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Tane Alarm Products

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
254038Tane Alarm Products22BRTane Roller Ball Stubby Brown$3.04Details
265251Tane Alarm Products22TCBRTane Brown Rollerball Terminal$3.34Details
254039Tane Alarm Products22TCWHTane Roller Ball W/ Term-White$3.34Details
265252Tane Alarm Products22WHRoller Ball Stubby$3.04Details
226382Tane Alarm Products34BTCBR¾” Terminal Connect Open Loop$7.04Details
694270Tane Alarm Products34SPADETane Spades 3/4"X 6" Drill Bit$2.86Details
226383Tane Alarm Products34TCBRTane 34Tc 3/4" Terminal Brown$3.98Details
516831Tane Alarm Products34TCDMWH¾” Contact W/Donut Mag$4.14Details
289592Tane Alarm Products34TCWHTane 3/4" W/Terminals - White$3.98Details
289593Tane Alarm Products38ASHBTane 3/8 Plunger Contact - Brown$2.78Details
289594Tane Alarm Products38ASHWHTane 3/8 Plunger Switch - White$2.78Details
904905Tane Alarm Products45GYMini Surface 1/4 Gray$2.78Details
265254Tane Alarm Products45WHMini Surface Mount 1/4 X 1" White$2.52Details
226384Tane Alarm Products50AD506+$1.68Details
265255Tane Alarm Products50BRTane Surface Contact W/ Cover$3.20Details
226385Tane Alarm Products50WHTane Tane50Wht Closed Loop$3.20Details
254042Tane Alarm Products54MAGNETMagnet 1/4" X .54" Bare Magne$1.32Details
226386Tane Alarm Products55BRSurface Mnt With Center Wire (1085 Type$2.70Details
254043Tane Alarm Products55WHS/M 2 Screw Mnt 18 Lead - Wh$2.70Details
254044Tane Alarm Products60QCBRTane Srfc Mnt Quick Connect W/$2.90Details
265256Tane Alarm Products60QCGYTane Srfc Mnt Quick Connect W/$2.90Details
226387Tane Alarm Products60QCMAGBRSurface Mount Contacts Brown$2.08Details
289596Tane Alarm Products60QCMAGWH60-Qcmagnet Only$2.08Details
516832Tane Alarm Products60QCNTWHTan-60Qcwh With No Break Off Tabs$2.68Details
226388Tane Alarm Products60QCTNTerminal Connect Surface Mount Switch Wi$3.28Details
983387Tane Alarm Products60QCWGWHSurface Mount, Quick Connect, Wide Gap$4.16Details
254045Tane Alarm Products60QCWHSurf Mnt Qck Cnct Terml, W/Flng Cont&Amp;Mag$2.90Details
753983Tane Alarm Products60QCWSPKITTane 60Qcwsp Kit Containing$197.04Details
226389Tane Alarm Products60QCWSWITCHONLYTane 60Qcwswitchonly Surface$2.08Details
254046Tane Alarm Products61BQCBRSurface Mount Contact, Form B, Open Loop$5.56Details
884087Tane Alarm Products61BQCWHTane Quick Connect Surface$5.38Details
226390Tane Alarm Products79MAGNETMagnet 1/4" X .79" Bare Magne$1.82Details
289597Tane Alarm ProductsB14X114Tane B1/4 X 1-1/4 Bare Magnet$1.16Details
254048Tane Alarm ProductsB14X79Tane 14 X 0.79 Magnet$1.68Details
289598Tane Alarm ProductsB38X112Tane B3/8 X 1-1/2 Bare Magnet$2.52Details
289599Tane Alarm ProductsB38X34Tane B3/8X3/4 Bare Magnet$3.78Details
226391Tane Alarm ProductsBA141Tane Bare Alnico 1/4 X 1$0.82Details
226392Tane Alarm ProductsBA14114Tane Bare Alnico 1/4 X 1 1/4$1.16Details
254049Tane Alarm ProductsBA1454Tane 1/4 X 5/4 Bare Magnet$0.56Details
289600Tane Alarm ProductsBA14916Tane Bare Alnico 1/4 X 9/16$1.28Details
694271Tane Alarm ProductsBCONNBLSITane Blue Silicone B Per 1000$56.28Details
694272Tane Alarm ProductsBCONNECTORB Connector - Crimpable ( Box 1000 )$56.28Details
226396Tane Alarm ProductsBF600Tane Donut Mag 1.3Mm 1/2"$2.50Details
226397Tane Alarm ProductsBH1418CS1/4 By 18" Bellhanger Drill Bit$7.33Details
265258Tane Alarm ProductsBH1424CSBell Hanger Bit 1 1/2 X 24"$7.65Details
254051Tane Alarm ProductsBH3812CSBell Hanger Bit 3/8”X12”$9.65Details
