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Rosslare Security Products / RSP

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
282628Rosslare Security Products / RSPAC015Single Door Controller$83.79Details
244572Rosslare Security Products / RSPAC115Rosslare Performance 1 To 8$216.47Details
282630Rosslare Security Products / RSPAC215UAc-215, Fcc Approved And Ul-294 Listed,$402.87Details
244575Rosslare Security Products / RSPAC225IPU2-Door Scaleable Ip Networked Access Con$577.10Details
253220Rosslare Security Products / RSPAC425Multi-Advanced Scalable Networked Access$719.62Details
282631Rosslare Security Products / RSPACA41Rosslare Indoor Surf Mnt 2$56.55Details
253233Rosslare Security Products / RSPACC32Stand Alone Pin Prox Controller$101.04Details
335001Rosslare Security Products / RSPACF44Outdr Backlt Pin/Prx Stand Aln Cntrlr$156.27Details
214625Rosslare Security Products / RSPACG43Pin Only, Back-Lit, Stand Alone Keypad$95.49Details
282632Rosslare Security Products / RSPACG44Rosslare Pin/Prox Waterproof$143.91Details
906902Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK01UFSingle Door Kit With 1 Ac-215U, 1- Ay-K$417.60Details
679751Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK01US1 Ac-215 ,1 Ayk 12 And 25 Cards$476.10Details
253235Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK02UFDouble Door Networked Door Controller Ki$551.76Details
335000Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK02USAccess Contrl Kit &Amp; Sftware$459.04Details
679755Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK03JExchange At-R11 Iso Cards With At-R271Gj$278.29Details
679756Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK04UFAc-215Ip Two-Door Kit With Key Fobs$534.96Details
780930Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK04USAc215Ip Kit With 2 Ayk12, 2 Mpk01, 50 At$499.86Details
679758Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK06UFExchange At-R11 Iso Cards With At-R271Gj$671.44Details
679759Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK06USExchange At-R11 Iso Cards With At-R14 Or$636.34Details
793439Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK07UCAdvanced Kit - Professional Scalable Ip$698.40Details
282637Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK07UFAc-K07U With 50Pcs At-R261B Key Fobs$703.60Details
894773Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK11Wireleass Access Control Dr Interface$491.13Details
514030Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK14UCStarter Kit Professional Scalable Networ$1,020.63Details
514031Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK14UFStarter Kit Professional Scalable Networ$1,030.98Details
334999Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK14USAc-425-U Four Door Kit - 4 Readers - 100$963.44Details
793896Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK15UCAdvanced Kit Professional Scalable Ip Ne$1,103.43Details
334998Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK15UFAc-425Ip-U Two Door Kit 4 Readers - 100$1,113.78Details
992193Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK16FAc-825Ip Four Door Kit - 4 Readers - 100$1,203.72Details
798329Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK16SAc-825Ip Kit Contains 1 – Ac-825Ip, 4$1,157.18Details
214634Rosslare Security Products / RSPACQ41HBRosslare Anti Vand Metal, Blue$161.29Details
679760Rosslare Security Products / RSPACQ41SBAnti-Vandal Slim Backlit Pin Standalone$164.71Details
736882Rosslare Security Products / RSPACQ42HAnti-Vandal Pin &Amp; Prox Standalone Contro$198.91Details
244585Rosslare Security Products / RSPACQ42HBProx Kypd, Back-Lit, Vandal Resistant$223.15Details
214635Rosslare Security Products / RSPACQ44Rosslare Anti-Vandal Metal$180.81Details
244586Rosslare Security Products / RSPACS43Rosslare Anti Vand Metal Piezo$145.53Details
