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PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
883483PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave10001164Mounting Kit For Alpu-Poe Series$24.81Details
781628PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave10001206Chassis Holds Up To 16 Modules In 1Ru$43.18Details
809291PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave100012685 Vdc, 100 Mb/S Module, Fused$78.74Details
871857PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave100012703 Vdc, 1000 Mb/S Module, Fused$97.26Details
790694PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave10001270NF3 Vdc, 1000 Mb/S, Module Non Fused$87.99Details
828506PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1000130910/100 Bt, 1 Protection Module, Rj45 Connector In/Out (Tsj X6 Platform)$63.91Details
925154PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave10001332Gbe Single Protection Module (For Use In Tsj X6 Platform)$95.40Details
831303PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave10001334Additional Weather Proof Connectors ( Bag Of 5 Ea.)$124.80Details
888687PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave10001402Cpx 10/100 Poe Protection Module$86.14Details
766961PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1000140548 Vdc Module$138.01Details
803364PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11005921Tsj 6A (1Ft Cord)$69.47Details
896186PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1100647120 Vac, 15 A, Internal Fuse$115.74Details
749455PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1100692240 Vac, 10 A International Application$135.17Details
779034PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1100693240 Vac, 10 A, Internal Fuse International Application$135.17Details
863041PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1100855120 Vac, 15 A, Dry Contact Relays$174.08Details
809266PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1100954120 Vac, 15 A, Internal Fuse$135.17Details
770461PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101096Service Voltage - 24 Vdc - 48 Vpk$56.61Details
838624PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011001Tsj 10/100Bt Shielded Jack$97.26Details
875764PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011007Dc Edge 350A Dual Feed 8Tfd Installed$1,983.94Details
735386PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011008Dc Edge 350A Dual Feed 2Tfd Installed$1,818.55Details
872035PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101101448 Vdc - 3 Pair Surge Protector,20 A$276.93Details
837345PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101101824 Vdc Or 48 Vdc Outdoor Surge Buss Assembly$832.42Details
882816PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011024Outdoor Dc Protector 24 Vdc, 2.5 Ka$231.56Details
918807PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011025Outdoor Dc Protector 48 Vdc, 2.5 Ka$254.72Details
724513PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011026Outdoor Dc Protector 24 Vdc, 5 Ka$290.26Details
799025PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011027Outdoor Dc Protector, 48 Vdc, 5 Ka$329.58Details
916202PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101102810/100 Poe (Data Line Tbu &Amp; Gdt: Dc Power Line Gdt Only)$183.86Details
888281PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011030Gbe/Poe (Gdt Only)$221.37Details
722115PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110110442Gbe, 2 Protection Ports Shielded Rj45 Connector In/Out$193.54Details
776838PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110110712U Rack Mount Ac Distribution Solution$2,202.26Details
877240PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011074100 Mb/S Rj-45 Surge Protector$131.29Details
818550PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011082Sasd, Aar Terminals$101.89Details
913117PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011099Din Rail Mounted Track Signaling Protection 48 V$223.69Details
821657PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101110550 V Railroad Crossing Signal Surge Suppressor$231.56Details
719644PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011109Ul 94-5V Poe Shielded Rj-45 Surge Protector$145.88Details
920874PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011110Dc Defender 48-5$171.35Details
862854PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11011137Wall Mount Cpx Enclosure 2.00 X 7.00 X 3.41$110.22Details
864794PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101115270 Vpk, 66 Punch Down Block Clip Mounted, Twisted Pair Connector$52.77Details
923187PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110116245 Vpk, 66 Punch Down Bloc Clip Mounted, Twisted Pair Connector$52.77Details
769928PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101299120/240 Vac, Split Phase, Silicon With Mov Backup, Type 4$990.67Details
