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Salco Industries - We longer carry Salco.

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
216424Salco Industries19SRBP19" Sub Rk/Bkpln Tech Ansi/EiaDetails
745114Salco Industries2005CLCurtain Lens ,Narrow Fine AngleDetails
246455Salco Industries2006Curtain Passive Infrared W/Audible And Outp ContctDetails
216425Salco Industries7018Zn Expander AnnunciatorDetails
246456Salco Industries708Salco Relay Output Modul F/701Details
216426Salco Industries719Salco 719 Cabinet Encls BeigeDetails
284068Salco Industries72019"-19"-4&1/3 Steel Cbnet Enclsre With LockDetails
246457Salco Industries722Locking Steel Cabinet 32.25"X19.20"X4.30"Details
216427Salco Industries77016LTSalco Delux 16Zn Touch PlateDetails
284069Salco Industries77024LTSalco Delux 24Zn Touch PlateDetails
284070Salco Industries77032LTSalco Delux 32 Zone Touch PlteDetails
216428Salco Industries77048LTSalco 48 Zone Touch PlateDetails
259444Salco Industries7708LTSalco 7708Lt Dlx 8Z Tch Pl/BtyDetails
246458Salco Industries770SW2Key Lock Switch For 770 SeriesDetails
216429Salco Industries78116ZB16 Zone Door Annunciator SysDetails
681655Salco Industries78116ZBA16 Zone Announcator SystemDetails
513105Salco Industries78124ZB24Zn Annun W/Display Rmt BypassDetails
246459Salco Industries78132ZBA32Zone Dr Annun,W/Out Put RelyDetails
284071Salco Industries78156ZB56 Zone Door Annunciator SystmDetails
298823Salco Industries7818ZB8Zn Door Annunciator DisplayDetails
259445Salco Industries781RPZPiezo Sounder Driver AccessoryDetails
259446Salco Industries85016Details
284072Salco Industries85016ZBAnnunciator 16Zone W/Independent RecessDetails
986464Salco Industries8508ZBDoor Annunciator With Individual ResetDetails
284073Salco Industries87016LT16 Zone Remote Panel For Use Withsi-85016ZbDetails
1066669Salco Industries8708LTRemote User Display & Control PanelDetails
259447Salco IndustriesCC1Common Control Plug-In CardDetails
259448Salco IndustriesCS20002424Zone Annunciator System W/19Inch Rckmount EnlsrDetails
1025057Salco IndustriesCS2016Door Site Audible Control StationDetails
216430Salco IndustriesCS60Salco Bk/Plane&60 Zone Led AnnDetails
774190Salco IndustriesHST1RMSngl Chnl,Hi Pwrd Indstrl Trnsmttr Syst Housed NemDetails
964565Salco IndustriesKVTC4Connector Kit For Vt-1 Vandal SensorDetails
259449Salco IndustriesMTR1Man Down TransmitterDetails
246460Salco IndustriesOA3Omni Directional Uhf AntennaDetails
284074Salco IndustriesPC6Salco 6 Zne Plg In Card F/Cs60Details
334506Salco IndustriesPR4MVRadio W/Stored Voice Memory Pager Rvr/VbrtrDetails
216432Salco IndustriesPS2C12V 2A Plus 7Ah Bkup Bat Pwr SupplyDetails
246461Salco IndustriesPZ2Sounder ModuleDetails
246462Salco IndustriesRP60Led Plate Only W/60 Leds ResetDetails
216433Salco IndustriesSSTWLKWrls Xmitter Factry Code/SetupDetails
284075Salco IndustriesVSP8008Wireless Voice Reporter-8-ZoneDetails
298822Salco IndustriesVSPDTLTone Encoding OptionDetails
216434Salco IndustriesVT1Details
259450Salco IndustriesWZ16PD16 Zone Wireless System ProcessorDetails
246463Salco IndustriesWZ32PDWLK32Zone Wrls Rcvr/Prcsr/Ups Pwr/Ss Lckng Cbnt.Details
284076Salco IndustriesWZ8LRMSalco Long Range Wireless Receiver-Details