679761Rosslare Security Products / RSPACS73Secred Mull Pn Only Stnd Alone$127.89Details
282638Rosslare Security Products / RSPACT43Rosslare Anti Vandal Metal$152.59Details
282640Rosslare Security Products / RSPAS215M1Time &Amp; Attndendance Apl F/As215As525$975.27Details
334997Rosslare Security Products / RSPAS525L0Axtraxtm - Pc Client/Server$1,197.63Details
282641Rosslare Security Products / RSPAS525L1Axtrax- Pc Client/Server Management Soft$669.79Details
299260Rosslare Security Products / RSPAS525M1Veritime Tm Time &Amp; Attendance Pc Softwar$975.30Details
253341Rosslare Security Products / RSPAT32BRosslare Keyfob For Acq42$7.45Details
907114Rosslare Security Products / RSPATD1K0000SB0Mifare® Compatible Iso Read/Write Card,$4.79Details
800656Rosslare Security Products / RSPATD1S0000001Mifare Contacttless Card$2.58Details
913736Rosslare Security Products / RSPATD420000001Mifare® Contactless 4K Card$4.79Details
817744Rosslare Security Products / RSPATERC26A3001125 Khz Prox Crd Wiegand And Clock &Amp; Dat$1.82Details
870213Rosslare Security Products / RSPATERK26A7RB0125 Khz Read Only Proximity Tag In Black$3.26Details
920891Rosslare Security Products / RSPATERK26A7TB0Read Only Proximity Tag - Rectangular Bl$3.26Details
1068523Rosslare Security Products / RSPATERK26A7TL0Read Only Proximity Tag - Rectangular Bl$2.36Details
847561Rosslare Security Products / RSPATERS26A3001Printable Prox Card$3.08Details
801227Rosslare Security Products / RSPATR14C*Eol* Clamshell Proximity Card With$2.18Details
679777Rosslare Security Products / RSPATT521Contactless 1K Cardmifare$2.76Details
679778Rosslare Security Products / RSPATT531Contactless 4K Cardmifare$5.04Details
679779Rosslare Security Products / RSPATT910Proximity Read/Write Card 25 Pack$102.16Details
725249Rosslare Security Products / RSPAXTIMETime And Attendance Pc Software Applicat$420.54Details
755797Rosslare Security Products / RSPAXTMTime &Amp; Attendance Software$420.54Details
514034Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYB1663Fingerprint Swipe Card Reader Up 4Cm$245.35Details
514045Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYB3663Fingerprint Swipe Match Card$245.35Details
514036Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYB4663Fingerprint Swipe Match Card Read$245.35Details
1039024Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYC09M26-Bit Wiegand Reader Indoor Pin Only$49.17Details
950561Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCB3663Fingerprint Swipe Match On Card Reader$245.35Details
1065613Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCB7661Mifare® Full-Finger Capacitive Biometric$283.84Details
514028Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCE55Convertible Reader/Stand Alone,Ultra Thi$125.48Details
253345Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCE60BUltra-Slim Piezo Mullion Backlit Goprox$194.85Details
818806Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCE60NUltra-Thin, Metallic, Piezoelectric, Mul$194.85Details
514038Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCE65BCnvrtbl 2X6 Ultr Slm Bcklt Pin&Amp;Prx Read$194.85Details
514039Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCE65BBConvertible 2X6 Ultra-Slim Backlit Pin &Amp;$194.85Details
244596Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCE65BGConvertable 2X6 Ultra Slim Mullion$194.85Details
244597Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCE65BWConvertible 2X6 Ultra-Slim Backlit Pin &Amp;$194.85Details
253346Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCF54Convertible 3X4 Backlit Pin Reader$92.96Details
253347Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCF60Single Gang Backlit Goprox &Amp; Pin$141.37Details
253348Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCF64Convertible 3X4 Backlit Pin &Amp; Prox Reade$141.37Details