815997PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11013001T1/E1, 8 Position Rj48 Connectors And Wire-In Terminal Strip$92.39Details
716925PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101300220 Ka, Tsj 48-Clt High Power$106.01Details
882044PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101346120 Vac, Single Phase$213.02Details
765186PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11013561Rack Mount, Eight 20 A Circuits/Outlets$812.76Details
900722PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11013721Signal Line - 16 Vpk 2 Pair, 4 Wire$106.51Details
853238PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110137221Signal Line - 33 Vpk 2 Pair, 4 Wire$106.01Details
854778PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11013723Signal Line - 52 Vpk 2 Pair, 4 Wire$106.01Details
920996PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101424120/240 Vac, Split Phase, Silicon With Mov Backup, Wthrproof Encl$1,115.50Details
826914PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101429480/277 Vac, 3 Phase Wye, 10 Ka, Silicon$7,058.41Details
756114PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101438480 Vac, 3 Phase Delta 10 Ka, Silicon$7,411.33Details
715451PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110144044240 Vac, 3 Phase Delta Silicon$1,980.64Details
839410PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110144643240/415 Vac, 3 Phase Wye, Silicon$1,975.45Details
832852PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101460120/240 Vac, Split Phase, Silicon With Mov Backup$1,343.85Details
729649PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101464120/208 Vac, 3 Phase Wye, Silicon/Mov$2,105.70Details
871122PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110146867 Vpk 66 Punch Down Block Clip Mounted, Twisted Pair Connector$52.77Details
735045PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101534120 Vac, 15 A, Fused, Six Nema 5-15$356.37Details
836712PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101560Tsss 19" Rack Mount Power Strip #Rmp2-420A Nemal L5-20 Plugs$708.92Details
716447PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101571Sasd Surge Protection$203.00Details
898073PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101586Signal Line - 33 Vpk Conduit Mounted, 2 Wire 4-20 Ma, Capped$245.45Details
734114PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11016071Cctv Ptz Surge ProtectorCall for Price.Details
763537PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101608120V Surge Protection 15A And 20A Din Rail Panel Mount$286.02Details
777071PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110161324 Vdc, 190 A, Cctv Video Bnc Coax 4 Wire Data$193.58Details
889446PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11016201Tsj Ethernet,10/100 Base T Rj45, All Pins, 22V Clamp$87.99Details
926146PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110162412 Vdc, Sasd Plug-In Suppression Modules W/Status Indication$175.06Details
830009PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110162524 Vdc, Sasd Plug-In Suppression Modules W/Status Indication$183.81Details
788458PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110162648 Vdc, Sasd Plug In Suppression Modules W/Status Indication$175.06Details
845783PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101627120 Vac, Plug-In Suppression Modules W/Status Indication$230.62Details
924020PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101629240 V Din Rail Surge Protection$242.17Details
711745PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110164090 Vdc/90 V Data, Weatherproof Encl; Ul497A; 110 Idc Connector$273.22Details
760123PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110164948 Vdc, 3 Ethernet, Weather- Proof Encl, Terminal Strip Connector$212.11Details
855743PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110165048 Vdc, 2 Ds3 1 Ethernet, Weatherproof Encl; Tnc/Screw TerminalsCall for Price.Details
881898PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101656Vdc/13 V Data Weatherproof Encl; Rj45/Term. Strip ConnectorsCall for Price.Details
913994PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110167024 Vdc, Ethernet 8 Port Ships W/ 6, Weatherproof Encl.$816.21Details
857887PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110167813 Vpk, Data/Power Circuit Protector, 40288 Ma, 2 Pair$162.09Details
724661PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110167916 Vpk, Data/Power Circuit Protector, 40288 Ma, 2 Pair$162.09Details
913256PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110168032 Vpk, Data/Power Circuit Protector, 40288 Ma, 2 Pair$150.05Details
786681PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110168164 Vpk, Data/Power Circuit Protector 40288 Ma, 2 Pair$162.09Details
897437PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11017047.5 Vdc, 16 Port Cctv Video Bnc 19" Rack Mount, 2Ru$656.46Details
