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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
233012OWI203WOwi 3Way 100W 80Ohm Spk Wh 1Pr$176.39Details
337797OWI25WPVC25W Stereo Weatherproof Volume Control$39.88Details
301753OWI2X2AMP1S61Single Input/Source Amplified Drop Ceiling Speaker$244.99Details
301752OWI2X2AMP61Single Input/Source Amplified Drop Ceiling Speaker$251.99Details
337796OWI2X2AMP64Sngl Input/Source Amplified Drop Ceiling Spkr 52$461.69Details
301751OWI2X2AMPGRN1S62Amplified Drop Ceiling "Green" Speakers$507.59Details
238943OWI2X2AMPIS622Spkr Drop Ceiling Tile$323.99Details
780184OWI2X2AMPR2S61Amplified Speaker With (1) Passive Slave Speaker$267.39Details
1012913OWI2X2AMPR2S622X2Amp-R2S61 And 2X2Ic6Na, Sold As Combo$346.94Details
654242OWI4WOOFER4 1/2" Woofer Parts$61.59Details
233013OWI5TBSprt Trss F/Ic-5 Rnd Clng Spkr$11.86Details
233014OWI5TBBCSupport Truss & Bck Can F/Ic-5$24.75Details
233015OWI6TBSprt Trss F/Ic-6 Rnd Clng Spkr$8.98Details
238944OWI6TBBCSupport Truss & Bck Can F/Ic-6$24.75Details
206996OWI703IB4" 3-Way Power Supply 70V Black$69.30Details
206997OWI703IW70V &8O Combo 2Way Speaker Wht$69.30Details
898348OWI70TRPW4" 30Wt Weatherized Spkr White$141.39Details
961939OWI725TR70 Volt Transfrmr 8 Ohms And 4 Ohms Opt-5/10/15/20$16.49Details
277890OWI7570TR25/70V Xfmr 50/75/100W PowerCall for Price.Details
337795OWIAMP04TRPBAmplified Trumpet Spkr 25Watts$221.19Details
238945OWIAMP04TRPWSelf Amp Trumpet Spkr 25W White$221.19Details
206998OWIAMP1S51MVC5" Single Speaker Amp Combination In Ceiling$288.89Details
233016OWIAMP1S525" 2-Way Amp Spkr Set Plen Rtd$267.39Details
233017OWIAMP1S52782WSVCWhite Speaker W/Amp15Gb W/Power Supply 12V 25Watt$332.09Details
238946OWIAMP1S545" Powered Spkr 25W 8Ohm$368.54Details
206999OWIAMP1S54SVC5" Amplified Speaker Pkg Svc$479.24Details
207001OWIAMP1S61MVCInc 1Ea Ampic6 P/S 1-Tile Bridge Backcan-1Ea WhiteCall for Price.Details
337794OWIAMP1S61SVCAmplified Drop Ceiling Spkr Pkge$302.39Details
277891OWIAMP1S62Amplifier Set$280.79Details
238947OWIAMP1S62MVCAmplified 2 Ceiling Speakers Package 6 In.Mono Vol$373.94Details
277892OWIAMP1S62SVCIncludes-1Ea Of Ampic6 Power Supply&1Ea Ic6$373.94Details
207002OWIAMP1S644Speaker Combo$404.99Details
207003OWIAMP1S64SVCIncludes-4Ea Of Ampic6 Power Supply&1Ea Ic6$515.69Details
233019OWIAMP1SGBAmp Single Source Ul Listed Double Gang Box$130.19Details
337793OWIAMP1SGRN6.5" 3Way Ceil Spkr 32 Includes 15Vdc Ul Listed$332.09Details
1015765OWIAMP1SGRN1SVC1 Ea. Amp1Sgrn (Ul & Energy Star Listed), 1 Ea.$423.89Details
654243OWIAMP1SGRN22 Speaker Combo Set,Amp Spk, Pwr Spply$413.09Details
337792OWIAMP1SGRN4SVCInceiling Spkr 6.5" 32W$611.54Details
233020OWIAMP1SXFORMER12V Power Spply F/1 & 4 Four Source Slf Amp Spkr$20.99Details
301750OWIAMP3S61Three Input/Source 6.5 Inch Co-Axial 25 Watt Max$288.89Details
337791OWIAMP3S61SVCSelf-Amplified Speaker Sys-Which Inc:1-Amp3Ic6$368.54Details
207005OWIAMP3S62SVC15V Pwr Sup Ic6 Tile Brge Svc$440.09Details
