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NuVo / Legrand

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
743058NuVo / LegrandBK6CSBracket 6.5" In Ceiling Stereo Rough Pair$8.98Details
916371NuVo / LegrandMS652655.25 Stereo Book Shelf Speakers$186.19Details
1037266NuVo / LegrandNV2IC6Nuvo Ser2 6.5" In-Ceiling Spk (Pair$114.79Details
1066254NuVo / LegrandNV2IC6ANGNuvo Ser2 6.5" Ang In-Ceiling Spk (Ea)$79.79Details
1005741NuVo / LegrandNV2IC6DVC6.5" In-Ceiling Speaker Dual Voice Coil Each$76.99Details
958884NuVo / LegrandNV2IC8Nuvo Ser2 8" In-Ceiling Spk (Pair)$145.59Details
951279NuVo / LegrandNV2IC8ANGNuvo Ser2 8" Ang In-Ceiling Spk (Ea)$114.79Details
934648NuVo / LegrandNV2IW5LCRSeries Two 5.25" In-Wall Lcr Speaker (Single)$103.59Details
1080605NuVo / LegrandNV2IW6Nuvo Ser2 6.5" In-Wall Spk (Pair)$135.79Details
970905NuVo / LegrandNV4IC6Nuvo Ser4 6.5" In-Ceiling Spk (Pair)$152.59Details
991507NuVo / LegrandNV4IC6ANGNuvo Ser4 6.5" Ang In-Ceiling Spk (Ea)$95.19Details
944521NuVo / LegrandNV4IC6DVCNuvo Ser4 6.5"Dvc In-Ceiling Spk$114.79Details
1028102NuVo / LegrandNV4IC8Nuvo Ser4 8" In-Ceiling Spk (Pair)$186.19Details
980608NuVo / LegrandNV4IC8ANGNuvo Ser4 8" Ang In-Ceiling Spk (Ea$135.79Details
1018635NuVo / LegrandNV6IC8Nuvo Ser6 8" In-Ceiling Spk (Pair)$242.19Details
653208NuVo / LegrandNVA4DAPCSimplese D All Port Cable$100.79Details
653209NuVo / LegrandNVA4DAPDCSimplese D All Port$45.68Details
1029682NuVo / LegrandNVA4DBUTTONSButton Inserts, Nv-A4D, 1 Set$7.54Details
653210NuVo / LegrandNVA4DDCSimplese Amp Only$660.39Details
653211NuVo / LegrandNVA4DKPDCSingle Gang Backlit Keypa$97.99Details
653212NuVo / LegrandNVA4DRS232Rs-232 Control Of Simplese$16.49Details
653213NuVo / LegrandNVA4DSCP4Souce 4Zone System W/Speaker$1,026.99Details
653214NuVo / LegrandNVA4DSDC8.0Ch-15W 4 Zone Multirm Audio$698.09Details
653215NuVo / LegrandNVAP16C6.5"In Ceiling Plus1 Spk Pair$103.59Details
894268NuVo / LegrandNVAP16CGRILL6" In-Ceiling Grill White Accentplus$18.75Details
653216NuVo / LegrandNVAP16CS6.5"In Ceiling Accent Plus$62.99Details
653217NuVo / LegrandNVAP16I6.5"Inwall Plus1 Speaker Pair$106.39Details
653218NuVo / LegrandNVAP16OB6.5"Outdoor Loudspeaker Black$212.79Details
653219NuVo / LegrandNVAP16OW6.5"Outdoor Loudspeaker White$212.79Details
653220NuVo / LegrandNVAP16RG6.5"Otdr Rock Spker Granite$229.59Details
653221NuVo / LegrandNVAP16RS6.5"Otdr Rock Spker Sandstone$229.59Details
653222NuVo / LegrandNVAP18C8"In Ceialing Speaker Pair$125.99Details
653223NuVo / LegrandNVAP18I8"In Wall Accent Speaker Pair$158.19Details
653225NuVo / LegrandNVAP18RG8"Otdr Rock Speaker Granite Pr$301.04Details
653226NuVo / LegrandNVAP18RS8"Otdr Rock Speaker Sandstone Pair$301.04Details
653227NuVo / LegrandNVAP260BAp2 6.5" Outdoor Speaker Black$258.99Details
653228NuVo / LegrandNVAP26C6.5"In-Ceiling Accent Plus2$205.79Details
653229NuVo / LegrandNVAP26CS6.5"In-Ceiling Dual Tweeter$123.19Details
653230NuVo / LegrandNVAP26I6.5"In Wall Accent Speaker$205.79Details
