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Specified Technologies

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1042723Specified TechnologiesCD200Firestop Cast-In 2" (51 Mm) Trade Size Device$24.66Details
1054101Specified TechnologiesCS1628Composite Sheet 16 X 28 In (41 X 71Cm)$155.05Details
936896Specified TechnologiesCS2436Composite Sheet 24 X 36 In (61 X 92Cm)$258.43Details
1039272Specified TechnologiesCS2852Composite Sheet 28 X 52 In (71 X132Cm)$401.71Details
984587Specified TechnologiesCS3636Composite Sheet 36 X 36 In (92X 92Cm)$368.81Details
974700Specified TechnologiesCS3641Composite Sheet 36 X 41 In (92 X 104Cm)$418.65Details
933925Specified TechnologiesEP44Electrical Box Insert 3 3/4" X 3 3/4" X 1/8" Pad Ssp Series$7.52Details
1074459Specified TechnologiesEP45Electrical Box Insert 4-1/4" X 4-13/4" X 1/8" Pad Ssp Series$9.03Details
1022211Specified TechnologiesEZD22Ez-Path Fire-Rated "Mini" Device Kit- Series 22 1.54" X 1.54" X 10.5$84.43Details
1012453Specified TechnologiesEZD33EEz-Path Series 33 Extension Module 6"$93.09Details
1047561Specified TechnologiesEZD33EEEz-Path Series 33 Extention Module 6"$73.25Details
1034918Specified TechnologiesEZD33FWSEzpath Fire-Rated Device Does Not Incl Plates Or Labels 3" X 3" X 10.5"$155.15Details
938746Specified TechnologiesEZD444MBSSeries 44+ Single Bank Of Devices/Four Series 44 Devices W/Hanger Bracket$0.02Details
1081677Specified TechnologiesEZD44ESSeries 44+ Fire-Rated Pathway Extension Module$186.17Details
999934Specified TechnologiesEZD44SSeries 44+ Fire-Rated Device; Device Only And Labels$299.24Details
1083081Specified TechnologiesEZDG1644SEz-Path Series 44+ Fire-Rated Pathway Multi-Slot 16-Grid Kit 16 Dev,Bracket,Frame$5,033.70Details
1069743Specified TechnologiesEZDG444SSeries 44+ Single Bank Floor Grid, Four Series 44 Devices With Floor Frame$0.02Details
1033893Specified TechnologiesEZDG844SSeries 44+Multi-Slot Frame Kit For 16 Pathways$0.02Details
1037390Specified TechnologiesEZDP133CAKEzpath Fire-Rated Device Kit With 1 Pair (2) Conduit Attachment Plates$191.67Details
969215Specified TechnologiesEZDP133CWKEzpath Fire-Rated Device Kit With 1 Pair (2) Labels, Circular Wall Plates$177.97Details
1001980Specified TechnologiesEZDP133FKEzpath Fire-Rated Device Kit W/ Single Kick-In Plate(Floor) Fits 4" Core Holes$177.97Details
949389Specified TechnologiesEZDP144FKSEzpath 44+ Max Fire Rated Floor Kit, Includes Device Floor Plates &Amp; Label$0.02Details
1051918Specified TechnologiesEZDP144RSSeries 44+ Split Wall Base Kit- Includes Pathway And Split Plates$0.02Details
965612Specified TechnologiesEZDP233GK2 Ezpath Fire-Rated Devices Full Kit With 1 Pair (2) Double Plates$334.48Details
935506Specified TechnologiesEZDP333GK3 Ezpath Fire-Rated Devices Full Kit With 1 Pair (2) Triple Plates$497.27Details
987251Specified TechnologiesEZDP33FWSEzpath Fire-Rated Device Kit Includes Wall Plates &Amp; Labels 3" X 3" X 10.5"$170.02Details
1005778Specified TechnologiesEZDP33WREzpath Fire-Rated Device Retro-Fit Kit- Includes Wall Plates &Amp; Labels$209.22Details
977412Specified TechnologiesEZDP433GK4 Ezpath Fire-Rated Devices Full Kit With 1 Pair (2) Four Gang Mounting Plates$660.08Details
