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Radio Design Labs / RDL

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
213215Radio Design Labs / RDLAMS10K10K Ohm Linear Pot&Knob Asm,Use W/Ams-Uf1 Frame$40.59Details
281843Radio Design Labs / RDLAMS10KA10Kohm Audio Taper Terminal Block$40.59Details
336131Radio Design Labs / RDLAMSBNCBnc Jack Assy Fits All Ams Mounts$14.03Details
213216Radio Design Labs / RDLAMSFP1Filler Plt,Cvrs Unused Acc Ports In The Ams-Uf1$7.72Details
677584Radio Design Labs / RDLAMSHR6Mounting Panel For 6 Ams Accessories$53.64Details
281844Radio Design Labs / RDLAMSPB1Mom Pshbtn Swtch F/Use W/Ams-Uf1,Rms4 Wllplt$17.25Details
300340Radio Design Labs / RDLAMSPJ1Power Jack Assy For Ps-24U, B, E-Fits Ams Mounts$17.25Details
336130Radio Design Labs / RDLAMSSW2Rocker Switch Dpdt-Fits All Ams Mounts$17.25Details
243799Radio Design Labs / RDLAMSUF1Universal Frame$38.43Details
213217Radio Design Labs / RDLAMSXLFAms Female Xlr$13.51Details
213218Radio Design Labs / RDLAMSXLMAms Male Xlr$12.69Details
677585Radio Design Labs / RDLAVAC2Cable Kit For Av-Hk1 Dual Phono To Mini Plug$14.83Details
251882Radio Design Labs / RDLAVDC4Line Level Audio Divider/Combi$272.99Details
281845Radio Design Labs / RDLAVHK1Hum Killer Unbal Isolation$113.39Details
831742Radio Design Labs / RDLCP1BCover Plate, 1 Gang, Black$13.84Details
300339Radio Design Labs / RDLCP1GCover Plate Single Grey$14.34Details
336129Radio Design Labs / RDLCP1SSingle Cover Plate-Stainless Steel$13.84Details
1052196Radio Design Labs / RDLCP2Double Cover Plate - White$16.27Details
716601Radio Design Labs / RDLCP2BCover Plate Dual Black$15.49Details
243800Radio Design Labs / RDLCP2GDouble Cover Plate$15.49Details
498540Radio Design Labs / RDLCP3Triple Cover Plate - White$16.15Details
677586Radio Design Labs / RDLCP4Quad Cover Plate - White-$15.75Details
281846Radio Design Labs / RDLD14FWll Mnt Plt W/Sngl Stereo 1.4" Pl$15.33Details
677587Radio Design Labs / RDLDA2Line Output Assembly - Rca Jacks, Terminal Block$69.99Details
251884Radio Design Labs / RDLDAVMB2Video Decora Jack Panel - Db15 To Bnc, Mini$82.59Details
1004388Radio Design Labs / RDLDBA2Line Output Assembly - Rca Jacks, Terminal Block -$69.99Details
677588Radio Design Labs / RDLDBBLANKMounting Plate 001-0194$12.69Details
875816Radio Design Labs / RDLDBCIJ3Consumer Input Jacks - Mono - Black$95.19Details
757801Radio Design Labs / RDLDBCIJ3DConsumer Input Jacks - Stereo - Black$113.39Details
677589Radio Design Labs / RDLDBD1Single Plate For Standard And Specialty Connectors$19.49Details
677590Radio Design Labs / RDLDBD2Decora Plate W/ Dual Xlr Holes$21.75Details
891725Radio Design Labs / RDLDBHPA33.5W Line And Headphone - Blk$223.99Details
850650Radio Design Labs / RDLDBJ1Microphone Input Assembly - Xlr, Terminal Block -$60.90Details
1029385Radio Design Labs / RDLDBJ2Line Input Assembly - Rca Jacks, Terminal Block -$60.19Details
793788Radio Design Labs / RDLDBJ3Mic/Line Input Assembly - Xlr, Rca, Terminal Block$62.99Details
243801Radio Design Labs / RDLDBLANKBlank Mounting Plate$13.18Details
731132Radio Design Labs / RDLDBMJPTMini-Jack Pass-Through Plate$36.24Details
921677Radio Design Labs / RDLDBPA33.5W Amp W/3.5Mm-Black$214.19Details
677591Radio Design Labs / RDLDBPHN2Dual Phono Jacks On D Plate - Solder Type - Black$17.99Details
918415Radio Design Labs / RDLDBPSP1Decora-Style Active Loudspeaker - Grills In Black$225.39Details
798435Radio Design Labs / RDLDBPSP1ADecora-Style Active Loudspeaker - Format-A$225.39Details
677592Radio Design Labs / RDLDBRC2ST2Ch Remote Cntrl Stick On Av$127.39Details
920484Radio Design Labs / RDLDBRC4M4 Channel Remote Control- Black$137.19Details
737318Radio Design Labs / RDLDBRC4ST4 Channel Remote Control For St-Sx4 - Black$125.99Details
300338Radio Design Labs / RDLDBRCX1Decora Black Room Control For Rcx-5C Room Combiner$246.39Details
300337Radio Design Labs / RDLDBRCX2Decora Black Room Control For Rcx-5C Room Combiner$271.34Details
773206Radio Design Labs / RDLDBRLC10KRemote Level Controller - 0 To 10 K Ohm - Black$47.84Details
677593Radio Design Labs / RDLDBRLC10KMRemote Level Control With Muting - Black$125.99Details
1010699Radio Design Labs / RDLDBRLC2Remote Level Controller - Ramp - Black$169.39Details
677594Radio Design Labs / RDLDBRT2Remote Control Selector - Black$123.19Details
722163Radio Design Labs / RDLDBSP1ADecora Speaker - Black$93.79Details
851601Radio Design Labs / RDLDBTPR2AActive Two-Pair Receiver$204.39Details
