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Pach & Company

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
821274Pach & Company126VSC**Eol**Indoor Or Outdoor S$77.32Details
233047Pach & Company12SB79Relay Card For The 7000 Series$253.39Details
238973Pach & Company134VSCDvr Security Lock Box 13"W X 14"D X 5"H With Fan$107.44Details
207031Pach & Company178VSC**Eol**17"W X 18" D X 7" H Compac$80.19Details
238974Pach & Company185VSCDvr Security Lock Box 18"W X 18"D X 5'H With Fan.$120.27Details
277919Pach & Company245DLB21"W X 24D" X 8H" Dvd Security Lock Box$137.91Details
238975Pach & Company245VSC21"W X 21"D X 8"H Dvd Security Lock Box.$128.28Details
238976Pach & Company245WMKWall Mount Kit F/245Vsc$57.72Details
238977Pach & Company345DLBDvr Security Lock Box 21"W X 24"D X 13"H With Two$178.00Details
301738Pach & Company4000BP*Eol* Tenant Telephone Entry System Wit$728.17Details
277922Pach & Company4000P*Eol*Tenant Tac System Surface Mt$647.93Details
277923Pach & Company4000RTP*Eol* Tenant Tac Sys W/Rcvr/2Xmtrs$844.32Details
277925Pach & Company4BB4000 Series Back Box (Only)$208.59Details
301737Pach & Company4FPFace Plate Fully Loaded For Pi-4000,Pi-4000Rt$390.14Details
277926Pach & Company4IBM4000 Interceptor/Bypass Module$89.80Details
207033Pach & Company4MCPH4000 Series Microphone$24.06Details
207034Pach & Company4MSKT4000 Microphone/Speaker Kit Pach 4000 Mi$73.77Details
233048Pach & Company4PCBP4000 Series Complete Pc Board$457.64Details
238979Pach & Company4SPKR4000 Series Speaker Only$44.23Details
725138Pach & Company7000V250 Tenant/Code Surface Mount Voip, Free$854.74Details
914173Pach & Company7000VFF250 Tennt/Code Ful/Flush Mnt Voip,Free Ph W/Ggl Vc$979.82Details
894725Pach & Company7150FF*Eol* Tac System W/Trm Ring$671.13Details
238980Pach & Company7150FFP150 Tenant Tac Sys Full Flsh W/Trim Ring$754.98Details
233050Pach & Company7150NCFFP150Tnt Sys No Bill Full Flush$754.98Details
207035Pach & Company7150NCP150 Tenant Access Sys No Bill$690.29Details
277929Pach & Company7150PBasic Acess Sys (150 Tenant) Surface Mount$652.24Details
238982Pach & Company7250FFP250 Tnt Tel Enty Sys Full Flush$838.36Details
238983Pach & Company7250NCFFP250 Tenet Telephone No-Phone Bill Entry System Ful$838.36Details
207037Pach & Company7250NCP250 Tenant Main Lobby Panel For Aegis No-Bill Syst$791.69Details
233051Pach & Company7250PAgis 7000 Seres 250 Tenant Pnl$749.02Details
505206Pach & Company7BBBack Box Only F/7000 Series$352.57Details
233052Pach & Company7FPS/S Face Plate F/7000 Series$494.09Details
207038Pach & Company7LCDLcd For Aegis 7000 Sys$80.19Details
277933Pach & Company7LENSLens For Aegis 7000 Series$24.05Details
277934Pach & Company7LTKT7000 Reset Keypad Nitelite Kit$44.23Details
207039Pach & Company7MCPHMicrophne For 7000$29.25Details
233053Pach & Company7MSKTMicrophone Speaker Kit$72.16Details