1014356Specified TechnologiesEZDP44SEzpath 44+ Fire-Rated Pathway Device Kit; Full Kit Wi/Device Wall Plates &Amp; Labels$335.69Details
1072624Specified TechnologiesEZDP44S2Ez-Path Series 44+ Fire-Rated Pathway Device Kit W/Wall Plates$333.10Details
1007586Specified TechnologiesEZDP733GK7 Ezpath Fire-Rated Devices Full Kit With 1 Pair (2) Seven Gang Mounting Plates$1,103.88Details
993873Specified TechnologiesEZDR200Ez-Path Retrofit Device For 2In (2-3/16" Or 2-3/8" O.D.) Sleeves 1 Pair$205.97Details
946193Specified TechnologiesEZDR400Ez-Path Retrofit Device For 4In (4-1/2In O.D.) Sleeves 1 Pair$236.35Details
1038986Specified TechnologiesEZG1644Series 44-Multi Slot Frame For 16 Pathways$678.16Details
1008405Specified TechnologiesEZG444Ez-Path 44 Or 44+Pathway 4-Frame, Frame Only$234.47Details
1029654Specified TechnologiesEZG444CPEz-Path 44 Or 44+ Splice Plate Pack,Joining Single-Slot 4-Grid$103.17Details
953585Specified TechnologiesEZG844Series 44-Multi-Slot Frame For 8 Pathways$352.11Details
996597Specified TechnologiesEZP133CA1 Pair (2) Conduit Attachment Plates - Ez Path Accessory$37.80Details
1047247Specified TechnologiesEZP133CW1 Pair (2) Circular Wallplates Ez Path Accessory$24.44Details
1009015Specified TechnologiesEZP133KSingle Kick-In Plate For Floor Applications Ezpath Accessory$24.44Details
959625Specified TechnologiesEZP133PC1 Pair (2) Positioning Clamps Ezpath Accessory$26.91Details
1051768Specified TechnologiesEZP133R1 Pair (2) Retro-Fit Mounting Plates Ezpath Accessory$61.60Details
1009114Specified TechnologiesEZP133W1 Pair (2) Single Wall Plates With Wall Labels Ezpath Accessory$24.44Details
1057362Specified TechnologiesEZP144FMax Split Floor Plate Pack$47.33Details
929279Specified TechnologiesEZP144RSSeries 44+ Split Wall Base Plate- Split Plates Only$103.17Details
949530Specified TechnologiesEZP144WOne Pair (2) Max Single Wall Plate Pack$47.33Details
960292Specified TechnologiesEZP233W1 Pair (2) Double Wall Plates With Wall Labels Ezpath Accessory$37.80Details
944879Specified TechnologiesEZP333W1 Pair (2) Triple Wall Plate With Wall Labels Ezpath Accessory$52.00Details
958814Specified TechnologiesEZP433W1 Pair (2) Four-Gang Mounting Plates - Ezpath Accessory$63.87Details
941200Specified TechnologiesEZP444MBEz-Path 44 Or 44+ Grid Hanger Bracket For Single Bank Of Devices$29.16Details
1035681Specified TechnologiesEZP544WMax 5 Gang Wall Plate Brackets$143.47Details
978614Specified TechnologiesEZP733W1 Pair (2) Seven-Gang Mounting Plates - Ezpath Accessory$102.68Details
1013426Specified TechnologiesEZRCM44SEz-Path 44 Or 44+ Pathway Radius Control Modules - One Pair (2)$14.70Details
964274Specified TechnologiesFP200Firestop Plug Sized For 2 In (51 Mm) Opening/Sleeve$32.87Details
1038330Specified TechnologiesFP400Firestop Plug Sized For 4 In (102 Mm) Opening/Sleeve$45.05Details
1059431Specified TechnologiesFS100Ready Sleeve 1" Firestop Sleeve$33.44Details
946074Specified TechnologiesFS200Ready Sleeve 2" Firestop Sleeve$44.02Details
984099Specified TechnologiesFS2012" Firestop Sleeve With Escutcheon Plates$47.91Details
1013403Specified TechnologiesFS400Ready Sleeve 4" Firestop Sleeve$85.12Details
