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Pulnix / Takex

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
242936Pulnix / Takex6810Ceiling Mount 360' Twin Element Pir$68.96Details
300396Pulnix / Takex70RPNJESensor W/Quick Disconnect Connector$207.19Details
242937Pulnix / TakexAV100EVoice Speaker Outdoor, 8 Sec. Record Tim$272.16Details
281467Pulnix / TakexBA6SLSolar Panel And Battery Kit For Pvin75Sw$555.15Details
212735Pulnix / TakexBCW401Wall Or Ceiling Mnt Brktsuits All Takex$9.44Details
677351Pulnix / TakexBK031Water Proof Cover (Mounting Bracket) For$112.25Details
249645Pulnix / TakexBK301Water Proof Cover For Door Sensor Da101 & Da301$120.27Details
281468Pulnix / TakexBL10Plnx "L"Mt Brkt F/Pr10B$30.44Details
212736Pulnix / TakexBL11L Bracket For Pr11Be Stainless$34.08Details
249646Pulnix / TakexBL5L Bracket For Pr-5B (Both Unit &Amp; Refle$18.90Details
281469Pulnix / TakexBL8400Wall Mount Bracket For Pir-30/50 &Amp; Pa841$105.84Details
242938Pulnix / TakexBP02| Pole Mount Kit For Pa-15We/30We$68.96Details
242939Pulnix / TakexBP03Pole Mount Bracket Pir Accessory$106.39Details
762834Pulnix / TakexBP100COMPole Mount Cover For Com-In-100A$82.59Details
281470Pulnix / TakexBP11Pole Cover F/Ms-60, 100,Tx-103$35.53Details
242940Pulnix / TakexBP12Pole Mount Attachment For Ms-60 And Ms-100$44.23Details
249647Pulnix / TakexBP150AEAnti Masking Base Plate F/Fs2000 Pa6612 Pa6812$99.43Details
212737Pulnix / TakexBP200FBack Cover F/Quad Srs Pole Cvr$35.53Details
249648Pulnix / TakexBP22Pole Mount Attachment, Suits: Ms-12Te Or$27.48Details
249649Pulnix / TakexBP50COMPole Mount Cover For The Com-In50Hf$74.19Details
300395Pulnix / TakexBP50MWPole Cover$33.22Details
242942Pulnix / TakexBP5BSquare Flush Mnt F/ Pr5B$62.99Details
281472Pulnix / TakexBP5CFlsh Mnt Kit F/Pr5B Reflector$18.75Details
212738Pulnix / TakexBP5DFlush Mount Kit For Pr5B Sensor$85.39Details
242943Pulnix / TakexBP60APole Mountkit For Pb-30 / 60Tk$15.47Details
249650Pulnix / TakexBR5$29.25Details
336191Pulnix / TakexBS10NSet Replc Xmtr/Recvr Eyes-Pb-10Nse$44.23Details
242945Pulnix / TakexBS50FTrim Cover For Back-To-Back Pole Mountin$67.35Details
281475Pulnix / TakexBS50XBeam Pole Side Cover F/Pxb 1Pc$79.79Details
212739Pulnix / TakexBT100Beam Tower Enclosure 3'3" Double Sided$406.34Details
281476Pulnix / TakexBT100SS3 Meter Beam Tower Single Sided$390.14Details
212740Pulnix / TakexBT100WMBeam Tower Wall Mount 33" 1 Meter Tall$390.14Details
281477Pulnix / TakexBT1504' 6" Beam Tower Enclosure$511.85Details
497673Pulnix / TakexBT150SHIELD$163.79Details
212742Pulnix / TakexBT150SS4' 6" Single Sided Beam Tower$440.71Details
249651Pulnix / TakexBT150WM4'6" Wall Mount Beam Tower Enclosure-Single-Sided$440.71Details
281478Pulnix / TakexBT2006' 6" Beam Tower Enclosure,Double Sided$641.75Details
242946Pulnix / TakexBT200SS6'' 6" Single Sided Beam Tower Enclosure$496.40Details
281479Pulnix / TakexBT200WM6' 6" Wall Mount Beam Tower Enclosure ,$511.85Details
