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SigCom / Signal Communications

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
801294SigCom / Signal Communications2913372Power Supply, Al600Ada Board 6 Amp @24Vdc$429.29Details
685921SigCom / Signal Communications3000004Microphone For Dvs+$142.79Details
886980SigCom / Signal Communications693044625Pcb Ass'Y Audio Evac Sys 25 Watt Versi$794.29Details
754269SigCom / Signal Communications693044650Pcb Assembly Audio Evac 50 Watt$925.59Details
250650SigCom / Signal Communications6930457Dvs- Remote Mic Interface Board$165.19Details
263037SigCom / Signal Communications8800003B Key For Pull Station$2.70Details
220847SigCom / Signal Communications8800046BBlue Pull Station Label That Say'S "Alar$1.22Details
1065174SigCom / Signal Communications8800046GLabel ~Alarm~ Green-- Pull Station$1.22Details
220848SigCom / Signal Communications8800046YYellow Lable "Alarm"$1.22Details
263038SigCom / Signal Communications8800047BLabel Alert Blue Free With Pull Station$1.22Details
263039SigCom / Signal Communications8800047YAlert Alert Pull Station Label$1.22Details
220849SigCom / Signal Communications8800048YPull Station Label Local Evac Yellow$1.22Details
220850SigCom / Signal Communications8800050BOpen-Door Label, Blue (Free)Call for Price.Details
263040SigCom / Signal Communications8800050YYellow Open Door Label$1.22Details
263041SigCom / Signal Communications8800052YLabel ~Hazmat~ Yellow---- Pull Station L$1.22Details
220851SigCom / Signal Communications8800053YLabel For A Yellow Pull Station$1.22Details
250651SigCom / Signal Communications8800054YEvacuate Labels For Yellow Pull Station$1.22Details
287469SigCom / Signal Communications8800055GLabel Emergency Green Pull Station$1.22Details
263042SigCom / Signal Communications8800055YYellow Emergency Label$1.22Details
263043SigCom / Signal Communications8800056BMedical Label Blue - Free Only W/Pull Station$1.22Details
250652SigCom / Signal Communications8800056GMedical Label Grn F/Pull Stat$1.22Details
333121SigCom / Signal Communications8800056YLabel For Pull Station Labeled Medical Yellow$1.22Details
220852SigCom / Signal Communications8800057BPull Station Label Tornado Blue$1.22Details
287470SigCom / Signal Communications8800057YTornado Label Yellow For Pull Station$1.22Details
999805SigCom / Signal Communications8800058BBlue Pull Station Label That Say'S Door$10.16Details
333120SigCom / Signal Communications8800062BPolice Label Blue For Pull Station$1.22Details
764853SigCom / Signal Communications8800090CWLabel Emergency Exit Embossed Clear/White$1.22Details
220854SigCom / Signal Communications8800101Label Sheet Set Of 4 Manual Suppres Exting Spr Rel$6.57Details
250654SigCom / Signal Communications8800199Label "Foam Release" Red Letters$1.22Details
220856SigCom / Signal Communications8901683Sg-Wp Replacement Gasket$4.66Details
781229SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAM120GAmplified Speakers,25 Or 70 Vrms,Nema 3R,24Vdc Gry$391.43Details
833473SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAM24GAmplified Speakers, 25 Or 70 Vrms, Nema 3R, 24Vdc$347.94Details
813263SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAM24RAmplified Speakers,25 Or 70 Vrms,Nema 3R,24Vdc Red$419.84Details
220857SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU360E20 Watt, 25 Vrms Amplifier Module$675.95Details
250655SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU360EM20 Watt, 25 Vrms Master Amplifier With M$893.49Details
287474SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU367EMEvac Module 20 Watt W/Mic-70Vrms$822.89Details
287475SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU380E$991.89Details
263044SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU380EMEvac Module 40 Watt W/Mic-25Vrms$1,260.95Details
918969SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU38640254ZSZone Splitter-Supspkr Lp-40W$660.14Details
297610SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU38640704ZS40 Watt 70 Volt Zone Splitter$634.49Details
220858SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU387EAmplifier Control Module: 40W, 70V$990.59Details
220859SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU387EMAmplifier Control Module: 40W, 70V, With$1,189.49Details
287476SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU388CPIAControl Panel Interface Opt A$267.39Details
685922SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU3HR3 Module Enclosure Up And Down$503.54Details
250657SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU502Quadra Tone Signal 24Vdc-110Db At 10Ft$376.93Details