653231NuVo / LegrandNVAP26OB6.5"Outdoor Loudspeaker Black$258.99Details
653232NuVo / LegrandNVAP26OW6.5"Outdoor Loudspeaker White$258.99Details
653233NuVo / LegrandNVAP28C8"In-Ceiling Accent Plus2 Spkr$258.99Details
653234NuVo / LegrandNVAP28I8"In Wall Accent Speaker Pair$258.99Details
653235NuVo / LegrandNVAWT1Allport And Cat5 Tester$92.39Details
653236NuVo / LegrandNVBK6C6.5 Inch In Ceiling Rough In Brackets, Pair$14.03Details
653237NuVo / LegrandNVBK8CBracket 8"In Ceiling Rough In(Pair)$14.03Details
839856NuVo / LegrandNVBK8IBracket 8"In Wall Rough In(Pair)$14.03Details
966921NuVo / LegrandNVBRKIC6Nuvo 6.5" In-Ceil Brk, Pr$21.75Details
653238NuVo / LegrandNVCTP36V2Color Touch Pad 3.6"$672.29Details
653239NuVo / LegrandNVD2120Digital Amplifier 2X120 Watt$342.89Details
653240NuVo / LegrandNVD460Digital Amp 4X60 Watt$342.89Details
784879NuVo / LegrandNVDLC1Digital Cable E6D, E6Ddc, I8D, I8G$10.38Details
653241NuVo / LegrandNVE6GCPDC1" Touch Pad Oled$197.39Details
653242NuVo / LegrandNVE6GCPDC4PK1"Oled Control Pad Decora Style 4Pack$790.45Details
653243NuVo / LegrandNVE6GMAPDCGrand Essentia Main All Port$56.54Details
653244NuVo / LegrandNVE6GMDCEssentia Amp Only$1,155.69Details
653245NuVo / LegrandNVE6GMSCP16Source 6Zone System W/Speaker$2,158.74Details
653246NuVo / LegrandNVE6GMSCP26Source 6Zone System W/Speaker$2,594.99Details
653247NuVo / LegrandNVE6GMSDC6Source 6Zone 40W Zone$1,664.99Details
653248NuVo / LegrandNVE6GXAPDCE6G All Port Expander$56.54Details
653249NuVo / LegrandNVE6GXDCEssentia Expander Amp Only$1,155.69Details
653250NuVo / LegrandNVE6GXSDCEssentia Expander System$1,634.99Details
653251NuVo / LegrandNVGMDControl Pad Mini Counter Display$361.79Details
653252NuVo / LegrandNVGRC1Handheld Remote Control$31.89Details
653253NuVo / LegrandNVGW100NAWap F/Nuvo Only 2.4/5 Ghz$246.39Details
653254NuVo / LegrandNVI8DLSIr Learning Station$376.64Details
653255NuVo / LegrandNVI8GCPGrand Conceto Control Pad$277.19Details
653256NuVo / LegrandNVI8GCP4PK2.7"Oled Controller 4Pack$872.29Details
653257NuVo / LegrandNVI8GEZPGrand Concerto Ezport$47.84Details
653258NuVo / LegrandNVI8GMGrand Conerto Amp Only$1,843.74Details
828354NuVo / LegrandNVI8GMASNEWGrand Concerto Amp-Factory Refurbished$1,362.49Details
855533NuVo / LegrandNVI8GMCUMcu Pcb Card, Nvi8G$149.79Details
653259NuVo / LegrandNVI8GMS6Source 8Zone 80W/Zone 1-6$2,622.49Details
653260NuVo / LegrandNVI8GMSCP16Source 8Zone System W/Speaker$3,144.99Details
653261NuVo / LegrandNVI8GMSCP26Source 8Zone System W/Speaker$3,581.24Details
733174NuVo / LegrandNVI8GMUPKUpgrade Kit (Concerto To Grand Concerto)$1,512.49Details
653262NuVo / LegrandNVI8GXGc Expander Amp Only$1,843.74Details
653263NuVo / LegrandNVI8GXSGrand Conerto Expander System$2,636.24Details
653264NuVo / LegrandNVI8GZPK0D21201I8Gcp 1D2120 Simplese Decora$576.44Details
745708NuVo / LegrandNVI8ZONEAMP16Zone Amp Pcb Card, 80W, Nvi8D, Zones 1-6$60.90Details
1008729NuVo / LegrandNVKP31001LANANuvo Player Portfolio 3-Zone Kit With P10 Keypads$1,589.99Details