301736Pach & Company7PCB150NCPComplete Mothrboard For The 7150Nc$499.49Details
238986Pach & Company7PCB150PComplete Mother Board For A Pi-7150P$499.49Details
207040Pach & Company7PCB250NCPComplete Mother Board For The Pi-7250Ncp$572.39Details
233055Pach & Company7PCB250PComplete Mother Board F/7250$342.89Details
238987Pach & Company7RBNCARibbon Cable$44.94Details
277935Pach & Company7SHLDSun Sheild F/All Aegis 7000 Series$73.77Details
277936Pach & Company7SPKR7000 Series Speaker$41.51Details
233056Pach & Company7UP25150Upgrade Eprom 7025 - 7150$102.19Details
505204Pach & Company8025Disc-Use Pcc-8050$935.81Details
207042Pach & Company8250FFP250 Tnt Tel Enty W/Sftwr Full Flush$900.90Details
207043Pach & Company8250P250 Tenant Tac Sys W/Sftwr Surface Mt$804.12Details
301735Pach & Company8CABCabinet For 8000 Empty$641.24Details
654256Pach & Company8FPFront Panel For 8000$494.09Details
654257Pach & Company8FPFFComplete Replacement Face-Plate For 8250Ffp$494.09Details
207044Pach & Company8LCDLiquid Crystal Dsply Dirct For 8,000 Srs$80.19Details
207045Pach & Company8LENSProtective Lens For 8000 Lcd$24.05Details
238989Pach & Company8LTKT8000 Recessed Keypad Light Kit$44.23Details
277940Pach & Company8MSKTMicrophone & Speaker Kit F/8000 Srs,Harness Incld$72.16Details
277941Pach & Company8PCB250PComplete Mother Board For Pi-8250P$612.89Details
233058Pach & Company8RBNCA8000 Lcd Ribbon Cable$52.93Details
238991Pach & Company8SHLDSunn Shield For 8000 Series$78.39Details
233059Pach & Company8SPKRSpeaker For The 8000 Series$47.84Details
712188Pach & Company91KCR1K*Eol* Advncd Ftr W/Sftware Pacs Sr$1,344.49Details
238992Pach & Company91KCR35FFP1000Tenants 3500 Cards/Codes. Full Flush Version$1,658.74Details
277945Pach & Company92KCR35FFP2000 Tenant/3500 Access Code Flush Mount$1,829.89Details
238993Pach & Company92KCR35NCFFP2000 Tenant 3500 Card/Codes Main Lobby No-Bill$1,934.99Details
791053Pach & Company92KCR35NCPMain Lobby Tes, 2000 Tenant, 3500 Access Code/Card$1,848.74Details
238994Pach & Company92KCR35P2000 Tenant/3500 Access Code Surface Mnt$1,748.26Details
207047Pach & Company9600CR25FFP600 Tenant W/2500Acc Codes Sftware Managed Tac Sys$1,461.90Details
238997Pach & Company9600CR25NCFF$1,323.74Details
238998Pach & Company9600CR25NCFFPNo Phone Bill M Lobby C/P 660T/2500 Access Codes$1,461.90Details
233063Pach & Company9600CR25NCP600 Tenant Telephone Entry System With C$1,374.55Details
238999Pach & Company9600CR25P600 Tnt/2500 Cards Sftwr Surf Mt.$1,453.74Details
277947Pach & Company9BB$515.69Details
233064Pach & Company9CABComplete 9000 Cabinet (Empty)$660.39Details
239000Pach & Company9CRLNSReplacment Screen For 9000$46.52Details
207048Pach & Company9FPFaceplate For Aegis 9000$579.14Details
337780Pach & Company9FPFFFully Loaded Face Plate Only For A Full Flush Syst$579.14Details
239001Pach & Company9LCDLcd Electronic Directory Kit$184.79Details
