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Micro Wave Sensors

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
340035Micro Wave Sensors10001Rubber Gasket(For Weatherprfng)F/1015 Surf Mnt Box$5.85Details
644074Micro Wave Sensors1010Mounting Box$24.75Details
219633Micro Wave Sensors1015Switch Mounting Box$24.75Details
807118Micro Wave Sensors1020Switch Mounting Box$24.75Details
914729Micro Wave Sensors1030Plastic Surface Mount Box 6" Round Compatible$24.75Details
340034Micro Wave Sensors1035Nero Style Surface Mount Box$24.75Details
340033Micro Wave Sensors1035MSBACKNarrow Style Mounting Box$27.75Details
219634Micro Wave Sensors216Infared Touchless Switch W/4 1/2"Sq Faceplate$165.19Details
822141Micro Wave Sensors2162WMODULEA Control Module$76.99Details
235164Micro Wave Sensors216NInfa Red Touchless Switch Narrow Jam Ss Face Plate$165.19Details
757758Micro Wave Sensors216NFPInfared Touchless Switch Without Faceplate$134.39Details
902342Micro Wave Sensors216RK216-Rk Series Retrofit Kit$364.49Details
219635Micro Wave Sensors216TXTGWireless, Touchless Switch$225.39Details
644075Micro Wave Sensors514BRSE2" X 2" X 42" Switch Post$187.59Details
644076Micro Wave Sensors514GRSE2" X 2" X 42" Switch Post Grey Powder Coat Finish$187.59Details
202823Micro Wave Sensors59H4 1/2"Sq Psh Plt Swtch Blu W/Wh Handicap Psh Toop$49.29Details
235165Micro Wave Sensors59HSSSwitch Assmbly Ss 4 1/2"X4 1/2" Square$49.29Details
340032Micro Wave Sensors59HSSWRWeather Resistant Automatic Door Switch$97.99Details
274472Micro Wave Sensors59JHPush Plate Switch Narrow 1 11/16" X 4 1/2"$47.84Details
219638Micro Wave Sensors59JHSSNarrow Style Pushplate Switch-With Logo And Text$47.84Details
303880Micro Wave Sensors59JHSSDPDTNarrow Style Actuator, Wheelchair Logo And Text$57.99Details
340030Micro Wave Sensors59JPDPDTNarrow Style Actuator, Text Only, Dpdt Option$57.99Details
340029Micro Wave Sensors59JWSSDPDTNero Style Actuator With Dpdt Options$57.99Details
202824Micro Wave Sensors59P4 1/2"Sq Ss Swtch W/Faceplate W/Legend Pres To Ope$49.29Details
202825Micro Wave Sensors59R4HSSSw 4"Round Ss Faceplate Wheel Chair Pto$49.29Details
644077Micro Wave Sensors59R6HSS6" Round Push Plate Actuator, Stainless Steel,$57.39Details
340028Micro Wave Sensors59R6P6" Round Ss Push Plate$57.39Details
743235Micro Wave Sensors59VHVestibule Switch Blue With Wheelchair/Push To Open$96.59Details
340027Micro Wave Sensors608CAPCap Of A 608 Bollard$39.88Details
340026Micro Wave Sensors608GR42Grey Blank Bollard Assembly$275.79Details
235166Micro Wave Sensors608HBR42Bronze Surface Mount Switch Post$332.09Details
644078Micro Wave Sensors608HSSGR42608-Hss-Gr-42 Stainless Steel Srfc Mnt Switch$332.09Details
481677Micro Wave Sensors608HSSTGR42Bollard Post, Push Plate Switch, And Transmitter$387.44Details
644079Micro Wave Sensors614NSS1" Diameter Red "Extreme" Switch-Wthrprf$72.79Details
803426Micro Wave Sensors922TDSingle Output Timing Mod (0-30 Sec)$61.59Details
274473Micro Wave SensorsCPRXClear Path Radio Controlled Receiver$57.99Details
644081Micro Wave SensorsCPRXMMultimode Receiver W/Rxm Module$88.19Details
