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Potter Electric

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
725776Potter Electric0039201: CABLE (8 FT) & PLUG ASSY F/PTS-C$29.99Details
280729Potter Electric0090013Extra Contact, For VS-SP *Model Number: SWITCH-KIT* $27.24Details
246267Potter Electric0090018COVER TAMPER KIT$24.75Details
300623Potter Electric0090120For VSR-F, VSR-FE2, VSR-CF (2", 2 1/2" Sizes) *Model Number: HARDWARE-KIT* $14.75Details
497872Potter Electric0090121For VSR-F, VSR-FE2, VSR-CF (3"-8" Sizes) *Model Number: FLOW-HRDWR-KIT* $14.75Details
246268Potter Electric0090131Switch Tamper Kit, Includes OSYSU Outside Screw & Yoke Valve Supervisory Switch, PCVS Control Valve Supervisory Switch *Model Number: SUPV-TAMPER-KIT* $26.40Details
211780Potter Electric0090134COVER TAMPER KIT F/PSA PRES.SW$20.25Details
300622Potter Electric0090145KIT IFS STANDARD PADDLE$24.75Details
211782Potter Electric0090148Switch Tamper Kit, Includes Cover Tamper Switch, For VSR Waterflow Alarm Switch *Model Number: FLOW-TAMPER-KIT* $26.40Details
336408Potter Electric0090160KIT SMALL VEE CLAMP RBVS$17.25Details
300621Potter Electric0090165KIT LARGE VEE CLAMP RBVS$20.25Details
242214Potter Electric0090177Replacement / Test Kit, Includes (1) C1010 Mild Steel Corrosion Coupon, (1) Corrosion Monitoring Probe, (1) CDA360 Non-Ferrous Brass Coupon, Corrosion Coupon Insertion Confirmation Sheet, (1) 120cc Bottle w/ Cap, (1) Pair Of Latex Gloves, For Dry Pipe & A$1717.15Details
676232Potter Electric0090178CPRTK-2 2 COUPON/PROBE REPLACE KIT$1636.24Details
242215Potter Electric0090180Corrosion Monitoring Probe Kit, Dry Pipe, All Pipe Sizes *Model Number: PCMPK-1* $870.40Details
246269Potter Electric0090200Switch Tamper Kit, Includes Cover Tamper Switch, For Power Supply *Model Number: PRES-TAMPER-KIT* $26.40Details
859276Potter Electric0090201KIT COVER TAMPER SWITCH F/RBVS$28.49Details
242216Potter Electric0351047401AMSECO WHITE BOX W/TOUCH TRACK$54.81Details
676234Potter Electric1000015SSU00500SSU-00500 BATTERY CABINET$137.19Details
300620Potter Electric1000018Sprinkler System Pressure Switch, Bleeder Valve Lever Type, BLV *Model Number: BVL* $54.27Details
676238Potter Electric1000130CR-165C ROR NORMALLY CLOSED$58.79Details
246270Potter Electric1000136Heat Detector, Outdoor, Fixed Temperature, 135-Degrees Fahrenheit *Model Number: CF-135-MP* $77.83Details
336407Potter Electric1000139CR200MPCR-200-MP 200F ROR WEATHER PRF HEAT$88.19Details
300619Potter Electric1000141CR200WHEAT DETECTOR 200 DEGREE RATE OF RISE$15.16Details
676246Potter Electric1000142Heat Detector, Fixed Temperature, 135-Degrees Fahrenheit, White *Model Number: CF-135W* $15.51Details
242217Potter Electric1000143Heat Detector, Fixed Temperature, 200-Degrees Fahrenheit, White *Model Number: CF-200W* $15.51Details
676248Potter Electric1000148Heat Detector, Combination, Fixed Temperature / Rate-Of-Rise, 135-Degrees Fahrenheit, Explosion-Proof *Model Number: CR-135EWT* $263.19Details
497864Potter Electric10001491CR-200-2-EWT$303.74Details
497874Potter Electric1000149CR200EWT200F ROR EXPLSN PRF HEAT$225.39Details
750067Potter Electric1000161CR135-2CO-MP FORM A HEAT DET$130.19Details
904613Potter Electric1000163CF-165-MP 165F SEALED HEAT DET$107.79Details
878770Potter Electric1000221ATC1ATC-1 AUTO TEST SWITCH$111.99Details