254052Tane Alarm ProductsBH3818CS3/8 By 18" Bellhanger Drill Bit$8.10Details
289604Tane Alarm ProductsBH3824CSBell Hanger Bit 3/8”X24”$10.58Details
254053Tane Alarm ProductsBT14114Tane Bare Rare Earth 1/4 X$1.74Details
226398Tane Alarm ProductsBT1414181/4 X 1/4 X 3/32 Bare Magnet$1.30Details
736905Tane Alarm ProductsBT1479**Eol**Rare Earth 1/4 X .79$1.70Details
930512Tane Alarm ProductsBT14X11/4In X 1In Bare Magnet$1.38Details
765537Tane Alarm ProductsBT14X14B T ¼ X ¼ Magnet$1.20Details
289606Tane Alarm ProductsBT14X54Bare Magnet 1/4 X .54$1.00Details
254054Tane Alarm ProductsBT14X79Tane Bare Rare Earth 1/4 X .79 Magnet$1.82Details
226399Tane Alarm ProductsBT18X14Tane 1/8X1/4 Magnet$1.36Details
874946Tane Alarm ProductsBT18X14X1ADHTane 1/8 X 1/4 X 1" Mag W/$1.98Details
289607Tane Alarm ProductsBT316X118.185"X 1.12" Magnet$1.16Details
226402Tane Alarm ProductsBT3814Tane Bare Rare Earth 3/8 X 1/4$1.66Details
265261Tane Alarm ProductsBT38X14Bare Rare Earth 3/8 X 1/4$1.64Details
226403Tane Alarm ProductsBT38X18DMTane Bare Rare Earth 3/8 X 1/8$1.24Details
1010351Tane Alarm ProductsBT716X316X14Mag Only$0.62Details
265263Tane Alarm ProductsD38X34NDTane D38X34Nd 3/8" X 3/4"$2.20Details
226405Tane Alarm ProductsEZDUCTITMINIEz-Duct-It Self Adhesive Raceway Off$23.16Details
995906Tane Alarm ProductsEZDUCTITMINIBREz Duct Brown$25.08Details
289610Tane Alarm ProductsFB1424CMFlex Bit 1/4”X24”$12.29Details
265265Tane Alarm ProductsFB3824CMFlex Bit 3/8”X24”$13.12Details
265266Tane Alarm ProductsFLASHLIGHTLEDFlash Light W/Led$11.20Details
265267Tane Alarm ProductsFM102BRS/M W/S-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - Wg - Br$1.98Details
265268Tane Alarm ProductsFM102BR138Flange Mount W/ Side Leads W/138'' Lead$65.52Details
694273Tane Alarm ProductsFM102HSWHFlg Mt Side Lds,$8.19Details
694274Tane Alarm ProductsFM102TNFlange Mount/Center Lead/Open Loop/Tan$4.10Details
254059Tane Alarm ProductsFM102WHS/M W/S-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - Wg - Wh$1.98Details
226408Tane Alarm ProductsFM103WHTane Fm103W Switch &Amp; Magnet$7.38Details
289611Tane Alarm ProductsFM104WTane N/O And N/C 1 In Surface$5.60Details
226409Tane Alarm ProductsFM106BRS/M W/C-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - Wg - Br$1.98Details
694275Tane Alarm ProductsFM106HSWHFlnge Mt Ctr Ld$8.19Details
289613Tane Alarm ProductsFM106SWWHTTane Fm106 Switch Only - White$1.22Details
254060Tane Alarm ProductsFM106TNTane Surface Mount W/Leads Tan$1.98Details
289614Tane Alarm ProductsFM106WHS/M W/C-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - Wg - Wh$1.98Details
226411Tane Alarm ProductsFM106WHW15FTZIPFm-106 Wh W 15Ft Zip$7.99Details
289615Tane Alarm ProductsFM106WHW8FTZIPFm-106 Wh W 8Ft Zip$5.13Details
912287Tane Alarm ProductsFM106WSPKITTane Fm106Wsp Kit Containing$131.94Details
790439Tane Alarm ProductsFM107BBRFlange Mount, Open Loop, Center Leads$4.10Details
254061Tane Alarm ProductsFM107BWHTane Open Loop Center - White$3.92Details
289616Tane Alarm ProductsFMMAGBRBrown Magnet$1.12Details
226412Tane Alarm ProductsFMMAGTNTane Surface Mount Mag Only$1.28Details
265269Tane Alarm ProductsFMMAGWHTane Fmmag White Flange Mount$1.28Details
254063Tane Alarm ProductsGP23BRSurface Mount Brown Hidden$2.52Details
694276Tane Alarm ProductsGP23HSWHSmt Hidden Scrw$8.27Details
226413Tane Alarm ProductsGP23TNHidden Screw Contact 1" Gap Tan$2.64Details
289617Tane Alarm ProductsGP23WHSurface Mount White Hidden$2.52Details
