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Polycom / Intermedia

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
893337Polycom / Intermedia146552748040Auxiliary Power Supply Compatible With Powercam Plus$175.57Details
1016364Polycom / Intermedia220000699001Wireless Microphone System, Frequency A (171.905Mhz) For Poly 100 &Amp; 450$549.94Details
1003968Polycom / Intermedia220000699002Wireless Lapel Microphone With Frequency F = 203.400Mhz$549.94Details
1013229Polycom / Intermedia220000699002B1B1 Soundstation Wireless Lapel Mic$328.28Details
945591Polycom / Intermedia220007156001Vtx1000, Power Supply/ Interface Module$274.32Details
1007688Polycom / Intermedia220007242001Subwoofer W/Amplifier Kit For Soundstation Vtx 1000$216.43Details
983352Polycom / Intermedia22000780300212 Hour Talk Time Battery For Soundstation2W$69.43Details
928604Polycom / Intermedia22000780400224 Hour Talk Time Battery For Soundstation2W$125.23Details
1015464Polycom / Intermedia220007840001Extended Microphones For Soundstation 2W 2/Pk$274.32Details
1077480Polycom / Intermedia220011095002Headset Interface Adapters, 5 Pack Of 2.5Mm To Rj-9. Compatible With$93.91Details
1020586Polycom / Intermedia220012360025Soundpoint Ip 321, 2-Line Sip Desktop Phone With Integrated 2-Port 10/100 Ether$121.49Details
950847Polycom / Intermedia220012375025Soundpoint Ip 335, 2-Line Sip Desktop Phone With Hd Port 2 Port 10/100$203.15Details
1011513Polycom / Intermedia220012375225Soundpoint Ip 335, Symbol Keycaps, 2-Line Sip Desktop Keycaps, 2-Line$203.15Details
927652Polycom / Intermedia220012450001Soundpoint Ip 450 Ip Phone Hd Voice 3 Lines Country Group 63 Except Brazil$323.85Details
676217Polycom / Intermedia220012550001Soundpoint Ip 550 Sip 4 Line Ip Desktop Phones With Hd Voic Cg 63 Excluding Bz$363.23Details
944622Polycom / Intermedia220012560001Soundpoint Ip 560 Sip 4 Line Ip Desktop Phones With Hd Voic Cg 66 With Psupp$461.67Details
1081203Polycom / Intermedia220012560025Soundpoint Ip 560 Sip 4 Line Ip Desktop Phones With Hd Voic Cg 66 Wo Psupply$441.99Details
676218Polycom / Intermedia220012651001Soundpoint Ip 650 6-Line Hd Voice Ip Phone Usb Univ Ac Adapter$441.99Details
848388Polycom / Intermedia220012651025Soundpoint Ip 650 6-Line Ip Phone Hd Voice Compatible Does Not Include Ac Power$428.21Details
927709Polycom / Intermedia220012670001Soundpoint Ip 670 6-Line Color Display Ip Phone With Hd Voice$619.18Details
1083828Polycom / Intermedia220012670025Soundpoint Ip 670 6-Line Color Display Ip Phone With Hd Voice - Poe Eonly$589.65Details
676219Polycom / Intermedia220015600001Polycom Ip 6000$834.59Details
1019206Polycom / Intermedia220015660001Soundstation Ip6000 (Sip) Hd Voice Conf. Phone W/ Ac Power Kit$975.42Details
1043917Polycom / Intermedia220015810025Cx 3000 Ip Usb Conference Phon Poe Only$1,005.99Details
1044010Polycom / Intermedia220015855001Expansion Microphone Kit F. Cx3000 Inc. Mics And 2,1M Connection Cable$270.86Details
1059249Polycom / Intermedia220015987025Cx600 Ip Phone Poe Only$367.92Details
931262Polycom / Intermedia220016155001Extension Microphone Kit For Soundstation2 2/Pk$274.32Details
976297Polycom / Intermedia220017240002Computer Calling Kit, Allows Make Calls Over Internet$40.89Details
1066598Polycom / Intermedia220017569001Universal Power Supply Forspip 320,330,430,550,601&Amp;650 Pack Of 5$102.09Details
890818Polycom / Intermedia220017680001RBRb 5 Pk Handset & Cord For Vvx Phones$95.62Details
994377Polycom / Intermedia220018064025Vvx 1500 Dual (Sipyh323) Business Phone W/Video, Hd Voi$1,136.56Details
856580Polycom / Intermedia220023810001Hdx Ceiling Microphone Array Blk Sphr Arrayw/2'/60Cm Drop Cable + 25 Ft Ext Cb$1,505.74Details
818918Polycom / Intermedia220024010001Clink2 Crossover Cable 50-Ft Shielded Plenum Rated$326.81Details
827417Polycom / Intermedia220030900001Polycom - Ip 5000$642.59Details
945708Polycom / Intermedia220030900025Soundstation Ip5000 (Sip) Hd Voice Conference Phone Not Includ Pwr Suppl$589.65Details
977944Polycom / Intermedia220032301001Battery Replacement Kit (2-Pack) For Wireless Expansion$102.09Details
1002376Polycom / Intermedia220033206001Soundstructure Headset Interface Adapter W/ 25Ft Rj9 Handset$360.94Details
