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Preferred Power Products

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
212304Preferred Power Products12D84Power Supply 12 Volt 8 Output 4 Amp Module Card$110.59Details
248218Preferred Power ProductsAC2414Enclosure 24 Vac 1 Output 4 Amps$59.50Details
248219Preferred Power ProductsAC2414W24Vac 1Output 4Amps Nema 4X Encl Intrusion Oversto$102.19Details
248220Preferred Power ProductsAC24161424Vac 16Output 14.5Amps Encl$170.79Details
281065Preferred Power ProductsAC24162524Vac 16 Output 25Amps Encl$254.79Details
281066Preferred Power ProductsAC24168L24Vac 16Output 8Amps Encl Ul Listed$134.39Details
242554Preferred Power ProductsAC2444W24Vac 4Output 4Amps Nema 4X$144.19Details
248221Preferred Power ProductsAC244724Vac 4Output 7.25Amps Encl$100.79Details
248222Preferred Power ProductsAC2481224Vac 8Output 12.5Amps Encl$159.59Details
248223Preferred Power ProductsAC24812CBPower Supply 24Vac 8 Out 12V W/Circuit Breaker Brd$159.59Details
281067Preferred Power ProductsAC2482524Vac 8Output 25Amps Encl$226.79Details
242555Preferred Power ProductsAC2484L24Vac 8Output 4Amps Encl Ul Listed$76.99Details
212306Preferred Power ProductsAC248724Vac 8Output 7.25Amps Encl$116.19Details
242556Preferred Power ProductsAN134351.5' Hdmi Cable 1.3 Compliant$3.96Details
212307Preferred Power ProductsAN13445Cable Hdmi 3' Black$3.44Details
212308Preferred Power ProductsAN13450Hdmi-Hdmi Cable 6' Black$4.01Details
248224Preferred Power ProductsAN13454Hdmi-Hdmi 9Ft$8.98Details
212309Preferred Power ProductsAN13690Hdmi-Hdmi Cable 12'Black$8.05Details
242557Preferred Power ProductsAN13695Hdmi-Hdmi Cable 25'Black$34.08Details
212310Preferred Power ProductsAN13696Hdmi - Hdmi - 35 Ft, Cl2 Rated, 1.3 Comp$55.09Details
212311Preferred Power ProductsAN13697Hdmi-Hdmi Cable 50' Black$71.39Details
242558Preferred Power ProductsAN13698Hdmi - Hdmi - 75 Ft. Black W/ Repeater,$106.39Details
212312Preferred Power ProductsAN13699100 Ft Hdmi Cable – High Speed W/ Ethern$144.19Details
212313Preferred Power ProductsAN13700Hdmi Dvi Cable 12' Black$4.32Details
281068Preferred Power ProductsAN13750Hdmi-Hdmi Cable 16.4Ft Black$10.40Details
281069Preferred Power ProductsAN503PKIT1Ea 50'Hdmi/3'Hdmi/Hdmi Wallplt/1Drct Wallplt W/Cb$95.19Details
281071Preferred Power ProductsDC1216512Vdc 16Output 5Amps Encl$152.59Details
212314Preferred Power ProductsDC124312Vdc 4Output 3Amps Encl$95.19Details
212315Preferred Power ProductsDC124512Vdc 4Output 5Amps Encl$117.59Details
281072Preferred Power ProductsDC128112Vdc 8Output 1.5Amps Encl$88.19Details
248228Preferred Power ProductsDC1281012Vdc 8Output 10Amps Encl$204.39Details
281073Preferred Power ProductsDC128312Vdc 8Output 3Amps Encl$102.19Details
281074Preferred Power ProductsDC1543L6-15Vdc 4Out 2.5Amps Encl Ul Listed$74.19Details
248229Preferred Power ProductsDC1543LT6-15Vdc 4Output 2.5Amps Encl Kit Incl Trnsfr$76.99Details
248230Preferred Power ProductsDCAC838Output 12Vdc 3Amps & 8Output 24Vdc 4Amps Encl$167.99Details
242559Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS10OLDB1612/24Vdc 10 Amp 16 Output Ps$291.59Details
248231Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS3OL12/24Vdc Voltage Ps 3Amp Supvd$141.39Details
