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Structured Cable Products

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1011743Structured Cable Products101BKCat5E Insert Black$3.20Details
942314Structured Cable Products101BRCat5E Insert Brown$3.20Details
935412Structured Cable Products101LAInsert,Cat-5 Light Almond$3.20Details
981464Structured Cable Products101YLCat5E Insert Yellow$2.80Details
965706Structured Cable Products103LACat3 90 Degree Keystone Voice Jack$2.88Details
955608Structured Cable Products10GFPRograde 10G Rj45 Field Plug- Full Shield$16.08Details
1012593Structured Cable Products122GY2C/12 Awg Stranded Pvc- Gray 1000Ft$458.27Details
516306Structured Cable Products122OFCWT12Awg 2C Ofc Speaker Wire$262.07Details
693559Structured Cable Products122P2C/12 Awg Stranded Plenum- White$484.29Details
516309Structured Cable Products124OFCWT4 Conductor, 12 Gauge Speaker, Ofc Cond$441.71Details
1068427Structured Cable Products128WT10.2 Home Theater Wallplate 4 Gang$56.95Details
516208Structured Cable Products142FPLP100014Awg 2C Fplp - 1K Rl - Red$272.96Details
1056358Structured Cable Products142FPLP50014/2 Fplp Red 500Ft Reels$138.52Details
1022047Structured Cable Products142FPLPWT14Awg 2C Fplp - 1K Rl - White$276.06Details
980928Structured Cable Products142FPLR500BOX14Awg 2C Fplr - 500Ft Bx - Red$128.32Details
693561Structured Cable Products142FPLRSH2C/14 Awg Solid Fplr Shielded Pvc- Red$277.60Details
906322Structured Cable Products142FPLRWT14/2 Fplr White Folr 1000Ft Roll$240.48Details
1031914Structured Cable Products142GY2C/14 Awg Stranded Pvc- Gray 1000Ft$298.19Details
1023122Structured Cable Products142P14/2 Stranded Plenum 1000$331.24Details
516213Structured Cable Products142SHDB14Awg 2C Sheilded Direct Burial$438.86Details
1057503Structured Cable Products142SHP2C/14 Awg Strd Shielded Plen White 1Kft$358.22Details
516205Structured Cable Products142SP41YL100014Awg 2C 41Std Yellow 1K Spool Spkr$276.49Details
516215Structured Cable Products142SP41YL50014Awg 2C 41 Strand 500Ft Yellow Sound$138.89Details
693567Structured Cable Products144FPLR4C/14 Awg Solid Fplr Pvc- 1000 Ft Spool$479.68Details
991598Structured Cable Products144GY4C/14 Awg Stranded Pvc- Gray 1000Ft$578.35Details
1056615Structured Cable Products144SHGY4C/14 Awg Stranded Shielded Pvc- Gray 1,$450.27Details
516216Structured Cable Products162FPLP16Awg 2C Fplp - 1K Rl - Red$181.30Details
1075013Structured Cable Products162FPLPSH16Awg 2C Solid Fplp Shielded Plenum$217.91Details
985706Structured Cable Products162FPLR500BOX16Awg 2C Fplr - 500Ft Bx - Red$162.75Details
938094Structured Cable Products162FPLRBL16Awg 2C Fplr, Blue$154.95Details
986726Structured Cable Products162FPLRSH2C/16 Awg Solid Fplr Shielded Pvc$190.30Details
1042235Structured Cable Products162GY16 Awg 2C Stranded Cmr Grey 1000Ft$176.20Details
951715Structured Cable Products162OFCWT16/2C Awg 65 Strand - 500Ftbx Wt$85.62Details
975190Structured Cable Products162P16Awg 2C Stranded Plenum 1Kft Rl$207.35Details
953084Structured Cable Products162SHDB16Awg 2C Sheilded Direct Burial$304.14Details
1016873Structured Cable Products162SP26BL16Awg 2C Speaker Cable 500Ft Box, Blue$84.59Details
1013324Structured Cable Products162SP26BL100016Awg 2C Str Sound Pvc - 1K Bx - BlueCall for Price.Details
952160Structured Cable Products162SP26GN16/2 Speaker Cable Green 500Ft Box)$93.39Details
516192Structured Cable Products162SP26PUR16/2 Speaker Cable Purple 500Ft Box$93.39Details
1059694Structured Cable Products162SP26PUR100016/2 Speaker Cable Purple 1Kft Box$186.77Details