242947Pulnix / TakexBT2FBFloor Bracket For Bt Standard Beam Towers Pair$135.79Details
281480Pulnix / TakexBT3003 Meter Beam Tower$1,142.69Details
249652Pulnix / TakexBT300SS9'-8"-Beam Tower-Enclosure-Double-Sided-Allows$766.99Details
249653Pulnix / TakexBT300WMBeam Tower Wall Mount 99" 3 Meters Tall$750.09Details
242948Pulnix / TakexBT3SBSide Brackets For Bt Series Beam Towers$152.35Details
336190Pulnix / TakexBT3SBUSASide Brackets For Bt Series Beam Towers$168.39Details
242949Pulnix / TakexBTBASEReplacement Aluminum Base For Bt Tower$117.59Details
212743Pulnix / TakexBTBOTTOMCAPPlastic Bottom Cap To Hold Lens Cover$25.77Details
212744Pulnix / TakexBTCCTVSpecial Order Item$219.79Details
212745Pulnix / TakexBTCONDUITConduit Box For The Pulnix Old Beam Tower$67.35Details
242950Pulnix / TakexBTCONDUITBUSurface Mounted Conduit Entry F/Bt Series Beam Twr$67.35Details
281481Pulnix / TakexBTFBFloor Bracket For Standard Beam Tower$111.99Details
212746Pulnix / TakexBTFBSSFloor Bracket For Single Sided Beam Tower$105.84Details
281482Pulnix / TakexBTFOOTINGTakex Pulnix Sensor Bt-Footing Tower Foo$29.25Details
242951Pulnix / TakexBTHK12$97.99Details
212747Pulnix / TakexBTHK24Heater Kit 12 To 24 Volt For Beam Towers W/Therm$81.79Details
242952Pulnix / TakexBTPSPressure Sensor For Bt Series Beam Towers$113.86Details
281483Pulnix / TakexBTPSSSPressure Sensor For Bt Series Beam Towers$113.86Details
242953Pulnix / TakexBTPSWMAnti-Climb Tamper Top, It Is For Wall Mo$113.86Details
249654Pulnix / TakexBTSHIELD4Replacement Lens For Old Bt-150 Tower$152.35Details
281484Pulnix / TakexBTSHIELD6BUReplacement Cover For The Beam Tower 78" Sold Indv$174.99Details
249656Pulnix / TakexBTSSTOPCAPTop Cap For Bt-Ss Towers$35.53Details
300394Pulnix / TakexBTTAMAnti Climb Tamper Top For 2 Sided Beam Tower$6.57Details
249657Pulnix / TakexBTTOPCAPBeam Tower Top Cap$27.75Details
249658Pulnix / TakexBTWBBeam Tower Wall Bracket$82.59Details
249659Pulnix / TakexBU50FFlush Mount Kit (1Piece) Stainless, For$338.65Details
281486Pulnix / TakexBU5300Flush Mount Kit For Pa5300 Series$47.84Details
249661Pulnix / TakexBU7000Flush Mount Kit For Pa7000 Series$33.22Details
249662Pulnix / TakexBU8400Flush Mount Kit F/Pa8420E$375.29Details
212748Pulnix / TakexBW14Mounting Plate For Ms100$22.49Details
212749Pulnix / TakexBW24Wall Mount Plate For Ms12Fe And Ms12Te$22.49Details
212750Pulnix / TakexCOMIN100A300' Intelligent/Microwave Beam Detector$1,296.24Details
212751Pulnix / TakexCOMIN50HF155' Outdoor 330' Indoor Dbl Quad Beam Micro Combo$1,080.29Details
281487Pulnix / TakexCRFBFloor Bracket For Tad/Tas$56.54Details
212752Pulnix / TakexDA101ESPhoto Beam Request To Exit Sensor Silver$179.19Details
212753Pulnix / TakexDA101EWPhoto Beam Req To Ex Sens Wht$161.97Details
242954Pulnix / TakexDA101SPir Rex, Near Infrared Beam Direct Refle$161.97Details
281488Pulnix / TakexDA101WPir Rex, Near Infrared Beam Direct Refle$161.97Details
212754Pulnix / TakexDA291UFlush Mount Door Sensor$517.04Details
