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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
300347Raco1103 1/2 Octegon Box Deep Side Knockouts$9.08Details
865601Raco1142Bshg Reduce (3/4" To 1/2")Ts$3.50Details
300346Raco126Deep 3/4" & 1/2" Knock Outs$8.10Details
300345Raco1274" Octagon Steel Bx W/Knckouts$8.10Details
724410Raco1302Strap Rgd/Imc (1)Hl 1/2"Ts Irn (1=100Pcs/Pk)$2.20Details
336141Raco1303Rigid/Imc 3/4" 1 Hole Strap$2.60Details
791854Raco16633/4" Chase Nipples$1.86Details
243780Raco1894"Square 1 1/2" Deep Box$1.64Details
281819Raco190Cd Box 4 Square$1.36Details
251853Raco1964" Square Backbox W/Mntng Brck$3.60Details
1014404Raco20028Emt Set Screw Connector 1/2 In Steel$3.78Details
281820Raco201Sq Exten 4 1-1/2 Dp 1/2 Ko$2.80Details
677569Raco2034" Sqr Extension Ring 1 1/2" Deep$4.05Details
281821Raco205RACOld Work Ring F/Square For Electric Fire Alarms$4.50Details
213187Raco206RACOld Work Ring For Square Alarms Power And Data$4.50Details
744047Raco20811 Hole 3/8 Ts Steel For Ac/Mc (1=100Pcs/Pack)$0.74Details
805030Raco2093Strap Emt (2) Hl 3/4"Ts Stl$0.70Details
778415Raco2184Sqbxwfmbkt 1-1/2Dp Ac/Mc/Flx&1/2Ko$3.20Details
300343Raco2192Conn Flx Ac/Mc Sqz 1/2" Ts Dc$2.00Details
919034Raco2234Sqbxw/Fmbkt 1-1/2Dp Nmsc&1/2Ko$3.30Details
734465Raco2284Sqbxw/Bxloc 1-1/2Dp Nmsc&1/2Ko$5.40Details
243781Raco232Raco 4"X4"X2" Mtl Hndybx Deep$2.50Details
677570Raco232OW4Sqbxw/Spt&Pgtl 2-1/8Dp 1/2-3/4Tko$15.75Details
251854Raco237Sq Box 4 2-1/8 Dp Fm Bkt$4.32Details
251855Raco250Sq Extension 4-11/16 1-1/2D Ko$14.83Details
718072Raco2511Connector With Set Screw 3/8" F/Conduit Fit Pk 100$2.30Details
822108Raco2512Grnd Clmp 1/2"Rgd Cndt 1/2" To 1" Pipe$30.44Details
841223Raco25133/4 In Rigid Ground Clamp 1/2" To 1" Pipe$43.49Details
811260Raco2522Grnd Clmp 1/2"Rgd Cndt 1-1/4" To 2" Pipe$45.68Details
999737Raco2574-11/16 Box 2-1/8 Deep 1/2-3/4 Tko$4.68Details
251856Raco2602Ss Connect 1/2 Ts Emt Zinc$0.44Details
281822Raco2603Raco 3/4" Set Screw Connector$0.72Details
243782Raco2604Ss Connect 1 Ts Emt Zinc$1.38Details
281823Raco26051 1/4 Connector$2.50Details
213188Raco2608Ss Connect 2 Ts Emt Zinc$4.05Details
213189Raco2622Raco 1/2" Set Coupler$0.50Details
251857Raco2624Coupling Stainless Stell 1 Ts Emt Zinc$1.38Details
1001292Raco2664-11/16 Box 2-1/8Dp Box-Loc 1/2-3/4 Tko$6.57Details
677571Raco2692Conn Flx Ac/Mc 90Deg Sqz 1/2"Ts Dc$5.13Details
213191Raco2709Cable Protectors$0.38Details
251859Raco2711Raco 1/2" Romex Connector$0.68Details
243783Raco27129RPuzzle-Plate Cable Protectors$1.26Details
812266Raco278Cnctrng 3-1/2Dp 3/4&1"Ko Sngl Rw$12.38Details
281824Raco2804Comp Connect 1 Ts Emt Zinc$2.20Details
251860Raco2805Comp Coneect 1-1/4 Ts Emt Zinc$3.50Details
213193Raco2808Comp Connect 2 Ts Emt Zinc$6.84Details
213194Raco28221/2 Coupling$1.14Details
281825Raco28233/4" Emt Compression Fitting$1.48Details
213195Raco2824Comp Coupling 1 Ts Emt Zinc$2.30Details
251861Raco2828Comp Coupling 2 Ts Emt Zinc$7.54Details
213196Raco3201Insulated Squeeze Connector 3/8"$8.56Details
853991Raco3244Octbxw/Barhgr 1-1/2Dp 1/2Ko$5.31Details
243784Raco3513RACConnector 3/4"Insulated Straight Liquidtight$12.03Details
336140Raco404Shallow Switchbox 1"Deep And 1/2" Knockout$12.03Details