248493Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS3OLDB4Power Supply Control Access 3 Amp 4 Output$162.39Details
248494Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS3OLDB8CB3Amp Transformer Large Encls. 8Out W/Circt Breaker$183.39Details
281075Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS50LDB4Ac Power Supply 12/24Vdc 5Amp Fail Enclsr Output$181.99Details
242560Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS50LPC812/24Vdc Power Supply 5 Amp 8 Programmable Outlets$247.79Details
242561Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS5OLDB412/24Vdc 5Amp Ac Fail Lw Batt$181.99Details
212316Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS7OL12Or24Vdc 7Amps Trnsformer 8-Output-$208.59Details
801985Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS7OLDB1612/24 Vdc, 16 Out, 7 Amp Ac Fail,$261.79Details
248496Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS7OLDB812Or24Vdc 7Amps Trnsfrmr$236.59Details
248497Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS7OLPC812Or24Vdc 7Amps-8-Output-Programmable-Transformer$284.84Details
336350Preferred Power ProductsDCSEL16512 Or 24Vdc 16Output 5Amps Encl$179.19Details
242562Preferred Power ProductsDCSEL8512 Or 24Vdc 8Output 5Amps Encl$144.19Details
248498Preferred Power ProductsLE100Large Can Empty$59.50Details
242563Preferred Power ProductsLP15SEPslp-1.5 Small Encl.$61.59Details
212317Preferred Power ProductsLP15XSEPslp-1.5 16.5Vac Xfrmr$76.99Details
281076Preferred Power ProductsM1284Modular Card 8Output 12Vdc 4Amp$110.59Details
281077Preferred Power ProductsM2444Modular Card-4Output 24Vac 4Amp$85.39Details
248499Preferred Power ProductsM2447Power Supply Modular Card 24Vdc 7 Amp 4 Outputs$110.59Details
242564Preferred Power ProductsM2484Modular Card 8Output 24Vac 4Amp$102.19Details
281078Preferred Power ProductsP3606212/24 Volt Timer$19.49Details
242565Preferred Power ProductsP3615DC4UL4 Chan Power Supply$74.19Details
497705Preferred Power ProductsP3AC1641116Vac, 4 Out, 11 Amp Power Supply Large$182.83Details
497706Preferred Power ProductsP3AC1681116Vac,8 Outputs,11Amp,Power Supply$194.59Details
212318Preferred Power ProductsP3AC16812Power Supply 16Vac 8 Output 12 Amp$194.59Details
242566Preferred Power ProductsP3AC16822Power Supply 22 Amp 8 Fused Outputs W/M-1-2Dysbuil$216.48Details
242567Preferred Power ProductsP3AC16DC3Power Supply 16Vac 1 Output 12 Or 24Vdc 3 Amp$167.99Details
242568Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2413WLPower Supply 24Vac 1 Output 3 Amp Ul Weatherproof$116.19Details
212319Preferred Power ProductsP3AC241424Vac 1 Output 4 Amps Encl$59.50Details
212320Preferred Power ProductsP3AC24161424Vac 16 Output 14 Amp Power Supply$160.36Details
242569Preferred Power ProductsP3AC24162524Vac 16Output 25Amps Encl Power Supply$240.55Details
242570Preferred Power ProductsP3AC24162522024V 220Inpt/16Otpt/25Amps With Enclousure Ps$275.79Details
248502Preferred Power ProductsP3AC24168LPpp 24 Vac 16 Output 8 Amps Encl Ul List$131.75Details
676894Preferred Power ProductsP3AC24168LC24Vac,16Out,8A,Factory Installed 3 Prong Cord Ul$141.78Details
242571Preferred Power ProductsP3AC24168W24Vav 16 Fuse 8Amp Nema 4X Enclsoure/Weatherproof$212.79Details
