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Optical Cable Corp

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
950928Optical Cable Corp10958401Hardware Kit For Zdmb6B$22.22Details
238624Optical Cable Corp600Blank Fiber Adapter Plate$8.87Details
960094Optical Cable Corp6112DSC50GAdapter Plate$79.79Details
1046159Optical Cable Corp6112MMDST12 Fiber St Adaptor Panel$63.64Details
238625Optical Cable Corp616MMSTAdapter Plate Assy,St,6 Port,Mm,Loaded$23.93Details
919762Optical Cable Corp616MMSTGAdptr Plate Assy Stx6 50Um 10G$31.32Details
826372Optical Cable Corp616SC50GAdapter Plate Assy,Sc,50 Micron 10 Gig,Loaded$68.59Details
976607Optical Cable Corp616STAdaptor Plate Assy, St, Sm/Mm 6Port Occ$32.81Details
891700Optical Cable Corp9023VShelf, Cantilver, Vented 15” Deep$61.54Details
957065Optical Cable CorpA130204SGIDB14 Ch, Cots M83526 Plug To Blunt Ofnp 200$908.02Details
1037161Optical Cable CorpA130204SGIDB24 Ch Cots M3526 Jam Nut Rec. 3 Mtr$573.37Details
206790Optical Cable CorpAX002NALS9OR2 Strand 50 Micron Zipcord Riser Fiber$0.54Details
979121Optical Cable CorpAX002NSL9YR2 Fiber Duplex Sm Fiber Cable$259.28Details
505404Optical Cable CorpAX002NWLS9OR2-F 62.5/125 Tb Riser Cordage 3.0/1.0 Db/Km 200/500 Mhz*Km Orange Jacket$0.38Details
922789Optical Cable CorpB04080DW3EB4-F 62.5/125 In/Out Riser 3.0/1.0Db/Km 200/500Mhz*Km Ultra-Fox PlusCall for Price.Details
787281Optical Cable CorpBX002DSLX9KR2 Fiber Single Mode Fiber Cable$0.80Details
277670Optical Cable CorpBX004DWLS9KR4F 62.5/125 Tb Riser Breakout 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhz-Km 2.5Mm Subcables$1.28Details
277671Optical Cable CorpBX004KWLS9OP4F 62.5/125 Tb Plenm Breakout 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhz-Km 2.0Mm Subcables$1.56Details
928603Optical Cable CorpBX006DALT9OS6-F Om3 Tb Mhsa B/O Org Pvc Jkt$2.56Details
505415Optical Cable CorpBX006DWLS9KR6-F 62.5/125 Tb Indoor/Outdoor Ofnr All Dielectric$1.80Details
811819Optical Cable CorpBX006KWLS9OP6F 62.5/125 Tb Plenm Breakout 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhz-Km 2.0Mm Subcables$2.16Details
915030Optical Cable CorpBX012DWLS9KR12F 62.5/125 Tb Riser Breakout 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhz-Km 2.5Mm Subcables$3.60Details
878899Optical Cable CorpBX012KWLS9OP12F 62.5/125 Tb Plenm Breakout 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhz-Km 2.0Mm Subcables$3.84Details
752696Optical Cable CorpBX024DWLS9KR24F 62.5/125 Tb Riser Breakout 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhz-Km 2.5Mm Subcables$5.62Details
900510Optical Cable CorpBX024KWLS9OP24F 62.5/125 Tb Plenm Breakout 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhz-Km 2.0Mm Subcables$7.00Details
808165Optical Cable CorpBX04060KW3SB4-F 62.5/125 Plenum Breakout 3.0Db 160Mhz @ 850Nm Typical Cable WhiteCall for Price.Details