281489Pulnix / TakexDA301ESPhoto Beam Silver 12-24Vdc Or 100Vac Normally Open$223.99Details
249663Pulnix / TakexDA301EWPhoto Beam Request To Exit 24 Volt Dc Normal Open$211.68Details
242955Pulnix / TakexDA4800HAuto Door Sensor Normally Open 12-24Vac Silver$476.29Details
212756Pulnix / TakexDA6500High Speed Pir Rex, Directional Sensitiv$612.37Details
242956Pulnix / TakexDA6500RRemote Control For Da-6500$235.19Details
242957Pulnix / TakexDABKTBracket For Da301Ew$23.99Details
249664Pulnix / TakexDLS100R0.2/1M Red Led Background Suppression Photo Sensor$201.59Details
803431Pulnix / TakexDXRCRemote Control For Teaching$258.99Details
781629Pulnix / TakexDXS300WPresence Detection Sensor$313.19Details
834377Pulnix / TakexDXS400Presence Detection Sensor$283.49Details
772248Pulnix / TakexDXS400LPresence Detection Sensor$283.49Details
242958Pulnix / TakexEG1000Ultrasonic Sound Generator For Gs-1100$82.59Details
242959Pulnix / TakexER02Bi-Directional Wireless Alignment Meter$1,430.40Details
212757Pulnix / TakexESNT20Set Thru Bm 12Axisx220Mm 12/24 In 100Ma/30 Out$527.84Details
212758Pulnix / TakexESNT8Set Thru Beam 8Axisx140Mm 12/24Vdc Inpt/Npn 100Ma/$445.49Details
281490Pulnix / TakexF10RSensor Fiber Optic Din Auto Setting Red Led$216.99Details
300393Pulnix / TakexF70RPNSensr With Permanently Attached Cord$160.99Details
336189Pulnix / TakexF71RPNFo Sensor General Purpose Red Led Pnp$148.39Details
300392Pulnix / TakexFBC4R2SCord 2M W/M8 Conn For Snsr W/J$33.34Details
497671Pulnix / TakexFOM2$66.50Details
677352Pulnix / TakexFR105BCFo Cable Diff Refl 2 Fiber Coaxial Tip W$56.96Details
212759Pulnix / TakexFS100033' Ultraviolet Sensor, Ceiling Mnt$234.14Details
242961Pulnix / TakexFS1000EFlame Sensor Open Clctr Output$239.39Details
212760Pulnix / TakexFS2000EPlnix Flame Snsr,Frm C Outpt$236.59Details
249666Pulnix / TakexFS300033' Ultraviolet Sensor, Ceiling Mount, "$307.72Details
905312Pulnix / TakexFS350033' Ultraviolet Sensor Ceiling Mount Sna$304.63Details
249667Pulnix / TakexFS500033' Ultraviolet Sensor, Outdoor/Indoor$446.90Details
281491Pulnix / TakexFS5000EPulnix Flame Detector$464.39Details
497646Pulnix / TakexFS6000E33' Ultraviolet Sensor, Outdoor/Indoor,$477.83Details
212761Pulnix / TakexFSHHousing F/Fs2000 Wp/Anti Dust$325.34Details
242962Pulnix / TakexFX84BCCoaxil Fiber Optic Cable$95.19Details
212762Pulnix / TakexGMR2RSPNNDc Power Supply Photo Sensor$139.99Details
281492Pulnix / TakexGR2MSPNRetro Reflective 0.1-2M Side On 12-24Vdc Pnp$149.79Details
212763Pulnix / TakexGS1100Glass Break Sensor Utilizing An Ultrsoni$80.19Details
249669Pulnix / TakexGS5SNMini G Photo Sensor$114.79Details
497647Pulnix / TakexGSM2RSNRetro Reflct 0.1-2M Sensor$134.39Details
249670Pulnix / TakexHS02Heater Strips For Pb-Tk, Pb-Te Series$168.39Details
249671Pulnix / TakexHTF24High Power Heater Kit For Quad Beams$136.32Details
986659Pulnix / TakexINTQUADIPIp Interface Poe Module. Designed For Pb-In-Hf/Hfa$244.99Details
300391Pulnix / TakexK2Reflector For Gr2Mspn$10.54Details
1001567Pulnix / TakexKP1001M Floor Mounted Pole Kit$184.42Details
