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Tane Alarm Products

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
254038Tane Alarm Products22BRTANE ROLLER BALL STUBBY BROWN$3.46Details
265251Tane Alarm Products22TCBRTANE BROWN ROLLERBALL TERMINAL$3.80Details
254039Tane Alarm Products22TCWHTANE ROLLER BALL W/ TERM-WHITE$3.80Details
265252Tane Alarm Products22WHROLLER BALL STUBBY$3.46Details
226382Tane Alarm Products34BTCBR¾” TERMINAL CONNECT OPEN LOOP$7.81Details
226383Tane Alarm Products34TCBRTANE 34TC 3/4" TERMINAL BROWN$4.48Details
516831Tane Alarm Products34TCDMWH¾” contact w/donut mag$4.36Details
289592Tane Alarm Products34TCWHTANE 3/4" W/TERMINALS - WHITE$4.48Details
289593Tane Alarm Products38ASHBTANE 3/8 PLUNGER CONTACT - BROWN$3.12Details
289594Tane Alarm Products38ASHWHTANE 3/8 PLUNGER SWITCH - WHITE$3.12Details
254040Tane Alarm Products38X34MAGNETMAGNET 3/8" X 3/4" BARE$3.80Details
904905Tane Alarm Products45GYMINI SURFACE 1/4 GRAY$3.12Details
265254Tane Alarm Products45WHMINI Surface mount 1/4 x 1" WHITE$2.82Details
226384Tane Alarm Products50AD506+$1.86Details
265255Tane Alarm Products50BRTANE SURFACE CONTACT W/ COVER$3.69Details
226385Tane Alarm Products50WHTANE TANE50WHT CLOSED LOOP$3.34Details
254042Tane Alarm Products54MAGNETMAGNET 1/4" X .54" BARE MAGNE$1.52Details
226386Tane Alarm Products55BRSurface Mnt with center wire (1085 type$3.04Details
254043Tane Alarm Products55WHS/M 2 SCREW MNT 18 LEAD - WH$3.04Details
254044Tane Alarm Products60QCBRTANE SRFC MNT QUICK CONNECT W/$3.30Details
265256Tane Alarm Products60QCGYTANE SRFC MNT QUICK CONNECT W/$3.69Details
226387Tane Alarm Products60QCMAGBRSurface Mount Contacts brown$2.20Details
289596Tane Alarm Products60QCMAGWH60-QCMAGNET ONLY$2.36Details
516832Tane Alarm Products60QCNTWHTAN-60QCWH with no break off tabs$3.06Details
254045Tane Alarm Products60QCWHSurf Mnt Qck Cnct Terml, w/Flng Cont&Mag$3.30Details
753983Tane Alarm Products60QCWSPKITTANE 60QCWSP KIT CONTAINING$197.04Details
254046Tane Alarm Products61BQCBRSURFACE MOUNT CONTACT, FORM B, OPEN LOOP$6.17Details
884087Tane Alarm Products61BQCWHTANE QUICK CONNECT SURFACE$5.98Details
226390Tane Alarm Products79MAGNETMAGNET 1/4" X .79" BARE MAGNE$1.98Details
289597Tane Alarm ProductsB14X114TANE B1/4 X 1-1/4 BARE MAGNET$1.32Details
254048Tane Alarm ProductsB14X79TANE 14 X 0.79 MAGNET$1.88Details
289598Tane Alarm ProductsB38X112TANE B3/8 X 1-1/2 BARE MAGNET$1.84Details
289599Tane Alarm ProductsB38X34TANE B3/8X3/4 BARE MAGNET$3.98Details
226391Tane Alarm ProductsBA141TANE BARE ALNICO 1/4 X 1$0.94Details
226392Tane Alarm ProductsBA14114TANE BARE ALNICO 1/4 X 1 1/4$1.32Details
254049Tane Alarm ProductsBA1454TANE 1/4 X 5/4 BARE MAGNET$0.60Details
289600Tane Alarm ProductsBA14916TANE BARE ALNICO 1/4 X 9/16$1.46Details
694271Tane Alarm ProductsBCONNBLSITANE BLUE SILICONE B per 1000$Call for Price.Details
694272Tane Alarm ProductsBCONNECTORB CONNECTOR - Crimpable ( Box 1000 )$59.28Details
226396Tane Alarm ProductsBF600TANE DONUT MAG 1.3MM 1/2"$2.82Details
254051Tane Alarm ProductsBH3812CSBell Hanger Bit 3/8”x12”$10.68Details
289604Tane Alarm ProductsBH3824CSBell Hanger Bit 3/8”x24”$11.73Details
254053Tane Alarm ProductsBT14114TANE BARE RARE EARTH 1/4 X$1.82Details
226398Tane Alarm ProductsBT1414181/4 X 1/4 X 3/32 bare magnet$1.50Details
265259Tane Alarm ProductsBT1454TANE BARE RARE EARTH 1/4 X .54$1.30Details