233022OWIAMP4S622 Speaker Combination$359.09Details
233023OWIAMP4S64SVCAmp, Pwr Sup 15V$581.84Details
233024OWIAMP6022W2Way 6" Woofer White$167.99Details
846293OWIAMPBT2S16Two Input/Source, 6.5Inch Co-Axial W/Blueetooth$280.79Details
1017759OWIAMPBT2SIC52 Input/Source Bluetooth Feature$275.79Details
817174OWIAMPBT2SIC61One Speaker Combo$302.39Details
715621OWIAMPBT2SIC61SVCOne Speaker Combo W/Vol Control$376.64Details
811680OWIAMPBT2SIC62Two Speaker Combo$365.84Details
887416OWIAMPBT2SIC62SVCTwo Speaker Combo With Volume Control$440.09Details
815205OWIAMPBT2SIC64Four Speaker Combo$494.09Details
807250OWIAMPBT2SIC64SVCFour Speaker Combo With Volume Control$566.99Details
774413OWIAMPBT6021WIncludes 1 Ea. Amp-Bt-602-1W 1 Ea.15V Dc, Ul List$275.79Details
873134OWIAMPBT6022BIncludes 1 Ea. Amp-Bt-602-1B 1 Ea.15V Dc$323.99Details
1081266OWIAMPBT6022BVCAmp-Bt-602-1B, 1 Ea.15V Dc, Ul Listed, Level 5 Pow$398.24Details
733290OWIAMPBT6022WBluetooth Surface Mount Speaker _With (1) Passive$323.99Details
812505OWIAMPER2S621 Amp Spkr & 1 Each-8 Ohm Spkr Pkg W Tile Bridge$454.94Details
832881OWIAMPER2S641 Amp Spkr & 4 Each-8 Ohm Spkr Pkg$704.59Details
998202OWIAMPER2TR62Dual Voice Coil Amp Spkr W/1Passive Slave$353.69Details
1057079OWIAMPER2TR64Amp Dual Voice Coil Kt W/3 Passive Slave$515.69Details
924616OWIAMPERBT64Combo] 1 Ea. Amp-Erbt6 / 3 Ea. Ic6-Dvc / 4 Ea. 6Tb$573.74Details
301749OWIAMPHUMELEHum Eliminator For The Amplified Speakers$57.39Details
238950OWIAMPHUMELMAmplified Speaker Accessory$47.84Details
233025OWIAMPIC55In Amplified Coax Ceilng Spkr$191.79Details
277893OWIAMPIC612V 6"Co-Axial 22Wt Spkr 90Db Freq Resp 50H-20K$207.19Details
505156OWIAMPIRMA40XRemote Control Plus Sensor For Digital Mini Amp$39.88Details
654244OWIAMPIW4SIn Wall Modular 4 Source 20 Watt Dig Amplifier$214.19Details
207006OWIAMPIW702470V-24W In-Wall Amplifier Supplied W/Dual-Gang Box$114.79Details
277894OWIAMPKNOBSWHITEKnob For Ow-025Wpvc White$6.57Details
654245OWIAMPLV6022WVoltage Surface Mount Amplified Speaker Package$207.19Details
882611OWIAMPLV602WLow Voltage Surface Mount Amplified Speaker$145.59Details
654246OWIAMPMA40XDigital Mini Amplifier, 40 Watt, Microphone Mixer$183.39Details
654247OWIAMPMA70V4070V 40W Digital Mini Amplifier$368.54Details
207007OWIAMPPOP1Priority Ovr Ride Page ModuleCall for Price.Details
899432OWIAMPR2IC6Two Input/Source, 6.5 Inch Co-Axial$229.59Details
885020OWIAMPR2SIC51Dual Source Amplified Ceiling Speaker W/Tile Brid$214.19Details
733442OWIAMPR2SIC52Dual Source Amp Speakers$292.94Details
850346OWIAMPR2SIC541 Ea.Amp-R2Sic,1 Ea 15V Dc$419.84Details
654248OWIAMPR2SIC6Two Input/Source, 6.5 In Co-Axial Amp$229.59Details
915654OWIAMPR2SIC61Kit Replacing Ow-Amp1S61$253.39Details
971968OWIAMPR2SIC61SVCIncludes 1 Ea. Amp-R2Sic6, 1 Ea.15V Dc Ul Listed$317.24Details
654249OWIAMPR2SIC62Two Input/Source 6.5 In Co-Axial 40 Watt Max Pwr$307.79Details
760782OWIAMPR2SIC62SVCDual Source Amplified Spkr And 1 Non Amp Spkr, Pow$380.69Details