826099Tane Alarm ProductsHANDFEETane Free Individual Bagging$347.95Details
265271Tane Alarm ProductsHS30BRNTane Surface Mount Contact Brn$2.00Details
254065Tane Alarm ProductsLMAGWHMagnet Only White Tane Met200 Alum 2 Inc$1.48Details
783674Tane Alarm ProductsMA350***Eol****$80.65Details
265273Tane Alarm ProductsMET200Tane Alum 2" Surface Mnt$11.19Details
254067Tane Alarm ProductsMET20036Alumn 2" Srfc Mnt W/36" Ld$16.49Details
289618Tane Alarm ProductsMET200ARTane Alum 2" Surface Arm Cable$11.19Details
226416Tane Alarm ProductsMET200AR36Wide Gap 11/4 W/36" Armrd Lead$17.61Details
1006335Tane Alarm ProductsMET200AR84Metal Surface Mount W/84$26.55Details
694279Tane Alarm ProductsMET200HSARMetal Smt$26.48Details
1066491Tane Alarm ProductsMET200MAGNETMetal Surface Mount Mag Only$5.67Details
844881Tane Alarm ProductsMET202CMetal Surface Mt Spdt W/12 Wire Leads$14.44Details
694280Tane Alarm ProductsMET44MAGBRACKETMagnet Door Contact/Bracket$14.59Details
265275Tane Alarm ProductsMET44WG18Over-Head Door Contact$15.21Details
876211Tane Alarm ProductsMET44WG36Metal Overhead Door Contact W/36” Armour$19.67Details
226418Tane Alarm ProductsMET4518Overhead Door Contact Open Loop$17.84Details
516835Tane Alarm ProductsMET45WG18Open Loop Mtl Overhead W/18"$18.89Details
265276Tane Alarm ProductsMET4618Open Loop Over Head Door Contact$19.79Details
694281Tane Alarm ProductsMETCDSCurtain Door Contact$27.99Details
265277Tane Alarm ProductsMICROBR1/2" X 1/4" Mini Surface Mount - Brown$3.34Details
289619Tane Alarm ProductsMICROMAGWHMagnet For Tane Micro$2.18Details
289620Tane Alarm ProductsMICROSWMicro Switch Only White$2.04Details
226419Tane Alarm ProductsMICROTAN1/2" X 1/4" Mini Surface Mount - Tan$2.22Details
289621Tane Alarm ProductsMICROWH1/2" X 1/4" Mini Surface Mount - White$3.34Details
289622Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10BRTane Mini10 Brown Recessed$3.02Details
966479Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10BRSWITCHSwitch Only For Mini10 Brown$2.24Details
226420Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10DMBRNTane Mini 3/8 With Donut Mag$3.04Details
226421Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10DMWHTane Press Fit 3/8" Cc Contact$3.02Details
289623Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10MAGWHTane Mini10Wht Mag In Sleeve$1.96Details
289624Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10SWWHSwitch Only For Mini10Wh$2.24Details
226422Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10W79WHT3/8 X 9/16 Recessed W/1/4 X .$2.10Details
265278Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10WGBRNRcsd Cnct W/ Rare Erth Mgnt 3/8X3/4 Brn$3.02Details
265279Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10WH3/8 X 5/8 Recessed Contct With Magnet Wh$2.94Details
265280Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10WH14X114MAGTane Mini W/ 1 1/4" Magontacts$1.78Details
1029082Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10WHDMRec Rare Earth White$2.38Details
265281Tane Alarm ProductsMINI10WTAP10MAGTane Mini Contact W/Tap 10 Lon$2.58Details
959289Tane Alarm ProductsMINI15*Eol* Tane Mini15 White Recessed$2.34Details
226423Tane Alarm ProductsMINI15BRMini15 Brown Recessed$2.36Details
819995Tane Alarm ProductsMINI15BRNOPENTane Open Loop - Brown$2.52Details
226424Tane Alarm ProductsMINI15WH1/4 Mini Recess Contact Wh W/1/4X.54$2.48Details
265283Tane Alarm ProductsMINIDISCWHTane Minidiscwht 5/8" Contacts$3.32Details
226425Tane Alarm ProductsPB52BTane Pb52 Push Button Reed$3.76Details