220861SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU503Audiosone 120V Quad Signal$415.58Details
287477SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU5622Remote Mic Station 24 Vdc$561.59Details
263046SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU611VCSXp Amplified Spkr 24Vdc Hydrogen$1,158.52Details
333118SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAUDCRAudsn Dual Channel Relay Card$142.79Details
250658SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAUDMRETRODigital Message Repeater- 24V Vdc Retrofit Replmt$647.37Details
250659SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVS25P25 Watt, 4 Speaker Circuits With Digital$1,258.28Details
263048SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVS51144 Horn Array Nema 1 Box Assembly$1,567.49Details
250660SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVS5114518Amplifier Spker Array W/Strob$1,926.59Details
730004SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVS512General Signaling 120 Vac 120 Vrms$352.34Details
220862SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVSAM5050 Watt Dual Channel Amplifier$760.49Details
287481SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVSCM1Control Board$705.89Details
509484SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVSPLUS100Digital Voice System (100 Watt, 2 Zones$2,083.31Details
263049SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVSPLUS15012150 Wat,12 Zone Microphone Digi Message$4,137.97Details
509513SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVSPLUS50Digital Voice System (50 Watt, Amp, 0 Z$1,893.26Details
287482SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVSPLUSAM50Dvs Plus 50 Watt Expansion Amlified Mdl$671.04Details
685923SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVSPLUSRMBRemote Microphone With Box$487.12Details
287483SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVSRMBRemote Microphone, Enclosure Mount$523.79Details
760006SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG32CXK1RDIPull Station Dual Action W/International Pull&Push$59.50Details
934418SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG32CXK2RDSingle Action Pull Station With Micro Sw$65.76Details
220867SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG33SK1Double Action Ny Stripe Pull Station Red$30.44Details
780863SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG36CXK1GRPull Station Dpdt Dual Action Green$69.99Details
852739SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG36CXK1GRBDpdt Dual Or Single Action Green Key Eme$68.15Details
250666SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG36CXK1RDBDpdt Dual Red W/B Key & Em Bar$59.50Details
1002980SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK1BLDual Action Pull Station With Toggle Swi$68.15Details
263051SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK1BLBBlue Pull Stn,Dual Action, Toggle Switch W/ B Key$59.50Details
297607SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK1EBLDual Act Pull Stn,Toggle Switch W/Emergency (Blue)$59.50Details
915057SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK1EGRP/S Toggle Acn Key Term Green W/Emergency Bar$69.99Details
876463SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK1ERDP/S Toggle Acn Key Term Red W/"Emrgncy"Bar & Cat30$59.50Details
333117SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK1EYLP/S Toggle Acn Key Term Ylw W/"Emrgncy"Bar & Cat30$59.50Details
250668SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK1GRBGreen W/B Key W/Toggle Switch$59.18Details
263052SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK1RDRed Manual Pull Station - Dual Action$59.50Details
263053SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK1YLPull Station, Toggle , Dpdt D/A Gen Yellow W/"Cat3$59.50Details
685924SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK2BLPull Stn,Toggle,Dpdt Generic Blue W/"Cat30" Key$58.10Details
297606SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK2BLBPull Stn,Toggle Style,Dpdt,Generic Blue W/B Key$58.10Details
710396SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK2GRPull Station With Toggle Switch, Sngl Action, Grn$58.10Details
250669SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK2GRBSngl Action Manual Pull Stn W/Toggle Switch-Green$58.10Details
263054SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK2RDPull Station Toggle Style Dpdt$58.10Details
835170SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK2RDBPull Station, Toggle , Dpdt Generic Red W/"Cat30"$36.24Details