888006Radio Design Labs / RDLDBTPRX3AThree Input Format-A Source Selector - Black$243.59Details
917022Radio Design Labs / RDLDBTPS2AActive Twin Pair Sender$186.19Details
677595Radio Design Labs / RDLDBXLR2W/F & M Xlr Jacks 001-0191$23.99Details
923499Radio Design Labs / RDLDBXLR2FDual Xlr 3-Pin Female Jacks On D Plate - Solder Ty$23.99Details
922677Radio Design Labs / RDLDBXLR2MDual Xlr 3-Pin Male Jacks On D Plate - Solder Type$23.99Details
677596Radio Design Labs / RDLDBXLR3FXlr 3-Pin Female Jack On D Plate - Solder Type - B$20.25Details
677597Radio Design Labs / RDLDC1BDesktop Or Wall Mounted Chassis For Decora Remote$62.99Details
243802Radio Design Labs / RDLDC1GDesktop Chassist-Gray$65.10Details
243803Radio Design Labs / RDLDC1WDesktop Chassis-White$65.10Details
733591Radio Design Labs / RDLDC2BDestop/Wall Mount Chasis Decor Remote/Panel$82.59Details
251885Radio Design Labs / RDLDC2GDesktop Chassis-Gray$82.59Details
251886Radio Design Labs / RDLDC2WDesktop Chassis-White$82.59Details
919529Radio Design Labs / RDLDC3BTriple Desktop Or Wall Mounted Chassis F/Decora$97.99Details
281847Radio Design Labs / RDLDC3GDesktop Chassis-Gray$97.99Details
213220Radio Design Labs / RDLDC3WTriple Desktop Or Wall Mounted Chassis F$97.99Details
213221Radio Design Labs / RDLDC4GDesktop Chassis-Gray$114.79Details
300336Radio Design Labs / RDLDC4WDesktop Chassis-White$114.79Details
213222Radio Design Labs / RDLDCIJ3Decora Rca Inputs Summed To Mono, Con To Balanced$92.39Details
251887Radio Design Labs / RDLDCIJ3DDecora Rca And 3.5Mm Inputs Convert To Balanced$109.19Details
243804Radio Design Labs / RDLDD1Single Plate F/ Standard And Specialty Connectors$19.49Details
243805Radio Design Labs / RDLDD2Double Plate F/ Standard And Specialty Connectors$22.49Details
1074594Radio Design Labs / RDLDDBN2MLWall-Mounted Bi-Directional Mic/Line Dante Interfa$612.89Details
677598Radio Design Labs / RDLDHA1AFormat A-Stereo Headdphone Amp$156.79Details
781929Radio Design Labs / RDLDHPA33.5 Watt Audio Power And Headphone Ampli$223.99Details
213223Radio Design Labs / RDLDJ1Mic Input Assembly-Xlr,Terminal Block$58.79Details
251888Radio Design Labs / RDLDJ2Line Input Assembly-Rca Jacks Terminal Block$60.19Details
213224Radio Design Labs / RDLDJ3Mic/Line Input Assembly-Xlr,Rca, Terminal Block$62.99Details
251889Radio Design Labs / RDLDMJPTMini Jack Pass-Through Plate$37.69Details
677599Radio Design Labs / RDLDMK5Detachable Mounting Kit$8.10Details
843890Radio Design Labs / RDLDPA33.5 Watt Audio Amplifier$214.19Details
1012479Radio Design Labs / RDLDPSP1ADecora-Style Active Loudspeaker - Format-A - White$225.39Details
213225Radio Design Labs / RDLDR351MDin Rail, 35Mm X 7.5Mm, 1Meter In Length$9.55Details
1032685Radio Design Labs / RDLDRA355SStick-On Din Rail Adapter$21.75Details
336128Radio Design Labs / RDLDRA35FFlat Pack Rail$13.51Details
213226Radio Design Labs / RDLDRA35RRack-Up Din Rail Adapter$20.25Details
281848Radio Design Labs / RDLDRA35SDin Rail Adapter For Stick-On Module$23.25Details
281849Radio Design Labs / RDLDRA35TTx Series Din Rail Adapter$12.19Details
213227Radio Design Labs / RDLDRC2Remote Audio Mixing Control$131.59Details
243807Radio Design Labs / RDLDRC2MRemote Audio Mixing Control$158.19Details
888641Radio Design Labs / RDLDRC2ST2 Channel Remote Control For Stick-Ons$123.19Details
251890Radio Design Labs / RDLDRC3MRemote Audio Mixing Control With Muting$183.39Details
677600Radio Design Labs / RDLDRC4M4 Channel Remote Control$137.19Details
755335Radio Design Labs / RDLDRC4RU4 Channel Remote Control For Rack-Ups$127.39Details
677601Radio Design Labs / RDLDRC4ST4Ch Remote Control For St-Sx4$125.99Details
677602Radio Design Labs / RDLDRCX2Room Control For Rcs-Rc Room Combiner$271.34Details
1013723Radio Design Labs / RDLDRLC10Remote Level Control - Rotary Optical Encoder$291.59Details
677603Radio Design Labs / RDLDRLC10KRemote Level Control - 0 To 10 K?$47.84Details
853310Radio Design Labs / RDLDRLC10MRemote Level Control W/Muting - Rotary Optical$277.19Details
954542Radio Design Labs / RDLDRLC3Remote Level Controller - Preset Levels$176.39Details
300335Radio Design Labs / RDLDROPSHIPFEEDrop Ship Fee For Radio Design$10.21Details
1062972Radio Design Labs / RDLDRT2Remote Control Selector - Power On/Off$127.39Details
677604Radio Design Labs / RDLDS14F1/4" Phone Jack On D-Plate Solder Type Stainlesstl$17.99Details
1033869Radio Design Labs / RDLDSA2Line Output Assembly - Rca Jacks, Terminal Block -$74.19Details
