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Proxim Wireless

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1079335Proxim Wireless1086OA24DC82,4Ghz Omni Antenna 8Dbi Direct Connect For Ap4000MrCall for Price.Details
999164Proxim Wireless1086OA54DC81086-Oa54-Dc8-5.47-5.875Ghz Omni Directional Antenna 8 Dbi Dc Grounded.Call for Price.Details
1056719Proxim Wireless1086REAMIMOOptional 3X3 Mimo Extender Antenna For Ap-800/Ap8000 (76237)$85.71Details
967040Proxim Wireless4954BSURUSTsunami Mp.11 Model 4954-R Ruggedized Base Station 4.9 Ghz Proxim$3,244.75Details
1005021Proxim Wireless4954QBUSTsunami Quickbridge 11 Model 4954-R Bundle 4.9 Ghz Proxim$3,699.99Details
982378Proxim Wireless5054BSURWDTsunami 5054-Bsur Outdoor Base Unit 5Ghz Ruggedized Model$2,162.81Details
1008842Proxim Wireless5054PA1818 Dbi Panel Antenna 5.25 - 5.85 Ghz$163.53Details
1028342Proxim Wireless5054QBWDTsunami Point To Point Link Bundle, 5Ghz, 54Mbps Outdoor Utp Not Incl$2,814.08Details
1036029Proxim Wireless5054SUAWDTsunami Mp.11 (Mp11A) Ruggediz Subscriber Unit W/Type-N Conn World Model$962.90Details
966010Proxim Wireless5054SURWDTsunami Mp.11 (Mp11A) Ruggediz Subscriber Unit W/23Dbi Antena Wd Psu$1,301.48Details
1034042Proxim Wireless8000UMKOutdoor Universal Mounting Kit For Tmp.11;Tmp.16;Tmp8000$74.10Details
998456Proxim Wireless8670MRLRUSOrinoco Ap-4000Mr-Lr Tri Mode Outdoor Mesh, High PowerCall for Price.Details
1068426Proxim Wireless8670MUS2Ap-4000M-Orinoco Mesh Creation Protocol (Omcp) External Ant. 802.11B/G OnlyCall for Price.Details
929752Proxim WirelessAP8100WDOrinoco Ap-8100,Mimo 2X2 802.11 A/N + B/G/N Dual Radio Wd Power$250.94Details
1006355Proxim WirelessCBL6006RA6 Ft Coaxial Antenna Cable N-Male To Right Angle N-Male$126.29Details
1054893Proxim WirelessCPEETHCAP20Cable Feed-Through Sealing Cap Kits, Pk/20 For 8150-Cpe &Amp; Mp/Qb.11$241.18Details
1044292Proxim WirelessETHCAP20Cable Feed-Through Sealing Cap Kits, Pack Of 20$262.85Details
1029491Proxim WirelessETHPOEINJ1GGigabit, 32W, Poe Injector With Rj45 And Reload Button$100.21Details
942621Proxim WirelessGIGPOEINJ48VDCTPoe Gigabit 48V Dc Injector 25Pk$1,369.78Details
1034224Proxim WirelessGX8001003COUPLERGx800 10.0-10.7 Ghz 3Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R100 Odu Side:153Iec-R100$1,228.29Details
952622Proxim WirelessGX8001006COUPLERGx800 10.0-10.7 Ghz 6Db Hybrid Coupler Ant Sidewg:153Iec-R100 Odu Side:153Iec-R100$1,228.29Details
993640Proxim WirelessGX8001103COUPLERGx800 10.7-11.7 Ghz 3Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R120 Odu Side:153Iec-R120$1,278.08Details
1070818Proxim WirelessGX8001106COUPLERGx800 10.7-11.7 Ghz 6Db Hybrid Coupler Ant Sidew:153Iec-R120 Odu Side:153Iec-R120$1,278.08Details
1054285Proxim WirelessGX8001303COUPLERGx800 12.7-13.3 Ghz 3Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R120 Odu Side:153Iec-R120$1,228.29Details
995592Proxim WirelessGX8001306COUPLERGx800 12.7-13.3 Ghz 6Db Hybrid Coupler Ant Side:153Iec-R120 Odu Side:153Iec-R120$1,228.29Details
