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Ruckus Wireless

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
969873Ruckus Wireless801CLP1WG00White Glove Svc For Ent -30 Day Validity$6,686.99Details
863966Ruckus Wireless90101000002Zoneplanner By Airmagnet PlantoolCall for Price.Details
680859Ruckus Wireless9010100FME0Flexmaster Sw - Up To 100 ApCall for Price.Details
680860Ruckus Wireless9010250FME0Flexmaster Sw - Up To 250 ApCall for Price.Details
863069Ruckus Wireless9011205UN00Zd 1200 Licensed For Up To 5 Aps Sup ReqCall for Price.Details
680862Ruckus Wireless9012500FME0Flexmaster Software Manage 2500 Aps SoftCall for Price.Details
680863Ruckus Wireless9013025UN00Zd 3025 Controller - Hw & 25 LicCall for Price.Details
861653Ruckus Wireless9013025UN00RBRebox: Zonedir 3025 Control Us& Canada-UCall for Price.Details
680864Ruckus Wireless9013050UN00Zone Director 3050 For 50 Apsus And CanCall for Price.Details
747333Ruckus Wireless9013050UN00RBRb Zone Director 3050 For 50 Ap'S Us AndCall for Price.Details
680865Ruckus Wireless9015000FME0Flexmaster Software Manage 5000 Aps SoftCall for Price.Details
680866Ruckus Wireless9015100UN10Zd 5000 Supporting Up To 100 Aps, W AcCall for Price.Details
680870Ruckus Wireless9017055US01Zoneflex 7055 802.11 N Dual Band Wall SwCall for Price.Details
680871Ruckus Wireless9017055WW01Zf 7055 Wall Switch Ap Ww Dual BandCall for Price.Details
680873Ruckus Wireless9017352US00Zf 7352 Indoor Ap,Single Band2-Port, 2X2Call for Price.Details
680874Ruckus Wireless9017352WW00Zf 7352 Indoor Ap Ww Single Band Pwr SepCall for Price.Details
680877Ruckus Wireless9017372US00Zoneflex 7372 Indoor Ap, 2X2:2802.11N, DCall for Price.Details
680879Ruckus Wireless9017372WW00Zf 7372 Indoor Ap Ww 2X2:2 Pwr SepCall for Price.Details
680885Ruckus Wireless9017731US01Eol June 1-Replacement P300Call for Price.Details
680892Ruckus Wireless9017762US01Zoneflex 7762 Outdoor Ap 802.11A/B/G/N 1Call for Price.Details
711812Ruckus Wireless9017762US01RBRb Outdoor Ap *Support Sold Seperately*Call for Price.Details
680897Ruckus Wireless9017762WW01Zoneflex 7762 Outdoor Ap 802.11A/B/G/N 1Call for Price.Details
680899Ruckus Wireless9017782US01Zoneflex 7782 Outdoor Ap - Omni AntennaCall for Price.Details
680900Ruckus Wireless9017782US01RBRebox: Zoneflex 7782 Outdoor Ap - Omni ACall for Price.Details
680903Ruckus Wireless9017782US81Zoneflex 7782 Outdoor Ap Withexternal AnCall for Price.Details
680904Ruckus Wireless9017782WW01Zf 7782 Outdoor Ap Ww Omni AntennaCall for Price.Details
680905Ruckus Wireless9017782WW51Zoneflex 7782-S Outdoor Ap 120Degree SecCall for Price.Details
680906Ruckus Wireless9017782WW61Zoneflex 7782-N Outdoor Ap Cnddual BandCall for Price.Details
680907Ruckus Wireless9017782WW81Zoneflex 7782 Outdoor Ap Withexternal AnCall for Price.Details
680911Ruckus Wireless9017982US00Zoneflex 7982 Dual Band Ap 3X3:3 802.11NCall for Price.Details
680912Ruckus Wireless9017982WW00Zf 7982 Dual Band Ap 802.11N Ww Pwr SepCall for Price.Details
893070Ruckus Wireless901C500US31Zoneflex C500 802.11Ac Wireless Ap 2X2:2$769.08Details
839153Ruckus Wireless901H500US00H500 Zoneflex 802.11Ac Wired /Wall SwitcCall for Price.Details
816125Ruckus Wireless901H500WW00H500 Zoneflex 802.11Ac Europe Wall SwitcCall for Price.Details