214641Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCG60The Uk Gang Backlit Goprox &Amp; Pin Reader$135.02Details
282650Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCG64Convertible 2X6 Backlit Pin &Amp; Prox Reade$135.02Details
334995Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCM60Go Prox Reader Hid Technology$135.76Details
911805Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCQ54BConvrtble Anti Vndle Bcklt 3 X4 Pin Rdr/$135.91Details
253349Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCQ60The Anti-Vandal Us Single Gang Backlit G$194.45Details
679782Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCR12WIndoor Mullion Proximity Reader, White I$44.89Details
214642Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYCW6500Stand Alone Fingerprint Reader,Convertib$634.73Details
244599Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYD19Indoor Rated Pin &Amp; Proximity Reader$66.46Details
214645Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYF66Outdoor Pin &Amp; Prox Reader With Time/Date$154.35Details
1000252Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYG6270BO2S Mifare And Mifare Plus/Desfire Ev1 R$121.31Details
733095Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYG6270BPLUSP00O2S – Mifare® Plus X/S Smart Card Reader$121.31Details
905901Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYG6380Open To Secure (O2S) Mifare And Mifare P$231.48Details
940388Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYH25Myfair Smrt Sngl Gang Size$73.86Details
745988Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYH6280BPLUSP00O2S – Mifare® Desfire Ev1 Smart Card Rea$171.99Details
856198Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYH6370BPLUSP00O2S – Mifare® Plus X/S Smart Card Reader$180.01Details
834543Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYH6380BPLUSP00O2S – Mifare® Desfire Ev1 Smart Card Rea$231.49Details
679785Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYHR12BSingle Gang Style Proximity Card Reader$64.27Details
514040Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYJ20BSelectable Wiegand 26 Bits Clock &Amp; Data$67.91Details
514041Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYJ25BMifare Smartcard Contactless Mini-Mullio$69.68Details
1008049Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYJR12BRosslare Mini Mullion Reader$60.63Details
244602Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYK14Outdoor Rated Micro Mullion Clock$58.21Details
244603Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYK20Micro Mullion Multi Format Proximity Rea$65.49Details
1043454Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYK25Myfair Smrt Card Mullion Rdr$66.92Details
967138Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYK6255Micro Mullion Csn Select Reader$57.57Details
939208Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYKR12BMullion Prox Rdr$58.21Details
514043Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYL23CLong Range Rf Reader 433.92Mhz$131.03Details
920682Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYL23GAdvanced Extra Long-Range Rf Reader / Re$131.03Details
970769Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYLR12B26 Bit Weigand Reader Weather Proof$63.08Details
214652Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYQ12Metal 26 Bit Weigand Prox Reader$126.13Details
1060102Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYQ6350Card Reader$224.11Details
679787Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYQ6360Mifare® Anti-Vandal Smartcard Contactles$292.28Details
214654Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYR12Rgb Illuminating Proximity Reader$173.19Details
514044Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYS55Rosslare Anti Vand Metal Piezo$127.01Details
514523Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYT55BGang Box Anti-Vandle Backlit Pin Reader$161.01Details
