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Minuteman UPS / Para Systems

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
950160Minuteman UPS / Para Systems30000221Front Panel Bezel All Ent Plus &Amp; Ed &Amp; Bp$120.46Details
984081Minuteman UPS / Para Systems30000230Bracket Ear 19" Flush Mount For Ed$6.12Details
646867Minuteman UPS / Para Systems35000064Usb Cable$10.18Details
646868Minuteman UPS / Para Systems36000176Hardware Access Package (Ent Plus & Ed)$42.78Details
870704Minuteman UPS / Para Systems3600190Software & Cable Accessory Pck$6.57Details
204205Minuteman UPS / Para Systems37000007B00007 Replacement Batt$37.60Details
236021Minuteman UPS / Para Systems37000009Replacement Batt 12V 11Amp$61.59Details
275361Minuteman UPS / Para Systems3700002512V 8.5 Amp Hour Battery$47.84Details
221813Minuteman UPS / Para Systems3700007Replacement Internal Battery$36.98Details
480234Minuteman UPS / Para Systems90000569Wall Mt For The E500 Ups Units$34.06Details
749339Minuteman UPS / Para Systems90001103Complete Surge Display Kit With Inventory$1,337.49Details
880378Minuteman UPS / Para Systems900100013Ft Pwr Cord,Cnnct Ed2000Rm2U$127.39Details
236022Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsAS400Option Card For Mcp Series$117.59Details
204206Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00006Replacement Battery, 12V, 18 Amp, Per Hour $84.46Details
275363Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00007Replacement Battery, 12V, 7.2 Amp, Per Hour $36.98Details
646869Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00008Replacement Battery, 6V, 9 Amp, Per Hour $38.89Details
236023Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00009Replacement Battery, 12V, 12 Amp, Per Hour $59.44Details
204207Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00015Replacement Battery, 12V, 4.5 Amp, Per Hour $40.50Details
275364Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00024Battery, Individual, Replacement, 1-Year Warranty,$29.16Details
221815Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00025Replacement Battery, 12V, 9 Amp, Per Hour $46.98Details
303349Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00028Battery, Individual, Replacement, 1-Year Warranty,$30.78Details
793269Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00056Battery Replacement For Battery Pack Bp192Rtxl$45.36Details
875264Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00058Replacement Battery $56.31Details
275365Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0029Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$157.99Details
303348Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0030Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$176.75Details
480235Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0031Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$300.16Details
480210Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0032Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$334.85Details
646871Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0033Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$282.07Details
646872Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0034Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$316.75Details
339417Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0035Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$150.16Details
480208Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0036Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$218.99Details
480226Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0037Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$244.02Details
646873Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0038Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$276.86Details
480203Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0039Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$446.47Details
236024Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0040Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$101.67Details
204208Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0041Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$112.63Details
303347Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0042Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$42.12Details
204209Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0043Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$117.32Details
339416Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0044Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$159.54Details
275366Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0045Replacement Battery Module$176.39Details
646874Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0048Battery Module, Replacement, Preassembled, 1-Year$51.84Details
339415Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0049Battery Module, Replacement, Preassembled, 1-Year$96.98Details
480204Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0050Battery Module, Replacement, Preassembled, 1-Year$137.65Details
303346Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0051Battery Module For Pro1500Lcd$159.59Details
480205Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0052Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$42.12Details
646875Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0053Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$46.98Details
303345Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0054Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$46.98Details
339414Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0055Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$51.84Details