872738PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101707Single Crossing Railroad Suppressor, 50 Vpk$111.15Details
730455PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110172313 Vdc 1 Gps And 1 Ethernet Weatherproof Encl$289.70Details
884947PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101724118 Vpk, Data/Power Circuit Protector, 40288 Ma, 2 Pair$162.09Details
817334PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101738120/208 Vac, 3 Phase, Silicon With Mov Backup, Wthrproof Encl$1,302.50Details
727783PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110174012 Vdc Pots, Rj11 Protects 2 Wire Pins On Pins 2,3 And 4,5$110.22Details
909134PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101742Ethernet And -2 48 Vdc Lines Nema-4X Encl, Idc Punch Down -110$254.72Details
866109PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110174490 V Railroad Crossing Signal Surge Suppressor$147.27Details
785535PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101764120 V Railroad Crossing Signal Surge$147.27Details
758688PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101772AT1/E1, 6 Protection Ports Rj45 Connector In/Out$268.60Details
863765PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110180530 Vdc, Ethernet Weatherproof Encl$666.55Details
820805PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11018081120/240 Vac, Split Phase, Silicon/Mov$1,798.69Details
901465PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101808MM1120/240 Vac, Split Phase, Mov$1,014.87Details
794909PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11018091120/208 Vac, 3 Phase, Silicon/Mov$2,480.95Details
916393PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101809MM1120/208 Vac, 3 Phase, Mov$1,765.61Details
754773PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101826240 Vac, Single Phase, Silicon/Mov$477.35Details
738063PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11018281Ethernet, Rj45, Din Rail Or Rack Mount Surge Protector Module$54.40Details
886220PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11018301T1/E1 Rj45 Cat5 Din Rail Or Rack Mount Surge Protector Module$54.40Details
839164PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110186948 Vdc, W/Dry Relay Contact$226.93Details
853530PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110187360 Vdc/6 V Data, Poe Plastic Encl; Rj45 Connector$97.06Details
832723PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11018821Gbe, Rj45, Din Rail Or Rack Mount Surge Protector Module$78.74Details
867577PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110188755 Vdc, Poe Weatherproof Encl; Idc Connectors$180.61Details
744347PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110189760 Vdc/60 V Data, Poe, Plastic Encl; Rj45 Connector$97.06Details
901060PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110189890 Vdc/90 V, Data Poe Plastic Encl; Rj45 Connector$97.06Details
873403PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101900Dc Edge 350A Dual Feed - No Breakers, No Fuse$1,691.18Details
820987PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101901240/415 Vac, 3 Phase W/Npe$1,298.16Details
907986PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101905160 Vdc, Rj45, Poe Din Rail Or Rack Mount Surge Protector Module$61.26Details
732495PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11019236V Gbe, Plastic Encl; Rj45 Connectors$155.69Details
727531PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110193260 Vdc/6 V Data, Poe Weatherproof Metal Encl; Rj45 Connector$115.77Details
916648PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110193360 Vdc/60 V Data, Poe, Weatherproof Metal Encl; Rj45 Connector$115.77Details
772392PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110193490 Vdc/90 V, Data Poe Weatherproof Metal Encl; Rj45 Connector$115.77Details
750056PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11019356V Gbe Weatherproof Metal Encl; Rj45 Connectors$180.61Details
906596PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110195992 Vdc Poe, Metal Encl; Rj45 Connector$180.61Details
731280PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110197216 Port Chassis - Empty 19 Inch$128.74Details
780192PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11019778 Port Loaded, 10/100 Bt Non-Fused$558.21Details
792093PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11019788 Port Loaded, Gbe Non-Fused$683.75Details
735306PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11019798 Port Loaded, T1/E1 With Scalability To 16 Ports Non-Fused$558.21Details
921596PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101980120/240 Vac, Split Phase - Nema 3R Encl. 400 Vpk$808.25Details
719282PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101981120/240 Vac, Split Phase - Nema 3R Encl. 590 Vpk$769.76Details
812497PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11019878 Port Loaded, Ethernet With Scalability To 16 Ports Fused$620.73Details
