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Labor Saving Devices

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
223604Labor Saving Devices234Creep-Zit 2-3-4 Push/Pull Rod Kit$27.74Details
810884Labor Saving Devices50801**Eol**Training Tape #1$54.91Details
207373Labor Saving Devices51140Connector Finger Protector$13.18Details
207374Labor Saving Devices51146Fc-Bnc Finger Protector Kit$29.39Details
198746Labor Saving Devices51195Retract-A-Bit Auto Advanc Scwdrvr$41.19Details
271429Labor Saving Devices521008 Compartment Screw Connector Storage Bag$26.99Details
207376Labor Saving Devices52400Toolmate Organizer Heavy Duty Nylon$155.39Details
637171Labor Saving Devices53210Ezs Easystripper Wire Stripper Auto Adju$39.38Details
271432Labor Saving Devices53310Lsd Mini Scoping Retrieve$14.31Details
207378Labor Saving Devices53315Professional Level &Amp; Template Tool$20.22Details
637173Labor Saving Devices533205” Pocket Level$8.53Details
198748Labor Saving Devices54121Repl. 2.4Mm (Medium) Point For Portasol$16.15Details
342991Labor Saving Devices54122$16.15Details
198749Labor Saving Devices54146Finger Protector F-Cntr Kit$23.99Details
207381Labor Saving Devices55400Wall Eye In Wall Viewer$35.21Details
271436Labor Saving Devices55405Wall-Eye With Case$42.24Details
306776Labor Saving Devices55415Wall Eye Mini-In-Wall Viewing Periscope$31.18Details
207383Labor Saving Devices5545036" Fiber Optic Premium Video Wall$320.23Details
637178Labor Saving Devices56003Hole Cutter Pilot Bit For The Hole Cutte$8.87Details
271439Labor Saving Devices5601310" Hole Cutter Ruler Bar$12.97Details
973944Labor Saving Devices56017Dbrbhc Replmnt Blades For Dual Cutter Dbhc10$23.25Details
223614Labor Saving Devices56280Multi Level Reel Stand$76.29Details
637180Labor Saving Devices57100Lsd Sted Sensor Pro.$31.48Details
223615Labor Saving Devices57110Tscz3, Tri Scanner Multi Function Stud S$69.64Details
223616Labor Saving Devices57112Densiometer, Stud Finder$72.74Details
763310Labor Saving Devices57316Identifier Kit For Cat5 16Cats$299.69Details
198759Labor Saving Devices57351Cat5 Clip Cap # 1$14.42Details
271440Labor Saving Devices57352Cat5 Clip Cap # 2$14.42Details
223617Labor Saving Devices57353Cat5 Clip Cap #3$14.42Details
223618Labor Saving Devices57354Cat5 Clip Cap # 4$14.42Details
271441Labor Saving Devices57355Cat 5 Clip Cap # 5$14.42Details
198760Labor Saving Devices57356Cat 5 Clip Cap #6$14.42Details
223619Labor Saving Devices57357Cat 5 Clip Cap # 7$14.42Details
271442Labor Saving Devices57358Cat5 Clip Cap # 8$14.42Details
207386Labor Saving Devices57359Cat5 Clip Cap # 9$13.53Details
223620Labor Saving Devices57360Cat 5 Clip Cap # 10$14.42Details
271443Labor Saving Devices57361Cat5 Clip Cap # 11$14.42Details
223621Labor Saving Devices57362Cat5 Clip Cap # 12$14.42Details
271444Labor Saving Devices57363Cat 5 Clip Cap #13$14.42Details
207387Labor Saving Devices57364Cat5 Clip Cap # 14$14.42Details
207388Labor Saving Devices57365Cat5 Clip Cap # 15$14.42Details
223622Labor Saving Devices57366Cat5 Clip Cap # 16$14.42Details
271445Labor Saving Devices57367Cat 5 Clip Cap # 17$14.42Details
207389Labor Saving Devices57368Cat 5 Clip Cap # 18$14.42Details
198761Labor Saving Devices57369Cat 5 Clip Cap # 19$14.42Details
223623Labor Saving Devices57370Cat 5 Clip Cap # 20$14.42Details
207390Labor Saving Devices57371Cat 5 Clip Cap # 21$14.42Details
198762Labor Saving Devices57372Cat5 Clip Cap #22$13.53Details
271446Labor Saving Devices57373Cat 5 Clip Cap #23$14.42Details
271447Labor Saving Devices57374Cat 5 Clip Cap # 24$14.42Details
271448Labor Saving Devices57375Cat 5 Clip Cap # 25$14.42Details
198763Labor Saving Devices57376Cat5 Clip Cap # 26$14.42Details
207391Labor Saving Devices57377Cat 5 Clip Cap#27$14.42Details
271449Labor Saving Devices57379Cat 5 Clip Cap #29$14.42Details
198764Labor Saving Devices57380Cat 5 Clip Cap # 30$14.42Details
198765Labor Saving Devices57381Cat 5 Clip Cap #31$14.42Details
198766Labor Saving Devices57382Cat 5 Clip Cap #32$14.42Details
198767Labor Saving Devices57383Identify-Zit Cap Set Only - For Cat5 - Caps #1-8$79.79Details
637181Labor Saving Devices57450Lsd Test-Zit Audible$83.71Details
637182Labor Saving Devices57600Single Line Pocket Cable Tester &Amp; Identi$53.87Details