653878Optical Cable CorpCC3803Complete Cabinet,72"Hx24"D,38R$1,342.49Details
1067920Optical Cable CorpDCC100110EFSRKPanel Assy,110Efs,100Pr Blk,Rm,Cat5E$70.71Details
984199Optical Cable CorpDCC300110EFSRKPanel Assy,110Efs,300Pr Blk,Rm,Cat5E$110.03Details
1020705Optical Cable CorpDCC300110EFSTWBVertical Mgr,110Tower,300Pr,Trough,Cat5E$187.03Details
768513Optical Cable CorpDTC1APEncl Din Rail 1Ap Gromt Empty$109.19Details
947132Optical Cable CorpDX004DWLS9K94 Strand Mm Indoor Outdoor Pvc$533.37Details
231991Optical Cable CorpDX004DWLS9KR4-F 62.5/125 In/Out Riser 220/500Mhz*Km Distrib. Water Blocked Black$0.68Details
277678Optical Cable CorpDX006DWLS9KR6-F 62.5/125 In/Out Riser 220/500Mhz*Km Distrib. Water Blocked Black$0.94Details
206806Optical Cable CorpDX012DWLS9KR12-F 62.5/125 In/Out Riser 220/500Mhz*Km Distrib. Water Blocked Black Jkt$1.76Details
958307Optical Cable CorpDX012SSLX9YP12 Strand Sm Indoor Pln Fiber$802.52Details
337938Optical Cable CorpDX024DSLX9KRDistribution 24 Fiber Singlemode Ultra-Fox Indoor$2.10Details
1061768Optical Cable CorpDX024KSLX9YP24 Strand Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Per Foot$2.92Details
865051Optical Cable CorpDX024KWLS9OP24Strnd 62.5Um Plenum In/Outdoor Fibr Cable Orange$3.84Details
653905Optical Cable CorpDX048DWLS9KR48-F 62.5/125 In/Out Riser 220/500Mhz*Km Distribution Black Jkt$6.01Details
1036661Optical Cable CorpDX06050SWP6Str M/M Plenum Fiber$802.52Details
716391Optical Cable CorpDX24085DWLS900OFNRWB24-F 62.5/125 In/Out Riser 220/500Mhz*Km Distrib. Water Blocked Black Jkt$2.32Details
870855Optical Cable CorpECA10000STSTB0200FDx012Dwls9Kr @ 200F With St/St And Pulling Eye: Bo$664.29Details
919712Optical Cable CorpECA10002STSTA0225FDx006Dwls9Kr @ 225F With St/St And Pulling Eye: To$383.39Details
851632Optical Cable CorpECA10155LCLCA0275FDx004Dwls9Kr @ 275F With Lc/Lc And Pulling Eye: To$302.39Details
897211Optical Cable CorpECA10155LCLCA0625FDx004Dwls9Kr @ 625F With Lc/Lc And Pulling Eye: To$496.79Details
895619Optical Cable CorpECA10155LCLCB0310FDx004Dwls9Kr @ 310F With Lc/Lc And Pulling Eye: Bo$338.84Details
653917Optical Cable CorpFAN2Fan Assy,2-Tray,With Cord$174.99Details
505634Optical Cable CorpFG51SFibreguard 500 Enclosure, 1 (12) Fiber$292.19Details
1044642Optical Cable CorpFG61SFiber Guard Splice Case With 1-24 Strand$427.68Details
1015769Optical Cable CorpFG66SFiber Guard Splice Case With 6-24 Strand$671.49Details
505602Optical Cable CorpFG86SFibreguard 800 W/6X24 Spl Tray$708.49Details
956055Optical Cable CorpFGD1H1 Hole Grommet Kit$43.94Details
505604Optical Cable CorpFGD2H2 Hole Gromet Kit$49.18Details
1040178Optical Cable CorpFGD4H4 Hole Grommet Kit$49.18Details
277692Optical Cable CorpFOCT2Fiber Cleaver, Economy (Aka Beaver)$290.24Details
961997Optical Cable CorpFPJPParallel Jaw Pliers$158.19Details
301897Optical Cable CorpFXCLC566 Pack Of 50 Micron Express Lc Connector$103.59Details