917333Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0057Replacement Battery Module, For Ers1500Rtnc $170.51Details
1018195Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0066Battery Module For Etr1500Lcd$106.39Details
886716Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP192RTXLAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Online Rack / T$915.07Details
880421Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP240RTXLAccessory, Battery Pack, Online Rack / Tower, 3-Ye$1,175.07Details
303344Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP24RTEXLBattery Pack, For Expanded Runtime, Compatible W/$1,060.32Details
204210Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP36RTEXL3U Extreme Run Battery Pack E750Rm2U, E1000Rm2U, E1500Rm2U 1836 Vah$992.06Details
646876Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP36RTXLEnterprise Plus Ups True-Sinewave Line-Int Rack/Tower/Wall$460.05Details
339413Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP48RTEXLExtended Runtime Batt Pk F/ Ed1500Rm2U-Ed2000Rm2U$1,060.32Details
221816Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP72RTEXLHigh-Capacity Battery Pack For E2000Rm2U-E(D)3000Rm(T)2$1,021.10Details
646877Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP72RTXLExtended Runtime Batt Pck For E2000Rm2U/E3000Rm2U$523.40Details
646878Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBRKTRMRPM1521Bracket Kit, 19 Inch, Rack Mount, For Rpm1521 Remo$15.99Details
1015949Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCBL10FTEDBP48XL10 Ft. Cable For Battery Pack Edbp48Xl$181.99Details
221817Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCPE1000Ups, Tower, On-Line Interactive, 1000 Va, 700 Watt$473.62Details
221818Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCPE2000Ups, Tower, On-Line Interactive, 2000 Va, 1400 Wat$822.11Details
221819Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCPE3000Ups, Tower, On-Line Interactive, 3000 Va, 2100 Wat$1,188.14Details
221820Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCPEBP1000Battery Pack, External, For Cpe1000 $553.57Details
236025Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCPEBP2000Battery Pack, External, For Cpe2000 $913.61Details
275367Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCPEBP3000Battery Pack, External, For Cpe3000 $761.11Details
646879Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCPERELAYCARDAccessory, Contact Closure Relay Card, For Cpe Ser$140.78Details
204211Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE1000RM2UEnterprise Plus Ups 1000Va 800W True-Sinewave Line-Int Rack/Tower/WallCall for Price.Details
646880Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE1000RT2U1000 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$538.49Details
646881Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE1000RTXL2U1000 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$625.97Details
836545Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE1100**Eol**1100 Va Rack/Wall/T$548.37Details
204213Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE1500RM2UEnterprise Plus Ups 1500Va 1200W True-Sinewave Line-Int Rack/Tower/WallCall for Price.Details
646883Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE1500RT2U1500 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$679.77Details
646884Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE1500RTXL2U1500 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$748.03Details
646885Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE1500RTXLT2UUniversal Power Supply, Enterpriseplus Lcd Series,$724.79Details
862565Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE2000RM2UEnterprise Plus Ups 2000Va 1600W, True-Sinewave Line-Int Rack/Tower/WallCall for Price.Details
646886Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE2000RT2U2000 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 9 Outlets$999.31Details
646887Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE2000RTXL2U2000Va 1760W Line Interactive 2U R T Extended Runtime Ups$1,045.80Details
790288Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE3000RM2UEnterprise Plus Ups 3000Va 2400W, True-Sinewave Line-Int Rack/Tower/WallCall for Price.Details
221821Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE3000RMT2U*Eol* - 300Va/2560Watt,208-240V Line$1,219.67Details
646888Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE3000RT2U3000 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$1,167.80Details
646889Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE3000RTXL2U3000 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$1,212.84Details
646890Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE3000RTXLT2UUniversal Power Supply, Enterpriseplus Lcd Series,$1,243.33Details
236027Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE750RM2UEnterprise Plus Ups 750Va 600W, True-Sinewave Line-Int Rack/Tower/Wall$505.80Details
646891Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE750RT2U750 Va Line Interactive, Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$460.05Details
646892Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE750RTXL2U750 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$499.27Details
275368Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEBP36EXLExternal Battery Pack For Minuteman E750Rm2U, E1000Rm2U E1500Rm2U&Amp;E1500Rmt2UCall for Price.Details
303343Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEBP48EXLExtended Runtime Batter Pack For The Ed1$1,084.71Details
221822Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEBP72EXLExternal Battery Pack For Minuteman E2000Rm2U, E3000Rm2U And E3000Rmt2UCall for Price.Details
204215Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEBP72XLExternal Battery Pack For Minuteman E2000Rm2U, E3000Rm2U And E3000Rmt2U$539.99Details