676251Potter Electric1000251Accessory, Alarm Horn, Alarm LED, Trouble, PILOT, Key Rest *Model Number: MS-RH/KA/P/A/T* $61.78Details
211786Potter Electric1000252Accessory, Remote Alarm Horn, Alarm LED Red, PILOT LED Green, Key-Operated Test / Reset Switch *Model Number: MS-RH/KA/P/R* $63.74Details
676252Potter Electric1000253Accessory, Remote Alarm, PILOT, Test / Rest *Model Number: MS-KA/P/R* $42.53Details
676253Potter Electric1000253MSKAPRREM.ALARM,PILOT,TEST/RES$44.94Details
676254Potter Electric1000254Accessory, Remote Alarm & Key Test / Reset *Model Number: MS-KA/R* $36.45Details
676255Potter Electric1000255Accessory, Remote Alarm Test / Reset *Model Number: MS-RA/R* $24.30Details
676256Potter Electric1000256Accessory, Remote Alarm LED, Red *Model Number: MS-RA* $14.75Details
676258Potter Electric1000258Accessory, DPDT, 12 VDC / 115 VAC / 230 VAC, 10 Amp, Gray Enclosure, For Fire Alarm Control Panel *Model Number: MR-201/C* $28.49Details
676259Potter Electric1000260Accessory, SPDT, 12 VDC / 115 VAC / 230 VAC, 10 Amp, Track, Hardware *Model Number: MR-101/T* $15.09Details
676260Potter Electric1000262Accessory, Relay, 24 VDC / 24 VAC / 115 VAC, 10 Amp, Encapsulated *Model Number: PAM-1* $14.75Details
280731Potter Electric1000263Accessory, 10' Sampling Tube, For 5'-10' Duct Width *Model Number: STS-10* $18.86Details
211787Potter Electric1000266Duct Sampling Tube, 2.5 Feet *Model Number: STS-2.5* $9.22Details
676261Potter Electric1000268Accessory, Relay, 9-40 VDC, 10 Amp, Form C, Encapsulated *Model Number: PAM-4* $14.75Details
246271Potter Electric1000313DPC PROGRAMMING CABLE FOR PFC7500$326.69Details
280732Potter Electric1000314RELAY MODULE FOR 7500 SERIES$9.39Details
280733Potter Electric1000394FRAME TRANSFORMER FOR PFC7500 PANEL$31.89Details
280734Potter Electric1000395Accessory, RJ31X Phone Jack *Model Number: RJ31X* $5.53Details
497875Potter Electric1000396Accessory, RJ31X, 4' Phone Cord, Plug-Plug *Model Number: RJ31X* $6.53Details
497876Potter Electric1000397Accessory, RJ31X Phone Jack, 4' Cord Kit *Model Number: PPCJ* $6.53Details
246272Potter Electric1000401Pull Station, Outdoor, Single-Action, SPST, Red *Model Number: RMS-1T-WP* $75.87Details
280735Potter Electric1000403Pull Station, Outdoor, Dual-Action, SPST, Red *Model Number: RMS-1T-WP-LP* $104.80Details
300618Potter Electric1000404RMS-1T-LP-WP-KL RED FIRE ALARM$144.19Details
280736Potter Electric1000406Pull Station, Outdoor, Dual-Action, Hex-Key Reset, Explosion Proof, Red *Model Number: RMS-6T-EXP-WP-LP-KL* $383.49Details
676267Potter Electric1000409RMS-6T-EXP-WP-LP-KL RED EXPL PRF$391.49Details
280737Potter Electric1000442Backbox, Indoor, Blue, For Pull Station *Model Number: RMS-BB-B* $16.34Details
676270Potter Electric1000447Pull Station, Fire Terminal, Single-Action, SPST, Hex-Key Reset, Red *Model Number: P32-1T* $23.04Details
211788Potter Electric1000456SP1TBLPRED PULL STATION KEYLOCK TOGGLE SWITCH$37.69Details
497877Potter Electric1000457CAT 45 KEY RESET "FIRE ALARM" WITH WHITE LETTERING$71.39Details
242221Potter Electric1000468Accessory, Sampling Tube, 2.5-5 Foot, For Duct Smoke Detectors *Model Number: STS-5.0* $11.06Details
211789Potter Electric1000470Accessory, Rod, Glass Break, Replacement, For Pull Stations *Model Number: GLASS-ROD* $2.24Details
809071Potter Electric10004802RMS-LP BLUE LIFT & PULL COVER F/PULL STA$23.99Details