289627Tane Alarm ProductsPB52TCBRTane Plunger Switch, Brown$3.76Details
226426Tane Alarm ProductsPB52TCWHTane Pb52Tcw Contact/ Cc-Pg/$3.76Details
842083Tane Alarm ProductsPB52WHTane Pb52 Push Button Reed$3.76Details
776239Tane Alarm ProductsPILLBRS/M "Pill Shape" Contact W/ 18" Br$3.52Details
226428Tane Alarm ProductsPILLMGBRMagnet Only For Tane Pill-Brown$1.94Details
226429Tane Alarm ProductsPILLMGTNTane Pill Mag Tan$2.06Details
254073Tane Alarm ProductsPILLMGWHTane Pill Magnet Only$1.72Details
860846Tane Alarm ProductsPILLSLBRSurface Mount "Pill Shaped" Brown$2.94Details
254074Tane Alarm ProductsPILLSLTNSurface Mount "Pill Shaped" W/Adhesive$3.20Details
289629Tane Alarm ProductsPILLSLWHSurface Mount "Pill Shaped" White$2.94Details
254075Tane Alarm ProductsPILLTCBRSrfc Mnt Term Connect Brwn$3.46Details
254076Tane Alarm ProductsPILLTCTANSrfc Mount Term Connect Tan$3.46Details
226431Tane Alarm ProductsPILLTNS/M "Pill Shape" Contact W/ 18" C- Lead$3.54Details
265285Tane Alarm ProductsPILLWHS/M "Pill Shape" Contact W/ 18"$3.20Details
254077Tane Alarm ProductsPP1Tamper Resistant Panic Switch For Fire A$95.09Details
265288Tane Alarm ProductsPPD11WHTane Ppd-11W Push Pull Disc$1.68Details
289630Tane Alarm ProductsRB32BRTane Rb32 Rollerball Recessed$3.76Details
289631Tane Alarm ProductsRB32WHRollerball Contact - Wh Bg10$3.76Details
289632Tane Alarm ProductsRB33WHRoller Ball 3/4" Diameter, Open Loop, W$6.77Details
825330Tane Alarm ProductsRB34WHRoller Ball 3/4" Diameter, Spdt White$8.80Details
715025Tane Alarm ProductsRFM25BRTane Rfm25 Brown 1/4" Press To$2.10Details
265289Tane Alarm ProductsRFM25WHTane Rfm25 White 1/4" Press To$2.08Details
226433Tane Alarm ProductsSAFETYFLASH20AMBERSafety Flasher With 4 Flash Options Ambe$72.41Details
289633Tane Alarm ProductsSAFETYFLASH20BLUESafety Flasher With 4 Flash Options Blu$72.41Details
289634Tane Alarm ProductsSAFETYFLASH20REDSafety Flasher 4 Flash Options Red$72.41Details
1028134Tane Alarm ProductsSAFETYFLASHAMBERSafety Flasher Amber, With Magnet Bases$26.85Details
1050451Tane Alarm ProductsSAFETYFLASHBLUESafety Flasher Blue, With Magnet Bases$26.85Details
254079Tane Alarm ProductsSAFETYFLASHREDSafety Flasher Red, With Magnet Bases$26.85Details
226435Tane Alarm ProductsSD2BR2 Terminal Surface Shock Sensor$25.28Details
289637Tane Alarm ProductsSD3WH4 Terminal Surface Shock Sensor, White$29.76Details
265291Tane Alarm ProductsSD4WHShock Sensor And Reed$29.55Details
226436Tane Alarm ProductsSD70BRRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 3/4" - Wg- Br$3.73Details
289638Tane Alarm ProductsSD70MAGWHTane 3/4" Steel Door Mag Only$2.50Details
265292Tane Alarm ProductsSD70PLUGWHTane Pre-Wire Plug 3/4" Gap$0.58Details
254081Tane Alarm ProductsSD70SWWH3/4" Recess Contact Switch Only White$2.62Details
792470Tane Alarm ProductsSD70WGBR¾” Recess Contact W/ 3/8” X ¾” Bare Magn$5.87Details
265293Tane Alarm ProductsSD70WHRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 3/4" - Wg- Wh$3.73Details
254082Tane Alarm ProductsSD70WHMINI10MAG¾ Diameter Contact And Magnet$4.14Details
265295Tane Alarm ProductsSD71BWHForm B Open Loop 3/4 Recessed Steel Door$6.46Details
226437Tane Alarm ProductsSD72BR3/4 X 1/8'' Steel Door Contact And Magne$7.47Details
289640Tane Alarm ProductsSD74CWH1 Inch Dpdt Recessed Contact$11.83Details
254084Tane Alarm ProductsSD75BRDual Read Spst Close Loop Switch$7.70Details
254085Tane Alarm ProductsSD80BRRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 1" - Wg - Br$3.98Details