221823Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEBRKT23Rack Installation Kit, 23 Inches, For All Enterpri$26.82Details
236029Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEBRKTRAILRail Installation Kit, For All Enterprise / Endeav$43.75Details
275369Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEBRKTWALLWall Mount Kit, For Use On All Enterpriseplus / En$26.82Details
275370Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEBRKTWALLX2Accessory, Wall Mount Kit, Compatible W/ E750Rm2U$59.44Details
719206Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RTXFRAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Includes 120 /$3,108.89Details
791093Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RTXLUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$5,975.85Details
817111Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RTXL5TFUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$5,295.67Details
887475Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RTXL5TFMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$5,511.03Details
747143Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$6,440.67Details
801939Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RTXLPUps, Endeavor Series, 12-20Kva Applications, Paral$5,725.05Details
204216Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000TUps System Bundle, Endeavor 6-24 Kva Tower Series$5,367.91Details
275371Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED1000RM2UUps, Endeavor Series, 1-3Kva, True Online Rack/Tow$642.56Details
339409Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED1000RMT2UUps, Endeavor Series, 1-3Kva, True Online Rack/Tow$642.56Details
804157Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10200RTXLUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$4,494.16Details
777579Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10200RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$4,795.41Details
646894Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10200TUps System Bundle, Endeavor 6-24 Kva Tower Series$4,292.42Details
646896Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED12000RMUps 12Kva Rm 208V Online In/Out 8400Watt$6,085.07Details
882902Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED12000RTXLPUps, Endeavor Series, 12-20Kva Applications, Paral$6,083.54Details
236030Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED1500RM2UEndeavors On-Line 1500Va Ups 1200W, 6Outlets. Load Shed Rack/Tower Ups$800.32Details
204217Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED1500RMT2UUps, Endeavor Series, 1-3Kva, True Online Rack/Tow$800.32Details
756824Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED16000RTXLPParalleled 8Kva Mdls,208Vac Input/Output, Hardware$8,946.06Details
912201Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED20000RTXLPUps, Endeavor Series, 12-20Kva Applications, Paral$9,947.95Details
221824Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED2000RM2UEndeavors On-Line 2000Va Ups 1600 Watts, 7 Outlets Rack/Tower Ups$1,173.61Details
303342Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED2000RMT242000Va/1600W 120 Vac True On-Line, Doubl$1,235.75Details
275372Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED2000RMT2UUps, Endeavor Series, 1-3Kva, True Online Rack/Tow$1,173.61Details
944911Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED2000RMTUPower Supply 2000Va 208 Volt On Line Rack Tower$1,210.29Details
339408Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED24000RM24Kva/16800 Watt Online Ups$11,506.59Details
799333Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED240VACInput/Output Modification, 240Vac, Factory-Perform$50.23Details
236031Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED3000RM2UEndeavors On-Line 3000Va Ups 2100 Watts, 7 Outlets Rack/Tower Ups$1,356.13Details
236032Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED3000RMT2UUps, Endeavor Series, 1-3Kva, True Online Rack/Tow$1,356.13Details
339407Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED3301LP2241101Base Unit: 10Kva (8,000 Watts)$14,083.89Details
1061981Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5000RTX4556Va/4100 Watt 208Input,120/208 Output,Online,$3,632.49Details
1067328Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5000RTXFM5Kva Transformer$1,476.24Details
914472Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5000RTXFRAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Includes 120 /$1,430.15Details
830783Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5000RTXL4556Va/4100 Watt 208 Vac Input & Full-Load 120/280$3,519.50Details
832116Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5000RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 V$3,740.16Details
761609Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5200RTXL5000Va/4500W Online Ups, 208Vac In/Out_Lcd Display$2,882.64Details
793742Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5200RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,079.56Details
275373Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6000RMXFRM120V Stepdown Transformer Module For Ed6200Rm$865.79Details
730048Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6000RTXFRAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Includes 120 /$1,576.79Details
726304Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6000RTXLUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,721.28Details
823391Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6000RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,936.65Details
275374Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6000T6000Va, Tower Unit, 208 In 120Out Redundant Configuration Ups$3,372.85Details