198769Labor Saving Devices57605Pcti- Indendifier Onl$10.40Details
713268Labor Saving Devices57610Pct1B Bandit Only$18.09Details
637183Labor Saving Devices57665Lsd Duel Fc/Bnc Pocket Cabel$80.12Details
900100Labor Saving Devices57666Replacement Bnc Identifizit For D-Pct$10.40Details
198770Labor Saving Devices57708Identify-Zit Kit For Wire-8 Caps Idzac8$223.99Details
207392Labor Saving Devices57716Identify-Zit Kit For Wire-16 Caps Idzac16$272.99Details
198771Labor Saving Devices57724Identify-Zit Kit For Wire-24 Caps Idzac24$294.29Details
207393Labor Saving Devices57732Identifies Zit Ac, 32Cap$353.69Details
271453Labor Saving Devices57752Alligator Clip Cap # 2$9.87Details
223626Labor Saving Devices57753Alligator Clip Cap #3$10.81Details
271454Labor Saving Devices57754Alligator Clip Cap #4$10.81Details
207395Labor Saving Devices57755Alligator Clip Cap #5$10.81Details
207396Labor Saving Devices57756Alligator Clip Cap # 6$10.81Details
271455Labor Saving Devices57757Alligator Clip Cap # 7$10.81Details
207397Labor Saving Devices57758Alligator Clip Cap # 8$10.81Details
198772Labor Saving Devices57759Alligator Clip Cap # 9$10.81Details
271456Labor Saving Devices57760Alligator Clip Cap #10$10.81Details
198773Labor Saving Devices57761Alligator Clip Cap # 11$8.89Details
198774Labor Saving Devices57762Alligator Clip Cap #12$10.81Details
271457Labor Saving Devices57764Alligator Clip Cap # 14$10.81Details
198775Labor Saving Devices57765Alligator Clip Cap# 15$10.81Details
198776Labor Saving Devices57766Alligator Clip Cap # 16$10.81Details
198777Labor Saving Devices57767Alligator Clip Cap # 17$10.81Details
271458Labor Saving Devices57768Alligator Clip Cap # 18$9.62Details
198778Labor Saving Devices57769Alligator Clip Cap #19$9.62Details
198779Labor Saving Devices57770Alligator Clip Cap # 20$9.62Details
271459Labor Saving Devices57771Alligator Clip Cap # 21$9.62Details
207398Labor Saving Devices57772Alligator Clip Cap #22$9.62Details
198780Labor Saving Devices57773Alligator Clip Cap # 23$9.62Details
198781Labor Saving Devices57774Alligator Clip Cap #24$9.62Details
271460Labor Saving Devices57775Alligator Clip Cap #25$9.62Details
223627Labor Saving Devices57776Alligator Clip Cap # 26$9.62Details
223628Labor Saving Devices57777Alligator Clip Cap #27$9.62Details
223629Labor Saving Devices57778Alligator Clip Cap # 28$9.62Details
271461Labor Saving Devices57779Alligator Clip Cap #29$9.62Details
207399Labor Saving Devices57780Alligator Clip Cap #30$9.62Details
207400Labor Saving Devices57781Alligator Clip Cap # 31$9.62Details
223630Labor Saving Devices57782Alligator Clip Cap #32$9.62Details
342990Labor Saving Devices57783Identify-Zit Cap Set Only - For Wire - Caps #1-8$59.50Details
306775Labor Saving Devices57808Identify-Zit Fc8 Caps (For Coax)$223.99Details
207403Labor Saving Devices57816Identify-Zit Fc16 Caps (For Coax)$288.23Details
723099Labor Saving Devices57841Idzfc-Bnca Indendifizit Fc To Bnc Adapte$17.55Details
462465Labor Saving Devices57859FCC9Idz F Connector #9 Cap$8.89Details
462466Labor Saving Devices57860FCC10F Connector Cap For Identify Zit #10$8.89Details
342989Labor Saving Devices57908Identify Zit Unit With 8 Caps, Works For Cctv,$223.99Details
198786Labor Saving Devices580014X6 Hidden Access Panel$14.83Details
207407Labor Saving Devices580026X9 Hidden Access Panel$17.25Details
637185Labor Saving Devices580038X8" Hidden Access Panel$23.99Details
637186Labor Saving Devices5800414X14" Hidden Access Panel$31.18Details
796731Labor Saving Devices61324**Eol**Sz3/8X24, Spear-Zit 3/8"X24"$15.38Details
637204Labor Saving Devices61412Spearzit 1/2X12”$8.27Details
198799Labor Saving Devices615166Ft. X 3/16" Extension For 3/16" Shaft$28.40Details
207423Labor Saving Devices618366Ft X 1/4" Extension$34.32Details
637216Labor Saving Devices62338Lsd 62338 3/8" Reborezit W/$50.46Details
198803Labor Saving Devices62348Rebore-Zit 1/2" With 3/8" Pilot$76.29Details
224697Labor Saving Devices62368Reb 3/4 Inch Rebor-Zit$111.44Details
198804Labor Saving Devices63017Base Boar Zit 7/16, Replacement Bit Onl$47.84Details
207424Labor Saving Devices637167/16" Base-Boar-Zit Kit$155.39Details
271485Labor Saving Devices64680Megabore Professional Kit$330.17Details