736905Tane Alarm ProductsBT1479**EOL**RARE EARTH 1/4 X .79$1.80Details
765537Tane Alarm ProductsBT14X14B T ¼ x ¼ Magnet$1.20Details
289606Tane Alarm ProductsBT14X54BARE MAGNET 1/4 X .54$1.08Details
254054Tane Alarm ProductsBT14X79TANE BARE RARE EARTH 1/4 X .79 MAGNET$2.02Details
226399Tane Alarm ProductsBT18X14TANE 1/8X1/4 MAGNET$1.56Details
874946Tane Alarm ProductsBT18X14X1ADHTANE 1/8 X 1/4 X 1" MAG W/$2.22Details
289607Tane Alarm ProductsBT316X118.185"x 1.12" Magnet$1.32Details
226402Tane Alarm ProductsBT3814TANE BARE RARE EARTH 3/8 X 1/4$1.84Details
265260Tane Alarm ProductsBT3834TANE 3/8 X 3/4 IN MAG ONLY$3.85Details
289608Tane Alarm ProductsBT38DMTANE DONUT MAG 3/8 BY 1/8$1.84Details
265261Tane Alarm ProductsBT38X14BARE RARE EARTH 3/8 X 1/4$1.84Details
226403Tane Alarm ProductsBT38X18DMTANE BARE RARE EARTH 3/8 X 1/8$1.44Details
254055Tane Alarm ProductsBT38X343/8" X 3/4" MAGNET ONLY, WHITE$4.01Details
265263Tane Alarm ProductsD38X34NDTANE D38X34ND 3/8" X 3/4"$2.52Details
226405Tane Alarm ProductsEZDUCTITMINIEZ-DUCT-IT SELF ADHESIVE RACEWAY OFF$Call for Price.Details
289610Tane Alarm ProductsFB1424CMFlex Bit 1/4”x24”$13.65Details
265265Tane Alarm ProductsFB3824CMFlex Bit 3/8”x24”$14.55Details
265266Tane Alarm ProductsFLASHLIGHTLEDFLASH LIGHT W/LED$12.41Details
265267Tane Alarm ProductsFM102BRS/M w/S-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - WG - BR$2.26Details
265268Tane Alarm ProductsFM102BR138FLANGE MOUNT W/ SIDE LEADS W/138'' lead$68.98Details
694273Tane Alarm ProductsFM102HSWHFLG MT SIDE LDS,$8.64Details
893988Tane Alarm ProductsFM102MAGWHINVALID PART # - USE: TAN-FMMAGWH$Call for Price.Details
694274Tane Alarm ProductsFM102TNFlange Mount/Center Lead/Open Loop/Tan$4.32Details
254059Tane Alarm ProductsFM102WHS/M w/S-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - WG - WH$2.26Details
226408Tane Alarm ProductsFM103WHTANE FM103W SWITCH & MAGNET$8.17Details
289611Tane Alarm ProductsFM104WTANE N/O AND N/C 1 IN SURFACE$6.17Details
226409Tane Alarm ProductsFM106BRS/M w/C-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - WG - BR$2.26Details
694275Tane Alarm ProductsFM106HSWHFLNGE MT CTR LD$8.64Details
289613Tane Alarm ProductsFM106SWWHTTANE FM106 SWITCH ONLY - WHITE$1.40Details
254060Tane Alarm ProductsFM106TNTANE SURFACE MOUNT W/LEADS TAN$2.26Details
289614Tane Alarm ProductsFM106WHS/M w/C-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - WG - WH$2.02Details
226411Tane Alarm ProductsFM106WHW15FTZIPFM-106 WH W 15FT ZIP$8.86Details
289615Tane Alarm ProductsFM106WHW8FTZIPFM-106 WH W 8FT ZIP$5.69Details
912287Tane Alarm ProductsFM106WSPKITTANE FM106WSP KIT CONTAINING$131.94Details
790439Tane Alarm ProductsFM107BBRFlange Mount, Open Loop, Center Leads$4.32Details
254061Tane Alarm ProductsFM107BWHTANE OPEN LOOP CENTER - WHITE$4.43Details
254062Tane Alarm ProductsFMMAGBTANE FMMAG BROWN FLANGE MOUNT$1.46Details
289616Tane Alarm ProductsFMMAGBRBROWN MAGNET$1.30Details
226412Tane Alarm ProductsFMMAGTNTANE SURFACE MOUNT MAG ONLY$1.46Details
265269Tane Alarm ProductsFMMAGWHTANE FMMAG WHITE FLANGE MOUNT$1.46Details
254063Tane Alarm ProductsGP23BRSURFACE MOUNT BROWN HIDDEN$2.82Details
694276Tane Alarm ProductsGP23HSWHSMT HIDDEN SCRW$8.73Details
226413Tane Alarm ProductsGP23TNHIDDEN SCREW CONTACT 1" GAP TAN$2.96Details
289617Tane Alarm ProductsGP23WHSURFACE MOUNT WHITE HIDDEN$2.82Details