516204Structured Cable Products162SP26WT16Awg 2C Speaker Cable 500Ft Box, Wht$95.37Details
1038208Structured Cable Products162SP26WT100016/2 Stranded Pvc 1000Ft Box$186.77Details
693572Structured Cable Products162SP65BK16 Awg 2C 65 Strand Audio Cable 500’ Box$92.47Details
1032030Structured Cable Products162SP65BL16/2 Speaker Cable 65 Str Blue 500Ft Box$100.93Details
973256Structured Cable Products162SP65BLSPL16Awg 2C Str Sound Pvc - 500Ft Rl Blue$201.88Details
516198Structured Cable Products162SP65PUR16/2 65Str Speaker Cable Purple 500Ft Bo$100.93Details
516199Structured Cable Products162SP65PUR10002 C/16 Ga 65 Strand Pur Speaker Cble 100$201.88Details
1007807Structured Cable Products162SP65WT16Awg 2C Speaker Cable 500Ft Box, White$100.93Details
1030663Structured Cable Products162SP65WT100016Awg 2C Speaker Cable 1000Ft Box, White$201.88Details
983235Structured Cable Products162SP65YL16/2 Speaker Cable 65 Str 500Ft Box$57.13Details
1039524Structured Cable Products164DB16/4C Stranded, Direct Bury, Black, 1000$569.51Details
1030448Structured Cable Products164FPLPWT16Awg 4C Fplp - 1K Rl - White$331.95Details
991247Structured Cable Products164FPLR16Awg 4C Red Fplr 1K Reel$292.67Details
1029131Structured Cable Products164FPLR500RL16/4 Sol Ns Fplr 500Ft Reel$137.96Details
937182Structured Cable Products164OFCOR16/4 Ofc Speaker Cable 500Ft Orange$167.41Details
516243Structured Cable Products164SP26BL16Awg 4C Speaker Cable 500Ft Box, Blue$168.38Details
516244Structured Cable Products164SP26PUR16/4 Stranded 26Str Purple 500Ft Box)$168.38Details
516245Structured Cable Products164SP26WT16Awg 4C Speaker Cable 500Ft Box, White$168.38Details
959000Structured Cable Products164SP65BK16/4C 65 Strand Speaker Wire 500Ft Box B$184.90Details
516246Structured Cable Products164SP65PUR4C/16 Ga 65 Strand Speaker Cable 500Ft P$110.52Details
968398Structured Cable Products164SP65WT16Awg 4C Speaker 65 Strand 500Ft BoxesCall for Price.Details
1079412Structured Cable Products182BFPLRRED18/2 Fplr Red 1K Pull Box$142.42Details
966221Structured Cable Products182COILGY18Awg 2C Str Pvc - 500Ft Coil - Gray$61.32Details
1009150Structured Cable Products182COILWT18Awg 2C Str Pvc - 500Ft Coil - White$48.31Details
984556Structured Cable Products182DB18Awg 2C Stranded Direct Burial$265.83Details
966357Structured Cable Products182FPLP18Awg 2C Fplp 1Kft Reels$137.38Details
1063162Structured Cable Products182FPLP100018Awg 2C Fplp - 1K Rl -Red$137.38Details
933900Structured Cable Products182FPLR18Awg 2C Fplr 1000Ft Spool$111.99Details
984047Structured Cable Products182FPLR500BOX18Awg 2C Fplr - 500Ft Bx - Red$57.15Details
944937Structured Cable Products182FPLRBOX18/2 Fplr Red 1K Pull Box$111.99Details
1073103Structured Cable Products182GY18Ga 2C Pvc Stranded Cm 1000Ft Gr Or Wh$122.23Details
1072773Structured Cable Products182PWT18/2 Stranded Plenum Cmp 1000Ft$142.98Details
516251Structured Cable Products182SHDBBlack Jacket For Outdoor, Direct Bury Ca$264.61Details
1070117Structured Cable Products182SHGY18Awg 2C Oas Cmr Grey 1000Ft$142.98Details
1026499Structured Cable Products182SHP18/2 Str. Oas Plenum 1000Ft$156.88Details
967086Structured Cable Products182WT18Awg 2C Stranded Pvc, White, 1Kft Bx$122.23Details
1002901Structured Cable Products182WT50018Awg 2C Stranded Pvc, White, 500$62.06Details
693578Structured Cable Products182ZIPSPL5002C/18 Awg Stranded Zip Cable- White- 500$61.33Details
1053888Structured Cable Products184FPLP50018Awg 4C Fplp - 500 Rl - Red$127.01Details