204218Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED610KVAProgrammable Relay Card For The Ed6-24Kva Series$117.59Details
969011Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED610KVAPROGRAMMABLERELAYCARDAccessory, Programmable Relay Card, For Endeavor S$114.18Details
221825Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6120RBReceptacle Box For The Ed6-24Kva Units$212.79Details
275375Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6200RMPower Supply 6000Va Ups 208 Volt Rack Mount 4200W$1,741.24Details
646904Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6200RMN16000Va, Rack-Mount, 208 In 120Out Redundant Configuration Ups$6,128.47Details
905997Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6200RTXLUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,079.56Details
774885Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6200RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,300.23Details
221826Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6200T6000Va, Tower Unit, 208 In 120Out Redundant Configuration Ups$2,713.64Details
204219Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6208RBReceptacle Box (L6-30 / L6-20 / (4) 6-15/20)$212.79Details
646908Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6BPCHARGERAccessory, External Battery Pack Charger, For Ende$333.34Details
275376Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6MTBS2Maintenance Bypass Kit, External, For Ed12000Rm /$665.19Details
646909Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6MTBS4Maintenance Bypass Kit, External, For Ed18000Rm /$801.78Details
236033Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6PARALLELParellel Kit For The Endeavor 6-24Kva Series$206.47Details
855938Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8000RTXFRAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Includes 120 /$2,853.30Details
740315Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8000RTXL8000Va/120Vac/208Vac Ups Model With Standard Recep$5,654.16Details
897535Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8000RTXL5TFUps, Endeavor Series, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva App$4,509.16Details
885218Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8000RTXL5TFMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$4,723.16Details
882650Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8000RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$5,868.18Details
762684Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8200RTXLUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,721.28Details
901180Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8200RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$4,079.78Details
221827Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP10000TBattery Pack For The Ed10000T & Ed10200T$2,032.09Details
840720Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP192CHARGERExternal Battery Pack Charger, Ed5-20Kva Series, F$730.60Details
730974Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP240CHARGERExternal Battery Pack Charger, Ed5-20Kva Series, F$746.58Details
236034Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP24EXLEndeavors Battery Pack For Minuteman Ed1000Rm(T)2U$519.32Details
275377Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP24XLBattery Pack, External, For Ed1000Rm2U / Ed1000Rmt$490.21Details
275378Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP48EXLEndeavors Battery Pack For Ed1500Rm(T)2U &Amp; Ed2000Rm(T)2U$670.59Details
236035Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP48XLEndeavors Battery Pack Ed1500Rm2U(T)&Amp;Ed2000Rm2U(T) Rack/Tower Ups$632.00Details
275379Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP6000RMBattery Pack For Ed6000Rm Battery Pack Is For Rack-Mount 600Rm Product Only$928.56Details
275380Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP72EXLEndeavors Battery Pack For Ed3000Rm(T)2UCall for Price.Details
204220Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP72XLExternal Battery Pack For Ed3000Rm2U (T)$561.69Details
737650Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDMTBS12KAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Independent Byp$547.53Details
920376Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDMTBS20KAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Independent Byp$671.05Details
953991Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEN350Enspire® Series: Standby Ups, 350Va/200W$61.53Details
204221Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEN400Enspire Stand-By Ups 400Va/200 Watts 6 Outlets Usb, Wallmount$64.13Details
1010739Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEN550Enspire® Series: Standby Ups, 550Va/300W$86.79Details
204222Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEN600Enspire Stand-By Ups 600Va/ 300 Watt 6 Outlets Usb, Wallmount$81.19Details
236036Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEN750Enspire Stand-By Ups 750Va/ 375 Watt 4 Outlets$120.39Details
1025765Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEN750LCDUps 750Va 5-Bat/5-Surge Lcd, Usb, Coaxlay$116.19Details
221828Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEN900Enspire Stand-By Ups 900Va/500W, 8 Outlets, Floor Or Wallmounting$133.03Details
970836Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEN900LCDEnspire® Series: Standby Ups, Lcd Displa$127.39Details
828682Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEN900SBEnspire En900 Desktop 9 - 120V 5-15P Sta$157.05Details
762440Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsENP0101Three Phase 10Kva/9Kw$12,991.77Details