212321Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2441224Vac 4Output 12.5Amps Encl$151.19Details
281079Preferred Power ProductsP3AC24412CB24Vac, 4 Out, 12 Amp Power Supply W/ Ptc$162.39Details
336349Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2444CB24 Vac, 4 Out, 4Amp Cctv Power Supply$57.72Details
248503Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2444LPpp 24Vac 4 Out Put 4 Amps Encl Ul Liste$61.59Details
281081Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2444WWeatherproof 4Output 24Vac 4Amp Ps Enclsd In Nema4$136.32Details
281082Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2444WCB4 Camera 24Vac Ps W/Curcuit Breaker Nema 4X$2.10Details
212322Preferred Power ProductsP3AC244724 Vac, 4 Output, 7.25 Amps, Small Encl.$98.39Details
676895Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2447W24Vac,4 Output,7 Amp Power Supply /Nema 4X Out Enc$158.19Details
212323Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2481224 Vac, 8 Output, 12.5 Amps, Small Encl.$156.79Details
212324Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2482524 Vac, 8 Output, 25 Amps, Large Encl.$226.79Details
900675Preferred Power ProductsP3AC24825W1224Vac, 8Pt, 25Amp, Nema Enclosure$768.38Details
212325Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2484LPpp 24 Vac Output 4 Amps Encl Ul Listed$77.32Details
336348Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2484LC24Vac 8Output 4Amp Ul Listed With Line Cord$76.99Details
212326Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2487Power Supply 24Vac 8 Output 7.25Amp Enclosure$113.40Details
497717Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2487CB24Vac 8Output 7.25Amps Encl Circuit Breakers$116.19Details
248504Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2487WPower Supply 24Vac 8 Output 7.25 Amp W/Wthprf Encl$167.99Details
676896Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2813W28Vac, 1 Output, 3.5Amp Nema 4X Outdoor$120.27Details
909554Preferred Power ProductsP3AC284428Vac, 4 Output, 3.5 Amp Power Supply$67.90Details
735081Preferred Power ProductsP3AC288628Vac 8 Output 6.25Amp Power Supply$109.19Details
281087Preferred Power ProductsP3AT365Single Annual Event Timer$72.79Details
1036750Preferred Power ProductsP3AT3652Dual Annual Event Timer$109.19Details
676897Preferred Power ProductsP3AXS10DB8CB12/24Vdc, 10 Amp, 8 Output, Ptc, Access Power Sup$277.19Details
248505Preferred Power ProductsP3BP4Blank Filler Panel$8.98Details
336347Preferred Power ProductsP3DB44 Output Power Distribution Board$19.34Details
336346Preferred Power ProductsP3DB88 Output Power Distribution Board$27.75Details
212328Preferred Power ProductsP3DC12110LP3Dc12-1-10L 12Vdc/1Out/10A Ps$325.34Details
212329Preferred Power ProductsP3DC121610Ppp 12Vdc 16Ch 10Amp Reg Circuit Breaker$200.47Details
212330Preferred Power ProductsP3DC121610CB12Vdc, 16 Out, 10 Amp Power Supply W/ Ptc$216.50Details
248507Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1216516 Output 12Vdc 5 Amps Pwr Spl$144.24Details
242573Preferred Power ProductsP3DC12414Output 12Vdc 1.5Amp$80.19Details
1000050Preferred Power ProductsP3DC12410CBL12 Vdc, 4 Out, 10 Amp W/ Cooling Fan - U$317.01Details
212331Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1241CB12V Pwr Supply 4 Output Ptc 1 Amp$93.79Details