959538Ruckus Wireless901H510US00H510 Zoneflex 802.11Ac Wave 2$373.34Details
1046678Ruckus Wireless901H510WW00H510 Ww Zoneflex 802.11Ac Wave 2$373.34Details
803161Ruckus Wireless901P300US02P300 Pair Outdoor 802.11Ac UsCall for Price.Details
680913Ruckus Wireless901R300US02Zoneflex R300 Us 2X2:2 Indoorap Power SoCall for Price.Details
680914Ruckus Wireless901R300WW02Zf R300 Indoor 2X2:2 Ww Ap Pwr SepCall for Price.Details
838260Ruckus Wireless901R310US02Zoneflex R310 Us 2X2:2 Indoor Ap$467.86Details
890437Ruckus Wireless901R310WW02Zf R310 Dual-Band 11Ac 2X2:2 1-Port Poe$467.86Details
895103Ruckus Wireless901R500US00Zf R500 Dual Band 802.11Ac Apus Power SeCall for Price.Details
782686Ruckus Wireless901R500US00B2B2 Zf R500 Dual Band 802.11Ac Apus Pow S$304.82Details
944944Ruckus Wireless901R510US00Zoneflex R510 Smart Wi-Fi Wave 2 Ap$637.98Details
833152Ruckus Wireless901R600US00Ruckus R600 ApCall for Price.Details
946219Ruckus Wireless901R610US00Zoneflex R610 802.11Abgn/Ac Ap - Us$814.58Details
1028475Ruckus Wireless901R610WW00Zoneflex R610 802.11Abgn/Ac Ap - Ww$814.58Details
739264Ruckus Wireless901R700US00Zf R700 Dual Band 802.11Ac Ap3X3:3 PowerCall for Price.Details
930330Ruckus Wireless901R700US00B2B2 Zf R700 Dual Band 802.11Ac Ap3X3:3 Po$470.22Details
903660Ruckus Wireless901R700US00RBRb Zf R700 Dual Band802.11Ac Ap3X3:3 Pow$769.76Details
909444Ruckus Wireless901R700WW00Zf R700 Indoor 802.11Ac Ww 3X3:3Call for Price.Details
789234Ruckus Wireless901R710US00R710 Dual Band 802.11Ac 4X4:4Us Model WaCall for Price.Details
946041Ruckus Wireless901R710US00RBRb R710 Dual Band 802.11Ac 4X4:4Us Model$1,001.85Details
847261Ruckus Wireless901T300US01Zf T300 Outdoor Ap 802.11Ac2X2:2 WithoutCall for Price.Details
981699Ruckus Wireless901T300US01B2Bs-2 Zf T300 Outdoor Ap 802.11Ac2X2:2W/O$612.00Details
1030029Ruckus Wireless901T300US01RBRb Zf T300 Outdoor Ap 802.11Ac2X2:2 W/O$1,001.85Details
727308Ruckus Wireless901T300US81T300E Us Outdoor 802.11Ac ApCall for Price.Details
680915Ruckus Wireless901T300WW01Zf T300 Outdoor 802.11Ac Ww No Poe InCall for Price.Details
719167Ruckus Wireless901T300WW81T300E Ww Outdoor 802.11Ac ApCall for Price.Details
888391Ruckus Wireless901T301US51Zoneflex T301S Outdoor 802.11Ac - No PowCall for Price.Details
755100Ruckus Wireless901T301WW51Zoneflex T301S Outdoor Ap 802.11Ac - NoCall for Price.Details
890170Ruckus Wireless901T710US01Zoneflex T710 802.11Ac Wave 2 Ap$2,621.06Details
819928Ruckus Wireless901T710US51Zoneflex T710 802.11Ac 120X30 Degree$2,621.06Details
749973Ruckus Wireless901T710WW01Zoneflex T710 Ww 802.11Ac Wave 2 Ap$2,621.06Details
854207Ruckus Wireless901T710WW51Zoneflex T710S Ww 802.11Ac 120X30 Degree$2,621.06Details
680916Ruckus Wireless90201000000R700 7982 Mount To Hard Wall/Ceilin OutlCall for Price.Details
680917Ruckus Wireless90201010000Mounting Kit Aerial Strand-Unifor FiberCall for Price.Details
680918Ruckus Wireless90201080000Hard/Wall/Ceiling Mounting Bracket 7352,Call for Price.Details
680919Ruckus Wireless90201100000Narrow Acoustic Ceiling Rail Clips-NarroCall for Price.Details
680920Ruckus Wireless90201110000Spare Mounting Bracket Zf7055Adjacent WaCall for Price.Details
826473Ruckus Wireless90201180000Mounting Bracket For R300Call for Price.Details
