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National Guard Products

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
205141National Guard Products100VA36Door Sweep, Vinyl. 36 Inches. Aluminum$10.31Details
236977National Guard Products100VA48Door Sweep, Vinyl. 48 Inches. Aluminum$13.07Details
236978National Guard Products100VA96Door Sweep, Vinyl. 8 Foot. Aluminum$24.99Details
205142National Guard Products100VDKB36Vinyl Sweep 36 Inch. Dark Bronze$13.88Details
205143National Guard Products100VDKB48Vinyl Sweep 48 Inch. Dark Bronze$16.82Details
226041National Guard Products101336Ada Saddle Threshold. 3 Ft, 1/4" X 10". Mill Aluminum$70.56Details
205144National Guard Products101372Ada Saddle Threshold,Mill Alum. 6 Ft, 1/4" X 10"$141.12Details
276297National Guard Products101374Ada Saddle Threshold,Mill Alum. 74 Inches, 1/4" X 10"$164.64Details
205145National Guard Products101V36Door Sweep. 36 Inches$10.99Details
236979National Guard Products101VA36Door Sweep,36". 3 Foot,Vinyl Insert. Aluminum$12.92Details
205146National Guard Products101VA42Door Sweep,42". Vinyl Insert. Aluminum$15.08Details
236980National Guard Products101VA48Door Sweep,48". 4 Foot,Vinyl Insert. Aluminum$15.66Details
205147National Guard Products101VDKB36Door Sweep,36". 3 Foot,Vinyl Insert. Dark Bronze$15.80Details
226044National Guard Products1025VA36Vinyl Door Sweep 36 Inch. Aluminum$15.30Details
236982National Guard Products1025VA42Vinyl Door Sweep 42 Inch. Aluminum$16.23Details
226045National Guard Products102VA36Vinyl Door Sweep 36 Inch. Aluminum$15.23Details
205148National Guard Products102VA48Vinyl Door Sweep 36 Inch. Aluminum$20.31Details
226047National Guard Products1038NA96Adjust Perimeter Seal Neoprene. Aluminum$112.08Details
236984National Guard Products103NA20FTSound Seal, Neoprene Insert. 20 Foot. Aluminum$257.88Details
226049National Guard Products107SA36Adjustable Perimeter Seal. 3 Foot, Silicon Insert$32.81Details
236985National Guard Products107SA84Adjustable Perimeter Seal. 7 Foot, Silicon Insert$73.91Details
205149National Guard Products108NA36Perimeter Seal Neoprene 3 Foot. Aluminum$21.20Details
205150National Guard Products108NA48Perimeter Seal Neoprene 4 Foot. Aluminum$28.26Details
226050National Guard Products108NA84Perimeter Seal Neoprene 7 Foot. Aluminum$47.81Details
205151National Guard Products108NA96Perimeter Seal Neoprene 8 Foot. Aluminum$54.64Details
226051National Guard Products108NB72Perimeter Seal, Neoprene 6Ft. Gold$51.42Details
236986National Guard Products108NDKB36Perimeter Seal, Neoprene 3Ft. Dark Bronze$24.57Details
205152National Guard Products108NDKB36X84Perimeter Seal Set, Neoprene. 3 Foot X 7 Foot. Dark Bronze$129.95Details
226053National Guard Products108NDKB72Perimeter Seal, Neoprene 6Ft. Dark Bronze$47.50Details
205153National Guard Products108NDKB72X84Perimeter Seal Set, Neoprene. 6 Foot X 7 Foot. Dark Bronze$152.88Details
205154National Guard Products108NDKB84Perimeter Seal, Neoprene 7Ft. Dark Bronze$55.42Details
226056National Guard Products109NB84Overlapping Astragal, Neoprene. 7 Ft. Gold$52.87Details
205155National Guard Products109NDKB84Overlapping Astragal, Neoprene. 7 Ft. Dark Bronze$48.60Details
302749National Guard Products109NSS84Astragal Neoprene. 7 Ft, Satin Stainless Steel$145.53Details
338870National Guard Products10X32SNBSex Bolts For 1392Sp Astragal$2.40Details
276314National Guard Products110NA36X84Neoprene Seal. 36 X 84 Inces. Clear Aluminum$57.12Details
338869National Guard Products110NA72X84Neoprene Seal. 72 X 84 Inces. Clear Aluminum$67.20Details
236990National Guard Products110NDKB96Weatherstrip W/ Neoprene. Dark Bronze$35.50Details
338868National Guard Products112NDKB36Door Bottom Neoprene. 36 Inch. Door Bottom. Dark Bronze$35.47Details
302748National Guard Products112NDKB42Door Bottom Neoprene. 42 Inch. Door Bottom. Dark Bronze$41.38Details
338867National Guard Products112NDKB48Door Bottom Neoprene. 48 Inch. Door Bottom. Dark Bronze$47.30Details
338866National Guard Products114NA84Flat Astragal, 7 Ft. Neoprene Aluminum$40.75Details
338865National Guard Products114NA96Flat Astragal, 8 Ft. Neoprene Aluminum$46.56Details
302747National Guard Products114SA96Overlap Astrigal Seal, 8 Ft. With Silicone Mount. Aluminum$57.70Details
302746National Guard Products115NA84SETAstragal Set Neoprene 28. 84 Inch. Aluminum$61.15Details
302745National Guard Products115NA96EACHAstragal Neoprene Alum. 8 Foot$36.19Details
302744National Guard Products115NA96SETAstragal Neoprene 28. 96 Inch. Aluminum$69.89Details
302743National Guard Products115NDKB84SETAstragal Fire Door Drk Brz. 84 Inch. Dark Bronze$75.85Details
302742National Guard Products115NDKB96SETAstragal Fire Door Drk Brz. 96 Inch. Dark Bronze$86.69Details
302741National Guard Products116N36Neoprene Door Bottom. 36. Aluminum$17.93Details
302740National Guard Products116NDKB96Neoprene Door Bottom,Dark Brnz. 96"$57.39Details
302739National Guard Products118N48Door Bottom Neoprene. 48", Clear$28.80Details
226059National Guard Products120SA36XSMSTORXPerimeter Seal, Silicon Bulb. 3 Ft, W/ 6 X 3/4" Torx Screws. Dark Bronze$19.85Details
236993National Guard Products120SA84XSMSTORXPerimeter Seal, Silicon Bulb. 7 Ft, W/ 6 X 3/4" Torx Screws. Dark Bronze$44.76Details
338864National Guard Products122NA36X84Neoprene Seal 36 X 84. Aluminum$83.97Details
338863National Guard Products122NA60Perimeter Seal Neoprene. 60 Inch. Aluminum$26.46Details
338862National Guard Products122NA72Perimeter Seal 72 Inches. Perimeter Seal. 72 Inches$30.70Details
276318National Guard Products122NA84Perimeter Seal Neoprene 83 In. Perimeter Seal Neoprene. 83 Inches Long. Aluminum$35.82Details
205157National Guard Products125NA84EACHSurf Mount Astragal,Neoprene. 7 Foot,Aluminum$32.28Details
338861National Guard Products127NA36X84Neoprene Seal 36 X 84. Aluminum$56.20Details
338860National Guard Products127NA72X84Neoprene Seal 72 X 84. Aluminum$63.84Details
205158National Guard Products127NDKB36Perimetr Seal- Neoprene,36". 3 Foot, Dark Bronze$16.04Details
302738National Guard Products127SA36Perimeter Seal 3 Foot,Alumin. Silicone Insert, 36"$15.89Details
338859National Guard Products127SA48Perimeter Seal 4 Foot. Silicone Insert, 48". Aluminum$19.26Details
338858National Guard Products127SA72Perimeter Seal 6 Foot. Silicone Insert, 72". Aluminum$28.89Details
302737National Guard Products127SA84Perimeter Seal 7 Foot,Alumin. Silicone Insert, 84"$32.58Details
338857National Guard Products130NA48Perimeter Seal Neoprene 28. 4 Foot. Aluminum$17.03Details
338856National Guard Products130SA36X84Perimeter Seal Set Silicone. 3 Foot X 7 Foot. Aluminum$92.54Details