860783Potter Electric1000483SGBRSGB-R SINGLE GANG BOX-RED$10.38Details
280738Potter Electric1000499KEY FOR THE P32 PULL STATION$2.80Details
242222Potter Electric1000560STROBE HORN SIGN COMBO$99.39Details
246273Potter Electric1000600BLUE RMS1T EMERGENCY DOOR RELEASE$61.59Details
676281Potter Electric1000618RMS-1T BLUE MEDICAL$47.13Details
211791Potter Electric1000620RMS-1T-WP WTHR PRF SNGL ACTION YLW - PULL REACTION$156.79Details
242225Potter Electric1000624RMS-1T-LP-WP YELLOW "FOAM RELEASE"$156.79Details
242226Potter Electric1000626PULL STATIONS RMS-1T-WP BLUE W/EMO$120.39Details
242230Potter Electric1000655RMS1T-LP RED FIRE SUPPRSN RLS$57.28Details
246277Potter Electric1000660BLUE RMS6T EMERGENCY DOOR RELEASE$58.79Details
676285Potter Electric10006782RMS-1T-WP-LP-KL BLUE "EMERGENCY"$152.59Details
300611Potter Electric1000715RMS-1T-LP BLUE EMERGENCY POWER OFF$55.83Details
336403Potter Electric1000716RMS-1T-LP BLUE EMERGENCY VENT ON$55.83Details
242231Potter Electric1000738RMS-6T BLUE "PULL TO EXIT"$61.59Details
280743Potter Electric1000740RMS-1T BLUE "EMERGENCY SHUT OFF"$47.13Details
676287Potter Electric1000755Strobe / Horn / Sign Combo, 24 VDC *Model Number: SASH-24* $99.72Details
676288Potter Electric1000760Strobe / Horn / Sign Combo, 120 VAC *Model Number: SASH-120* $99.72Details
676290Potter Electric100RU1430110100RU BEAM DETECTOR 330FT$603.44Details
753166Potter Electric1010102OSY SUPV SWTCH 1 CONTACT$79.79Details
242233Potter Electric1010117Sprinkler Accessory, Water Level Switch, For Wood Or Steel Tank *Model Number: WLS* $897.27Details
211794Potter Electric1010118Switch, Supervisory, Water Column, 1/2 Inch NPT Connection, For Detecting Water Above The Dry Valve *Model Number: WCS-1/2"* $172.45Details
242234Potter Electric1010119Switch, Supervisory, Water Column, 3/4 Inch NPT Connection, For Detecting Water Above The Dry Valve *Model Number: WCS-3/4"* $172.45Details
713365Potter Electric1010121OSY EXPLOSION PROOF$885.29Details
797801Potter Electric1010202OSY SUPV SWTCH 2 CONTACT$86.79Details
903505Potter Electric1010203POST SUPV SWITHC$79.79Details
852013Potter Electric1010210OSY CORROSION RESISTANT$139.99Details
849338Potter Electric1010211PCVS CORRISION RESISTANT$120.39Details
280745Potter Electric1029030Sprinkler Monitoring Switch, Assembly Replacement VSR *Model Number: RETARD/SWITCH* $49.82Details
676301Potter Electric1029035RETARD/SWITCH REPL VSR PRE-3008$49.29Details
280746Potter Electric1029040Accessory, Electronic Retard, For VSR-F Waterflow Switch *Model Number: RETARD* $40.90Details
866972Potter Electric1029073RETARD ASSY F/VSR-F$43.49Details
242235Potter Electric1113202Waterflow Switch, 2", VSRF-EX, Vane-Type, Retard, For Schedule 10/40 Pipe, Explosion-Proof, 2 Contacts, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSR-F-EX-2* $1391.39Details
242236Potter Electric1113203Waterflow Switch, 3", VSRF-EX, Vane-Type, Retard, For Schedule 10/40 Pipe, Explosion-Proof, 2 Contacts, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSR-F-EX-3* $1391.39Details
242237Potter Electric1113204Waterflow Switch, 4", VSRF-EX, Vane-Type, Retard, For Schedule 10/40 Pipe, Explosion-Proof, 2 Contacts, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSR-F-EX-4* $1391.39Details
247363Potter Electric1113205Waterflow Switch, 5", VSRF-EX, Vane-Type, Retard, For Schedule 10/40 Pipe, Explosion-Proof, 2 Contacts, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSR-F-EX-5* $1391.39Details
