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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1060304VentraBCR3001080P Hd Body Cam W/ Ext.Lapel Hd Camera And L$396.89Details
1053046VentraBCR400108Op Body-Cam W/Embedded 32Gb Storage &Gps$341.54Details
1000446VentraCDR500720P Hd Dvr W/Gps 8 Gb Sd Crd$310.49Details
1074286VentraCDR500BT720P Hd Vehicle Dvr W/Gps,G Sensorincludes 3$392.84Details
1032337VentraEX3BBAT3.6V 2700Ma Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery For Bcr-3$59.50Details
1083409VentraEX3BBCCBattery Cover Case For Bcr-300$14.03Details
1029543VentraEX3BCLPRplcmnt Holster Clip F/Bcr-300$20.25Details
959207VentraEX3BDCRExternal Detachable "Lapel" Hd Camera With Ir For$170.79Details
983891VentraEX3LC1Leather Belt Carry Case F/Bcr-300$76.99Details
965521VentraEX4ALCAlarm Cable 8In/2 Out For Xdr Series Triggerwire$27.75Details
1059095VentraEX4ALMAlarm Cable-8" 2 Out F/Xdr Series$27.75Details
1080729VentraEX4GPSPassive Gps Receiver For Xdr-450 / Xdr-580$67.90Details
997149VentraEX4PGMTouchscreen Programming Tablet For Xdr Series Mdv$392.84Details
1042328VentraEX4PIG4 Pin Din To Bnc Video / Audio + Pwr - For Video$12.03Details
1007668VentraEX4XC1Indoor Analog Mini Color Ir Dome Camera With Audi$110.59Details
970380VentraEX4XC2Outdoor Analog Color Ir Camera For Xdr - 3.6Mm$118.99Details
1013373VentraEX4XC3Indr Analog Clr Ir Dome Camera$110.59Details
1039238VentraEX5BKTReplacement Windshield Mount For Cdr-500$22.49Details
1025808VentraEX5BPCPermanent Power Cable Cdr-500. 12 - 24V Dc$39.14Details
989819VentraEX5HD1Outdoor 720P Hd Color Dome Camera For Xdr - 3.6Mm$162.39Details
935743VentraEX5HD2Outdoor 720P Hd Color Dome Camera With Ir And Aud$179.19Details
1064058VentraEX5HD3720P Hd Indoor Analog Color Ir Dome Camera W/Aud$162.39Details
1036514VentraEX5PWRReplacement Powercable-Aux Power Outlet / Ciga$18.75Details
927242VentraEX5UBKUniversal Mnt Adp F/Cdr-500 - 1/4" Threa$15.99Details
941580VentraEX5XCBL3330 Ft 4Pin Hd Cable For Hd Camera$41.18Details
1049010VentraEX7BKTWindshield Mount With Built-In Passive Gps For Vd$67.90Details
971604VentraEX7CMIRExp.Indr Analog Cam F/Vdr-700. W/ 15Ft C$85.39Details
975725VentraEX7EFPExternal Ft Pedal For Emergency Event Trigger$44.23Details
957704VentraEX7OMIRExp.Otdr Ir Analog Cam F/Vdr-700 W/ 60Cable$135.79Details
982569VentraEX7PWRPermanent Battery Power Cable For Vdr-700$39.14Details
1025159VentraEX7VBKReplacement Vandal Resistant Bracket For Vdr-700$44.23Details
936258VentraEX7VINVideo In Cable For The Vdr-700 System$12.03Details
928858VentraEX7VOCVideo Out Cable For The Vdr-700 System$10.18Details
1031595VentraEX7VOYY Cable Dual Opt Cbl F/Vdr-700$25.49Details
944995VentraEX7WIFIExternal Usb Wifi Adapter For Vdr-700 To Tether$39.38Details
982819VentraMSD32GB32Gb Micro Sd Card, Class U1$59.50Details
966830VentraMSD64GB64Gb Micro Sd Card, Class U1$118.99Details
1063062VentraRVC1BLicense Plt Weatherprf Back-Up Color Camera W$110.59Details
986895VentraRVC2Lic Frame Weatherprf Back-Up Color Ir Led C$118.99Details
1020168VentraSD128GB128Gb Standard Size Sd Card Class U1$187.59Details
1031262VentraSD64GB64Gb Standard Size Sd Card, Class U1$118.99Details
962937VentraVDR7003Ch Capcity 720P Hd Vehicle Dvr,Gps,G Sensor$556.19Details
1031421VentraVDR700BT3Ch Capcity 720P Hd Vehicle Dvr,Gps,G Sensor$622.34Details
988180VentraVLAP1Vga To Pin Converter For Vlcd Monitor -$10.18Details
999491VentraVLCD44.3"Lcd Monitor 2Ch Rca Video Input$110.59Details
1046028VentraVLCD77" Lcd Tft Monitor For Dashboard Or Ceil$156.79Details
1074269VentraXDR450H5Ch Hybrid Hd Mobile Dvr-Includes Gps,32Gb Car$523.79Details
1069277VentraXDR4555 Ch Hybrid Hd Mobile Dvr With Passive G$658.06Details
1020630VentraXDR580H5Ch Hybrid Hd Mobile Dvr - Includes Lte Modem, Gp$945.09Details
1082506VentraXDRCASEXdr Cover$57.04Details