646910Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsENVPROBEProbe, Temperature/Humidity, Snmp-Net Ups, Must Be$162.68Details
988044Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEP1000LCDLine-Interactive Ups W/ Lcd Display,1000Va/600 Wts$270.19Details
1078379Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEP1500LCDLine-Interactive Ups W/Lcd Display,1500Va/900 Watt$301.04Details
1063982Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEP500LCDEntrepid Series:Line-Interactive Ups W/Lcd Display$167.99Details
1006683Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEP700LCD700Va/420W Line Interactive Ups$212.79Details
865314Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsERS1500RTNCLine Interactive Ups, Ers Series, High Temperature$816.30Details
275381Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR1000Entrust Line-Interactive Ups 1000Va,600 Watts, 8 Outlets Usb,Slim Profile$208.10Details
870315Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR1000LCDLine Interactive Ups, Entrust-Lcd Series, 1000 Va,$195.52Details
275382Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR1500Entrust Line-Interactive Ups 1500Va,900 Watts, 8 Outlets Usb,Slim Profile$257.67Details
800498Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR1500LCDLine Interactive Ups, Entrust-Lcd Series, 1500 Va,$242.90Details
764154Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR1500P15***Eol***Entrst Series Line Ups 1500/900$295.37Details
275383Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR500Entrust Line-Interactive Ups 500Va,300 Watts, 8 Outlets Usb,Slim Profile$116.20Details
842212Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR550LCDLine Interactive Ups, Entrust-Lcd Series, 550/300$118.87Details
204223Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR700Entrust Line-Interactive Ups 700Va,420 Watts, 8 Outlets Usb,Slim Profile$149.88Details
758571Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR700LCDLine Interactive Ups, Entrust-Lcd Series, 700 Va,$148.60Details
204224Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR700P15700Va Line Interactive Ups With 8 Outlets$176.39Details
204226Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMAKV0880Kvm Switch 8 Port Ps2 Rackmount$142.79Details
221830Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMAKV1680Kvm Switch 16 Port Ps2 Rackmount$228.19Details
221831Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMAKVS04SKKvm Switch 4-Port Slim Desktop Ps2 W/4 Cables$56.70Details
275385Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMAUSB168OSDKvm Switch, 16-Port Usb/Ps2 Rackmount$325.34Details
646911Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR01Standard Extended Warranty, 2-Year Extension Of 3-$43.75Details
646912Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR01PPremier Extended Warranty, Enhanced 2-Year Extensi$65.70Details
646913Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR02Standard Extended Warranty, 2-Year Extension Of 3-$82.91Details
646914Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR02PPremier Extended Warranty, Enhanced 2-Year Extensi$131.39Details
480207Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR03Standard Extended Warranty, 2-Year Extension Of 3-$123.58Details
480218Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR03PPremier Extended Warranty, Enhanced 2-Year Extensi$197.09Details
646915Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR04Standard Extended Warranty, 2-Year Extension Of 3-$285.08Details
646916Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR04PPremier Extended Warranty, Enhanced 2-Year Extensi$380.11Details
480209Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR05Standard Extended Warranty, 2-Year Extension Of 3-$633.51Details
646917Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR05PPremier Extended Warranty, Enhanced 2-Year Extensi$809.04Details
339405Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR06Standard Extended Warranty, 2-Year Extension Of 3-$1,067.59Details
275386Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR06PPremier Extended Warranty, Enhanced 2-Year Extensi$1,281.10Details
646918Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR07Standard Extended Warranty, 2-Year Extension Of 3-$1,759.75Details
646919Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR07PPremier Extended Warranty, Enhanced 2-Year Extensi$2,199.69Details
646920Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR08Standard Extended Warranty, 2-Year Extension Of 3-$2,199.69Details
646921Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR08PPremier Extended Warranty, Enhanced 2-Year Extensi$3,300.23Details
275388Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMKVM17NB2RR17" 1U Dual Rail Lcd/Keyboard/Mouse Console$1,801.24Details
221836Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD1020HV10Outlet 20Amp Mount 15Ft Cord$64.39Details
275389Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD1020HVLPdu With (10) 20 Amp Receptacles, 1U Horizontal/0U$69.99Details
646924Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD1415HVRackmount Pdu 14 Outlets 15 Amp Capacity Horiz/Vertical$60.13Details
236040Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD1415HVAPower Distribution Unit 6/8 Outlets 15Amp$144.19Details
236042Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD1815V48Power Distribution Unit 15 Amp 18/15A Receptacle$86.03Details
236043Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD2020V60DCL0-U Vertical Mount, 15/20 Amp, 20 Outlet$227.63Details
221837Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD2415V62Pdu 24 Outlet 15 Amp Capacity 62" Length 15Ft Cord$103.24Details
221838Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD2420V6224 Outlet 20 Amp Capacity 0U Pdu$144.13Details