243808Radio Design Labs / RDLDSAVM4A/V Decora Jack Panel Db15 Phono$54.38Details
281850Radio Design Labs / RDLDSBNCDInsulated Double Bnc Jack On D Plate$31.89Details
281851Radio Design Labs / RDLDSCIJ3Consumer Input Jacks - Mono$93.79Details
251891Radio Design Labs / RDLDSCIJ3DConsumer Input Jacks - Stereo$111.99Details
281852Radio Design Labs / RDLDSD1Single Connector Plate Stainless-Steel$23.25Details
251892Radio Design Labs / RDLDSD2Double Plate For Stand Connect$26.25Details
1080515Radio Design Labs / RDLDSFRC8Room Control Station F/Sourceflex Distributed Audi$278.59Details
251893Radio Design Labs / RDLDSH1Stereo Headphone Amplifier$183.39Details
281853Radio Design Labs / RDLDSH1MStero Headphone Amplifer- Decora Panel$179.19Details
852484Radio Design Labs / RDLDSHPA33.5W Line And Headphone - Ss$223.99Details
251894Radio Design Labs / RDLDSJ1Microphone Input Assembly - Stainless$63.70Details
243809Radio Design Labs / RDLDSJ2Line Input Assbly-Rca Jack,Terminal Block Stainles$63.70Details
281854Radio Design Labs / RDLDSJ3Mic/Line Input Assembly-Xlr,Rca, Stainless$66.50Details
872716Radio Design Labs / RDLDSP1A2 Watt Decora-Style 8 Ohm Loudspeaker -$93.79Details
827345Radio Design Labs / RDLDSPA33.5W Amp W/3.5Mm -Stainless$214.19Details
300334Radio Design Labs / RDLDSPHN2Dual Phone Jacks On D Plate$22.49Details
300333Radio Design Labs / RDLDSRC2MRemote Audio Mixing Control W/Muting Stainless$160.99Details
971553Radio Design Labs / RDLDSRC2ST2 Channel Remote Control F/Stick-Ons - Stainless$127.39Details
213229Radio Design Labs / RDLDSRC3MRemote Audio Mixing Control With Muting-Stainless$186.19Details
842877Radio Design Labs / RDLDSRCS4Remote Channel Selector - 4 Channels - Controls Ru$127.39Details
300332Radio Design Labs / RDLDSRCX1Stainless Room Control For Rcx-5C Room Combiner$246.39Details
336127Radio Design Labs / RDLDSRCX2Stainless Room Control For Rcx-5C Room Combiner$271.34Details
765580Radio Design Labs / RDLDSRLC10KRemote Level Controller - 0 To 10 K Ohm - Stainles$47.84Details
902986Radio Design Labs / RDLDSRLC2Remote Level Control - Ramp$169.39Details
336126Radio Design Labs / RDLDSSH1Stereo Headphone Amplifier-Stainless Steel$183.39Details
213230Radio Design Labs / RDLDSSH1MStereo Headphone Amplifier$179.19Details
913719Radio Design Labs / RDLDSSP1ADecora Speaker - Stainless Steel$93.79Details
726730Radio Design Labs / RDLDSTPA1A3.5 Watt Decora Audio Power Amplifier - Stainless$198.79Details
251895Radio Design Labs / RDLDSTPP7ASing Pr Aud Sender W /Mon$106.39Details
213231Radio Design Labs / RDLDSTPS1ATwst Pr Audio Sender$200.19Details
213232Radio Design Labs / RDLDSTPS2AActive Two-Pair Sender Twisted Pair Format$191.79Details
243810Radio Design Labs / RDLDSTPS3AActive Three Pair Sender$204.39Details
747761Radio Design Labs / RDLDSTPS6APassive Single-Pair Sender - Twisted Pair Format-A$95.19Details
1021294Radio Design Labs / RDLDSTPS7APassive Single-Pair Sender - Twisted Pair Format-A$95.19Details
994108Radio Design Labs / RDLDSTPSL1AActive Single-Pair Sender-Twisted Pair Format-A$194.59Details
1052327Radio Design Labs / RDLDSTPSL2AActive Two-Pair Sender-Twisted Pair Format-A - X$197.39Details
213233Radio Design Labs / RDLDSXLR2Xlr 3 Pinf 3 Pin M On D Plate Stainless Steel$28.49Details
281855Radio Design Labs / RDLDSXLR2FPlate W/Dual 3-Pin Xlr Females-Stainless Steel$28.49Details
243811Radio Design Labs / RDLDSXLR2FCDual Xlr 3Pin Female Jack D Plate Stainless Steel$36.24Details
213234Radio Design Labs / RDLDSXLR3FCXlr 3-Pin Female Jack On D Plate W/Custom Printing$31.18Details
848112Radio Design Labs / RDLDSXLR3MCXlr 3-Pin Male Jack On D Plate - Solder Type - Sta$32.63Details
677605Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPA1A3.5 Watt Decora Audio Power Amplifier (Compatible$198.79Details
281856Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPP7ASing Pr Aud Sendr W/Mon Pas$103.59Details
281857Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPR1AActive Single Pair Rcvr Xlr$201.59Details
281858Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPR2AActive 2-Pair Receiver-Stereo Phono Jack Ouputs$209.99Details
243813Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPR33CActive Three-Pair Receiver$279.44Details
213235Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPR3AActive 3 Pr Receiver$223.99Details
281859Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPS1AActive Single Pair Sender Xlr$201.59Details
281860Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPS2AActv 2-Pr Sender-Twisted Pair Stereo Ph Jackinput$191.79Details