281088Preferred Power ProductsP3DC124312Vdc/4Out/3A/Small Enclosure$93.39Details
248508Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1243CB12Vdc/4Out/3A/Small Enclosure With Circuit Breakrs$93.00Details
248509Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1243W12Vdc 4Out/3A Wp Nema 4X Encls$176.39Details
248510Preferred Power ProductsP3DC124512 Vdc, 4 Output, 5 Amps, Small Encl. Po$115.08Details
212332Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1245CB12Vdc/4Out/5A/Small Enclosure With Circuit Breakrs$127.39Details
212333Preferred Power ProductsP3DC12810Ppp 12 Vdc 8 Ch 10 Amp P/S$192.43Details
212334Preferred Power ProductsP3DC12810CB12Vdc 8 Output 10 Amps Encl Circuit Breaker$204.39Details
212335Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1283Ppp 12 Vdc 8 Output$99.97Details
242574Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1285Ppp 12 Vdc 8 Output 5 Amps Encl Non Ul$123.41Details
676898Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1285CB12Vdc, 8 Ptc Outputs, 5 Amp Pwr. Supply$121.87Details
281089Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1285W12Vdc 8Out 5A Nema 4X Enclosr$219.79Details
336345Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1543L6-15Vdc,4 Output,2.5Amps,Small Encl(Req.Trnfmr)Ul$74.19Details
336344Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1543LT6-15 Vdc, 4 Output, 2.5 Amps, Small Encl$72.16Details
281090Preferred Power ProductsP3DC5SUXLC12/24Vdc 5A Supervised Ps 18X24 Enclosure$325.34Details
281091Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAC83Combo 24Vac/12Vdc Power Supply$158.76Details
248511Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAC858Output 12Vdc 3Amps 8Output 24Vac 4Amps Encl$183.39Details
248512Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAX30L12 Or 24 Vdc-3Amps-Ac-Fail-Low-Batt-Montrng-Trans$141.39Details
212337Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS10OL12/24Vdc 10Amp Ac Fail,Low Bat Mon,Transfrmr,Enclo$246.96Details
497710Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS10OLDB1610Amps,Transformer,Large Encl,16Output Power Suppl$275.27Details
336343Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS10OLDB412/24Vdc 10A 4Out Access Cntrl Ps$270.19Details
281092Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS10OLDB812/24 Vdc, 10 Amp, 8 Output Access Contr$261.39Details
212338Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS10OLPC8Power Supply 12/24Vdc 10 Amp 8 Output Power Board$306.18Details
212339Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS3OL3 Amps, Transformer, Large Encl$133.11Details
300553Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS3OLDB163 Amps, Transformer, Large Encl., 16 Output$191.79Details
281094Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS3OLDB412/24Vdc 3Amp,Ac Fail,Lbm,Transfrmr,Enclsr,4 Outpt$152.35Details
212340Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS3OLDB4CBPower Supply 12 Or 24Vdc 3A 4 Out Circuit Breakers$162.39Details
242576Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS3OLDB88 Output Access Control Power Supply 3Amp Ac Fail$157.15Details
242577Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS3OLDB8CBPower Supply 3 Amp 8 Outputs With Circuit Break$157.15Details