212764Pulnix / TakexKP80LLBLACKWall Attchmnt Pbx-Hf Beam Series Black$200.19Details
281493Pulnix / TakexKP80LLSILVERWall Attchmnt Pbx-Hf Beam Series Silver$194.59Details
1070307Pulnix / TakexKP80LSWall Mounted Pole Kit S=Silver$156.79Details
249672Pulnix / TakexKP80LSBWall Attachmnt Pbx-Hf 80X15Cm$195.99Details
929936Pulnix / TakexKP80LSSILVER0.8M Wall Mounted Pole Kit$147.55Details
212765Pulnix / TakexLDT20RLaser Type Amplified Photo Sensor$550.79Details
300390Pulnix / TakexLDU163L11Laser Line Projector$987.92Details
931564Pulnix / TakexLS33600Saft 3.6V Prmry Lithm-Thionyl Chloride(Li-Soci2)$31.89Details
242963Pulnix / TakexLT13' 3" Lamp Tower Stealth Beam Enclosure,$456.18Details
242964Pulnix / TakexLT12Pair Lamp Towers For Twin Photo Beams$909.99Details
242965Pulnix / TakexLT1WMLamp Tower Beam Enclosure Wall Mount$292.94Details
249673Pulnix / TakexMB301Ceiling Mount Bracket For Da-101 &Amp; Da-30$68.96Details
212766Pulnix / TakexMB4800HCeiling Mount For Da-4800H$74.19Details
249674Pulnix / TakexMB4800LL Bracket For The Da4800H$59.50Details
212767Pulnix / TakexMS100Otdr Motion 33X64 Celng Mnt Capble$125.08Details
780244Pulnix / TakexMS100COVERReplacement Cover For Ms-100 &Amp; Ms-60$15.47Details
242966Pulnix / TakexMS100E40' X 40' Wide Angle, 67' Long Range$128.79Details
300389Pulnix / TakexMS100FILTERMs100-Filter$10.21Details
677353Pulnix / TakexMS12CVRLens Cover That Fits Ms-12Fe & Ms-12Te$35.53Details
212768Pulnix / TakexMS12FEPir 2 Dual Zone Veriable Angle To 180 Degree$234.14Details
242967Pulnix / TakexMS12TEPir Dual Zone Veriable Angle To 90 Degrees$174.79Details
212769Pulnix / TakexMS60Directional Sensative Pir$200.19Details
212770Pulnix / TakexMS60EDirectional Detection, 20 Feet Max. Indo$173.19Details
677354Pulnix / TakexMS60EENGLISHDirectional Sensative Pir$200.19Details
242968Pulnix / TakexMW100APoint To Point Microwave Sensor 330'$720.19Details
242969Pulnix / TakexMW50Photo Beam Microwave Sensor W/Transm And Receiver$462.38Details
242970Pulnix / TakexNAM7RPhoto Electric Sensor Retro Reflective$106.11Details
300388Pulnix / TakexNAR10F24/240 Volt Ac/Dc Photo Electric Sensor$135.79Details
250048Pulnix / TakexNE2M10R2Photo Sensor With Builtin Amp Npn Outpt 10-24Vdc$113.39Details
300387Pulnix / TakexOMS12FE40' Detection 90/180 Select 9V/280Vdc$182.83Details
212771Pulnix / TakexPA15WE49.2' X 49.2' Wide Angle, N/C-N/O Form 1$190.83Details
242971Pulnix / TakexPA30NE98.5' Long Range N/C-N/O Form 1C Relay,$190.83Details
212772Pulnix / TakexPA45035' Wide Angle, Dual Element, Pir Sensor$24.92Details
212773Pulnix / TakexPA450EPir 35"Wide Angle Dual Pir Sensor English Label$26.99Details
281494Pulnix / TakexPA450PIPet Immune To 40 Lbs. 35' Wide Angle, Du$24.92Details
250049Pulnix / TakexPA46055'Vertical Curtain Dual Pir$27.75Details
250050Pulnix / TakexPA470LQuad Element Wall Mount Pir Sensor$118.68Details
250051Pulnix / TakexPA480S25 By 50 Feet Twin Pir Sensor$94.61Details
250052Pulnix / TakexPA4810High Quality Quad Element Pir Sensor$147.55Details
