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Remee Products

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
679094Remee Products1002M1G16/2 Us Strnd Pvc Gry Cm 1000Ft Rl$244.34Details
213442Remee Products1006WBTPOLYM1B18/2 Bc Waterblocked, Poly Jkt, 1M Blk$215.92Details
975683Remee Products1006WBTPOLYMB18/2 Str Water Block Poly 1M' Rl Blk$216.69Details
679095Remee Products1008RM1G18/4 Unsh Pvc Gray Jacket Riser 1000Ft R$180.99Details
679096Remee Products1023M1G16/4 Us Strnd Pvc Gry Cm 1000Ft Rl$438.47Details
679097Remee Products1023RM1G16/4 Riser Spkr Wire 1000Ft$428.21Details
758428Remee Products1034L4G*Eol* Bc Burg 500Ft Spd Gray$67.82Details
282097Remee Products1100422JABNOOF(Indoor &Amp; Outdoor) 62.5 Multi-Mode Fiber$0.56Details
679100Remee Products1100622JABNOOF6Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffer Mm Bl$0.78Details
679103Remee Products1100676MABNOOF6 Fiber Sm Tight Buffered Distribution I$0.58Details
679104Remee Products1100822JABN00F8 Fiber, 62.5 Mm, Indoor/Outdoor Tight B$0.96Details
282106Remee Products1101222JABNOOF12F Mm Indoor/Outdoor Tb Riser Black 1’$1.26Details
679107Remee Products1102412CGBSFXF1 Gig 24 Strand Fiber Cable) 24 Fiber In$3.50Details
679110Remee Products1102476MGBSFXF24 Fiber Tight Buffered Sm 6F/Sub Unit$3.08Details
1065162Remee Products151095L2WRg59 95Pct Pvc White Box 500$147.77Details
679112Remee Products1510RM1WRg 59 95% Braid, 1000Ft Reel, White Jack$126.38Details
679113Remee Products1510WBTPOLYL1BRg59 For Cctv With Water Blocking Tape A$160.03Details
282118Remee Products1531RM2WRg6 Cctv 1K Box In White$274.21Details
679115Remee Products1535MSGR17CWL1BRg 59 + 18/2 Siamese With Messenger, 500$236.99Details
679116Remee Products1535RL1BRg59/U Siamese W/ 18-2 On A Spl 500' Blk$113.74Details
679117Remee Products1535RL2W500Ft Rg59 W/18/2 Siamese 500Ft Riser$109.31Details
679119Remee Products1539WBPOLYMEBRg59 With 18-2 Water Block Poly Jacket,$0.60Details
679122Remee Products1563WL2WRg6 60% Al Braid Pvc 500' Box - Wh$57.57Details
679124Remee Products1563WRM1BRg6 18Awg Ccs Foil Cs Foil &Amp; Braid Swpt$66.00Details
679125Remee Products1563WRM2BRg6 Riser Rated$66.00Details
252145Remee Products1586RM1BRg11/U Aluminum Foil 100% &Amp; Riser Rated$343.74Details
679130Remee Products2200276MEBSBWN2 Fiber, Sm, Loose Tube, Osp$0.70Details
679131Remee Products2200476MEBSBWN4 Fiber, Sm, Loose Tube, Osp$0.74Details
679132Remee Products220047MDW4 Fiber, Sm, Loose Tube, Osp Rated$0.60Details
679133Remee Products2200822JEBSBWN8 Fiber, 62.5 Mm, Loose Tube, Osp$1.20Details
679134Remee Products2200876MEBSBWN8 Fiber, Sm , Loose Tube, Osp$0.82Details
1082165Remee Products2700674EABSFNF6 Strand 27 Series Loose Tube Indoor/Out$0.86Details
1048177Remee Products2701274EABSLNF12 Strand 27 Series Loose Tube Indoor/Ou$0.92Details
790577Remee Products2702422EABSLNF***Eol*** Indoor/Outdoor Riser Listed 24$2.24Details
969268Remee Products2704874EABSLNF48 Strand 27 Series Loose Tube Indoor/Ou$3.36Details
945999Remee Products2714474EABSLNF144 Strand 27 Series Loose Tube Indoor/O$1.30Details
1079148Remee Products2728874EABSLNF288 Strand Sm 27 Series Loose Tube Indoo$5.80Details