235168Micro Wave SensorsCPSTXClear Path Sequency Transmitter$72.79Details
274474Micro Wave SensorsCPSTXJSequencing Jam Transmitter$72.79Details
219640Micro Wave SensorsCPTXWall Mount Transmitter (Includes Surfc Mount Box)$55.83Details
340025Micro Wave SensorsCPTX1015Wall Mount Transmitter With 1015 Boxox$55.83Details
202826Micro Wave SensorsCPTXHH1Hand Held Wireless One Button Transmitter$57.39Details
775183Micro Wave SensorsCPTXHH2Hand Held Wireless Two Button Transmitter$61.59Details
219641Micro Wave SensorsCPTXJ1 3/4 X 4 1/2 Jam Mounting Box W/Transmitter$55.83Details
303879Micro Wave SensorsCPTXPWireless Radio Controller For 608 Series$55.83Details
235169Micro Wave SensorsCPTXPCBClearpath Transmitter Board Only$55.83Details
644082Micro Wave SensorsCPTXR4Clearpath Transmitter And Mounting Box$55.83Details
219642Micro Wave SensorsCPTXR66" Round Mounting Box W/Transmitter$55.83Details
481678Micro Wave SensorsCPTXVTransmitter For A Vestibule Switch Inc 1015 Box$99.39Details
235170Micro Wave SensorsCPTXVPPost Dual Transmitter$99.39Details
303878Micro Wave SensorsCTPHKit Clear Path Trans/Rec. & 2 Buttons$233.79Details
821516Micro Wave SensorsCTPH5Clear Path Vestibule Pkg #5$441.44Details
962022Micro Wave SensorsCTPHVClearpath Vestibule Package 59V, 2:59-H; 2:Cp/Stx;$467.09Details
758824Micro Wave SensorsCTPR6HClearpath 59-R6 Blue Face Plate Package$251.99Details
804684Micro Wave SensorsCTPR6HSSClearpath 59-R6 Stainless Steel Face Plate Package$251.99Details
202827Micro Wave SensorsDH100Infrared Sensor For Sliding Doors$236.59Details
644083Micro Wave SensorsDH94D4 Row Detection Active Infared Presence Detector$191.79Details
870082Micro Wave SensorsDHRCRain Cover For Dh Series Sensors$31.89Details
202828Micro Wave SensorsDLIWACL36X30 Dble Line I Brace Grd Rail - Silver$141.39Details
235171Micro Wave SensorsDLIWCCL42X30 Dlbe Line I Brace Grd Rail-Silver$149.79Details
202829Micro Wave SensorsDLIWDBRDbl Line Guide Rail Bronze$160.99Details
274475Micro Wave SensorsDLIWDCLDbl Line Guide Rail In Silver$152.59Details
644084Micro Wave SensorsDLIWFBR48X36 Dbl Line I Brace Brz Wll Mt Rai --Bronze$167.99Details
644085Micro Wave SensorsDLIWFCL48X36 Dbl Line I Brace Wall Mt Rail --Clear$160.99Details
303874Micro Wave SensorsE1325JAReplacement Micro Switch$11.04Details
854570Micro Wave SensorsESC59R6Stainles Steel Escutcheon For 59R6 Series$76.99Details
202830Micro Wave SensorsMICROSTARMMicrowave Motion Detector In Explosion Prf Housing$172.19Details
274476Micro Wave SensorsMSBDBUniversal Mounting Bracket For Microstar$20.99Details
274477Micro Wave SensorsMSRCRaincover For Microstar$31.89Details
1025259Micro Wave SensorsNGCTPNext Gen Touch Switch Wired Version Ss F Plate$134.39Details
274478Micro Wave SensorsRXMPlug In Module For Cprx Multimode Receiver$33.34Details
811754Micro Wave SensorsTC26BLng Rng Mcro Prcssr Cntrl Vhcl$779.99Details
219643Micro Wave SensorsTC30Ultrsn.Veh.Presnc Detct/Trf.Cn$487.34Details
235173Micro Wave SensorsTDMTime Delay Module$72.79Details
862561Micro Wave SensorsTDMHCTime Delay Module (Break/Make/Sequence)$145.59Details