338855National Guard Products132NA48Perimeter Seal Neoprene Alum. 4 Foot$18.18Details
338854National Guard Products132NA84Perimeter Seal Neoprene. 7 Foot. Aluminum$30.75Details
302736National Guard Products132NA96Perimeter Seal Neoprene Alum. 8 Foot$35.15Details
338853National Guard Products135N60Perimeter Seal 5 Foot. Neoprene Insert, 60"$16.97Details
302735National Guard Products135N84Perimeter Seal 7 Foot. Neoprene Insert, 84"$23.75Details
302734National Guard Products135NDKB36X96Perimeter Seal Dark Bronze. 36X96, Dark Bronze$86.66Details
302733National Guard Products136P84Astragal Mortise Type. 84 Inch Long, Gray Pile. 7/8 Inch Wide$24.83Details
338852National Guard Products136P96Astragal Mortise Type. 8 Foot Long, Gray Pile. 7/8 Inch Wide$28.37Details
338851National Guard Products137NA36X84Perimeter Seal Neoprene 28. 36 X 84 Inch. Aluminum$84.53Details
302732National Guard Products1392SP84Astragal Security Mill. 84 Inch. Prime Coat$179.34Details
302731National Guard Products1392SP96Astragal Security Mill. 96 Inch. Prime Coat$204.96Details
338850National Guard Products139A84Astragal Aluminum. 84 Inch. Aluminum$37.51Details
302730National Guard Products139A96Astragal Aluminum. 96 Inch. Aluminum$42.88Details
338849National Guard Products139DKB84Astragal Flat Metal Drk Brz. 84 Inch. Dark Bronze$48.47Details
338848National Guard Products139DKB96Astragal Flat Metal Drk Brz. 96 Inch. Dark Bronze$55.40Details
302729National Guard Products139SP84Astragal Steel Primed. 84 Inch. Prime Coat$38.06Details
338847National Guard Products139SP96Astragal Steel Primed. 96 Inch. Prime Coat$43.50Details
338846National Guard Products139SS84Astragal Security 84". Stainless Steel$154.35Details
302728National Guard Products139SS96Astragal Security 96". 8 Ft,Polish Stainless Steel$176.40Details
302727National Guard Products140MA96SETMagnetic Astragal Set 8 Ft. Used As A Pair$254.35Details
338845National Guard Products140PA168SETAstragal Set 14 Foot,Clear. Pile$353.81Details
338844National Guard Products140PA84SETAstragal Set 7 Foot,Clear. Pile$183.46Details
338843National Guard Products140PA96SETAstragal Set 8 Foot,Clear. Pile$209.66Details
302726National Guard Products147N96Astragal Neoprene. 8 Foot$60.96Details
302725National Guard Products148NA84Astragal Neoprene Anod Alum. 7 Ft,1-1/8" Wide$69.86Details
338842National Guard Products149MA84SETMagnetic Astragal Set 84" Alum. 7 Foot, Used As A Pair$114.07Details
226063National Guard Products149MAREPVINYL84Replacement Vinyl For 149Ma. 7 Foot$19.53Details
338841National Guard Products149MB108SETAstragal, Gold. 9 Ft,1-1/8" Wide$167.33Details
338840National Guard Products14RA84Astragal For 1-3/4" Door. 84 Inches. Blck, Rubber Covered Fabric$139.36Details
338839National Guard Products14RDKB13436EACHDoor Bottom - Rubber Fabric. 3 Foot, Dark Bronze$36.54Details
302724National Guard Products14RDKB13448Door Bottom - Rubber Fabric. 4 Foot. Dark Bronze$94.08Details
237001National Guard Products155V36X84Vinyl Seal. For 36 X 84 Inch Opening. Aluminum$22.65Details
338838National Guard Products157MA36Magnetic Seal 3 Feet. Anodized Aluminum$21.60Details
302723National Guard Products157MA84Magnetic Seal 7 Feet. Anodized Aluminum$48.72Details
302722National Guard Products158NA84Astragal Overlapping Surface M. Neoprene Aluminum 7Ft$42.02Details
338837National Guard Products158NA96Astragal Overlapping Surf Mont. Neoprene Aluminum 8Ft$48.02Details
338836National Guard Products158NDKB97Astragal Overlapping Surface. 9' 1",Neopren,Dark Bronze$63.55Details
302721National Guard Products158SA84Astragal Overlapping Srf Mount. Silicone, Aluminum 7Ft$44.76Details
338835National Guard Products160SA36Perimeter Seal Silicone 36. 36 Inch. Aluminum$10.69Details
338834National Guard Products160SA36X84Perimeter Seal Silicone 28. 36 X 84 Inch. Aluminum$53.24Details
338833National Guard Products160SA36X96Perimeter Seal Silicone 28. 36 X 96 Inch. Aluminum$57.46Details
338832National Guard Products160SA48X84Perimeter Seal Silicone 28. 48 X 84 Inch. Aluminum$56.38Details
302720National Guard Products160SA72X84Perimeter Seal Silicone 28. 72 X 84 Inch. Aluminum$60.48Details
338831National Guard Products160SA72X96Perimeter Seal Silicone 28. 72X96 Inch. Aluminum$66.53Details
338830National Guard Products160SA84Perimeter Seal Silicone 28. 84 Inch. Aluminum$22.68Details
338829National Guard Products160SA96Perimeter Seal Silicone 28. 96 Inch. Aluminum$25.92Details
205161National Guard Products160SB36X84Perimeter Seal, Silicone. 36 X 84 Inch. Gold$64.69Details
302719National Guard Products160SDKB36Astragal Silicone Bulb 313. 3 Foot. Dark Bronze$12.33Details
205162National Guard Products160SDKB36X84Perimtr Seal Silcn Blb 313. 36X84 Inch. Perimeter Seal Silicon Bulb. Dark Bronze$59.26Details
237002National Guard Products160SDKB42X108Perimtr Seal Silcn Blb 313. 42X108 Inches. Perimeter Seal Silicon Bulb. Dark Bronze$81.93Details
205164National Guard Products160SDKB48X84Perimtr Seal Silcn Blb 313. 48X84 Inch. Perimeter Seal Silicon Bulb. Dark Bronze$62.75Details
205165National Guard Products160SDKB72X84Perimtr Seal Silcn Blb 313. 72X84 Inch. Perimeter Seal Silicon Bulb. Dark Bronze$69.72Details
205166National Guard Products160SDKB72X96Perimtr Seal Silcn Blb 313. 72X96 Inch. Perimeter Seal Silicon Bulb. Dark Bronze$76.69Details
338828National Guard Products160SDKB84Astragal Silicone Bulb 313. 84 Inch. Dark Bronze$26.15Details
338827National Guard Products160V36X84Perimeter Seal Vinyl Mill 28. 36X84 Inch. Aluminum$21.72Details
338826National Guard Products160V36X96Perimeter Seal Vinyl Mill 28. 36X96 Inch. Aluminum$24.29Details
338825National Guard Products160V42X84Perimeter Seal Vinyl,Aluminum. 42" X 84"$22.37Details
302718National Guard Products160V48X84Perimeter Seal Vinyl Mill 28. 48X84 Inch. Aluminum$23.01Details
338824National Guard Products160V60X80Perimeter Seal Vinyl Mill 28. 60X80 Inch. Aluminum$24.29Details
302717National Guard Products160V72X84Perimeter Seal Vinyl Mill 28. 72X84 Inch. Aluminum$25.56Details
338823National Guard Products160V72X96Perimeter Seal Vinyl Mill 28. 72X96 Inch. Aluminum$28.11Details
302716National Guard Products160V84Perimeter Seal Vinyl Mill 28. 84 Inch. Aluminum$9.83Details
302715National Guard Products160V96Perimeter Seal Vinyl Mill 28. 96 Inch. Aluminum$11.25Details
226066National Guard Products160VA36X84Vinyl Seal 36 X 84. Aluminum$36.98Details
226067National Guard Products160VA48X90Vinyl Seal Perimeter 48" X 90". Aluminum$43.50Details
205167National Guard Products160VA48X96Vinyl Seal Perimeter 48" X 96". Aluminum$43.50Details
338822National Guard Products160VB36X84Perimeter Seal Vinyl Insert. 36X84 Inch. Gold$50.74Details