738142Ruckus Wireless90201190000Surface Mount Bracket H500OptionalCall for Price.Details
785178Ruckus Wireless90201200000Secure Mounting Brkt For R710Mounts To WCall for Price.Details
844686Ruckus Wireless90201210000Secure Mounting Bracket For C500$50.76Details
927658Ruckus Wireless90201230000Flush Frame Acous. Ceiling Bracket R710$11.55Details
1030473Ruckus Wireless90201260000Zoneflex H510 Surface Mount Bracket$13.86Details
849750Ruckus Wireless9020162EU00Poe Adapter With Eu Poer Adapt$58.81Details
979302Ruckus Wireless9020162IL00Spare Poe Adapter-Israel$58.81Details
1077573Ruckus Wireless9020162SW00Spare Poe Adapter-Switzerland$58.81Details
908586Ruckus Wireless9020162UK00Poe Adapter With Uk Poer Adapt$58.81Details
727363Ruckus Wireless9020162US00Poe Adapter W/ Us Poer Adapterqty 1Call for Price.Details
680926Ruckus Wireless90201650000Spares Of Mounting Kit For 7762S - QtyCall for Price.Details
680929Ruckus Wireless90201680000Spare Of Mounting Kit For 7731Call for Price.Details
872387Ruckus Wireless9020169US00Us Power Adapter For Zf R700,7982 Qty 1Call for Price.Details
680934Ruckus Wireless9020170QTY1Spare Of External 30W Ac/Dc Uspwr Adpt FCall for Price.Details
779915Ruckus Wireless9020170US00External Ac/Dc Power Adapterfor 7055 QtyCall for Price.Details
680937Ruckus Wireless9020172QTY1Spr Of Us Pwr Adpt Qty 1 Ap 2925,7341,73Call for Price.Details
680938Ruckus Wireless9020172US10Spr Of Us Pwr Adpt Qty 10 Forap 2925,734Call for Price.Details
680940Ruckus Wireless9020173UN10Spare Power Adapter For 2942 And 7942, QCall for Price.Details
728358Ruckus Wireless9020173US00Us Power Adapter For Zf 7372,7352, R600,Call for Price.Details
680943Ruckus Wireless9020174US00Spare Of Iec Power Cord (For Use With ZdCall for Price.Details
680944Ruckus Wireless9020179AC00Spare Ac Power Supply For Zd5000Call for Price.Details
680945Ruckus Wireless9020180US00Poe Injector For T710Call for Price.Details
680947Ruckus Wireless90201820003Spare Outdoor Mounting Bracketbare MetalCall for Price.Details
680948Ruckus Wireless90201830000Spare Data Connector 7762-Ac 1WeatheriziCall for Price.Details
680949Ruckus Wireless90201840000Spare, Passive Poe Injector 10/100/1000BCall for Price.Details
680950Ruckus Wireless90201850000Spare Weatherized Ac Connectorfor 7762-ACall for Price.Details
680951Ruckus Wireless90202000000Weather-Tight Fiber Optic Enclosure-7762Call for Price.Details
680952Ruckus Wireless90202010000Managed Industrial Mediaconverter, Sfp FCall for Price.Details
680953Ruckus Wireless90202020000Epon Optical Network Terminal,Sfp OpticCall for Price.Details
680954Ruckus Wireless90202021000Fiber Node, Epon/Dpoe,Sm,20Kmgray, For 7Call for Price.Details
805703Ruckus Wireless90202021000B2B2 Fiber Node, Epon/Dpoe,Sm,20Kmgray, Fo$1,136.33Details
757007Ruckus Wireless90202021000RBRb Fiber Node, Epon/Dpoe,Sm,20Kmgray$1,857.45Details
680955Ruckus Wireless902020300001000Base-Lx, Sfp (Mini-Gbic) Optic ModulCall for Price.Details
680956Ruckus Wireless90202031000Fiber Node, 1000Base-Lx,Sm, 10Km, Gray,Call for Price.Details
680957Ruckus Wireless90202051000Custom Fiber Node Kit For At&TenclosureCall for Price.Details
803251Ruckus Wireless9021169US00Us Power Adapter For Zf R710Qty 1Call for Price.Details