996749Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYU910Uhf Long Rang Reader$707.55Details
244608Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYV12Medium Range Proximity Reader$158.76Details
282655Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYW6250Mifare Smartcard Contactless Reader$74.35Details
514962Rosslare Security Products / RSPCPR26Mifare Card Programmer / Full Fingerprin$471.27Details
852333Rosslare Security Products / RSPD805Door Expansion Board 4 X Wiegand Readers$307.18Details
983586Rosslare Security Products / RSPDR6255Desktop Reader$111.78Details
514336Rosslare Security Products / RSPEX01Push To Exit Surface Mount Exit Button$2.76Details
514817Rosslare Security Products / RSPEX04Plastic Slim Piezoelectric Button With L$29.67Details
244612Rosslare Security Products / RSPEX1600Rex Switch W/Toggle Opt No Writing$64.15Details
1024557Rosslare Security Products / RSPEX17EODigital Mullion Size Piezo Rex "To Exit$70.56Details
1072234Rosslare Security Products / RSPEX17OODigital Mullion Size Piezo Rex "Blank$70.56Details
765664Rosslare Security Products / RSPEXH04Sensitive Electric Button Switch$29.73Details
738375Rosslare Security Products / RSPEXH22EOPiezo Exit Button Ex-22 Series$29.73Details
214658Rosslare Security Products / RSPEXP2024Expanse Door Control Unit$354.43Details
244613Rosslare Security Products / RSPGA06Digitool Leather Belt Holster$21.21Details
730687Rosslare Security Products / RSPGC01Gaurd Patrol Wand$312.01Details
514819Rosslare Security Products / RSPGC02Reader Base And Charger$283.64Details
514820Rosslare Security Products / RSPGC03Reader Charger$131.00Details
679791Rosslare Security Products / RSPGC50Storage Station Remote Comm$516.81Details
756721Rosslare Security Products / RSPGCK02Digital Basic Remote Starter Kit W/ Comm$1,154.43Details
214660Rosslare Security Products / RSPGCK03Digital Gaurd Upgrade Kit$509.84Details
282662Rosslare Security Products / RSPGCK04Kit Includes: 1- Gc01 Reader, 1- Gc02 Re$565.58Details
244615Rosslare Security Products / RSPGS01Digital Reports Lite Pc Software$0.02Details
282663Rosslare Security Products / RSPGS02L0Dgtl Call Center Pc SoftwareCall for Price.Details
214661Rosslare Security Products / RSPGS02L1Dt Software-Level 1 2-8 Clients$716.63Details
214662Rosslare Security Products / RSPGS02L2Dt Software-Level 2 9-16 Clients$1,575.01Details
214663Rosslare Security Products / RSPGS02L3Dt Software-Level 3 17-32 Clients$2,953.15Details
244616Rosslare Security Products / RSPGS02L4Level 4 Hasp Key And Software For Digito$6,725.30Details
514821Rosslare Security Products / RSPHLX40GUSHlx-40G - 433.92Mhz With Ps-Dc1613 - 16$116.10Details
253365Rosslare Security Products / RSPINT2BGUAdvanced Homelogix 40-Zone Wireless Alar$296.91Details
514832Rosslare Security Products / RSPINT2GUSInt-2G Classic - 433.92Mhz With Ps-Dc161$208.07Details
282664Rosslare Security Products / RSPKE048 Zone Led Keypad$31.77Details
282665Rosslare Security Products / RSPKE30Battery Powered 2-Way Wireless Keypad$81.13Details
244617Rosslare Security Products / RSPL2K2 Zone Self-Contained Intrusion Control$72.56Details
299255Rosslare Security Products / RSPLKM03LMaglock 300 Lbs Magnetic Lock With 300 L$56.94Details
299254Rosslare Security Products / RSPLKM06LMaglock 600$65.02Details
299253Rosslare Security Products / RSPLKM06LMAG600 Pound Single Mag$65.02Details
299252Rosslare Security Products / RSPLKM12LMaglock 1200 Lbs With Lock Status &Amp; Indi$104.31Details
717997Rosslare Security Products / RSPMD08Rs232 Serial Connector$32.64Details
214664Rosslare Security Products / RSPMD08BProgramming Interface For Smartcard Read$62.55Details
253367Rosslare Security Products / RSPMD08KIT1Contains 1 Ga05, 1 Md08, 1 Md12W, Transf$71.46Details
253368Rosslare Security Products / RSPMD12WCoin Sz Reader$29.38Details