338821National Guard Products160VB48X84Perimeter Seal Vinyl Insert. 36X84 Inch. Gold$53.71Details
338820National Guard Products160VB96Perimeter Seal Vinyl Insert. 96 Inches. Gold$24.69Details
338819National Guard Products160VDKB36X84Perimeter Seal Vinyl. Perimeter Seal Vinyl. Dark Bronze$45.11Details
302714National Guard Products160VDKB48X96Perimeter Seal Vinyl,48" X 96". 4 Foot X 8 Foot. Dark Bronze$53.07Details
302713National Guard Products161PA84Perimeter Seal 7 Foot. Pile Seal, Flame Resistant. Aluminum$19.85Details
338818National Guard Products161SA84Perimeter Seal 7 Foot,Alumin. Silicon Insert, 84"$26.78Details
302712National Guard Products164V36Perimeter Seal Vinyl Ins, Mill. 3 Foot$5.11Details
302711National Guard Products164V84Perimeter Seal Vinyl Ins, Mill. 7 Foot$10.96Details
302710National Guard Products165NA96Perimeter Seal Neoprene 8 Foot. Aluminum$32.99Details
338817National Guard Products165SDKB48X72Perimeatr Seal W/Silicon. 48" X 72", Dark Bronze$115.44Details
338816National Guard Products16A36Drip Strip. 3 Foot. Aluminum$15.30Details
302709National Guard Products16A40Drip Strip 28. 40 Inch. Aluminum$15.45Details
338815National Guard Products16A42Drip Strip 28. 42 Inch. Aluminum$16.23Details
338814National Guard Products16A48Drip Strip Alumninum. 48 Inch. Aluminum$18.54Details
302708National Guard Products16A52Drip Strip 28. 52 Inches. Aluminum$20.87Details
302707National Guard Products16A72Drip Strip. 6 Foot. Aluminum$27.81Details
338813National Guard Products16A76Drip Strip 28. 76 Inches. Aluminum$29.36Details
338812National Guard Products16A80Drip Strip, 80". Aluminum$31.36Details
302706National Guard Products16A8634Drip Strip 28. 86-3/4 Inches. Aluminum$33.61Details
302705National Guard Products16DKB100Drip Strip 100 Inch. Drip Strip 40 Inch. Dark Bronze. 100 Inches Long$47.49Details
302704National Guard Products16DKB40Drip Strip 40 Inch. Drip Strip 40 Inch. Dark Bronze. 40 Inches Long$20.64Details
338811National Guard Products16DKB72Drip Edge,6 Foot, Dark Bronze$34.19Details
338810National Guard Products16DKB74Drip Strip Dark Bronze. 74 Inch. Aluminum$37.05Details
302703National Guard Products16DKB76Drip Strip 76In$37.05Details
302702National Guard Products170PA84Concealed Fastener Brush Seal. 84 Inces. Clear Aluminum$36.84Details
338809National Guard Products170SA36Concealed Fastener Seal 3 Ft. Silicone Aluminum$18.77Details
338808National Guard Products172NA96Concealed Fastener Seal 8 Foot. Neoprene. Aluminum$34.45Details
302701National Guard Products172VA204Perimeter Seal 17 Foot. Vinyl Insert, Aluminum$56.94Details
302700National Guard Products172VDKB84Perimeter Seal 7 Foot. Vinyl Insert. Dark Bronze$34.10Details
302699National Guard Products172VDKB96Perimeter Seal 8 Foot. Vinyl Insert. Dark Bronze$39.05Details
302698National Guard Products1736Drip Strip 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$8.26Details
302697National Guard Products1740Drip Strip 40" 28. Aluminum$8.84Details
302696National Guard Products176DKB120Astragal. Width 1-1/8", Height 7/8". Dark Bronze$58.30Details
302695National Guard Products1776Drip Strip 76" Al. Aluminum$16.42Details
338807National Guard Products178SA84Perimeter Seal 7 Ft. Silicone Aluminum$32.94Details
302694National Guard Products178SA96Perimeter Seal 8 Ft. Silicone Aluminum$37.66Details
338806National Guard Products17DKB36Drip Strip, Dark Bronze. 3/4" Projection, 3 Ft$15.30Details
302693National Guard Products185PDKB72Perimeter Seal, Pile. 72 Inches. Dark Bronze$21.87Details
226069National Guard Products188VA36Vinyl Seal, 36 Inches. Clear Aluminum$8.30Details
338805National Guard Products189MA84SETAstragal, Surface Mounted Set. Magnetic, 83 Inches$108.19Details
338804National Guard Products189MDKB84SETAstragal, Surface Mounted Set. Magnetic, 7 Foot. Dark Bronze$134.65Details
338803National Guard Products190VDKB84Perimeter Seal Vinyl Dark Brnz. 7 Foot$23.06Details
237007National Guard Products197NA36Weather Strip W/Neoprene. 3 Ft,Weather Strip W/Neoprene$20.79Details
205170National Guard Products197NA96Weather Strip W/Neoprene. 8 Feet$53.59Details
338802National Guard Products198NA36Door Sweep, Neoprene. 36 Inches. Aluminum$15.12Details
302692National Guard Products198NA48Door Sweep, Neoprene. 48 Inches. Aluminum$20.16Details
338801National Guard Products198NDKB36Neoprene Door Sweep Drk Bronze. Neoprene Door Sweep. Dark Bronze$19.17Details
338800National Guard Products198NDKB60Neoprene Door Sweep Drk Bronze. 60 Inches. Dark Bronze$30.89Details
302691National Guard Products198UA84Door Sweep, Poliurethane. 7 Foot. Aluminum$55.17Details
338799National Guard Products198VA42Sweep, Polyurethane 42 Inches$26.31Details
226072National Guard Products199NA36Weather Strip W/Neoprene. 3 Foot$18.84Details
302690National Guard Products19VA36Door Bottom. 36 Inch. Aluminum$19.38Details
338798National Guard Products19VA48Door Bottom. 48 Inch. Aluminum$25.85Details
338797National Guard Products19VDKB36Door Shoes Small W/Drip Db. 36 Inch. Door Shoes Small With Drip. Dark Bronze$26.46Details
302689National Guard Products19VDKB42Door Shoes Small W/Drip Db. 42 Inch. Door Shoes Small With Drip. Dark Bronze$29.84Details
302688National Guard Products19VDKB48Door Shoes Small W/Drip Db. 48 Inch. Door Shoes Small With Drip. Dark Bronze$34.10Details
302687National Guard Products200NA36Door Sweep Neoprene 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$13.25Details
338796National Guard Products200NA42Door Sweep Neoprene 28. 42 Inch. Aluminum$15.46Details
302686National Guard Products200NA48Door Sweep Neoprene 28. 48 Inch. Aluminum$16.05Details
338795National Guard Products200NA55Door Sweep Neoprene 28. 55". Aluminum$20.07Details
302685National Guard Products200NA96Door Sweep Neoprene 28. Door Sweep Neoprene 28. 96 Inch. Aluminum$31.04Details
302684National Guard Products200NB36Door Sweep$17.72Details
338794National Guard Products200NB42Door Sweep$20.67Details
338793National Guard Products200NB48Door Sweep$23.61Details
205171National Guard Products200NDKB36Sweep Neoprene Drk Brz. 36 Inch. Door Sweep. Dark Bronze$16.10Details
205172National Guard Products200NDKB42Sweep Neoprene Drk Brz. 42 Inch. Door Sweep. Dark Bronze$18.78Details
205173National Guard Products200NDKB48Sweep Neoprene Drk Brz. 48 Inch. Door Sweep. Dark Bronze$21.45Details
338792National Guard Products200NSS48Door Sweep, Neoprene Insert. 4 Foot. Stainless Steel$82.32Details
302683National Guard Products200NSSPOL36Door Sweep, Neoprene Insert. 36 Inches. Stainless Steel$76.33Details
302682National Guard Products200NSSPOL38Door Sweep, Neoprene Insert. 38 Inches. Stainless Steel$89.05Details