999078Proxim WirelessGX8001503COUPLERGx800 14.4-15.4 Ghz 3Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R140 Odu Side:153Iec-R140$1,278.08Details
991232Proxim WirelessGX8001803COUPLERGx800 17.7-19.7 Ghz 3Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R220 Odu Side:153Iec-R220$1,278.08Details
954923Proxim WirelessGX8001806COUPLERGx800 17.7-19.7 Ghz 6Db Hybrid Coupler Ant Side: 153Iec-R220 Odu Side:153Iec-R220$1,278.08Details
1049205Proxim WirelessGX8002303COUPLERGx800 21.2-23.6 Ghz 3Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R220, Odu Side:153Iec-R220$1,278.08Details
1066935Proxim WirelessGX8002306COUPLERGx800 21.2-23.6 Ghz 6Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R220 Odu Side:153Iec-R220$1,278.08Details
1000619Proxim WirelessGX8002603COUPLERGx800 24.2-26.5 Ghz 3Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R220 Odu Side:153Iec-R220$1,228.29Details
955540Proxim WirelessGX8002606COUPLERGx800 24.2-26.5 Ghz 6Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R220 Odu Side:153Iec-R220$1,228.29Details
962645Proxim WirelessGX8002803COUPLERGx800 27.5-29.5 Ghz 3Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R320 Odu Side:153Iec-R320$1,228.29Details
1074244Proxim WirelessGX8002806COUPLERGx800 27.5-29.5 Ghz 6Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R320, Odu Side:153Iec-R320$1,228.29Details
992952Proxim WirelessGX8003203COUPLERGx800 31.8-33.4 Ghz 3Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R320 Odu Side:153Iec-R320$1,228.29Details
1018736Proxim WirelessGX8003206COUPLERGx800 31.8-33.4 Ghz 6Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side:153Iec-R320 Odu Side:153Iec-R320$1,228.29Details
1020684Proxim WirelessGX8003803COUPLERGx800 37.0-40.0 Ghz 3Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side Wg:0.219" Odu Side:0.219"$1,228.29Details
997510Proxim WirelessGX8003806COUPLERGx800 37.0-40.0 Ghz 6Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side Wg: 0.219" Odu Sidewg:0.219"$1,228.29Details
1066818Proxim WirelessGX8007803COUPLERGx800 7.125-8.5 Ghz 3Db Hybrid Coupler; Ant Side Wg:1.025" Odu Sidewg:1.025"$1,228.29Details
994808Proxim WirelessGX8007806COUPLERGx800 7.125-8.5 Ghz 6Db Hybrid Coupler Ant Side Wg 1.025" Odu Side:1.025"$1,228.29Details
929769Proxim WirelessGX800PSUACDC120W Ac/Dc Psu With Dc Power Plug For Gx800 Idu Cpn: 949-00043$300.42Details
943262Proxim WirelessHSIGX8E1T1Hsi Module With Two E1 Or T1 Ports$320.94Details
1040829Proxim WirelessHSIGX8E3Hsi Module With One E3 Port$362.08Details
932089Proxim WirelessHSIGX8T3Hsi Module With One T3(Ds3) Port$362.08Details
946566Proxim WirelessMP8150SUR100WDMp-8150-Sur-100-Wd Mp 8150 Subscriber Unit 2X50Mbps, 21Dbi Ant.$422.98Details
956988Proxim WirelessMP8200BSUWDTsunami 8200 Base Station 300 Mbps, Mimo 3X3, Poe N-Type Connectors$2,975.64Details
936483Proxim WirelessMP8250BS1USTsunami Mp-8250 Base Station Unit, 300 Mbps, Mimo 2X2 23 Dbi 10° Panel Ant.$6,162.12Details