679153Remee Products2807222JEBSLWN72-Strand Fiber Multi-Mode Armored$5.51Details
679154Remee Products2809622JEBSLWN96 Fiber, 62.5 Mm, Single Armor, Single$6.62Details
679157Remee Products293L1R18/2 Riser 500Ft Spl$57.47Details
679158Remee Products293M1R18/2 1000Ft Spool Unsld Riser$97.09Details
679159Remee Products294DB18/4 Fpl Direct Burial 1000Ft Roll Blk$627.14Details
679161Remee Products301L2RRemee 16/2 Sol Unshielded Fplr$87.21Details
679163Remee Products303L1R16/2 500Ft Spool Shld Riser$91.43Details
679164Remee Products305M1R14/2 Riser Unsld 1000Ft Spool$209.55Details
679165Remee Products306L1R14/2 500Ft Spl Riser Shld$126.14Details
252172Remee Products308M1R14/4 Fplr Shielded$449.35Details
679167Remee Products310L1R18/2 500Ft Spool Riser Shld$68.96Details
679168Remee Products315L1R18Awg Sbc Pvc 4C Os Pvc$124.54Details
679170Remee Products3300612CRZNONP6 Fiber, 50 Micron 1 Gig, Plenum, Tight$0.72Details
874457Remee Products3301222JAZNOOP12 Fiber, 62.5, Tight Buffer In/Out Plen$1.16Details
679175Remee Products3302422JRGSFNP24 Fiber 62.5 Multimode Plenum$3.62Details
679180Remee Products5300622JMBCLNN6 Fiber, 62.5 Mm, Single Armor, Double J$1.18Details
679181Remee Products5301222JMBCLNN12 Fiber, 62.5 Mm, Single Armor, Double$1.58Details
336011Remee Products5400612SEBCFNN5000’ Remee Armored Om3 Indoor 6 Strand$0.98Details
244099Remee Products5400622JEBCFNN6F,Unitbe,62.5 Armr,Mm Pe Jkt,Otdr Blk 1'$0.88Details
679182Remee Products5400822JEBCHNN8Fiber Multimode 62.5, Single Armor$1.08Details
679183Remee Products5401022JEBCJNN10Fiber Multimode 62.5, Single Armor, S$1.26Details
1045858Remee Products5401212SEBCFNN5000’ Remee Armored Om3 Indoor 12 Strand$1.82Details
1025582Remee Products5401276EEEBC12 Fiber, Sm, Single Armor, Single Jacke$1.10Details
679186Remee Products5A2425UTPL1O25 Pair Cat 5 500 Ft$601.99Details
679187Remee Products5AE2425UTPRM1025 Pair Cat5E Unshielded$1,268.98Details
884431Remee Products5AE244350WBTM1B*Eol*Ew5Ae244350Wbtpolym1B$301.39Details
887507Remee Products5AE244STPM2O*Eol*Cat5E Shielded 1000Ft$318.64Details
837371Remee Products5AE244UTP350M20*Eol*Cat 5E 350 Mhz Blue 1000Ft Box$138.08Details
719994Remee Products5AE244UTP350POLYBUB*Eol*Poly Jacket Direct Bury 1X3000Ft$0.48Details
777288Remee Products5AE244UTPL2B*Eol* 350 Riser 500Ft Pull Box, Black C$74.77Details
783185Remee Products5AE244UTPM2B*Eol*Cat5E 1,000 Ft Black$132.29Details
734040Remee Products5AE244UTPM2G*Eol* 350Mhz Non-Plenum Riser 1000Ft Pul$138.08Details
829787Remee Products5AE244UTPM2R*Eol*Cat 5 E Red Jack 1,000Ft Bx$132.29Details
916846Remee Products5AE244UTPM2W*Eol*Cat5 1000’ White$138.08Details
884863Remee Products5AE244UTPPOLYM1B*Eol*Poly Jacketed For Direct Burial 1$241.58Details
733596Remee Products5AE244UTPR350L2O*Eol* Utp, Pvc Jkt Cat 5E 350Mhz Ul$78.09Details
944153Remee Products5AE244UTPR350M2G*Eol* Cat5E 350Mhz 24 Awg 4 Pr$138.08Details
786457Remee Products5AE244UTPR350M2O*Eol*Cat5E 350Mhz 24 Awg 4 Pr$138.08Details
282183Remee Products5AE244UTPR350M2W*Eol*Cat5E 350Mhz 24 Awg 4 Pr$138.08Details
679191Remee Products5AE244UTPR350M3WCat5E 350 Mhz 24 Awg 4 Pr Reel$128.60Details
679192Remee Products5AE244UTPRL2GCat5E Grey 500Ft Pvc Riser$56.88Details
679193Remee Products5AE244UTPRL2YCat5E Yellow 500Ft Pvc Riser$56.88Details