947281NuVo / LegrandNVKP31001WHNANuvo Player Portfolio 3-Zone Kit With P10 Keypads$1,589.99Details
653266NuVo / LegrandNVLSA40Local Source Amp 40 Watt$99.39Details
653267NuVo / LegrandNVLSA40PDSAmp Power Dist Hub 4Zone$72.79Details
653268NuVo / LegrandNVLSA40SSngl Zne 40Watt Local Pwersupy$116.19Details
653269NuVo / LegrandNVLSI24Passive Local Source Interrupt$66.50Details
653270NuVo / LegrandNVLSI5Passive Local Source Interrupt$67.90Details
653271NuVo / LegrandNVMI1Telephone Door Bell Mute Intrf$67.90Details
653274NuVo / LegrandNVMPS4V2Music Port Server, Version 2$1,849.99Details
653275NuVo / LegrandNVNC110 Foot Network Cable$14.03Details
653276NuVo / LegrandNVP100NA2.0Ch-20W Class D Wireless Amp$456.29Details
734365NuVo / LegrandNVP10LAPlayer Portfolio P10 Keypad - Light Almond$135.79Details
837026NuVo / LegrandNVP10NIPlayer Portfolio P10 Keypad - Nickel$135.79Details
819265NuVo / LegrandNVP10WHPlayer Portfolio Wall Keyp Wh$132.99Details
653277NuVo / LegrandNVP200NA2.0Ch-60W Class D Wirelrss Amp$572.39Details
738554NuVo / LegrandNVP300NAPlayer Portfolio Stream Preamp$382.04Details
1065121NuVo / LegrandNVP30BKNuvo 7" Android Poe Touch Screen$264.59Details
653278NuVo / LegrandNVP3100NA6.0Ch-20W 3 Zone Wireless Amp$1,276.59Details
653279NuVo / LegrandNVP3500NAPlayer 3500 Prof. Grade 3-Zone Amp, Na V$2,292.49Details
1081048NuVo / LegrandNVP4300NAPlayer 4300 3 Src, 3-Zone Amp, Na$1,542.49Details
822727NuVo / LegrandNVPHXFPhoenix Connector, Speaker Plug , 4 Pin$2.70Details
821945NuVo / LegrandNVPS30V40WPower Supply Lsa40S 40Watt$50.03Details
801533NuVo / LegrandNVPS5VWireless Control Pad Power Supply$24.75Details
653280NuVo / LegrandNVREMRack Ear Mount F/Dual Rack$34.08Details
653281NuVo / LegrandNVREM1URack Ear Mounts F/Sngl Rack$34.08Details
653282NuVo / LegrandNVRIPSRemote Nuvo Dock F/Ipod Sys$268.79Details
653283NuVo / LegrandNVRM3URck Mount 3U 1Dual Gng Opening$34.08Details
653285NuVo / LegrandNVRVMRenovia Six-Source Powerline Hub With Dual Sirius-$654.74Details
653286NuVo / LegrandNVRVZA50SRenovia Zone Amplifier, Free Standing, 50 Watt Sys$237.99Details
762825NuVo / LegrandNVSLC1Source Link Cable (E6D E6Ddc I8D I8G)$21.75Details
770865NuVo / LegrandNVT2FAMNANuvo Dual Am/Fm Tuner$500.84Details
653289NuVo / LegrandNVT2RC4Hndhld Rmt Cntl W/Bty F/Nv-T2$31.89Details
653290NuVo / LegrandNVVECIr Emitter Wth Feedback Led$27.75Details
653291NuVo / LegrandNVWA40WAMPDCWall Amp, White, Dc, 40W$139.99Details
653292NuVo / LegrandNVWA40WDCIn Wall Amplifier$232.39Details
653293NuVo / LegrandNVWA40WRCHandheld Rmt Cntl W/Batteries$34.08Details
653294NuVo / LegrandNVWA40WSPK4"Inch On Wall Speaker Pair$97.99Details
914041NuVo / LegrandNVWCPBLIWireless Control Pad Battery-Lithium Ion$41.33Details
653296NuVo / LegrandNVWMIPSDCWall Mount Nuvo Dock F/Ipod$377.99Details
653298NuVo / LegrandNVWPM2GWWall Plate Metal Dual Gang Satin Chrome$22.49Details
653299NuVo / LegrandNVWPM2PCWall Plt Mtl Dual Gang Pl Chrm$22.49Details
653300NuVo / LegrandNVWPM2SNWall Plate Metal Dual Gang Satin Nickel$22.49Details