338791National Guard Products200NSSPOL40Door Sweep, Neoprene Insert. 40 Inches. Stainless Steel$89.05Details
302681National Guard Products200SA36Door Sweep Silicone. 3 Foot. Aluminum$17.99Details
302680National Guard Products200SA36TEKDoor Sweep Silicone. 3 Foot. Aluminum$17.82Details
338790National Guard Products200SA46Door Sweep Silicone. 46 Inch. Aluminum$23.97Details
302679National Guard Products200SBR36Door Sweep Silicone Brass. 36 Inch. Brass$58.46Details
302678National Guard Products200SBR42Door Sweep Neoprene 42 Inch. Silicone Brass$68.21Details
302677National Guard Products200SSS60Door Sweep Silicone. 5 Foot. Brushed Stainless Steel$112.14Details
338789National Guard Products200UA36Door Sweep. Poliurithen Insert, 3 Foot. Aluminum$23.97Details
338788National Guard Products200UA48Door Sweep. 4 Foot. Aluminum$30.90Details
302676National Guard Products200UDKB36Door Sweep, 36". Poliurithen Insert, 3 Foot. Dark Bronze$28.02Details
302675National Guard Products200USS36Door Sweep 36 Inches$72.83Details
302674National Guard Products200USS48Door Sweep 48 Inches$97.10Details
338787National Guard Products2014RA48Door Sweep 48 Inch. 4 Ft, Aluminum. Aluminum$34.38Details
338786National Guard Products201NA36Door Sweep, Neoprene. 36 Inches$15.39Details
302673National Guard Products202NA36Door Sweep Neoprene 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$22.89Details
302672National Guard Products202NA48Door Sweep Neoprene 28. 48 Inch. Aluminum$29.51Details
338785National Guard Products202NA60Door Sweep Neoprene 28. 60 Inch. Aluminum$36.89Details
302671National Guard Products202NB72Door Sweep, Neoprene 6Ft. Gold$44.27Details
338784National Guard Products203NA36Door Sweep Neoprene 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$31.00Details
302670National Guard Products203NA48Door Sweep Neoprene 28. 48 Inch. Aluminum$41.34Details
302669National Guard Products203NDKB36Door Sweep Dark Bronze 36". 36 Inch. Dark Bronze$36.22Details
237011National Guard Products206AV36Vinyl Top Threshold. 36 Inch. Aluminum$15.72Details
338783National Guard Products220NA311316Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 28. 31 13/16". Aluminum$54.38Details
302668National Guard Products220NA3534Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 28. 35 3/4". Aluminum$54.38Details
302667National Guard Products220NA36Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 28. 36 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Aluminum$54.38Details
302666National Guard Products220NA40Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 40. 40 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Aluminum$67.83Details
302665National Guard Products220NA48Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 48. 48 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Aluminum$67.83Details
338782National Guard Products220SA36Auto Door Bottom Silicon 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$63.21Details
302664National Guard Products220SA48Auto Door Bottom Silicon 28. 48 Inch. Aluminum$82.11Details
338781National Guard Products222NA36Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 34.5. 36 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Aluminum$56.33Details
302663National Guard Products222NA48Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. 4 Foot,Aluminum$70.35Details
302662National Guard Products222NAxENDCAPS24Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 24. 24 Inch, With End Caps. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Aluminum$57.54Details
338780National Guard Products223SA3458INWENDCAPAutomatic Door Bottom, 34 5/8". With End Caps, Silicon. Aluminum$68.88Details
338779National Guard Products2248A38Finger Guard 38 Inches. Clear Aluminum$220.08Details
302661National Guard Products2248A76Finger Guard Alum/White 76 In. Finger Guard Alum/White 76 In$262.08Details
302660National Guard Products2248DKB76Finger Guard Dkb 76". Dark Bronze W/ Black Polyethyl$278.88Details
338778National Guard Products2252BHinge Protectors, Brown$132.72Details
338777National Guard Products225N12Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 12. 12 Inches. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mortise Mount$72.03Details
338776National Guard Products225N16Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 16. 16 Inches. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mortise Mount$72.03Details
302659National Guard Products225N18Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 18. 18 Inches. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mortise Mount$72.03Details
338775National Guard Products225N36Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 36. 36 Inches. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mortise Mount$48.50Details
338774National Guard Products229SSS36Auto Door Bottom. 36 Inch. Stainless Steel$110.46Details
338773National Guard Products2525B17Self Adhesive Gasketing Bn. 17 Feet. Brown$24.48Details
302658National Guard Products2525B20Self Adhesive Gasketing Bn. 20 Feet. Brown$28.80Details
338772National Guard Products2525B21Self Adhesive Gasketing Bn. 21 Feet. Brown$29.23Details
338771National Guard Products2525B22Self Adhesive Gasketing Bn. 22 Feet. Brown$30.62Details
302657National Guard Products2525C20Self Adhesive Gasketing. 20 Feet. Charcoal$28.80Details
338770National Guard Products2525W17Self Adhesive Gasketing Wh. 17 Feet. White$24.48Details
338769National Guard Products2525W20Perimeter Seal 20 Feet. White$28.80Details
302656National Guard Products254P36Door Bottom Pile 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$27.78Details
302655National Guard Products25V42Residential Threshold. I Inch Hi Bumper. 42 Inch Long$25.20Details
338768National Guard Products25V72Residential Threshold. I Inch Hi Bumper. 72 Inch Long$41.76Details
338767National Guard Products26NA36Door Shoe, Neoprene. 36 Inches. Aluminum$24.17Details
302654National Guard Products26NA48Door Bottom Neoprene. 48", Clear$31.15Details
338766National Guard Products2VDKB36Stop Strip, 36" Dark Bronze$19.31Details
276337National Guard Products31542Threshold, Half Saddle. 42 Inches. Aluminum$28.55Details
338765National Guard Products319EV42Door Bottom W/Vinyl. 42". Aluminum$15.15Details
302653National Guard Products319EVDKB48Door Bottom W/Vinyl. 4 Ft, Dark Bronze$24.51Details
338764National Guard Products319VDKB48Door Bottom W/Vinyl. 48 Inch Dark Bronze$32.89Details
338763National Guard Products320N36Aut Dr Bttm Neoprene Mill 28. 36 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mill. Aluminum$41.33Details