822986PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11019888 Port Loaded, Gbe With Scalability To 16 Ports Fused$726.77Details
914103PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11019898 Port Loaded, T1/E1 With Scalability To 16 Ports Fused$576.09Details
823980PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101990Gbe, Single Port Shielded Jack$110.22Details
761024PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave1101994Gbe, Poe Shielded Rj-45, Ul 497B Rohs$106.51Details
746756PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110199510/100 Bt, 6 Protection Ports, Rj45 Connector In/Out$281.34Details
855371PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110201426480 Vac, 3 Phase Delta, 40 Ka, Mov$464.21Details
710979PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110201438248 Vdc, Mov W/Status Indication$110.22Details
787648PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110201442277 Vac, Single Phase 50 Ka, Mov$135.17Details
720549PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11020145230 Vac, Single Phase 50 Ka$96.29Details
901194PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11020146230 Vac, Single Phase 100 Ka$125.45Details
711985PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11020147230 Vac, Single Phase, 40 Ka, Mov$86.55Details
829323PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11020148230 Vac, Single Pole 20Ka, Gas Tube$76.83Details
756122PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110411000120 Vac/Low Power Signal Silicon, Din Rail$144.96Details
852988PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11041100112 Vdc, Silicon, Class Ii$144.96Details
869670PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave11041100224 Vdc, Silicon, Class Ii$144.96Details
726276PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110415000Surge Protector 120 Vac Silicon 5Ka W/Visual &Amp; Remote$212.11Details
874162PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110415001120 Vac, 10 Ka, Silicon, Replaceable Modules$194.47Details
899982PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110415002120 Vac, Solid Component, 50 Ka$135.17Details
859046PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110415003120 Vac, Modular Component, 50 Ka$76.83Details
738200PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110429000120 Vac, 15 A, Single Phase$96.29Details
728388PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave110429001120 Vac, 15 A, Fused Single Phase$96.29Details
855003PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave3PEEPGnd Kit 3 Port Earthd Entr$1,583.68Details
770649PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave5PEEPMGnd Kit 5 Port Modular$1,657.25Details
842191PolyPhaser / Smiths Microwave8PBMGnd Kit 8 Port Modular$1,792.08Details
726451PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveALLSXMArrestor Surge Emp Dc Block Rf Coax In Line 2 - G Ghz Nf-Nf$51.42Details
741173PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveALLSXMMALoop Filter 2-6 Ghz 10 W$51.36Details
771617PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveALLSXMRTMEPolyphaser Al-Lsxm-Rt-Me Coax Surge Protector Ini Lsx Revers Pin Tnc Male On Equi$101.89Details
885010PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveBFADAPTERAc Adapter Blkhd To Flng$10.91Details
766455PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveBFDKit Flange/Blkhd Din Adapt$16.71Details
844308PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveBGXZ60NFNFALT1.75-400 Mhz +/-60 V N Conn$126.90Details
758476PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveBGXZ60NFNMALT1.75-400 Mhz +/-60 V N Conn$133.22Details
892134PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCCKGnd Kit Cu Cleaning$73.64Details
793415PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCGXJ15NFNFA400-1200 Mhz Broadband$136.16Details
785777PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCGXJ36NFNFA400-1200 Mhz Broadband$136.16Details
795726PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCGXJ36NMNFA400-1200 Mhz Broadband$125.51Details
810278PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCGXZ15NFNFA400-1200 Mhz Broadband$116.70Details
721012PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCGXZ15NMNFA400-1200 Mhz Broadband$110.94Details
821632PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCGXZ24NFNFA400-1200 Mhz Broadband$107.58Details
750820PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCGXZ24NMNFA400-1200 Mhz Broadband$107.58Details
844926PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCGXZ36NFNFA400-1200 Mhz Broadband$116.70Details
865292PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCGXZ36NMNFA400-1200 Mhz Broadband$116.70Details
810460PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCS112100Ac Gnd Copper Strap, 100'$483.37Details
819290PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCS11225Ac Gnd Copper Strap, 25'$194.50Details