247364Potter Electric1113206Waterflow Switch, 6", VSRF-EX, Vane-Type, Retard, For Schedule 10/40 Pipe, Explosion-Proof, 2 Contacts, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSR-F-EX-6* $1391.39Details
280747Potter Electric1113208Waterflow Switch, 8", VSRF-EX, Vane-Type, Retard, For Schedule 10/40 Pipe, Explosion-Proof, 2 Contacts, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSR-F-EX-8* $1465.06Details
247365Potter Electric1113225Waterflow Switch, 2 1/2", VSRF-EX, Vane-Type, Retard, For Schedule 10/40 Pipe, Explosion-Proof, 2 Contacts, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSR-F-EX-2.5* $1391.39Details
280748Potter Electric1113225VSRFEX2122 1/2" EXPLSN PROOF WATER FLOW SWITCH$1322.49Details
280749Potter Electric1113235Waterflow Switch, 3 1/2", VSRF-EX, Vane-Type, Retard, For Schedule 10/40 Pipe, Explosion-Proof, 2 Contacts, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSR-F-EX-3.5* $1391.39Details
280750Potter Electric1116050Switch, Waterflow, 2", VS-G, Low-Flow, Retard, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSG-2* $241.67Details
211797Potter Electric1116051Switch, Waterflow, 2 1/2", VS-G, 73MM, Low-Flow, Retard, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSG-2.5-73* $241.67Details
280751Potter Electric1116052Switch, Waterflow, 2 1/2", VS-G, 76MM, Low-Flow, Retard, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSG-2.5-76.1* $241.67Details
242238Potter Electric1116053Switch, Waterflow, 3", VS-G, Low-Flow, Retard, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSG-3* $241.67Details
242239Potter Electric1116054Switch, Waterflow, 4", VS-G, Low-Flow, Retard, For Sprinkler Sys *Model Number: VSG-4* $241.67Details
211798Potter Electric1119062RESIDENTAL RISER 1" W/OUT CHECK VALCE$242.19Details
280752Potter Electric1119067Residential Riser, 1 Inch, w/ Check Value, 3.5 Inch Hauge, 1 Inch Drain Valve, 3-Way Valve, Relief Valve Outlet Tee *Model Number: RD13-1"* $253.01Details
247366Potter Electric1119077Residential Riser, 1 1/4 Inch, w/ Check Value, 3.5 Inch Hauge, 1 Inch Drain Valve, 3-Way Valve, Relief Valve Outlet Tee *Model Number: RD13-1-1/4"* $265.92Details
211800Potter Electric1119087Residential Riser, 1 1/2 Inch, w/ Check Value, 3.5 Inch Hauge, 1 Inch Drain Valve, 3-Way Valve, Relief Valve Outlet Tee *Model Number: RD13-1-1/2"* $296.01Details
211801Potter Electric1119097Residential Riser, 2 Inch, w/ Check Value, 3.5 Inch Hauge, 1 Inch Drain Valve, 3-Way Valve, Relief Valve Outlet Tee *Model Number: RD13-2"* $332.59Details
211802Potter Electric1119172Corrosion Test Kit, Back-Pak *Model Number: BAC-PAK* $226.81Details
676313Potter Electric1119174Corrosion Test Kit, 5-Year Deposit/Sludge *Model Number: SLUDGE-KIT* $616.17Details
211803Potter Electric1119176Corrosion Test Kit, Iron *Model Number: IRON-KIT* $85.25Details
211804Potter Electric1119178Corrosion Test Kit, Water WTK *Model Number: WTK* $385.01Details
211805Potter Electric1119546PCMSRMCORROSION MONITOR STATION$1026.99Details
676318Potter Electric1119784NGP-SPV NITROGEN SELF PURGE VALVE$661.49Details
247368Potter Electric1144435Saddle Type Flow Switch *Model Number: VSR-3.5* $131.78Details
280753Potter Electric1144460Threaded Flow Switch, Glue In Union, For CPVC *Model Number: VSR-SG* $138.82Details