250053Pulnix / TakexPA4820High Quality Wall Mount Pir Sensor$147.55Details
281495Pulnix / TakexPA531240Ft Wide Angl Pir$158.76Details
281496Pulnix / TakexPA5312E40' Wide Angle Ceiling Mount$167.99Details
281497Pulnix / TakexPA532582' Long Range, Wall &Amp; Ceiling Mount, "$145.92Details
212775Pulnix / TakexPA6612ECeiling Mnt Pir/Pet Immune$110.59Details
212776Pulnix / TakexPA680513' Spot Protection, Dual Element, Up To$68.96Details
212777Pulnix / TakexPA6805ECeiling Mount Pir, 360° X 13’ Diameter S$68.96Details
281498Pulnix / TakexPA6810Pul (Sen) Pir 50' 360 Deg$68.96Details
281499Pulnix / TakexPA6810ECeiling Mount Passive Ir$68.96Details
212778Pulnix / TakexPA6812E40" W Angl Dual Elemnt Pir Up To$70.56Details
212779Pulnix / TakexPA682066' Vertical Curtain, Dual Element, Up T$70.56Details
281500Pulnix / TakexPA6820EPir 66' Vertical Curtain 12Vdc Dual Elem.N/C N/O$75.59Details
250055Pulnix / TakexPA701250 Ft X 50 Ft Wide Angle Dig Quad Pir Se$150.75Details
250056Pulnix / TakexPA7012EPir 50' X 50' Ceiling Wall Mount$159.59Details
212780Pulnix / TakexPA7030100' X 6' Long Range, Digital Quad$155.55Details
212781Pulnix / TakexPA7100Pulnix Pa7100 Pir-360 Degree R$192.43Details
250058Pulnix / TakexPA7100E360 Degree Passive Infrared: Indoor Ceil$186.03Details
242972Pulnix / TakexPA8410EHigh Ceiling Mount 33"Wide Angle Pir Sensor$423.89Details
281501Pulnix / TakexPA8420EPir Hi Ceiling Mount Vertical Curtain$412.88Details
250060Pulnix / TakexPB100ATKHKh Dual Beam/Twr Mount Only, And/Or Gated 360/660$593.99Details
281502Pulnix / TakexPB100EX330' Double Modulated Single Beam, N/C$5,429.15Details
887977Pulnix / TakexPB100F330' / 660' Double Modulated Quad Beam,$392.78Details
250061Pulnix / TakexPB100HFKH330' / 660' Intelligent Double Modulated$445.37Details
212782Pulnix / TakexPB100ST330Ft Dbl Plse Mod Twin Beam$325.34Details
242974Pulnix / TakexPB100TK330/660 Double Modulated Dual Beam 10-30Vdc$203.67Details
281503Pulnix / TakexPB10LENSLens Only For Pb10$27.75Details
242975Pulnix / TakexPB10NSEMini Elec Beam Form A Or B Contact Select$118.68Details
281504Pulnix / TakexPB10TNS33' Miniature Flush Mount Twin Beam$167.99Details
242976Pulnix / TakexPB200EX660' Dbl Modulated Single Beam$6,126.83Details
281505Pulnix / TakexPB200F200 Meter Dbl Modulated Quad Beam$415.98Details
281506Pulnix / TakexPB200HFKH660' /1320' Intelligent Double Modulated$460.82Details
242977Pulnix / TakexPB200XPole Mount Back Cover F/Pxb Beam 1Pair$49.29Details
242978Pulnix / TakexPB20TE66' / 132' Intelligent Double Modulate$254.98Details
677355Pulnix / TakexPB30SU100Ft.Indr Flsh Mnt Phto Bm,N/O N/C Relay 10-30Vdc$123.19Details
242979Pulnix / TakexPB30TK100' / 200' Double Modulated Dual Beam$125.08Details
212783Pulnix / TakexPB400EX1320' Dbl Modulated Sngl Beam$6,684.37Details
281507Pulnix / TakexPB40TE132' / 264' Intelligent Double Modul$271.03Details
212784Pulnix / TakexPB4RNS13' Indoor/Outdoor Single Miniature Refl$120.27Details