887635Polycom / Intermedia220040017003Cables (2) For Ssip7000 Ex Mic Each Is 25 Feet / 7.6 Meters$42.28Details
997870Polycom / Intermedia220040040001Extension Microphone Kit For Soundstation Ip7000$405.57Details
849530Polycom / Intermedia220040450001Vvx 201 Business Media Phone (Poe) - W/Pwr Supply$130.19Details
1013010Polycom / Intermedia220041220001Cable - Two (2) Expansion Microphone Cables, 2.1M/7Ft For Soundstation$42.28Details
1044941Polycom / Intermedia220041220002Cable - Two (2) Expansion Microphone Cables, 4.6M/15Ft For Soundstation$42.28Details
998007Polycom / Intermedia220043240001Universal Power Supply For Soundstation Ip5000 100-240V Na Power Plug$148.37Details
951873Polycom / Intermedia220044140001Polycom Communicator C100 Usb Speakerphone For Pvs &Amp; Ip Charcoal - Demo$177.02Details
927755Polycom / Intermedia220044300025Cx500 Ip Phone Poe Only$253.93Details
676221Polycom / Intermedia220044500025Polycom Vvx 500$355.04Details
823482Polycom / Intermedia220044600001Polycom - Vvx 600$473.84Details
756988Polycom / Intermedia220046135001Vvx 300 Bus. Media Phone (Poe) W/Hd Voice &Pwrsply$145.59Details
992162Polycom / Intermedia220046135025Vvx 300 6-Line Desktop Phone W Hd Voice. Compatible Partner Wt Power Supply$182.73Details
944786Polycom / Intermedia220046157025Vvx 400 12-Line Desktop Phone Hd Voice. Compatible Partner Wt Power Supply$264.40Details
768880Polycom / Intermedia220046161001Polycom Vvx 31$243.59Details
1049026Polycom / Intermedia220046161025Vvx 310 6-Line Desktop Phone Gigabit Ethernet With Hd Voice Wt Power Supply.$223.57Details
908600Polycom / Intermedia220046162001Polycom - Vvx 410$307.79Details
1082029Polycom / Intermedia220046162025Vvx 410 12-Line Desktop Phone Gigabit Ethernet With Hd Voice. Compatible$294.33Details
928978Polycom / Intermedia220046170001Universal Power Supply For Vvx 300, 310, 400, 410. 1-Pack, 48V$35.25Details
987758Polycom / Intermedia221507155001Extended Microphones For Soundstation Vtx 1000 2/Pk$405.57Details
998962Polycom / Intermedia221523327001Hdx Mica Microphone Array Compatible With Hdx Series W/25Ft/7.6M Walta Ca$655.97Details
955839Polycom / Intermedia221530043001Eagleeye View Main Camera. Compatible With Qdx, Cx7000 Or Hdx Series$2,125.69Details
881153Polycom / Intermedia223040300001Polycom - Soundstation Ip 7000$1,168.69Details
1008676Polycom / Intermedia223040500001Soundstation Ip7000 Multi-Unit Conference System$2,724.36Details
1065070Polycom / Intermedia2457004490018 Wire Console Cable Rj-45 Satellite To Premier Country Group:2$42.28Details
1035829Polycom / Intermedia245726764072Extended Length Black "Drop Cable" For Connecting Spherical Ceiling$245.00Details
935554Polycom / Intermedia245726765072Extended Length White "Drop Cable" For Connecting Spherical Ceiling$245.00Details
767894Polycom / Intermedia261432000RIntermedia Wireless Adapter$78.39Details
710874Polycom / Intermedia515075109001Polycom Realpresence Desktop 1 User 1 Year Premier$106.01Details
728425Polycom / Intermedia515075109005Polycom Realpresence Desktop 5 Users 1 Year Premier$482.34Details
976893Polycom / Intermedia515075109025Polycom Realpresence Desktop For Windows And Mac Os, 25 Users.$2,100.16Details
819640Polycom / Intermedia720069180001B2B2 Eagleeye Director With 1 Ee Iii Cam$5,228.14Details
755190Polycom / Intermedia723069725001Realpresence Debut - 1080PCall for Price.Details
912674Polycom / IntermediaCORDLESKTYw-Cisco & Yw-Cordlesst Kit$352.34Details
1030150Polycom / IntermediaG220012375025Soundpoint Ip 335, 2-Line Sip Desktop Phone With Hd Port 2 Port 10/100$233.77Details
814815Polycom / IntermediaP00001WIRELESSTMIntermedia Wireless Transmitter$78.39Details
963774Polycom / IntermediaSPA112Intermedia Fax Adapter$88.19Details
917321Polycom / IntermediaSPA303G1Cisco - Spa303G$125.99Details
760416Polycom / IntermediaSPA504GACCisco - Spa504G$200.19Details
717223Polycom / IntermediaSPA525G2ACCisco - Spa525$355.04Details
755914Polycom / IntermediaW52HDect Cordless Handsest$96.59Details
915565Polycom / IntermediaW52HKReplacement Dect Handset$96.59Details
783211Polycom / IntermediaW52PDect Cordless Handset & Base Unit-Incl Powersupply$137.19Details