239002Pach & Company9LENSPlastic Lens For 9Lcd$35.53Details
277948Pach & Company9LTKTNight Light Kit For 9000$44.23Details
207049Pach & Company9MSKTMicrophone &Amp; Speaker Kit For 9000 Series$70.56Details
239003Pach & Company9PCB1KComplete Mother Board With Daughter Board$1,292.49Details
207050Pach & Company9PCB1KNCPCompete Mothrboard For 91Kcr1Knc$1,292.49Details
207051Pach & Company9PCB1KPComplete Mother Board With Daughter Board$1,292.49Details
233066Pach & Company9PCB2KPComplete Mother Board For The Pi-92Kcr35P$1,071.19Details
233067Pach & Company9PCB35PComplete Mother Board For Pi-91Kcr35P$1,448.74Details
654258Pach & Company9PCB600CR25PReplacement Mother Board For Aegisp 9600$929.20Details
233068Pach & Company9PCB600NCPComplete Mother Board For 9600Cr25Nc$1,431.24Details
239004Pach & Company9PCB600PComplete Mother Board For The Pcc-9600Cr$929.20Details
239005Pach & Company9PCD2KPMother Board For Pi-91Kcr35P$1,448.74Details
233069Pach & Company9RBNCA9000 Lcd Ribbon Cable$49.29Details
277951Pach & Company9SPKRSpeaker For The Aegis 9000 Series$36.24Details
852673Pach & CompanyAATA2Aegis Voip Analog Terminal Adapter$224.52Details
1079788Pach & CompanyADA1Audio Visual Alert Sys$239.39Details
732663Pach & CompanyAFOBS**Eol**Key Fob Afob Spec Order$5.98Details
207054Pach & CompanyAHHTAgis Hand Help Trans F/Awrr$31.89Details
277953Pach & CompanyAHHT2Egis Hand Held Transmitter 2 Btn For Weigand Awrr$40.59Details
233074Pach & CompanyAHP55" Heater Pad For Agis System$66.50Details
239010Pach & CompanyAKYSNRound Barrel Key Per Set Of Two$33.22Details
505195Pach & CompanyAMDMUsb, Pc Or Laptop Modem For Aegisp 8000P And 9000P$88.20Details
802599Pach & CompanyAPMGB*Eol*All Purpose Gang Box F$96.22Details
813150Pach & CompanyAPMGBL**Eol**Purpose Gang Box For Apm'S$128.28Details
870034Pach & CompanyAPMGBS*Eol*Small All Purpose Gang Box$72.16Details
277957Pach & CompanyARFRRadio Control Receiver$90.99Details
838677Pach & CompanyASP1*8Eol*Ac And Tel Line Surge Protector$35.58Details
301734Pach & CompanyBF33" Blower Fan For The Pi-134Vsc And Pi-185Vsc$53.16Details
207063Pach & CompanyBF44" Blower Fan For Pi-245Vsc, Pi-245Dlb & Pi-345Dlb$56.46Details
1021638Pach & CompanyCLENSAegis Camera Lens$31.89Details
277960Pach & CompanyEXMCB79Master Control Pc Board$373.94Details
277961Pach & CompanyEXRBNCARibbon Cable For Aegis No-Bill Expansion Cabinet$66.50Details
239019Pach & CompanyFCCBDPcb Board W/Modular Jack Phone$49.29Details
277962Pach & CompanyFFM7Full Flush Mnt Ring For 7000 Series$145.92Details
239020Pach & CompanyFFM8Full Flush Mounting Ring For 8000$145.92Details
207064Pach & CompanyFFM9Flush Mount Trim Ring$178.00Details
233193Pach & CompanyLCKYSNRound Barrel Lock W/Set Of Two Akysn$58.10Details
239021Pach & CompanyMCB79Mastr Cntrl/Up To 120 Tlpn Sta$658.79Details
239022Pach & CompanyMCROSWMicro-Swith Postal Lock$51.48Details
