354External 4 Port Poe Unmanaged Up To 15.4 Watt Output Per Por Poe Switch Powered BCall for Price.Details
894872LAN Power SystemsLP2360Poe/Ethernet Extender Single Port Externalwthr$333.02Details
225056LAN Power SystemsLP2401Single Slot Chassis - 150 Watt Total Desktop And Includes 19" 1Ru Kit Black$323.65Details
225057LAN Power SystemsLP240108Kit Contains 1 Slot Chassis 8 Port Midsp$487.57Details
208452LAN Power SystemsLP24022 Port Poe Module (1 Slot) Ultra High Power Card$271.34Details
225058LAN Power SystemsLP2403Chassis 3Slot Holds Up To 3 Poe Mod Crds$610.46Details
271805LAN Power SystemsLP240308Kit Contains 3 Slot Chassis$744.61Details
208453LAN Power SystemsLP240316Kit Contains3 Slot Chassis$873.51Details
208454LAN Power SystemsLP240324Kit Contains3 Slot Chassis As$1,058.14Details
271806LAN Power SystemsLP24044 Port Modular Card - High Pow Up To 36 Watts Per Port Use With Lp-2403 Cha$279.84Details
271807LAN Power SystemsLP24088 Port Modular Card Up To 18 Watts Per Port Use With Lp-2403 Cha$183.75Details
208455LAN Power SystemsLP2411Blanking Plate - Single Slot Use With Lp-2403$14.88Details
271809LAN Power SystemsLP2535Single Port High Power/Poe + M Up To 35 Watts Poe Output Ieee 802.3At Complia$52.19Details
271810LAN Power SystemsLP2575Single Port Ultra High Power M Up To 75 Watts Poe Output Ieee 802.3At Complia$128.79Details
208457LAN Power SystemsLP2835External Single Port High Powe Up To 35 Watts Poe Output External Enclosure ICall for Price.Details
814301LAN Power SystemsLP2835GEMDSExternal Boxed (Ip 67) Single Port 'High$280.69Details
199132LAN Power SystemsLP4805Poe Voltage Adapter/Splitter$51.58Details
271811LAN Power SystemsLP4812Poe Voltage Adapter/Splitter$51.58Details
271812LAN Power SystemsLP4812POEPoe Voltage Adapter/Splitter - Poe Pass$55.51Details
271813LAN Power SystemsLP4824Poe Voltage Adapter/Splitter24 Vdc$51.58Details
208458LAN Power SystemsLP485112" Power Cable With 2.5Mm Center$6.14Details
271814LAN Power SystemsLP485212" Power Cable With 2.1Mm Center$6.14Details
271815LAN Power SystemsLP485312" Power Cable With 1.3Mm Center$6.14Details
271816LAN Power SystemsLP485412" Power Cable With 2 Bare Wires$6.14Details
271817LAN Power SystemsLP4900Poe High Voltage Adapter/Splitter$90.99Details
199133LAN Power SystemsLP4912POEPoe High Voltage Adapter/Splitter - Prov$57.64Details
883212LAN Power SystemsLPGEMDSExternal Boxed Grey (Ip 67) Single Port$531.68Details
271818LAN Power SystemsLPIPEYEIp Camera Field Focus Adapter Tool$38.43Details
271819LAN Power SystemsLPIPEYEIIIp Camera Field Focus And Set Engineers Installation Tool With Poe Power Statu$34.08Details
637401LAN Power SystemsLPIPEYEIIPSUMains Plug Power Supply For The Lan-Lpip$36.60Details
750465LAN Power SystemsLPMCUSAUsa Mains Plug Clip Use With Lp-2115IntCall for Price.Details
199134LAN Power SystemsLPSDSSerial Device Ethernet Server Single Channel Device Includes Set-Up/ManaCall for Price.Details
199135LAN Power SystemsLPSDS2Serial Device Ethernet Server Two Channel Device Includes Set-Up/Mana$237.99Details
637402LAN Power SystemsLPVBUVideo Balun Universal - Analog Balun Wit$14.42Details
637403LAN Power SystemsLPVBUPAIRPair (2) Of Video Balun Universal - Anal$21.93Details
637404LAN Power SystemsLPVBUPCVideo Balun Universal With Patch Cord -$17.34Details
856260LAN Power SystemsPWRCORD2PINUSA2Pin Power Cord For Lan-Power Poe Injectors, # Lp-$6.57Details
637405LAN Power SystemsTQ16PRTKITLp-2116 & Tq-Tegs16G Kit$844.99Details
637406LAN Power SystemsTQ24PRTKITLp-2124 & Tq-Tegs24G Kit$1,223.29Details
271820LAN Power SystemsVBUVideo Balun Male Cnnect W/Rj45$12.85Details
225059LAN Power SystemsVBUPAIRPair Video Balum Male Connect$20.25Details
271821LAN Power SystemsVBUPCVideo Balun W/Cat5E Patch Cord$15.75Details
342958LAN Power SystemsVP50001SLCover Plate For 1 Chassis Slot$18.62Details
342957LAN Power SystemsVP50003SLCover Plate For 3 Chassis Slots$35.96Details
306755LAN Power SystemsVP5004Chassis Powered 12 Amps 4 Slots$827.29Details
342956LAN Power SystemsVP5004AGCKit Contains Vp5004 Chassis$2,504.70Details
342955LAN Power SystemsVP5004SHCKit Contains Vp5004 Chassis$1,745.05Details
342954LAN Power SystemsVP5010Chassis Powered 24 Amps 10 Slots$1,551.56Details
342953LAN Power SystemsVP6001Ptz Control Card-Distributes Ptz Telemet$180.59Details
342952LAN Power SystemsVP60024 Channel Automatic Gain Control Card$603.71Details
342951LAN Power SystemsVP6002WB4 Channel Automatic Gain Control Card$708.06Details
306754LAN Power SystemsVP60044 Channel Long Haul Card$268.88Details
199136LAN Power SystemsVP60054 Channel Short Haul Card$196.66Details
342950LAN Power SystemsVP6005WB4 Channel Short Haul Crd$344.43Details
306753LAN Power SystemsVP60064 Channel Short Haul Crd$196.66Details
306752LAN Power SystemsVP6006WB4 Channel Short Haul Crd$344.43Details
306751LAN Power SystemsVP60074 Channel Central Crd$196.66Details
342949LAN Power SystemsVP6007WB4 Channel Central Crd$344.43Details
306750LAN Power SystemsVP60084 Channel Central Crd W Agc$603.71Details
306749LAN Power SystemsVP6008WB4 Channel Central Crd W Agc$708.06Details
306748LAN Power SystemsVP60094 Channel Central Crd W Ground Loop Cntr$603.71Details
306747LAN Power SystemsVP6009WB4 Chnl Cntrl Crd W/ Ground Loop Cntrl$708.06Details
306746LAN Power SystemsVP60104 Channel Additional Power Card$176.58Details
306745LAN Power SystemsVP60114 Channel Video Passive Card$137.73Details
306744LAN Power SystemsVP6011WB4 Channel Video Passive Card$309.60Details
306743LAN Power SystemsVP60124 Port Poe Midspan Card. I$429.56Details
306742LAN Power SystemsVP7005Passive Balun Assembly$64.48Details