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Veracity USA

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
821290Veracity USACOLDSTORE3UDColdstore 3U Is 15-Bay 3U Rack Mount Dua$9,663.29Details
700120Veracity USACOLDSTOREARCUSAn Embedded Video Surveillanceplatform$83.66Details
700121Veracity USACS1510PACKPROAn Install Service, Up To 10 Coldstore Units$6,973.36Details
864455Veracity USACS153UDCodlstore With L.A.I.D And Sfstechnology$9,663.29Details
700122Veracity USACS154UCDLColdstore Disk Cradle$110.98Details
291287Veracity USACS154UDColdstore, With L.A.I.D. And Sfs Technol$9,076.54Details
700123Veracity USACS154UDARCUSFull Sized Coldstore Arcus$9,663.29Details
700124Veracity USACS154UFPColdstore Front Panel$353.97Details
700126Veracity USACS154USColdstore, With L.A.I.D. And Sfs Technol$9,076.54Details
700127Veracity USACS15WAR18Extended Warranty (Additional 18 Months)$3,914.97Details
700128Veracity USACS8COMPACTSmall Version Of The Coldstore$3,712.07Details
700129Veracity USACSARCUSLICENSEArcus Licenses$1,101.09Details
723692Veracity USACSCOMPACTColdstore Compact 2.5" 8-Bay 12V Dc$3,092.75Details
700130Veracity USACSCOMPACT16Chassis 16 Arcus Licenses 8-2Tb 2.5" Hdd$6,247.29Details
700131Veracity USACSCOMPACT8Coldstore Compact Which Includes 32 Arcu$4,610.23Details
999106Veracity USACSDPUSComputer Disk Access Device$786.49Details
1059935Veracity USACSHDD10TB10Tb Hard Disk Drive$945.09Details
700132Veracity USACSHDD1TB1 Tb Hard Disk Drivve$167.99Details
291288Veracity USACSHDD2TB2 Tb Hard Disk Drive$151.19Details
716179Veracity USACSHDD2TB25$333.44Details
255794Veracity USACSHDD3TB3 Tb Hard Disk Drive$253.39Details
965257Veracity USACSHDD3TB253 Tb 2.5" Hard Disk Drive$353.69Details
700133Veracity USACSHDD4TB4 Tb Hard Disk Drive$305.09Details
765709Veracity USACSHDD6TB6 Tb Hard Disk Drive$444.51Details
738267Veracity USACSHDD8TB8Tb Hard Disk Drive$464.27Details
955532Veracity USACSTORE153UColdstore With L.A.I.D And Sfs Technolog$8,919.40Details
887212Veracity USACSTORE153UDColdstore Network Attached Storage Array Designed$8,854.75Details
1034246Veracity USACSTORECColdstore Compact$3,292.69Details
911906Veracity USACSTORECOMPACTColdstore Compact$3,269.99Details
828270Veracity USACSTORECOMPACT16Coldstore Comp 16Tb 1 Coldstone Compact Chassis$6,202.47Details
832487Veracity USACSTORECOMPACT8Coldstore Bundle Chassis/8-1Tb/2.5"Hdd Units$4,867.79Details
700134Veracity USARMPSU4WPower Harness, Modular, 4-Way, For Use With Psus $16.74Details
833386Veracity USARMPSU8WPower Harness, Modular, 8-Way, For Use With Psus $25.13Details
964794Veracity USASOVeracityUSASpecial Order Item Not In Catalog - Veracity Usa Call for Price.Details
946364Veracity USAVADCHGRCharger, Pointsource $48.52Details
291292Veracity USAVADPPAdaptor, Pinpoint, Poe Ip Camera Focusing / Setu <$48.52Details
228488Veracity USAVADPSPoe Injector 15.4W Battery Op$278.59Details
1037325Veracity USAVADPSBMAdpsbm Pointsource Optional Battery Pack$76.65Details
996301Veracity USAVADPSPPointsource Battery Powered Poe Plus Injector$300.16Details
561004Veracity USAVADPSPSUUniversal Pointsource Charger$25.77Details
917953Veracity USAVADPSWPointsource Wireless Battery-Powered Po$550.54Details
561005Veracity USAVCS4P1Camswitch 4+ Network Switch 5-Port 4X802.3At Poe 12/24Vdc Unmanaged 10/100$248.71Details
700135Veracity USAVCS4P1MOBCamswitch 4 Mobile, 4+1 Port Rj45, 10/100 Switch, 12/24Vdc 802.3At$286.59Details
700136Veracity USAVCS8P2Poe Network Switch, Camswitch 8 Plus, Powered Via$398.21Details
700137Veracity USAVCS8P2MOBPoe Network Switch, Camswitch 8, Mobile, Powered V$475.13Details
700138Veracity USAVCS8P2MOD8 Port Poe Switch Powered Via 12V Or 24V$602.09Details
848195Veracity USAVCSDMBMetal Mounting Bracket$30.44Details
255795Veracity USAVHW12VUSVec 12Vdc 1A Class 2 Isolated Pwr$41.31Details
266998Veracity USAVHW1UHighwire Accessory, Rackmount Kit, For (8) Units I$59.44Details
700139Veracity USAVHWDMBHighwire Accessory, Din Rail Mounting Bracket $23.46Details
956905Veracity USAVHWDNBDin Rail Mounting Bracket For Highwire U$32.38Details
291293Veracity USAVHWHWEthernet Over Coax Device, Highwire *Single Unit*$103.24Details
291294Veracity USAVHWHWPCHighwire Powerstartm Camera Unit$226.11Details