840669Potter Electric1340415PS152PS15-2 HIGH/LOW PRESSURE INDICATOR 5-30 PSI DPDT$102.19Details
280755Potter Electric1370010Adjustable Deadband Pressure Switch, 20-300 PSI, 1/4", NPTF, Beryllium Copper Diaphragm, Brass Base *Model Number: ADPS-300-1B* $208.82Details
280756Potter Electric1370020Deadband Pressure Switch, Adjustable, 20-300 PSIG, 1/4" NPTF, Beryllium Copper Diaphragm w/ SS Isolator *Model Number: ADPS-300-1S* $445.34Details
211807Potter Electric1370030Deadband Pressure Switch, Adjustable, 20-300 PSIG, 3/8" NPTF, Beryllium Copper Diaphragm w/ SS Isolator *Model Number: ADPS-300-2S* $334.85Details
247370Potter Electric1370040Adjustable Deadband Pressure Switch, 50-600 PSIG, 1/4" NPTF, *Model Number: ADPS-600-1B* $208.82Details
211808Potter Electric1370050Switch, Adjustable, Deadband Pressure, 50-600 PSIG, 1/4 Inch NPTF, Beryllium Copper Diaphragm w/SS Isolator *Model Number: ADPS-600-1S* $439.68Details
280757Potter Electric1370060Adjustable Deadband Pressure Switch, 20-300 PSIG, 1/4" NPTF, Beryllium Copper Diaphragm w/SS Isolator *Model Number: ADPS-600-2S* $325.81Details
280758Potter Electric1370080Switch, Adjustable, Deadband Pressure, 20-30000 PSIG, 1/2 Inch NPTF, Beryllium Copper Diaphragm, Brass Base *Model Number: PCS-300-1B* $208.82Details
497829Potter Electric1430002AHD-H-CN ANALOG HEAT DTCT HEAD$57.99Details
280759Potter Electric1430004APS-H-CN PHOTO SMK DETCTR HEAD$57.99Details
300609Potter Electric1430005ASB-6 ANALOG SMOKE/HEAT BASE$9.39Details
280760Potter Electric1430006BPS2-WIRE BASELESS PHOTO$40.59Details
676340Potter Electric1430009Duct / Smoke Detector, Photoelectric, UL *Model Number: DSD-P* $120.83Details
497775Potter Electric1430012Photoelectric Detector, 2-Wire, 24V w/ Terminal *Model Number: PS-24H* $49.42Details
497776Potter Electric1430013Base/Relay, 43mA *Model Number: HSC-4R* $20.96Details
676342Potter Electric1430014Smoke Base, 46mA Draw, 6" Base, 24v *Model Number: SB-46* $8.05Details
676343Potter Electric1430015Smoke Base / Relay, 81mA Draw, 6" Base, 24v *Model Number: SB-81R* $27.66Details
676344Potter Electric1430016Smoke Base, 93mA Draw, 6" Base, 24V *Model Number: SB-93* $8.05Details
815136Potter Electric1430022AMS MODEL FRCM 2 FAST RESPONSE CONT MON$50.26Details
903854Potter Electric1430024AMS PSCI SHORT CIRCUIT ISOLATOR$64.15Details
676352Potter Electric143010050RU BEAM DETECTOR 160 FT$480.79Details
676355Potter Electric1430130Beam Detector, Explosion-Proof *Model Number: F2000* $2976.90Details
796559Potter Electric1430270DH1224SPCDH-1224-SPC$65.79Details
749424Potter Electric1430271DH1224RPCDH-1224-RPC$56.70Details
676407Potter Electric1430501Strobe, Explosion-Proof, Red, 24 VDC *Model Number: FSEX-24PMR* $1510.45Details
336400Potter Electric1430502Strobe, (80) High Intensity Flashes Per Minute, Cast Aluminum Housing, 316-Grade Stainless Steel, Powder Coat, Red, Explosion-Proof, Glass Dome, Pendant Mount, 3/4 Inch, 24 VDC *Model Number: FSEX-HI* $1672.81Details
743960Potter Electric1430503WMXCWMXC-R WALL MOUNT ADAPTER FOR FSEX$615.59Details
740577Potter Electric1430506CMXC-R-SB CEILING MOUNT BRACKET F/ FHEX & FSEX$364.49Details
775106Potter Electric1430515FSEX-24PMB-MOD BLUE EXPLOSION PROOF STROBE$1683.74Details
300608Potter Electric1430600DK38U ANALOG PHOTO SMOKE DETECTOR$56.54Details
300607Potter Electric1430616FQ101U SHORT CIRCUIT ISOLATOR MODULE$52.93Details