740269OWIAMPR2SIC64SVC1 Dual Input Amp Spkr+3Non Amp Spkr+4Tile Bridge$507.59Details
233027OWIAMPSTCOMBStereo To Mono Converter$29.73Details
207008OWIAMPSTVCLine Level Brushed/Steel/White-Dual Ster.Vol.Cntrl$99.39Details
238952OWIAMPSTVCWMono/Stereo Volume Control White$76.99Details
238953OWIBR202GBaby Rock 2 Way 8Ohm 40-80 Watt Power 2"Twtr$249.19Details
233029OWIBR8B8 Ohm 2 Way 12" Woofer Brown$1,063.39Details
505157OWIBRTSUB1Boulder Rock Speaker 250 Watt Weatherized Granite$701.99Details
233030OWIBRTSUB1GRBoulder Rock Speaker&Subwoofer Granite 80Hms$1,063.39Details
337790OWIBRTSUB1SS12"Rock Subwoofer In Sandstone 8Ohms, 250W$1,063.39Details
238954OWIC9278B70V &8O Combo 2 Way Spker Blk$107.79Details
233031OWIC9278W70V &8O Combo 2 Way Spker Wht$107.79Details
880478OWICCRC403RS232Control Center Combo$191.79Details
654250OWICRS101Inferred Wrls Microphone Syste 3 Sc 70 Wt Mx/Amp$515.69Details
789429OWICRS10152784BInfrared Wireless Microphone System$751.39Details
277897OWICRS101IC64Infrared Wireless Mic System Ul Listed 4Spkr Sys$737.09Details
277898OWICRS101ICS62Infarred Wireless Microphone System Ul Listed 2Spr$802.09Details
768688OWICRS201HInfrared Wireless Microphone$678.59Details
717099OWICRS201PIr Wireless Microphone System With Amplifier$665.59Details
831221OWICRSHHBAT12Battery For Handheld Microphone$13.51Details
874515OWICRSHHMIC2Handheld Microphone$121.79Details
870923OWICRSLMICLapel Microphone$25.49Details
654251OWICRSPMICPendant Mic Polor Pattern$90.99Details
207009OWIDR8Rock Speaker 200 Watt$956.79Details
207010OWIDR8SSRock Speaker 200 Watt Sandstone$956.79Details
277899OWIDRTSUB1Outdoor Sbwfr 200W Max Power$974.99Details
207011OWIDSGB34Deep Single Gang Box$9.08Details
817192OWIEACSET2150In Wall Speaker, 2-Way, 40W - 80W Power 6.5 Inch W$61.59Details
1024387OWIHOOT4304" Dual Cone Water Resistant Rock Speaker$221.19Details
1055908OWIHOOT47254" Dual Cone Water Resistant Rock Speaker$251.99Details
1078212OWIHUMXS2SS2MHum Eliminator With Stereo To Stereo$69.30Details
301748OWIIC55 1/4" 2Wy Co Axial 40W Pair$76.99Details
337789OWIIC570V04In-Ceiling Speaker 5.25 Inch Full Range Speaker$25.49Details
238955OWIIC570V106-1/2" 2Way,70V In Ceiling Spk$34.08Details
809781OWIIC5GRILLEGrille For Ic5$22.49Details
207012OWIIC6Round 6.5 In Ceiling Spkr-Pair$92.39Details
238956OWIIC670V10In Ceiling Spkr 6-1/2" 2Way$40.59Details
1008577OWIIC670V10TBBCIn-Ceiling Speaker 6.5 Inch 2-Way, Co-Axial$56.70Details
337788OWIIC6GRILLReplacement For Ic6 Grill$22.49Details
277900OWIIC6KITRough In Kit For Ic6$16.49Details
876998OWIIC6M6730SET70V / 8 Ohms White In-Ceiling Speaker$244.99Details
277901OWIIC6TBBCIc6, Tb And Bc$65.10Details
238957OWIICM6730SET6"Coax In Ceiling With Metal Can (2Sp 4Bkt 2En)$244.99Details
846893OWIICT62A6 1/2"2Wy Inclng Alumnm Spk/Pr$107.79Details
301747OWIICT82A8"In Ceiling Aluminum Spk Pair$123.19Details
775329OWIIWST522 Way 35Watt Inwall 1" Swivel Tweeter$55.83Details