233194Pach & CompanyMS79012No Bill Fully Equipped Relay Cabinet 12$765.40Details
207065Pach & CompanyMS7902424 Tenant No Bill Intercom Kit$1,082.58Details
239023Pach & CompanyMS79036No Bill Multi Tenant Tac$1,527.49Details
207066Pach & CompanyMS7904848 Tenant Unit No Bill System$1,852.49Details
233195Pach & CompanyMS79060Fully Equipped No Bill 60 Tenant Relay C$1,940.14Details
207067Pach & CompanyMS79072No-Bill Fully Equipped Relay Cabinet For$2,094.78Details
239024Pach & CompanyMS7908484 Tennant No Phone Bill$3,093.74Details
301733Pach & CompanyMS79096First Relay Cabinet 96 Tenant Access Overstock$3,429.99Details
239025Pach & CompanyMS79108No Bill Fully Equiped Rly Cabnet 108 Ten$3,644.00Details
239026Pach & CompanyMS79120No Bill Fully Equipped Relay Cabinet$4,070.81Details
239027Pach & CompanyMSRBNCARibbon Cable For Pi-12Sb79 Line Card$49.29Details
277964Pach & CompanyMX7901212 Tenant Extension Cabinet$809.89Details
233196Pach & CompanyMX79024No Bill Fully Equipped Expansion Cabinet 24 Tenant$1,082.58Details
505186Pach & CompanyMX79048No Bill Fully Equipped Expansion$1,752.56Details
207068Pach & CompanyMX79084No Bill Fully Equipped Expansn Cabinet$2,926.66Details
207069Pach & CompanyMX79108No Bill Fully Loaded Expansion Cabinet 1$3,644.00Details
233198Pach & CompanyMX79120No Bill Fully Equipped Expansion$4,070.81Details
277965Pach & CompanyPIQC1IPNo Software Needed - Built In Card Rdr - Add Pi-Us$1,229.79Details
812027Pach & CompanyQ5VOIPVoip Residential Intercom W/ 10 Call Forwarding$1,220.69Details
759326Pach & CompanyQ5VOIPFFVoip Residential Intercom W/ 10 Call Forwarding$1,324.99Details
1044913Pach & CompanyQ9000IP1K Tenant, 2500 Cards, 1000 Codes, Ip Browser, Sur$2,000.28Details
1027252Pach & CompanyQ9000IPFF1000 Tenant, 2500 Cards, 1000 Codes, Ip$2,079.03Details
1027510Pach & CompanyQ9000VOIPVoip 1000 Tenant, 2500 Cards, 1000 Codes, Surface$2,286.63Details
1072682Pach & CompanyQ9000VOIPFFVoip 1000 Tenant, 2500 Cards, 1000 Codes, Full-Flu$2,365.38Details
916622Pach & CompanyQATA2Voip Analog Terminal Adaptor For Quantum Series$328.04Details
233199Pach & CompanyQC1Multi User Decicated Telephone Etnry Sys$936.64Details
654260Pach & CompanyQC1FF100 Ten/300 Crd/Cd 26Bit Wgnd,Rs-485,Full Flsh Mnt$1,097.19Details
505178Pach & CompanyQC1IPMulti-User Dedicated Telephone Entry$1,426.79Details
654261Pach & CompanyQC1IPFF100 Tenant, 300 Card/Code, Ip Browser, Built-In 26$1,820.39Details
654262Pach & CompanyQC1PCBMother Board For Quantum Qc1Ip$873.59Details
207070Pach & CompanyQC2IPMulti-User Ded Tacs (250 Tenants) Surface Mount;$1,445.98Details
654263Pach & CompanyQC2IPFF250 Tenant, 1000 Card/Code$CALLDetails
1038980Pach & CompanyQC2PCBReplacement Board For Qc2Ip$CALLDetails
277967Pach & CompanyQC3*Eol*Multi Tenant Telephone Entry System$CALLDetails
277968Pach & CompanyQC3IPMulti-User Ded Tacs (300 Tenants) Surface Mount;$CALLDetails