281861Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPS3AActive 3 Pr Sender$202.99Details
213236Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPS6APassive Single Pair Sender$92.39Details
213237Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPS7ASingle Pr Audio Sender$92.39Details
677606Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPS8AFormat-A Multiple Location Audio Sender (Compatibl$173.59Details
870845Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPSL1AActive Single Pair Sender Rca$200.19Details
762114Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPSL2AActive Two-Pair Sender-Twisted Pair Format-A - X$202.99Details
1018937Radio Design Labs / RDLDTPSM2AActive Two-Pair Sender Dual Microphone Preamplifie$284.84Details
738049Radio Design Labs / RDLDXLR2Xlr 3-Pin Female & 3-Pin Male On D Plate - SolderCall for Price.Details
251897Radio Design Labs / RDLDXLR2FDual Xlr 3 Pn Female Jacks On D Plate Solder Type$24.75Details
846661Radio Design Labs / RDLDXLR2FC3-Pin Female Jacks On D Plate-Solder Type (Custom$32.63Details
281862Radio Design Labs / RDLDXLR3MPlate W/3-Pin Xlr Male$20.99Details
213239Radio Design Labs / RDLEC6Ac Extension Cord 6 Pack$32.63Details
213240Radio Design Labs / RDLEZADA4Stereo Audio Distribution Amp$172.19Details
251899Radio Design Labs / RDLEZFP1Filler Panel 1/6Rack Width$12.19Details
778385Radio Design Labs / RDLEZHDA4AStereo Headphone Distribution Amp - 1X4 Front-Pane$190.39Details
935559Radio Design Labs / RDLEZHDA6XStereo Headphone Distribution Amp - 1X6 Rear-Panel$223.99Details
281866Radio Design Labs / RDLEZHK1Stereo Audio Hum Killer$107.79Details
336125Radio Design Labs / RDLEZHK2Composite Video Hum Killer$113.39Details
243817Radio Design Labs / RDLEZHK3Audio/Video Hum Killer$123.19Details
213242Radio Design Labs / RDLEZMCP1Microphone Compressor$194.59Details
281868Radio Design Labs / RDLEZMPA1Microphone Preamplifier-Stereo Output$186.19Details
243818Radio Design Labs / RDLEZMPA2Dual Microphone Preamplifier$230.99Details
243819Radio Design Labs / RDLEZMX4LMic& Stereo Line Audio Mxr 4X1$198.79Details
213243Radio Design Labs / RDLEZMX4MLMic & Stereo Line Audio Mixer-4X1$209.99Details
213244Radio Design Labs / RDLEZMXA2020 Watt Stereo Audio Mixer Amplifier$263.19Details
251900Radio Design Labs / RDLEZPA2020 Watt Stereo Audio Power Amplifier$165.19Details
712718Radio Design Labs / RDLEZPD324 Vdc Power Distributor - 1X3Call for Price.Details
281869Radio Design Labs / RDLEZPH1Stereo Phono Preamplifier$127.39Details
677607Radio Design Labs / RDLEZSD2Storage Drawer 1/3Rack Width$36.24Details
281870Radio Design Labs / RDLEZSX4Stereo Audio Input Switcher$193.19Details
251901Radio Design Labs / RDLEZVDA2BVideo Dis. Amp Rec 2 Output$120.39Details
251903Radio Design Labs / RDLEZVDA3BVideo Distribution Amplifier - 1X3 Bnc N$178.79Details
251904Radio Design Labs / RDLEZVM12Vga/Xga Distribution Amplifier - 1X2$134.39Details
251905Radio Design Labs / RDLEZVM13Vga/Xga Distribution Amplifier$195.99Details
281871Radio Design Labs / RDLEZVM14Vga/Xga Distribution Amp$214.19Details
243823Radio Design Labs / RDLFPALC1Auto Level Contrl Mono Trmnl$274.39Details
281874Radio Design Labs / RDLFPALC2Autimatic Level Control Stereo$294.29Details
251907Radio Design Labs / RDLFPBUC2Balanced To Unbalanced Converter - 2 Cha$222.59Details
251908Radio Design Labs / RDLFPCH8Chime Generator$283.49Details
251909Radio Design Labs / RDLFPDCC112Vdc To 24Vdc Converter$253.39Details
213247Radio Design Labs / RDLFPDFC2Digital Audio Format Converter$560.24Details
213248Radio Design Labs / RDLFPECC1Energy Conservation Controller$275.39Details
336124Radio Design Labs / RDLFPMPA2Mic Phantom Adapter$267.39Details
251910Radio Design Labs / RDLFPMR2Message Repeater$345.59Details
281875Radio Design Labs / RDLFPMX44 Chnl Mic/Line Mix$414.44Details
1007716Radio Design Labs / RDLFPNML2Network To Mic/Line Interface - Dante Input - 2 Ba$464.39Details
281876Radio Design Labs / RDLFPPA1818W Audio Power Amp$237.99Details
677608Radio Design Labs / RDLFPPA18H18 W High Ambient Temperature Audio Power Amplifie$228.19Details
243824Radio Design Labs / RDLFPPA208 Ohm 20 Watt Power Amplifier$184.79Details
251911Radio Design Labs / RDLFPPA20APower Amplifier - 20 W 70 &Amp; 100 V Output$188.99Details
251912Radio Design Labs / RDLFPPA20BPower Amplifier 20W,25Sp$181.99Details
251913Radio Design Labs / RDLFPPA35AAudio Amplifier 35 W, 25 V / 70 V / 100$274.39Details