694284Tane Alarm ProductsSD80MAGWH1'' Steel Door Resist.Mag.White Color.$2.82Details
1044734Tane Alarm ProductsSD80PLASTICWH1 X .84 Recessed Shell Only$0.52Details
265296Tane Alarm ProductsSD80WHRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 1" - Wg - Wh$3.98Details
694285Tane Alarm ProductsSD82CWH1Inch Steel Door Contact Spdt Recessed$8.10Details
265297Tane Alarm ProductsSD84CWHWg 3/8" X 3/4" Magnet$14.67Details
254086Tane Alarm ProductsSIR20212Vdc, 2Tone, 15 Watt Siren$8.66Details
289641Tane Alarm ProductsSIR5FL12V Dc Flsh Mnt Dual Tone Siren$8.17Details
694286Tane Alarm ProductsSM20HSWHSmt Wgap W/Lead,$11.90Details
265299Tane Alarm ProductsSM20MAGBRMagnet Only-Brown$3.64Details
806368Tane Alarm ProductsSM20WGWHTane Closed Loop, 2 1/2" Gap,$6.23Details
961035Tane Alarm ProductsSM21WGGRSurface Mount, Wide Gap, Open Loop$9.45Details
226441Tane Alarm ProductsSM21WGWHClsd Lp,3" Gap,C.Sf Mnt,White$8.37Details
694287Tane Alarm ProductsSM353TSWWHSwitch Only With 3 Terminals$2.52Details
289642Tane Alarm ProductsSM35BBRSurface Mount Open Loop$4.77Details
289643Tane Alarm ProductsSM35BGYSurface Mount Open Loop$4.55Details
289644Tane Alarm ProductsSM35BRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Br$2.62Details
265301Tane Alarm ProductsSM35BWHSurface Mount Open Loop White$4.77Details
516826Tane Alarm ProductsSM35CGYC Form Switch Spdt Gray$5.33Details
516837Tane Alarm ProductsSM35CWHC Form Switch Spdt$5.33Details
289646Tane Alarm ProductsSM35GRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Gr$2.62Details
694288Tane Alarm ProductsSM35HSWHSmt Contact$8.82Details
289647Tane Alarm ProductsSM35MAGDisc Use Correct Part # Tan-Lmagwh$1.48Details
265302Tane Alarm ProductsSM35MAGBRMag Only For Sm-35$2.36Details
226442Tane Alarm ProductsSM35WGBRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Wg - Br$4.21Details
265303Tane Alarm ProductsSM35WGWHS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Wg - Wh$3.83Details
289648Tane Alarm ProductsSM35WHS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Wh$2.62Details
694289Tane Alarm ProductsSPADE16Tane 1" Spade 6" Length$1.94Details
1035068Tane Alarm ProductsSPADES1Spade Bit 1Inx6In$2.88Details
737929Tane Alarm ProductsSPADES12Tane 1/2" X 6" Paddle Bit$3.87Details
823203Tane Alarm ProductsSPADES14Tane 1/4" X 6" Paddle Bit$2.72Details
694290Tane Alarm ProductsSPADES38Tane Spades 3/8"X 6" Drill Bit$2.46Details
289652Tane Alarm ProductsSPK2025" Round Horn Speaker$9.65Details
265307Tane Alarm ProductsSPK5FLFlush Mount Speaker$8.33Details
289654Tane Alarm ProductsSS40BR3/8 By 1/25 Contact Rectangular$2.42Details
694291Tane Alarm ProductsSS40HSWHSelf Adh Sstick$8.44Details
289655Tane Alarm ProductsSS40WHS/M Adh 1.4 18 S Lead - Wh$2.14Details
694292Tane Alarm ProductsSS42CWHTSelf Adhesive Super Stick - Surface Moun$7.22Details
289656Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10BR3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Lead - Br$2.18Details
289657Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10DMWH3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Lead - Re Mag - Wh$2.48Details
254090Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10MAGWH3/8" X 3/4" Magnet Only- Each - Wh$1.28Details
1059232Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10MGWHW14X11/4In X 1In Magnet Only$1.38Details
289660Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10PLUGBR3/8" Pre Wire Plug In Brown$0.24Details