676899Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS3OLPC512/24 Vdc, 5 Ptc Out, 3 Amp, Facp Interface$183.39Details
212341Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS3OLPC8Power Supply 12 Or 24Vdc 3 Amp 8 Outputs Ac Fail$226.79Details
248516Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS5OLPower Supply Access 5 Amp 4 Output 12/24Vdc Batt$158.45Details
212343Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS5OLDB1612/24Vdc, 5 Amp, 16 Output Power Supply$214.19Details
281098Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS5OLDB45Amp Transformer Large Enclosure, 4Outpu$171.60Details
242580Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS5OLDB812/24Vdc,5Amp,Ac Fail,Lbm,Trnsfrmr,Encl,8 Output$178.00Details
676900Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS5OLDB8CB12/24 Vdc, 8 Out, 5 Amp W/Circuit Breaker$178.00Details
336342Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS5OLPC5Power Supply 5 Amp 12 Or 24Vdc 5 Output$219.79Details
300552Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS5OLPC8Power Supply 5 Amp 8 Output Power Control Brd Encl$234.14Details
212344Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS7OL12/24Vdc Large Enclosure,Ps,Battery Charger$208.59Details
300551Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS7OLDB167 Amps, Transformer, Large Encl., 16 Output$261.79Details
676901Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS7OLDB16CB12/24 Vdc, 16 Out, 7 Amp W/Circuit Breaker$261.79Details
242582Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS7OLDB412/24Vdc Power Supply , 7 Amp, 4 Out$216.50Details
676902Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS7OLDB4CB12/24Vdc, 4 Out, 7 Amp W/Circuit Breaker$229.59Details
676903Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS7OLDB812 Or 24 Vdc, 7 Amp, 8 Output Power Supp$222.91Details
676904Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS7OLDB8CB12/24 Vdc, 8 Out, 7 Amp W/Circuit Breaker$222.91Details
676905Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS7OLPC512/24 Vdc, 5 Ptc Out, 7 Amp, Facp Interface$263.19Details
248518Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS7OLPC812/24Vdc 7Amp A/C Fail Lbm Trnsf,Enc,8Outpt Pwr Cn$279.03Details
676906Preferred Power ProductsP3DCSEL13WL12/24Vdc, 1 Out, 3 Amps, Weatherproof Power Supply$179.19Details
676907Preferred Power ProductsP3DCSEL15W12/24Vdc, 1 Out, 5 Amps, Weatherproof Power Supply$226.79Details
300550Preferred Power ProductsP3DCSEL16512/24Vdc, 16 Output, 5 Amp Power Supply$179.19Details
212346Preferred Power ProductsP3DCSEL4312/24Vdc,4Outpt,3Amps,Enclosure$117.59Details
676908Preferred Power ProductsP3DCSEL4512 Or 24 Vdc, 4 Output, 5 Amp Power Supply$144.19Details
248519Preferred Power ProductsP3DCSEL852/24Vdc,8 Output,5Amps,Encl$144.19Details
212347Preferred Power ProductsP3LP156 Or 12 Vdc At 1.5 Amps / 24 Vdc At 1.0$13.68Details
853926Preferred Power ProductsP3LP15OXSELinear Power Supply In Enclosure With Tr$80.19Details
336341Preferred Power ProductsP3LP15XSE1.5 16 1/2 Trnsformer Plug In Wall Encl$74.19Details
212348Preferred Power ProductsP3M12D44$102.19Details
281102Preferred Power ProductsP3M2444Modular Card - 4 Output, 24Vac, 4 Amp$85.09Details