916628PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCS11250Ac Gnd Copper Strap, 50'$122.67Details
772061PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCS3100Ac Gnd Copper Strap,100'$768.04Details
895825PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCS325Ac Gnd Copper Strap$295.37Details
745783PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCS6100Ac Gnd Copper Strap$1,014.87Details
918387PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCS625Ac Gnd Copper Strap$397.45Details
748828PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCS650Ac Gnd Copper Strap$616.26Details
789989PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveCUSPGPGnd Single Pt Ground PnlCall for Price.Details
799028PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDASPDFF30Dual Band Frequency: 680 - 1000 Mhz, 1.7 - 2.3 Ghz W/Telemetry$147.91Details
880139PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDASPDFM30Dual Band Frequency: 680 - 1000 Mhz, 1.7 - 2.3 Ghz W/Telemetry$147.91Details
753452PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDASPDMF30Dual Band Frequency: 680 - 1000 Mhz, 1.7 - 2.3 Ghz W/Telemetry$147.91Details
716497PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDASTP0001Circular 8 Pin$193.58Details
912409PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXJ15DFDFA800-2500 Mhz Broadband$143.43Details
867222PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXJ15DMDFA800-2500 Mhz Broadband$143.43Details
762756PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXJ15NFNFA800-2500 Mhz Broadband$125.51Details
892913PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXJ24DFDFA800-2500 Mhz Broadband$143.43Details
733782PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXJ24NFNFA800-2500 Mhz Broadband$136.16Details
738013PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXJ36DFDFA800-2500 Mhz Broadband$143.43Details
814262PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXJ48NFNFA800-2500 Mhz Broadband$125.51Details
822418PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ06NFNFAHybrid, 6 Vdc Pass Rf Protector$111.15Details
835386PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ06NMNFA800 Mhz-2500 Mhz Broadband$116.70Details
910282PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ15DFDFA800 Mhz-2500 Mhz Broadband$125.51Details
899386PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ15NFNFA800 Mhz-2500 Mhz Broadband$111.15Details
748171PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ15NFNMA800 Mhz-2500 Mhz Broadband$193.76Details
847822PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ15TFTFA800 Mhz-2500 Mhz Broadband$111.15Details
788593PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ24DFDFA800 Mhz-2500 Mhz Broadband$125.51Details
907968PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ24NFNFA800 Mhz-2500 Mhz Broadband$107.58Details
921267PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ36NMNFA800 Mhz-2500 Mhz Broadband$116.70Details
885311PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ48DFDFA800 Mhz-2500 Mhz Broadband$125.51Details
721411PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ48NFNFA800-2500 Mhz Dgx-48V$107.58Details
904646PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDGXZ60NFNFA800-2500 Mhz Broadband$107.58Details
867768PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDSXLDCell Filter 700 Mhz-2.5 Ghz Din Connector$117.95Details
721916PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDSXLDMACell Filter 700 Mhz-2.5 Ghz$117.95Details
867451PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDSXLDMABFDsxl-D-Ma With Bf Adapter$129.28Details
712990PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDSXLDMASPCell Filter 700 Mhz-2.5 Ghz Din Connector With Sampler Port$136.82Details
910795PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDSXLDNPcs Filter 700 Mhz-2.5 Ghz$117.95Details
801686PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDSXLDSPCell Filter 700 Mhz-2.5 Ghz Din Connector With Sampler Port$136.82Details
719076PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveDSXLNSPcs Filter 700 Mhz-2.7 Ghz$102.12Details
746530PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveGSAKITDKit Gnd Strap Adapter Din$45.75Details
857065PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveGSAKITNKit Gnd Strap Adapter N$27.80Details
887023PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveGTHNFFALGas Tube Non-Replaceable$55.40Details
765372PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveGTNFMALGas Tube Non-Replaceable$45.33Details
871439PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIS50NXC0Broadband 1.5-400 Mhz R50$57.43Details
881186PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIS50NXC0MABroadband 1.5-400 Mhz R50$57.43Details
815707PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIS50NXC2Broadband 125-1000 Mhz R50$57.43Details
884588PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIS50NXC2MAN/M - N/F 125-1000Mhz$57.43Details