1082655Structured Cable Products184FPLR18Awg 4C Fplr 1000Ft, Red$222.26Details
932448Structured Cable Products184FPLR500BOX18Awg 4C Fplr - 500Ft Bx - Red$114.10Details
988943Structured Cable Products184FPLRBOX4C/18 Awg Solid Fplr Pvc$222.26Details
1011820Structured Cable Products184GY18Awg 4C Stranded Pvc, Grey, 1Kft Bx$232.44Details
1050616Structured Cable Products184GY5004C/18 Awg Stranded Pvc- Gray$118.09Details
1076311Structured Cable Products184P18Awg 4C Stranded Plenum, 1Kft Rl$259.52Details
516235Structured Cable Products184SHDB18Awg 4C, Sheilded, Direct Burial$467.44Details
982348Structured Cable Products184SHGY18Awg 4C Oas Grey 1000Ft Reel$261.28Details
992332Structured Cable Products184SHGY50018Awg 4C Oas Grey 500Ft Reel$130.75Details
960391Structured Cable Products184SHP18/4 Shielded Cmp Plenum 1000Ft$280.75Details
1048458Structured Cable Products184WT18Awg 4C Stranded Pvc, White, 1Kft Bx$232.44Details
956915Structured Cable Products184WT50018Awg 4C Stranded Pvc, White, 500$118.09Details
969258Structured Cable Products186DB18G 6C Stranded Bc Burial 1000Ft Blk$518.49Details
772234Structured Cable Products186FPLR6C/18 Awg Solid Fplr Pvc- 1000 Ft Spool$324.57Details
990889Structured Cable Products186GY18/6 Stranded Pvc, 1000Ft$338.20Details
742706Structured Cable Products186GY500– 18/6 Stranded Pvc Gray 500Ft Box -$162.16Details
1064597Structured Cable Products186SHDB18Awg 6C Sheiled Direct Burial$561.33Details
1070582Structured Cable Products186SHGY6C/18A Stranded Shld Pvc Gray 1Kft Reel$376.23Details
1029107Structured Cable Products186SHGY50018/6 Str Shielded 500 Ft Box$196.95Details
1064497Structured Cable Products186SHP18/6 Stranded Shielded Plenum 1000Ft$393.84Details
944785Structured Cable Products188P8C/18Awg Stranded Plenum- White$510.31Details
1013811Structured Cable Products202DWTDecora Insert 2 Port White$2.70Details
946711Structured Cable Products207BKBlack Blank Snap Inserts$0.44Details
516439Structured Cable Products207LABlank Light Almond Insert$0.46Details
1060725Structured Cable Products209Insert F-Type Assembled White$1.18Details
966096Structured Cable Products209BKCoax Insert Black$1.18Details
1032868Structured Cable Products209BRF Insert Brown$1.18Details
994424Structured Cable Products209LAInsert,F Connector Light Almond$1.18Details
516423Structured Cable Products221050022/10 Str 500 Ft Box$174.79Details
516414Structured Cable Products2210SHGY22Awg 10 Shielded 1K$294.80Details
516406Structured Cable Products221250022/12 Str 500 Ft Box$183.23Details
948109Structured Cable Products2222-Way Catv Splitter$42.79Details
1035499Structured Cable Products222BN22Awg 2C Stranded 1Kft Box, Brown$50.71Details
1037121Structured Cable Products222COILBK22Awg 2C Stranded 500Ft Coil, Black$26.25Details
953852Structured Cable Products222COILBL22Awg 2C Stranded 500Ft Coil, Blue$26.25Details
1000641Structured Cable Products222COILBN22Awg 2C Stranded 500Ft Coil, Brown$26.25Details
1022432Structured Cable Products222COILGN22Awg 2C Stranded 500Ft Coil, Green$26.25Details
939658Structured Cable Products222COILGY22Awg 2C Stranded 500Ft Coil, Gray$26.25Details
954487Structured Cable Products222COILOR22Awg 2C Stranded 500Ft Coil, Orange$26.25Details
1063053Structured Cable Products222COILWT22Awg 2C Stranded 500Ft Coil, White$26.25Details
516433Structured Cable Products222COILYL22Awg 2C Stranded 500Ft Coil, Yellow$26.25Details
753255Structured Cable Products222GY22Awg 2C Stranded 1Kft Box, Grey$50.71Details