281877Radio Design Labs / RDLFPPEQ3Perametric Eq$321.29Details
213249Radio Design Labs / RDLFPPSB1APower Supply Mounting Bracket$45.68Details
251914Radio Design Labs / RDLFPRRARack Reel Adapter$71.39Details
281878Radio Design Labs / RDLFPRRAHHinged Rear Rack Adapter$90.99Details
251915Radio Design Labs / RDLFPRRB1Rear Rack Rail Mounting Kit$16.49Details
243825Radio Design Labs / RDLFPSVDA4Audio & Video Distribution Amp$282.14Details
498551Radio Design Labs / RDLFPTPS4AFormat-A Two-Pair Audio Sender$179.19Details
896014Radio Design Labs / RDLFPTPSR4AAudio Send/Receive Unit$255.79Details
213250Radio Design Labs / RDLFPTPX3AFormat-A Twisted Pr Remote Controlled Mixer$396.89Details
281879Radio Design Labs / RDLFPUBC2Unbalanced To Balanced Converter, 2 Channel$216.99Details
251916Radio Design Labs / RDLFPVDA41X4 Video Distribution Amp$251.99Details
300331Radio Design Labs / RDLFPX3RRemote Controlled Line-Level Meter$400.94Details
896368Radio Design Labs / RDLGB6Grounding Bar For Ts-1D Modules$135.79Details
933019Radio Design Labs / RDLHDFP1Series Filler Panel$36.98Details
281880Radio Design Labs / RDLHDMA35A35 Watt Mix Amplifier$341.54Details
715465Radio Design Labs / RDLHDMA35U35 Watt Mixer Amplifier - 4/8 Ohm Outputs$406.34Details
213251Radio Design Labs / RDLHDMA35UA35 Watt Mixer Amplifier$422.54Details
243826Radio Design Labs / RDLHDPA35A35 Watt Audio Power Amplifier - 25 V, 70$279.44Details
336123Radio Design Labs / RDLHDPA35U35 Wat Power Amplifier$278.09Details
336122Radio Design Labs / RDLHDPA35UA35 Watt Audio Power Amplifier$290.24Details
300329Radio Design Labs / RDLHDRA35UA35 Watt Remote Mixer Amplifier$422.54Details
336121Radio Design Labs / RDLHDWM1Wall Mount Bracket$74.19Details
336120Radio Design Labs / RDLHDWM2Wall Mount Bracket For Hd Series Amplifiers$62.99Details
981951Radio Design Labs / RDLHRADC1Analog To Digital Converter$730.59Details
281881Radio Design Labs / RDLHRDAC1D To A Converter-24/192 Input$581.84Details
281882Radio Design Labs / RDLHRDDA4Digital Audio Distributor - Aes/Ebu And S/Pdif$724.09Details
1032579Radio Design Labs / RDLHRDSX4Digital Audio Selector$750.09Details
281883Radio Design Labs / RDLHRFP1Half Rack Filler Panel$34.08Details
677609Radio Design Labs / RDLHRMCP2Dual Channel Microphone Compressor$606.14Details
281884Radio Design Labs / RDLHRMP2ADual Microphone Preamplifier$400.94Details
251917Radio Design Labs / RDLHRRA2Rack Adapter For Half-Rack Series$60.90Details
712643Radio Design Labs / RDLHRRU1Mounting Adapter Kit For A Rack Up Module$52.19Details
498553Radio Design Labs / RDLHRUDC1Universal Digital Audio Converter$599.39Details
281885Radio Design Labs / RDLMB1Mounting Kit Ru St And Tx Series$2.54Details
213252Radio Design Labs / RDLMB2Mounting Kit$3.50Details
243827Radio Design Labs / RDLMB3Mounting Kit$7.90Details
336119Radio Design Labs / RDLMER1UInstallation Of 1 Ru Product Under A Shelf$60.19Details
281886Radio Design Labs / RDLMSR1Snap Rail Adapter For Stick On$16.49Details
281887Radio Design Labs / RDLPS24AS24 V Dc Switching Power Supply, North Am$30.51Details
281888Radio Design Labs / RDLPS24AX24 Switching Power Supplu Ac Plug 500Ma, Dc PlugCall for Price.Details
281889Radio Design Labs / RDLPS24KSSwitching Power Supply 1000Ma$39.14Details
251920Radio Design Labs / RDLPS24KX24 Vdc Switching Power Supply InterchangeableCall for Price.Details
251921Radio Design Labs / RDLPS24V2Power Supply Intl-2 Amp$85.39Details
243828Radio Design Labs / RDLPS24V2A24Vdc Switching Power Supply$89.59Details
243829Radio Design Labs / RDLPTAMG2Portable Audio Signal Generator W/Monitor$357.74Details
901079Radio Design Labs / RDLPTASG1Portable Audio Signal Generator W/Monitor$268.79Details
213254Radio Design Labs / RDLPTIC1Carrying Case$55.09Details
281890Radio Design Labs / RDLRC1UUniversal Rack Adapter$170.79Details
1060821Radio Design Labs / RDLRCPS5Rack Mnt For 5 Ps24U2/A Power Supplies$78.39Details
213255Radio Design Labs / RDLRCX10RNRmte Vol Cntrl F/Rcx-5C Us Ntl$167.99Details
281894Radio Design Labs / RDLRCX5CRcx 5 Room Combin Sys$1,361.24Details
890458Radio Design Labs / RDLRCX5CMRoom Combining Controller W/Muting Option$1,311.24Details
852831Radio Design Labs / RDLRCXBZLWall Mount Bezel For Rcx-Cd1$93.79Details
243832Radio Design Labs / RDLRCXCD1Remote Control Panel$655.19Details
862774Radio Design Labs / RDLRK2U19" Utility Rack Chassis - 2 Ru$194.59Details
251926Radio Design Labs / RDLRLC10KRemote Level Controller$47.44Details
281897Radio Design Labs / RDLRLC10KSRemote Level Controller - 0 To 10 K Ohm$49.76Details