301896Optical Cable CorpFXCLC666 Pack Of Express Lc Connectors$109.19Details
714337Optical Cable CorpFXCSC66Fbr Conn,Sc,62.5,Fast Wd,6 Pak$116.19Details
829170Optical Cable CorpGB012DWLS9KR12F 62.5/125 Tb Riser Grouping 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhzkm 6Fiber 4.5Mm BundlesCall for Price.Details
718619Optical Cable CorpGB012KWLS9OP12F 62.5/125 Tb Plen Grouping 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhzkm 6Fiber 4.5Mm BundlesCall for Price.Details
854711Optical Cable CorpGB024DWLS9KR24F 62.5/125 Tb Riser Grouping 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhzkm 6Fiber 4.5Mm BundlesCall for Price.Details
721937Optical Cable CorpGB024KWLS9OP24F 62.5/125 Tb Plen Grouping 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhzkm 6Fiber 4.5Mm Bundles$6.14Details
862058Optical Cable CorpGX024DWLS9KR24F 62.5/125 Tb Riser Grouping 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhzkm 12Fiber 5.5Mm BundleCall for Price.Details
796276Optical Cable CorpGX024KWLS9OP24F 62.5/125 Tb Plenm Grouping 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhzkm 12Fiber 5.5Mm BundleCall for Price.Details
903678Optical Cable CorpGX048DWLS9KR48F 62.5/125 Tb Riser Grouping 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhzkm 12Fiber 5.5Mm BundleCall for Price.Details
824012Optical Cable CorpGX048KWLS9OP48F 62.5/125 Tb Plenm Grouping 3.5/1.5 Db/Km 220/500 Mhzkm 12Fiber 5.5Mm Bundle$8.26Details
941206Optical Cable CorpK6A02SCat 6A Modular Keystone Jack Shielded$15.49Details
951139Optical Cable CorpK6A06Cat 6A Modular Keystone Jack Grey$10.61Details
963349Optical Cable CorpKMJA602SCategory 6 Insert -Black-Shielded$11.09Details
971425Optical Cable CorpKMJA606Category 6 Insert-Gray$8.84Details
1047086Optical Cable CorpKMJL06U00Jack, 6 Pos, Kmj, Usoc, Smp, Elect. Ivor$3.66Details
728761Optical Cable CorpL12OS105SCSC32-F Jumper 3Ft 1.6Mm 8.3/125 Sc-Sc Duplex Sm L1-2-Os1-05-Sc-Sc-3Call for Price.Details
1080085Optical Cable CorpOCA10063561100FDx006Dslx9Kr Sc-Sc; 1Pk; 1100$735.79Details
753134Optical Cable CorpOCCUE64PLM0423-4Pr Cmp Cat6 Utp Cable Green Jacket$208.52Details
1071418Optical Cable CorpOCO12NXNema 4X Fiber Optic Enclosure, 12 Port,$290.95Details
653929Optical Cable CorpOCO12NXSBFoe Wall Mnt Nema 4X Spl Holdr$307.79Details
653930Optical Cable CorpOCO48NXSOutdoor Encl,48P,Xconnect,Spli$503.54Details
730539Optical Cable CorpOCO6NSOutdr Encl Wm 6P Fbr Splc Hldr$81.19Details
787575Optical Cable CorpOCO72NXSOutdoor Encl, Wm, 72P, Fiber, Splice Tray, Nema 4X$1,185.59Details
1043053Optical Cable CorpOCO96NXSFoe Wallmt 96Port W/Splc Tray$1,376.24Details
337929Optical Cable CorpOF4503Relay Rack Open Frame$167.99Details
653932Optical Cable CorpR24S24 Count Thin Fiber Optic Splice Tray$81.19Details
759331Optical Cable CorpRK02050201Round Messenger Cables$2.40Details
833854Optical Cable CorpRK981104014-F 62.5/125 In/Out Tb 160/500 Mhz*Km Non-Rad Hardnd Military TacticalCall for Price.Details