826099Tane Alarm ProductsHANDFEETANE FREE INDIVIDUAL BAGGING$366.38Details
265271Tane Alarm ProductsHS30BRNTANE SURFACE MOUNT CONTACT BRN$2.28Details
254065Tane Alarm ProductsLMAGWHMAGNET ONLY WHITE TANE MET200 ALUM 2 INC$1.66Details
783674Tane Alarm ProductsMA350***EOL****$84.92Details
265273Tane Alarm ProductsMET200TANE ALUM 2" SURFACE MNT$10.30Details
254067Tane Alarm ProductsMET20036ALUMN 2" SRFC MNT W/36" LD$17.37Details
226416Tane Alarm ProductsMET200AR36WIDE GAP 11/4 W/36" ARMRD LEAD$19.49Details
694279Tane Alarm ProductsMET200HSARMETAL SMT$27.86Details
844881Tane Alarm ProductsMET202CMetal Surface Mt SPDT w/12 wire leads$14.92Details
265274Tane Alarm ProductsMET4436WHTANE CLOSED LOOP, 36" LEADS,$20.82Details
694280Tane Alarm ProductsMET44MAGBRACKETMagnet Door contact/bracket$15.36Details
265275Tane Alarm ProductsMET44WG18Over-Head Door Contact$16.88Details
876211Tane Alarm ProductsMET44WG36metal overhead door contact w/36” armour$21.77Details
226418Tane Alarm ProductsMET4518OVERHEAD DOOR CONTACT OPEN LOOP$19.74Details
516835Tane Alarm ProductsMET45WG18OPEN LOOP MTL OVERHEAD W/18"$19.88Details
265276Tane Alarm ProductsMET4618OPEN LOOP OVER HEAD DOOR CONTACT$21.90Details
694281Tane Alarm ProductsMETCDSCurtain Door Contact$29.46Details
265277Tane Alarm ProductsMICROBR1/2" x 1/4" Mini surface mount - BROWN$3.70Details
289619Tane Alarm ProductsMICROMAGWHMAGNET FOR TANE MICRO$1.74Details
289620Tane Alarm ProductsMICROSWMICRO SWITCH ONLY WHITE$2.30Details
226419Tane Alarm ProductsMICROTAN1/2" x 1/4" Mini surface mount - TAN$2.52Details
289621Tane Alarm ProductsMICROWH1/2" x 1/4" Mini surface mount - WHITE$3.46Details
289622Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10BRTANE MINI10 BROWN RECESSED$3.42Details
226420Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10DMBRNTANE MINI 3/8 WITH DONUT MAG$3.20Details
226421Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10DMWHTANE PRESS FIT 3/8" CC CONTACT$3.42Details
289623Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10MAGWHTANE MINI10WHT MAG IN SLEEVE$2.26Details
289624Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10SWWHSWITCH ONLY FOR MINI10WH$2.34Details
226422Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10W79WHT3/8 X 9/16 RECESSED W/1/4 X .$2.40Details
265278Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10WGBRNRCSD CNCT W/ RARE ERTH MGNT 3/8X3/4 BRN$2.94Details
265279Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10WH3/8 x 5/8 recessed contct with magnet WH$3.32Details
265280Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10WH14X114MAGTANE MINI W/ 1 1/4" MAGONTACTS$2.00Details
265281Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10WTAP10MAGTANE MINI CONTACT W/TAP 10 LON$2.90Details
226423Tane Alarm ProductsMINI15BRMINI15 BROWN RECESSED$2.66Details
819995Tane Alarm ProductsMINI15BRNOPENTANE OPEN LOOP - BROWN$2.86Details
226424Tane Alarm ProductsMINI15WH1/4 Mini Recess Contact WH w/1/4x.54$2.80Details
265283Tane Alarm ProductsMINIDISCWHTANE MINIDISCWHT 5/8" CONTACTS$3.76Details
226425Tane Alarm ProductsPB52BTANE PB52 PUSH BUTTON REED$4.25Details
289627Tane Alarm ProductsPB52TCBRTANE PLUNGER SWITCH, BROWN$4.36Details
226426Tane Alarm ProductsPB52TCWHTANE PB52TCW CONTACT/ CC-PG/$4.25Details
842083Tane Alarm ProductsPB52WHTANE PB52 PUSH BUTTON REED$4.25Details
776239Tane Alarm ProductsPILLBRS/M "Pill Shape" Contact w/ 18" BR$4.00Details