904115Remee Products5AE244UTPRM20*Eol*Non-Plenum Riser 1000 Pull Box Blue$132.29Details
679195Remee Products5AE244UTPRM2RCat5 350Mhz Riser 1000Ft Pull Box Red$91.57Details
679196Remee Products5AE244UTPRM2WCat5E 350Mhz 24/4Pr Riser White 1M’ Coil$87.40Details
798183Remee Products5AE244UTPRMG*Eol*Riser 350Mhz 1000Ft Pull Box Gray$129.19Details
832296Remee Products5AE244WBTPOLYM1B*Eol*Outdoor Rated Cat5 Cable 1000Ft$301.39Details
900263Remee Products5AE350WBTPOLYBUB*Eol*Cat5E Outdoor Rated Poly$0.46Details
885222Remee Products5AE350WBTPOLYM1B*Eol*Cat5E Outdoor Rated Poly$301.39Details
679199Remee Products5AEFLDMESS*Eol*, Gel Filled, With A Messenger$453.03Details
899773Remee Products5AFLDM1B5 Cat5E Direct Burial/Flooded Cable$305.60Details
679200Remee Products5BE234STPM1GCat 5 Shielded Twisted Pair 1000Ft Reel$463.10Details
1044971Remee Products5BE244UTP350L2BCat5E Plenum 500Ft Box Black$121.52Details
679203Remee Products5BE244UTP350L2GCat5E Plenum 500Ft Box Grey$116.35Details
962454Remee Products5BE244UTP350L2ZCat5E Plenum 500Ft Box Orange$121.52Details
679204Remee Products5BE244UTP350M2OCat5E Plenum 1Kft Box Blue$229.43Details
679207Remee Products5BE244UTPL2Z*Eol* Orange 500 Ft Plenum$138.08Details
872856Remee Products5BE244UTPL350M2YCat5E Plenum Enhanced Yellow 1K Box$244.94Details
679210Remee Products5BE244UTW24/4Pr C5E Plenum Wh Bx 1M$272.74Details
679211Remee Products6A234STPM1OCat 6 Shielded, Pvc, Blue Overall Jacket$517.35Details
854960Remee Products6A234UTPWBTPOLYM1B*Eol*250Mhz Water Blocked Poly Jack$386.24Details
725371Remee Products6A23UTPRENHM3O*Eol* Plenum Swept To 550Mhz Enhance$226.30Details
679216Remee Products6B234UTPENHL3W500Ft (Cat 6 Plenum 550 Mhz$194.43Details
679217Remee Products6B234UTPENHM30Cat6 Plen 550Mhz 1000Ft Rl Bx Blue$319.15Details
679218Remee Products6B234UTPENHM3ECat6 Plenum Green$341.09Details
679220Remee Products6B234UTPL3O4Pr 23Awg, Utp, Jkt Cat 6 Ul Listed Cmp$178.36Details
936496Remee Products6B234UTPL3ZAt6 23/4 Plen 500 Ft Rl/Vx Orange$228.19Details
679221Remee Products6B234UTPM3WCat 6 Plenum 1000' Reel In Box Wht$319.15Details
977106Remee Products6BNSM2VCat6 Plenum Purple$314.33Details
679224Remee Products6BNSM2WCategory 6 Enhanced No Spline Plenum$337.49Details
857199Remee Products6DBFLD234UTPMESSM1BCat6 Arial With Messenger$535.98Details
679227Remee Products6DBFLDM1BCat6 Flooded Poly Jkt Outdoor 1M’ Rl Blk$351.32Details
679230Remee Products6R234UTPM2GCat6E Cmr/Etl -Ft4-Gray-1000Ft$216.71Details
767486Remee Products6R234UTPM2ZCat6 Pvc Orange$203.28Details
679232Remee Products6R234UTPM3OCat 6 Riser Rated, Cmr, Blue Jacket, Etl$226.30Details
335977Remee Products6RF234STPM1OCat 6 Shielded With A Blue Jacket, 1000F$534.34Details
1053631Remee Products6ZH234UTPENHMTA1OCat6 Lszh 1K Reel Blue$429.99Details
252258Remee Products72510560L2WRg6U Coax Catv Plenum$245.32Details
679253Remee Products72510595BCL2WRg6 95% Cpr Brd Pln 500Ft Bx Whit$278.13Details
734619Remee Products725109L1WRg11Quad Coaxial Cable Plenum$727.88Details
679260Remee Products725161M2W16/2 Stranded Shld Plenum 1M’ Box White$348.45Details
679261Remee Products725181M2W18/2 Stranded Shld Plenum 1M’Num 1000 Ft$140.35Details
