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MG Electronics

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
881045MG Electronics110AAmber Strobe For Use With Stainless Steel Siren En$10.71Details
845760MG Electronics110BBlue Strobe For Use With Stainless Steel Siren Enc$11.53Details
832664MG Electronics15012150W, 12Vdc Power Supply Module$76.99Details
274427MG Electronics610CXBTWGCoaxil Speaker 6"With 70/25 Volt Transformer$31.18Details
733672MG Electronics62T3120TAWBuzzer Style Warble Siren With Adjustable Volume F$8.08Details
340046MG Electronics810CXBTWG8"Coax Clng Spkr 70/25V,Transformer$27.69Details
274428MG ElectronicsAC1Cable Wire Adapter 10Pk$2.70Details
481694MG ElectronicsAC2Bnc Plug To Bnc Adapter 12"$3.80Details
340045MG ElectronicsAC4Bnc Male-Bnc Female Adapt,12"Long$6.30Details
481695MG ElectronicsAC64Way Splitter.Allows 1 Plug In 12Vdc Adaptor$7.90Details
202786MG ElectronicsACDC2412150024Vac To 12Vdc Converter$22.49Details
1054198MG ElectronicsACDC241230024 - 12 Volt Dc Converter Power Supply 300 Milliam$8.56Details
274429MG ElectronicsACDC241280024Vac To 12Vdc Converter 800Ma$12.03Details
936033MG ElectronicsACS20001Pwr Supply W/Distribution Board, Access Control$186.19Details
219590MG ElectronicsADAPT1065 Volt 1.2 Amp Power Supply$14.03Details
274430MG ElectronicsADAPT10824Vdc, 600Ma Transformer W/ 6 Foot Cord$9.88Details
303892MG ElectronicsADP917.5V Dc Power Supply$11.20Details
644045MG ElectronicsADPT106MGT5125 Volt 1.2 Amp Hour Transformer$14.83Details
644046MG ElectronicsADPT10824Vdc 600Ma Wall Adapter. Black Color, 2$7.22Details
644047MG ElectronicsADPT40Adapter 12 Volt 500Ma$9.39Details
997417MG ElectronicsADPT7912Vdc 500Ma Plug-In Pow Sply, Alligator Clips$14.34Details
274432MG ElectronicsADPT871Transformer With Spade Lugs 6.5V 750Ma$11.20Details
202791MG ElectronicsAM912259 Vac 12Vdc Xformer$8.73Details
481697MG ElectronicsAVC100100 Dc Pwr/Video Cable$16.49Details
644048MG ElectronicsAVC100W100' Combined Power Video Cable White$16.49Details
202792MG ElectronicsAVC25Combination Video And Power Cable 25 Feet Black$10.08Details
219592MG ElectronicsAVC50W50Ft Combined Pwr/Vid Cable White$16.48Details
644050MG ElectronicsCAMH600K15" Outdoor Housing Beige With Mounting Bracket$30.44Details
644051MG ElectronicsCAMH800K15" Outdoor Aluminum Camera Hsh W/Heater Blower$27.77Details
235126MG ElectronicsCB4Full Motion Ceiling Mount F/Monitr$40.35Details
219595MG ElectronicsCBNC100Cable 100'Bnc To Bnc$16.48Details
274436MG ElectronicsCBNC1212Ft Bnc To Bnc To Cable$6.66Details
202794MG ElectronicsCBNC2525Ft Bnc To Bnc Cable$6.57Details
219596MG ElectronicsCBNC33' Bnc To Bnc Cable$4.68Details
202795MG ElectronicsCBNC50Bnc To Bnc Cable 50'$11.55Details
219597MG ElectronicsCBNC66' Bnc To Bnc Cable$5.31Details
894082MG ElectronicsCH12Electronic Chime, 12Vdc, Black$15.99Details
274437MG ElectronicsCMB1BCamera Mount Bracket Black$12.38Details
1002558MG ElectronicsD01331-3/4" X 2-3/4" Oval Alnico 8 Ohm .5W-1W$5.58Details
219598MG ElectronicsDPS12DC16ULFully Regulated 16-Channel 8A Distributed Ul Cctv$153.99Details
644052MG ElectronicsDPS12DC9ULFully-Regulated,Distributed,9 Camera Power Supply$102.19Details
202796MG ElectronicsDPS16ULPower Supplies 16 Camera 24Vac Distributed$148.39Details