226428Tane Alarm ProductsPILLMGBRMAGNET ONLY FOR TANE PILL-BROWN$2.24Details
226429Tane Alarm ProductsPILLMGTNTane Pill Mag tan$2.12Details
254073Tane Alarm ProductsPILLMGWHTANE PILL MAGNET ONLY$1.96Details
860846Tane Alarm ProductsPILLSLBRSurface Mount "Pill Shaped" BROWN$3.36Details
254074Tane Alarm ProductsPILLSLTNSurface Mount "Pill Shaped" w/Adhesive$3.38Details
289629Tane Alarm ProductsPILLSLWHSurface Mount "Pill Shaped" WHITE$3.36Details
254075Tane Alarm ProductsPILLTCBRSRFC MNT TERM CONNECT BRWN$3.90Details
254076Tane Alarm ProductsPILLTCTANSRFC MOUNT TERM CONNECT tan$3.90Details
226431Tane Alarm ProductsPILLTNS/M "Pill Shape" Contact w/ 18" C- Lead$3.62Details
265285Tane Alarm ProductsPILLWHS/M "Pill Shape" Contact w/ 18" C-Lead$3.64Details
254077Tane Alarm ProductsPP1Tamper resistant panic switch for fire a$100.13Details
265288Tane Alarm ProductsPPD11WHTANE PPD-11W PUSH PULL DISC$1.88Details
254078Tane Alarm ProductsRB32TANE RB32 ROLLERBALL RECESSED$4.41Details
289630Tane Alarm ProductsRB32BRTANE RB32 ROLLERBALL RECESSED$4.25Details
289631Tane Alarm ProductsRB32WHROLLERBALL CONTACT - WH BG10$4.25Details
289632Tane Alarm ProductsRB33WHROLLER BALL 3/4" DIAMETER, OPEN LOOP, W$7.52Details
825330Tane Alarm ProductsRB34WHROLLER BALL 3/4" DIAMETER, SPDT WHITE$8.50Details
715025Tane Alarm ProductsRFM25BRTANE RFM25 BROWN 1/4" PRESS TO$2.18Details
265289Tane Alarm ProductsRFM25WHTANE RFM25 WHITE 1/4" PRESS TO$2.36Details
226433Tane Alarm ProductsSAFETYFLASH20AMBERsafety flasher with 4 flash options AMBE$76.23Details
289633Tane Alarm ProductsSAFETYFLASH20BLUEsafety flasher with 4 flash options BLU$76.23Details
289634Tane Alarm ProductsSAFETYFLASH20REDsafety flasher 4 flash options RED$76.23Details
226435Tane Alarm ProductsSD2BR2 TERMINAL SURFACE SHOCK SENSOR$27.15Details
289637Tane Alarm ProductsSD3WH4 terminal surface shock sensor, WHITE$30.94Details
265291Tane Alarm ProductsSD4WHSHOCK SENSOR AND REED$30.70Details
226436Tane Alarm ProductsSD70BRRcs'd Steel Door Contact - 3/4" - WG- BR$4.21Details
289638Tane Alarm ProductsSD70MAGWHTANE 3/4" STEEL DOOR MAG ONLY$2.82Details
265292Tane Alarm ProductsSD70PLUGWHTANE PRE-WIRE PLUG 3/4" GAP$0.60Details
254081Tane Alarm ProductsSD70SWWH3/4" RECESS CONTACT SWITCH ONLY WHITE$2.94Details
792470Tane Alarm ProductsSD70WGBR¾” RECESS CONTACT W/ 3/8” X ¾” BARE MAGN$5.87Details
265293Tane Alarm ProductsSD70WHRcs'd Steel Door Contact - 3/4" - WG- WH$4.21Details
254082Tane Alarm ProductsSD70WHMINI10MAG¾ diameter contact and Magnet$4.68Details
265295Tane Alarm ProductsSD71BWHFORM B OPEN LOOP 3/4 RECESSED STEEL DOOR$7.20Details
226437Tane Alarm ProductsSD72BR3/4 X 1/8'' STEEL DOOR CONTACT AND MAGNE$8.26Details
331717Tane Alarm ProductsSD72CWH¾” Recessed SPDT$8.82Details
289640Tane Alarm ProductsSD74CWH1 INCH DPDT RECESSED CONTACT$13.12Details
254084Tane Alarm ProductsSD75BRDUAL READ SPST CLOSE LOOP SWITCH$8.53Details
254085Tane Alarm ProductsSD80BRRcs'd Steel Door Contact - 1" - WG - BR$4.48Details
694284Tane Alarm ProductsSD80MAGWH1'' STEEL DOOR RESIST.MAG.WHITE COLOR.$2.96Details
265296Tane Alarm ProductsSD80WHRcs'd Steel Door Contact - 1" - WG - WH$4.48Details
694285Tane Alarm ProductsSD82CWH1INCH STEEL DOOR CONTACT SPDT RECESSED$8.53Details
265297Tane Alarm ProductsSD84CWHWG 3/8" x 3/4" Magnet$16.24Details
254086Tane Alarm ProductsSIR20212VDC, 2TONE, 15 WATT SIREN$9.59Details