198808Labor Saving Devices65224Free Form Bit 38 X 24$28.62Details
198809Labor Saving Devices65236Premium Free Form Bit 3/8"X36"$26.25Details
198810Labor Saving Devices65248Premium Freeform Bit 3/8''$26.99Details
271486Labor Saving Devices65258Freeform Bit 3/8X58$27.75Details
637222Labor Saving Devices65272Premium Freefrom Bit 3/8''$30.58Details
198811Labor Saving Devices65324Premium Freeform Bit 1/2" X 24"$29.77Details
1009082Labor Saving Devices65336Premium Free Form Bit 1/2"X36"$28.49Details
637223Labor Saving Devices65348Premium Freeform Bit 1/2''$31.02Details
198814Labor Saving Devices65372Premium Free Form Drill Bit 12X72$29.99Details
271489Labor Saving Devices65424Premium Freeform Masonry Bit 3/8" X 24"$26.99Details
637225Labor Saving Devices65436Premium Freeform Masonry Bit 3/8" X 36"$27.75Details
342988Labor Saving Devices700501000 Pk. All-In-One Lugs$29.81Details
637227Labor Saving Devices80300Lsd Toolkit$974.47Details
224707Labor Saving Devices80400Apprentice Kit For Installating$111.99Details
844399Labor Saving Devices80450Czidoz Installers Dozen Threaded Tool Kit$572.39Details
1075768Labor Saving Devices80460Roy Rods Installers Dozen$418.49Details
207431Labor Saving Devices80500Atm Standard Thrded Tool Kit$600.74Details
271492Labor Saving Devices80510Atm Standard Quick Connect Tool Kit$600.74Details
224708Labor Saving Devices80600Atm, Master Threaded Took Kit$1,036.09Details
207432Labor Saving Devices80610Atm Master Quick Connect Tool Kit$1,036.09Details
198818Labor Saving Devices81103Creep-Zit Male/Female Threaded Connector$13.88Details
224710Labor Saving Devices81104Creep-Zit 3Ft. Rod W/ Bullnose/Female Th$13.53Details
271494Labor Saving Devices81117Creep-Zit Cmpct 24'Threaded Cnctr Wire Runing Kit$111.99Details
637232Labor Saving Devices81125Locate Magnet Screw On Bull Horn$23.99Details
224711Labor Saving Devices81128Creep-Zit Tip 6Ft. X 1/8" Male Threaded$20.25Details
271496Labor Saving Devices81130Connector 30' Wire Running Kit$96.59Details
198823Labor Saving Devices81300Tbcp Repl Bull Nose Tip Pak 3 Male 3 Female$32.63Details
271497Labor Saving Devices81305Creep-Zit Male Threaded Ball Chain Tip ($21.20Details
271498Labor Saving Devices81315Creep Zit Connector Tip$15.99Details
224713Labor Saving Devices81316Creep-Zit Lighted Bullnose Tip$14.34Details
637233Labor Saving Devices81350Creep-Zit Replacement$24.41Details
271501Labor Saving Devices81362Creep Zit Heavy Duty Magnet Known As Czhdm$27.75Details
207437Labor Saving Devices81400Cz-Case Rplcmnt Case W/Caps$17.25Details
198826Labor Saving Devices81430Cz30 1 1/4 Heavy Duty 30 Foot Wire Run Kit$137.19Details
815995Labor Saving Devices81434Cz1/4Cof Female Connector$4.50Details
770305Labor Saving Devices81435Cz1/4Com Male Connector$4.50Details
271502Labor Saving Devices81495Creep-Zit Heavy Duty Male Whisk Tip$29.07Details
271504Labor Saving Devices81501Installation Kit Fish Tix Commercial Cable$211.39Details
342986Labor Saving Devices81502Fish Tix 4Ft Replacement Section$18.75Details
271505Labor Saving Devices81504Whish Head Replacement For Fish Stix$26.99Details
342985Labor Saving Devices81625Cz 24 Case Only( 24" Wire Connector Kit )$25.49Details
207438Labor Saving Devices81700Roy Rods Pro 36Ft Quick Connect$143.00Details
207439Labor Saving Devices81701Rr6Mf Royrods 6Ft.Rod W/Quick$25.47Details
306773Labor Saving Devices81702Roy Rod 3Ft Rod With Male And Female Connectors$15.82Details
342984Labor Saving Devices81703Rr6Mfl Royrods 6Ft.Luminous Rod$41.11Details
306772Labor Saving Devices81704Rr3Mfl Royrods 3Ft.Luminous$15.82Details
198828Labor Saving Devices81705Royrods Quick Connect Whisk Tip$19.29Details
198829Labor Saving Devices81707Royrods Quick Connect J-Tip$16.15Details
885947Labor Saving Devices81708Rrbt, Roy Rod Quick Connect Female/Bulln$13.07Details
875045Labor Saving Devices81710Royrods Quick Connect Ball$6.84Details
198830Labor Saving Devices81714Royrods Quick Connect 1/8" X 6Ft.$25.47Details
637235Labor Saving Devices81716Roy Rods 3Ft Luminous Rod With Female/Bullnose Con$16.48Details
637236Labor Saving Devices81718Royrods 6Ft. Luminous Rod W/Quick Connect Female/B$26.99Details
207442Labor Saving Devices81719Royrods Quick Connect Lighter Bullnose Tip$14.34Details