242584Preferred Power ProductsP3M2447Modular Card 4 Output 24Vac 7.25 Amp$110.59Details
281103Preferred Power ProductsP3M2487Modular Card - 8 Output, 24Vac, 7.25 Amp$120.27Details
248523Preferred Power ProductsP3M2846Modular Card-4 Output,28Vac,6 Amps$110.59Details
676909Preferred Power ProductsP3MPOE115Single Port Poe Injector 15W$30.44Details
676910Preferred Power ProductsP3MPOE130P3 Single Port Poe Injector 30W$31.57Details
993313Preferred Power ProductsP3MPOE160Single Port Poe Injector - 60W$83.99Details
676911Preferred Power ProductsP3MPOE161516 Port Poe Midspan Injector$208.47Details
676912Preferred Power ProductsP3MPOE8158 Port Poe Mid-Span 15W$253.39Details
676913Preferred Power ProductsP3PC55 Ptc Prot Multi-Output Mod-Facp Trigger Input$47.84Details
810270Preferred Power ProductsP3PC88 Fused Output, Power Controller Board - Facp Disc$86.79Details
867302Preferred Power ProductsP3POE161516 Port Poe Switch$768.29Details
954309Preferred Power ProductsP3POE16GM50016 Port Web Managed Poe Switch - 500W$661.49Details
853777Preferred Power ProductsP3POE181516 Port Poe Switch, 10/100, 2 Full Gig Uplink Port$368.54Details
960940Preferred Power ProductsP3POE1830G16 Prt 10/100/1000M 30W Per Prt,2 Sfp Prts, 500W$717.59Details
892498Preferred Power ProductsP3POE243024 Port Poe Switch, 30W Per Port, 10/10$1,116.83Details
759253Preferred Power ProductsP3POE261524 Port Poe Switch + 2 Sfp And 2 Rj45 Up$595.36Details
831865Preferred Power ProductsP3POE4154 Port Poe Switch, 10/100, 1 Uplink Port, 65W Ma$88.20Details
957027Preferred Power ProductsP3POE415H4 Port Industrial Grade Poe Switch$202.99Details
950145Preferred Power ProductsP3POE815H8Port Industrial Poe Switch$376.64Details
796938Preferred Power ProductsP3POE9308 Port Poe Switch, 10/100, 1 Uplink Port, 250W Max$229.59Details
922981Preferred Power ProductsP3POE930G8 Port, 30W Per Port + 1 Rj45 Uplink Port - 250W$246.39Details
715813Preferred Power ProductsP3POEEXTPoe Extender$56.13Details
300549Preferred Power ProductsP3PS106, 12 Or 24Vdc 10Amp Power Supply Board$123.19Details
300548Preferred Power ProductsP3PS10SU12 Or 24Vdc, 10 Amps, Ac Fail, Low Batte$133.74Details
212349Preferred Power ProductsP3PS10SUDB812/24Vdc 10Amp Sprvsd 8Out P/S$323.99Details
336340Preferred Power ProductsP3PS123$85.39Details
336339Preferred Power ProductsP3PS36, 12 Or 24 Vdc 3 Amp Power Supply Board$34.08Details
281104Preferred Power ProductsP3PS3EXRPower Supply 12/24Vdc 3Amp W/Transformer$97.99Details
242585Preferred Power ProductsP3PS3OSXE3Amp Dc Power Supply Small Encl W/Open Frm Transfm$102.19Details
242586Preferred Power ProductsP3PS3OXSE12 Or 24Vdc 3Amp Transformer & Enclosure$93.34Details
212350Preferred Power ProductsP3PS3SE3Amp Dc Power Supply W.Small Enclosure$86.79Details
242587Preferred Power ProductsP3PS3SU3Amp Supervised Power Supply 12/24Vdc Ac Fail$47.84Details
676914Preferred Power ProductsP3PS3SULEP3Ps-3-Sule Board Only In Large Enclosure$127.39Details
281105Preferred Power ProductsP3PS56, 12 Or 24 Vdc, 5 Amp Power Supply Boar$48.17Details
336338Preferred Power ProductsP3PS5LEXRP3Ps-5, Transformer, Large Enclosure$168.39Details
300547Preferred Power ProductsP3PS5OXSEP3Ps-5, Open Frame Transformer$96.22Details