677572Raco440Swxbxw/Ears 2"P Ac/Mc/Flx$13.68Details
243785Raco5003 By 2 Switchbox With Ears$1.84Details
677573Raco50280One Gang Cover Outdoor$11.04Details
251862Raco509Switch Box 3X2 2-1/2 Dp O/Wrk$3.87Details
300342Raco51015Single Gang Bell Box Cover$11.53Details
677574Raco51037Waterproof Cover, 1Gal Vrtcl, Gfci$14.03Details
805033Raco517Swxbxw/Ears O/W 2-1/2Dp Nmsc$4.86Details
213197Raco51730Blank Cover Device Gray$1.64Details
251863Raco517502Gang Blank Cover Box Mnt Gray$3.50Details
336139Raco517552 Gang Wetherproof Device Mount Cover Blank$8.44Details
251864Raco519354" Rnd Cover, One 1/2" Outlet, Gray$3.80Details
865731Raco523Switch Box 3" X 2" 2 1/2" Deep$4.14Details
213204Raco53200Dyecast Aluminum Box 2"Deep Single Gang$4.41Details
243786Raco532202"Deep Box With Lugs$13.18Details
281827Raco532403/4" Wp Sngl Gng 3-Hle Bell Bx$5.49Details
251865Raco53330Two Gang Bell Box$9.88Details
243787Raco53370Wp Box 2G 5(1/2 Outlets) Gry$16.49Details
251866Raco534103/4" Wp Dbl Gng 3-Hle Bell Bx$11.53Details
281828Raco536154" Rnd Splice Box, Five 1/2" Outlet - Gray$7.02Details
243788Raco55310Wp Box 1G5 (3/4 Outlets) Gry$15.99Details
213205Raco560Sw Xbox W/Ears 2 3/4Deep 1/2Ko$9.88Details
281829Raco5643"X2" Switch 2-3/4" Box$11.86Details
677575Raco570RACSwxbxw/Ears 2-3/4Dp Ac/Mc/Flx (50/Pack)$12.69Details
711710Raco611Hndybxw/Grd 4X2 1-7/8Dp 1/2Ko Drw Bmp$10.21Details
828163Raco6224Floor Box For Wood Floors$211.39Details
213206Raco650Handy Box$6.12Details
882890Raco6782-1/8 Deep Handy Box Ts-Brkt Weld 1/2 Ko$12.69Details
884621Raco680Swxbx 2G 2-1/8Dp 1/2Ko Drw$26.25Details
251868Raco681Electrical Box 1/2" Knock Outs$26.99Details
911603Raco6863-Gang Sw Box 2-1/2Dp Fm-Brkt 1/2-3/4 Ko$34.79Details
805555Raco6874-Device Box, 2-1/2" Deep, 1/2" & 3/4" Side Knocko$48.58Details
869338Raco690Msnbx 1G 2-1/2Dp 1/2&3/4 Conc Ko$19.49Details
1016181Raco6945-Gang Masonry Box 2-1/2 Deep 1/2-3/4 Ko$39.88Details
1075721Raco6951-Gang Masonry Box 3-1/2 Deep 1/2-3/4 Ko$20.99Details
779410Raco696Msnbx 2G 3-1/2Dp 1/2&3/4 Conc Ko$29.25Details
1040474Raco697Masonary Box 3 Gang With Knockouts$36.24Details
498546Raco6RF151SRFloor Box Kit/15A Drop-In Brs W/Saw$51.48Details
498547Raco7033 1/2 Rnd Cvr Flat W/1/2 Ko$4.32Details
336138Raco722Flat 4" Round Cover$0.46Details
243789Raco7302RACPvc Single Gang J-Box$0.62Details
243790Raco7488RACPvc Two Gang J-Box Oldwork$3.70Details
251869Raco7534"Sqr Cover Flat 1/2"Ko$3.69Details
251870Raco7694" Square Mud Ring$1.80Details
243791Raco772Sngle Gang Mud Ring Raised 1/2$0.98Details
243792Raco7744" Square Cover Steel 1"Raised$1.78Details
213207Raco778Dble Gang Mud Ring Raised 1/2"$1.54Details
829640Raco7804" Squared Electr Box Cover$2.80Details
498558Raco7846RAC3 Gang Nail In Plastic Box$3.20Details
251871Raco7874"Squ Combntn Dvce/Tle Cvr Flt$1.38Details
281833Raco7887RACSingle Gang Old World Non Metallic Cable Box$2.20Details
243793Raco7914" Square Mud Ring$3.00Details
854206Raco808C4Sq Cvr 1/2Rsd Expw 1)Gfci (Packs Of 10)$2.20Details
781456Raco809U4Sq Cvr 1/2Rsd Expw 2)Gfci Dup Or Toggle (10 Pc)$31.89Details
213208Raco81254" Octogon Box 1 1/2" Deep$1.80Details
251872Raco81894X4X1-1/2 Metal J-Box$1.32Details
251873Raco8192Square Box 4" X 1 1/2" Deep 1/3" X 3/4"Knockout$1.36Details