233201Pach & CompanyQC6Quantum 600 Tenant Tel Entry Ssytem With Built-In$CALLDetails
654264Pach & CompanyQC6IPMulti-User Dedicated Line Tac (600 Tenant, 2000 Ca$CALLDetails
654265Pach & CompanyQC6IPFF600 Tenant, 3000 Card/600 Code, Ip Browser, Built-$CALLDetails
844903Pach & CompanyQFANFan For Quantum Series$35.53Details
654266Pach & CompanyQFFQc And Qr Series Mounting Ring$151.19Details
654267Pach & CompanyQKYPLighted Keypad For Quantum Series$106.39Details
838930Pach & CompanyQKYPDReplacement Keypad For Quantum Series$109.19Details
815852Pach & CompanyQLCD512Quantum Lcd Directory$80.19Details
1039605Pach & CompanyQLENS512Quantum Lcd Lens$33.22Details
1011190Pach & CompanyQMSKTQuantum Microphone/Speaker Kit$79.79Details
654268Pach & CompanyQR4Single Tenant Residential Intercom Surface Mount$617.00Details
654269Pach & CompanyQR4FFSingle Tenant Residential Intercom Full Flush Moun$756.59Details
799648Pach & CompanyQR4PCBReplacement Part For Qr4 And Qr4Ff$457.64Details
505189Pach & CompanyQR5Single Residential Or 10 Tenant Advanced$743.05Details
654270Pach & CompanyQR5FFResidential Intercom W/ 10 Call Forwarding, Built-$863.68Details
239030Pach & CompanyQR5IPPi-Qr5 Combined W/(Pi-Qwcm Internet Programming)Call for Price.Details
654271Pach & CompanyQR5IPFFResidential Full-Flush Intercom Ip Browser$1,040.88Details
301732Pach & CompanyQR5PCBQr Series Telephone Entry System Control$662.65Details
239031Pach & CompanyQRFTTransmitter W/Antenna F/Qr5$18.75Details
207071Pach & CompanyQRHTHand Held Trnsmter W/Sun Visor$18.75Details
233204Pach & CompanyQRSAll-In-1-Cab 10 Tnt Tel Enty Tcp/Ip$786.49Details
337777Pach & CompanyQSK1000Slave Combo Keypad/Reader For The Quantum Series$243.75Details
505190Pach & CompanyQSK9*Eol*Satellite Key Pad F/Quantum Series$213.28Details
810833Pach & CompanyQSPKRSpeaker Replacement For Quantum Series$47.84Details
908790Pach & CompanyQVOIPVoip 600 Tenant, 600 Code, 3000 Card$1,521.24Details
802442Pach & CompanyQVOIPFFVoip 600 Tenant, 600 Code, 3000 Card Built-In 26-B$1,567.86Details
239032Pach & CompanyQVP5Video Camera For The Pi-Qr5$179.19Details
337776Pach & CompanyQVPCAnalog Color Camera For The Quantum Series$186.03Details
277970Pach & CompanyQWCQuantum Web Controller Module$309.14Details
207073Pach & CompanyQWCMQuantum Web Browser Communication Module$275.83Details
239033Pach & CompanyQWMCQuantum Web Controller Module$309.14Details
277971Pach & CompanySCR9For 9000 Series$282.14Details
277972Pach & CompanySCR9M26Bit Wiegand Rs45/Wiegand Contrllr Module F/9000$207.19Details
233207Pach & CompanySCR9PCBPc Board For 9000 Satellite Card Reader$236.59Details
239034Pach & CompanySCWMDoorstrike Communicator Module For The Pach Wirele$31.89Details
337775Pach & CompanySCWPSmartcomm Wireless Indoor Phone$67.90Details
239035Pach & CompanySCWTWireless Gsm Terminal For Quan$384.74Details
277976Pach & CompanySK9PCBComplete Pc Board F/Sk9$197.39Details