289641Tane Alarm ProductsSIR5FL12V DC FLSH MNT DUAL TONE SIREN$8.62Details
694286Tane Alarm ProductsSM20HSWHSMT WGAP W/lead,$12.54Details
265299Tane Alarm ProductsSM20MAGBRMAGNET ONLY-BROWN$4.10Details
806368Tane Alarm ProductsSM20WGWHTANE CLOSED LOOP, 2 1/2" GAP,$6.93Details
226441Tane Alarm ProductsSM21WGWHCLSD LP,3" GAP,C.SF MNT,WHITE$9.24Details
694287Tane Alarm ProductsSM353TSWWHswitch only with 3 terminals$2.66Details
289642Tane Alarm ProductsSM35BBRSURFACE MOUNT OPEN LOOP$5.29Details
289643Tane Alarm ProductsSM35BGYSURFACE MOUNT OPEN LOOP$5.02Details
289644Tane Alarm ProductsSM35BRS/M w/TC + Cvr/Spcr - BR$2.96Details
265301Tane Alarm ProductsSM35BWHSURFACE MOUNT OPEN LOOP white$5.29Details
516826Tane Alarm ProductsSM35CGYC FORM SWITCH SPDT GRAY$5.49Details
516837Tane Alarm ProductsSM35CWHC FORM SWITCH SPDT$Call for Price.Details
289646Tane Alarm ProductsSM35GRS/M w/TC + Cvr/Spcr - GR$2.96Details
694288Tane Alarm ProductsSM35HSWHSMT CONTACT$8.51Details
289647Tane Alarm ProductsSM35MAGDISC USE CORRECT PART # TAN-LMAGWH$1.66Details
265302Tane Alarm ProductsSM35MAGBRmag only for SM-35$2.66Details
226442Tane Alarm ProductsSM35WGBRS/M w/TC + Cvr/Spcr - WG - BR$4.75Details
265303Tane Alarm ProductsSM35WGWHS/M w/TC + Cvr/Spcr - WG - WH$4.32Details
289648Tane Alarm ProductsSM35WHS/M w/TC + Cvr/Spcr - WH$2.96Details
737929Tane Alarm ProductsSPADES12TANE 1/2" X 6" PADDLE BIT$4.39Details
823203Tane Alarm ProductsSPADES14TANE 1/4" X 6" PADDLE BIT$3.06Details
289652Tane Alarm ProductsSPK2025" round horn speaker$10.68Details
265307Tane Alarm ProductsSPK5FLFLUSH MOUNT SPEAKER$9.24Details
289654Tane Alarm ProductsSS40BR3/8 BY 1/25 CONTACT RECTANGULAR$2.72Details
694291Tane Alarm ProductsSS40HSWHSELF ADH SSTICK$8.87Details
289655Tane Alarm ProductsSS40WHS/M ADH 1.4 18 S LEAD - WH$2.40Details
694292Tane Alarm ProductsSS42CWHTself adhesive super stick - Surface moun$7.58Details
289656Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10BR3/8" Rcs'd Stubby w/Lead - BR$2.54Details
289657Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10DMWH3/8" Rcs'd Stubby w/Lead - RE Mag - WH$2.80Details
254090Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10MAGWH3/8" X 3/4" MAGNET ONLY- EACH - WH$1.46Details
289660Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10PLUGBR3/8" pre wire plug in brown$0.28Details
254091Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10PLUGWHTANE WHITE PRE-WIRE PLUGS$0.28Details
773375Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10SWBR3/8x3/4 Stubby Recess Switch$1.52Details
226446Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10SWWHTANE SWITCH ONLY$1.54Details
254092Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10W79BR3/8-3/4 RECESSED CONTACT$2.50Details
289661Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10W79WHT3/8" PRESSFIT W/.79X1/4 BM,WH$3.74Details
694293Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WGBAREBRSTB-10WG BARE BR (w/3/8 x ¾ BARE RE MAG)$4.90Details
694294Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WGBAREWHSTB-10WG BARE WH (w/3/8 x ¾ BARE RE MAG$4.90Details
254093Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WGBR3/8" Rcs'd Stubby w/Lead - WG - BR$2.74Details
289662Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WGWH3/8" Rcs'd Stubby w/Lead - WG - WH$2.74Details
