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Paging Systems

Paging Amps

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
113498AiphoneT3130BGM30 V Watt Intergrated Paging AmpCall for Price.Details
593163Bogen CommunicationsVMIXModular, 8-Inputs, Output Module, Compatible W/ Mi$347.22Details
1003461Bosch Security (CCTV)PLM4P220US4X220 Watt Amplifier; 4 Inputs With Dsp$1,667.86Details
1013042dbx Professional Products / Harman International135MAMixer/Amp 3 Input W/Volum Control$216.79Details
1000695dbx Professional Products / Harman International280MAMixer/Amp Dual 80 Watt$784.21Details
1003529dbx Professional Products / Harman InternationalG135MAHarman Crown Mixer Amplifier - 35W$228.21Details
802228MitekAA200PHD6-Input, 200-Watt Mixer Amplifier With A$780.16Details
236164MitekAL2430Atlas Learn Ir Mixer Amp$558.39Details
295593TOA ElectronicsM243LRack-Mount Mixer, 2 Mono/4 Stereo In, 2 Mono/1 Ste$743.46Details
515307TOA ElectronicsM864DRack-Mount Digital Audio Mixer W/Arc &Amp; F$2,577.24Details
741242TOA ElectronicsM864DCUMixer, Digital Audio, Rack-Mount, W/Arc & Fbs (4U)$2,589.29Details
290214TOA ElectronicsQD2012CDigital Fader Controller, For D-2000 Series Digita$3,970.40Details
291864Viking ElectronicsPA2AMlti Line Ld Ring Pager Amplifier$123.48Details
229653Viking ElectronicsSLP4Single Line Paging Controller With Cd Qu$493.30Details