277902OWIIWST622Way 40Watt 80Watt Power 6.5 Wfr 1"Swvl Twtr Frqnc$61.59Details
897827OWIIWT63A3 Way Inwall 150 Aluminum Woofer +/- 3Db Select Pr$92.39Details
277903OWIIWT83AInwall Speaker Auminum 8"Pair$99.39Details
277904OWIJLTSUB1Jurassic Log Rock Speaker$701.99Details
505158OWIJLTSUB1WJurassic Log Sub, 2 Ea$956.79Details
654252OWILAR67406 Inch 70 Volt 40 Watt Speaker For Rocks$246.39Details
505185OWILGS100Dvc (Dual Voice Coil) Sandstone$191.79Details
505213OWILGS100DVDual Voice Coil Dark Gray$191.79Details
505169OWILGS100DVCOval Landscape Garden Spkr 60W 8Ohm$191.79Details
277905OWILGS100GNFll Rng 100W Green$272.69Details
238958OWILGS100GRFll Rng 100W Granite$272.69Details
1060204OWILGS100GREENOval Landscape Garden Speaker, Green, 6.5 Inch 2-$272.69Details
277906OWILGS100SSFll Rng 100W Sanstone$272.69Details
994005OWILGS170GREENOval Landscape Garden Speaker, Green$317.24Details
238959OWILGS300GRANITE2 Way, 100W Ohm Max Power 6.5" Speaker Granite$260.39Details
277907OWILGS300GREEN2 Way, 100Watt Max Power 6.5" Speaker Green$260.39Details
902856OWILGS300SAND2 Way, 100Watt Max Power 6.5" Speaker Sandstone$233.79Details
822711OWILGS347GRNOtdr Garden Speaker 70V 40Wtt Xfmr Cne Shape Green$278.59Details
505198OWILGS370Cone Landscape Garden Speaker$298.34Details
207013OWILGS370GRNGarden Spkr 70Volt 40 Watt Transformer 6.5Wfr Grn$294.29Details
277908OWILGS400DGFll Rng 100W Dark Grey$260.39Details
788534OWILGS400DVCOctogon Landscape Garden Spkr 60W Dual Voice Coil$314.54Details
207014OWILGS400GRANITEGranite 2 Way 8@ 100W Max Power 6 1/2" Woofer$260.39Details
238961OWILGS400GREENGreen 2 Way 8@ 100W Max Power 6 1/2"Woofer 360Deg$260.39Details
277909OWILGS400SSFll Rng 100W Sandstone$260.39Details
233033OWILGS470GREEN2-Way, 70V Built-In 5/10/20/40W Power, 61/2"Woofer$294.29Details
238962OWILGS470SSFll Rng 70 Or 100V Sandstone$294.29Details
301745OWILGSS6.5" Woofer For The Landscape Garden Speakers$67.90Details
337787OWILGSS70100TRNS70/100V Transformer For Landscape Garden Speaker$67.90Details
277910OWILGSSSPEAKERSpeaker Only For Garden Systems$67.90Details
238963OWILR703SS3Way 70V 45W 2.5T Fr80H-22K Ss$279.44Details
207015OWILRP6715GGrey Little Rock Speaker, 70V, 15W Max , 2-Way$372.59Details
301744OWILRP6740BROWNLittle Rock Spkr70V 2Way 6.5" 5/10/15/40Wpwr-Brown$382.04Details
337786OWILRP6740GRANITELittle Rock Spkr 70V 2Way Granite$382.04Details
337785OWILRP6740GRAYLittle Rock Spkr 70V 2Way Gray$382.04Details
301743OWILRP6740SANDSTONELittle Rock Spkr 70V 2Way Sandstone$382.04Details
233034OWILRP6802B6" Woofer, 8 Ohms Brown Rock$361.79Details
301742OWILRP6802GLittle Rock Speaker,6.5Inch,2-Way,8 Ohms,100Watts$361.79Details
238964OWILRP6802GRGranite Spkr 70V 6; Woof 2Way$361.79Details
207016OWIM4FOwi Wthrzd Flmt Stnlss Stl Grl$47.84Details
277911OWIM5CXOwi Co-Axial I/O Flsh Mt White$57.39Details
893524OWIM5CX710Bsk Speaker, 5 Inch, Full Range, Speakers$69.99Details
1068125OWIM5CX710TBBCBsk Speaker, 5 Inch, Full Range$92.39Details