207443Labor Saving Devices81735Rr30L, Luminious 30Ft Quick Connect Roy$144.20Details
207444Labor Saving Devices81740Royrods 24Ft Quick Connect Rod Kit$78.39Details
198831Labor Saving Devices81745Quick Connect Tip Kit For Roy Rods$109.19Details
207445Labor Saving Devices81751Royrods Quick Connect Luminous Whisk$19.16Details
271510Labor Saving Devices81756Royrods Connector Pack, 5 Male, 5 Fmale, 3 Bullnos$20.25Details
850901Labor Saving Devices81756RRCONNRoy Rod Connector Pack Tips$20.25Details
637239Labor Saving Devices82019Replacement Section 2 For The Grmini$15.57Details
207447Labor Saving Devices82020Creep-Zit Female Bullnose Connectors$18.75Details
342983Labor Saving Devices82074Gr18-4 Replacement Section 4 Of 5 Of Gr-18$49.29Details
224719Labor Saving Devices82075Gr18 Bottom Section #5$76.01Details
198833Labor Saving Devices82110Gr10,Mini Grabbit Telescoping Pole Light Duty$50.03Details
1081684Labor Saving Devices82355Ztip Male Threaded Connector Tip$22.49Details
207448Labor Saving Devices82370J-Tip Male Threaded Connector$15.96Details
207449Labor Saving Devices82370CREEPZITJ-Tip Hook$16.15Details
224724Labor Saving Devices82390Grabbit Clip On Flash Light$22.23Details
198834Labor Saving Devices83110Fek1 Fish-Eze Attic Fishing Kit$61.04Details
342982Labor Saving Devices83136Fekt36 Fish-Eze 36" Stainless Tube$21.75Details
271511Labor Saving Devices84047047Dia. 36” Fish Wire (5 Pack)$15.69Details
271512Labor Saving Devices841099" Hook-Zit 3 Pack$13.18Details
207451Labor Saving Devices8411818" Hook-Zit - 3 Pack$14.83Details
637242Labor Saving Devices84232Gr2Bb 2Ft. Fiberglass Push/Pull Rod$9.55Details
271514Labor Saving Devices84233Gr3Bb 3Ft Fiber Glass Push Pull Rod$12.38Details
198836Labor Saving Devices84236Gr6Bb, 6Ft Fiberglass Push Pull Rods$18.75Details
207453Labor Saving Devices84240Creep Zit 2-3-4 Push Pull Rod Kit$23.25Details
224730Labor Saving Devices84547Reference Bits 10Pk$16.37Details
913427Labor Saving Devices85024***Eol Use Lsd-Wn10***$11.42Details
637243Labor Saving Devices8512525Ft. Stainless Steel Under Carpet Fish$76.09Details
198837Labor Saving Devices85130Magnetic Retreiving Wire Running$183.39Details
271516Labor Saving Devices8533030' Epoxy Fbrgls Fishtape Yelw$123.19Details
637246Labor Saving Devices85353Replacement Fiberglass Fish Tape Without The Holde$106.39Details
207456Labor Saving Devices85435Glassjack 100Ft. Fish Tape (.120" Diamet$191.32Details
224736Labor Saving Devices8551010' 047 Spring Steel Fish Wire W/ Case$16.48Details
198843Labor Saving Devices85600Icfw100Ft .047 Dia 100Ft Fishwire In Cas$119.17Details
207458Labor Saving Devices85900Fish Tailz Mesh Pull Sock Kit$86.79Details
746366Labor Saving Devices85901Ftz1/8Or$8.10Details
198844Labor Saving Devices85902Ftz ¼ “ Diameter Mesh Pull Sock$8.73Details
342981Labor Saving Devices85903Ftz3/8” Diameter Mesh Pull Sock$10.21Details
224737Labor Saving Devices85905Mesh Socks 3/4"$13.18Details
271518Labor Saving Devices859061" Diameter Mesh Sock (Accommodates Four$14.83Details
198845Labor Saving Devices85914Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz1/4"$32.63Details
198846Labor Saving Devices85915Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz3/8"$39.14Details
271519Labor Saving Devices85916Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz1/2"$44.94Details
271520Labor Saving Devices85917Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz3/4"$51.48Details
207459Labor Saving Devices85918Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz1"$57.99Details
271521Labor Saving Devices85919Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz1-1/1/4"$62.30Details
224739Labor Saving Devices85920Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz1-1/2"$68.59Details
224740Labor Saving Devices85940Pull-Zit Pull Sock Combo Kit, Set Of 4 ($223.99Details
198847Labor Saving Devices85975Connector Protector Pull Sleeve 3/4"$21.78Details
637248Labor Saving DevicesA5Lsd A-5 Spade Lugs/ 18-22Awg/$29.10Details
637249Labor Saving DevicesA6Lsd A6 Heat Shrink/ 0.5"/ 100$6.25Details
637250Labor Saving DevicesABHL55320Adjustable Beam Headlamp$30.44Details
198850Labor Saving DevicesACCS8Cap Set Of 8 #1 Through #8$59.50Details