1019805Proxim WirelessMP8250BS1WDTsunami Mp-8250 Base Station Unit, 300 Mbps, Mimo 2X2, 23 Dbi, 10° Panel Ant$3,607.15Details
1038748Proxim WirelessMP8250BS9USTsunami Mp-8250 Base Station Unit 300 Mbps Mimo 2X2 16 Dbi 90° Sector Ant$6,162.12Details
1013366Proxim WirelessMP8250BS9WDTsunami Mp 8250 Base Station 300 Mbps, Mimo 2X2, Poe 16Dbi 90Deg Antenna$3,607.15Details
1047775Proxim WirelessMP8250SURWDTsunami 8250 Subscriber 300 Mbps, Mimo 2X2, Poe 23Dbi Panel Antenna$1,255.70Details
1065596Proxim WirelessMP825CPE50WDTsunami Mp 825 Cust. Premises 50Mbps,Poe,15Dbi Int Antenna Mp-825-Cpe-50-Wd$328.04Details
1069988Proxim WirelessMTGX8DMKITDual Idu Mount Kit For 19' Case For Gx800$44.20Details
1046415Proxim WirelessPA21720DP2.3-2.7 Ghz, Dual Polarity, Vertical &Amp; Horizantal, 20 Dbi Panel Antenna$505.02Details
955598Proxim WirelessPA50530DP4.9 - 6.1 Ghz, Dual Polarity Vertical And Horizontal,30 Dbi Panel Antenna$1,207.21Details
946319Proxim WirelessPA52017TP5.1-6.1Ghz,Triple Polarized Mimo Slanted And Vertical 17Db Panel Antenna$357.49Details
936591Proxim WirelessPA60824DP5.9-6.425 Ghz, Dual Polarity, Vertical &Amp; Horizontal, 24 Dbi Panel Antenna$505.02Details
1050265Proxim WirelessPVES100Proximvision Es Supports 100 Nodes$1,882.05Details
985150Proxim WirelessPVES1000Proximvision Es Supports 1000 Nodes$6,896.84Details
1013875Proxim WirelessPVES20Proximvision Es Supports 20 Nodes$511.85Details
1022460Proxim WirelessPVES20UPGProximvision Es 20 Nodes Upgrade$511.85Details
1024076Proxim WirelessPVES500Proximvision Es Supports 500 Nodes$4,594.43Details
1070198Proxim WirelessPVNMS100Proximvision Nms - Supports 100 Nodes$2,471.80Details
983193Proxim WirelessPVNMS1000Proximvision Nms - Supports 1,000 Nodes$9,055.83Details
1009427Proxim WirelessPVNMS20Proximvision Nms - Supports 20 Nodes$672.89Details
1008250Proxim WirelessPVNMS500Proximvision Nms - Supports 500 Nodes$6,032.92Details
1018092Proxim WirelessQB8150LNK100WDQb-8150-Lnk-100-Wd, Ptp Bundle 2X50Mbps,23Dbi Integrated Ant.$2,037.49Details
1002208Proxim WirelessQB8200LNKWDTsunami Qb 8200 Link 300 Mbps, Mimo 3X3 Type-N Connectors$2,163.69Details
940045Proxim WirelessQB8250LNKUSTsunami Qb 8250 Link, 300 Mbps, Mimo 2X2, 23 Dbi Pnl Ant. Proxim$2,344.11Details
1049488Proxim WirelessRFSURGECAP20Spare Gas Capsule For Tsunami 8100 N-Type Connector, Pack Of 20$250.94Details
990919Proxim WirelessRFSURGEN2-6 Ghz High Performance Rf Lightning Arrestor, N-Female To N-Male$166.71Details
1074702Proxim WirelessSA56017DP4.9 - 6.1 Ghz Dual Polarized 17 Dbi Sector Antenna 60 Degrees$850.67Details
975514Proxim WirelessSA59014DP4.9 - 5.95 Ghz, Dual Polarity Vertical+Horizontal,15Dbi Sector Antena 90Deg$850.67Details
939301Proxim WirelessSA59016TP4.9-6.1Ghz,Triple Polarized Mimo, Slanted And Vertical 90Deg 16Dbi$1,583.53Details
983422Proxim WirelessSA66017DP5.9-6.425 Ghz, Dual Polarity Vertical/Horizontal, 17Dbi 60Deg Secotr Antenna$850.67Details
965006Proxim WirelessSA69016DP5.9-6.425 Ghz, Dual Polarity, Vertical &Amp; Horizontal 16 Dbi Sector Ant. 90 Deg$850.67Details