254091Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10PLUGWHTane White Pre-Wire Plugs$0.24Details
773375Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10SWBR3/8X3/4 Stubby Recess Switch$1.50Details
226446Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10SWWHTane Switch Only$1.50Details
254092Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10W79BR3/8-3/4 Recessed Contact$2.18Details
694293Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WGBAREBRStb-10Wg Bare Br (W/3/8 X ¾ Bare Re Mag)$4.75Details
694294Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WGBAREWHStb-10Wg Bare Wh (W/3/8 X ¾ Bare Re Mag$4.75Details
254093Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WGBR3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Lead - Wg - Br$2.62Details
289662Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WGWH3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Lead - Wg - Wh$2.62Details
254094Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WH3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Lead - Wh$2.18Details
718210Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WH6FTZIPStb10 W/ 6' Lead$3.86Details
824152Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WH8FTZIPStb10 W/ 8' Lead$3.86Details
289663Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHDM8FTZIP3/8 X 3/4 Stubby Recessed Contact$3.84Details
838307Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHFLATTane Stb10 Wht W/Flat Mag$2.56Details
968910Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHPLUGPre-Wire Cap For Stb10Wh$0.20Details
289666Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHW54W15FTZIPStb-10 W 15Ft Leads ¼ X .54” Re Mag$8.43Details
226449Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHW54W8FTZIPStb-10 W 8Ft Leads ¼ X .54” Re Mag$6.25Details
226450Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHW79Tane Stb10Bm1/4X.79 White$3.38Details
265310Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WHWMINIMAGStb10Wh W/ Minimag$3.32Details
862481Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WSPKITTane Stb10Wsp Kit Containing$106.72Details
289668Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10WSWICHONLYTane Stb10 Switch Only - White$1.30Details
1068568Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10XL100WHStb-10 Wh Sw With 1/4 X 1In Mag In Stb P$2.02Details
331715Tane Alarm ProductsSTB11BBR3/8 X 3/4 Stubby Recess Form B Open Loop$4.01Details
289669Tane Alarm ProductsSTB11BWHTane Normally Open 3/8" Cntact$4.01Details
331714Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38BTCWH3/8 X ¾ Recessed Contact , With/ Mini-1$5.56Details
265312Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCBR3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Tc - Br$3.02Details
265314Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCDMWHRecess Term Stub Conn Includes A Doughnu$3.84Details
226452Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCSWWH3/8 Recessed Stubby,Swtch Only$2.20Details
226454Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCW79Tane 3/8" W/Rare Earth Cont.$3.44Details
265315Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCW79BRN3/8" Pressfit Term W/.79 Bm,B$3.20Details
837480Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWGBR3/8” Recessed Terminal Connect Wide Gap$3.42Details
742019Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWGWH3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Tc - Wg - Wh$3.42Details