251929Radio Design Labs / RDLRMD3Rack Mnt For 3 Decora Moduls$72.79Details
213261Radio Design Labs / RDLRMD9Rack Mount For 9 Decora Modules - 3 Ru$83.99Details
213262Radio Design Labs / RDLRMDFP1Filler Plate For Decora Rack Mount Panels-Black$4.14Details
968383Radio Design Labs / RDLRMFP1Rack Up Filler Panel & Reverse$17.25Details
243835Radio Design Labs / RDLRMMP12AAudio Monitor Panel - 12 Line Or Speaker$899.59Details
251932Radio Design Labs / RDLRUADA4DAudio Distribtion Amplifier$307.79Details
336118Radio Design Labs / RDLRUADA8DAudio Dist. Amp. Balanced/Unbalanced - 2X8, 1X16$461.69Details
281898Radio Design Labs / RDLRUADL21In/2Out Xlr&Terminal Block Audio Delay$585.89Details
281899Radio Design Labs / RDLRUAFC2Stereo Audio Format Converter$361.79Details
856524Radio Design Labs / RDLRUASX4D4X1 Stereo Balanced Audio Switcher-Terminal Block$349.64Details
677610Radio Design Labs / RDLRUASX4DRRemote Control Stereo Audio Selector With Vca 4X1$510.29Details
300326Radio Design Labs / RDLRUBR1Mnt Brkt F/Ru Srs Prdct (Melting Bracket)$36.98Details
1053949Radio Design Labs / RDLRUD1Rack-Up Mount For Decora Module$15.75Details
807952Radio Design Labs / RDLRUFNFmt A To Network Interface$577.79Details
842310Radio Design Labs / RDLRUFNPFmt A To Network Interface Poe$639.89Details
1006197Radio Design Labs / RDLRUFP1RFiller Panel$15.16Details
677611Radio Design Labs / RDLRUHRA110.4" Rack Mount For Rack-Up Series Products$37.69Details
997816Radio Design Labs / RDLRULB2Line-Level Bi-Directional Network Interface - 2 Ba$523.79Details
1025143Radio Design Labs / RDLRULB4PLine-Level Bi-Directional Network Interface - 4 Ba$672.09Details
213265Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMLA2Dual Mic / Line Preamplifier$318.59Details
281901Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMLA2TDual Mic / Line Preamplifier$500.84Details
971025Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMLB2Mic/Line Bi-Directional Network Interface - 2 Swit$588.59Details
838208Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMLB2PMic/Line Bi-Directional Network Interface - 2 Swit$650.69Details
1002207Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMLB4Mic/Line Bi-Directional Network Interface - 4 Swit$703.29Details
1024872Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMLB4PMic/Line Bi-Directional Network Interface - 4 Swit$763.09Details
281902Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMLD44Channel Mic Line Dist Amplif$319.94Details
243839Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMLD4TMic/Line Distribution Amplifier$502.19Details
213266Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMX44 Input/ Mic Line Mixer$394.19Details
281903Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMX4LPro 4 Input Line Mixere - Mic And Line Out$338.84Details
751580Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMX4LTPro 4 Input Line Mixer Mic And Line Out$372.59Details
251933Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMX4TPro 4 Input Mic/Line Mixer W/Phantm$414.44Details
213267Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMX5ML5 Input Mic/ Line Mixer W/ Phntm$329.39Details
832029Radio Design Labs / RDLRUNFDNetwork To Fmt A Interface$610.19Details
865618Radio Design Labs / RDLRUNFDPNetwork To Fmt A Interface Poe$672.29Details
1038179Radio Design Labs / RDLRUNL2Network To Line Level Interface - Dante Input - 2$468.44Details
998703Radio Design Labs / RDLRUNL2PNetwork To Line Level Interface - Dante Input - 2$529.19Details
1031775Radio Design Labs / RDLRUNL4Network To Line Level Interface - Dante Input - 4$553.49Details
989797Radio Design Labs / RDLRUNL4PNetwork To Line Level Interface - Dante Input - 4$614.24Details
243841Radio Design Labs / RDLRUPA40D40 W Stereo Audio Power Amp W/Vca And Power Supply$306.44Details
251934Radio Design Labs / RDLRUPA518Audio Power Amplifier 9 Wat$282.14Details
966633Radio Design Labs / RDLRURA3RRack Mounts 3 Rack-Up Modules In Fixed Or Mobile$69.30Details
213269Radio Design Labs / RDLRUSC2Serial Converter$239.39Details
281905Radio Design Labs / RDLRUSH1Stereo Headphone Amplifier$190.39Details
1039633Radio Design Labs / RDLRUSM16ADual Channel Audio Meter(2Chnl 1Lne In)Chnl/Peak$294.29Details
677612Radio Design Labs / RDLRUSM16D4 Channel Audio Meter - Average/Peak/Hold$545.39Details
856946Radio Design Labs / RDLRUSMA1Rack-Up Mounting Plate - Mounts Any Rack-Up Module$15.49Details
213271Radio Design Labs / RDLRUSP12 Watt Speaker$56.30Details