731832Optical Cable CorpRM024XWST5K24 Fiber 62.5/125 M Om1 Ultra-Fox Plus Outdoor$6.93Details
1059316Optical Cable CorpRS1212 Fiber Splice Tray$52.88Details
769853Optical Cable CorpRS4U4TSplicing Kit, Rtc/Rts, 4 Unit, 4 Trays$162.39Details
277704Optical Cable CorpRTC144BRack Mount Fiber Cabinet Empty Holds 24 Adptr,Blck$392.84Details
505614Optical Cable CorpRTC144B144SMSCP8SCab Pm 144F P8Scupc12-3M R144S$3,692.93Details
505615Optical Cable CorpRTC144B144SMSTP8SCab Pm 144F P8Stupc12-3M R144S$4,622.57Details
653934Optical Cable CorpRTC18ACabinet Rack Mnt 18 Port Almnd$163.79Details
238751Optical Cable CorpRTC18BCabinet,Rack Mount,18 Port,Black$184.39Details
937611Optical Cable CorpRTC18B24SMDSCSFiber Box Rm Loaded With Sc Sm$370.04Details
505609Optical Cable CorpRTC18B24SMSCP8SCab Ptrm 24F P8Scupc12-3M R24S$952.89Details
505607Optical Cable CorpRTC18B24SMSTP8SCab Ptrm 24F P8Stupc12-3M R24S$939.89Details
961028Optical Cable CorpRTC1U3APBFib Encl Rackmt 3 Adpt Plt Blk$193.19Details
716337Optical Cable CorpRTC2U6APBLFb Encl Rkmt 6Adpt Plt Blk Loc$277.19Details
238752Optical Cable CorpRTC36B36 Port Rack Mount Enclosure. It Holds$178.93Details
717520Optical Cable CorpRTC4U12APBCabinet, Rack Mnt, Rtc, 4 Unit, 12 Adapter Plates,$258.99Details
893561Optical Cable CorpRTC4U12APBLFb Encl Rkmt 12Adptr Plt Bl Lk$352.34Details
1049332Optical Cable CorpRTR12B12Port Recessed Panel-Blank$118.79Details
301889Optical Cable CorpRTS18BRack Mount Cabinet Fits 3 Adapter Plates$195.99Details
653935Optical Cable CorpRTS1U3APBCab Assy Rts1U Occ Blk Sliding$208.71Details
944473Optical Cable CorpRTS2U6APBCab Assy Rts2U Occ Blk Sliding$259.24Details
986337Optical Cable CorpS8SCST10MSimplex Sm Sc To St Jumper 10 Meters$29.25Details
1064082Optical Cable CorpS8SCST25MSimplex Sm Sc To St Jumper 25 Meters$47.13Details
927854Optical Cable CorpS8STST25MSimplex Sm St To St Jumper 25 Meters$42.04Details
1008728Optical Cable CorpSMEK112Sme1, 1 Port, Kmj, Bright White$2.32Details
1044058Optical Cable CorpSR325Swing Rack,19"Wall Mnt,36"Hx25$223.99Details
505591Optical Cable CorpU64PLM05Cat6 Plenum W/Seperator, Blue, 1000'$450.68Details
653944Optical Cable CorpW48SSplicing Kit,Wtc48$121.79Details
795117Optical Cable CorpWC1238Wall Cabinet,12Ru,24"D,Smoked$752.69Details
653945Optical Cable CorpWC1818Wall Cabinet,18Ru,16"D,Smoked$646.64Details
301886Optical Cable CorpWC1838Wall Mount Cabinet$880.09Details
653946Optical Cable CorpWC2438Wall Cabinet,24Ru,24"D,Smoked$803.39Details
653947Optical Cable CorpWF201Wall Mount Frame,19"X4"Deep,2R$39.14Details
653948Optical Cable CorpWF401Wall Mount Frame,19"X4"Deep,4R$49.29Details
1023017Optical Cable CorpWMC12ACabinet,Mini,Wall Mount,12 Por$158.19Details
206822Optical Cable CorpWTC1224BAssy,Cabinet,Wallmount,12/24,B$123.97Details
936307Optical Cable CorpZDMB6BWall Mt Fiber Enclosure$69.15Details