236044Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD2420V62L0-U Vertical Mount$152.10Details
221839Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD2420VA62LPower Distribution Unit ( Rack-Mountable$258.44Details
646926Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD615V12PC66-Outlets Pdu - 6 X Nema 5-15R - Zero U$43.22Details
480201Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD81530H120Vac Input/Output, 30-Amp Capacity Pow$130.51Details
204230Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD815HV8Outlet 15Amp Mount 15Ft Power Cord$49.29Details
236045Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS110Single Outlet Surge Protector 540 Joules, Led Indicators Mov Technology$8.44Details
275390Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS130C3 Outlet Surge Protector 1080 Joules, Coax/Dss Protec. Led Indicators$13.51Details
275391Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS130RC3 Outlet Surge Protector 1080 Joules, Coax/Dss Protec. Led Indicators$15.09Details
275392Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS362P6 Outlet Surge Strips 2 Pack 241 Joules, Wall Mountable 2 Year Warranty$16.42Details
204232Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS3707 Outlet Surge Strip 1080 Joules, Safety Covers Wall Mountable$18.44Details
275393Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS370T7 Outlet Surge Strip Rj11 1440 Joules, Safety Covers Wall Mountable$20.12Details
236046Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS5707 Outlet Ruggedized Strip 1440 Joules, 9Ft Cord Wall Mountable$21.75Details
236047Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS660SSurge Suppressor, Mms Series, Slim, (6) Total Surg$10.21Details
204233Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS664SSurge Suppressor, Mms Series, Slim, 6-Outlet Strip$15.49Details
236048Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS686SCTSurge Suppressor, Mms Series, Slim, 8-Outlet Strip$32.41Details
221840Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS7100RT10 Outlet/5 Rotating Strip 2880 Joules, Tel, 7Ft Cord Wall Mountable$29.16Details
236049Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS7120RCT12 Outlet/8 Rotating Strip 4320 Joules, Tel,Coax Protec. 9Ft Cord,Wall Mount$45.36Details
221841Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS760RCT6 Rotating Outlet Wall Tap 2160 Joules. Tel,Coax Protect. Tel Cord Incl$23.46Details
236050Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS780R8 Outlet/6 Rotating Strip 2160 Joules,7Ft Cord Wall Mountable$30.44Details
236051Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMSCAT5LANRJ45Cat5-Lan Surge Protection$88.19Details
221842Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMSCAT5POERJ45Cat5 Poe Surge Protection$103.38Details
204234Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMSCAT6LANCat6 Lan Surge Protection$102.19Details
221843Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMSCAT6POEFor Lan And Poe Protection$102.19Details
221844Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMSPTZBALData Line Surge-Protection$75.56Details
236052Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMSPTZUTPSurge Protectors, Analog Camera Protecti$75.56Details
204236Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMULTIPORTMulti-Port Chassis For An E1500Rm2U$253.39Details
221845Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsNETAGENTSNMPNetwork Card For The Cpe Series$325.34Details
221846Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsNETAGENTSNMPCARDAccessory, Computer Interface Card, Mcp 6 / 10 Kva$315.25Details
303341Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsNETFEELERLITEAccessory, Temperature/Humidity Probe, Must Be Use$162.68Details
236053Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1020HVPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$62.57Details
646930Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1020HVLPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$68.82Details
480211Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1220C13HVLTPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, 208 Vac Inpu$128.27Details
204237Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1415HVPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$57.88Details
646931Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1415HVA120Vac Input/Output, 15-Amp Capacity Pdu$144.19Details
646932Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1420HVPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$70.39Details
646933Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1815V48Power Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$86.03Details
646934Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD2415V62Power Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$103.24Details
646935Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD2420V62Power Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$120.44Details
646936Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD2420V62LPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$126.70Details
911579Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD2420VA62Pdu 24 Outlet W/ 15Ft Cord 20 Amp Capacity 62" Length W/ Power Led Light$126.36Details
646937Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD2420VA62LPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$214.30Details
646938Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD2430V48DCLPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, (24) Nema 5-$333.34Details
646939Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD2430V48DCLTPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, 208 Vac Inpu$333.34Details