219599MG ElectronicsDPS24AC12DC1612V Dc/24V Ac Dual Voltage 16 Camera Power Supply$166.01Details
274440MG ElectronicsDPS4UL4 Camera,24 Vac Distributed Power Supply$64.60Details
202797MG ElectronicsDPS63099 Camera Ac Or Dc Distributed Power Supply$26.99Details
274441MG ElectronicsDPS9UL9 Camera,24 Vac Distributed Power Supply$93.79Details
802946MG ElectronicsDT6001-To-6 Bus Terminal Double-Sided Foam Tape A$3.44Details
235127MG ElectronicsFMS100Alarm Speaker, 15W Flush Mount Speaker W$7.22Details
759111MG ElectronicsGLI01Ground Loop Isolator$14.50Details
644053MG ElectronicsHDC100100Ft Power/Video Cables$23.99Details
235128MG ElectronicsHDC100BBPower/Video 100' Cable Black Bnc Male/Bnc Male$26.25Details
644054MG ElectronicsHDC100W100Ft Power/Video Cables White$23.99Details
235129MG ElectronicsHDC150BBPower/Video 150' Cable Black Bnc Male/Bnc Male$34.79Details
235130MG ElectronicsHDC25BBPower/Video 25'Cable Black Bnc Male/Bnc Male$12.69Details
202799MG ElectronicsHDC50BBPower/Video 50' Cable Black Bnc Male/Bnc Male$15.75Details
340044MG ElectronicsHDL500BBHeavy Duty Video Power Cable 50 Ft Black$19.49Details
219600MG ElectronicsHJ650Piezo 4-28 Vdc 15Ma @ 28Vdc$4.34Details
202800MG ElectronicsHPS1216UL16 Camera 12Vdc 800 Ma Per Output Ul$135.79Details
202801MG ElectronicsHPS129UL9 Camera 12Vdc 800 Ma Per Outp$97.99Details
202802MG ElectronicsHS12SBP7"X11" Horn Speaker 8 Ohm$29.73Details
274444MG ElectronicsHS12T11 1/2 X 6 1/2 Pa Horn 70Volt$36.98Details
274445MG ElectronicsHS17TTalkback Horn Spkr W/Trnsfmr$55.83Details
219601MG ElectronicsHS8T10” Indoor Outdoor Multipurpose Paging H$67.80Details
340043MG ElectronicsIWS500Speaker 51/4" Pair$15.74Details
235131MG ElectronicsIWS525CX5.5" Coax Ceiling Spk 60W Pair$58.10Details
644055MG ElectronicsIWS85BT8" 70 Volt 8 Ohm Coaxil Ceiling Spk W/Metal Bckbox$88.19Details
644056MG ElectronicsLBP12450012Vdc 450Mah Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Ba$35.80Details
235132MG ElectronicsLCD75100BLcd Tv Monitor Flat Panel Wall Mount Bracket$45.68Details
754870MG ElectronicsLCDSA12Swing Arm Mount Versa 75/10 Compliant$26.99Details
219603MG ElectronicsLD72Buzzer 12 Volt Black$8.44Details
481698MG ElectronicsLUX850Fluorescent Lamp With Magnifier, Adjustable Arm$90.99Details
235135MG ElectronicsM44H15W Surface Spkr 4X4"$11.04Details
219604MG ElectronicsM50SPDSiren Dynamic Piezo 5" 15 Watt White$18.75Details
219605MG ElectronicsM58HIndoor Outdoor Speaker 30 Watt$17.25Details
235136MG ElectronicsM85PDSSiren 30W 6-12Vdc 5X8 White$21.75Details
303891MG ElectronicsMBADPT40Adapter 12 Volt 500Ma$8.32Details
303890MG ElectronicsMBPGM15PD15 Watt Megaphone$58.10Details
644057MG ElectronicsMG101AVStereo Audio And Vid Balun$27.69Details
1022471MG ElectronicsMG107Add-On Mini Mic Cam Dc 12V$10.08Details
956554MG ElectronicsMG108Add On Mini Mic For Cam Dc 12V$10.08Details
274449MG ElectronicsMG12303APower Supply 12Vdc 3 Amp Table Top$34.08Details
752498MG ElectronicsMG24CTUL4"Low Profile Fire Rated Ceiling Speaker$72.79Details
219607MG ElectronicsMG37Balum Cable Impedance Matching Device$11.86Details
219608MG ElectronicsMG39Video Balun Per Pack Per Each$11.53Details
202803MG ElectronicsMG441PDSPiezo Dynamic Indoor Siren$14.50Details
202804MG ElectronicsMG85JRDb Dual Tone Horn$15.80Details