773349PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIS50NXC2MEBroadband 125-1000 Mhz R50$57.43Details
733737PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIS50UXC0Broadband 1.5-400 Mhz R50$64.19Details
722448PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIS75BB15Baseband Dc-30 Mhz R50$125.97Details
776356PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIS75BB18Baseband Dc-30 Mhz R50$125.97Details
905366PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIS75FC1Broadband 4-900 Mhz R70$58.35Details
896415PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISB50HNC0Broadband 1.5-400 Mhz R50$69.47Details
822539PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISB50HNC0MABroadband 1.5-400 Mhz R50, T.O. 1200 Vdc N Male-Ant$72.93Details
761840PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISB50HNC2Broadband 125-1000 Mhz R50$69.47Details
877927PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISB50HNC2MABroadband 125-1000 Mhz R5, T.O. 1200 Vdc N Male-Ant$72.93Details
768080PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISB50HNC2MEBroadband 125-1000 Mhz R5, T.O. 1200 Vdc N Male-Ant$72.93Details
773968PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISB50HUC0Broadband 1.5-400 Mhz R50$72.93Details
778711PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISB50LNC2Protector, Is-B50Ln-C2, 50 Ohm Dc Blcked, Bulkhead Mnt 125-1Kmhz, N$63.91Details
843922PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISB50LNC2MABroadband 125-1000 Mhz R50, Male-Ant$63.91Details
858351PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISB50LNC2MEBroadband 125-1000 Mhz R50, Male-Eq$63.91Details
797968PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISB50LUC0Broadband 1.5-400 Mhz R50$67.10Details
812494PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISNEMPC0Nuke Emp 1.5 Mhz-400 Mhz$95.40Details
924391PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveISNEMPC2Nuke Emp 125 Mhz-1000 Mhz$100.17Details
875514PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX1DC48Dc1@48V$68.07Details
727702PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX1MData1@31V$47.97Details
884280PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX1M1DC2412 V Dc1$92.39Details
886146PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX1PData1@110 V$50.36Details
817220PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX1TData1@210 V$72.93Details
821383PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX1T1DC12210 V Dc1$87.82Details
896912PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2DC12Dc2@12V$87.53Details
793775PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2DC24Dc2@24V$87.53Details
776921PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2DC48Dc2@48V$87.53Details
808624PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2HData2@90 V$97.26Details
764084PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2H1L1DC4812 V Dc1$134.30Details
824738PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2H2DC24Data2@90 24 V Dc2$136.16Details
868517PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2H2DC48Data2@90 48 V Dc2$136.16Details
723212PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2H2DC56Data2@9 56 V Dc2$136.16Details
801607PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2H2LData2@9V2@12V$138.66Details
921413PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2LData2@12V$72.93Details
852019PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2MData2@31V$72.93Details
857174PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2M1DC24Data2@31V 24 V Dc1$110.94Details
838893PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2PData2@90 V$72.93Details
917888PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX2TData2@210 V$106.51Details
875770PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX3H1DC24Data3@9V 24 V Dc1$134.04Details
814960PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX3LData3@12V$97.26Details
789644PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX3L1DC24Data3@12 24 V Dc1$141.02Details
834120PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX3M1DC12Data3@31 12 V Dc1$141.02Details
756202PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX3M2DC24Data3@31 24 V Dc2$152.82Details
795152PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX4DC24Dc4@24V$120.41Details
801132PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX4HData4@90 V$145.88Details
922290PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX4LData4@12V$121.58Details
900330PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX4MData4@31V$121.58Details
772673PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX5DC24Dc5@24 Vdc$145.60Details
766879PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX5NData5@64V$138.66Details
779616PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX5TData5@210 V$145.88Details
915672PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX6DC12Dc6@12V$157.15Details