204238Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD615HVPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$43.75Details
646940Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD615V12PC6Power Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$37.27Details
646941Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD815HVPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$48.60Details
221847Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOES1015HVPower Distribution Unit, Oes Series, Generic, 120$64.13Details
275394Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOES1020HVPower Distribution Unit, Oes Series, Generic, 120$78.22Details
646942Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOES1020HVLPower Distribution Unit, Oes Series, Generic, 120$81.34Details
646943Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOES620V16PC6Power Distribution Unit, Oes Series, Generic, 120$68.82Details
204239Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO1000RT1000Va Rack/Tower,Upsw/ 8 Out, 6 Battery Backup With Surge, 2 Surge Only$278.03Details
236055Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO1100LCD1100Va Tower Ups 6-Outlet 2 Surge Outlets Only Usb Or Serial Port$300.85Details
786928Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO1500E***Eol*** 1500 Va Line- Interactive Ups$348.77Details
275396Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO1500RTUniversal Power Supply, Pro-Rt Series, Line Intera$377.99Details
820394Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO500E*Eol* 500 Va Line Interactive Ups W/ 6$197.29Details
903141Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO500IE**Eol** Line Interactive Ups$179.98Details
221849Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO500LCD500Va/300W Tower Ups 6-Outlet 4 Backup Outlets 2 Surge Only Usb Or Serial Port$174.79Details
275399Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO700LCD700Va Tower Ups 6-Outlet 4 Backup Outlets 2 Surge Only Usb Or Serial Port$242.49Details
204242Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPROGRAMMABLERELAYCARDRelay Card, Programmable, Dry Contact, As/400, For$114.18Details
722305Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsR1OEPD2430V48DCL30 Amp Power Distribution Unit$344.24Details
723820Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM1521ERemote Power Manager, Rpm Series, 15-Amp Capacity,$206.47Details
874392Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM1581EV6Remote Power Manager, Rpm Series, 15-Amp Capacity,$1,151.83Details
303339Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM1581HVN120V, 8Receptables Individual Managed, Rj45 Network Connect 1U, 12 Amp Max Load$393.69Details
204243Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM1600Remote Pwr Mngr Adds 8Outlets To Rpm1601 & Rpm1609$383.39Details
204244Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM1601Remote Power Manager$571.04Details
204245Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM1609Rpm 1609 Base Unit W/8 Outlets Controllable By Phone/Browser 8 Nt Shutdown Ports$710.49Details
275400Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM2001Reset Invdl Otlt Ph/Ntwk/Snmp$928.19Details
236058Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM2009Reset And Shut 8 Otlts Ph/Ntwk/Snmp$1,124.49Details
339404Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM20161VNRemote Power Manager, Rpm Series, (16) Nema 5-15R$745.12Details
646945Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM20162VIRemote Power Manager, Rpm Series, (16) Total Outle$668.15Details
646946Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM2082HVI208V, 8Receptables Individual Managed, Rj45 Network Connect 1U, 12 Amp Max Load$517.36Details
733480Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM30241EV6Remote Power Manager (Rpm), 30-Amp Capacity, 24 Ou$2,178.74Details
711770Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPM30242EV6Remote Power Manager (Rpm), 30-Amp Capacity, 24 Ou$2,178.74Details
819913Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRPMPROBETemperature/Humidity Probe, For All "Ev6" Models $156.42Details
788201Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsRS150BM16150W Dv Managed Rack Ps 16 Out$1,172.59Details
236059Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSNMP32LSnmp Network Card For Enterprise Systems$276.74Details
275401Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSNMPNETSnmp Card Network Interface F/Enterprise+ & Endeav$245.59Details
913653Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSNMPNETAGENTFORCPE1000Accessory, Network Interface Card, 16-Bit, Compati$315.25Details
1072620Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSNMPNETFORED610KVANetwork Interface Card, 10/100 Mbit, 32-Bit, Compa$245.59Details
480212Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSNMPNV6Snmp Communication Card, 10/100 Mbit Ipv4 / Ipv6,$278.43Details
878871Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSNMPNV6FORED610KVASnmp Communication Card, 10/100 Mbit Ipv4 / Ipv6,$278.43Details
221852Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSNMPSSL10/100 Mbit Snmp Card With V3 And Ssl Se$253.39Details
1035058Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSOMinutemanUPSSpecial Order Item Not In Catalog - Minuteman UpsCall for Price.Details
717894Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSSL90000893Ed6-24Kva 7 Prort 10/100 Mbit Snmp Card$281.69Details
204246Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSSLEMDTemp Humidity Probe Must Be Used W/ Snmp-Ssl Card$167.99Details
792433Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsTPROBE1521ETemperature Probe For Rpm1521E___$21.78Details