679262Remee Products725184L1W18Awg 4C Strnd Unsh Plen 500’ Reel White$115.54Details
679263Remee Products725184M2W18/4 Stranded, Plenum, 1000Ft Pull Box$197.99Details
679266Remee Products725186L2W18/6 Stranded Plenum, 500’ Pull Box$148.15Details
721323Remee Products725188M1W18 Awg Stranded 8 Conductor No Shield Pl$361.46Details
927184Remee Products725189L1W18/8 Stranded Shld Plen 500’ Reel Wht$196.15Details
679270Remee Products72522122/2 Shielded Plenum 500Ft$88.12Details
679271Remee Products725223L2W22/4 Str, Shld Jkt Cmp 500Ft Pull Box Wh$74.33Details
740600Remee Products725224M1W22/4 Strnd Unshld Plen 1M' Rl Wht$115.39Details
679273Remee Products725228M2W22/6 Shielded Plenum 1000Ft Pull Box$152.32Details
252276Remee Products725536M1WRg6 With 18/2 Siamesed Plenum Per 1000$665.59Details
964011Remee Products760120L1R12/2 Fplp 500’ Red Reel$202.22Details
679276Remee Products760140L2RRemme Wire 14/2 Sol Unshielded$121.51Details
679278Remee Products760160L2RRemme Wire 16/2 Sol Unshielded$84.97Details
679279Remee Products760161L1R16/2 500' Spool Shld Plen$98.10Details
679280Remee Products760161M2R16-2 Shielded Fplp 1000Ft$176.72Details
679281Remee Products760164L2RRemme Wire 16/4 Sol Unshielded$148.89Details
679282Remee Products760180L1R18/2 500' Spool Plen Unshlded$67.68Details
839864Remee Products760180L2W18/2 Fplp Red - 500’ Box$59.93Details
679283Remee Products760181L1R18/2 500' Spool Shld Plen$69.61Details
679284Remee Products760184L1R18/4 500' Spool Unshlded Plen$112.62Details
679285Remee Products760185L1R500' Spool Shld Plen$115.36Details
884694Remee Products900912WBTPOLYM1B18/2 Stranded, Shielded Non Plenum, Wate$276.09Details
679290Remee Products900942*Eol*22/2 Shielded Cable$142.20Details
679295Remee Products907L1Y16 Condct Cble 500Ft Yellow$334.49Details
679296Remee Products907M1Y16 Cond Cble Yellow 1000Ft$651.78Details
679297Remee Products912L1G18-2 Str Shlded Pvc Jkt 500Ft Gry Rl$76.59Details
752361Remee Products912L2G*Eol*Gray Pvc Jacket 500Ft Pull$104.90Details
876855Remee Products912M2G*Eol* Gray Pvc Jacket 1000Ft Pul$198.27Details
806889Remee Products914M2G*Eol*Non Plenum Grey 1K Box$307.04Details
679300Remee Products916L1G18/6 Shielded, Stranded, Pvc, Grey, 500F$166.87Details
679301Remee Products916M2G18/6 Shielded Cable, 1000’$303.05Details
679303Remee Products942RM2G22/2 Stranded Shielded 1000Ft Pull Box G$75.24Details
924636Remee Products944M1G*Eol* Shld 1000Ft Rl Gray$170.23Details
679304Remee Products948M1G22/8 Cond, Stranded, Shielded, Pvc Jacke$209.16Details
679305Remee Products948RL2G22/8 Str Oas Riser 500’ Pull Box Gray$114.30Details
876198Remee ProductsCH1000FM1W14/2 Strand White 1000Ft Reel$383.82Details
1043607Remee ProductsMMS5AE1023L1WCat5E &Amp; 16/4 Sound Cable Siamese$322.50Details
679315Remee ProductsMMS5AE1023Z1WRemee Wire Cat5 And 16/4 Siamese Color O$332.17Details
855833Remee ProductsNY144CSHM1R14 Awg 4 Conductor Shielded Nyc Approved$1,084.77Details
679316Remee ProductsNY144CUHM1R14 Awg, 4 Cond, 150 Deg Nyc Fire Alarm,$849.20Details
679317Remee ProductsNY164CSHM1R16 2 Pair Shielded Nyc 150 Degree 1K Ree$767.33Details
679318Remee ProductsNY514SHM1R14 Ga 1 Pr Twisted Shielded Nyc Fire Wir$618.71Details