940367Specified TechnologiesFS4014" Firestop Sleeve With Large Escutcheon Plates$92.47Details
956862Specified TechnologiesFSR1001" Split Firestop Sleeve$86.77Details
1047267Specified TechnologiesFSR2002" Split Firestop Sleeve$97.78Details
1035534Specified TechnologiesFSR4004" Split Firestop Sleeve$125.83Details
958677Specified TechnologiesLCI300Lci Series Intumescent Sealant 10.1 Oz Tube 300 Ml$13.94Details
1007561Specified TechnologiesLCI305Lci Series Intumescent Sealant 5 Gallon Pail 19 Liters$380.63Details
950949Specified TechnologiesLCI320Lci Series Intumescent Sealant 20 Oz Sausage 592 Ml$22.32Details
1012046Specified TechnologiesLCI329Lci Series Intumescent Sealant 29 Oz Tube 858 Ml$29.39Details
931256Specified TechnologiesNEZ33Ez-Path Smoke &Amp; Acoustical Pathway (Device Only)$59.54Details
947993Specified TechnologiesNEZ33CKEz-Path Smoke &Amp; Acoustical Pathway With Ceiling Kit$79.93Details
1014943Specified TechnologiesNEZ33WEz-Path Smoke &Amp; Acoustical Pathway - White$68.42Details
993235Specified TechnologiesNEZDP233Ez-Path Smoke &Amp; Acoustical Pathway Two-Gang Kit$178.64Details
1016926Specified TechnologiesNEZDP433Ez-Path Smoke &Amp; Acoustical Pathway Four-Gang Kit$319.92Details
994567Specified TechnologiesRCM331 Pair (2) Radius Control Modules - Ezpath Accessory$10.71Details
931636Specified TechnologiesRFG1Firestop Grommet-2Pc Split Single-Cable Grommet For Low Volt. Cble .27In Od$34.02Details
932251Specified TechnologiesRFG2Firestop Grommet-2Pc Split Single/Mult-Cable Grommet For Lowvolt Cble 0.53"Od$52.46Details
1074266Specified TechnologiesSSB14Ssb Series Firestop Pillow 1"X 4"X 9"$14.12Details
986534Specified TechnologiesSSB24Ssb Series Firestop Pillow 2"X 4"X 9"$15.39Details
947583Specified TechnologiesSSB26Ssb Series Firestop Pillow 2"X 6"X 9"$17.99Details
1083213Specified TechnologiesSSB36Ssb Series Firestop Pillow 3"X 6"X 9"$21.78Details
1077395Specified TechnologiesSSC151Ssc Series Intumescent Collar For 1.5" Dia. Plastic Pipe$15.10Details
1051594Specified TechnologiesSSC202Ssc Series Intumescent Collar For 2.0" Dia. Plastic Pipe$16.68Details
1029034Specified TechnologiesSSC301Ssc Series Intumescent Collar For 3.0" Dia. Plastic Pipe$24.51Details
1068717Specified TechnologiesSSC400Ssc Series Intumescent Collar For 4.0" Dia. Plastic Pipe$34.61Details
973567Specified TechnologiesSSP100Ssp Series Intumescent Putty 36 Cubic In Tube .6 Liter$36.67Details
928569Specified TechnologiesSSP28Ssp Series Intumescent Putty 24 Cubic In Tube$26.01Details
1080200Specified TechnologiesSSP4SSsp Series Intumescent Putty Pad 7.25" X 7.25" X 3/16"$7.00Details
1083136Specified TechnologiesSSP9SSsp Series Intumescent Putty Pad 9.00" X 9.00" X 3/16"$12.01Details
962852Specified TechnologiesSSS100Sss Series Intumescent Sealant 10.1 Oz Tube 300 Ml$17.27Details
966778Specified TechnologiesSSS102Sss Series Intumescent Sealant 2 Gallon Pail 7.6 Liters$336.51Details
1073068Specified TechnologiesSSS105Sss Series Intumescent Sealant 5 Gallon Pail 19 Liters$566.11Details
1060510Specified TechnologiesSSS120Sss Series Intumescent Sealant 20 Oz Sausage 592 Ml$31.89Details
1027661Specified TechnologiesSSS129Sss Series Intumescent Sealant 29 Oz Tube 858 Ml$42.92Details