1056186Structured Cable Products222P22Ga 2C Stranded Plenum 1000Ft$89.85Details
516465Structured Cable Products222SHGY22Awg 2C Str Oas Pvc - 1K Bx - Gray$78.65Details
1056330Structured Cable Products222SHP2C/22 Awg Stranded Shielded Plenum- Whit$109.90Details
997947Structured Cable Products222SOLCOILBL22Awg 2C Sol Pvc - 500Ft Coil - Blue$22.38Details
253548Structured Cable Products222SOLCOILWT22Awg 2C Solid Pvc 500Ft Coil, White$22.38Details
1003724Structured Cable Products222SOLCOILYL22Awg 2C Solid Pvc 500Ft Coil, Yellow$22.38Details
1049132Structured Cable Products222SOLWT2C/22 Ga Solidpvc 1000Ft$43.28Details
516460Structured Cable Products222SOLWT5002C/22 Ga Solidpvc 500Ft$22.47Details
516471Structured Cable Products222WT22Awg 2C Stranded 1Kft Box, White$50.71Details
1079376Structured Cable Products224COILBL22Awg 4C Str Pvc - 500Ft Coil - Blue$46.23Details
1045620Structured Cable Products224COILBN22/4 Str Brown 500Ft Coil$46.41Details
946367Structured Cable Products224COILGN22Awg 4C Str Pvc - 500Ft Coil - Green$46.23Details
1004637Structured Cable Products224COILGY22Awg 4C Stranded 500 Coil, Gray$46.23Details
967726Structured Cable Products224COILOR22Awg 4C Str Pvc - 500Ft Coil - Orange$46.23Details
516470Structured Cable Products224COILWT22Awg 4C Stranded 500Ft Coil, White$45.68Details
1077907Structured Cable Products224COILYL22/4 Str Yellow 500Ft Coil$46.23Details
516444Structured Cable Products224FPLRBOX22Awg 4C Fplr 1000Ft Box, Red$88.20Details
985962Structured Cable Products224FPLRCOIL22Awg 4C Fplr 500Ft Coil, Red$46.23Details
1047352Structured Cable Products224P22Awg 4C Stranded Plenum 1K Rl, White$144.30Details
1070289Structured Cable Products224SHGY22Ga 4C Stranded Sheilded 1000Ft$120.16Details
1053480Structured Cable Products224SHGY50022Awg 4C Str Oas Pvc - 500Ft Bx - Gray$60.80Details
938486Structured Cable Products224SHP22/4 Stranded Sheilded Plenum$166.50Details
1055998Structured Cable Products224SOLBK22/4 Solid Black 1K Box$76.16Details
929701Structured Cable Products224SOLBL22Awg 4C Sol Pvc - 1K Bx - Blue$76.16Details
1065086Structured Cable Products224SOLBN22/4 Solid Brown 1K Box$76.16Details
1020789Structured Cable Products224SOLCOILBE22/4 Solid 500 Ft Coil Beige$39.53Details
1058409Structured Cable Products224SOLCOILBK22Awg 4C Sol Pvc - 500Ft Coil - Black$39.53Details
1027064Structured Cable Products224SOLCOILBL22/4 Solid 500 Ft Coil Blue$39.53Details
982187Structured Cable Products224SOLCOILBN22/4 Solid 500 Ft Coil Brown$39.53Details
961945Structured Cable Products224SOLCOILGN22/4 Solid 500 Ft Coil Green$39.53Details
994232Structured Cable Products224SOLCOILGY22Awg 4C Sol Pvc - 500Ft Coil - Gray$39.53Details
971862Structured Cable Products224SOLCOILOR22/4 Solid 500 Ft Coil Orange$39.53Details
224405Structured Cable Products224SOLCOILWT22Awg 4C Solid 500Ft Coil, White$39.53Details
940142Structured Cable Products224SOLCOILYL22/4 Solid 500 Ft Coil Yellow$39.53Details
1053107Structured Cable Products224SOLGY22Awg 4C Solid 1Kft Box, Gray$76.16Details
516354Structured Cable Products224SOLWT22Awg 4C Solid 1Kft Box, White$76.16Details
982414Structured Cable Products224SOLWT50022Awg 4C Solid 500Ft Box, White$39.69Details
976515Structured Cable Products224WT22Awg 4C Stranded 1Kft Pull-Bx, White$88.21Details
929133Structured Cable Products224WT5004C/22 Awg Stranded Pvc- White$45.68Details
949073Structured Cable Products226GY22/6 Stranded 1000Ft Box$149.42Details
995627Structured Cable Products226P22/6 Stranded Plenum Cmp 1000Ft$194.57Details