212351Preferred Power ProductsP3PS5SU12 Or 24 Vdc 5 Amp Supervised Power Supply Board$64.39Details
212352Preferred Power ProductsP3PS7SU12 Or 24Vdc, 7 Amps, Ac Fail, Low Batter$88.20Details
281106Preferred Power ProductsP3PT1650LPpp 16.5Vac50Va Transformerul Listed 7.7$13.23Details
300546Preferred Power ProductsP3PT245024Vac, 50 Va Plug In Transformer$15.61Details
212353Preferred Power ProductsP3PT2450L24Vac 50Va Ul Plug In Transformer$15.13Details
242588Preferred Power ProductsP3RB610Break-A-Way Relay 6 Pack$30.44Details
676915Preferred Power ProductsP3REL56 Or 12Vdc/5 Amp/120Vac/28Vdc Dpdt Contacts$10.54Details
676916Preferred Power ProductsP3REL56PBreak-A-Way Relay - 6 Pack$30.44Details
795863Preferred Power ProductsP3SFPRJ45Sfp To Rj 45 Connector$44.23Details
281109Preferred Power ProductsP3T1HA12-24 Vdc Timer$19.49Details
212358Preferred Power ProductsP3TV128DC12 Volt Dc Camera 1.5 Amp$88.19Details
281111Preferred Power ProductsP3TV244175$83.99Details
242591Preferred Power ProductsP3W100Nema 4 Weatherproof Enclosure 12"X10"X6"$88.20Details
248526Preferred Power ProductsP3W50Nema 4X Weatherproof Enclosure 8"X6"X4"$74.19Details
980065Preferred Power ProductsP3XR24100SE24Vac, 100Va Trans In Enclosure$56.54Details
676917Preferred Power ProductsP3XR2417524 Vac, 175Va Transformer - Ul Recognized$49.84Details
336337Preferred Power ProductsP3XR2810028 Vac, 100Va Transformer - Ul Recognized$40.59Details
336336Preferred Power ProductsP3XR28175Open Frame Transformer 28 Volts Ac 175Va$53.39Details
242592Preferred Power ProductsPC88-Fsd Otpt Pwr Cntlr Accs Cntr$86.79Details
212359Preferred Power ProductsPMAXAC16Rack Mount Power Supply Kit 16Pt,24Vac,8Amp$329.37Details
242595Preferred Power ProductsPMAXDC1616Output 12Vdc 16Amps$531.89Details
212360Preferred Power ProductsPMAXDC32Rackmount Power Supply Kit;12Vdc/32Out/16Amp$533.49Details
281115Preferred Power ProductsPS36,12Or24Vdc 3Amp Power Supply Board$34.08Details
212361Preferred Power ProductsPS3OXSE12 Or 24 Vdc 3Amp Pwr Sply Brd Enclsr W/Open Xmitr$97.99Details
212362Preferred Power ProductsPS3SU12Or24Vdc@3Amps-Ac Fail&Low Bt$47.84Details
281116Preferred Power ProductsPS5SU12Or24Vdc@5Amps-Ac Fail&Low Bt$64.39Details
281117Preferred Power ProductsPT1650L16.5 Vac 50Va Transformer$15.49Details
248528Preferred Power ProductsREL56PBreak A Way Relay 6 Pack$30.44Details
300545Preferred Power ProductsV10A9V-Series - 12 Vdc, 9 Out, 10 Amp, Ul Lis$67.35Details
300544Preferred Power ProductsV13A18V-Series - 12 Vdc, 18 Out, 13 Amp, Ul Li$100.79Details
300543Preferred Power ProductsV20A18V-Series - 12 Vdc, 18 Out, 20 Amp, Ul Li$104.23Details
336335Preferred Power ProductsV5A4BV-Series - 12 Vdc, 4 Out, 5 Amp, Ul List$52.93Details
336334Preferred Power ProductsV5A9V-Series - 12 Vdc, 9 Out, 5 Amp, Ul List$56.54Details
281119Preferred Power ProductsWP100Nema 4X 12"X10"X6"-Gray$93.79Details
676918Preferred Power ProductsXR1617516Vac,175Va Xfomer 115/230 Inpt$52.93Details
212363Preferred Power ProductsXR2410024Vac 100Va Transfomer$31.89Details
248529Preferred Power ProductsXR2810028Vac 100Va Transformer$40.59Details
281120Preferred Power ProductsXR2817528Vac 175Va Transformer$44.23Details
281121Preferred Power ProductsXR2830028Vac 300Va Transformer$100.79Details