207461Labor Saving DevicesACP55Automatic Pocket Center Punch$23.99Details
207462Labor Saving DevicesAT7Directional Tool For Flex Bits$16.49Details
271522Labor Saving DevicesATCM52400All Tool Mate Orgnzr$174.17Details
207463Labor Saving DevicesATMCAll Tool Mate Organizer Case$155.39Details
271523Labor Saving DevicesATMMMaster Threaded Tool Kit Incl Grabbit Light Punch$1,036.09Details
224742Labor Saving DevicesATMSAll Toolmate Kit Standard Threaded$600.74Details
198851Labor Saving DevicesBBZ516Lsd Bbz5/16 Base Boar Zit Kit$124.59Details
198852Labor Saving DevicesBBZ516BLsd Base-Boar-Zit Replacement$43.24Details
809407Labor Saving DevicesBBZ516B63016Replacement Bit Only$39.14Details
207464Labor Saving DevicesBBZ716B7/16 Replacement Bit Only$53.55Details
637251Labor Saving DevicesBEP2Lsd Bep2 Brighteyes Headlight$38.45Details
224743Labor Saving DevicesBIKBeginner Installation Kit$125.38Details
637252Labor Saving DevicesBM118DHLsd Bms 1 1/8 In. Hole Saw$16.47Details
637253Labor Saving DevicesBM1DHBm1Dh 1" Hole Saw$16.47Details
637254Labor Saving DevicesBMSM14Lsd 1/4 Hole Saw Mandrel$14.39Details
637255Labor Saving DevicesBNCFPLsd F-Connector Tool$17.06Details
637256Labor Saving DevicesCF50Lsd Cf50 Fishtix Cable Running$262.32Details
637257Labor Saving DevicesCFS44Ft Replcmnt Section F/Fishtix$22.25Details
637258Labor Saving DevicesCFWLsd Cfw Wisp Head Repl. For Fi$30.74Details
637259Labor Saving DevicesCJ165Cable Jockey Mini Duct Rodder 165Ft.$260.71Details
805963Labor Saving DevicesCJ265**Eol**Cable Jockey Mini Duc$347.38Details
207470Labor Saving DevicesCXTChex-Zit Continuity Tester$28.49Details
997038Labor Saving DevicesCZ1DOZInstallers Dozen Threaded Tool Kit$445.92Details
224746Labor Saving DevicesCZ24Creep-Zit Kit 24' 8 3' Rods In Nylon Quiver Case$78.39Details
198856Labor Saving DevicesCZ30Cz30 Creep-Zit 30Ft. Threaded Connector$122.12Details
637260Labor Saving DevicesCZ3014Lsd Cz3014 Creep-Zit 1/4"$167.48Details
198857Labor Saving DevicesCZ30LCreep-Zt Luminous Wire Run Kit$120.39Details
207471Labor Saving DevicesCZ30LBTCreep Zit Threaded Lighted Bullnose Tip$28.40Details
637261Labor Saving DevicesCZ6014Creep-Zit Kit 60 Feet 10 Rods 1/4" Diameter$267.39Details
224749Labor Saving DevicesCZBCreep-Zit 6Ft. Rod W/ Bullnose &Amp; Threade$19.49Details
224750Labor Saving DevicesCZB146' 1/4" Rod Bull Nose Female Connectors$37.66Details
271528Labor Saving DevicesCZB3Creep Zit 3Ft.Rod W/Bullnose/Female Thrded Connctr$12.38Details
198859Labor Saving DevicesCZBLLuminous Creep-Zit( Bullnose-F )$32.86Details
224752Labor Saving DevicesCZCOBFemale Replacement Threaded Bullnose Connect Pk 5$13.18Details
637262Labor Saving DevicesCZCOB5PKLsd 5 Pk Replacement Bullnose$16.22Details
207472Labor Saving DevicesCZCOFReplacement Female Connector$11.20Details
637263Labor Saving DevicesCZCOF5PKLsd 5Pk Replacement Female$12.54Details
342979Labor Saving DevicesCZCOMMale Connector Pack 5/Pk$11.20Details
271529Labor Saving DevicesCZCONNCzconn Creep-Zit Replacement Threaded Co$19.49Details
271530Labor Saving DevicesCZDAccessry Dragzit Ceramic Magnt$20.25Details
207474Labor Saving DevicesCZFTCreep Zit Flex Tip$17.25Details
271531Labor Saving DevicesCZHDMCreep-Zit Heavy Duty Magnet Model Name Czhdm$27.75Details
271532Labor Saving DevicesCZHLGCreep-Zit Heavy Duty Male Whisk Tip$26.99Details
207475Labor Saving DevicesCZLBTCzlbt - Creepzit Threaded Lighted Bullno$17.01Details
717584Labor Saving DevicesCZLHCzlh Creep-Zit Luminous Whisk Male Threa$16.44Details
224754Labor Saving DevicesCZP36Czp36 Creep-Zit Pro 36Ft. Threaded Conne$109.19Details
271534Labor Saving DevicesCZPTKCreep Zit Connector Premium Access Kit In Case$109.19Details
224755Labor Saving DevicesCZXCzx Creep-Zit 6Ft. Rod W/Threaded Male/F$19.49Details
271535Labor Saving DevicesCZX14Sing 1/4" Creep Zit Hvy Dty W/Male &Amp; Fem$37.66Details
804178Labor Saving DevicesCZX3Creep Zit 3Ft.Rod W/Male/Female Threaded Connector$12.38Details
828528Labor Saving DevicesCZX41Connectprs$32.63Details
224757Labor Saving DevicesCZXL6' Luminous Rod W/Ml/Fml Conn$26.99Details
207476Labor Saving DevicesDBHC10Dbhc10 Double Bladed Multi Sized Hole-Cu$120.39Details
342978Labor Saving DevicesDBRBHCReplacement Blades For The Ls-Dbhc10-2 Pack$23.25Details