680958Ruckus Wireless90270250024Adapter Bracket, White For Zf7025Call for Price.Details
1029715Ruckus Wireless903CPC30025Cloud Nfr License For Cloudpath: 3Yr 25U$355.44Details
806718Ruckus Wireless903CPL30025Nfr-3Yr 25 User On-Premise Cloudpath Lic$717.72Details
989504Ruckus Wireless903R510US12Nfr 1200 W/ (3) R510 UsCall for Price.Details
987994Ruckus Wireless903R510WW12Nfr 1200 W/ (3) R510 WwCall for Price.Details
680982Ruckus Wireless9090000FME1Flexmaster License Upgrade Supporting 50Call for Price.Details
839814Ruckus Wireless9090001ZD12Zd1205 Single Ap License UpgradeCall for Price.Details
680984Ruckus Wireless9090010SG00Vscg License For 10 Ruckus Apssupport IsCall for Price.Details
680985Ruckus Wireless909001KSG00Vscg License For 1K Ruckus Aps SupportCall for Price.Details
680987Ruckus Wireless9090025ZD00Zd 3000 License Upgrade For25 AdditonalCall for Price.Details
680990Ruckus Wireless9090050ZD00Zd 3000 License Upgrade Supt 50ApCall for Price.Details
680991Ruckus Wireless9090050ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 50 ApCall for Price.Details
836783Ruckus Wireless90901000002Zoneplanner Upgrade - 0001Vto 0002VCall for Price.Details
680993Ruckus Wireless9090100FMEUFlexmater License Upgrade FromsupprtingCall for Price.Details
680994Ruckus Wireless9090100SG00Vscg License For 100 Ruckus Ap SupportCall for Price.Details
680995Ruckus Wireless9090100ZD00Zd 3000 License Upgrade Supt 100ApCall for Price.Details
680996Ruckus Wireless9090100ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 100 ACall for Price.Details
680998Ruckus Wireless9090150ZD00Zd 3000 License Upgrade Supt An Addl 150Call for Price.Details
680999Ruckus Wireless9090150ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 150 ACall for Price.Details
681000Ruckus Wireless9090200ZD00Zd 3000 License Upgrade Supt Addtl 200 ZCall for Price.Details
681001Ruckus Wireless9090200ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 200 ACall for Price.Details
681002Ruckus Wireless9090250FMEUFlexmaster License Upgrade Fm100 To 250Call for Price.Details
681003Ruckus Wireless9090250ZD00Zd 3000 License Upgr Supt An Addtl 250Call for Price.Details
681004Ruckus Wireless9090250ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 250 ACall for Price.Details
681005Ruckus Wireless9090300ZD00Zd 3000 License Upgrade Supt An Addtl 30Call for Price.Details
681006Ruckus Wireless9090300ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 300 ACall for Price.Details
681007Ruckus Wireless9090350ZD00Zonedirector 3000 Lcns Upgradesupt AddlCall for Price.Details
681008Ruckus Wireless9090350ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 350 ACall for Price.Details
681009Ruckus Wireless9090400ZD00Zd 3000 License Upgde For Addt400 ZoneflCall for Price.Details
681010Ruckus Wireless9090400ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 400 ACall for Price.Details
681011Ruckus Wireless9090450ZD00Zd 3000 License Upgde For Adtl450 Zf ApCall for Price.Details
681012Ruckus Wireless9090450ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 450 ACall for Price.Details
681013Ruckus Wireless9090500FMEUFlexmaster Lic Upg From 250 To500 ApsCall for Price.Details
681015Ruckus Wireless9090500ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 500 ACall for Price.Details