894121Raco82034X4X1-1/2 Extension Metal$2.20Details
677577Raco8206RAC4Sq Rng O/W For Bx Mount Devices$8.44Details
722730Raco82184Sqbxwfmbkt 1-1/2Dp Ac/Mc/Flx$3.30Details
816565Raco823Gang Box Cover - 4 Gang Raised 3/4$32.63Details
243794Raco82324X4X2-1/8 Metal J-Box$2.70Details
336137Raco82354" Square Box With 1/2" Openings$16.49Details
904476Raco82404Sqbxw/Tsbkt 2-1/8Dp Nmsc&1/2Ko$21.75Details
281834Raco832Cover F/257$0.74Details
817270Raco83254Octbxw/Barhgr 1-1/2Dp Ac/Mc/Flx$7.11Details
251874Raco833Sq Cover4 11/16 Flat 1/2K$6.30Details
941041Raco8554-11/16 To 4Sq Adapter Ring - Raised 5/8$6.57Details
281835Raco861Handybox Cover 1/2 Ko In Ctr$3.50Details
758960Raco862Handy Box Cover - Gfci$4.23Details
677578Raco8650Handy Box 4" X 2" 1 1/2"Deep$1.46Details
213209Raco86601-7/8" Deep Metal Handy Box$1.52Details
243795Raco8670Box 2 1/8"Deep$2.30Details
243796Raco87524X4 Metal Blank Cover$0.70Details
213210Raco8772Single Gang Mudring Raisd 1/2"$1.00Details
677579Raco880Hndybx Mini Cvr$3.90Details
677580Raco8964Sq Cvr Swvl Fxtr Hng Ts1/2&3/4$52.19Details
336136Raco897Swivel Fixture Hangar Cover 25 Per Box$57.28Details
1055792Raco9001Mounting Brkt 16In Span 3-Box Position$6.57Details
1071841Raco9013RMntng Bkt Adj 16In Spn 1-1/2 Or 2-1/8Dp$6.21Details
1035125Raco9015RMntng Bkt Adj 24In Spn 1-1/2 Or 2-1/8Dp$8.44Details
834089Raco902CDuplex Receptable Crushed Corner Cover F/4" Sq Box$1.12Details
719194Raco907C4Sq Cvr 1/2Rsd Expw 2)Dplx$1.12Details
864704Raco91114" Sq. Box 3.5" Deep W/Fm Bracket, Red$7.54Details
956376Raco911124-11/16 Box 2-1/8 Deep 1/2-3/4 Tko - Red$4.95Details
952515Raco911154-11/16 Box 3-1/4 Deep 1/2-2 Ko - Red$18.75Details
928681Raco911164-11/16 To 4Sq Adptr Ring - 5/8 Rsd -Red$8.44Details
281836Raco91124" Sq. Box, 3.5 Deep, Red Fire Overstock$47.84Details
243797Raco91134" Sq 2-1/8" Welded With Ko'S Red$2.90Details
677581Raco91144" Sq 2-1/8" Welded W/Ko'S Fm Fire Overstock$3.87Details
336135Raco91184" Sq Flat Cover, Red$1.40Details
677582Raco91194" Sq 1-1/2" Deep Box, Ko'S Red$2.60Details
907083Raco92614" Rd Ceilfan 1-1/2Dp W/Nw Brhgr$43.49Details
251876Raco9412 Gang Box 2 1/2"Deep W/Ko'S$58.10Details
924415Raco9422-1/2 Deep Gang Box - 3 Gang 1/2-3/4 Ko$96.59Details
812518Raco9432-1/2 Deep Gang Box - 4 Gang 1/2-3/4 Ko$130.19Details
911185Raco952Special 3 Gang Box 1 5/8" Deep$52.19Details
732152Raco9531-5/8 Deep Gang Box - 4 Gang 1/2-3/4 Ko$67.90Details
1019487Raco976Switch Bx Extnsn,1-Gang,Adjustable 1/4" To 1"Steel$11.04Details
976369Raco978Plastic Far-Side Support$1.62Details
213211RacoEAT11/2" T Conduit Body Threaded$16.49Details
251878RacoEAT23/4" Conduit Body Threaded$20.25Details
281838RacoEAT31" Conduit Body Threaded$27.75Details
251879RacoEAT41-1/4" T Body Threaded$42.78Details
281839RacoENY2Seal Ftg 3/4" Al Femal/Femal$23.25Details
281840RacoENY2TSeal Ftg 3/4" Al W/ Nipple$27.75Details
213212RacoJALX11Expl Bdy 1/2" Cvr&1/2" Bx Hubs$113.39Details
213213RacoJALX21Expl Bdy 1/2" Cvr&3/4" Bx Hubs$120.39Details
677583RacoJALX22Expl Bdy 3/4" Cvr&3/4" Bx Hubs$113.39Details
251880RacoPF2Packing Fiber 2 Oz. Pkg$25.49Details
281841RacoSC4OZSealing Compound 4 Oz. Pkg$11.04Details
243798RacoSC8OZSealing Compound, 8Oz$12.69Details
251881RacoXAL53Explo Fa Ps Spdt Pull Ring$649.34Details