338762National Guard Products320N42Aut Dr Bttm Neoprene Mill 28. 42 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mill. Aluminum$53.94Details
338761National Guard Products320N48Aut Dr Bttm Neoprene Mill 28. 48 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mill. Aluminum$53.94Details
338760National Guard Products320S36Aut Dr Bttm Silicone Mill 28. 36 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Silicone. Mill. Aluminum$46.11Details
338759National Guard Products320V36Automatic Door Bottom W/Vinyl. 3 Foot, For Hollow Metal Doors$40.02Details
338758National Guard Products322BR36Half Saddle Threshold. 36 Inches. Architectural Bronze$206.64Details
237013National Guard Products322DKB36Threshold 36 In. Dark Bronze$27.51Details
338757National Guard Products32372Saddle Threshold. Aluminum Mill Finish$47.18Details
276338National Guard Products32436Threshold, Offset, 3 Foot. 1/2 X 4 X 36 Inches. Clear Aluminum$46.66Details
338756National Guard Products32440Threshold, Offset. 1/2 X 4 X 40 Inches. Clear Aluminum$54.45Details
338755National Guard Products32442Half Saddel Threshold. ½ X 4 X 42". Aluminum$54.45Details
205174National Guard Products32444Threshold, Offset, 40". 1/2 X 4 X 40 Inches. Clear Aluminum$60.07Details
338754National Guard Products32452Threshold, Offset. 1/2 X 4 X 52 Inches. Clear Aluminum$67.59Details
302652National Guard Products32472Half Saddel Threshold Aluminum. Transition Type 6Ft 628$90.12Details
302651National Guard Products32476Threshold, Offset. 1/2 X 4 X 76 Inches. Clear Aluminum$97.62Details
338753National Guard Products324DKB72Half Saddel Threshold. Transition Type 6Ft. Dark Bronze$127.11Details
338752National Guard Products325365 Inch Wide Saddle Threshold. 36 Inches. Aluminum$52.85Details
338751National Guard Products325425 Inch Wide Saddle Threshold. 42 Inches. Aluminum$59.54Details
302650National Guard Products32572Saddle Threshold. 5In X 1/2In. Aluminum Mill Finish$102.06Details
338750National Guard Products325DBK72Saddle Threshold, 6 Foot. 5In X 1/2In. Dark Bronze$137.59Details
302649National Guard Products32736Hlf Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 36 Inch. Half Saddle Threshold Mill. Aluminum$25.86Details
338749National Guard Products335N36Aut Dr Bttm Neoprene Mill 28. 36 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mill. Aluminum$41.76Details
338748National Guard Products335N36WITHENDCAPSAut Dr Bttm Neoprene Mill 28. 36 Inch, With And Caps Option. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mill. Aluminum$46.98Details
338747National Guard Products350108Half Saddle Threshold 108 Inch. 1/2 Inch High. 5 Inches Wide. Aluminum$92.61Details
338746National Guard Products35036Half Saddle Threshold 36 Inch. 1/2 Inch High. 5 Inches Wide. Aluminum$31.97Details
338745National Guard Products35072Half Saddle Threshold 72 Inch. 1/2 Inch High. 5 Inches Wide. Aluminum$61.74Details
302648National Guard Products35VA36Door Wrap, 3 Foot. Vinyl Insert. Aluminum$20.73Details
302647National Guard Products36221Self Adhesive Gasketing Brown. 21' Roll, 1/2 X 1/4.$12.87Details
302646National Guard Products36EV36Door Shoe, Finned Vinyl. 36 Inch. Aluminum$14.55Details
338744National Guard Products36EV48Door Shoe, Finned Vinyl. 48 Inch. Aluminum$17.64Details
338743National Guard Products36VA36Door Shoe, Finned Vinyl. 36 Inch. Aluminum$17.09Details
302645National Guard Products41136Threshold 3" X 1/4" X 36". 3 Foot. Aluminum$19.58Details
302644National Guard Products41148Threshold 3" X 1/4" X 48". 4 Foot. Aluminum$26.10Details
302643National Guard Products41236Saddle Threshold. 36 X 4 X 1/2 Inch. Aluminum$25.52Details
338742National Guard Products41272Saddle Threshold. 72 X 4 X 1/2 Inch. Aluminum$49.33Details
302642National Guard Products41336Saddle Threshold, 4 X 1/4",36". 3 Foot. Aluminum$18.29Details
338741National Guard Products41348Saddle Threshold, 4 X 1/4". 48 Inch. Aluminum$24.38Details
302641National Guard Products41372Saddle Threshold, 4 X 1/4"X72. 6 Feet. Aluminum$35.34Details
786994National Guard Products41372LAMSSaddle Threshold, 4 X 1/4"X72. La (Anchors) & Ms (Mash. Screw. 6 Foot. Aluminum$20.33Details
338739National Guard Products41384Saddle Threshold, 4 X 1/4",84". 7 Foot. Aluminum$41.22Details
302640National Guard Products41396Saddle Threshold, 4 X 1/4". 8 Foot. Aluminum$47.13Details
832191National Guard Products41396LAMSSaddle Threshold, 4 X 1/4"X96. La (Anchors) & Ms (Mash. Screw. 8 Foot. Aluminum$53.04Details
302638National Guard Products413SIA72x1420SSMSLASaddle Threshold, 4 X 1/4"X72. Slick It Ain'T. 1/4-20 Stainless Steel Screws. Lead Anchors$130.69Details
338738National Guard Products41572Half Saddle Threshold. 72 Inches$64.92Details
338737National Guard Products420NA22Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 18. 22 Inches. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Aluminum$106.05Details
338736National Guard Products420NA24Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 24. 24 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Aluminum$106.05Details
338735National Guard Products420NA3412Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 28. 34-1/2 Inches. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Aluminum$80.85Details
302637National Guard Products420NA36Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 28. 36 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Aluminum$80.85Details
338734National Guard Products420NA42Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 28. 42 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Aluminum$105.63Details
302636National Guard Products420NA48Auto Dr Bottom Neoprene 28. 48 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Aluminum$105.63Details
302635National Guard Products420NDKB3578Auto Dr Bottm Neoprene Dkb. 35-7/8 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Dark Bronze$89.67Details
302634National Guard Products420NDKB36Auto Dr Bottm Neoprene Dkb. 36 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Dark Bronze$89.67Details
302633National Guard Products420NDKB42Auto Dr Bottm Neoprene Dkb. 42 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Dark Bronze$116.13Details
302632National Guard Products420NDKB48Auto Dr Bottm Neoprene Dkb. 48 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Dark Bronze$116.13Details
302631National Guard Products422N36Aut Dr Bttm Neoprene Mill 28. 36 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mill. Aluminum$77.07Details
338733National Guard Products422N42Aut Dr Bttm Neoprene Mill 28. 42 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mill. Aluminum$100.59Details