1056799Structured Cable Products226SH50022Awg 6C Str Shld Pvc Grey 500Ft Box$94.32Details
965193Structured Cable Products226SHGY22Awg 6C Str Oas Pvc - 1K Bx - Gray$188.79Details
1065296Structured Cable Products226SHP22 Awg 6 Con Stranded Plenum Shielded$234.58Details
516362Structured Cable Products226WT22/6 Stranded 1000Ft Box Wht$149.42Details
836685Structured Cable Products228GY8C/22 Awg Stranded Pvc-Gray- 1000Ft Box$234.58Details
1032781Structured Cable Products228GY5008C/22 Awg Stranded Pvc- Gray 500 Ft B$118.09Details
967911Structured Cable Products228SHGY22 Awg 8C Shielded In Gray 1000’ Box$261.49Details
718508Structured Cable Products240DWT4C Telephone + Catv F-Type Jack – Decora$2.20Details
993000Structured Cable Products247WTF Female To Rca Insert White$3.12Details
1001455Structured Cable Products32424 Port Patch Panel$44.66Details
1031863Structured Cable Products34848 Port Patch Panel$93.34Details
693588Structured Cable Products50219 Inch Cable Organizer - 3.5" H - 5 Rin$38.28Details
693589Structured Cable Products50319 Inch Cable Organizer - 3.5" H X 3 Rin$47.92Details
991299Structured Cable Products52419” Hinge Bracket For 324$25.01Details
791670Structured Cable Products54819 Inch Hinged Wall Bracket For 348 - 3.$27.60Details
762972Structured Cable Products800Impact Punch Down Tool 110 Type$41.01Details
1078931Structured Cable Products820Termination Cutting Tool$67.42Details
975281Structured Cable Products900Cable Clip Black$0.50Details
1029626Structured Cable Products900WCable Clip White$0.50Details
943109Structured Cable Products9441515In Hdmi To Hdmi Cable$28.44Details
1019095Structured Cable Products9442525In Hdmi To Hdmi Cable$40.12Details
948564Structured Cable Products9443**Eol** 3In Hdmi To Hdmi Cable$13.28Details
935406Structured Cable Products94466In Hdmi To Hdmi Cable$15.26Details
693593Structured Cable Products944E10Hdmi Cable 10-Ft$11.96Details
1041706Structured Cable Products944E15Hdmi Cable High Speed 15 Ft$17.39Details
1009694Structured Cable Products944E25Hdmi Cable High Speed 25Ft$58.51Details
958929Structured Cable Products944E3Hdmi Cable High Speed 3Ft$7.67Details
1003994Structured Cable Products944E30Hdmi Cable High Speed 30 Ft$66.88Details
953708Structured Cable Products944E50Hdmi Cable High Speed 50 Ft$123.51Details
1049873Structured Cable Products944E6Hdmi Cable High Speed 6Ft$8.27Details
998378Structured Cable Products947E33Ft Hdmi Cable With Swivel Head$16.32Details
516396Structured Cable Products954Wall Plate Hdmi &Amp; Ir Cat5E Extender$210.32Details
1008805Structured Cable Products961Hdmi Over Single Coax Is Description$512.03Details
916474Structured Cable Products962Hdbaset Lite Hdmi Extender Over Single C$245.32Details
958093Structured Cable ProductsACC2Cat5E 18/2 Siamese$358.98Details
1057970Structured Cable ProductsC5PC3GNCat5E Patch Cables Green$1.86Details
1072250Structured Cable ProductsC5PC5GNCat5E Patch Cables Green$2.54Details
1060941Structured Cable ProductsC6PC3GNCat6 Patch Cables. Green$2.94Details
954649Structured Cable ProductsC6PC5GNCat6 Patch Cables.Green$3.68Details
1076074Structured Cable ProductsCAT34PRGYCat3 4 Pair Utp, 24 Awg, Pvc Jkt- Gray-$95.06Details
1006318Structured Cable ProductsCAT5E25PRDBCat5 25 Pair Direct Burial Enh 1000Ft$986.18Details
693603Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EAERCat5E Aerial W/Messenger Per 1000Ft$271.34Details
264752Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EBLUECat5E Cmr 1Kft Pull-Box, Blue$105.38Details