679796Rosslare Security Products / RSPMD14URs-0485 To Usb Converter Cable$28.95Details
1042364Rosslare Security Products / RSPMD1505Expansion Cabinet For Ac-825Ip$196.04Details
244618Rosslare Security Products / RSPMD62Communcaction Adapator For Aurasys$30.26Details
334988Rosslare Security Products / RSPMDC24A Usb Adapter Cable Used To Connect Ross$23.22Details
244620Rosslare Security Products / RSPMDN32Network To Lan Module$145.63Details
214666Rosslare Security Products / RSPMDN33Modem To Connect Hubs$175.29Details
334985Rosslare Security Products / RSPMDW11GRWireless Access Control Door Interface$432.53Details
1049821Rosslare Security Products / RSPME009 Board Tray Cabinet Housing$269.50Details
299250Rosslare Security Products / RSPME01Single Board Self Powered Metal Enclosur$97.99Details
299249Rosslare Security Products / RSPME12Single Board Self Powered Plastic Enclsr$85.71Details
253370Rosslare Security Products / RSPME12P14USingle Board Self Powered Plastic Enclos$85.71Details
299248Rosslare Security Products / RSPME14Compact Plastic Enclosure Fits Any Expan$27.59Details
818492Rosslare Security Products / RSPME1505Enclosure - Fits Two Expansion Boards Sa$196.04Details
214669Rosslare Security Products / RSPMP06Metal Mounting Housing For Piezo Rex But$23.07Details
679799Rosslare Security Products / RSPMPCO2Flush Mount Housing For Ac-C31 And Ac-C3$5.17Details
514823Rosslare Security Products / RSPMPK01Mount Plate F/ Reader$5.53Details
214670Rosslare Security Products / RSPPC25TConvertbl Secred Pow Sply Brd$33.10Details
679800Rosslare Security Products / RSPPC33Power Supply For Ac225$91.01Details
679801Rosslare Security Products / RSPPS14Power Supply F/Ac215 Controller$30.84Details
679802Rosslare Security Products / RSPPS33Pcb 5A Power Supply Module For Ac-225$91.01Details
679803Rosslare Security Products / RSPPSC15TSecure Pow Sply Unite$27.41Details
253371Rosslare Security Products / RSPPSC25TUPower Supply With Enclosure$57.96Details
752680Rosslare Security Products / RSPPSDC151215Vdc / 800Ma - Wall Adaptor - Switch Mo$8.42Details
514815Rosslare Security Products / RSPPX13BSmall Black Piezoelectric Push Bu$16.32Details
282676Rosslare Security Products / RSPPX13NPx-13R Small Slvr Piezoelectric Push Bu$16.32Details
514825Rosslare Security Products / RSPPX33MSmall Metallic Piezoelectric Push Button$47.68Details
679804Rosslare Security Products / RSPPX33SPiezo Elect Switch W/Led Silver$47.68Details
244621Rosslare Security Products / RSPPYR2011Advanced Wireless Spherical Lens Pir Det$63.95Details
282678Rosslare Security Products / RSPPYR3011Wireless Ceiling Pir Motion Detector$56.06Details
334984Rosslare Security Products / RSPPYR3021Ceiling Mount Pir Motion Detector$21.90Details
253372Rosslare Security Products / RSPPYR4122Advanced Hardwire 40Lb. Pet Immune 29.6F$12.72Details
1000519Rosslare Security Products / RSPR805R-805 - Relay Output Expansion Board 16$283.45Details
214675Rosslare Security Products / RSPSA01PWireless Digital Pet Immune Passive Infr$64.08Details
253373Rosslare Security Products / RSPSA02Wireless Magnetic Contact Sensor$40.25Details
244622Rosslare Security Products / RSPSA04Wireless Waterproof Emergency Button$53.61Details
253374Rosslare Security Products / RSPSA22GUniversal 2Ch Receiver$91.73Details
253376Rosslare Security Products / RSPSA32Wireless Cylindrical Magnetic Contact Se$45.68Details
244624Rosslare Security Products / RSPSA33Wireless Hand Held 5-Button Remote Contr$36.60Details
253377Rosslare Security Products / RSPSA38GUniversal 8Ch Receiver$152.75Details
253378Rosslare Security Products / RSPSH02Surface Mount, Magnetic Hard-Wired Door/$2.76Details
244625Rosslare Security Products / RSPSH12Recessed, Cylindrical Magnetic Door/Wind$2.52Details
244626Rosslare Security Products / RSPSH6130M Active Ir Beam Sensor$90.78Details
214676Rosslare Security Products / RSPSH62150M Active Ir Beam Sensor$137.54Details