836437PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX6DC246X Data 25 Mhz 33V$157.15Details
865857PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX6DC566X Data 25 Mhz 70 V Turn On$157.15Details
881095PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX6L6X Data 25 Mhz 12V Indoor$169.85Details
711600PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX6P6X Data 25 Mhz 90 V Indoor$169.85Details
753334PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIX6T6X Data 25 Mhz 200 V Indoor$169.85Details
767479PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIXALVRIGData Ix-2P1Dc56-Ig$138.94Details
903011PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveIXPOLEKITHardware Kit Ix$19.86Details
792016PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveJ1Ac Clamp 1/2-1 1/4In$31.74Details
893769PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveJ2Ac Clamp 1 1/2-2 1/4In$24.81Details
819001PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveLSXLMECell Filter 2 Ghz-6 Ghz$87.99Details
719757PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveMDS24FFBias Network 75 Ohm F Fem$115.77Details
800147PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowavePSXLDPcs Filter 1.4-2.8 Ghz$146.26Details
848450PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveRGTDc-2.4 Ghz Op60 Vdc$69.47Details
823692PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveRGTKITGASTUBEKit Gas Tube Replacement$19.86Details
784368PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveRRF160NFF160Mhz Band Pass Filter$222.29Details
745738PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveRRF160NFML160Mhz Band Pass Filter$222.29Details
877679PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveRRF220NFF220Mhz Band Pass Filter$222.29Details
716326PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveRRF220NFML220Mhz Band Pass Filter$222.29Details
713381PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveRRF450NFML450Mhz Band Pass Filter$222.29Details
898754PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveSXBLOCKDFMADc Short Filter 690 Mhz - 2.5$115.77Details
771230PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTK1Ac Kit Clamp 5/8-1 1/4$15.28Details
756513PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTK2Ac Kit Clamp 1 1/4-2 1/4$26.79Details
892801PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTK3Ac Kit Clamp 2 1/4-3 3/4$22.58Details
795230PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTK4Ac Kit Clamp 3 1/2-5$14.45Details
906773PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTSXDCDFMSx-Dc-Pass-Din Male/Female$123.19Details
901998PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTSXDFFBi-Directional Broadband, Short Filter Din Female-Ultra Low Pim$121.58Details
810875PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTSXDFMBi-Directional Broadband, Short Filter Din Female/Ma- Ultra Low Pim$121.58Details
765738PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTSXNFFCoax Rf Protector 40Ka Max 698Mhz And 2.7Ghz$87.99Details
786125PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTSXNFMRf Coaxial Protector 698Mhz And 2.7Ghz$87.99Details
843341PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTUSXDFFLow Pim, Dc Short Coaxial Protector$129.35Details
807591PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTUSXDFMLow Pim, Dc Short Coaxial Protector$129.35Details
851965PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTUSXNFFDc Short Coaxial Protector$102.12Details
910961PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveTUSXNFMDc Short Coaxial Protector$102.12Details
882421PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveUNIKIT2CCGnd Kit Cu To Cu$153.71Details
859330PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveUNIKIT2CTGnd Kit Cu To Tin$157.42Details
736167PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveUNIKIT2TCGnd Kit Tin To Cu$48.88Details
842199PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveUNIKIT2TTGnd Kit Tin To Tin$48.88Details
886812PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveUNIKIT4CCGnd Kit Cu To Cu$48.88Details
895730PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveUNIKIT4CTGnd Kit Cu To Tin$66.05Details
812058PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveUNIKIT4TCGnd Kit Tin To Cu$66.05Details
898838PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveVHF50HD100-512 Mhz Vhf Comb 750 W$129.35Details
770414PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveVHF50HN100-512 Mhz Vhf Comb 750 W$97.26Details
838212PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveVHF50HNMA100-512 Mhz Vhf Comb 750 W$97.26Details
728453PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveVHF50HNME100-512 Mhz Vhf Comb 750 W$102.17Details
831143PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveWK1Ac Kit Weatherproof$18.11Details
739715PolyPhaser / Smiths MicrowaveWSXMLoop Filter 6-10 Ghz 10 W$155.60Details