931273Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EBLUE5Cat5E Blue 500Ft Boxes$57.25Details
693604Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EBLUECOILCat5E Blue 500Ft CoilCall for Price.Details
693605Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EBLUEETLCat5E 350 Mhz 24 Awg Solid 4Pr Utp, Tia/$105.24Details
1010004Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EBLUESPOOLCat5E 4Pr 24Awg Blue On Spool$105.38Details
516397Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EDBBKCat5E Direct Burial, Black$175.92Details
1070328Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EDBGELCat 5E Direct Bury, Gel Filled, Black 10$212.41Details
516395Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EGNCat5E Cmr 1Kft Pull-Box, Green$105.11Details
1074996Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EGN5Cat5E Cmr 500 Ft.Pull Box Green$57.25Details
516371Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EGYCat5E Cmr 1Kft Pull-Box, Gray$105.11Details
828445Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EINOUTIndoor Outdoor Rated Cat5E Uv Jacket.$155.22Details
1004859Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EORCat5E Cmr 1Kft Pull-Box Orange$105.11Details
942580Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EORETLCat5E 350 Mhz 24 Awg Solid 4Pr Orange$99.48Details
693607Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EPBKCat5E 24/4Pr Plenum Black 1000Ft Box$230.37Details
516373Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EPBLCat5E Plenum, Blue$230.37Details
927754Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EPGRCat5E Green Plenum$230.37Details
516375Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EPGYCat5E Plenum Grey$230.37Details
978309Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EPK500Cat5E Pink 500Ft Pull Boxes$99.67Details
974210Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EPPKCat5E Plenum Pink$230.37Details
835642Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EPURCat5E Purple 1K Box$105.11Details
516379Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EPWTCat5E Cmp 1Kft Pull-Box, White Pl$105.00Details
516380Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EPYLCat5E Plenum Yellow$230.37Details
1051079Structured Cable ProductsCAT5ERD24Awg 4Pr Cat5E Red 1K Box$105.11Details
956511Structured Cable ProductsCAT5ESHBLCat5E Shld Blue-1K Box$181.16Details
967647Structured Cable ProductsCAT5ESHDBCat5E, Shielded, Burial, Black, 1K Roll$243.26Details
1043158Structured Cable ProductsCAT5ESHGYCat5E Sheild Pvc Gray$181.16Details
1043473Structured Cable ProductsCAT5ESHPBLCat5E Shielded Plenum- Enhanced 350 Mhz$446.42Details
516824Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EWTCat5E Cmr 1Kft Pull-Box, White$105.11Details
1072105Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EWT5Cat5E White 500Ft Boxes$57.25Details
949612Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EWTSPOOLCat5E 4Pr 24Awg White, Spool, 1000$105.11Details
517156Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EYLCat5E Cmr 1Kft Pull-Box, Yellow$105.11Details
1078148Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EYL5Cat5E Cmr 500Ft. Pull Box Yellow$57.25Details
693608Structured Cable ProductsCAT5EYLETLCat5E 350 Mhz 24 Awg Solid 4Pr Utp, Tia/$99.48Details
1027883Structured Cable ProductsCAT6ACat6A Blue$289.26Details
1036160Structured Cable ProductsCAT6BKCat 6 Pvc Black 1K Box$150.50Details
517160Structured Cable ProductsCAT6BL23Awg 4Pr Soc Cat6 550 Mhz Pvc 1K Blue$158.89Details
