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Magicard / Ultra Electronics

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
202252Magicard / Ultra Electronics36330052Upgrade A Single-Sided Printer To Double-Sided.$417.14Details
215852Magicard / Ultra Electronics36330053$31.18Details
234182Magicard / Ultra Electronics36330054$20.99Details
340737Magicard / Ultra Electronics36330057One Year Extended Warranty - Enduro+ Duo$309.14Details
751923Magicard / Ultra Electronics36330063Enduro Transmission Repair Kit$53.64Details
748924Magicard / Ultra Electronics36330064Enduro Low-Cost$46.39Details
304603Magicard / Ultra Electronics36330096Ethernet Upgrade Kit For The Enduro Plus$215.59Details
1011240Magicard / Ultra Electronics36330160KGEEnduro Printhead Assembly$556.19Details
1080226Magicard / Ultra Electronics36330204Rear Drive Roller$14.83Details
873425Magicard / Ultra Electronics36330502Opto Sensor Pcb$15.75Details
906489Magicard / Ultra Electronics36330505Dye Film Led Emitter Pcb$23.99Details
986643Magicard / Ultra Electronics36333002TEnduro3E Mag$1,761.24Details
798388Magicard / Ultra Electronics36333006TEnduro3E Mag Smart$2,279.99Details
881464Magicard / Ultra Electronics36333021TEnduro3E Duo With Complete Badging Kit$2,046.24Details
799248Magicard / Ultra Electronics36333026TEnduro3E Duo Mag Smart$2,503.74Details
641731Magicard / Ultra Electronics36339002TEnduro+ Mag Kit$2,046.24Details
641733Magicard / Ultra Electronics36339022TDuo Badging Kit W Dsided Id Card Prntr Mag Encoder$2,303.74Details
641734Magicard / Ultra Electronics36339025TEnduro+ Duo Mag Smart Printer With Complete Badgin$2,648.74Details
870438Magicard / Ultra Electronics36339026TEnduro+ Duo Mag Smart Dual-Sided Id Card Printer$2,908.74Details
641735Magicard / Ultra Electronics36490001TPronto+ Printer With Complete Badging Kit$1,273.74Details
641736Magicard / Ultra Electronics36490002TPronto Mag Id System...100 Blank Cards$1,531.24Details
641737Magicard / Ultra Electronics36490003TPronto Smart Printer With Complete Badging Kit$1,557.49Details
641738Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520001TRio/Pro W/Badg Kit 1-Ma300Ymcko Dye Film,100 Cards$2,029.99Details
641739Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520002TRio Pro Single Side Printer Mag$2,858.74Details
641740Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520003TRio Pro Combo Encoder$3,216.24Details
641741Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520004TRio Pro Mag Combo Encoder$3,488.74Details
340732Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520008Rio Pro Xtended 54Mm$2,656.24Details
304599Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520009Rio Pro Xtended 50Mm Single Sided Printer For Prin$3,061.24Details
641742Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520021TRio Pro Duo Double-Sided Id Card Printer$2,774.99Details
641743Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520022TRio Pro Duo Mag Printer$3,131.24Details
641744Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520023TRio Pro Duo Combo Encoder$3,488.74Details
641745Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520024TRio Pro Duo Mag Combo Encode$3,669.75Details
641746Magicard / Ultra Electronics3652002ITRio Pro Duo With Badging Kit$2,858.74Details
340731Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520051Rio Pro Ultracoverplus 1 Year$544.04Details
340730Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520100004Hopper - Card Feed Cassette$10.21Details
340729Magicard / Ultra Electronics36520100005Hopper Card Collector$5.49Details
985097Magicard / Ultra Electronics36529010Rio Pro Secure$2,124.99Details
641747Magicard / Ultra Electronics36529012Rio Pro Securem$2,983.74Details
641748Magicard / Ultra Electronics36529030Rio Pro Secure Duo Professional Double-Sided Bank$2,993.74Details
304598Magicard / Ultra Electronics36529033Rio Pro Secure Duo S Professional D/Sided Bank Car$3,597.49Details
340728Magicard / Ultra Electronics36529034Rio Pro Dbl Side Crd Printer, Msrt Encode Mag$3,752.71Details
949228Magicard / Ultra Electronics36630021Helix Duo$3,669.75Details
715000Magicard / Ultra Electronics36630023Helix Duo Smart$4,228.51Details
274045Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCK1Cleaning Kit (5-Tcards, 1 Pen)$16.49Details
1058739Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM2626 Bit Clamshell$3.50Details
1066819Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM3232 Bit Clamshell$4.05Details
1065686Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM3333 Bit Clamshell$4.05Details
999728Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM33F233 Bit F2 Clamshell$4.05Details
954333Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM33F333 Bit F3 Clamshell$4.05Details
968443Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM34EVN34 Bit Evn Clamshell$4.05Details
1010678Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM34OD34 Bit Od Clamshell$4.05Details
975029Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM3535 Bit Clamshell$4.05Details
948686Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM3636 Bit Clamshell$4.05Details
1082011Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM36EPX36 Bit Epx Clamshell$4.05Details
1026182Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM36SPX36 Bit Spx Clamshell$4.05Details
1007888Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM37ADV37 Bit Adv Clamshell$4.05Details