681016Ruckus Wireless9090550ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 550 ACall for Price.Details
681017Ruckus Wireless9090600ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 600 ACall for Price.Details
681018Ruckus Wireless9090650ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 650 ACall for Price.Details
681019Ruckus Wireless9090700ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 700 ACall for Price.Details
681020Ruckus Wireless9090750ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 750 ACall for Price.Details
681021Ruckus Wireless9090800ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 800 ACall for Price.Details
681022Ruckus Wireless9090850ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 850 ACall for Price.Details
681023Ruckus Wireless9090900ZD50Zd 5000 License Upgrade Additional 900 ACall for Price.Details
681024Ruckus Wireless9091000FMEUFlexmaster Lic Up From 500 To1000 ApsCall for Price.Details
681025Ruckus Wireless9091012ZD00Zd Lic. Upgrade To 12 Zf ApsCall for Price.Details
681026Ruckus Wireless9091025ZD00Zd1012 To Zd1025 UpgradeCall for Price.Details
681027Ruckus Wireless9091050ZD00Zone Dir Lic Upgrd Support Upto 50 ZonefCall for Price.Details
681028Ruckus Wireless9091112ZD00Zd License Upvgrade From 1106To 1112 (FrCall for Price.Details
681029Ruckus Wireless9091125ZD00License Upgrade From 12 To 25Ap (1112 ToCall for Price.Details
681030Ruckus Wireless9091125ZD01Zonedirector 1100 Lic Upgrade1106 To 112Call for Price.Details
681031Ruckus Wireless9091150ZD00Zd License Upgrade From 25-50Aps (1125 -Call for Price.Details
681032Ruckus Wireless9091150ZD01Zonedirector 1100 Lic Upgrade1106 To 115Call for Price.Details
681033Ruckus Wireless9091150ZD02Zonedirector 1100 Lic Upgrade1112 To 115Call for Price.Details
681034Ruckus Wireless9092500FMEUFlex Master Lcs Upgrade From 1000 To 250Call for Price.Details
681036Ruckus Wireless9095000FMEUFlexmaster License Upgrade From 2500ApsCall for Price.Details
860680Ruckus Wireless909SCIL0000Smartcell Insight Lic For 1 Ap501 Lic An$22.50Details
681037Ruckus Wireless9110005VP01One 2.4Ghz Omni Directionalvertically PoCall for Price.Details
681038Ruckus Wireless9110006HP012.4 Ghz Omni-Directionalantenna, Horiz PCall for Price.Details
681039Ruckus Wireless9110303VP02Indoor Antenna For 7372-E Panel, Dula BaCall for Price.Details
681040Ruckus Wireless9110505DP01Indoor Antenna For 7372-E Elbow-Joint, DCall for Price.Details
681041Ruckus Wireless9110536HP01One 5Ghz Omni-Dir Ant Horizontpolarzd 5DCall for Price.Details
681042Ruckus Wireless9110636VH01Bundle Of One 911-0636-Vp01 And 911-0536Call for Price.Details
681043Ruckus Wireless9110636VH02Bundle Of Two 911-0636-Vp01 &One 911-053Call for Price.Details
681044Ruckus Wireless9110636VP011 5Ghz Omni-Dir Ant Vert Polrz5.5Dbi, DtCall for Price.Details
681045Ruckus Wireless9111212DP01One 5Ghz Directional Ant Dl Polarized 12Call for Price.Details
712913Ruckus Wireless9111212DP01RBRb One 5Ghz Directional Ant DlpolarizedCall for Price.Details
681046Ruckus Wireless9112101DP011 Hi Gain Dir Ant Dual Pol 21Dbi Gain AnCall for Price.Details
681047Ruckus Wireless9112401DP011 Hi Gain Ant Dl Plrzd 24.5Dbi/23.5Dbi HCall for Price.Details