247371Potter Electric1430710FRR01UP-DA NO CONTACT MODULE$50.74Details
300606Potter Electric1430712FRR01UP-SL SUPERVISED OUTPUT MODULE$71.39Details
211809Potter Electric1430713FRR01UP-SS RELAY MODULE$56.70Details
300605Potter Electric1430715FRR01UP-M MANUAL STATION MODULE$51.48Details
835227Potter Electric1430800Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Includes Digital Communication Path, (2) LED Alarm Indicators For 360-Degree Viewing, Durable Plastic Housing, Multiple Mounting Options, Eggshell White Finish, 22-24 VDC, Compatible w/ Multiple Potter Series Addressable Fire$55.90Details
865692Potter Electric1430802DSA DUCT SMOKE DETECTOR$56.70Details
725847Potter Electric1430967CZ-6 CONVENTIONAL ZONE INTERFA$242.19Details
247372Potter Electric1500001Weatherproof Backbox *Model Number: BBK-1* $14.75Details
676410Potter Electric1610225Horn, Mini, 120 VAC, White *Model Number: MH-120W* $28.49Details
242242Potter Electric1810120Bell, 10", 12 VAC, For Fire & Burglary *Model Number: PBA-12010* $38.48Details
280761Potter Electric2000008POTTER SOUND ALARM$69.99Details
211810Potter Electric2000041Microphone, Test Buzzer, Surface Mount *Model Number: PSM-T* $76.17Details
921195Potter Electric2000106APC ACCUMULATOR F/VSA$105.84Details
242244Potter Electric20091031PC ASSEMBLY FOR THE VSA$201.25Details
211811Potter Electric2020129POTTR END OF LINE RESISTR ASSY$7.90Details
280762Potter Electric2020130Hold Up Button, Potter, Momentary *Model Number: HUB-M* $13.27Details
211813Potter Electric2020250Master Unit, Same As EVD-1 But Expandable *Model Number: EVD-M* $238.55Details
211814Potter Electric2020260PICK-Up Unit *Model Number: EVD-R* $83.69Details
242249Potter Electric2020410Specialty Contact Switch, High Security Contact, LV.2 *Model Number: P2S-000* $248.95Details
242250Potter Electric2020411Specialty Contact Switch, Embedded Resistor, F / DMP / Bosch Pane *Model Number: P2S-001* $265.45Details
242251Potter Electric2020420Specialty Contact Switch, Dual Contact, High Security Contact, SW, LV2 *Model Number: P2D-000* $296.77Details
280765Potter Electric2029127REPLACEMENT PC ASSEMBLY BOARD FOR EVD-C$176.40Details
211816Potter Electric2040001Sys Trouble Alarm *Model Number: PSTA* $201.39Details
722127Potter Electric27101*eol*$1.72Details
247375Potter Electric30010000RED ABORT SWITCH$124.59Details
676442Potter Electric3001003Switch, Main / Reserve, DPDT, Key-Operated, (1) Green & (1) Yellow LED, Indoor, Stainless Steel Faceplate, Mounted To Single-Gang Electrical Enclosure, 24 VDC, 10 mA, UL-Listed *Model Number: MRS-MAIN* $74.30Details
761508Potter Electric3001004ABORT SWITCH ASSEMBLY - BLUE$124.59Details
676443Potter Electric3001010Accessory, Pull Station, Red, For Potter Releasing Fire Alarm Control Panels *Model Number: MAS-MAIN/ABORT* $149.38Details
676444Potter Electric3001011Accessory, Pull Station, Yellow, For Potter Releasing Fire Alarm Control Panels *Model Number: MAS-MAIN/ABORT* $149.38Details
676445Potter Electric3001012Mounting Plate, For MAS Series Stations *Model Number: MAS-MP* $103.63Details
247376Potter Electric3001172TRANSFRMR ASSEMBLY F/PFC PANEL$53.64Details
676446Potter Electric3002115Accessory, Adder Card Series 5000, 4 Zone, 2 Signal, For Fire Alarm Control Panel *Model Number: ZA-42* $134.92Details
676448Potter Electric3002125Accessory, Relay Card Series 5000, 8 Adder, For Fire Alarm Control Panel *Model Number: ARM-8* $116.54Details