827397Radio Design Labs / RDLRUTP4PWPower Inserter-Twister Pair- Foursets Of Outputs /$142.79Details
243844Radio Design Labs / RDLRUTPS4AActive-Sender-Distributor-Twisted-Pair-Format-A$302.39Details
281906Radio Design Labs / RDLRUUDA42X4 Stereo Audio Dist W/Rec$216.99Details
677614Radio Design Labs / RDLRUVCA2ADigitally Controlled 2 Channel Audio Attenuator$384.74Details
1072686Radio Design Labs / RDLRUVDA4B4 Output Video Da$314.54Details
281907Radio Design Labs / RDLRUVSX44 Input Video Switchers$410.39Details
213272Radio Design Labs / RDLSAS82Remote Station Controller$345.33Details
251937Radio Design Labs / RDLSAS8CSource Flex 8Rmt Sta.Cntlr$997.09Details
281908Radio Design Labs / RDLSAS8ISrcflx Audio Input Interface&4Station Aud Controlr$895.69Details
281909Radio Design Labs / RDLSASHC8Sourceflex Headphone Control$371.24Details
902742Radio Design Labs / RDLSMB1GSurface Mount Box-Gray$49.29Details
745458Radio Design Labs / RDLSMB1WSurface Mount Box-White$49.29Details
243848Radio Design Labs / RDLSMB2GSurface Mount Box-Gray$53.64Details
213273Radio Design Labs / RDLSMB2WSurface Mount Box-White$53.64Details
1052396Radio Design Labs / RDLSMB3GSurface Mount Box-Gray$57.28Details
251940Radio Design Labs / RDLSMB3WSurface Mount Box-White$57.28Details
243849Radio Design Labs / RDLSMB4GSurface Mount Box-Gray$59.50Details
281911Radio Design Labs / RDLSMB4WSurface Mount Box-White$59.50Details
1009742Radio Design Labs / RDLSMK12Edge Mount: Typically Edge Mounts 12 Sti$37.69Details
281912Radio Design Labs / RDLSR10Mounting Frame$78.39Details
243850Radio Design Labs / RDLSR12AStick On Mounting Rack$81.19Details
300324Radio Design Labs / RDLSR4Mounting-Frame-For The Stickon-Tx-Module-$104.99Details
213274Radio Design Labs / RDLSTA1Dual Balanced/Unbalanced Line Amplifier$181.99Details
281913Radio Design Labs / RDLSTA1MAudio Line Amplifier Mono: -14 To 14 Db Gain$134.39Details
243851Radio Design Labs / RDLSTA2ADual High Gain Line Amplifier$191.79Details
251941Radio Design Labs / RDLSTACR1Audio Contrlld Relay .5-5.0Se$125.99Details
251942Radio Design Labs / RDLSTACR1MMic-Level Controlled Relay - 0.5 To 5 S$125.99Details
213275Radio Design Labs / RDLSTACR2Audio Cntrl Relay Rel.5-50Sec$124.59Details
213276Radio Design Labs / RDLSTCL2Compressor/Limiter-Line Level$184.79Details
243852Radio Design Labs / RDLSTCX22 Way Line Cross Over$155.39Details
281914Radio Design Labs / RDLSTCX2SSubwoofer Crossover Filter 22Hz To 80Hz$155.39Details
213277Radio Design Labs / RDLSTD10KPassive Audio Divider/Combiner - 10K$69.30Details
873243Radio Design Labs / RDLSTD150Passive Audio Divider/Combiner - 150 Ohm$74.21Details
243853Radio Design Labs / RDLSTD600Passive Audio Divider/Combiner - 600 Ohm$68.59Details
251943Radio Design Labs / RDLSTDA3Line Level Distribution Amplifier-1X3$173.59Details
281915Radio Design Labs / RDLSTEQ33 Band Equalizer Low Dstrtn$118.99Details
243854Radio Design Labs / RDLSTGCA1Gain Control Amplifier$146.99Details
281916Radio Design Labs / RDLSTGCA3Amplifier$160.99Details
498555Radio Design Labs / RDLSTGSP1Gated Speech Pre-Amp$165.19Details
213278Radio Design Labs / RDLSTHP3High Pass Filter - 300 Hz And 500 Hz$153.99Details
213279Radio Design Labs / RDLSTIC1Intercom Amplifier$165.19Details
281918Radio Design Labs / RDLSTLCR1HHi Power Relay Dpdt 8 Amp$137.19Details
251944Radio Design Labs / RDLSTLCR2Rdo Dsgn Lgc Cntrl Rly Aa Dpdt$135.79Details
498556Radio Design Labs / RDLSTLCR3Alternate Pulse Dual Relay Mod$156.79Details
243855Radio Design Labs / RDLSTM1Microphone Preamp, 50Db Gain$128.79Details
213280Radio Design Labs / RDLSTM2Mic To Line Level Preamplifier$181.99Details
243856Radio Design Labs / RDLSTM2XSwitched Nic Pre Amp$207.19Details
281919Radio Design Labs / RDLSTM3High Gain Mic Preamp$202.99Details
300323Radio Design Labs / RDLSTMA2Muting Amp 2Wt 8Ohm Contact Closure$107.79Details
281920Radio Design Labs / RDLSTMDA3Mic Level Distribution Amplifier$167.99Details
281921Radio Design Labs / RDLSTMLDA3Microphone Pre-Amplifier$218.39Details
677615Radio Design Labs / RDLSTMPA24Dual Mic Phantom Pwr Adptr 24V$114.79Details
677616Radio Design Labs / RDLSTMPA48Dual Microphone Phantom Adapter - 48 V$156.79Details
281922Radio Design Labs / RDLSTMX2Stmx 2 Chnl Mic Two Line Mixer$173.59Details
243857Radio Design Labs / RDLSTMX33 Line Input Mixer - Line Out$159.59Details
281923Radio Design Labs / RDLSTP1Rdo Dsgndual Varbl Attenuator$76.99Details
213281Radio Design Labs / RDLSTPA1818W 8 Ohm Stick-On Amp$159.59Details