303889MG ElectronicsMGLCD21Lcd Tv Wall Mount,Vesa 75X100 Compatible$52.93Details
733094MG ElectronicsMGSB700TBSpkr Uv/Saltwater Air Proof W/Rustprf Alum Brkts$207.19Details
891069MG ElectronicsMGSB700TW2 Way In/Outdr Spl W/70V Xfmr Pair$207.19Details
202806MG ElectronicsMGT121AR12Volt Dc 1Amp Regulated Power Supply Ul Listed$11.53Details
235140MG ElectronicsMGT122012Volt Ac/20Va Class 2 Transformer$9.50Details
202808MG ElectronicsMGT12303A3 Amp Power Supply 12Vdc$32.63Details
235141MG ElectronicsMGT124012V 40 Va Plug In The Wall Ac Transforme$13.08Details
202809MG ElectronicsMGT125012 Volt Ac, 50 Va, Ul/Csa Approved$12.69Details
733700MG ElectronicsMGT12500RTS*Eol*12Vdc Plug In Power Supply$16.50Details
202810MG ElectronicsMGT12500SPS12Vdc 500Ma Regulated Plug In Power Supply$9.88Details
202811MG ElectronicsMGT1620Xfmr Plg-In 16.5Vac 20Va W/T$9.50Details
235142MG ElectronicsMGT1640Xfmr Plg-In 16.5Vac 40Va W/T$22.49Details
764079MG ElectronicsMGT1640CA16V 40Va 3-Prong Ac Transformer$15.99Details
202812MG ElectronicsMGT1640CCClass 2 Transformer 16.5V California Compliant$26.25Details
235143MG ElectronicsMGT1640PClass 2 Transformer 16.5 Vic 40 Va W/Ground Plug$10.07Details
202813MG ElectronicsMGT165016.5Vac Class 2 Trans 50Va$17.25Details
219609MG ElectronicsMGT1650PClass 2 Transformer 16Vac Ground Plug$15.16Details
202814MG ElectronicsMGT1850Class 2 Transformer 18Vac 50Va W/Glass Fuse$14.14Details
219610MG ElectronicsMGT1850PXfmr 18Vac 50Va Class 2$18.75Details
274450MG ElectronicsMGT2410024Vac 1--Va Open Frame Transfrmr Ul List$28.76Details
859554MG ElectronicsMGT241000***Eol***$13.07Details
219611MG ElectronicsMGT2412DVPower Supply Dual Voltage 12Vac @635Ma 12Vdc @1A$12.94Details
274451MG ElectronicsMGT2420Transformer,24Vac 20Va Ul App$9.50Details
644059MG ElectronicsMGT24300VATransformer 480Vac Input/24Vac Output At 300Va$275.79Details
235144MG ElectronicsMGT244024 Volt 40Va Ac Transformer$25.49Details
811818MG ElectronicsMGT2440CCC24Vac/40Va Calfrna Complnt Xfrmr W/12' 3-Wire Cord$26.99Details
274452MG ElectronicsMGT2440P24Vac/40Va Plug Class 2 Xfrmr,Resetable Ptc Fuse$14.34Details
235145MG ElectronicsMGT245024 Vac 50Va Transformer$15.75Details
235146MG ElectronicsMGT2450PClass 2 Transformer 24Vac 50Va Grnd Plug W/Circuit$17.25Details
235147MG ElectronicsMGT2810024Vac 800Va Open Frame Trnasfrmr Ul List$28.49Details
743959MG ElectronicsMGT28175Open Frame Class I Transformer$44.94Details
274454MG ElectronicsMGT598Class 2 Transformer Triple Voltage 8 Vac$10.08Details
644060MG ElectronicsMGT599Open Transformer, 24Vac-40Va$10.59Details
274455MG ElectronicsMGT6500SPS6 Volt Dc 500Ma Transformer That Is Used$9.88Details
303883MG ElectronicsMGT9500SPS9V/Dc 500Ma Switching Power Supply$11.04Details
219612MG ElectronicsMGT9DC3009Vdc 300 Ma Center Positive Black Color$7.54Details
219613MG ElectronicsMGVPS1216ULPower Supply 16 Camera 12 Volt 1.2 Amp Output$204.39Details
235149MG ElectronicsMGVPS129ULPower Supply 9 Camera 12V 1.3Amp Of Output$128.79Details
235150MG ElectronicsNCB65BTNew Construction Mounting Bracket Kit$9.08Details
219614MG ElectronicsOPS4Weather Resistant Power Supply$113.01Details
340042MG ElectronicsOPS7Ul2044 Listed Otdr Pwr Supply 7 Amp$200.19Details
219615MG ElectronicsPA1003/4" Pzo Audio Indicator$7.54Details