255797Veracity USAVHWHWPOEthernet Over Coax Device, Highwire, W/ Poe Out *S$245.59Details
255798Veracity USAVHWHWPSBEthernet & Poe Over Coax Converter, Highwire Power$201.78Details
977167Veracity USAVHWHWPSB4Vhw-Hwps-C, Vhw-Hwps-C2, Vhw-Hwps -C4,$555.15Details
1052530Veracity USAVHWHWPSB8Highwire Powerstar Base 8 Product$967.92Details
267000Veracity USAVHWHWPSCEthernet & Poe Over Coax Converter, Highwire Power$190.05Details
1081843Veracity USAVHWHWPSC2Poe Over Coax, Highwire Powerstar, Quad Camera Uni$360.49Details
743375Veracity USAVHWHWPSC4Poe Over Coax, Highwire Powerstar, Quad Camera Uni$407.25Details
267002Veracity USAVHWRMPSUAccessory, Psu, Including Linking Cable, For (8) V$78.22Details
777274Veracity USAVHWRMPSU4WPower Supply, For 2 X Vls-1P-B Units, Includes Wir$92.27Details
228491Veracity USAVHWRMPSUUSHighwire Rackmount Power Supply Unit$85.09Details
720181Veracity USAVHWRMSPU4WPower Supply F/Powering 2 Vhw-Hwps-B Units$100.79Details
228492Veracity USAVHWWMBHighwire Accessory, Wall Or Camera Mounting Bracke$14.75Details
330428Veracity USAVLS1NLLongspan Lite Extended Ethernet Only Dev(Singledev$237.76Details
978784Veracity USAVLS1NLB1B1 Single Longspan Converter 1 Port$168.69Details
1040805Veracity USAVLS1NLCHighwire Longstar Lite Long-Range Ethernet Over Co$286.59Details
294892Veracity USAVLS1PBLongspan Base Unit With Poe In (Or Vpsu-57V) And Extended Poe Out$279.05Details
944781Veracity USAVLS1PBCLong-Range Poe Over Coax, Highwire Longstar, Base$358.99Details
294891Veracity USAVLS1PCConverter, Longspan, Single, W/ Poe Out And Extend$279.05Details
843366Veracity USAVLS1PCB1B1 Longspan-Point To Ethnt Poeextender C$205.31Details
1034418Veracity USAVLS1PCCLong-Range Poe Over Coax, Highwire Longstar, Camer$358.99Details
294890Veracity USAVLS1UPanel, 1U, For Up To 24 Longspan Units $87.60Details
947023Veracity USAVLS1USBSide Bracket Mount Rack Plate, 1U, 19 Inch, For 24$87.60Details
906880Veracity USAVLSIPBLongspan Base Unit With Poe In (Or Vpsu-$286.08Details
832237Veracity USAVLSIPCLongspan Camera Unit With Extended Poe I$286.08Details
700140Veracity USAVLSPATCHPatchcable For Use In Longspanrackmount$18.27Details
700141Veracity USAVLSPATCH1Patchcable, For Use In Longspan Rackmount Bracket$16.74Details
267003Veracity USAVOROB12Outbreak Poe Splitter (Network Pass Through 12Vdc)$56.31Details
255799Veracity USAVOROB5Poe Splitter, Outbreak, Network Pass Through / 5 V$56.31Details
255800Veracity USAVORORLLan Extender, Outreach Lite, Poe-Powered, 100M Ext$148.60Details
291295Veracity USAVORORLXTPoe / Lan Extender, Outreach Lite Xt, External Use$264.35Details
255801Veracity USAVORORMLan / Poe Extender, Outreach Max, Poe-Powered, 100$164.25Details
291296Veracity USAVORORMXTPoe / Lan Extender, Outreach Max Xt, External Use,$288.09Details
561007Veracity USAVORORMXT24VOutreach Max Xt 24V Otdr Ratedext$488.69Details
255802Veracity USAVOROSOutsource Midspan 15/20W Poe 802.3Af Injector - 1 Port$56.31Details
255803Veracity USAVOROSPMidspan, Outsource, Poe Injector, 802.3Af, 25 Watt$79.77Details
330426Veracity USAVOROSUSOutsource Midspan 15/20 W Poe 802.3Af Injector 1$78.39Details
291299Veracity USAVPSU12VUHighwire Accessory, Power Supply, Universal, 12 Vd$25.14Details
228495Veracity USAVPSU12VUS$27.75Details
700143Veracity USAVPSU1500CLAMP1500Ma Power Supply$9.97Details
986737Veracity USAVPSU57V1500Power Supply, 57V Dc, 1.5A, 78Watts Total Switch B$76.65Details
700144Veracity USAVPSU57V1500USCamswitch Ip Video Poe Network Switch Op$78.58Details
1058733Veracity USAVPSU57V1UPowerstar 57V Dc 1U Rackmount Psu/Incl Powercord$653.39Details
994792Veracity USAVPSU57V800Power Supply, 57V Dc, 800Ma, For Highwire, Powerst$45.36Details
228496Veracity USAVPSU57V800USOptional 57Vdc 800Ma Power Supply(Xx=Us/Eu/Uk)$46.52Details
897075Veracity USAVPSUCLAMPClamp, For 57V-1500 Unit $7.18Details
700145Veracity USAVPSUTRAYASSYPower Supply Unit Tray, 1U $62.57Details
267004Veracity USAVQ24VUSAccessory, Quad Power Supply, 24 Vdc, U $30.78Details
291300Veracity USAVTNEXTENDTimenet Accessory, Gps Antenna Extension Cable, 30$46.17Details
1008160Veracity USAVTNTNPROTimenet Pro Poe-Powered Ntp Master Time Server$779.99Details
267005Veracity USAVTNXAExternal Gps Antenna Option For Timenet Server$72.16Details