263055SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42CXK2YLBDouble Action Toggle Switch Yellow Pull Station$58.10Details
287490SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42SK1Pull Station, Toggle Style, Spst, Generic W/"Cat30$29.99Details
297604SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42SK1SCDual Action, Toggle Switch, Spst, Sigcom Logo$29.99Details
250670SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42SK2Pull Station, Toggle, Spdt, Generic W/B Key$26.25Details
886360SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG42SK2SCSingle Action Pull Station With Toggle$26.25Details
263056SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGB32CDWthrpf Red Srf Mnt Diecst Backbox W/Tapped 3/4"Npt$36.98Details
220870SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGB32SSfce Int Sheet Mtl Back Box Rd$9.08Details
287491SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGB32SBLInt Sheet Mtl Back Box Blue$15.75Details
250671SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGB32SDDeep Intr Red Srfce Mnt Shtmtl Backbox W/3/4"Kckot$13.51Details
287492SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGB32SGRInt Sheet Mtl Back Box Green$15.75Details
250672SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGB32SHBackbox Sheet Metal Surface Red 1/2" Knockout$10.21Details
250673SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGB32SYLSheet Metal Back Box, Indoor Use, Yellow$15.75Details
287493SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGGR01Break Rods (Pack Of 12)$6.57Details
287494SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGLOCKCAT45Lock&Key Assbl For Pullstation$5.49Details
868016SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGLOCKCAT60Installed Charge For Cat60 Lockset$5.49Details
250675SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGLOCKPK625Lock & Key Pk625 For Pull Station$5.49Details
933209SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGLOCKSC10Lock & Key Set For The Pull Station$5.49Details
250678SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGWPWeatherproof Back Box$29.99Details
889392SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGWPBLCast Wthprf Bck Bx/Gasket Blue$39.14Details
263058SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGWPGRCast Weatherproof Back Box Green$39.14Details
220871SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGWPYLBackb0X &Amp; Gasket Assy (Weatherproof)Yel.$39.14Details
263059SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGX32SK1Explosion Proof Pull Station, Single Act$386.83Details
509514SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGX32SK1BLExplosion Proof Pull Station Blue Dual Action$475.19Details
250679SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGX32SK1GRExplosion Proof Green Pull Station Dual Action$475.19Details
220872SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGX32SK1ORExplosion Proof Orange Pull Station Dual Action$457.64Details
220873SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGX32SK1SCDual Action Explosion Proof Pull Station$436.32Details
287495SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGX32SK1YLExplosion Proof Yellow Pull Dual Action Pull Stat$475.19Details
250680SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGX32SK2BLPull Station Dpdt Single Action Blue Explos Proof$449.54Details
250682SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGX32SK2SCRed Pull Station Single Action Explosion Proof$319.94Details
220874SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGX32SK2YLPull Station Dpdt Single Action Expl Proof Yellow$449.54Details
263061SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSTALM01Pull Stn Cover Alarm Module$24.75Details
287496SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSTBKP01Back Plate F/Sntry Pll Stst Cov$17.25Details
287497SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSTFRC01$47.84Details
287498SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSTWPK01Wther Proof Kit Sntry Pll Stion Cov$17.25Details
287499SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSTXTR01Extender Kit Used W/Conduit$17.99Details
779708SigCom / Signal CommunicationsTM120GAmplified Multi-Tone Horn, 120Vac$396.21Details
724457SigCom / Signal CommunicationsTM24GMultitone, Nema 3R, 24Vdc, Grey$449.54Details
853124SigCom / Signal CommunicationsTM24RMultitone, Nema 3R, 24Vdc, Red$449.54Details
220876SigCom / Signal CommunicationsVECP25: Vecp W/4 Spkr Ckt Adds Voice/Audio To Existing$1,410.35Details
220877SigCom / Signal CommunicationsVECP50Vecp W/4 Spkr Ckt Adds Voice/Audio To Existing Fir$1,499.99Details