212785Pulnix / TakexPB4RTNSPhoto Beam 13' Indoor Outdoor Mini Selective$158.76Details
242980Pulnix / TakexPB50F165' / 330' Double Modulated Quad$369.58Details
212786Pulnix / TakexPB50HFKH165' / 330' Intelligent Double Modulated$429.89Details
792304Pulnix / TakexPB5SAClearance Minature Photo$134.71Details
212787Pulnix / TakexPB60TE200' / 400' Intelligent Dual Beam$276.80Details
212789Pulnix / TakexPB60TK200' / 400' Double Modulated Dual Beam$136.32Details
242983Pulnix / TakexPBH12/24Vdc Heater Kit/Pair Tk & Te Small Twn Beams$29.90Details
212790Pulnix / TakexPBIN100ATQuad Beam 330'T/R W/Form C$657.44Details
212791Pulnix / TakexPBIN100HF330' Outdr/660' Indr Quad Ip55$485.55Details
250070Pulnix / TakexPBIN200HF660' Outdr/1320'Indr Quad Ip55$508.76Details
497648Pulnix / TakexPBIN200HFTRPbin200Hf/Tr Transmitter Only$251.99Details
250073Pulnix / TakexPBIN50HF165' Outdr/330' Indr Quad Ip55$462.38Details
1004314Pulnix / TakexPBIN50HFTRX150 Feet Quad Beam, Transmitter Only$238.95Details
281510Pulnix / TakexPBIN75SW250' / 500' Low Current Draw Intelligent$541.23Details
212792Pulnix / TakexPBS15TTwin Beam With Flash, Siren Built-In$456.18Details
212793Pulnix / TakexPBSMBSufr Mnt Box For Beam 100At/St$72.16Details
497649Pulnix / TakexPIR3050FILTERFilter For Pir30We/Pir50Ne$27.75Details
212794Pulnix / TakexPIR30WEPir Passive Infrared Sensor Wide Angle$584.52Details
212795Pulnix / TakexPIR50NEPir 165"Long Range Mirror Optic Indoor Outdoor 12V$603.09Details
845025Pulnix / TakexPIRT15AMAnti-Masking High Mount Outdoor Pir$522.44Details
791261Pulnix / TakexPIRT15WEWHigh Performance Triple Mirror Intruder Pir$488.69Details
250075Pulnix / TakexPR10BPlnx Trans Recvr 32'Slim Line$180.59Details
212796Pulnix / TakexPR10BUPlnx Trans Recvr 32Ft Flsh Mnt$246.39Details
250076Pulnix / TakexPR11BE36' Outdoor/Indoor Reflective Beam$211.68Details
212797Pulnix / TakexPR11BECOVERCover The The Pr11Be Photo Beam$22.49Details
250079Pulnix / TakexPR11BEREFReflector Side Of Pr-11Be$101.04Details
242984Pulnix / TakexPR1B3' Indoor Single Beam, N/C Relay, No Ref$73.77Details
242985Pulnix / TakexPR5B16" Indr Sngl Beam,N/C Relay 10.5 To 26V$93.00Details
212798Pulnix / TakexPRS3Shutter Door Sensor$93.79Details
497650Pulnix / TakexPS520ERequest-To-Exit Door Sensor.Mounting Hei$73.77Details
242986Pulnix / TakexPS520SRqst Ext Snsr Pir 2 Otpts Slvr$73.77Details
250081Pulnix / TakexPS520WDr Snsr Pir 2Otpts Wh Rqst Ext$73.77Details
281511Pulnix / TakexPTKHSlide Mount Bracket For The Kh Beam$18.75Details
281512Pulnix / TakexPUPR11BE36' Outdr/50' Indr Reflect Bm$211.39Details
281513Pulnix / TakexPV1240' X 40' Wide Angle, Pir Indoor/Outdoor$300.00Details
242987Pulnix / TakexPVW12TEPir With Recordable Messages$292.94Details
497651Pulnix / TakexPXB100ATCDbl Dual Beam 330'660 4 Selctbl Xmission Freq$856.23Details
799800Pulnix / TakexPXB100ATCKH330' Intelligent Double Twin, Anti-Crawl Beam$738.39Details
250083Pulnix / TakexPXB100HFOutdoor 330’ Photoelectric Beam Sensor$710.29Details
212801Pulnix / TakexPXB200HFIntelligent Double Modulated Quad Beam,$731.16Details