254094Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WH3/8" Rcs'd Stubby w/Lead - WH$2.50Details
718210Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WH6FTZIPSTB10 W/ 6' LEAD$3.94Details
824152Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WH8FTZIPSTB10 W/ 8' LEAD$3.94Details
289663Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHDM8FTZIP3/8 x 3/4 STUBBY RECESSED CONTACT$3.92Details
838307Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHFLATTANE STB10 WHT W/FLAT MAG$2.88Details
289664Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHMINI10MAGSTUBBY 10 RECESS SWITCH WITH A MINI 10 M$2.68Details
289666Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHW54W15FTZIPSTB-10 W 15FT LEADS ¼ X .54” RE MAG$9.36Details
226449Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHW54W8FTZIPSTB-10 W 8FT LEADS ¼ X .54” RE MAG$6.91Details
226450Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHW79TANE STB10BM1/4X.79 WHITE$3.56Details
265310Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHWMINIMAGSTB10WH W/ MINIMAG$3.76Details
289667Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WMAGWHTANE STB-10WMAG MAGNET 3/8" X$1.46Details
862481Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WSPKITTANE STB10WSP KIT CONTAINING$106.72Details
289668Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WSWICHONLYTANE STB10 SWITCH ONLY - WHITE$1.50Details
331715Tane Alarm ProductsSTB11BBR3/8 X 3/4 STUBBY RECESS FORM B OPEN LOOP$4.21Details
289669Tane Alarm ProductsSTB11BWHTANE NORMALLY OPEN 3/8" CNTACT$4.54Details
331714Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38BTCWH3/8 X ¾ recessed contact , WITH/ MINI-1$5.87Details
265312Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCBR3/8" Rcs'd Stubby w/TC - BR$3.42Details
265314Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCDMWHRECESS TERM STUB CONN includes a DOUGHNU$3.92Details
226452Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCSWWH3/8 RECESSED STUBBY,SWTCH ONLY$2.54Details
226453Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCW54WHT3/8" PRESSFIT TERM W/.54 BM,W$3.42Details
226454Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCW79TANE 3/8" w/RARE EARTH CONT.$3.90Details
265315Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCW79BRN3/8" PRESSFIT TERM W/.79 BM,B$3.60Details
289670Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWGBTANE BROWN 3/8 RECESSED$3.92Details
837480Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWGBR3/8” Recessed Terminal Connect Wide Gap$3.62Details
289671Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWGWTANE 3/8" RECESSED TERMINAL QU$3.92Details
742019Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWGWH3/8" Rcs'd Stubby w/TC - WG - WH$3.66Details
254096Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWH3/8" Rcs'd Stubby w/TC - WH$3.42Details
289672Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWH54TANE TERMINAL 38 STUBBY W/BARE$3.48Details
265316Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWHSW3/8" terminal connect press fit contact,$2.98Details
226455Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWSWTCHONLYTANE STB38TCWSWTCHONLY 3/8"$2.56Details
331713Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBEFMBLUETANE FLANGE MOUNT STROBE/12V - BLUE$22.62Details
296187Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBEFMREDTANE FLANGE MOUNT STROBE - RED$22.62Details