796066Potter Electric3002181EOLP-D END OF LINE PLATE F/DIODE$12.19Details
497778Potter Electric3002275Accessory, LED Annunciator, 8 Zone, White, For Fire Alarm Control Panel *Model Number: RA8FW* $157.21Details
497779Potter Electric3004725Option, DPDT Relays (3), 1st Alarm, 2nd Alarm, Discharge Functions *Model Number: ARM-2* $56.30Details
497790Potter Electric3004726Optional 4PDT Relay With Socket (5A) 1st Alarm Functions *Model Number: ARM-1* $56.31Details
242252Potter Electric3005012Accessory, Diode Assembly, End-Of-Line, For PFC-4410RC Control Panels *Model Number: EOLD* $6.03Details
211818Potter Electric3005013Accessory, Resistor Assembly, End-Of-Line, For PFC-4410RC Control Panels *Model Number: EOLR* $7.04Details
676451Potter Electric3005300Releasing Control, Notification Circuit Module, Class A *Model Number: CAM* $38.48Details
676452Potter Electric3006013Initiating Device, Class A *Model Number: CA2Z* $34.83Details
242253Potter Electric3006230Accessory, Board, Replacment, UL / ULC / CE *Model Number: PFC-4410RC-PCA* $604.85Details
247378Potter Electric3006250REPLACEMENT BOARD FOR PFC4410$553.49Details
280767Potter Electric3006400Annunciator, Remote, UL / ULC, For 4410RC *Model Number: RA-4410RC* $242.45Details
676461Potter Electric3006444Power Supply Board, Replacement, For Conventional Notification Appliance Circuit Devices *Model Number: PSB-10-PCA* $230.72Details
775313Potter Electric303003Explosionproof Smoke Detector$4647.63Details
280768Potter Electric32TKDDUAL ACTION TERMINAL KEY RESET PL STAT$24.92Details
803833Potter Electric3500001PVX504ZREVAX 25R 4 Z 25 WATT VOICE EVACUATION.$1788.74Details
777609Potter Electric3500002PVX254ZRPVX-50/4ZR 50W VOICE PANEL 4 CLASS B SPKR CIRCUIT$2146.24Details
676472Potter Electric3500010Voice Panel, (8) Speaker Circuits, Class-B, 200 Watts *Model Number: PVX-200/8Z* $3997.31Details
280769Potter Electric3500012Voice Panel, (16) Speaker Circuits, Class-B, 200 Watts *Model Number: PVX-200/16Z* $4663.52Details
910334Potter Electric3610053Accessory, Addressing Tool, For P-Link Devices *Model Number: FZA12U* $265.92Details
300604Potter Electric3610201MCU-9 MAIN CONTROL UNIT$657.44Details
336398Potter Electric3610202PSM-9 POWER SUPPLY MODULE$338.84Details
280770Potter Electric3610205NIU-9$302.39Details
300603Potter Electric3610209OCU-W-9 OUTPUT CONTROL UNIT$664.19Details
336397Potter Electric3610210OCU-D-9 OUTPUT CONTROL UNIT DRY$649.34Details
497781Potter Electric3992020Fire Alarm Panel, 4 Zone, Red Cabinet, Expandable To 8 Microprocessor Based *Model Number: PFC-5004E* $348.06Details
211820Potter Electric3992021Board Assembly, Main PC, For PFC-5004 / PFC-5004E & PFC-5008 Fire Alarm Control Panels *Model Number: PFC-5004/4E/5008* $265.92Details
719265Potter Electric3992055RA-LCD REMOTE ANNUNCIATOR 9000$448.19Details
894841Potter Electric3992075BB-1 1 RED 1 SLOT BACKBOX$85.39Details
336396Potter Electric3992175Fire Alarm Panel, 8 Zone 5004E Kit, Built-In 2-Line Digital Communicator *Requires CFG-5000 To Program Communicator* *Model Number: PFC-5008D* $598.06Details
242255Potter Electric3992275Fire Alarm Panel, 8 Zone, 5004E Kit, Red Cabinet, W/O Dact *Model Number: PFC-5008* $408.77Details
