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Nedap / AVI

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
226137Nedap / AVI1000000One Time 1Yr Extended Warranty$187.59Details
489989Nedap / AVI2802260Ps270 Firmware Chip$36.98Details
237063Nedap / AVI5402948Tag Mounting Tape$1.34Details
237064Nedap / AVI5402956Accessory, Tag Holder, Compact $3.36Details
823943Nedap / AVI5450055Accessory, Clip, W/ Nylon Strap, For Combination C$4.23Details
226138Nedap / AVI5450365Suction Cup For Prox Boosters$1.60Details
226139Nedap / AVI5450470Suction Cup For Window Button$1.60Details
489990Nedap / AVI5468728Flat Bracket Mount For Transit$125.99Details
276382Nedap / AVI5626595Accessory, Poll Mounting Kit, Ultimate $143.91Details
926638Nedap / AVI5793785Accessory, Card Holder, Soft Plastic, For Combinat$3.40Details
338512Nedap / AVI5793793Accessory, Card Holder, Hard Plastic, For Combinat$4.59Details
490001Nedap / AVI59562699875220 Reader Hinges$11.86Details
226140Nedap / AVI7562640Reader Weather Protection Hood$219.70Details
489992Nedap / AVI75702109875220 Reader Cover$118.99Details
1031819Nedap / AVI7572697Transit Entry Service Cover$118.68Details
489983Nedap / AVI7573170Reader Cover Transit Entry Shell$57.30Details
237066Nedap / AVI7591152Accessory, Weather Hood $162.39Details
276384Nedap / AVI7800150Squelch Upgrade Board F/Ps270$237.99Details
276385Nedap / AVI7811730Board For Rs 422 Output$200.19Details
801615Nedap / AVI7815123Transit Standard Antenna$1,359.99Details
276386Nedap / AVI7816650Mtr Module Board Only F/Transit Entry Ntr Prx Icls$173.63Details
205223Nedap / AVI7817940Tcp/Ip Interface Board (Upgrade With Ori$366.50Details
205224Nedap / AVI7819102Hid Interface Board$138.59Details
276387Nedap / AVI8008590Ps270 Main Board (Transit Standard$398.97Details
723148Nedap / AVI8008802$40 Add. Service Charge$67.90Details
205225Nedap / AVI8008841Ps270 Main Board (Transit Standard)$398.97Details
926008Nedap / AVI9206388Uhf/Mifare Combi Card 4K$17.99Details
302385Nedap / AVI9206663Reader, Upass Access Series, Indoor / Outdoor, Ip6$588.59Details
1038091Nedap / AVI92117371Upass Target Reader$2,747.68Details
652348Nedap / AVI9211896Upass Windshield Tag Tamperproof Hamptons$9.39Details
895951Nedap / AVI9215255Uhf Headlight Tag$7.90Details
821808Nedap / AVI9215689Reader, Transit Ultimate $2,713.64Details
893643Nedap / AVI9216537Transit Security Key Pack$60.90Details
850050Nedap / AVI9217371Uhf Target 33' Reader$2,662.49Details
1000238Nedap / AVI9218327Accessory, Weather Protection Hood, Ultimate $214.30Details
1047808Nedap / AVI9218335Uhf Target Weather Hood$286.19Details
799140Nedap / AVI9564314Ultimate Window Tag 10Pk$431.99Details
1046663Nedap / AVI9755624Wall Mounting Kit Std/Ultimate$187.59Details
897108Nedap / AVI9785840Mounting Kit$200.47Details
205226Nedap / AVI9801820Heater (Transit Standard$472.49Details
205227Nedap / AVI9840990Transit Atex$6,637.97Details
226142Nedap / AVI9842292Industrial Transponder Lr85 Prox Tag$40.59Details
855031Nedap / AVI9875220SPECTransit/Standard Long Distance Avi Reader W/Specs$2,841.24Details
237069Nedap / AVI9875840Accessory, Pole Mounting Kit, Entry $143.91Details
237070Nedap / AVI9875980Heavy Duty Tag For Hard Mound Id Vehicle Rectanglr$44.94Details
276390Nedap / AVI9876200Reader, Transit Entry $1,729.03Details