235151MG ElectronicsPA312 Vdc Mini Microphone$9.92Details
235153MG ElectronicsPGM25MIC25W Megaphone W/Built In Siren & Handheld Microphn$113.39Details
219616MG ElectronicsPGM25PD25 Watt Megaphone$72.62Details
340041MG ElectronicsPS121616 Camera Fused Power Supply$134.39Details
235154MG ElectronicsPS161216 Camera Fused Power Supply$134.39Details
235155MG ElectronicsPS4124 Camera Fused Power Supply$74.19Details
866970MG ElectronicsPS8C6Amp @13Vdc Constant/8Amp Surge Power Supply$60.90Details
274458MG ElectronicsPS9129 Camera Fused Power Supply$89.59Details
481673MG ElectronicsQBNC66Ft Long 4 Conductor Bnc M-M Cbl Assembly$13.84Details
219618MG ElectronicsRGBNC1212Foot Mini Bnc Patch Cable$7.90Details
235159MG ElectronicsRGBNC66 Foot Bnc/Bnc Rg179U Cable$3.60Details
644061MG ElectronicsRM161212Vdc 16 Cam Rck Mnt Ul 16 Led$214.19Details
908996MG ElectronicsRM16AC16Ch Rack-Mount 24Vac 13.75A Power Supply$275.39Details
732801MG ElectronicsRM2424Vdc 5A Dpdt Relay Module$9.39Details
739433MG ElectronicsRM32AC32Ch 24Vac Rack-Mount Power Supply$391.49Details
219620MG ElectronicsSB100TBPSb100 I/O 2Way Wthprf Spkr Pr$77.70Details
766262MG ElectronicsSB150Indoor/Outdoor High Tech 2-Way Mini Speaker System$98.70Details
838153MG ElectronicsSB150W$74.19Details
1038466MG ElectronicsSB200$93.79Details
1013671MG ElectronicsSB200WO/D Spkrs,Bkt,40W,4/8Ohm,Wh,Pr$74.19Details
644062MG ElectronicsSB700TB2 Way Indoor/Outdoor 70V/8 Ohm Selectabl$120.99Details
852449MG ElectronicsSB800TBSpkr Sys W/6.5In Mica/Poly Woofer,Hi Temp Ksv Coil$237.99Details
861250MG ElectronicsSB800TWHITE2Way Indoor/Outdoor 70/25V White Pair$237.99Details
202817MG ElectronicsSB900TBSpeaker Indoor Outdoor 2 Way 70V Or 8 Ohm Pair$278.09Details
274461MG ElectronicsSP6VCSpeaker Selector 6 With Volume Control$190.13Details
644063MG ElectronicsSPS054000D5 Volt Dc 4 Amp Switching Power Supply 2$13.86Details
219623MG ElectronicsSPS12DC15A12Vdc 1.5A Regulated Power Supply. 2.1 Mm Plug.$15.49Details
235160MG ElectronicsSPS12DC2A12V Dc 2Amp Switching Power Supply$17.25Details
274462MG ElectronicsSPS12DC3APwr Spply,3Amp,12Vdc Regulated, 6Ft Output Cord$20.99Details
202818MG ElectronicsSPS12DC5A12Vdc 5A Table Top Power Supply - Black$18.44Details
274463MG ElectronicsSS100H4"Wallmnt Indr Siren 12Vdc Wht$12.69Details
732561MG ElectronicsSS70HSs70H Flush Mount 2-Tone Siren$9.88Details
202820MG ElectronicsSSP3Mg Elec 3 1/2"Piezo Siren Blk$17.99Details
219624MG ElectronicsST121APower Supply 12Volt Dc 1 Amp Plug In 100$14.01Details
274464MG ElectronicsST122A12Vdc 2A Plug-In Ps Scr Term$15.68Details
274465MG ElectronicsST1250012Vdc, 500 Ma Regulated Plug In Power Supply, Ul$8.62Details
274466MG ElectronicsST241A24Vdc,1 Amp Plug Pwr Supply,Screw Terminal Output$11.20Details
340038MG ElectronicsST242A24V 2Amp Switching Power Supply Screw Te$17.67Details
481671MG ElectronicsT610Universal Bridge Support Mounting Bracket For$8.10Details
303881MG ElectronicsT810Brackets For Iws85Bt$6.55Details
219625MG ElectronicsTGM45MIC45 Watt Megaphone$254.79Details
340037MG ElectronicsVPS1218UL12Vdc 18 Cam 1.1Amp/Output Ul$243.59Details
481689MG ElectronicsW321MM3Ft Cord W/2.1Mm Plug Female Barrel Ctr+$1.10Details
340036MG ElectronicsWB3Moniotr Mount$62.76Details
235162MG ElectronicsWB9Lcd Wall Mount Bracket Vesa 50-200$44.72Details