338732National Guard Products422N48Aut Dr Bttm Neoprene Mill 28. 48 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mill. Aluminum$100.59Details
302630National Guard Products423N36Aut Dr Bttm Neoprene Mill 28. 36 Inch. Auto Door Bottom Neoprene. Mill. Aluminum$77.07Details
338731National Guard Products424364 X 36 Inch Saddle Threshold. 4 X 36 Inch Saddle Threshold. Mill Aluminum. 4 Inches High. 1/2 Inch Wide$21.60Details
302629National Guard Products42472Saddle Threshold, Al. 72 X 4 X 1/2 Inch. Aluminum$41.76Details
338730National Guard Products424BR72POLSaddle Threshold,Polish Brass. 72" X 4" X 1/2"$625.48Details
302628National Guard Products424DKB364 X 36" Saddle Threshold. 4 Inches Wide,1/2 Inch High. Dark Bronze Anodized$30.41Details
302627National Guard Products424DKB484 X 48 Inch Saddle Threshold. 4 X 48 Inch Saddle Threshold. Dark Bronze Anodized. 4 Inches Wide. 1/2 Inch High$40.54Details
338729National Guard Products424DKB724 X 72 Inch Saddle Threshold. 4 X 72 Inch Saddle Threshold. Dark Bronze Anodized. 4 Inches Wide. 1/2 Inch High$58.72Details
302626National Guard Products424E36Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$20.79Details
847617National Guard Products424E361024LAMSSaddle Threshold Mill 28. 3 Ft, With Torx Screws. Aluminum$22.41Details
338728National Guard Products424E42Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 42 Inch. Aluminum$24.26Details
302624National Guard Products424E48Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 48 Inch. Aluminum$27.72Details
338727National Guard Products424E72Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 72 Inch. Aluminum$40.19Details
338726National Guard Products424E96Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 96 Inch. Aluminum$53.59Details
302623National Guard Products424EDKB72Saddle Threshold, Dark Bronze. 6 Foot$57.20Details
338725National Guard Products425108Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 108 Inches. Aluminum$87.70Details
302622National Guard Products42536Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$30.28Details
302621National Guard Products425361024MSLASaddle Threshold Mill 28. 36 Inch. 10-24 Machine Screw. Lead Anchor. Aluminum$32.49Details
302620National Guard Products42542Saddle Threshold. 42 X 5 X 1/2 Inch. Aluminum$35.32Details
302619National Guard Products42548Saddle Threshold. 48 X 5 X 1/2 Inch. Aluminum$40.37Details
338724National Guard Products42560Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 60 Inch. Aluminum$50.46Details
338723National Guard Products42572Threshold 5 X 72 X 1/2 Inch. 5 Inch X 72 Inch. 1/2 Inch Rise. Aluminum$58.46Details
302618National Guard Products425721024MSLASaddle Threshold Mill 28. 36 Inch. 10-24 Machine Screw. Lead Anchor. Aluminum$62.75Details
338722National Guard Products42584Saddle Threshold. 7 Ft Lengh, 5" Wide, High 1/2. Aluminum$68.46Details
302617National Guard Products425BR725 Inch Wide Saddle Threshold. 72 Inches. Bronze$65.52Details
338721National Guard Products425DKB36Saddle Threshold Dark Bronze. 3 Ft Lengh, 5" Wide, High 1/2"$43.72Details
302616National Guard Products425DKB42Saddle Threshold Dark Bronze. 42" Lengh, 5" Wide, High 1/2$51.01Details
338720National Guard Products425DKB48Saddle Threshold Dark Bronze. 4 Ft Lengh, 5" Wide, High 1/2$56.28Details
302615National Guard Products425DKB72Saddle Threshold Dark Bronze. 6 Ft Lengh, 5" Wide, High 1/2$84.42Details
302614National Guard Products425E36Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$27.27Details
302613National Guard Products425E42Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 42 Inch. Aluminum$30.75Details
302612National Guard Products425E48Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 48 Inch. Aluminum$35.15Details
338719National Guard Products425E60Saddle Threshold. 60 Inches. Aluminum$43.94Details
338718National Guard Products425E72Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 72 Inch. Aluminum$52.72Details
302611National Guard Products425E96Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 96 Inch. Aluminum$67.87Details
338717National Guard Products425EDKB36Saddle Threshold Dark Bronze. 36" - 3 Ft$39.80Details
338716National Guard Products425HD484 Foot Threshold Heavy Duty. 4 Foot Threshold Heavy Duty. 5 Inches Wide. 1/2 Inch High. Aluminum$97.44Details
338715National Guard Products425HD847 Foot Threshold Heavy Duty. 7 Foot Threshold Heavy Duty. 5 Inches Wide. 1/2 Inch High. Aluminum$170.52Details
302610National Guard Products425SIA42Saddle Threshold 42" Sia. Slip Resistant Coating. Slick It Ain'T. Aluminum$100.52Details
338714National Guard Products426DKB72Threshold, 6 Foot. Dark Bronze$121.97Details
338713National Guard Products426DKB84Threshold, Dark Bronze$142.30Details
302609National Guard Products426E36Saddle Threshold 6 X 36 X 1/2. Mill Aluminum$32.89Details
338712National Guard Products426E42Saddle Threshold 6 X 42 X 1/2. Mill Aluminum$43.85Details
338711National Guard Products426E48Saddle Threshold 6 X 48 X 1/2. Mill Aluminum$43.85Details
338710National Guard Products426E72Saddle Threshold 6 X 72 X 1/2. Mill Aluminum$63.50Details
302608National Guard Products426E84Saddle Threshold 6 X 84 X 1/2. Mill Aluminum$74.09Details
302607National Guard Products426E96Saddle Threshold 6 X 96 X 1/2. Mill Aluminum$84.67Details
338709National Guard Products427108Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 108 Inches. Aluminum$150.82Details
302606National Guard Products42748Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 48 Inch. Aluminum$67.03Details
338708National Guard Products42772Saddle Threshold. 72 X 7 X 1/2 Inch. Aluminum$100.55Details
302605National Guard Products42788Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 88 Inches. Aluminum$134.06Details
338707National Guard Products42796Saddle Threshold. 96 X 7 X 1/2 Inch. Aluminum$134.06Details
302604National Guard Products427BR84Saddle Threshold, 84". 7 Foot. Solid Brass$1,206.66Details
338706National Guard Products427BR96Saddle Threshold, 96". 8 Feet. Solid Brass$1,326.00Details
338705National Guard Products427E36Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$44.82Details
338704National Guard Products427E42Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 42 Inch. Aluminum$52.27Details
302603National Guard Products427E48Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 48 Inch. Aluminum$57.69Details
302602National Guard Products427E60Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 5 Foot. Aluminum$72.11Details
302601National Guard Products427E72Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 72 Inch. Aluminum$86.53Details