874086OWIM5CX725Bsk Speaker,5",Full Range,70 Vlts,25W Pwer,Fr 70Hz$72.79Details
207017OWIM5CXRIKM5Cx Rough In Kit$17.25Details
1070652OWIM5TBTile Bridge For The M5Cx$11.86Details
207018OWIM6720W70Vlt & 8 Ohms 6.5' Woofer White$260.39Details
207019OWIM6750B70Volts Speaker 8 Ohms Combination 6.5"Woofer Blak$294.29Details
277912OWIM6750WWHITE70Volts Speaker 8 Ohms Combination 6.5"Woofer Whte$294.29Details
907547OWIM8764BPendant Speaker, 8 Inch,$479.24Details
804304OWIM8764WPendant Speaker, 8 Inch$479.24Details
301741OWIMC44 Channel Audio Line Mixer$288.89Details
233036OWIMR703BMesa Rap 3 Way 4" Woofer 2" Tweeter$305.09Details
301740OWIMR703GMesa Rock Speaker,70V & 8 Ohms Combination$313.19Details
238965OWIMR703SSMessarock 3Way 100Wt Sand Ston$313.19Details
805231OWIMRP6715BMesa Rock Speaker, Brown$406.34Details
505199OWIMRP6740GR40 Watt, 70 Volt Rock Speaker Granite Color$415.79Details
233037OWIMRP6740SSSandstone Messa Rk 70V 2Way Sp$415.79Details
337784OWIMRP6802BRock Speaker Brown$396.89Details
844807OWIMRP6802GRMesa Rock Speaker, Granite$396.89Details
878012OWIMSUB10Pendant Subwoofer, 10 Inch 70V & 4 Ohms Combo$479.24Details
233038OWIOWM6720B70Vlt & 8 Ohms 6.5' Woofer Blk$260.39Details
233039OWIP5278PB2 Way 40 Watt Power 5" Woofer 3/4" Tweeter Black$69.30Details
654253OWIP5278PBLK5"2 Way 70V/8Ohm Selectable Spkr Black$69.30Details
233040OWIP5278PW2 Way 40 Watt Power 5" Woofer 3/4" Tweeter White$69.30Details
277913OWIP5278PWH5"2Way 70Volt/8Ohm Selectable Spkr Whte$69.30Details
277914OWIP6278PB2 Way 40 Watt Power 6" 3/4" Tweeter Black$99.39Details
207021OWIP6278PW2 Way 40 Watt Power 6" Woofer 3/4" Tweeter White$99.39Details
337783OWIP8378PB8" 3-Way 70Volt 8Ohm Surface Mount Speaker Pk As2$123.19Details
238966OWIP8378PW70V&80 Combo 3/Way Each$123.19Details
207022OWIPR703B3-Way 4" Woofer 70 Volts & 8 Ohms Combntn Brown$286.19Details
233041OWIPR703GR4" Woofer, 70 Volts & 8 Ohms Combination$294.29Details
207023OWIPRP202SS2 Way 80W Max,4" Wfr,8Ohms Spk$342.89Details
207024OWIPRP6715BBrn Pueblo Rock 70V-2Way 6"Spk$368.54Details
238967OWIPRP6740BBrn Pueblo Rock 70V 2Way 6"Spk$368.54Details
233042OWIPRP6740SSSadstone Pueblo Rk 70V 2Way Sp$404.99Details
337782OWIPRP6802SSPueblo Rock Speaker 6.5 Inch 8 Ohms 100 Watts$332.09Details
301739OWIPS15VDC35Power Supply, 15Vdc, 3.5A, Ul Listed$31.89Details
277915OWIRIVP6715SS6" Woofer 70V 15W River Rock$294.29Details
233043OWIRR703ROwi Rr 3Wy 100W/50W 8Ohm Red$229.59Details
277916OWIS2MONOConverts Stereo To Mono$114.79Details
233044OWISAT360BBLACK5Way 70V&8 0Hmm Cmbo 5" Wfr$170.79Details
207025OWISAT360W5Way 70V&8 0Hmm Cmbo 5" Wfr Tweeter$176.39Details
207026OWISAT723B70V 2Ea.3"Wfr&1-1"Twtr W/15Wtt Xfmr Black$76.99Details
207027OWISAT723W70V .3"Wfr&1-1"Twt 15Watt White, Each$99.39Details
238968OWISS36Owi 36"Custm S.S. Stake F/All$55.83Details
654254OWITRP470B4 Ohms 70 Volt Comswitch 4"$83.99Details
238969OWITRP470W4"Full Range Spkr-40Hms Pwr Is 40W-80W Max Whte$83.99Details