224758Labor Saving DevicesDCZDcz Decoil-Zit Wire Reel Holder 11"$58.76Details
198863Labor Saving DevicesDCZLLsd Dcz-L "De-Coil-Zit Wire Re$47.84Details
271536Labor Saving DevicesDECOILZIT20" Wire Reel Holder$46.39Details
271537Labor Saving DevicesDPCTLsd Dpct Dual Pocket Tester$80.12Details
974401Labor Saving DevicesDR650Cable Tiger Maxi Duct Rodder 650Ft$981.50Details
224759Labor Saving DevicesDTSCreep Zit Tip 6Ft Threadedpull Stock$25.47Details
637265Labor Saving DevicesEX512Lsd 2' X 3/16" Extensio For$26.18Details
637266Labor Saving DevicesEX625Lsd 6' Extender For 1/4" Shank$35.18Details
224764Labor Saving DevicesEXT6262Ft. X 1/4" Extension For 1/4" Shaft$33.81Details
271543Labor Saving DevicesEXT8366Ftx1/4”Extention For A 5/16 Shaft$33.38Details
224765Labor Saving DevicesEZCUTLsd Ez-Cut Professional Level$17.25Details
271544Labor Saving DevicesEZSSlf Adj. Easystrp Wire Strippr$31.18Details
1078930Labor Saving DevicesFCC4Idz F Connector #4 Cap$12.69Details
637267Labor Saving DevicesFCCAPFC1Lsd Idz-Fc Cap #1$10.77Details
791674Labor Saving DevicesFCCAPFC4Lsd Idz-Fc Cap #4$10.41Details
637268Labor Saving DevicesFCCAPFC5Lsd Idz-Fc Cap #5$10.77Details
637269Labor Saving DevicesFCCAPFC6Lsd Idz-Fc Cap #6$10.77Details
198870Labor Saving DevicesFCCS8Cap Set Of 8 #1 Through #8$59.50Details
224766Labor Saving DevicesFCFPFinger Protector F-Connector$13.18Details
271546Labor Saving DevicesFEK1Lsd Fish-Eze Attic Fishing$51.48Details
637270Labor Saving DevicesFEKW12Lsd Fekw12 Fish E Z Wire In$21.15Details
637271Labor Saving DevicesFEKWOHLsd Fekwoh Fish Eze Replacemnt$16.15Details
207485Labor Saving DevicesFF1218FPremium Freeform Bit$26.99Details
224767Labor Saving DevicesFF1236FDrill Bit Flexible Premium 1/2" X 36"$28.49Details
788861Labor Saving DevicesFF1248F65348Premium Freeform Bit 1/2" X 48" (65-348)$29.25Details
198873Labor Saving DevicesFF1258FPremium Freeform Bit 1/2"X58"$29.25Details
462484Labor Saving DevicesFF1272F1/2" X 72" Premium Freeform Bit$29.99Details
1027893Labor Saving DevicesFF3548FPremium Free Form Bit$26.99Details
462485Labor Saving DevicesFF3818FPremium Freeform Bit 3/8" X 18"$27.81Details
207489Labor Saving DevicesFF3836FDrill Bit Flexible Premium 3/8" X 36"$26.25Details
462487Labor Saving DevicesFF3848F3/8" X 48" Premium Freeform Bit$29.93Details
462488Labor Saving DevicesFF3858F3/8" X 58" Premium Freeform Bit$29.77Details
198876Labor Saving DevicesFF3872FPremium Freedom Bit 3/8' X 72''$33.51Details
198877Labor Saving DevicesFFA3418Freeform Auger Bit 3/4X18$33.03Details
637272Labor Saving DevicesFFE693/16” Shank For The 3/16” Ext.$36.03Details
198880Labor Saving DevicesFFM3824Premium Freeform Masonry Bit 3/8" X 24"$28.58Details
1043079Labor Saving DevicesFFMB3824Free Form Masonary Bit 3/8X24$27.09Details
207490Labor Saving DevicesFFMB3836Freeform Masonary Bit 3/8X 36$29.86Details
198882Labor Saving DevicesFSFish Tix Commercial Cable Installation Kit$211.39Details
867291Labor Saving DevicesFWWhisk Head Repl.For Fishtix$29.63Details
637273Labor Saving DevicesFW36062Lsd Fw36062 Fish Wire/ Medium$18.90Details
637274Labor Saving DevicesFW72072Lsd Fw72072 72 In Heavy Fish$10.77Details
637275Labor Saving DevicesFW72092Lsd Fw72092 "72"" Heavy Duty .$10.77Details
207494Labor Saving DevicesFWWHISKFishtix Replacement Whisk$26.99Details
207495Labor Saving DevicesGBSGolf Ball String Span Caster$23.99Details
271550Labor Saving DevicesGJ100Glassjack 100Ft. Fish Tape (.120" Diamet$226.31Details
874374Labor Saving DevicesGJ15**Eol**Glass Jack 15 Ft Fish$48.44Details
853653Labor Saving DevicesGJ30*Eol* 30Ft. Fish Tape (.120" Diamete$87.98Details
814219Labor Saving DevicesGJRE**Eol***Repl Connectors F/Glass Jacks$16.49Details
271551Labor Saving DevicesGR12Gr12 12Ft. Grabbit Telescoping Pole W/ Z$96.59Details
271552Labor Saving DevicesGR121Replacement Section #1/12 &Amp; 18$37.69Details
207497Labor Saving DevicesGR122Replacmt Sec2 F/Grabbit 12/18$37.69Details
198888Labor Saving DevicesGR18Gr18 18Ft. Grabbit Telescoping Pole W/ Z$156.79Details
198889Labor Saving DevicesGR184Lsd Gr-184 Replacement Section$57.30Details
198890Labor Saving DevicesGR2Lsd Gr-2 Fiberglass Wire Fish-$7.72Details
271553Labor Saving DevicesGR2BBLsd 2Ft Green Fiberglass$11.58Details