741618Ruckus Wireless9112401DP01B1B Stock: 1 Hi Gain Ant Dl Plr24.5Dbi /23Call for Price.Details
859970Ruckus Wireless9112401DP01RBRebox: 1 Hi Gain Ant Dl Plrzd24.5Dbi /23Call for Price.Details
800041Ruckus Wireless9U1R310US02Unleashed R310 Us Ap 2X2:2$467.86Details
827804Ruckus Wireless9U1R310WW02R310 Unleashed 11Ac Indoor Ap 2X2:2 Ww$467.86Details
752693Ruckus Wireless9U1R500US00R500 Us Unleashed 802.11Ac Indoor 2X2:2$609.63Details
911120Ruckus Wireless9U1R500WW00R500 Ww Unleashed 802.11Ac Indoor 2X2:2$609.63Details
911711Ruckus Wireless9U1R600US00R600 Us Unleashed 802.11Ac Indoor 3X3:3$723.57Details
865054Ruckus Wireless9U1R600WW00R600 Ww Unleashed 802.11Ac Indoor 3X3:3$723.57Details
1036358Ruckus Wireless9U1R710US00Unleashed R710 Dual Band 802.11Ac Us$1,178.65Details
918194Ruckus Wireless9U1T300US01Unleashed T300 Outdoor Ap Us 802.11Ac$1,178.65Details
1041526Ruckus Wireless9U1T300US01B1B1 Unleashed T300 Outdoor Ap Us 802.11Ac$766.12Details
737265Ruckus Wireless9U1T300US81Unleashed T300E Us 802.11Ac 2X2:2$1,269.66Details
778000Ruckus Wireless9U1T300WW01T300 11Ac Unleashed Outdoor Ap 2X2:2$1,178.65Details
767723Ruckus Wireless9U1T300WW81T300E 11Ac Unleashed Outdoor Ap 2X2:2$1,269.66Details
869246Ruckus Wireless9U1T301US51Unleashed T301S Us 802.11Ac 2X2:2$1,308.34Details
800093Ruckus Wireless9U1T301US61Unleashed T301N Us 802.11Ac$1,308.34Details
811270Ruckus Wireless9U1T301WW51T301S 11Ac Unleashed Outdoor Ap 2X2:2$1,308.34Details
730715Ruckus Wireless9U1T301WW61T301N 11Ac Unleashed Outdoor Ap 2X2:2$1,308.34Details
984119Ruckus Wireless9U1T710US01Unleashed T710 Us$2,621.06Details
1074395Ruckus Wireless9U1T710US51Unleashed T710S Us$2,621.06Details
1039723Ruckus Wireless9U1T710WW01Unleashed T710 Ww$2,621.06Details
1024013Ruckus Wireless9U1T710WW51Unleashed T710S Ww$2,621.06Details
982081Ruckus Wireless9U3R310US20R310 Unleashed Us20 Pack PromoCall for Price.Details
1019254Ruckus Wireless9U3R310WW20R310 Unleashed Ww20 Pack PromoCall for Price.Details
778054Ruckus WirelessCLDCLP10999Cp 1Yr Cloud Hosted 100-999 User$19.32Details
895141Ruckus WirelessCLDCLP14999Cp 1Yr Cloud Hosted 1000-4999 User$15.18Details
878519Ruckus WirelessCLDCLP19999Cp 1Yr Cloud Hosted 5000-9999 User$10.69Details
792843Ruckus WirelessCLDCLP30999Cp 3Yr Cloud Hosted 100-999 User$37.35Details
847475Ruckus WirelessCLDCLP34999Cp 3Yr Cloud Hosted 1000-4999 User$27.60Details
911708Ruckus WirelessCLDCLP39999Cp 3Yr Cloud Hosted 5000-9999 User$19.32Details
801566Ruckus WirelessCLDCLP50999Cp 5Yr Cloud Hosted 100-999 User$56.03Details
710330Ruckus WirelessCLDCLP54999Cp 5Yr Cloud Hosted 1000-4999 User$40.02Details
778512Ruckus WirelessCLDCLP59999Cp 5Yr Cloud Hosted 5000-9999 User$29.04Details
1001564Ruckus WirelessCLDRKWF1001Cloud Wifi License 1Ap - 1Yr$99.75Details
976999Ruckus WirelessCLDRKWF3001Cloud Wifi License 1Ap - 3Yr$199.50Details
939265Ruckus WirelessCLDRKWF5001Cloud Wifi License 1Ap - 5Yr$288.56Details
967457Ruckus WirelessCLDRWED5001Sled Only: Cloud Wifi License- 1Ap - 5Yr$199.50Details
739123Ruckus WirelessCLRCLP10999Cp 1Yr Cloud Hosted 100-999 User$15.18Details
891537Ruckus WirelessCLRCLP14999Cp 1Yr Cloud Hosted 1000-4999 User$10.69Details
886055Ruckus WirelessCLRCLP19999Cp 1Yr Cloud Hosted 5000-9999 User$19.32Details