338703National Guard Products427E73Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 73 Inch. Aluminum$100.95Details
302600National Guard Products427E84Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 7 Foot. Aluminum$100.95Details
302599National Guard Products427E96Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 96 Inch. Aluminum$115.39Details
302598National Guard Products428BR13612Saddle Threshold$2,520.00Details
302597National Guard Products428BR72Saddle Threshold Mill Bronze. 6 Foot$1,260.00Details
338702National Guard Products428E36Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$56.77Details
338701National Guard Products428E361420SSMSLASaddle Threshold Mill 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$58.21Details
302596National Guard Products428E428 In X 42 In Saddle Threshold. 8 X 42 Saddle Threshold. Mill Aluminum. 8 Inches Wide. 1/2 Inch High$73.08Details
302595National Guard Products428E448 In X 44 In Saddle Threshold. 1/2 Inch High. 8 Inches Wide. Mill Aluminum$73.08Details
338700National Guard Products428E488 X 48" Saddle Threshold. 8 X 48" Saddle Threshold. Mill Aluminum. 8 Inches Wide. 1/2 Inch High$73.08Details
338699National Guard Products428E72Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 72 Inches. Aluminum$109.62Details
302594National Guard Products428E84Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 84 Inches. Aluminum$127.89Details
302593National Guard Products428E968 In X 96 In Saddle Threshold. 8 X 96 Saddle Threshold. Mill Aluminum. 8 Inches Wide. 1/2 Inch High$146.16Details
302592National Guard Products428EDKB36Saddle Threshold, 10B. 8" X 1/2" X 36" Dark Bronze$73.71Details
338698National Guard Products429E369 X 36 Saddle Threshold. 9 X 36 Saddle Threshold. Mill Aluminum. 9 Inches Wide. 1/2 Inch High$61.61Details
338697National Guard Products429E429 X 42 Saddle Threshold. 9 X 42 Saddle Threshold. Mill Aluminum. 9 Inches Wide. 1/2 Inch High$82.15Details
302591National Guard Products429E48Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 4 Foot, Aluminum$82.15Details
302590National Guard Products429E72Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 6' 1/2 X 9", 6 Foot, Aluminum$123.23Details
302589National Guard Products429E74Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 6' 1/2 X 9", 74 Inches. Mill Aluminum$143.77Details
338696National Guard Products429E849 X 84 Saddle Threshold. 9 X 84 Saddle Threshold. Mill Aluminum. 9 Inches Wide. 1/2 Inch High$143.77Details
338695National Guard Products429E929 X 92 Saddle Threshold. 9 X 2 Saddle Threshold. Mill Aluminum. 9 Inches Wide. 1/2 Inch High$164.30Details
338694National Guard Products430E36Saddle Threshold Mill Us28. 36 Inch. Luminum$70.03Details
302588National Guard Products430E48Saddle Threshold Mill Us28. 48 Inch. Aluminum$93.38Details
302587National Guard Products430E72Saddle Threshold Mill Us28. 72 Inch Aluminum$140.06Details
302586National Guard Products430E74Saddle Threshold 74 Inch. 74 X 10 X 1/2 Inch Rise. Mill Aluminum$127.89Details
302585National Guard Products430E82Saddle Threshold Mill Us28. 82 Inches. Aluminum$159.50Details
338693National Guard Products430E96Saddle Threshold Mill Us28. 96 Inch. Aluminum$186.75Details
302584National Guard Products430EDKB72Saddle Threshold Dkb 72 Inch. Saddle Threshold Dkb 72 Inch. Dark Bronze. 72 Inches Long. 1/2 Inch High, 10 Inches Wide$147.42Details
338692National Guard Products442538Interlocking Threshold 38 In$291.60Details
338691National Guard Products4440SA36Automatic Door Bottom 36". Silicon. Aluminum$93.45Details
338690National Guard Products4440SA4818INAutomatic Door Bottom 48 1/8". Silicon. Aluminum$125.37Details
338689National Guard Products4447S36Automatic Door Bottom 3 Foot. Silicon. Aluminum$92.40Details
302583National Guard Products4447S42Automatic Door Bottom 42 Inch. Silicon. Aluminum$108.36Details
338688National Guard Products4448S36RHAutomatic Door Bottom. Single Actuated. Mortise Mounting. Right Hand, 36 Inches$92.40Details
302582National Guard Products45736Hlf Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 36 Inch. Half Saddle Threshold Mill. Aluminum$42.41Details
338687National Guard Products4577134Hlf Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 71-3/4 Inch. Half Saddle Threshold Mill. Aluminum$81.90Details
302581National Guard Products45836Hlf Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 3 Foot. Aluminum$57.08Details
338686National Guard Products45884Hlf Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 842" - 7 Ft. Aluminum$133.18Details
302580National Guard Products484BR29Interlocking Threshold. 4" X 7/8" X 29". Bronze$273.42Details
302579National Guard Products484BR48Interlocking Threshold. 4" X 7/8" X 48". Bronze$351.54Details
338685National Guard Products4N36Neoprene Stop Strip$15.60Details
338684National Guard Products4N48Neoprene Stop Strip, 4 Foot$20.81Details
237014National Guard Products4V36Vinyl Stop Strip, 36"$16.19Details
237015National Guard Products4V72Vinyl Stop Strip$29.43Details
338683National Guard Products5020B36Slf Adhsv Gasketng Silcn Bn. 36 Inch. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Ngp. Brown$6.08Details
338682National Guard Products5020B84Slf Adhsv Gasketng Silcn Bn. 84 Inch. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Ngp. Brown$13.04Details
302578National Guard Products5020B96Slf Adhsv Gasketng Silcn Bn. 96 Inch. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Ngp. Brown$14.88Details
302577National Guard Products5020C108Slf Adhsv Gasketng Silcn Ch. 108 Inch. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Ngp. Charcoal$15.23Details
338681National Guard Products5020C36Slf Adhsv Gasketng Silcn Ch. 36 Inch. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Ngp. Charcoal$6.08Details
338680National Guard Products5020C84Slf Adhsv Gasketng Silcn Ch. 84 Inch. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Ngp. Charcoal$13.04Details
302576National Guard Products5025CL108Self Adhesive Gasketing. 9 Foot, Silicon$23.90Details
302575National Guard Products5040B20Self Adhesive Gasketing. 20 Feet, Silicone. Brown$24.12Details
338679National Guard Products5050B17Slf Adhsv Gasketng Silcn Bn. 17 Feet. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Silicone. Brown$22.19Details
338678National Guard Products5050B20Perimeter Seal 20 Feet. Brown$26.10Details
338677National Guard Products5050B21Slf Adhsv Gasketng Silcn Bn. 21 Feet. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Silicone. Brown$27.41Details
302573National Guard Products5050B25Slf Adhsv Gasketng Silcn Bn. 25 Feet. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Silicone. Brown$31.54Details