679320Remee ProductsPE210The Pulling Eye For The 6 Fiber Cable$64.30Details
679321Remee ProductsPE260The Pulling Eye For The 12 Fiber Cable$64.30Details
679322Remee ProductsPE540The Pulling Eye For The 24 Fiber Cable$64.30Details
992482Remee ProductsR001006RL2G18/2 500 Ft , Jacket , Stranded , Oxygen$70.06Details
679328Remee ProductsR0010186M1G1000Ft Of 18/6 Str Wire$287.08Details
1074259Remee ProductsR001510RM1BRemee 1510 Rg59 Cable, 1,000 Ft Rol$142.70Details
679329Remee ProductsR001531WBTPOLYM1BRg6 Cctv Burial 1K Reel$427.25Details
1023399Remee ProductsR001564WRBSM2BRg6 Quad Shield Black 1000Ft Bsg Print$105.00Details
769776Remee ProductsR00293M1E18Awg 2C Fplr Green 1Kft$111.80Details
821605Remee ProductsR00293M1O18Awg 2C Fplr Blue 1Kft$111.80Details
882081Remee ProductsR00301M1R16Awg 2C Fplr Red 1Kft$160.89Details
920237Remee ProductsR00308L1R144SHLDFPLR14/4 Solid Shielded Fplr 500’$251.80Details
1042828Remee ProductsR00317M1R12/2 Fplr Red 1000’ Reel$346.03Details
1028948Remee ProductsREM182222SHLTM1OY18/2 + 22/2 Shielded Non Plenum Combo$278.71Details
959462Remee ProductsREMEX3301212SAIALR5000’ Remee Armored Om3 Indoor 6 Strand$3.44Details
679346Remee ProductsREMEX330612SAIALR6F,Plnm Ofcp Intrlckng Armrd,Tght Bfri/O Aqua, 1$2.68Details
335943Remee ProductsREMEX331276EYIALR12 Fiber Sm, Tb Plenum In/Out, With An A$3.26Details
991356Remee ProductsRGB1L1WRg59(1) Mini Coax Pvc White Reel 500$206.89Details
679350Remee ProductsRGB5PM10Rgb5 Conductor Plenum 1000Ft Reel$1,521.88Details
679351Remee ProductsRGBS5NPMEBNon Plnm Rgbsync Coax Cab W/ 5 Mini Rg59$0.96Details
679354Remee ProductsRMJ5AE15102C18M1YCat5E Rg59 F/Cctv W/18-2 Overall Jckt 10$582.46Details
679355Remee ProductsRMM5AE351564L1O2 Cat 5E,2Rgb Quad Shld 500Ft$288.75Details
679357Remee ProductsRMMF5AE1006M1BCat5E-18/2 One Jacket. 1000Ft$314.35Details
1021691Remee ProductsRMMJ5AE1564L1ORemee 2X Rg6 Quad,2X Cat5E,Pvc$296.20Details
679360Remee ProductsRMMJ5AE1566UST2 Cat5E 2 Rg6 Tri Shld W/Overall Jkt$275.58Details
679361Remee ProductsRMMJ5AE3501564M102X Cat5E &Amp; 2X Rg6Quad$567.58Details
679362Remee ProductsRMMJ5AE3501575L102 Cat 5E 350Mhz 2Rg6 Quads Blu Jacket$329.37Details
755186Remee ProductsRMMS5AE1023M1WMultimedia Siamese 1-Cat5E &Amp; 16/4Strand$643.26Details
679363Remee ProductsRMMS5AE1023M1WHMltimdi Siam 1 Cat5E 16/4 Strnd Whit Jac$662.57Details
679364Remee ProductsRMMS5AE1564M1Z1 Cat5E + 1 Rg6 Qd Siamese$333.06Details
756145Remee ProductsRMMS5AE3501002M1E5Ae350+16Awg 2C Siamese$396.83Details
679365Remee ProductsRMMS5AE3501023L1WCat5E 350Mhz Siamese With 16-4 White$302.05Details
898087Remee ProductsRMMS5AE350PLUS1564L1Z1 Cat 5E + 1 Rg 6 Quad Siamese 500Ft Ree$175.97Details
679366Remee ProductsRMMS5AEPLUS1006Category 5E + 18/2 Siamese Non-Plenum$290.30Details
679367Remee ProductsRMMS5AEPLUS1006L1BCat 5E + 18/2 Siamese, Black Jacket, 500$176.41Details
679368Remee ProductsRMMS5AEPLUS1006L3BCat 5E With An 18/2 That Has A Black Jac$167.79Details
679369Remee ProductsRMMS5AEPLUS1006M1BCat 5E + 18/2 Siamese, Black Jacket, 100$321.75Details
978208Remee ProductsZM4C18L1B18Awg 4 Cond Low Smoke Zero 500Ft$427.83Details
1006815Remee ProductsZM4C18M1B18 Awg 4 Cond Low Smoke Zero Halogen$786.46Details