233210Pach & CompanySLEDLed Night Light Strip For Pi-Sk9 Or Scrp$51.48Details
277977Pach & CompanySSPW4St Steal 4" Reel 2 Per Pk$52.93Details
239036Pach & CompanySSPW66" Reel St Steal 1 Per Pk$42.78Details
233211Pach & CompanyTCC12 Telelphone Station Connector Cable$56.54Details
277979Pach & CompanyUA909Univer Adapter Plate For Upm Series 81/2W 12"H$36.98Details
239037Pach & CompanyUAP09Univ Adapter Plate For Upm$37.73Details
207074Pach & CompanyUAP64Univ Adapt Plate W/Upm Series 5"W 61/2H$26.67Details
239038Pach & CompanyUAP78Univ Adapt Plate W/Upm Series 6W 91/2 H$30.51Details
277980Pach & CompanyUBAT112 Volt Dc 40 Ul Battery For Use As Battery Backup$18.92Details
233212Pach & CompanyUCLAMUniv Clam Stl For Pi-Uwcr Or Pi-Uscr, 10 Pack$3.73Details
207075Pach & CompanyUCRM26Bit/Rs485 Controller Mod For Pi-Uwcr$195.64Details
233213Pach & CompanyUFOBUniv Fob F/Use W/Aegis And/Or Quantum Pi-Uwcr,10Pk$3.73Details
277982Pach & CompanyUISOCredit Card Style Proximity Access Card$29.90Details
239039Pach & CompanyUKYPDUniversal Aegis/Quantum Key Pad With Back Lit Keys$109.19Details
301731Pach & CompanyUKYPDFP7000 Series Keypad With Faceplate$92.39Details
239040Pach & CompanyUMCKUniversal Master Card Reader / Key Pad For Use Wit$572.39Details
207077Pach & CompanyUPM12E12" Ext Arm For All Univ Ped Mnts$35.53Details
207078Pach & CompanyUPM1LUniv Pedestal Lrg Mnt 47" 8X8 Mount Base$111.73Details
239041Pach & CompanyUPM1SUniversal Automobile Curb Mount Pedestal$84.99Details
239042Pach & CompanyUPM2Univer Ped Mnt Truck/Auto$238.95Details
277983Pach & CompanyUPM4S47" Univ Ped Mnt, 5"X5" Base Plate W/C$96.22Details
277984Pach & CompanyUPM52 Arm Pedestal Mount Post For Auto$165.19Details
233214Pach & CompanyUPM6L64" Univ Ped Mnt,8"X8" Base Plate W/C$129.91Details
207079Pach & CompanyUPMDB64Univer Pedestal Mount Direct Buriel 64"Lng$109.05Details
239044Pach & CompanyUPMGBGang Box F/Apm1 10X10$117.59Details
233216Pach & CompanyUPMGBLGang Box F/Apm1 20"H X 20"W X 2"D$136.32Details
233217Pach & CompanyUPMGBSAll Purpose Gang Box (Small) With Weather Hood Loc$72.16Details
207080Pach & CompanyUSCRUniversal 4In Range 26-Bit Wiegand Sarel$275.83Details
505194Pach & CompanyUSCRPCBUniversal Satellite Card Reader Circuit Board$271.59Details
277986Pach & CompanyUSKPUniversdal Satellite Keypad For Aeg$213.28Details
233218Pach & CompanyUSP1Lightning Protectr F/Aegis Srs$42.78Details
654272Pach & CompanyUSP2LLightning Surge Protector For Power And$176.40Details
239046Pach & CompanyUVPBBalun For Twisted Pair Wire Video Transmission$27.75Details
207081Pach & CompanyUVPCColor Video Camera For Use With All Quantum And Ae$181.20Details
277987Pach & CompanyUWCR26 Bit Card Rdr, Quantum And Aegis 9000Series$90.99Details
301730Pach & CompanyUXITMulti-Purpose Push Button Switch$29.90Details
233219Pach & CompanyXFMRPower Transformer For All Aegis Series$44.23Details