289118Structured Cable ProductsCAT6DBCat6E Db 550Mhz 23Awg Utp Gel 1Kft Reel$298.36Details
991002Structured Cable ProductsCAT6ESHBLCat6 Enhanced 550 Mhz Verified To Ansi/T$257.54Details
517163Structured Cable ProductsCAT6GNCat6 Cable Green$150.50Details
974666Structured Cable ProductsCAT6GYCat6 Cable Gray$150.50Details
945829Structured Cable ProductsCAT6JACKBLCat6 Jack Blue$4.43Details
951970Structured Cable ProductsCAT6JACKIVCat6 Insert Jack Ivory$4.43Details
1020607Structured Cable ProductsCAT6JACKWTCat 6 Insert-White$5.31Details
992832Structured Cable ProductsCAT6ORCat 6 Pvc Orange 1K Box$143.29Details
873006Structured Cable ProductsCAT6PBKCat6 Plenum Black 1000 Ft$375.48Details
517167Structured Cable ProductsCAT6PBLCat6 Plenum Blue 1000Ft Box$348.37Details
1070469Structured Cable ProductsCAT6PGNCat6 Plenum Green$331.68Details
723636Structured Cable ProductsCAT6PGYCat6 Plenum- Enhanced 550 Mhz 23 Awg Sol$348.37Details
1042259Structured Cable ProductsCAT6PPRCat6 Plenum Purple 1000Ft Box$331.68Details
977018Structured Cable ProductsCAT6PUCat 6 Pvc Purple 1K Box 23/4Pr$276.21Details
517169Structured Cable ProductsCAT6PWTCat6 Plenum White 1000Ft Box$348.37Details
517170Structured Cable ProductsCAT6PYLCat6E Plenum- 550 Mhz 23 Awg Utp$348.37Details
930010Structured Cable ProductsCAT6RD23Awg 4Pr Soc Cat6 550 Mhz Pvc 1K Red$143.29Details
693614Structured Cable ProductsCAT6SBLCat6 Siamese- 2X Enhanced 550 Mhz 23 Awg$403.35Details
693615Structured Cable ProductsCAT6SHBLCat6 23/4Pr Shielded Pvc Blue 1000Ft Box$281.99Details
736073Structured Cable ProductsCAT6SHDBCat 6 Shielded Direct Burial Black$362.03Details
1015989Structured Cable ProductsCAT6SHGY23G 4Pr Cat6 Shld Gry Pvc Reel$267.92Details
910081Structured Cable ProductsCAT6SHWHCat6 Shielded White 1000Ft$281.99Details
517171Structured Cable ProductsCAT6WTPvc Cat6 1Kft Pull-Box, White$150.50Details
517146Structured Cable ProductsCAT6YL23Awg 4Pr Soc Cat6 550 Mhz Pvc 1K Yellow$152.22Details
748814Structured Cable ProductsCAT7ALSZHBLCategory 7A S/Ftp- 10Gbase-T 1500 Mhz 23$518.49Details
693617Structured Cable ProductsCAT7BLCategory 7-10Gbase-T 1000 Mhz 23 Awg Sol$522.34Details
848624Structured Cable ProductsCREST1LSZH33 Data = 2Steep\22 Awg Bc Stranded Shie$305.34Details
693618Structured Cable ProductsCT1111In Cable Ties, White 1000 PackCall for Price.Details
1015757Structured Cable ProductsCT1515In Cable Ties, Natural (Pk 1000)$77.78Details
1004087Structured Cable ProductsCT88In Cable Ties, Natural (Pk 1000)$0.60Details
980916Structured Cable ProductsDVDOAIR60Ghz Wireless Hdmi Connection System$432.95Details
1006075Structured Cable ProductsEZCAPEz-Cap Pre Wire Installation Kit$8.33Details
1014826Structured Cable ProductsEZTOOLPROEz-Tool Professional Heavy Duty$119.27Details
1013616Structured Cable ProductsHCC18Low Voltage Enclosure - 18Ftpanel With H$74.55Details
1016323Structured Cable ProductsHCC2828 Inch Can W/ Hinged Cover And Lock$87.98Details
814374Structured Cable ProductsHNC104X Cat5E 350 Mhz 24 Awg Utp (Bundled)- B$346.61Details
919145Structured Cable ProductsHNC114X Cat6 550 Mhz 23 Awg Utp- (Bundled)- B$398.36Details
1017157Structured Cable ProductsHNC122X Cat6 23 Awg Utp + 2X Rg6/U Quad Shiel$598.36Details
915324Structured Cable ProductsHNC183X Cat6 23 Awg Utp + 1X Rg6/U Quad Shiel$341.69Details
517142Structured Cable ProductsHNC1BL1X Cat5E 24 Awg Utp + 1X Rg6/U Quad$148.68Details
289123Structured Cable ProductsHNC2Bluehose, 2-Cat5E And 2-Rg6Q$295.68Details
693625Structured Cable ProductsHNC4Cat5E &Amp; 16/4 Combo Cable 500$278.36Details