637276Labor Saving DevicesGR2LLsd 2Ft Luminous Fiberglass$14.42Details
198892Labor Saving DevicesGR3Lsd Gr-3 Fiberglass Wire Fish$8.73Details
637277Labor Saving DevicesGR3BBLsd 3Ft Green Fiberglass$15.18Details
198894Labor Saving DevicesGR4Lsd Gr-4 Fiberglass Wire Fish$11.53Details
224781Labor Saving DevicesGR4BBGr6Bb 6Ft. Fiberglass Push/Pull Rod$15.33Details
198895Labor Saving DevicesGR4LLsd Gr-4L 4 Ft Luminous Fiber-$20.25Details
198897Labor Saving DevicesGR5Lsd Gr-5 Fiberglass Wire Fish$14.83Details
271555Labor Saving DevicesGR6Gr6 6Ft. Fiberglass Wire Pusher$15.68Details
198898Labor Saving DevicesGR6BBLsd Gr-6Bb 6 Ft. Green$22.77Details
224783Labor Saving DevicesGR6LLsd Gr-6L 6' Luminous Fiber-$30.44Details
744733Labor Saving DevicesGR6LBBGr6Lbb 6Ft. Luminous Fiberglass Push/Pul$39.44Details
198899Labor Saving DevicesGRCRubber Tips For Gri8$5.49Details
224784Labor Saving DevicesGRLGrabbit Light 1 Item Has 2 In Pack Flashlight$19.49Details
637278Labor Saving DevicesGRMINIGrmini Light Duty 10 Ft. Telescoping Pol$63.53Details
637279Labor Saving DevicesHC10MBLsd Carbide Drill Bit$21.81Details
198906Labor Saving DevicesHCMBHole Cutter 10" Or 12" Accessory Metal$25.91Details
271559Labor Saving DevicesHNA1414Hid-N Access Panel 14"X14"$31.18Details
271560Labor Saving DevicesHNA46Hidden Access Panel Surfa E Mount 4"X6"$14.83Details
224791Labor Saving DevicesHNA69Hidden Access Panel 6 X9$21.20Details
224792Labor Saving DevicesHNA88Hidden Access Panel 8 X 8$23.99Details
271561Labor Saving DevicesHZ1818" - Hook-Zit ( 3Pk )$16.23Details
787829Labor Saving DevicesHZ99" - Hook Zit ( 3Pk )$16.07Details
637280Labor Saving DevicesICFW100047Lsd .047 X 100' Fish Wire In$109.27Details
207503Labor Saving DevicesICFW10047Lsd Icfw10047 10Ft .047 Spring$16.48Details
637281Labor Saving DevicesICFW50047*Eol* - 047 Dia 50Ft Fish Wire In Case$54.38Details
637282Labor Saving DevicesIDZAC32Lsd Idz-Ac32$433.31Details
224794Labor Saving DevicesIDZAC8Ientify Ac 8 Caps Zit$250.81Details
850178Labor Saving DevicesIDZBNC32Lsd Identify-Zit Bnc, 32 Caps$418.51Details
851175Labor Saving DevicesIDZFC32Lsd Identify-Zit Fc, 32 Caps$418.51Details
462497Labor Saving DevicesIDZFCBNCAIdentify-Zit Fc To Bnc Adaptor$21.57Details
198912Labor Saving DevicesIDZRJ11S8Cap Set Of 8 Caps #1 Through #8$75.59Details
207512Labor Saving DevicesJTIPJtip Jtip Male Threaded Connector Tip$15.68Details
198913Labor Saving DevicesKDSH12Utility Knife Twist Lock$15.68Details
637284Labor Saving DevicesKK2Lsd Kk-2 "Kary-Kit Tool Kit ""$697.01Details
207513Labor Saving DevicesLBSLsd Lbs Mini Pocket Retriever$11.86Details
224800Labor Saving DevicesLZBNCLsd Lzbn Magnetized Screw On$29.31Details
637285Labor Saving DevicesLZOLsd Lzo Locate-Zit Compass$24.33Details
637286Labor Saving DevicesMDMLsd Magnetizer / De-Magnetizer$8.94Details
207517Labor Saving DevicesMRSMulti-Level Reel Stand$62.30Details
224803Labor Saving DevicesMS357112Multi Scanner Multi Function Stud Sensor$69.64Details
271575Labor Saving DevicesOCHD1213 Loop Organiz It For 12 Cables$16.40Details
826420Labor Saving DevicesPB8Screw And Connector Bag$29.81Details
198916Labor Saving DevicesPCT1Lsd Pocket Fc Tester W/Bandit$53.87Details
198917Labor Saving DevicesPL5Lsd Pl5 Pocket Level$8.10Details
198918Labor Saving DevicesPSBPsb Zippo Butane Refill For Portasol$8.98Details
271576Labor Saving DevicesPSK1Portasol Soldering Kit With Butane$60.19Details
271577Labor Saving DevicesPSK2Portasol Soldrng Kit-No Butane$58.79Details
271578Labor Saving DevicesPSK254101Portasol Soldering Kit, With No Butane$71.71Details
198919Labor Saving DevicesPSOLsd Pso Portasol/Mini$49.29Details
271579Labor Saving DevicesPSSRPssr 1 Oz. 60/40 Solder Roll..$10.38Details
637287Labor Saving DevicesPST2Lsd Pst-2 Extra Tip For Psk-1$17.88Details
637288Labor Saving DevicesPST3Replacemt Small Tip F/Portasol$16.15Details
224805Labor Saving DevicesPW36047Pw36047 Reference Bits (10-Pack)$15.68Details
637289Labor Saving DevicesPZ1Lsd 1" X 30' Pull-Zit Sock$68.50Details
637290Labor Saving DevicesPZ12Lsd 1/2" X 30' Pull-Zit Sock$55.16Details
207522Labor Saving DevicesPZ181/8" Diameter Mesh Pull Sock Spool$31.57Details
877573Labor Saving DevicesPZ383/8" Diameter Mesh Pull Sock Spool (Acco$47.39Details