856737Ruckus WirelessCLRCLP30999Cp 3Yr Cloud Hosted 100-999 User$37.35Details
834973Ruckus WirelessCLRCLP34999Cp 3Yr Cloud Hosted 1000-4999 User$27.60Details
736121Ruckus WirelessCLRCLP39999Cp 3Yr Cloud Hosted 5000-9999 User$19.32Details
887619Ruckus WirelessCLRCLP50999Cp 5Yr Cloud Hosted 100-999 User$56.03Details
917548Ruckus WirelessCLRCLP54999Cp 5Yr Cloud Hosted 1000-4999 User$40.02Details
712128Ruckus WirelessCLRCLP59999Cp 5Yr Cloud Hosted 5000-9999 User$29.04Details
815834Ruckus WirelessL090001RXGWSoft Gre Tunnel Lic From 1Ap To 3Rd PartCall for Price.Details
1057143Ruckus WirelessL090001SCIWPerpetual Lic-Wifi Analytics - 1Ap W/Sci$22.50Details
1056560Ruckus WirelessL09CLP04999Cp Onsite Per User License, 1000-4999$30.00Details
1083539Ruckus WirelessL09SCIPWW00Smartcell Insight Application$1,293.50Details
921134Ruckus WirelessL09VSCGWW00Virtual Smartcell Gateway 3.0Call for Price.Details
848797Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP1010K1Yr Access To Cp On Site Sw-10,000 Users$7.20Details
729301Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP10999Cp 1Yr Onsite Sw 100-999 Users$16.80Details
799210Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP14999Cp 1Yr Onsite Sw 1000-4999 Users$13.20Details
747459Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP19999Cp 1Yr Onsite Sw 5000-9999 Users$9.24Details
863820Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP3010K3Yr Access To Cp On Site Sw-10,000 Users$13.20Details
749169Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP30999Cp 3Yr Onsite Sw 100-999 Users$32.48Details
845364Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP34999Cp 3Yr Onsite Sw 1000-4999 Users$24.00Details
744212Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP39999Cp 3Yr Onsite Sw 5000-9999 Users$16.80Details
840041Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP5010K5Yr Access To Cp On Site Sw-10,000 Users$18.00Details
909516Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP50999Cp 5Yr Onsite Sw 100-999 Users$48.72Details
878362Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP54999Cp 5Yr Onsite Sw 1000-4999 Users$34.80Details
819885Ruckus WirelessLS9CLP59999Cp 5Yr Onsite Sw 5000-9999 Users$25.20Details
870368Ruckus WirelessLS9vCLPWW00Cp Base Server-Up To 10,000 Users$1,034.80Details
725890Ruckus WirelessLSRCLP10999Cp 1Yr Renewal Onsite Up To 999 User$16.80Details
840142Ruckus WirelessLSRCLP14999Cp 1Yr Onsite Sw 1000-4999 Users$13.20Details
717049Ruckus WirelessLSRCLP19999Cp 1Yr Onsite Sw 5000-9999 Users$9.24Details
893112Ruckus WirelessLSRCLP30999Cp 3Yr Onsite Sw 100-999 Users$32.48Details
922052Ruckus WirelessLSRCLP34999Cp 3Yr Onsite Sw 1000-4999 Users$24.00Details
732230Ruckus WirelessLSRCLP39999Cp 3Yr Onsite Sw 5000-9999 Users$16.80Details
905602Ruckus WirelessLSRCLP50999Cp 5Yr Onsite Sw 100-999 Users$48.72Details
748614Ruckus WirelessLSRCLP54999Cp 5Yr Onsite Sw 1000-4999 Users$34.80Details
736158Ruckus WirelessLSRCLP59999Cp 5Yr Onsite Sw 5000-9999 Users$25.20Details
795290Ruckus WirelessP01R600GSA1R600 Custom Gsa$723.57Details
892374Ruckus WirelessP01S104UN00Smartzone 100 Controller 4Xgeports Us AnCall for Price.Details
802261Ruckus WirelessP01S124UN00Smartzone 100 2X10Ge & 4XgeportsCall for Price.Details