1013433Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM37CUST37 Bit Other Clamshell$4.05Details
1052168Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM37FCN37 Bit Fcn Clamshell$3.50Details
1027266Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsCLMPBBM4040 Bit Clamshell$4.05Details
867443Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsE9372Psu Assembly (24V Dc 3.75A 90W)___________________$170.79Details
1035374Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsE9887Cleaning Kit (10 Pads + Cards) Helix$57.28Details
877684Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsENTEREDINERROREnduro3E Printer With Complete Badging Kit$1,736.24Details
274046Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsFG36330160Printhead Assembly - Enduro$395.54Details
723767Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsFG36490160Printhead Assembly - Pronto$395.54Details
729027Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsFG36520160Enduro+/Rio Pro Print Head Assembly$395.54Details
274047Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsFGM9006300Printhead Assembly$518.39Details
274048Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsFGM9006630Printhead Assembly(Rio2/Tango2/Avalon)$660.39Details
304597Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsHOLOFLEXSETMagicard Custom Holokote Flex Kit$638.54Details
202255Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsHOLOREPMagicard Custom Holokote Kit Repeat Key - Custom L$254.79Details
304596Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsHOLOSETMagicard Custom Holokote Kit$539.99Details
274049Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsHOLOSETLMagicard Custom Holokote Kit$539.99Details
1074270Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsHX1000RTRetransfer Film Helix Printers$100.79Details
1077196Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsHX1000YMCKColor Dye Film Helix$288.89Details
1058518Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsHX750YMCKK750 Shot Color Film, Black On Reverse Helix$288.89Details
983557Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsHX750YMCKSColor Dye Film With Secure Holokote Panel Helix$288.89Details
843231Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsISOPVCNBBUH1Printable Pvc Non-Programmed Initialized Card$3.90Details
743409Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsISOPVCPBBM26Printable Pvc Programmed 26 Bit Card. Sequential M$3.78Details
766323Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsISOPVCPBBM36Printable Pvc Programmed 36Bit$3.60Details
980746Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsISOPVCPBBM37CNIso Cr80 Pvc 37Bit Cn X Sequential H10302$4.77Details
234186Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM3610040A30 Mil Cr80 Cards - 100 Pack$12.03Details
202256Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM3610049ABlank Mag Stripe Cards 100 Pck$19.49Details
234187Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM3610054B$28.49Details
765107Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM3610065A30 Mil Cr80 60/40 Pvc/Poly Cards - 100 Pack$39.88Details
215856Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM361008330 Mil Cr80 Cards W/Gold Holopatch - 100 Pack$41.33Details
304595Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9005647RFront Dye Film Clip$10.21Details
202261Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9005751Lc1/D Ymcko Full Col Bkl Resin$139.99Details
202262Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9005753Black Resin$20.25Details
202263Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM90057537Lc3/D - White Resin Film - 1000 Images$29.73Details
215857Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9005758Lc8-D 6 Pnl Col Dye Flm 300 Im$173.59Details
916713Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9005761MMed Cleaning Kit For Rio/Tango$42.78Details
202264Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9005772Sticky Roller F/Printer 5 Pack$41.33Details
234188Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9005794Printhead Assembly Rio1, Tango1 Series Only$660.39Details
215858Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9006793A30 Mil Cr80 Cards - Priced Per 1-500 Pk$42.78Details
274051Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9006794Mag Stripe 30Mil Cr80 Cards W/Hico Mag Stripe$117.59Details
202265Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9006794A30 Mil Cr80 Cards W/Hico Mag Stripe - 500 Pack$71.39Details
274052Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM900679630 Mil Cr80 Cards W/Gold Holopatch - 500 Pack$194.59Details
274055Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9007230RLam Patch 1 Mil For M9007125E$67.19Details
215859Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9007231RLam Patch .6 Mil For M9007125E$42.04Details
340727Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9500934Rio/Tango E Mag Main Controller Board$638.54Details
304594Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsM9500935Rio/Tango E Std Main Controller Board$638.54Details
234192Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsMA1000KBLACKBlack Resin Ribbon$25.49Details
215860Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsMA1000KBLUEBlue Resin Ribbon$27.75Details
215861Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsMA1000KGOLDResin Ribbon$62.99Details
234193Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsMA1000KGREENGreen Resin Ribbon$27.75Details