637291Labor Saving DevicesPZFTCKPull-Zit Pull Sock Combo Kit, Set Of 4$223.99Details
271583Labor Saving DevicesR24Replacemt Insulated Retreiever$16.49Details
945219Labor Saving DevicesRATMM80610Tool Kit Master Quick Connect$1,036.09Details
224810Labor Saving DevicesREB12Lsd Reb1/2 "Rebore-Zit 1/2"" W$62.30Details
637292Labor Saving DevicesREB14PLsd Reb1/4P Rebore-Zit 1/4""$16.47Details
207524Labor Saving DevicesREB34Lsd Reb3/4 "Rebore-Zit 3/4"" W$99.39Details
198925Labor Saving DevicesREB38Lsd Reb38 3/8" Rebore-Zit With$44.94Details
198926Labor Saving DevicesRR24Rr24 Royrods 24Ft. Quick Connect Rod Kit$102.13Details
198927Labor Saving DevicesRR30Roy Rods Pro 30' Quick Connect Rod Kit$99.39Details
198929Labor Saving DevicesRR6MFLRoy Rods 6 Ft Luminous Rod$41.11Details
224817Labor Saving DevicesRRBCTRoyrods Quick Connect Ball Chain Tip$6.84Details
224818Labor Saving DevicesRRBTRrbt Roy Rods, Quick Connect Female Bull$11.86Details
198930Labor Saving DevicesRRCONNRoyrods Quick Connect Replacement Connec$21.78Details
462509Labor Saving DevicesRRDZMRoyrods Quick Connect Ceramic Magnet Tip$20.25Details
891593Labor Saving DevicesRRFTRoyrods Quick Connect Flex Tip$17.25Details
224820Labor Saving DevicesRRLBTRrlbt - Royrods Quick Connect Lighted Bu$17.01Details
207525Labor Saving DevicesRRLWRoyrods Quick Connect Plastic Luminous Whisk$15.99Details
198932Labor Saving DevicesRRP36Royrods Pro 36Ft. Quick Connect Rod Kit$111.99Details
710372Labor Saving DevicesRRPTKRrptk Royrods Quick Connect Premium Acce$128.91Details
207527Labor Saving DevicesRRS618Roy Rods Quick Connect 1/8" X 6' Mesh Pole Sock$21.78Details
224823Labor Saving DevicesRRZTRoyrods Quick Connect Z-Tip$18.75Details
207528Labor Saving DevicesRZ114Lsd Rz114 "Rite-Zit 3/4"" X 1-$23.84Details
1011486Labor Saving DevicesRZ114RRite-Zit 3/4 X 1-1/4 Refill/$12.36Details
198933Labor Saving DevicesRZ178Rite-Zit Labeler W/ Refill - Std. (3/4"$22.79Details
224824Labor Saving DevicesRZ178RRite-Zit Refill Labels - Std. (150 3/4"$13.60Details
224825Labor Saving DevicesS151Megapro 15 In 1 Standard Bit Screwd$24.75Details
271588Labor Saving DevicesSAL202Sling-A-Line Wire Puller$39.14Details
271589Labor Saving DevicesSALRLabor Svg Salr Replmnt Strap$10.21Details
637294Labor Saving DevicesSGHLsd Staple Gun Holding Clip$8.94Details
637295Labor Saving DevicesSP1418Lsd Sp-1418 Drill Bit/$11.67Details
1029826Labor Saving DevicesSP3872*Eol* Sp-3872 Drill Bit/$35.35Details
224828Labor Saving DevicesSSZ9Lsd Ssz9 Studsensor$26.99Details
271599Labor Saving DevicesSZ38X72FLsd Sz3/8X72F "Spear-Zit 3/8""$32.35Details
207536Labor Saving DevicesT151Lsd T151 Megapro Tampre Proof$39.14Details
1079868Labor Saving DevicesTBCPCreep-Zit Replacement Threaded Bull Nose$37.66Details
198945Labor Saving DevicesTDVDLsd Training Videos In Dvd$127.39Details
637296Labor Saving DevicesTO56015Hole Cutter Double Bladed Drill$139.93Details
271600Labor Saving DevicesTRI1Lsd Trident Headlight With$53.87Details
637297Labor Saving DevicesTSCZ3Lsd Tscz3 Tri Scanner$72.83Details
637298Labor Saving DevicesTSP1Lsd Tsp-1 Headlight/Flashlight$53.87Details
198946Labor Saving DevicesTZ5Test-Zit Audibl Tstr$68.59Details
224837Labor Saving DevicesUCT25Lsd Uct-25$76.09Details
772222Labor Saving DevicesUCT258512525' Under Carpet Tape$62.30Details
198947Labor Saving DevicesWELsd Wall Eye Flashlight$38.45Details
224839Labor Saving DevicesWECWall-Eye With Case$46.28Details
773021Labor Saving DevicesWEMINIWall-Eye Mini$36.03Details
198949Labor Saving DevicesWNChain 1000Ft Roll$217.45Details
224840Labor Saving DevicesWN1010Ft Drop Chain Replacement Pc For Ls-Wnr5$9.88Details
207540Labor Saving DevicesWN10HD10Ft 1/4" Hvy Dty Chain$11.20Details
271602Labor Saving DevicesWN5050 Ft Ball Chain Kit W/Stp Ring Connecto$25.28Details
637299Labor Saving DevicesWNCLsd Wnc Wet Noodle Conn Only$4.12Details
637300Labor Saving DevicesWNH1LLsd Wnh-1L 1 Ft Ball Chain 5Pk$9.50Details
198950Labor Saving DevicesWNRSWnrs Wet Noodle And Retrievers.$26.25Details
306770Labor Saving DevicesYFT1515'Epoxy Fbrgls Fishtape Yelow$62.30Details
637301Labor Saving DevicesYFT3030Ft Epoxy Fiberglass$150.81Details
224843Labor Saving DevicesZTIPZtip Ztip Male Threaded Connector Tip$18.75Details