254096Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWH3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Tc - Wh$3.02Details
265316Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWHSW3/8" Terminal Connect Press Fit Contact,$2.64Details
996813Tane Alarm ProductsSTB38TCWHW54Tane Terminal 38 Stubby W/Bare$3.32Details
331713Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBEFMBLUETane Flange Mount Strobe/12V - Blue$20.42Details
289673Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBEFMCLEARTane Flange Mount Strobe - Clear$20.42Details
1081698Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBEFMLEDYELLOWWater Resistant Stud Or Flange Mount$15.74Details
296187Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBEFMREDTane Flange Mount Strobe - Red$20.42Details
289675Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBEFMYELLOWTane Flange Mount Strobe/12V - Yellow$20.42Details
265319Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBESTDBLUETane 12Vdc Strobe Stud Mount - Blue$20.42Details
265320Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBESTDCLEARTane 12Vdc Strobe Stud Mount - Clear$20.42Details
934994Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBESTDLEDREDStrobe Led Red Cover, Stud Mount$15.74Details
1021668Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBESTDLEDYELLOWStrobe Led Yellow Cover, Stud Mount$15.74Details
265322Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBESTDREDTane 12Vdc Strobe Stud Mount - Red$15.53Details
940535Tane Alarm ProductsSTROBESTDYELLOWTane 12Vdc Strobe Stud Mount - Yellow$15.28Details
289677Tane Alarm ProductsTANE05DMWH1/2 X 3/4 Recessed W/ 3/8X1/8 Donut Mag$2.44Details
861514Tane Alarm ProductsTANE05WH½ X ¾ Stubby Recess Switch And Magnet$16.65Details
960790Tane Alarm ProductsTANE05WHWDM1/2 X 3/4 Recessed W/ 3/8X1/8 Donut Mag$2.82Details
831561Tane Alarm ProductsTANE34TCBR¾” Steel Door Recessed – W/Terminals$3.92Details
226458Tane Alarm ProductsTANE34TCWH3/4" Steel Door Recess W/Terminal, White$3.98Details
254100Tane Alarm ProductsTANE38TCWHDMTane Tane38Tcwhdm Recess Termi$3.84Details
694295Tane Alarm ProductsTANE50HSWHSmt W/Covers$8.55Details
289678Tane Alarm ProductsTANE50MAGWHMag Only For Tane50 Contact$2.00Details
929171Tane Alarm ProductsTANE51BWHSurface Mount Open Loop 12” Leads$6.46Details
694296Tane Alarm ProductsTANE55HSWHSmt 3/4" Gap,$8.59Details
694297Tane Alarm ProductsTANE55SWWHCenter Lead Switch, Screw Mount W/Spacer$2.22Details
694298Tane Alarm ProductsTANE60QCHSWHQuick Conn. Smt, High Security$8.82Details
289680Tane Alarm ProductsTANE60QCMGBRMagnet Only For Tane60Br$2.16Details
289682Tane Alarm ProductsTANE60QCWGWHQuick Connect Smt Wide Gap 26Mm W/Breaka$4.23Details
226460Tane Alarm ProductsTANE61BQCWHSfc Mt Door/Window Cnt Wh$5.20Details
226461Tane Alarm ProductsTANE61BRTane Tane61B Tane 61 Quick$5.02Details
694300Tane Alarm ProductsTANE66HS2', Mtl Track Con$29.45Details
226462Tane Alarm ProductsTANE66WGTrack Mounted, Metal, Door Contact$21.02Details
984076Tane Alarm ProductsTANE67WGOpen Loop Track Mount Oh Door$23.07Details
289683Tane Alarm ProductsTANE68WG2Ft, Metal Track Contact, Spdt$32.18Details
265326Tane Alarm ProductsTANE86MINIMetalsrfc Mnt Contact W/Armrd Cable$15.02Details
226463Tane Alarm ProductsTANE86MINIMAGMagnet Only For Tane-86 Mini Metal Surfa$10.38Details
265327Tane Alarm ProductsTANE96BI18Bi-Directional Over Head Door Contact W/$26.96Details
1043990Tane Alarm ProductsTANE96BI36Track Mt Contact W/36In Armored Cable$27.98Details