517143Structured Cable ProductsHNC4PURCat5E + 16/4C Stranded Siamese Pvc 500Ft$278.36Details
1055313Structured Cable ProductsHNC4WH1X Cat5E 24 Awg Utp + 1X 4C/16 Awg 65 St$278.36Details
253586Structured Cable ProductsHNC82 Rg6Quad/Cat6 Bundled$406.16Details
693628Structured Cable ProductsHNCPROPLUSSHPKHncproplusfor Cat6-Shielded - Hdbaset$297.45Details
943041Structured Cable ProductsHS22 Port Hdmi Switcher$120.95Details
1074563Structured Cable ProductsILS200In-Line Surge Protector$35.71Details
1037884Structured Cable ProductsLUTRONWTLutron White-Homeworks4C/18 Awg Per 1000$458.45Details
1013854Structured Cable ProductsRG11U14Ccs 60Pct Catv 1Kft Reel$202.76Details
986423Structured Cable ProductsRG59U95BKRg59 95Pct Copper Black 1000Ft Box$158.26Details
1004435Structured Cable ProductsRG59U95BK500Rg59 500Ft Box, Black$80.00Details
1021034Structured Cable ProductsRG59U95PRg59 95Pct Plenum 1000Ft Spool$413.13Details
1058099Structured Cable ProductsRG59U95WTRg59 Pvc 95Pct Shield - 1K Bx - White$156.39Details
973920Structured Cable ProductsRG59USCCABKRg59/18-2C Siamese Combo 1Kft Spl, Black$246.27Details
517164Structured Cable ProductsRG59USCCABK5Rg59/18-2C Siamese Combo 500Ft Spl, Blk$124.00Details
517194Structured Cable ProductsRG59USCCABK5RIBRg59/18-2C Siamese Combo 500Ft Rib, Blk$124.00Details
1020749Structured Cable ProductsRG59USCCABKNONULRg59/18-2C Siamese Non-Ul 1000Ft, Blk$183.27Details
980214Structured Cable ProductsRG59USCCABKRIBRg59/18-2C Siamese Combo 500Ft Rib, Blk$232.90Details
969087Structured Cable ProductsRG59USCCAWTRg59/18-2C Siamese Combo 1Kft Spl, White$246.27Details
949629Structured Cable ProductsRG59USCCAWT5Rg59/18-2C Siamese Combo 500Ft Spl, Wht$124.00Details
517200Structured Cable ProductsRG59USCCAWT5BOXRg59/18-2C Siamese Combo 500Ft Bx, White$124.00Details
1048130Structured Cable ProductsRG59USCCAWT5NONULRg59/18-2C Siamese Non-Ul 500Ft Spl, Wht$91.63Details
994914Structured Cable ProductsRG59USCCAWT5RIBRg59/18-2C Siamese Combo 500Ft Reelinbox$124.00Details
1061955Structured Cable ProductsRG59USCCAWTNONULRg59/18-2C Siamese Non-Ul 1Kft Spl, Wht$183.27Details
980697Structured Cable ProductsRG59USDBRg59U + 18/2 Siamese Db 1000'$421.58Details
1061560Structured Cable ProductsRG59USPPlenum Rg59 With 18/2 1000Ft Wht$594.89Details
838772Structured Cable ProductsRG6U95BK1,000 Ft Box Rg6/U Cctv Coax 18 Awg Bc 9$240.27Details
998009Structured Cable ProductsRG6UBCMES500Rg 6 W/Messenger 500Ft Bx$63.95Details
970534Structured Cable ProductsRG6UCCSBKSPLRg6 18Ccs Foil 60Pctal Black 1000Ft Spoo$77.48Details
1036613Structured Cable ProductsRG6UCCSWHTRg6 1Kft Box, White$77.48Details
997294Structured Cable ProductsRG6UPRg 6 Catvp 60% Plenum 1000Ft Reel White$449.20Details
517176Structured Cable ProductsRG6UQCCSBK5Rg6 Quad Shield 500Ft- Black$54.51Details
1011801Structured Cable ProductsRG6UQCCSWTRg6 Quad Shield White 1K Box$103.59Details
929705Structured Cable ProductsRG6UQCCSWT5Rg6 Quad Shield 500Ft- White$54.51Details
1004823Structured Cable ProductsRG6UQCCSWTSPLRg6 Quad Shield White 1K Reel$103.59Details
807851Structured Cable ProductsRG6UQDBCCSRg6/U Quad Shield Db, 1Kft Spool Black$209.99Details
1048412Structured Cable ProductsRG6UQPSPLRg6 Quad Shield Plenum$560.01Details
977269Structured Cable ProductsRG6USCCABKRIBRg6 60Pctal Siamese 500Ft Rib$94.14Details
224537Structured Cable ProductsRGB55Cond/Mini Rg59/U 25 Ga Solid Bare Coppe$276.78Details
1040385Structured Cable ProductsTM88 Way Telecom Module - Rj45$23.99Details