242988Pulnix / TakexPXB50HFLow Current Consumption 165Ft Outdoor /$683.50Details
861100Pulnix / TakexR937Laser Projector Mounting Bracket$217.91Details
212802Pulnix / TakexSC2Front Cover Only, Fits Pb-In-Hf$33.22Details
250084Pulnix / TakexSC3Quad Beam Cover For 100St Quads$16.49Details
212803Pulnix / TakexSPK25061Solar Power Beam Kit For Pbin75Sw$1,185.59Details
212805Pulnix / TakexSPK25062Pbin 75Sw Include 2Slr Pwrd Kt$1,765.44Details
740110Pulnix / TakexSPK33061330' Max. Solar Power Kit With Pxb-100Sw Photo Bea$1,256.80Details
812174Pulnix / TakexSPK33062330' Max. Solar Power Kit With Pxb-1005Sw$1,708.18Details
281514Pulnix / TakexTA04021M Policarbonate Shield$127.39Details
250086Pulnix / TakexTA04031.5M Policarbonate Shield$127.39Details
212807Pulnix / TakexTA04042M Policarbonate Shield$127.39Details
250931Pulnix / TakexTA04063M Policarbonate Shield$184.79Details
242990Pulnix / TakexTA0500$45.68Details
677356Pulnix / TakexTA2SBOriginal Side Bracket For Ta Towers$67.90Details
281515Pulnix / TakexTA3SB0.70M Side Brackets For The Tad/Tas Tower$146.99Details
212808Pulnix / TakexTAD1003' 3 Beam Tower Enclosure, Double Sided$344.84Details
212809Pulnix / TakexTAD1504' 6" Beam Tower Enclosure,Double Sided$460.82Details
212810Pulnix / TakexTAD2006' 6" Beam Tower Enclosure,Double Sided$576.80Details
250932Pulnix / TakexTAD3009' 8" Beam Tower Enclosure,Double Sided$1,081.08Details
300386Pulnix / TakexTAD300CTSCustom/Cutdown Version Of Tad-300$1,101.09Details
802406Pulnix / TakexTAFBFloor Bracket For Tad/Tas$102.19Details
250933Pulnix / TakexTAPSAnti Climb Top Tamper For Tad/Tas/Taw.$104.23Details
242991Pulnix / TakexTAS1001M.180 Beam Tower Single Sided$348.29Details
212811Pulnix / TakexTAS1504' 6" Single Sided Beam Tower Enclosure,$395.87Details
242992Pulnix / TakexTAS2006' 6" Single Sided Beam Tower Enclosure,$462.38Details
212812Pulnix / TakexTAS3003M.180 Beam Tower Single W/Ta3Sb Included$708.81Details
281516Pulnix / TakexTAW1003' 3" Wall Mount Beam Tower Enclosure ,$329.39Details
250934Pulnix / TakexTAW150Wall Mount Beam Tower Enclosure Single Sided$395.87Details
281517Pulnix / TakexTAW200Photoelectric Beam Towers 6'6" Wall Moun$480.92Details
212813Pulnix / TakexTAW3009 8 Wall Mount Beam Tower Enclosure ,$672.66Details
212814Pulnix / TakexTECOVERCover Only For Pb60Te$16.49Details
242993Pulnix / TakexTX103RPir Indoor Outdoor Wireless 40' X 40'Long Range$141.39Details
281518Pulnix / TakexTX114FROutdr Wrls Pir 2 Cntr Heads Indpndnt Adj40'Range$378.86Details
212815Pulnix / TakexTX114SR40X40 Wide;Dual, Select N/O N/C Tmpr Swchno Bkbox$271.03Details
242994Pulnix / TakexTX114TR40X40Wide Dual Elmnt/Detctn Selectable No&Nc$279.90Details
281519Pulnix / TakexTX124RBattery Operated Outdoor Flame Sensor$488.69Details
857033Pulnix / TakexTXF125E330' Battery Operated Beam, Form C Relay Output$936.64Details
497662Pulnix / TakexUXT100DSensor Thru Beam 1000Mm Straight Npn$128.79Details
1052966Pulnix / TakexWO3DCamera Mount Bracket$168.39Details