205230Nedap / AVI9876510Reader, Transit Edge $3,300.23Details
226143Nedap / AVI9876790Reader, Transit Edge, Wireless $3,692.66Details
237071Nedap / AVI9877010Wireless Base Station $553.57Details
205231Nedap / AVI9880550Window Button Without Logo$30.57Details
205232Nedap / AVI9882480Tag, Window Button, Switch, R/O $31.89Details
205233Nedap / AVI9882650Tag, Window Button, R/O $29.73Details
276392Nedap / AVI9884572Nedap Xs280 Prox Reader/Tag Enrollment W/Encl$392.78Details
237072Nedap / AVI9888888Combi Avi Tag W/Hid Prox Rdr$85.79Details
205234Nedap / AVI9891900Tag, Compact $25.64Details
276394Nedap / AVI9895728Logic 2.45 Combi Booster$150.35Details
205236Nedap / AVI9895752Transition Booster$127.39Details
205237Nedap / AVI9897488Prox Booster Config 3 Card Set$88.19Details
205238Nedap / AVI9942343Uhf Iso Combi Card, Gen 2, Mifare, 13.56 Mhz *Mini$17.99Details
226144Nedap / AVI9942360Uhf Iso Combi Card, Gen 2, Em4102 *Minimum Order QCall for Price.Details
276395Nedap / AVI9943803Upass Reach Pole Mounting Kit Stainless Steel Cap$367.19Details
237074Nedap / AVI9943943Gen 2 Uhf Iso Card Single Vehicle$13.18Details
338511Nedap / AVI9943943BGen 2 Uhf Iso Card (Quantities 1,000 Or More$5.04Details
226145Nedap / AVI9945466Upass Reach Reader Uhf 900Mhz 12'Read Range$1,251.89Details
237075Nedap / AVI9945946Uhf Windshield Tag, Gen 2 *Minimum Order Quantity$7.02Details
226146Nedap / AVI9946918Uhf Windshield Tag, Gen 2, Tamperproof *Minimum Or$8.10Details
226147Nedap / AVI9947418Windshield Tag, Passive Uhf Transponder, Gen 2, Wi$7.02Details
205239Nedap / AVI9947426Uhf Windshield Tag, Gen 2, Wiegand, 26-Bit, Fac Co$8.10Details
237076Nedap / AVI9948538Prox Booster Dual Id 2G, 5Yr Replac Aaa Battery$64.13Details
237077Nedap / AVI9948546Prox Booster Single Id 2G 5Yr Replaceable Battery$61.00Details
205240Nedap / AVI9948554Smartcard-Booster 2G,5Yr Replaceable Aaa Battery$126.70Details
205241Nedap / AVI9948562Transition-Booster 2G, 5Yr Replaceable Aaa Battery$151.19Details
489994Nedap / AVI9949933License Plate Reader (Anpr)$3,802.73Details
338510Nedap / AVI9954104Card, Combination, Uhf, Eprox / Hid, Special Order$333.44Details
982359Nedap / AVI9954112Combi Card Uhf - Hid Iclass 2K Wiegand 2$19.77Details
237078Nedap / AVI9955305Tag, Uhf, Inline <$16.22Details
885436Nedap / AVI9955305TAGTag, Inline, Uhf <$19.77Details
237079Nedap / AVI9955836Card, Combination, Uhf, Eprox / Hid, Programmed, R$344.24Details
237080Nedap / AVI9955844Card, Combination, Uhf, Eprox / Hid, Programmed, R$1,228.49Details
727944Nedap / AVI9956417Card, Combination, Uhf, Mifare / Desfire, Iso Form$21.62Details
652350Nedap / AVI9958360Gen 2 Uhf Iso Combi Card Uhf- Legic Adva$28.86Details
489995Nedap / AVI9958789Wiegand Interface Module$1,215.49Details
226148Nedap / AVI9959343Gen 2 Uhf Iclasss (2K Memory) W26 Fc1 Pks Of 50$17.25Details
338509Nedap / AVI9959351Gen 2 Iclass (16K Memory$17.25Details
489996Nedap / AVI9966765Accessory, Card Holder, Dual, For Gen 2 Uhf Combin$17.99Details
759008Nedap / AVI9982809Ultimate Smartcard Boostr 10Pk$1,472.49Details
489997Nedap / AVICLR2000Windshield Tag Front Color, Back B&W Processing Fe$9.39Details
489998Nedap / AVIPROCESSFEEProcess Fee$991.89Details
951319Nedap / AVISONedapAVISpecial Order Item Not In Catalog - Nedap Avi Call for Price.Details
205242Nedap / AVIUPASSKITUhf 25 Combi Reader Kit$1,543.74Details