274056Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsMA1000KREDResin Ribbon -Red$27.75Details
234194Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsMA1000KSILVERResin Ribbon Silver$62.99Details
274057Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsMA1000KWHITEResin Ribbon ..White$27.75Details
234195Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsMA100YMCKOYmckok Dye Film 100 Images$55.09Details
202269Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsMA250YMCKOKYmckok Dye Film 250 Images$107.79Details
274058Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsMA300YMCKOYmcko Dte Film - 300 Images$92.39Details
234196Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsMA600KOBlack Resin W Ovrcoat Ribbon$67.90Details
274059Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsN9005761MEDN9005761Med Cln Kit F/Rio&Tang$42.78Details
215863Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsP10034RPower Supply$79.79Details
641757Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPC150 Cr80 Pvc Cards In Dispenser$15.33Details
274060Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPCF150 Cr80 Pvc Cards In Dispenser + 50 Image Pf1 Cass$38.43Details
202271Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPCF6100 Cr80 Pvc+ Ispensers+100 Images Pf2 Ymcko$57.39Details
304593Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPCXPF1One Ready To Fill Dispenser And 50 Images Cassette$36.24Details
274063Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPCXPF2Alto Ymcko Film-100 +2 Dispsr$54.38Details
215864Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPF3Black Resin Monochrome Film, No Overcoat (500 Imag$17.99Details
274064Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA007Retransfer Film F/Prima Series$187.59Details
215865Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA066Prima/064/R Clear Patch Lamina$256.19Details
234197Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA111Prima2E Ymck-1000 Images$452.24Details
202274Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA421Mag Encoder Upgrade For Prima4$821.59Details
340726Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA422Prima 4 Contact Chip Module$846.29Details
340725Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA423Prima 4 Contactless Encoder: ***Special Order***$850.19Details
340724Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA424Prima 4 Bend Remedy$485.99Details
202275Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA431Prima4 Ribbon & Retransfer Set$445.49Details
234199Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA433Ymckk Dye Film 750 Images Double Sided$400.94Details
274065Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA434Ymckk Dye Film 750 Images W/Uv Panel (Prima 4)$400.94Details
641765Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA435Ymcko-Po Dye Film - 750 Images With Peel-Off Panel$526.49Details
274066Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA436Re-Transfer Film 1000 Images (Prima4)$130.19Details
234200Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA451Prima 4 Inline Laminator - Single-Sided$2,266.24Details
202276Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA452Prima 4 Inline Laminator 2Sided$3,023.74Details
215866Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA462Clear Patch Laminate .6Mil$215.59Details
234201Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA464Clear Patch Laminate 1 Mil$215.59Details
215867Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA491Prima 4 Cleaning Kit$88.19Details
778459Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA505Card Input Hopper$326.69Details
860264Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA513Ink Cassette$494.09Details
892907Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsPRIMA514Retransfer Cassette$618.29Details
873759Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsRIOP1Rio Pro With Fitted Encoder$4,571.33Details
825557Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsRIOP2Rio Pro With Fitted Encoder$4,276.09Details
950838Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsSETHX4000Helix Color Dye Film & Retransfer Film Set. 4 Comp$1,348.74Details
641775Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsTM15 Panel Ymcko Dye Film - 250 Images Cassette$79.79Details
1009149Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsTRUSTIDCLASSICKEYTrust Id Software Classic VersionCall for Price.Details
962886Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsTRUSTIDPREMIUMKEYTrust Id Premium Software$254.79Details
983742Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsTRUSTIDPROKEYTrust Id Professional Software$568.34Details
997356Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsTRUSTIDPROSMARTKEYTrust Id Software Pro Smart Version$748.79Details
973135Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsUE36630001THelix Uno Single Sided Reverse Transfer Printer$3,378.74Details
1073626Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsUECLMPBBM3737 Bit Cn Clamshell$4.05Details
234202Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsUEPRIMA153RPrima Re-Transfer Film-1000 Images For Prima 3$162.39Details
641778Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsUEPRIMA401TReverse Transfer Printer Single Sided$3,597.49Details
641779Magicard / Ultra ElectronicsUEPRIMA402TReverse Transfer Printerprima4$4,250.47Details