251946Radio Design Labs / RDLSTPA22 W Mono Audio Amplifier - 8 Ohm$88.19Details
281924Radio Design Labs / RDLSTPA6Audio Power Amplifier - 6 Watt$123.19Details
498531Radio Design Labs / RDLSTPBR4Mounting Bracket For 4 Stick-On Modules$42.78Details
213282Radio Design Labs / RDLSTPD5Power Supply Distributor$83.99Details
947159Radio Design Labs / RDLSTPD5UPower Distribution Module$105.71Details
281925Radio Design Labs / RDLSTPH1Stereo Phono Preamp$166.59Details
243858Radio Design Labs / RDLSTR19AStick-On Series 19" Racking System - 12$163.79Details
251947Radio Design Labs / RDLSTR19BRacking System$194.59Details
243859Radio Design Labs / RDLSTRRB1Rear Rack Rail Mounting Kit For Any Stick-On$26.99Details
281926Radio Design Labs / RDLSTRX2Auto Swithch$128.79Details
213283Radio Design Labs / RDLSTSH2Stereo Headphone Amplifier$159.59Details
213284Radio Design Labs / RDLSTSSR1Solid State Audio "Relay"$135.79Details
243860Radio Design Labs / RDLSTSX4Rdo Dsgn 4 Input Switcher$125.99Details
213285Radio Design Labs / RDLSTTC1Telephone System Coupler$130.19Details
281927Radio Design Labs / RDLSTUBA2Unbalanced To Balanced Amplifier-2 Chann$194.59Details
213286Radio Design Labs / RDLSTUMX3Universal Audio Mixer - 3 Mic Or Line X 1 Mic Or L$172.19Details
251948Radio Design Labs / RDLSTVCA3Stick On Series Voltage Control Amp$153.99Details
243861Radio Design Labs / RDLSTVOX1Audio Vox Relay$131.59Details
213287Radio Design Labs / RDLSTVP2Automatic Ducking Module$193.19Details
281928Radio Design Labs / RDLSYS84SMRemote Status Monitor Sys84$158.19Details
213288Radio Design Labs / RDLSYSIC1Parallel Interface Cable$85.39Details
251949Radio Design Labs / RDLSYSTB84 Terminal Block Adapter$68.59Details
300322Radio Design Labs / RDLTPHA1AHospitality Headphone Amp$138.59Details
251950Radio Design Labs / RDLTX10BBridging Input Tranfrms 10Kohm$55.09Details
213289Radio Design Labs / RDLTX1ABalanced To Unbalanced Tranformer, Adjustable$47.84Details
243863Radio Design Labs / RDLTX1WMusic On Hold Amplifier 1Watt$90.99Details
281929Radio Design Labs / RDLTX70A70V Speaker Level Input Interface, Unbal Line Out$49.29Details
300321Radio Design Labs / RDLTX8A4 Ohm/8 Ohm Input Interface Unbal/Bal Line Out$86.79Details
251951Radio Design Labs / RDLTXA21 Ch Audio Xfmr Converter$111.99Details
251952Radio Design Labs / RDLTXA2DDual Audio Converter – Balanced To Unbal$134.39Details
243864Radio Design Labs / RDLTXAFC1FStudio Quality Audio Format Bal To Unbalanced$116.19Details
213291Radio Design Labs / RDLTXAT1Audio Isolation Transformer - 600 Ohm 1:$111.99Details
251953Radio Design Labs / RDLTXAT1SAudio Isolation Transformer W. Suppression$124.59Details
1062203Radio Design Labs / RDLTXHRA310.4" Rack Mount For 3 Tx Series Products$40.59Details
213292Radio Design Labs / RDLTXJ2Unbalanced Input Transformer$72.79Details
251954Radio Design Labs / RDLTXLC2Unbalanced To Balanced Line Combiner$123.19Details
251955Radio Design Labs / RDLTXLM2Line Level To Mic Level Transformer$50.03Details
251956Radio Design Labs / RDLTXMVXManual Video Switch$121.79Details
243865Radio Design Labs / RDLTXMX2RAudio Mixer Distribution Amp$99.39Details
281930Radio Design Labs / RDLTXPA40D40W Ch 8 Stereo Powered Amp$275.39Details
251957Radio Design Labs / RDLTXPA40DE40W Stereo Audio Power Amplifier W/Power Supply$271.34Details
213293Radio Design Labs / RDLTXPCR1Paging Controlled RelayCall for Price.Details
677617Radio Design Labs / RDLTXPD8X24 Vdc Switching Power Supply Distributor - 1X8Call for Price.Details
300320Radio Design Labs / RDLTXRRB1Rear Rr Mounting Kit For Tx Series Module$15.16Details
1070591Radio Design Labs / RDLTXTP4PWPower Inserter/Signal Breakout-Twisted Pair Format$96.59Details
712745Radio Design Labs / RDLTXTPR6APassive Single-Pair Receiver - Twisted Pair Format$106.39Details
251958Radio Design Labs / RDLTXTPS6ATw/St Pair Audio Sender$106.39Details
251959Radio Design Labs / RDLTXVCRVideo Control Relay$180.59Details
281931Radio Design Labs / RDLTXVLA1Video Line Amplifier$204.39Details
213295Radio Design Labs / RDLUC1Utility Chassis-Single Dial$103.59Details
281932Radio Design Labs / RDLUC2Utility Chasis,Dual Ultra Dial Table Top Mounting$138.59Details
1080598Radio Design Labs / RDLUC2RDouble Wide Rack-Up Enclosure$141.39Details
677618Radio Design Labs / RDLWB1USingle Box Universal Elec Box$16.49Details
213296Radio Design Labs / RDLWB2UUniversal Wll Bx Dbl F/U.S Int$17.25Details
213297Radio Design Labs / RDLWDG1Table Top Wedge Mount$118.99Details