862200Potter Electric3992334Fire Alarm Control Panel, Conventional, Sprinkler Monitoring, w/ LCD Display, Keypad, 6-Zone, (6) Programmable Initiating Device Circuits, Class-A or Class-B Waterflow Initiating Circuit, (1) Notification Circuit Rated At 0.5 Amps, On-Board Dual Line Digi$354.47Details
879434Potter Electric3992346PFC6006 REPLACEMENT BOARD$317.24Details
676505Potter Electric3992500Telephone Dialer, 2-Line, Point ID, w/ Remote Up / Download, For PFC-5000 & PFC-9000 Fire Alarm Panels *Model Number: UDACT-9100* $253.79Details
211821Potter Electric3992505Programming Tool, For UDACT Telephone Dialer *Model Number: CFG-LCD* $182.24Details
300602Potter Electric3992600FIRE ALARM CNTRL PANEL 500 POINT 120V9(EXPNDBLE)$1180.39Details
336395Potter Electric3992608PCCP / PROGRAMMING CABLE F/ PFC-8500$57.39Details
300601Potter Electric3992625LCDANANNUNCIATOR - LCD (8500 SERIES)$292.94Details
300600Potter Electric3992630LEDANANNUNCIATOR - LED (8000 SERIES)$180.59Details
853514Potter Electric3992641P200 75 POINT POTTER PLUS PANEL$670.79Details
881792Potter Electric3992670Accessory, Printer Interface, Serial Parallel Gateway, For P-Link Devices *Model Number: SPG-100* $234.64Details
775208Potter Electric3992679SDC SWITCH DISCONNECT CABINET$291.59Details
676507Potter Electric3992683P400 REPLACEMENT BOARD$982.79Details
280771Potter Electric4010002Bell Box, Simline, Biege *Model Number: ABB-1012* $96.19Details
211822Potter Electric4010003Bell Box, Hinged, Almond *Model Number: ABB-1014* $96.19Details
211823Potter Electric4010009Bell Box, Hinged, 12 VDC *Model Number: ABB-1033* $59.36Details
211824Potter Electric4030002Bell, Burglar, Motor Driven, Gray *Model Number: MBA-10G12PV2* $29.16Details
211825Potter Electric4050001Buzzer, Piezo, WITHOUT Nut *Model Number: PAL-328* $8.66Details
211826Potter Electric4050002Buzzer, Piezo, w/ Nut *Model Number: PAL-328N* $9.49Details
247380Potter Electric4050003Buzzer, Piezo, Steady/Pulsate Tone *Model Number: ESZ-25B* $15.58Details
242256Potter Electric4050004Buzzer, Piezo, Single Tone *Model Number: ESZ-25S* $12.26Details
242257Potter Electric4050005Buzzer, Piezo, Dual Tone *Model Number: ESZ-26B* $15.51Details
280772Potter Electric4060002Chime, Electronic *Model Number: CM-4* $51.61Details
280774Potter Electric4060003Chime Kit, Electronic *Model Number: CM-4KIT* $57.40Details
242258Potter Electric4060004Chime, w/ LED, Electronic *Model Number: CM-4L* $59.12Details
242259Potter Electric4060005Chime Kit, w/ LED, Electronic *Model Number: CM-4LKIT* $70.94Details
211828Potter Electric4130003Door Announcer, Wireless *Model Number: EWP-202C* $163.86Details
247381Potter Electric4130006Transmitter, For Door Announcer Or People Counter *Model Number: EWPT-202* $76.41Details
211829Potter Electric4130007Reflector, For EWP-202C *Model Number: REF-202* $7.04Details
247382Potter Electric4130015Door Announcer System, Dual Counter *Model Number: EBP-407C* $138.98Details
211830Potter Electric4130017Counter Recess, Traffic, 2-Channel *Model Number: EHP-500R* $302.20Details
247383Potter Electric4130030Door Announcer Kit *Model Number: EBP-401* $111.13Details
242260Potter Electric4130031Chime, EBP-401, 12 VDC *Model Number: CM-5* $25.47Details
280775Potter Electric4130033Counter System, People, CCTV Based Video *Model Number: VDP-100* $269.05Details
812554Potter Electric4150005AMS ARMORED SIREN/STROBE AMBER$65.76Details
749124Potter Electric4150014AMS OUTDOOR SIREN W WP BLUE STROBE LIGHT$72.97Details