817101Tane Alarm ProductsTANE96BILGMetal Bydirect Track Mnt$30.36Details
265329Tane Alarm ProductsTANE96BILG18Metal Bi-Directional Track Mt W/18" Arme$32.10Details
289685Tane Alarm ProductsTANE96BIMAGMagnet Only For Switch$16.22Details
694301Tane Alarm ProductsTANE96HSMtl Bi-Dirtrackmt$46.26Details
331712Tane Alarm ProductsTANE97BILG18Open Loop Track Mount Garage Door Switch$34.90Details
331711Tane Alarm ProductsTANE97BILG36Open Loop Track Mount Garage Door Switch$39.30Details
265330Tane Alarm ProductsTANE98BI18Metal Bydirectional Trck Mnt W/Armrd Cbl$29.28Details
265332Tane Alarm ProductsTANEPILLMAGWHPill Magnet Only$1.96Details
868800Tane Alarm ProductsTANEPILLOLWHOpen Loop Pill Surface Mount Contact$6.46Details
289687Tane Alarm ProductsTANEVIDEO330CASEVideo Case For The Tanevideo330$53.71Details
289688Tane Alarm ProductsTAP05DMWHTane Tap05Dmwh Contact/$2.78Details
1002630Tane Alarm ProductsTAP10Use Tan-Tap10Wh$2.08Details
254109Tane Alarm ProductsTAP1038X34BRTane 3/8 Press Fit W/3/4 X 3/8$1.96Details
265338Tane Alarm ProductsTAP1038X34WHTTane 3/8 Press Fit W/3/4 X 3/8$2.48Details
265339Tane Alarm ProductsTAP10BR3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Lead - Br$2.18Details
993839Tane Alarm ProductsTAP10FMWH3/8 Recess Switch Flange Mtg + Mag White$4.45Details
806224Tane Alarm ProductsTAP10MAGBRTane 3/8 X 1-1/4" Brown Magnet$1.78Details
289690Tane Alarm ProductsTAP10MAGWHTane 3/8" Recessed Magnet Only$1.50Details
289691Tane Alarm ProductsTAP10MINI10MAGTane Mini Contact,Tap 10,Short$1.92Details
331710Tane Alarm ProductsTAP10RE79WH3/8" X 1 1/4" Recessed With Bare 1/4" X$3.82Details
265341Tane Alarm ProductsTAP10WGWH3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Lead - Wg - Wh$2.48Details
289692Tane Alarm ProductsTAP10WH3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Lead - Wh$2.18Details
289693Tane Alarm ProductsTAP11BWTane Normally Open 3/8" Cntact$4.01Details
289694Tane Alarm ProductsTAP15BR1/4 Recess Contact W/1/4X$2.12Details
254110Tane Alarm ProductsTAP15WGWHTane 1/4 In Press Fit Mag W/$2.26Details
226465Tane Alarm ProductsTAP15WH541/4" Recess With 1/4 X.54 Magnet$3.28Details
694302Tane Alarm ProductsTAP15WH79.79 Rare Earth Magnet$3.80Details
254112Tane Alarm ProductsTAPBA14BY114Tane 1/4 X 1 1/4 Bare Mag$1.16Details
226466Tane Alarm ProductsTAPBA14BY114MAGWHTane 1/4 By 1 1/4 Mag Only White$1.00Details
289697Tane Alarm ProductsTILEMAGBRTile Mag Brwn$2.74Details
254113Tane Alarm ProductsTILEMAGWHTile Mag White - Each$2.74Details
226468Tane Alarm ProductsTJ8DUALBlock &Amp; Dual Mod Cord$2.02Details
265344Tane Alarm ProductsTN5036Female Bnc - Crimp On$1.42Details
289698Tane Alarm ProductsTN5071Bnc Female To Rca Male$1.30Details
254114Tane Alarm ProductsTN50882X2-Pc Bnc Plug W/3 Ferrules (Rg-58, 59, 5$1.22Details
828367Tane Alarm ProductsTN50AD503Tane Bnc Right Angle Plug To$2.22Details
265345Tane Alarm ProductsTN50AD515Tane Connector, Rca Female To$1.08Details
784280Tane Alarm ProductsTN50RA2Twist - On Right Angle Plug$1.70Details
875296Tane Alarm ProductsTN50UG882Twist-On Bnc Plug$1.14Details
226472Tane Alarm ProductsTN50UG885Tane Bnc Twist Rg6$1.40Details
254119Tane Alarm ProductsTNEZ5OWEz-Duct It Slf Adhesiv Raceway$29.07Details
254121Tane Alarm ProductsTV7007"Lcd Service Kits$377.28Details
226474Tane Alarm ProductsTY88" Tie Wrap$0.06Details
756701Tane Alarm ProductsUTILITYTOOL**Eol** Multi-Purpose Tool$27.77Details
265351Tane Alarm ProductsWS1Tane Water Sensor$5.74Details