302572National Guard Products5050B300Slf Adhsv Gasketng Silcn Bn. 300Ft Roll. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Silicone. Brown$352.35Details
338676National Guard Products5050C17Self Adhesiv Gasketng Silcn. 17 Feet. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Silicone. Charcoal$22.19Details
302571National Guard Products5050C20Perimeter Gasket 20 Feet$26.10Details
302570National Guard Products5050C21Self Adhesiv Gasketng Silcn. 21 Feet. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Silicone. Charcoal$27.41Details
338675National Guard Products5050C25Perimeter Gasket 25 Feet$31.54Details
302569National Guard Products5050C28Perimeter Gasket 28 Feet$35.32Details
302568National Guard Products5050CL17Self Adhesiv Gasketng. 17 Feet,Silicone Insert. Silicone$29.85Details
302567National Guard Products5050W17Slf Adhsv Gasktng Silcn Wh. 17 Feet. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Silicone. White$22.19Details
338674National Guard Products5050W20Slf Adhsv Gasktng Silcn Wh. 20 Feet. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Silicone. White$26.10Details
338673National Guard Products5050W21Slf Adhsv Gasktng Silcn Wh. 21 Feet. Self Adhesive Gasketing. Silicone. White$27.41Details
302566National Guard Products5060B17Self Adhesive Gasketing. 17 Feet, Silicone. Brown$29.84Details
338672National Guard Products5060B21Self Adhesive Gasketing. 21 Feet, Silicone. Brown$35.63Details
302565National Guard Products5075B84Self Adhesive Gasketing. 7 Feet, Smoke Seal. Triple Fin. Brown$15.75Details
338671National Guard Products5100N86Neoprene Seal 86In Roll. Neoprene Seal 86In Roll. Mullion Seal$20.70Details
302564National Guard Products5100S86Silicon Seal 86In Roll. Mullion Seal$18.90Details
338670National Guard Products51336Saddle Threshold Mill Finish. 3 Ft, 5 Inches Wide$27.27Details
799280National Guard Products513361024LAMSSaddle Threshold Mill Finish. 3 Ft, 5" Wide, With Torx Screw$30.80Details
302563National Guard Products51342Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 42 Inch. Aluminum$35.15Details
338668National Guard Products51348Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 48 Inch. Aluminum$35.15Details
302562National Guard Products51372Saddle Threshold Mill Finish. 6 Ft, 5 Inches Wide$52.72Details
811701National Guard Products513721024LAMSSaddle Threshold Mill Finish. 6 Ft, 5" Wide, With Torx Screw$59.47Details
338667National Guard Products51384Saddle Threshold Mill Finish. 7 Ft, 5 Inches Wide$59.39Details
302560National Guard Products51396Saddle Threshold Mill 28. 96 Inch. Aluminum$67.87Details
338666National Guard Products513DKB72Saddle Threshold 5" X 1/4". 6 Foot, Dark Bronze$78.12Details
302559National Guard Products513DKB84Saddle Threshold 5" X 1/4". 84 Inches. Dark Bronze$91.14Details
302558National Guard Products513HD72Saddle Threshold Mill Finish. 6 Foot, Heavy Duty$131.04Details
302557National Guard Products520NA36Automatic Door Bottom, 3 Foot. Neoprene. Aluminum$82.11Details
338665National Guard Products520NA48Automatic Door Bottom, 4 Foot. Neoprene. Aluminum$107.31Details
338664National Guard Products52536Saddle Threshold,36",Aluminum. 3 Foot, 5/8" High,5" Wide$40.30Details
302556National Guard Products52548Saddle Threshold,48",Aluminum. 4 Foot, 5/8" High,5" Wide$53.74Details
302555National Guard Products525DKB42Threshold, Saddle. 5/8" X 5" X 42". Dark Bronze$61.75Details
338663National Guard Products56384SETAstragal Set 7 Ft. 84 Inch. Tan. Handed. Need To Specify Cutout/Notch$89.88Details
338662National Guard Products570806'8" Metal Edge Astragal$62.16Details
338661National Guard Products570SS84Astragal. 84 Inches. Stainless Steel$158.76Details
338660National Guard Products5772Threshold Eleveator Mill 28. 6 Foot, Aluminum$15.93Details
338659National Guard Products5872Threshold Eleveator Mill 28. 6 Foot, Aluminum$22.68Details
338658National Guard Products60036Door Sweep. 36 Inch. Aluminum$13.37Details
302554National Guard Products600A108Astragal Nylon Brush 108". 9 Foot, Aluminum$37.19Details
302553National Guard Products600A144Astragal Nylon Brush 144". 12 Foot,Aluminum$49.59Details
302552National Guard Products600A36Door Sweep Nylon Brush 28. 36 Inch. Aluminum$14.11Details
302551National Guard Products600A42Door Sweep Nylon Brush 28. 42 Inch. Aluminum$16.45Details
338657National Guard Products600A48Door Sweep Nylon Brush 28. 48 Inch. Aluminum$17.10Details
302550National Guard Products600A83Door Sweep Nylon Brush 28. 83 Inches. Aluminum$29.93Details
338656National Guard Products600A84Door Sweep Nylon Brush 28. 84 Inch. Aluminum$29.93Details
302549National Guard Products600A96Door Sweep Nylon Brush 28. 96 Inch. Aluminum$33.06Details
338655National Guard Products600A96BLKBRUSHDoor Sweep Nylon Brush 28. 96 Inch. Aluminum$31.87Details
302548National Guard Products600B120Door Sweep Nylon Brush 120". 10 Foot. Brass$56.70Details
338654National Guard Products600B36Door Sweep Nylon Brush 36. 36 Inch. Brass$18.23Details
302547National Guard Products600B84Door Sweep Nylon Brush 84. 7 Foot,Brass$41.11Details
338653National Guard Products600DKB144Door Sweep Nylon Brush 144". 12 Foot,Aluminum$63.00Details
302546National Guard Products600DKB24Astragal Brush Sing 2'. 24". Single. Dark Bronze$12.38Details
302545National Guard Products600DKB36Astragal Brush Sing Drk Br. 36 Inch. Single. Dark Bronze$16.88Details
302544National Guard Products600DKB42Astragal Brush Sing Drk Br. 42 Inch. Single. Dark Bronze$22.50Details
302543National Guard Products600DKB48Astragal Brush Sing Drk Br. 48 Inch. Single. Dark Bronze$22.50Details
302542National Guard Products600DKB83Astragal Brush Sing Drk Br. 83 Inch. Single. Dark Bronze$38.06Details
338652National Guard Products600DKB84Astragal Brush Sing Drk Br. 84 Inch. Single. Dark Bronze$38.06Details
302541National Guard Products600DKB96Astragal Brush Sing Drk Br. 96 Inch. Single. Dark Bronze$43.50Details
338651National Guard Products601A361" Nylon Brush Door Sweep Us28. 3 Foot. Aluminum$18.23Details
302540National Guard Products601A481" Nylon Brush Door Sweep Us28. 4 Foot. Aluminum$24.30Details
338650National Guard Products601A831" Nylon Brush Door Sweep Us28. 83 Inches. Aluminum$41.11Details
338649National Guard Products601B481" Nylon Brush Door Sweep. 4 Foot. Brass$30.45Details
338648National Guard Products601DKB361" Nylon Brush Door Sweep. 3 Foot, Dark Bronze$22.28Details
302539National Guard Products601DKB481" Nylon Brush Door Sweep. 4 Foot, Dark Bronze$29.70Details
302538National Guard Products602A48Perimeter Seal Nylon Brush. 4 Foot$16.74Details
302537National Guard Products602A84Perimeter Seal Nylon Brush. 7 Foot$29.30Details